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Apache Atlas Release Notes
--Release 0.7-incubating
ATLAS-822 Type updates - don't allow updating supertypes ( shwethags via sumasai )
ATLAS-698 Remove Rexster Graph API (svimal2106 via shwethags)
ATLAS-844 Remove titan berkeley and elastic search jars if hbase/solr based profiles are chosen (yhemanth via shwethags)
ATLAS-819 All user defined types should have a set of common attributes (shwethags)
ATLAS-688 import-hive should depend on Hive CLASSPATH jars instead of packaging everything (svimal2106 via sumasai)
ATLAS-835 Falcon Integration with Atlas (sowmyaramesh via shwethags)
ATLAS-912 Update to use Kafka (from (madhan.neethiraj via yhemanth)
ATLAS-542 Make qualifiedName and name consistent across all Datasets and Process (sumasai via yhemanth)
ATLAS-716 Entity update/delete notifications (shwethags)
ATLAS-497 Simple Authorization (saqeeb.s via yhemanth)
ATLAS-661 REST API Authentication (nixonrodrigues via yhemanth)
ATLAS-672 UI: Make dashboard v2 the default UI implementation (bergenholtz via yhemanth)
ATLAS-532 Change Data types of all timestamps in Hive model(currently long)(sumasai via yhemanth)
ATLAS-622 Introduce soft delete (shwethags)
ATLAS-494 UI Authentication (nixonrodrigues via shwethags)
ATLAS-479 Add description for different types during create time (guptaneeru via shwethags)
ATLAS-500 UI: Search Default (sanjayp via shwethags)
ATLAS-525 Drop support for partitions, select query lineage, roles, principals, resource, hive_type...(sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-483 Remove (tbeerbower via shwethags)
ATLAS-349 SSL - Atlas SSL connection has weak/unsafe Ciphers suites (ndjouhr via shwethags)
ATLAS-409 Atlas will not import avro tables with schema read from a file ( via shwethags)
ATLAS-379 Create sqoop and falcon metadata addons (venkatnrangan,bvellanki,sowmyaramesh via shwethags)
ATLAS-959 Exception while writing to audit log. [ No FileSystem for scheme: hdfs] (saqeeb.s via sumasai)
ATLAS-967 Remove unused logo file and footer. (kevalbhatt18 via yhemanth)
ATLAS-964 Cleanup NOTICE and LICENSE (shwethags)
ATLAS-962 Include Apache Incubator disclaimer text on website (yhemanth via shwethags)
ATLAS-958 Add licenses for dashboard dependencies (kevalbhatt18 via shwethags)
ATLAS-474 Server does not start if the type is updated with same super type class information (dkantor via shwethags)
ATLAS-621 Introduce entity state in Id object (shwethags)
ATLAS-619 Canonicalize hive queries (sumasai)
ATLAS-915 Fix docs for import-hive changes (svimal2106 via sumasai)
ATLAS-948 import-hive should allow an option to continue after failure (sumasai)
ATLAS-954 Get hadoop classpath if command hadoop is in PATH (svimal2106 via sumasai)
ATLAS-919 UI : Deleted references should be shown in red or filtered out (kevalbhatt18 via sumasai)
ATLAS-927 aboutAtlas_tmpl.html has hard-coded project version (Kalyanikashikar via yhemanth)
ATLAS-624 UI: Clicking a tag hyperlink should always result in DSL search. In some cases, results in full-text search. (Kalyanikashikar via yhemanth)
ATLAS-950 Atlas should support Solr that requires Kerberos authentication (madhan.neethiraj via yhemanth)
ATLAS-947 Return state information in inputs and outputs lineage API (shwethags)
ATLAS-806 Create default taxonomy at server startup (jspeidel via yhemanth)
ATLAS-942 Jenkins build failure - GraphRepoMapperScaleTest (shwethags)
ATLAS-920 Lineage graph is broken when there are multiple paths from same source table (kevalbhatt18 via sumasai)
ATLAS-940 Type cache implementation property name in is incorrect ( dkantor via sumasai)
ATLAS-431 Remove un-used licenses (shwethags)
ATLAS-934 Exclude temp files in source package (shwethags)
ATLAS-933 Test failure: HiveHookIT.testInsertIntoTable (shwethags)
ATLAS-856 Lazy-load type cache provider (dkantor via shwethags)
ATLAS-931 Delete entities fails when hard delete is configured (dkantor via sumasai)
ATLAS-932 UI: 'create tag' button does not work (mneethiraj via sumasai)
