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Instructions for running examples
The commands below assume that the `brooklyn` script is on your $PATH, this project has been built,
and you are in this directory. Adjust to taste for other configurations.
export BROOKLYN_CLASSPATH=$(pwd)/target/classes
# Launch the app in aws-ec2 regions eu-west-1 and us-east-1
brooklyn launch --app brooklyn.demo.GlobalWebFabricExample --location "aws-ec2:eu-west-1,aws-ec2:us-east-1"
# Launch the app in aws-ec2 regions eu-west-1 and us-east-1, and use an AppFog cloudfoundry account in AWS US-West
brooklyn launch --app brooklyn.demo.GlobalWebFabricExample --location "aws-ec2:eu-west-1,aws-ec2:us-east-1,cloudfoundry:"
The aws-ec2 credentials are retrieved from ~/.brooklyn/
This file should contain something like:
Brooklyn defaults to using ~/.ssh/id_rsa and ~/.ssh/
For Cloud Foundry you must have an AppFog account set up and the CloudFoundry client configured and on the path.
For more information, please visit: