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To test Impala/Kudu:
1. INSERT with ignorable primary key violations
we need PostgresQL 9.5 or higher.
PostgresQL 9.5+ Installation
Common GNU/Linux distributions won't necessarily have PostgresQL as high
as 9.5 available. Fortunately, PostgresQL understands this and provides
instructions for adding sources for both Debian- and Redhat-based
What follows are instructions for getting this working on Ubuntu 14.04.
Use the instructions at
Note: apt pinning is possible, but if you already installed postgres
from your standard GNU/Linux sources, you'll be forced to upgrade some
packages like postgresql-common anyway. Resolving those problems is out
of the scope of this document.
Note: If you have postgresql-9.3 installed, your 9.3 installation will
get updated to the latest point release version.
If you then install a new PostgresQL version, you might be prompted what
to do about /etc/postgresql-common/createcluster.conf . I elected to
keep the local version installed.
Before you start your new version of PostgresQL, you will probably want
to make it easier to connect to the server:
$ sudo perl -pi -e 's/(?:peer|md5)/trust/g' /etc/postgresql/9.5/main/pg_hba.conf
Note: By default, PostgresQL servers only bind to localhost, so the
command above should only affect the localhost TCP server.
Finally, you can 'sudo service postgresql start'. PostgresQL 9.3 is
still listening on port 5432, but note 9.5 is also running, on 5433.
PostgresQL 9.5+ Usage
Databases aren't shared across versions. You'll need to load data, e.g.
$ tests/comparison/ \
--use-postgresql \
--postgresql-port 5433 # <---- important \
[other options]
... and use the random query generator in the same way:
$ tests/comparison/ \
--use-postgresql \
--postgresql-port 5433 # <---- important \
[other options]
The following steps have been taking to validate postgresql-9.5
9.5.4-1.pgdg14.04+2 on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS:
1. Migrating tpch and tpch_kudu from Impala into PostgresQL 9.5 (via
' migrate')
2. Loading random data into PostgresQL 9.5 (via ' populate')
3. Discrepancy tests between Impala and PostgresQL 9.5, and then again
on 9.3, to ensure results are the same.
4. Quick experiments to make sure ON CONFLICT DO NOTHING and ON CONFLICT
DO UPDATE actually work when connecting to Postgres on port 5433.
Other Resources