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# contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed with
# this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
# The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
# (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
# the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
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# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
- title: Documentation Overview
url: index
- title: Quick Start Guides
- title: Java
url: quick-start/java
- title: .NET/C#
url: quick-start/dotnet
- title: C++
url: quick-start/cpp
- title: Python
url: quick-start/python
- title: Node.JS
url: quick-start/nodejs
- title: SQL
url: quick-start/sql
- title: PHP
url: quick-start/php
- title: REST API
url: quick-start/restapi
- title: Installation
url: installation
- title: Installing Using ZIP Archive
url: installation/installing-using-zip
- title: Installing Using Docker
url: installation/installing-using-docker
- title: Installing DEB or RPM package
url: installation/deb-rpm
- title: Kubernetes
- title: Amazon EKS
url: installation/kubernetes/amazon-eks-deployment
- title: Azure Kubernetes Service
url: installation/kubernetes/azure-deployment
- title: Google Kubernetes Engine
url: installation/kubernetes/gke-deployment
- title: VMWare
url: installation/vmware-installation
- title: Setting Up
- title: Understanding Configuration
url: understanding-configuration
- title: Setting Up
url: setup
- title: Configuring Logging
url: logging
- title: Resources Injection
url: resources-injection
- title: Starting and Stopping Nodes
url: starting-nodes
- title: Clustering
- title: Overview
url: clustering/clustering
- title: TCP/IP Discovery
url: clustering/tcp-ip-discovery
- title: ZooKeeper Discovery
url: clustering/zookeeper-discovery
- title: Discovery in the Cloud
url: clustering/discovery-in-the-cloud
- title: Network Configuration
url: clustering/network-configuration
- title: Connecting Client Nodes
url: clustering/connect-client-nodes
- title: Baseline Topology
url: clustering/baseline-topology
- title: Running Client Nodes Behind NAT
url: clustering/running-client-nodes-behind-nat
- title: Thin Clients
- title: Thin Clients Overview
url: thin-clients/getting-started-with-thin-clients
- title: Java Thin Client
url: thin-clients/java-thin-client
- title: .NET Thin Client
url: thin-clients/dotnet-thin-client
- title: C++ Thin Client
url: thin-clients/cpp-thin-client
- title: Python Thin Client
url: thin-clients/python-thin-client
- title: PHP Thin Client
url: thin-clients/php-thin-client
- title: Node.js Thin Client
url: thin-clients/nodejs-thin-client
- title: Binary Client Protocol
- title: Binary Client Protocol
url: binary-client-protocol/binary-client-protocol
- title: Data Format
url: binary-client-protocol/data-format
- title: Key-Value Queries
url: binary-client-protocol/key-value-queries
- title: SQL and Scan Queries
url: binary-client-protocol/sql-and-scan-queries
- title: Binary Types Metadata
url: binary-client-protocol/binary-type-metadata
- title: Cache Configuration
url: binary-client-protocol/cache-configuration
- title: Data Modeling
- title: Introduction
url: data-modeling/data-modeling
- title: Data Partitioning
url: data-modeling/data-partitioning
- title: Affinity Colocation
url: data-modeling/affinity-collocation
- title: Binary Marshaller
url: data-modeling/binary-marshaller
- title: Configuring Memory
- title: Memory Architecture
url: memory-architecture
- title: Configuring Data Regions
url: memory-configuration/data-regions
- title: Eviction Policies
url: memory-configuration/eviction-policies
- title: Replacement Policies
url: memory-configuration/replacement-policies
- title: Configuring Persistence
- title: Ignite Persistence
url: persistence/native-persistence
- title: External Storage
url: persistence/external-storage
- title: Swapping
url: persistence/swap
- title: Implementing Custom Cache Store
url: persistence/custom-cache-store
- title: Configuring Snapshot Directory
url: persistence/snapshot-directory
- title: Disk Compression
url: persistence/disk-compression
- title: Tuning Persistence
url: persistence/persistence-tuning
- title: Cluster Snapshots
url: snapshots/snapshots
- title: Configuring Caches
- title: Cache Configuration
