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package org.apache.heron.integration_test.common
case class ClassicalMusic(composer: String,
title: String,
year: Int,
keyword: String)
* Common Dataset to be used by Scala Streamlet Integration Tests
object ClassicalMusicDataset {
val firstClassicalMusicList = List(
ClassicalMusic("Bach", "Bourrée In E Minor", 1717, "guitar"),
ClassicalMusic("Vivaldi", "Four Seasons: Winter", 1723, "rousing"),
ClassicalMusic("Bach", "Air On The G String", 1723, "light"),
ClassicalMusic("Mozart", "Symphony No. 40: I", 1788, "seductive"),
ClassicalMusic("Beethoven", "Symphony No. 9: Ode To Joy", 1824, "joyful"),
ClassicalMusic("Bizet", "Carmen: Habanera", 1875, "seductive")
val secondClassicalMusicList = List(
ClassicalMusic("Handel", "Water Music: Alla Hornpipe", 1717, "formal"),
ClassicalMusic("Vivaldi", "Four Seasons: Spring", 1723, "formal"),
"Cantata 147: Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring",
ClassicalMusic("Mozart", "Piano Sonata No. 16", 1788, "piano"),
ClassicalMusic("Beethoven", "Symphony No. 9: II", 1824, "powerful"),
ClassicalMusic("Tchaikovsky", "Piano Concerto No. 1", 1875, "piano")