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---+ Entity Change Notifications
To receive Atlas entity notifications a consumer should be obtained through the notification interface. Entity change notifications are sent every time a change is made to an entity. Operations that result in an entity change notification are:
* <code>ENTITY_CREATE</code> - Create a new entity.
* <code>ENTITY_UPDATE</code> - Update an attribute of an existing entity.
* <code>TRAIT_ADD</code> - Add a trait to an entity.
* <code>TRAIT_DELETE</code> - Delete a trait from an entity.
// Obtain provider through injection…
Provider<NotificationInterface> provider;
// Get the notification interface
NotificationInterface notification = provider.get();
// Create consumers
List<NotificationConsumer<EntityNotification>> consumers =
notification.createConsumers(NotificationInterface.NotificationType.ENTITIES, 1);
The consumer exposes the Iterator interface that should be used to get the entity notifications as they are posted. The hasNext() method blocks until a notification is available.
while(consumer.hasNext()) {
EntityNotification notification =;
IReferenceableInstance entity = notification.getEntity();