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from op_tasks.models import Dataset, Product, OpTask, UserProfile, TaskListItem, Experiment
def appendAllTasks(user):
This function is responsible for adding all available tasks
to the indicated user. It respects whether tasks and products
are active (available) and only associates the correct
tasking with the product that is applicable.
This is used in at least two places: when the user activiates
the Free Play achievement, and when a new user is registered
under All Products.
userprofile = user.userprofile
index = userprofile.tasklistitem_set.all().count()
datasets = Dataset.objects.all()
for dataset in datasets:
products = dataset.product_set.all()
products = products.filter(is_active=True)
for product in products:
tasks = dataset.optask_set.all()
tasks = tasks.filter(is_active=True)
for task in tasks:
newtasklistitem = TaskListItem()
newtasklistitem.userprofile = userprofile
newtasklistitem.op_task = task
newtasklistitem.product = product
newtasklistitem.index = index
index = index + 1
newtasklistitem.task_active = True