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<concept id="comment">
<title>COMMENT Statement</title>
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The <codeph>COMMENT</codeph> statement adds, changes, or removes a comment about a
database, a table, or a column.
You can alternatively use the <codeph>CREATE</codeph> and <codeph>ALTER</codeph>
statements to add comments to the objects.
You can view the comment on a database, a table, or a column using the
<codeph>SHOW</codeph> or <codeph>DESCRIBE</codeph> statement.
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<codeblock>COMMENT ON DATABASE <varname>db_name</varname> IS {'<varname>comment</varname>' | NULL}</codeblock>
<codeblock>COMMENT ON TABLE [<varname>db_name</varname>.]<varname>table_name</varname> IS {'<varname>comment</varname>' | NULL}</codeblock>
<codeblock>COMMENT ON COLUMN [<varname>db_name</varname>.]<varname>table_name</varname>.<varname>column_name</varname> IS {'<varname>comment</varname>' | NULL}</codeblock>
<varname>db_name</varname>: Specify the database name if not for the current database.
<codeph>NULL</codeph>: If given for the comment, removes the existing comment.
The <varname>comment</varname> string can be up to 256 characters long.
<b>Privileges required:</b>
To add a comment, the <codeph>ALTER</codeph> privilege on the object is required.
To view a comment, the <codeph>SELECT</codeph>, <codeph>INSERT</codeph>, or
<codeph>REFRESH</codeph> on the object is required.
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<b>Added in:</b> <keyword keyref="impala31"/>