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Apache Ignite Shared memory IPC library
Apache Ignite shared memory IPC library implement exchange via shared memory for Apache Ignite.
Building on Linux and Mac OS X
For builing on Linux and Mac OS X the shared memory library uses the GNU Autotools toolchain.
Go to the 'ipc/shmem/' directory and run:
You can also do
./configure --help
to see all available command line options. Once the configure script finishes, you can run a make:
make install
This will build and install the shared memory library and the headers into the default location on your
system (which is usually '/usr/local').
Usage with Apache Ignite
Copy compiled library to folder that already listed in 'java.library.path'
with name in form: 'libigniteshmem-<ignite-version>.<extension>'.
Note: Ignite should be restarted.
*** Additional notes:
*** - 'make install' should be run under sudo
*** - if you have problems with <jni.h>, remember that JAVA_HOME have to be set not only for current user, but and for sudo user (check it by typing 'sudo -E env | grep JAVA_HOME')
*** - if you do all right, but it still no work you can just replace manually $(JAVA_HOME) on your java home path at Makefiles.* . :-)