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       url: extensions-and-integrations/php-pdo
     - title: Performance Statistics
       url: extensions-and-integrations/performance-statistics
+    - title: Change Data Capture
+      url: extensions-and-integrations/change-data-capture-extensions
 - title: Plugins
   url: plugins
 - title: Performance and Troubleshooting
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 Default link:https://github.com/apache/ignite-extensions/blob/master/modules/cdc-ext/src/main/java/org/apache/ignite/cdc/conflictresolve/CacheVersionConflictResolverImpl.java[implementation] is available in cdc-ext.
-==== Configuration
+=== Configuration
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 | `conflictResolveField` | Value field to resolve conflict with. Optional. Field values must implement `java.lang.Comparable`. | null
-==== Conflict resolve algorithm
+=== Conflict resolve algorithm
 Replicated changes contain some additional data. Specifically, entry version from source cluster supplied with the changed data.
 Default conflict resolve algorithm based on entry version and `conflictResolveField`.
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 . If `conflictResolveField` if provided then field values comparison used to determine order.
 . Conflict resolution failed. Update will be ignored.
-==== Configuration example
+=== Configuration example
 Configuration is done via Ignite node plugin:
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 When CDC is enabled, the Ignite server node creates a hard link to each WAL archive segment in the special `db/cdc/\{consistency_id\}` directory.
-The `ignite-cdc.sh` application runs on a different JVM and processes newly archived link:native-persistence.adoc#_write-ahead_log[WAL segments].
+The `ignite-cdc.sh` application runs on a different JVM and processes newly archived link:persistence/native-persistence#_write-ahead_log[WAL segments].
 When the segment is fully processed by `ignite-cdc.sh`, it is removed. The actual disk space is free when both links (archive and CDC) are removed.
 State of consumption is a pointer to the last processed event.
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 | `lockTimeout` | Timeout to wait for lock acquiring. CDC locks directory on a startup to ensure there is no concurrent `ignite-cdc.sh` processing the same directory.
 | 1000 milliseconds.
 | `checkFrequency` | Amount of time application sleeps between subsequent checks when no new files available. | 1000 milliseconds.
-| `keepBinary` | Flag to specify if key and value of changed entries should be provided in link:../key-value-api/binary-objects.adoc[binary format]. | `true`
+| `keepBinary` | Flag to specify if key and value of changed entries should be provided in link:key-value-api/binary-objects[binary format]. | `true`
 | `consumer` | Implementation of `org.apache.ignite.cdc.CdcConsumer` that consumes entries changes. | null
-| `metricExporterSpi` | Array of SPI's to export CDC metrics. See link:../monitoring-metrics/new-metrics-system.adoc#_metric_exporters[metrics] documentation, also. | null
+| `metricExporterSpi` | Array of SPI's to export CDC metrics. See link:monitoring-metrics/new-metrics-system#_metric_exporters[metrics] documentation, also. | null
 == API
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 |Name |Description
 | `key()` | Key for the changed entry.
 | `value()` | Value for the changed entry. This method will return `null` if the event reflects removal.
-| `cacheId()` | ID of the cache where the change happens. The value is equal to the `CACHE_ID` from link:../monitoring-metrics/system-views.adoc#_CACHES[`SYS.CACHES`].
+| `cacheId()` | ID of the cache where the change happens. The value is equal to the `CACHE_ID` from link:monitoring-metrics/system-views#_CACHES[`SYS.CACHES`].
 | `partition()` | Partition of the changed entry.
 | `primary()` | Flag to distinguish if operation happens on the primary or a backup node.
 | `version()` | `Comparable` version of the changed entry. Internally, Ignite maintains ordered versions of each entry so any changes of the same entry can be sorted.
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 == cdc-ext
 Ignite extensions project has link:https://github.com/apache/ignite-extensions/tree/master/modules/cdc-ext[cdc-ext] module which provides two way to setup cross cluster replication based on CDC.
-Detailed documentation can be found on link:../change-data-capture-extensions.adoc[page]
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+Detailed documentation can be found on link:extensions-and-integrations/change-data-capture-extensions[page].
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