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Apache Ignite.NET Build Instructions
* Windows (XP and up), Windows Server (2008 and up)
* Oracle JDK 7 and above
* .NET Framework 4.0
* PowerShell 3.0+
* Visual Studio 2010 (later versions require upgrading "common" C++ project, see below)
* JAVA_HOME environment variable set to the corresponding JDK (x64 or x86)
* Apache Maven bin directory in PATH, or MAVEN_HOME environment variable
Building binaries:
build.bat -skipCodeAnalysis
Resulting binaries will be in bin folder, and NuGet packages in nupkg folder.
Running built binaries: resulting "bin" folder in self contained, you can copy it anywhere and run
* x86 solution platform requires x86 Oracle JDK.
* x64 solution platform requires x64 Oracle JDK.
* AnyCPU platform requires at least one of the above.
To build truly universal AnyCPU binaries (suitable for x86 and x64 modes), both x64 and x86 Oracle JDKs should be installed.
Building in later versions of Visual Studio:
* Open Apache.Ignite.sln in Visual Studio
* You will be prompted to "Update VC++ Compiler and Libraries", click "Update"
* OR, right-click "common" project in the Solution Explorer and select "Upgrade VC++ Compiler and Libraries"