url: configuring-caches/configuration-overview
- title: Configuring Partition Backups
url: configuring-caches/configuring-backups
- title: Partition Loss Policy
url: configuring-caches/partition-loss-policy
- title: Atomicity Modes
url: configuring-caches/atomicity-modes
- title: Expiry Policy
url: configuring-caches/expiry-policies
- title: On-Heap Caching
url: configuring-caches/on-heap-caching
- title: Cache Groups
url: configuring-caches/cache-groups
- title: Near Caches
url: configuring-caches/near-cache
- title: Data Rebalancing
url: data-rebalancing
- title: Data Streaming
url: data-streaming
- title: Using Key-Value API
- title: Basic Cache Operations
url: key-value-api/basic-cache-operations
- title: Working with Binary Objects
url: key-value-api/binary-objects
- title: Using Scan Queries
url: key-value-api/using-scan-queries
- title: Read Repair
url: read-repair
- title: Performing Transactions
url: key-value-api/transactions
- title: Working with SQL
- title: Introduction
url: SQL/sql-introduction
- title: Understanding Schemas
url: SQL/schemas
- title: Defining Indexes
url: SQL/indexes
- title: Using SQL API
url: SQL/sql-api
- title: Distributed Joins
url: SQL/distributed-joins
- title: SQL Transactions
url: SQL/sql-transactions
- title: Custom SQL Functions
url: SQL/custom-sql-func
- title: JDBC Driver
url: SQL/JDBC/jdbc-driver
- title: JDBC Client Driver
url: SQL/JDBC/jdbc-client-driver
- title: ODBC Driver
- title: ODBC Driver
url: SQL/ODBC/odbc-driver
- title: Connection String and DSN
url: /SQL/ODBC/connection-string-dsn
- title: Querying and Modifying Data
url: SQL/ODBC/querying-modifying-data
- title: Specification
url: SQL/ODBC/specification
- title: Data Types
url: SQL/ODBC/data-types
- title: Error Codes
url: SQL/ODBC/error-codes
- title: Multiversion Concurrency Control
url: transactions/mvcc
- title: SQL Reference
url: sql-reference/sql-reference-overview
- title: SQL Conformance
url: sql-reference/sql-conformance
- title: Data Definition Language (DDL)
url: sql-reference/ddl
- title: Data Manipulation Language (DML)
url: sql-reference/dml
- title: Transactions
url: sql-reference/transactions
- title: Operational Commands
url: sql-reference/operational-commands
- title: Aggregate functions
url: sql-reference/aggregate-functions
- title: Numeric Functions
url: sql-reference/numeric-functions
- title: String Functions
url: sql-reference/string-functions
- title: Data and Time Functions
url: sql-reference/date-time-functions
- title: System Functions
url: sql-reference/system-functions
- title: Data Types
url: sql-reference/data-types
- title: Distributed Computing
- title: Distributed Computing API
url: distributed-computing/distributed-computing
- title: Cluster Groups
url: distributed-computing/cluster-groups
- title: Executor Service
url: distributed-computing/executor-service
- title: MapReduce API
url: distributed-computing/map-reduce
- title: Load Balancing
url: distributed-computing/load-balancing
- title: Fault Tolerance
url: distributed-computing/fault-tolerance
- title: Job Scheduling
url: distributed-computing/job-scheduling
- title: Colocating Computations with Data
url: distributed-computing/collocated-computations
- title: Code Deployment
- title: Deploying User Code
url: code-deployment/deploying-user-code
- title: Peer Class Loading
url: code-deployment/peer-class-loading
- title: Machine Learning
- title: Machine Learning
url: machine-learning/machine-learning
- title: Partition Based Dataset
url: machine-learning/partition-based-dataset
- title: Updating Trained Models
url: machine-learning/updating-trained-models
- title: Binary Classification
- title: Introduction
url: machine-learning/binary-classification/introduction
- title: Linear SVM (Support Vector Machine)
url: machine-learning/binary-classification/linear-svm
- title: Decision Trees
url: machine-learning/binary-classification/decision-trees
- title: Multilayer Perceptron
url: machine-learning/binary-classification/multilayer-perceptron
- title: Logistic Regression
url: machine-learning/binary-classification/logistic-regression
- title: k-NN Classification
url: machine-learning/binary-classification/knn-classification
- title: ANN (Approximate Nearest Neighbor)
url: machine-learning/binary-classification/ann
- title: Naive Bayes
url: machine-learning/binary-classification/naive-bayes