ATLAS-928 UI is not showing the name column for hive tables in the schema tab (yhemanth via sumasai)
ATLAS-922 remove test embedded in atlas-typesystem.jar ( mneethiraj via sumasai)
ATLAS-765 Need documentation for Authentication and Authorization features of Atlas (nixonrodrigues via yhemanth)
ATLAS-930 QuickStart is failing when run after a specific sequence of operations (yhemanth via shwethags)
ATLAS-904 Hive hook fails due to session state not being set (sumasai via yhemanth)
ATLAS-929 Add test for trait preservation on column rename for non-default database (svimal2106 via shwethags)
ATLAS-926 Change version in 0.7 branch to 0.7-incubating (shwethags)
ATLAS-922 remove test embedded in atlas-typesystem.jar (madhan.neethiraj via yhemanth)
ATLAS-725 UI : Filter out or highlight deleted entities in search result outputs(dsl, text) , schema view, and lineage graph (kevalbhatt18 via sumasai)
ATLAS-897 Atlas UI: Feature to associate multiple assets with a term. (kevalbhatt18 via sumasai)
ATLAS-886 Improve association of terms with entity (Show tree view) (kevalbhatt18 via sumasai)
ATLAS-877 CreateTime of an entity(for example hive table) changes for every update (sumasai)
ATLAS-642 import-hive should create the lineage for external tables (svimal2106 via sumasai)
ATLAS-901 Log messages that cannot be sent to Kafka to a specific log configuration (yhemanth)
ATLAS-911 Get entity by unique attribute doesn't enforce type (shwethags)
ATLAS-899 Fix Hive Hook documentation (sumasai via yhemanth)
ATLAS-890 Log received messages in case of error (sumasai via yhemanth)
ATLAS-888 NPE in NotificationHookConsumer (sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-884 Process registration should call Entity update instead of create (sumasai)
ATLAS-515 Ability to initialize Kafka topics with more than 1 replica (yhemanth)
ATLAS-891 UI changes to implement Update term (Kalyanikashikar via yhemanth)
ATLAS-794 Business Catalog Update (jspeidel via yhemanth)
ATLAS-837 Enhance Sqoop addon to handle export operation (venkatnrangan via shwethags)
ATLAS-869 Make LDAP/AD properties to be configurable. (nixonrodrigues via yhemanth)
ATLAS-730 Change titan hbase table name (svimal2106 via sumasai )
ATLAS-871 Make audit repository implementation configurable (jnhagelb via shwethags)
ATLAS-885 optimize HBaseStoreManager to avoid expensive HTable instantiation every 5 seconds (madhan.neethiraj via yhemanth)
ATLAS-878 UI: Not showing details of SD, DB and COLUMNS (saqeeb.s via shwethags)
ATLAS-853 User's name to be mentioned in the top user drop down (saqeeb.s via shwethags)
ATLAS-867 Excessive logs: default log level should be set to 'info'; currently it is 'debug' (svimal2106 via sumasai )
ATLAS-870 Add search feature while associating Tags / Terms with entity. (Kalyanikashikar via yhemanth)
ATLAS-865 Edit description functionality for Tags (kevalbhatt18 via yhemanth)
ATLAS-820 Kerberized env: Authentication failing (nixonrodrigues via yhemanth)
ATLAS-852 Change Default landing page to taxonomy (kevalbhatt18 via yhemanth)
ATLAS-858 Unable to delete terms via API which are 3 or more levels deep (jspeidel via sumasai)
ATLAS-848 Atlas UI: Search term box in left navigation is not auto refresh.(Kalyanikashikar via sumasai)
ATLAS-793 Business Catalog Delete (jspeidel via yhemanth)
ATLAS-846 Atlas UI : Add Pagination to Tags and Terms tabs of asset detailes page (kevalbhatt18 via yhemanth)
ATLAS-503 Lock exceptions occurring due to concurrent updates to backend stores (yhemanth)
ATLAS-766 Atlas policy file does not honour standard hash as comment format ( saqeeb.s via sumasai )
ATLAS-843 Atlas UI: Feature to search terms in left navigation. (Kalyanikashikar via sumasai)
ATLAS-731 Remove dashboard module in Atlas, replaced by dashboardv2 (kevalbhatt18 via sumasai)
ATLAS-664 UI: Add Support for Versioning / History (Kalyanikashikar via yhemanth)
ATLAS-833 Make default build profile for External HBase and Solr (tbeerbower via yhemanth)
ATLAS-841 mvn clean install of Atlas is failing python unit tests (yhemanth)
