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I. Note
II. Oracle Database server setup
III. Oracle client setup
IV. Oracle connectivity, cx_Oracle installation
TODO: config/setup
TODO: data load/migrate
I. Note
Due to licensing, we cannot distribute Oracle client binaries, and of
course we will not distribute Oracle Database. Please refer to these
guidelines if you need to use Oracle as a reference database for the
Random Query Generator.
II. Oracle Database server setup
There are lots of choices for Oracle Database. What follows are two
Follow their instructions for installation and setup. If you can use
sqlplus or some other shell to successfully "select 1 from dual;", then
you're good to go here.
III. Oracle client setup
Use cx_Oracle.
Note: Installing this via pip or similar means won't work until you have
first installed prerequisites.
1. Install Oracle instant-client
After you choose your architecture, you need
1. the basic client
2. the SDK
You will likely have to register on the Oracle site to download the
instant client binaries. As of this writing, install instructions are at
the bottom of the page once you make your architecture choice.
2. Additional dependent packages in distribution
It's possible either when trying to install cx_Oracle, import it, or use
it, you will get some linker error. I cannot predict what libraries you
do and don't have. Here's a list of Linux distributions and known
package dependencies:
Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS
3. Ensure impala-python is working. It may be enough to simply run:
$ impala-python
Getting it working is out of scope of this document.
4. Run these commands to install cx_Oracle into the impala-python
virtual environment:
$ source "${IMPALA_HOME}"/infra/python/env/bin/activate
(env)$ pip install cx_Oracle==5.2.1
(env)$ deactivate
If pip install fails, double check the following:
* ORACLE_HOME environment variable
* LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable
BUILD.txt packaged with cx_Oracle has more instructions for installing
IV. Oracle connectivity, cx_Oracle installation
Verify cx_Oracle can connect to your Oracle Database. Edit appopriately
and then run:
$ "${IMPALA_HOME}"/tests/comparison/util/