- title: Regression
- title: Introduction
url: machine-learning/regression/introduction
- title: Linear Regression
url: machine-learning/regression/linear-regression
- title: Decision Trees Regression
url: machine-learning/regression/decision-trees-regression
- title: k-NN Regression
url: machine-learning/regression/knn-regression
- title: Clustering
- title: Introduction
url: machine-learning/clustering/introduction
- title: K-Means Clustering
url: machine-learning/clustering/k-means-clustering
- title: Gaussian mixture (GMM)
url: machine-learning/clustering/gaussian-mixture
- title: Preprocessing
url: machine-learning/preprocessing
- title: Model Selection
- title: Introduction
url: machine-learning/model-selection/introduction
- title: Evaluator
url: machine-learning/model-selection/evaluator
- title: Split the dataset on test and train datasets
url: machine-learning/model-selection/split-the-dataset-on-test-and-train-datasets
- title: Hyper-parameter tuning
url: machine-learning/model-selection/hyper-parameter-tuning
- title: Pipeline API
url: machine-learning/model-selection/pipeline-api
- title: Multiclass Classification
url: machine-learning/multiclass-classification
- title: Ensemble Methods
- title:
url: machine-learning/ensemble-methods/introduction
- title: Stacking
url: machine-learning/ensemble-methods/stacking
- title: Bagging
url: machine-learning/ensemble-methods/baggin
- title: Random Forest
url: machine-learning/ensemble-methods/random-forest
- title: Gradient Boosting
url: machine-learning/ensemble-methods/gradient-boosting
- title: Recommendation Systems
url: machine-learning/recommendation-systems
- title: Importing Model
- title: Introduction
url: machine-learning/importing-model/introduction
- title: Import Model from XGBoost
url: machine-learning/importing-model/model-import-from-gxboost
- title: Import Model from Apache Spark
url: machine-learning/importing-model/model-import-from-apache-spark
- title: Using Continuous Queries
url: key-value-api/continuous-queries
- title: Using Ignite Services
url: services/services
- title: Using Ignite Messaging
url: messaging
- title: Distributed Data Structures
- title: Queue and Set
url: data-structures/queue-and-set
- title: Atomic Types
url: data-structures/atomic-types
- title: CountDownLatch
url: data-structures/countdownlatch
- title: Atomic Sequence
url: data-structures/atomic-sequence
- title: Semaphore
url: data-structures/semaphore
- title: ID Generator
url: data-structures/id-generator
- title: Distributed Locks
url: distributed-locks
- title: REST API
url: restapi
- title: .NET Specific
- title: Configuration Options
url: net-specific/net-configuration-options
- title: Deployment Options
url: net-specific/net-deployment-options
- title: Standalone Nodes
url: net-specific/net-standalone-nodes
- title: Asynchronous APIs
url: net-specific/net-async
- title: Logging
url: net-specific/net-logging
- title: LINQ
url: net-specific/net-linq
- title: Java Services Execution
url: net-specific/net-java-services-execution
- title: .NET Platform Cache
url: net-specific/net-platform-cache
- title: Plugins
url: net-specific/net-plugins
- title: Serialization
url: net-specific/net-serialization
- title: Cross-Platform Support
url: net-specific/net-cross-platform-support
- title: Platform Interoperability
url: net-specific/net-platform-interoperability
- title: Remote Assembly Loading
url: net-specific/net-remote-assembly-loading
- title: Troubleshooting
url: net-specific/net-troubleshooting
- title: Integrations
- title: ASP.NET Output Caching
url: net-specific/asp-net-output-caching
- title: ASP.NET Session State Caching
url: net-specific/asp-net-session-state-caching
- title: Entity Framework 2nd Level Cache
url: net-specific/net-entity-framework-cache
- title: C++ Specific
- title: Serialization
url: cpp-specific/cpp-serialization
- title: Platform Interoperability
url: cpp-specific/cpp-platform-interoperability
- title: Objects Lifetime
url: cpp-specific/cpp-objects-lifetime
- title: Monitoring
- title: Introduction
url: monitoring-metrics/intro
- title: Cluster ID and Tag
url: monitoring-metrics/cluster-id
- title: Cluster States
url: monitoring-metrics/cluster-states
- title: Metrics
- title: Configuring Metrics
url: monitoring-metrics/configuring-metrics
- title: JMX Metrics