ATLAS-834 Handle exceptions from HiveHook executor.submit() (sumasai)
ATLAS-635 Process showing old entity name where as actual entity is renamed ( svimal2106 via sumasai )
ATLAS-823 Atlas should use external HBase and SOLR (tbeerbower via shwethags)
ATLAS-752 Column renames should retain traits/tags (svimal2106 via shwethags)
ATLAS-821 Atlas UI - Add arrow to navigate to child term (kevalbhatt18 via yhemanth)
ATLAS-812 Atlas UI - Associate Terms with Assets (kevalbhatt18 via yhemanth)
ATLAS-809 JAAS configuration needed for Kafka interaction via Atlas config file (abhayk via shwethags)
ATLAS-817 Asset details page -- generate schema dynamically based on attributeDefinitions (kevalbhatt18 via yhemanth)
ATLAS-495 Atlas Ranger Authorization Plugin (nixonrodrigues via shwethags)
ATLAS-805 Quickstart is failing if run after queries to the business taxonomy API (jspeidel via shwethags)
ATLAS-774 Better error handling from login.jsp (nixonrodrigues via shwethags)
ATLAS-683 Refactor local type-system cache with cache provider interface (vmadugun via shwethags)
ATLAS-802 New look UI to show Business Catalog functionalities (kevalbhatt18 via yhemanth)
ATLAS-658 Improve Lineage with Backbone porting (kevalbhatt18 via yhemanth)
ATLAS-491 Business Catalog / Taxonomy (jspeidel via yhemanth)
ATLAS-713 Entity lineage based on entity id (shwethags)
ATLAS-736 UI - BUG :: displaying timestamp values for hive_db description (kevalbhatt18 via yhemanth)
ATLAS-784 Configure for Falcon hook IT (yhemanth)
ATLAS-645 FieldMapping.output() results in stack overflow when instances reference each other (dkantor via shwethags)
ATLAS-733 UI: "undefined" XHR request is made for every entity GET page request. (kevalbhatt18 via yhemanth)
ATLAS-663,ATLAS-673 Install Setup: SOLR (tbeerbower via sumasai)
ATLAS-629 Kafka messages in ATLAS_HOOK might be lost in HA mode at the instant of failover. (yhemanth)
ATLAS-758 hdfs location of hive table is pointing to old location even after rename ( sumasai )
ATLAS-667 Entity delete should check for required reverse references ( dkantor via sumasai )
ATLAS-738 Add query ability on system properties like guid, state, createdtime etc (shwethags)
ATLAS-692 Create abstraction layer for graph databases (jnhagelb via yhemanth)
ATLAS-689 Migrate Atlas-Storm integration to use Storm 1.0 dependencies. (svimal2106 via yhemanth)
ATLAS-754 InstanceSerialization does not serialize Reference in the values array of Reference.(harishjp via sumasai)
ATLAS-626 Hive temporary table metadata is captured in atlas (sumasai)
ATLAS-747 Hive CTAS entity registration fails because userName is null (shwethags)
ATLAS-759 HiveHookIT.testAlterTableChangeColumn is consistently failing on master (yhemanth)
ATLAS-690 Read timed out exceptions when tables are imported into Atlas (yhemanth via shwethags)
ATLAS-585 NotificationHookConsumer creates new AtlasClient for every message (shwethags)
ATLAS-682 Set HBase root dir to be relative to test target directory for HBaseBasedAuditRepositoryTest (shwethags via yhemanth)
ATLAS-742 Avoid downloading hbase multiple times (shwethags via yhemanth)
ATLAS-659 atlas_start fails on Windows (dkantor via shwethags)
ATLAS-732 Dashboard v2 build fails on Windows (vmadugun via yhemanth)
ATLAS-602 Hooks stuck in case of failure (svimal2106 via shwethags)
ATLAS-631 Introduce Versioning to Atlas Notification Payload (tbeerbower via shwethags)
ATLAS-723 JSON deserialization regression (guptaneeru via shwethags)
ATLAS-728 Fix few typos in committer email IDs (yhemanth)
ATLAS-435 Add ORDER BY and Limit to search DSL (neerugupta via sumasai)
ATLAS-543 Entity Instance requests should not require ID element for new Entities (harishjp via shwethags)
ATLAS-681 update committer/ppmc members in the pom.xml (sneethiraj via shwethags)
ATLAS-616 Resolve OOM - Zookeeper throws exceptions when trying to fire DSL queries at Atlas at large scale. (yhemanth via sumasai)
ATLAS-530 Add table information to column class (sumasai)
