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= Apache Ignite Documentation
Apache Ignite is a distributed database for high-performance computing with in-memory speed.
The technical documentation introduces you to the key capabilities, shows how to use certain features, or how to
approach cluster optimizations and issues troubleshooting. If you are new to Ignite, then start with our
quick start guides, and build the first application in a matter of 5-10 minutes.
Otherwise, select the topic of your interest and have your problems solved, and questions answered.
Good luck with your Ignite journey!
== Quick Start Guides
Build the first application in a matter of minutes.
* link:quick-start/java[Java]
* link:quick-start/sql[SQL]
* link:quick-start/restapi[REST API]
* link:quick-start/dotnet[C#/.NET]
* link:quick-start/cpp[C++]
* link:quick-start/python[Python]
* link:quick-start/nodejs[Node.JS]
* link:quick-start/php[PHP]
== APIs
API reference for various programming languages.
*Latest Stable Version*
* link:/releases/latest/javadoc/[JavaDoc]
* link:/releases/latest/dotnetdoc/api/[C#/.NET]
* link:/releases/latest/cppdoc/[C++]
*Older Versions*
* With the top-level navigation menu, change an Ignite version and select a version-specific API from the APIs drop-down list.
* Or, go to the link:/download.cgi[downloads page] for a full archive of the versions.
== Examples
The Apache Ignite github repository contains a number of runnable examples that illustrate various Ignite functionality.
* link:{githubUrl}/examples[Java^]
* link:{githubUrl}/modules/platforms/dotnet/examples[C#/.NET^]
* link:{githubUrl}/modules/platforms/cpp/examples[C++^]
* link:{githubUrl}/modules/platforms/python/examples[Python^]
* link:{githubUrl}/modules/platforms/nodejs/examples[Node.JS^]
* link:{githubUrl}/modules/platforms/php/examples[PHP^]
== Programming Languages