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As an administrator, you monitor Impala's use of resources and take action when necessary to keep Impala
running smoothly and avoid conflicts with other Hadoop components running on the same cluster. When you
detect that an issue has happened or could happen in the future, you reconfigure Impala or other components
such as HDFS or even the hardware of the cluster itself to resolve or avoid problems.
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<b>Related tasks:</b>
As an administrator, you can expect to perform installation, upgrade, and configuration tasks for Impala on
all machines in a cluster. See <xref href="impala_install.xml#install"/>,
<xref href="impala_upgrading.xml#upgrading"/>, and <xref href="impala_config.xml#config"/> for details.
For security tasks typically performed by administrators, see <xref href="impala_security.xml#security"/>.
Administrators also decide how to allocate cluster resources so that all Hadoop components can run smoothly
together. For Impala, this task primarily involves:
Deciding how many Impala queries can run concurrently and with how much memory, through the admission
control feature. See <xref href="impala_admission.xml#admission_control"/> for details.
Dividing cluster resources such as memory between Impala and other components, using YARN for overall
resource management, and Llama to mediate resource requests from Impala to YARN. See
<xref href="impala_resource_management.xml#resource_management"/> for details.