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Apache Ignite python thin client
* Added transaction API support (sync and async versions, async version supports only python 3.7+)
* Added ExpiryPolicy (TTL) support
* Improved performance of asyncio version by reimplementing network code using asyncio transports and protocols
* Enabled partition awareness by default
* Fixed handling collections of binary objects
* Added partition awareness support
* Added asyncio support
* Added C module to speedup hashcode calculation
* Implement context management for connection method
* Implement cursors and context management for ScanQuery, SqlQuery and SqlFieldsQuery
* Add the ability to activate/deactivate the cluster
* Implement support for big-endianness
* Implement support of password for certificates
* Fix performance issues while working with big bytearrays and binary objects
* Fix serialization/deserialization of cache configuration
* Fix handling of null fields
* Fix UUID serialization/deserialization
* Fix nested complex objects
* Fix incorrect hash code calculation for classes as composite keys
* Fix hashing of complex object
* Fix insert and select VARBINARY data type through SQL
* Fix wrong order of the SQL query result
* Fix handling of bytes and bytearrays
* Fix bool arrays handling
* Fix cache.get_size with non-default PeekModes