ATLAS-583 Rename table should retain traits/tags assigned to columns/storage descriptors (sumasai)
ATLAS-628 Starting two Atlas instances at the same time causes exceptions in HA mode (yhemanth via sumasai)
ATLAS-594 alter table rename doesnt work across databases (sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-586 While updating the multiple attributes, Atlas returns the response with escape characters (dkantor via shwethags)
ATLAS-582 Move Atlas UI to use backboneJS (kevalbhatt18 via shwethags)
ATLAS-540 API to retrieve entity version events (shwethags)
ATLAS-529 support drop database (sumasai)
ATLAS-528 Support drop table,view (sumasai)
ATLAS-603 Document High Availability of Atlas (yhemanth via sumasai)
ATLAS-498 Support Embedded HBase (tbeerbower via sumasai)
ATLAS-527 Support lineage for load table, import, export (sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-572 Handle secure instance of Zookeeper for leader election.(yhemanth via sumasai)
ATLAS-605 Hook Notifications for DELETE entity needs to be supported (sumasai)
ATLAS-607 Add Support for delete entity through a qualifiedName (sumasai via yhemanth)
ATLAS-571 Modify Atlas client for necessary changes in context of HA (yhemanth via sumasai)
ATLAS-620 Disable hbase based entity audit (shwethags)
ATLAS-618 Fix assembly for hdfs-module (sumasai via yhemanth)
ATLAS-573 Inherited attributes disappear from entities after server restart (dkantor via sumasai)
ATLAS-599 HDFS Path Model (sumasai via yhemanth)
ATLAS-553 Entity mutation - Fix issue with reordering of elements in array<class> with composite references (sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-513 Admin support for HA (yhemanth via sumasai)
ATLAS-511 Ability to run multiple instances of Atlas Server with automatic failover to one active server (yhemanth via shwethags)
ATLAS-577 Integrate entity audit with DefaultMetadataService (shwethags)
ATLAS-588 fails while importing partitions for a non-partitioned table (sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-575 jetty-maven-plugin fails with ShutdownMonitorThread already started (shwethags)
ATLAS-408 UI : Add a close link (x) on the top right when Tag is added (darshankumar89 via shwethags)
ATLAS-524 Support alter database (sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-539 Store for entity audit events (shwethags)
ATLAS-523 Support alter view (sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-555 Tag creation from UI fails due to missing description attribute (guptaneeru via shwethags)
ATLAS-522 Support Alter table commands (sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-521 Support Alter Table column commands (sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-512 Decouple currently integrating components from availability of Atlas service for raising metadata events ( yhemanth via sumasai)
ATLAS-537 Falcon hook failing when tried to submit a process which creates a hive table ( shwethags via sumasai)
ATLAS-476 Update type attribute with Reserved characters updated the original type as unknown (yhemanth via shwethags)
ATLAS-463 Disconnect inverse references ( dkantor via sumasai)
ATLAS-508 Apache nightly build failure - UnsupportedOperationException: Not a single key: __traitNames (shwethags)
ATLAS-422 JavaDoc NotificationConsumer and NotificationInterface.(tbeerbower via sumasai)
ATLAS-536 Falcon hook loads incorrect configuration when -Datlas.conf is not given when falcon server startup (ayubkhan via shwethags)
ATLAS-502 UI: Provide the ability to search for tags (anilsg via shwethags)
ATLAS-364 UI Code standardization (darshankumar89 via shwethags)
ATLAS-396 Creating an entity with non-existing type results in "Unable to deserialize json" error (guptaneeru via sumasai)
ATLAS-318 Config file conatining API endpoint + all api calls to be centralized (sanjayp via sumasai)
ATLAS-471 Atlas Server could run out of memory due to Scala memory leak (yhemanth via sumasai)
ATLAS-486 Updated pom.xml to fix scm url and upgrade plugin (sneethiraj via sumasai)
