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<h1>Apache IGNITE 2.7.6<h1>
<li>Changed default persistence directory location when IGNITE_HOME is not set, native persistence files will not be stored in the temp directory anymore</li>
<li>Fixed a bug that caused a SELECT query with an equality predicate on a part of the primary compound key to return a single row even if the query matched multiple rows</li>
<li>Fixed an issue that could cause data corruption during checkpointing</li>
<li>Fixed an issue where a row size was calculated incorrectly for shared cache groups, which caused a tree corruption</li>
<li>Reduced java heap footprint by optimizing GridDhtPartitionsFullMessage maps in exchange history</li>
<li>Fixed an issue where an outdated node with a destroyed cache caused the cluster to hang</li>
<li> Fixed a bug that made it impossible to change the inline_size property of an existing index after it was dropped and recreated with a different value</li>
<li>Fixed an issue causing silent script fail when JAVA_HOME is not set</li>
<li>Fixed an issue causing sporadic node failure when persistence is enabled and WAL mmap is disabled</li>
<li>Fixed an issue causing potential PDS corruption when a node is killed during checkpoint mark phase</li>
<h2>Ignite .NET:</h2>
<li>Native persistence now works with a custom affinity function</li>
<li>Fixed missing CacheEntryEventType.Removed event</li>