url: monitoring-metrics/metrics
- title: New Metrics System
- title: Introduction
url: monitoring-metrics/new-metrics-system
- title: Metrics
url: monitoring-metrics/new-metrics
- title: System Views
url: monitoring-metrics/system-views
- title: Performance Statistics
url: monitoring-metrics/performance-statistics
- title: Tracing
url: monitoring-metrics/tracing
- title: Working with Events
- title: Enabling and Listenting to Events
url: events/listening-to-events
- title: Events
url: events/events
- title: Tools
- title: Control Script
url: tools/control-script
- title: Visor CMD
url: tools/visor-cmd
- title: GridGain Control Center
url: tools/gg-control-center
- title: SQLLine
url: tools/sqlline
- title: Tableau
url: tools/tableau
- title: Informatica
url: tools/informatica
- title: Pentaho
url: tools/pentaho
- title: Security
url: security
- title: Authentication
url: security/authentication
- title: SSL/TLS
url: security/ssl-tls
- title: Transparent Data Encryption
- title: Introduction
url: security/tde
- title: Master key rotation
url: security/master-key-rotation
- title: Cache encryption key rotation
url: security/cache-encryption-key-rotation
- title: Sandbox
url: security/sandbox
- title: Extensions and Integrations
- title: Spring
- title: Spring Boot
url: extensions-and-integrations/spring/spring-boot
- title: Spring Data
url: extensions-and-integrations/spring/spring-data
- title: Spring Caching
url: extensions-and-integrations/spring/spring-caching
- title: Spring Transactions
url: extensions-and-integrations/spring/spring-tx
- title: Ignite for Spark
- title: Overview
url: extensions-and-integrations/ignite-for-spark/overview
- title: IgniteContext and IgniteRDD
url: extensions-and-integrations/ignite-for-spark/ignitecontext-and-rdd
- title: Ignite DataFrame
url: extensions-and-integrations/ignite-for-spark/ignite-dataframe
- title: Installation
url: extensions-and-integrations/ignite-for-spark/installation
- title: Test Ignite with Spark-shell
url: extensions-and-integrations/ignite-for-spark/spark-shell
- title: Troubleshooting
url: extensions-and-integrations/ignite-for-spark/troubleshooting
- title: Hibernate L2 Cache
url: extensions-and-integrations/hibernate-l2-cache
- title: MyBatis L2 Cache
url: extensions-and-integrations/mybatis-l2-cache
- title: Streaming
- title: Kafka Streamer
url: extensions-and-integrations/streaming/kafka-streamer
- title: Camel Streamer
url: extensions-and-integrations/streaming/camel-streamer
- title: Flink Streamer
url: extensions-and-integrations/streaming/flink-streamer
- title: Flume Sink
url: extensions-and-integrations/streaming/flume-sink
- title: JMS Streamer
url: extensions-and-integrations/streaming/jms-streamer
- title: MQTT Streamer
url: extensions-and-integrations/streaming/mqtt-streamer
- title: RocketMQ Streamer
url: extensions-and-integrations/streaming/rocketmq-streamer
- title: Storm Streamer
url: extensions-and-integrations/streaming/storm-streamer
- title: ZeroMQ Streamer
url: extensions-and-integrations/streaming/zeromq-streamer
- title: Twitter Streamer
url: extensions-and-integrations/streaming/twitter-streamer
- title: Cassandra Integration
- title: Overview
url: extensions-and-integrations/cassandra/overview
- title: Configuration
url: extensions-and-integrations/cassandra/configuration
- title: Usage Examples
url: extensions-and-integrations/cassandra/usage-examples
- title: DDL Generator
url: extensions-and-integrations/cassandra/ddl-generator
- title: PHP PDO
url: extensions-and-integrations/php-pdo
- title: Performance Statistics
url: extensions-and-integrations/performance-statistics
- title: Plugins
url: plugins
- title: Performance and Troubleshooting
- title: General Performance Tips
url: /perf-and-troubleshooting/general-perf-tips
- title: Memory and JVM Tuning
url: /perf-and-troubleshooting/memory-tuning
- title: Persistence Tuning
url: /perf-and-troubleshooting/persistence-tuning
- title: SQL Tuning
url: /perf-and-troubleshooting/sql-tuning
- title: Thread Pools Tuning
url: /perf-and-troubleshooting/thread-pools-tuning
- title: Troubleshooting and Debugging
url: /perf-and-troubleshooting/troubleshooting
- title: Handling Exceptions
url: /perf-and-troubleshooting/handling-exceptions
- title: Benchmarking With Yardstick
url: /perf-and-troubleshooting/yardstick-benchmarking