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<concept id="impala_odbc">
<title id="odbc">Configuring Impala to Work with ODBC</title>
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<data name="Category" value="ODBC"/>
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<indexterm audience="hidden">ODBC</indexterm>
Third-party products, especially business intelligence and reporting tools, can access Impala
using the ODBC protocol. For the best experience, ensure any third-party product you intend to use is supported.
Verifying support includes checking that the versions of Impala, ODBC, the operating system, the
Apache Hadoop distribution, and the third-party product have all been approved by the appropriate suppliers
for use together. To configure your systems to use ODBC, download and install a connector, typically from
the supplier of the third-party product or the Hadoop distribution.
You may need to sign in and accept license agreements before accessing the pages required for downloading
ODBC connectors.