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ARIA Website
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This is the Repository for the ARIATOSCA project's Website.
The site is published as ` <>`__
What is ARIA?
`ARIA <>`__ is a an open-source,
`TOSCA <>`__-based, lightweight library and CLI for
orchestration and for consumption by projects building TOSCA-based solutions for resources and
services orchestration.
ARIA can be utilized by any organization that wants to implement TOSCA-based orchestration in its
solutions, whether a multi-cloud enterprise application, or an NFV or SDN solution for multiple
virtual infrastructure managers.
With ARIA, you can utilize TOSCA's cloud portability out-of-the-box, to develop, test and run your
applications, from template to deployment.
ARIA is an incubation project under the `Apache Software Foundation <>`__.
You are welcome and encouraged to participate and contribute to the ARIA project including its website.
Please see our guide to
`Contributing to ARIA
Feel free to also provide feedback on the mailing lists (see `Resources <#user-content-resources>`__
Code of Conduct
The ARIA TOSCA Project follows
`the Apache Code of Conduct <>`__.
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