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<concept id="refresh_authorization">
<title>REFRESH AUTHORIZATION Statement</title>
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<navtitle>REFRESH AUTHORIZATION</navtitle>
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The <codeph>REFRESH AUTHORIZATION</codeph> statement explicitly refreshes authorization
data, including privileges and principals. When there is an external update to
authorization metadata, use this statement to force Impala to refresh its authorization
data without having to wait for the Sentry polling or run <codeph>INVALIDATE
Once issued, the <codeph>REFRESH AUTHORIZATION</codeph> statement cannot be cancelled.
See <xref href="impala_authorization.xml#authorization">Impala Authorization</xref> for
information on enabling and using authorization in Impala.
<codeblock>REFRESH AUTHORIZATION</codeblock>
<b>Usage notes:</b> If authorization is not enabled, Impala returns an error.
<b>Added in:</b> Impala 3.2