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title Key-Value Store / Database - Apache Ignite
meta(name="description", content="Apache Ignite is the best and fastest key-value database that stores data both in memory and on disk with support for key-value, SQL, ACID transactions, compute, and machine learning APIs.")
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meta(property="og:description", content="Apache Ignite is the best and fastest key-value database that stores data both in memory and on disk with support for key-value, SQL, ACID transactions, compute, and machine learning APIs.")
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h1.h1.innerhero__h1 Key-Value Store
span.with-apache With Apache Ignite
Distributed store for high-performance data access
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h2.h5.hub1__title What is a key-value store?
p.hub1__text A key-value store is a data storage software. It stores, retrieves, and manages data as a set of unique keys. Each one is associated with one and only one value.
h2.h5.hub1__title.hub1__titleend How a key-value store works
p.hub1__text A key-value store, or a key-value database, holds a collection of data records in various fields. The data records have unique keys to retrieve and modify records quickly.
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h2.compute2__h2 Benefits Of Key-Value Store
h3.fz20.compute2item__title Low-latency access and high-performance
p.compute2__text.base2__text Thanks to their design, key-value stores can perform many more operations in a given amount of time than other database models
h3.fz20.compute2item__title Horizontal scalability
p.compute2__text.base2__text Key-value stores can keep and process large volumes of data by&nbsp;scaling horizontally
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h2.grid4__h2.h5.key4__h2 With Apache Ignite, a key-value store can cache data in memory and persist it on disk
p.grid4__text The <a href="/arch/native-persistence.html">native persistence</a> feature eliminates the time-consuming cache warm-up step as well as the data reloading phase from external databases. Since native persistence always keeps a full copy of data on disk, you are free to cache a subset of records in memory. If a required data record is missing in memory, then Ignite reads it from disk automatically, regardless of the API you use.
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h2.grid5__h2.key5__h2.h4 Key-value store is used when <strong>speed and scale are top priorities</strong>
h3.key5__h3 User sessions caching
p.grid5__text.key5__text Key-value stores are used to accumulate user session details in web applications to personalize content.
h3.key5__h3 360 Customer View
p.grid5__text.key5__text Applications can collect user preferences and behavioral patterns to offer better services. The records can be stored in a key-value database to enable fast customer data lookups.
h3.key5__h3 Back-end systems acceleration
p.grid5__text.key5__text Developers use key-value stores to cache specific records that dont require a&nbsp;regular update. This reduces the load on core back-end systems and databases.
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span Ready to Start?
p.nativebotblock__text Discover our quick start guide and build your first<br> application in 5-10 minutes
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span Want to Learn More?
p.nativebotblock__text Check out Ignite key-value APIs article
a.nativebotblock__link.arrowlink(href="/features/distributed-key-value-store.html") Key-Value APIs Article