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Apache Ignite Spring Module
Apache Ignite Spring Data 2.2 extension provides an integration with Spring Data 2.2 framework.
Main features:
- Supports multiple Ignite instances on same JVM (@RepositoryConfig).
- Supports query tuning parameters in @Query annotation
- Supports projections
- Supports Page and Stream responses
- Supports Sql Fields Query resultset transformation into the domain entity
- Supports named parameters (:myParam) into SQL queries, declared using @Param("myParam")
- Supports advanced parameter binding and SpEL expressions into SQL queries:
- Template variables:
- #entityName - the simple class name of the domain entity
- Method parameter expressions: Parameters are exposed for indexed access ([0] is the first query method's param) or via the name declared using @Param. The actual SpEL expression binding is triggered by ?#. Example: ?#{[0] or ?#{#myParamName}
- Advanced SpEL expressions: While advanced parameter binding is a very useful feature, the real power of SpEL stems from the fact, that the expressions can refer to framework abstractions or other application components through SpEL EvaluationContext extension model.
- Supports SpEL expressions into Text queries (TextQuery).
Importing Spring Data 2.2 extension In Maven Project
If you are using Maven to manage dependencies of your project, you can add Spring Data 2.2 extension
dependency like this (replace '${ignite-spring-data_2.2-ext.version}' with actual version of Ignite Spring Data 2.2
extension you are interested in):
<project xmlns=""