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| In-Memory Data Grid
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h1.h1.innerhero__h1 In-Memory Data Grid
span.with-apache With Apache Ignite
Use an advanced read-through / write-through cache<br> that is deployed on top of one or several databases
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h2.grid1__h2.h4 In-memory data grid with Apache Ignite <strong>accelerates and scales</strong> your existing databases and data stores.
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h2.compute2__h2 In-Memory Data Grid Overview
h3.h5.hub1__title What is in-memory data-grid?
p.hub1__text An in-memory data grid (IMDG) is an advanced read-through/write-through cache that is deployed on top of multiple databases.
p.hub1__text Applications write to and read from the grid, and the grid propagates changes to the underlying data stores in a consistent way.
h3.h5.hub1__title.hub1__titleend How does an in-memory data grid work?
p.hub1__text Co-location is the main IMDG feature. It organizes related data for storage in the same node and enables low latency with high throughput computing.
p.hub1__text Co-located applications can access in-memory data without network movement.
p.hub1__text In in-memory data grid queries are processed at high speeds and scaled to multiple nodes, because there's no distance between data and applications.
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h2.base3__h2.h4 Apache Ignite as a data grid supports a variety of developer APIs
h3.base3__h3 Essential Developer APIs
img.base3__image(src="/img/features/03-distributed-SQL.svg", alt="sql")
.base3__subtext SQL
img.base3__image(src="/img/features/05-key-value-APIs.svg", alt="apis")
.base3__subtext Key-value
img.base3__image(src="/img/features/04-ACID-transactions.svg", alt="acid")
.base3__subtext ACID<br> transactions
p.base3__text Enable you to request, join, and group distributed datasets.
h3.base3__h3 High Performance Computing APIs
img.base3__image(src="/img/features/06-compute-APIs.svg", alt="sql")
.base3__subtext Compute
img.base3__image(src="/img/features/07-machine-learning.svg", alt="apis")
.base3__subtext Machine<br> learning
img.base3__image(src="/img/features/08-services.svg", alt="acid")
.base3__subtext Services
p.base3__text Execute logic close to the data, thus eliminating expensive data shuffling over the network.
h3.base3__h3 Real-Time Streaming APIs
img.base3__image(src="/img/features/09-streaming.svg", alt="sql")
.base3__subtext Streaming
img.base3__image(src="/img/features/10-continuous-queries.svg", alt="apis")
.base3__subtext Continuous<br> Queries
img.base3__image(src="/img/features/11-messaging.svg", alt="acid")
.base3__subtext Messaging
p.base3__text.base3__textend Allow the seamless implementation of event-driven architectures.
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h2.grid4__h2.h5 Native Persistence And In-Memory Data
p.grid4__text When <a href="/arch/native-persistence.html">Native Persistence</a> is enabled, Ignite stores both data and indexes<br> on disk, thus eliminating the time-consuming cache warm-up step. Native Persistence keeps a full copy of data on disk, so you are free<br> to cache a subset of records in memory. If a required data record is missing from memory, Ignite reads the record from the disk automatically.
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h2.grid5__h2.h4 In-memory data grid is frequently used when a business works with large datasets at low latency and high throughput.
p.grid5__text Increase the performance and scalability of real-time applications and external databases.
p.grid5__text Support <a href="/use-cases/high-performance-computing.html"> high-performance computing.</a>
p.grid5__text Cache data that is scattered across databases.
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h2.compute2__h2 In-Memory Data Grid Ignite User Stories
" ",
"Leveraging In Memory Data Grid For Faster Time To Market ",
"comvideo__txt--white hub5__video"
h3.h4.hub5__title Agilent Technologies Inc.
p.hub5__text.base5__text improved its online channel by implementing in-memory solutions. They leveraged in-memory data grid to achieve faster time-to-market, and data flexibility across digital channels.
"Embracing The Service Consumption Shift In Banking",
"comvideo__txt--white comvideo__txthub hub5__video"
h3.h4.hub5__title ING Bank
p.hub5__text.base5__text.base5__textend used in-memory computing platforms to meet increasing demand for performance and scalability.
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span Ready to Start?
p.nativebotblock__text Discover our quick start guide and build your first<br> application in 5-10 minutes
a.nativebotblock__link.arrowlink(href="", target="_blank") Quick Start Guide
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span Want to View More Use-Cases?
p.nativebotblock__text Read the In-Memory Database article
a.nativebotblock__link.arrowlink(href="/use-cases/in-memory-database.html") In-Memory Database