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<h1>Apache IGNITE 2.7.5</h1>
<li>Added Java 11 support</li>
<li>Fixed infinite looping during SSL handshake, affecting Java 11/Windows</li>
<li>Fixed storage corruption case after incorrectly rotated page</li>
<li>Erroneous WAL record after incorrectly rotated page processed automatically</li>
<li>Addressed failure on Mac OS and Linux, affecting Java 11</li>
<li>Launch scripts and some Ignite initialization steps were fixed for Java 12</li>
<li>Fixed indexes corruption on node stop under load</li>
<li>Fixed case of node crash during node deactivation</li>
<li>Error message with advice about required JVM parameters printed when Java 9+ is used</li>
<li>Introduced SYSTEM_CRITICAL_OPERATION_TIMEOUT failure type</li>