ATLAS-457 Upgrade to 0.9 version of Kafka dependency (yhemanth via shwethags)
ATLAS-398 Delete trait that exists but not linked to entity results in "400 Bad request". It should result "404 not found" (ndjouhr via shwethags)
ATLAS-287 UI: GUID on table details page (anilsg via sumasai)
ATLAS-372 Expose entity deletion through REST API (dkantor via shwethags)
ATLAS-452 Exceptions while running HiveHookIT#testAlterTableRename (shwethags)
ATLAS-388 UI : On creating Tag, the page to be reset for creating new Tag (Anilg via shwethags)
ATLAS-199 webapp build fails (grunt + tests) (sanjayp via shwethags)
ATLAS-415 Hive import fails when importing a table that is already imported without StorageDescriptor information (yhemanth via shwethags)
ATLAS-450 quick_start fails on cygwin (dkantor via shwethags)
ATLAS-451 Doc: Fix few broken links due to Wiki words in Atlas documentation (ssainath via shwethags)
ATLAS-439 Investigate apache build failure - EntityJerseyResourceIT.testEntityDeduping (shwethags)
ATLAS-426 atlas_start fails on cygwin (dkantor via shwethags)
ATLAS-448 Hive IllegalArgumentException with Atlas hook enabled on SHOW TRANSACTIONS AND SHOW COMPACTIONS (shwethags)
ATLAS-181 Integrate storm topology metadata into Atlas (svenkat,yhemanth via shwethags)
ATLAS-311 UI: Local storage for traits - caching [not cleared on refresh] To be cleared on time lapse for 1hr (Anilg via shwethags)
ATLAS-106 Store createTimestamp and modified timestamp separately for an entity (dkantor via shwethags)
ATLAS-433 Fix checkstyle issues for common and notification module (shwethags)
ATLAS-183 Add a Hook in Storm to post the topology metadata (svenkat,yhemanth via shwethags)
ATLAS-370 Implement deleteEntities at repository level (dkantor via shwethags)
ATLAS-406 Resizing lineage window – should be an anchor on a corner – like ppt for graphic (sanjayp via shwethags)
ATLAS-432 QuickStart lineage is broken (yhemanth via shwethags)
ATLAS-421 typo in Architecture.twiki (dbist13 via shwethags)
ATLAS-387 Running quick_start without a valid atlas endpoint in configuration or argument prints a spurious success message (yhemanth via shwethags)
ATLAS-182 Add data model for Storm topology elements (svenkat,yhemanth via shwethags)
ATLAS-414 Doc: Increase MAVEN_OPTS limit to 512m in InstallationSteps.twiki (yhemanth via shwethags)
ATLAS-418 Update atlas website (shwethags)
ATLAS-392 Rename to (rishabhbhardwaj via shwethags)
ATLAS-381 HiveMetaStoreBridge will not connect to a kerberized hive metastore ( via shwethags)
ATLAS-20 Rename env variables from METADATA to ATLAS (rishabhbhardwaj via shwethags)
ATLAS-360 Secure cluster Atlas-solr integration instructions (tbeerbower via shwethags)
ATLAS-368 Change trunk version to 0.7-incubating-SNAPSHOT (sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-383 tests for classtype.convert() with id (sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-263 Searching for a multi word trait always returns empty result (girishrp via shwethags)
--Release 0.6-incubating
ATLAS-58 Make hive hook reliable (shwethags)
ATLAS-54 Rename configs in hive hook (shwethags)
ATLAS-3 Mixed Index creation fails with Date types (sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-47 Entity mutations for complex types (sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-405 UI: Lineage is broken seemingly if there are more than one input Processes creating a Dataset (darshankumar89 via sumasai)
ATLAS-402 UI : Validation of Associating a Tag (darshankumar89 via sumasai)
ATLAS-395 UI : In details page maps not displayed for different data models (darshankumar89 via sumasai)
ATLAS-394 Fix BaseResourceIT.waitForNotification (shwethags via sumasai)
ATLAS-385 Support for Lineage for entities with SuperType as DataSet (anilsg via sumasai)
ATLAS-342 Atlas is sending an ENTITY_CREATE event to the ATLAS_ENTITIES topic even if the entity exists already (shwethags)
ATLAS-386 Handle hive rename Table (shwethags)
ATLAS-374 Doc: Create a wiki for documenting fault tolerance and HA options for Atlas data (yhemanth via sumasai)
