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To run the Impala benchmark tests you first need to load the benchmark data. This can be
done via the '' script. There are currently 3 different classes of
benchmark tests and data sets:
core - All data sets, all use text file format, no compression.
exhaustive - All combinations of data sets, file formats, and compression.
pairwise - This contains a subset of the exhaustive test cases. Providing
good test coverage but taking less time (and machine resources) to run than
the exhaustive tests.
Load the data matching the test scenario you want to run by passing either
'core', 'exhaustive', or 'pairwise' parameter to The
default is to load only 'core'.
Once the data is loading run the benchmark suite using the ''
script. This script takes a parameter '--exploration_strategy' that can be
set to either 'core', 'exhaustive', or 'pairwise' depending on which test
cases should be run. The default is to run the 'core' test cases.