ATLAS-346 Atlas server loses messages sent from Hive hook if restarted after unclean shutdown (yhemanth via sumasai)
ATLAS-382 Fixed Hive Bridge doc for ATLAS cluster name (sumasai)
ATLAS-244 UI: Add Tag Tab (darshankumar89 via sumasai)
ATLAS-376 UI: Use the Schema API of the backend to populate details for Schema tab (darshankumar89 via sumasai)
ATLAS-380 Fix ATLAS source artifact generation (sumasai)
ATLAS-354 Kerberized cluster: fails to add sample data (shwethags)
ATLAS-345 UI: Should allow tag addition on any search result that returns a reference-able entity (darshankumar89 via shwethags)
ATLAS-279 UI not displaying results for certain successful "select" search queries (anilsg via shwethags)
ATLAS-242 The qualified name for hive entities should be backward compatible (shwethags)
ATLAS-361 Add validation when index backends are switched in ATLAS configuration (sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-171 Ability to update type definition(shwethags via sumasai)
ATLAS-352 Improve write performance on type and entity creation with Hbase (sumasai)
ATLAS-350 Document jaas config details for atlas (tbeerbower via shwethags)
ATLAS-344 Document HBase permissions for secure cluster (tbeerbower via shwethags)
ATLAS-335 Kerberized cluster: Atlas fails to come up with hbase as backend (sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-333 – script must delete “” file (ndjouhr via sumasai)
ATLAS-220 Gets on Enum attribute should return EnumValue(yhemanth via sumasai)
ATLAS-334 Update documentation to reflect copying required atlas file on solr installation (sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-294 Select queries(ex: from DB select response contains column names as "_col_x" instead of the actual names requested in the query.(thiyag via sumasai)
ATLAS-297 KafkaNotificationTest.testSendReceiveMessage fails when atlas-server is running on the same machine (yhemanth via shwethags)
ATLAS-306 change javadoc generation from 'package' to 'site' phase(jspeidel via sumasai)
ATLAS-289 updateEntity does not remove existing edge for multiplicity-one reference (dkantor via shwethags)
ATLAS-300 Need additional integration test coverage for entity notifications (tbeerbower via shwethags)
ATLAS-304 surefire fails to run tests if maven project directory path has embedded space(dkantor via sumasai)
ATLAS-301 Atlas Distribution module test is failing (yhemanth via shwethags)
ATLAS-114 Upgrade hbase client to 1.1.2 (sumasai)
ATLAS-296 IllegalArgumentException during hive HiveHookIT integration tests (tbeerbower via shwethags)
ATLAS-158 Provide Atlas Entity Change Notification (tbeerbower via shwethags)
ATALS-238 the Atlas server won’t restart after improper shutdown(ndjouri via sumasai)
ATLAS-293 UI Requires Internet Access For UI Facelift (darshankumar89 via shwethags)
ATLAS-292 The artifactId 'dashboard' should be 'atlas-dashboard' in the webapp/pom.xml (ltfxyz via shwethags)
ATLAS-208 Remove "\n" characters in the REST API json response (patel_satya via shwethags)
ATLAS-211 UI: UI Facelift(anilsg via sumasai)
ATLAS-257 fails when run under cygwin(dkantor via sumasai)
ATLAS-255 Add log level setting for titan in atlas-log4j.xml(ayubkhan via sumasai)
ATLAS-246 QuickStart uses integer data type for dates, which causes data loss (dkantor via sumasai)
ATLAS-232 Fix the API incompatibility introduced in ATLAS-58(shwethags via sumasai)
ATLAS-198 Atlas UI Requires Internet Access(sanjayp via sumasai)
ATLAS-201 Rename org.apache.atlas.Main to org.apache.atlas.Atlas (rishabhbhardwaj via shwethags)
ATLAS-179 Atlas hook causes mem leak and hive server 2 crashes (shwethags)
ATLAS-212 Remove test class usage of hive configuration property "" (jspeidel via shwethags)
ATLAS-159 UI generated files should be target (sanjayp via sumasai)
ATLAS-188 Provide Ability to Add Tag to Entity (sanjayp via sumasai)
ATLAS-209 Use testng and delete junit and scalatest (ltfxyz via shwethags)
ATLAS-163 New Trait UI (Tag) ( darshankumar89 via sumasai)
ATLAS-199 webapp build fails (grunt + tests) ( darshankumar89 via sumasai)
ATLAS-204 Lineage I/O Lineage Enhancement ( Anilsg via sumasai )
ATLAS-138 Combine Input/Output graph ( Anilsg via sumasai )
ATLAS-128 DSL - Add support for comparisions on list type (sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-168 Atlas UI - Max column in hive 4 (darshankumar89 via shwethags)
ATLAS-155 Images do not show up on the dashboard (darshankumar89 via shwethags)
ATLAS-134 Some defects found when reviewing the source code (ltfxyz via shwethags)
ATLAS-196 Fix solr documentation (sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-195 Document Hbase configs (sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-102 Issue with SolrIndex (sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-194 Thread pool in hive hook should be static (shwethags)
ATLAS-180 Cleanup atlas doc packaging (shwethags)
ATLAS-147 Fix a code issue when defineTypes (ltfxyz via shwethags)
ATLAS-110 UI: Lineage should be clickable (Vishal Kadam via Venkatesh Seetharam)
ATLAS-112 UI: Make lineage graph extensible for multiple nodes (Vishal Kadam via Venkatesh Seetharam)
ATLAS-152 TimeStamp fields not showing the details tab (Vishal Kadam via Venkatesh Seetharam)
ATLAS-111 UI: Create Help Link (Vishal Kadam via Venkatesh Seetharam)
ATLAS-113 Add an About Dialog to Apache Atlas UI with version number (Vishal Kadam via Venkatesh Seetharam)
ATLAS-109 Remove v2 Folder (Vishal Kadam via Venkatesh Seetharam)
ATLAS-90 Support offline builds (Vishal Kadam via Venkatesh Seetharam)
ATLAS-154 Update website for 0.5-incubating release (Venkatesh Seetharam)
ATLAS-153 Build failure - org.glassfish:javax.el (shwethags)
ATLAS-117 Build fails on the latest commit ( via shwethags)
ATLAS-115 Remove unnecessary log4j.xml in typesystem (jmaron)
ATLAS-67 add zk service principal for secure tests (jmaron)
ATLAS-116 Build fails when skipping Maven tests (tbeerbower via jmaron)
ATLAS-118 rename log4j.xml to atlas-log4j.xml (jmaron)
ATLAS-91 Add solr configuration and documentation (sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-95 reports illegal java parameters (shwethags)
ATLAS-74 Create notification framework (shwethags)
ATLAS-93 reports FileNotFoundException (shwethags)
ATLAS-92 failed to find HiveMetaStoreBridge (airbots via shwethags)
ATLAS-16 jersey jaxb exception (shwethags)
ATLAS-79 Unique constraint is not honoured (shwethags)
ATLAS-25 Fix Atlas on Java 8 (sandeep.samudrala via shwethags)
ATLAS-86 Jenkins build failing as of build #41 (shwethags)
ATLAS-80 Support for variables in application properties (shwethags)
ATLAS-37 atlas repository, webapp, hive-bridge tests fails with Hbase and Solr as Titan storage backend (sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-56 should give an informative error if jar or java binaries can't be found ( via shwethags)
ATLAS-45 Entity submit fails (sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-46 Different data directory with restart (shwethags)
ATLAS-81 atlas debian packaing fails in maven build (vijay_k via shwethags)
ATLAS-36 Need separate persisted properties for HTTP and HTTPS ports (jmaron)
ATLAS-21 quick_start script run throws an exception (jmaron)
ATLAS-32 Atlas hook fails to fire in certain secure deployments (jmaron)
ATLAS-31 ATLAS build fails with clean repo (sumasai via shwethags)
ATLAS-33 Atlas restart fails (shwethags)
ATLAS-29 client authentication fails in secure environment from server processes (jmaron)
ATLAS-10 Update trunk version to 0.6-incubating-SNAPSHOT (shwethags)
--Release 0.5-incubating
ATLAS-26 Minor issues with release prep (Venkatesh Seetharam)
ATLAS-17 Parameterize schema API query per typeName (shwethags)
ATLAS-13 Add project website (Venkatesh Seetharam)
ATLAS-12 Update the copyright in Notice and License files (Venkatesh Seetharam)
ATLAS-9 Create branch-0.5 and update version to 0.5-incubating (shwethags)
ATLAS-14 Change the github repo url in installation steps to point to Apache repo (ajayyadava via shwethags)