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NOTE: This module is for Apache2 ONLY
It's tested on my RedHat8 and Solaris. But it should work on other *NIX platform.
NOTE: This module MUST run on share memory supported system
1. If your Apache2 installation isn't in /usr/local/apache2, please edit Makefile and correct it
2. cd $mod_fcgid_dir
3. make
4. make install
5. add the following line in httpd.conf
LoadModule fcgid_module modules/
UNIX (static link to httpd)
1. copy mod_fcgid to $httpd_src_path/modules
2. run buildconf in $httpd_src_path
3. run "configure -enable-fcgid $other_arguments" in $httpd_src_path
4. make
5. make install
6. run "httpd -l" in $httpd_installed_path/bin/ to verify the module is included.
It's tested on Win2k ONLY, but it SHOULD work on NT4 and above
1. copy mod_fcgid to httpd-2.X.X/modules/
2. cd httpd-2.X.X/modules/mod_fcgid/
3. nmake -f Makefile.nt
4. copy to $Apache_install_path/modules
5. add the following line in httpd.con
LoadModule fcgid_module modules/
Compile with apxs
If you know what apxs is, you can compile the module with this command:
apxs -c -o -Iarch/unix -I. fcgid_bridge.c fcgid_conf.c fcgid_pm_main.c fcgid_protocol.c fcgid_spawn_ctl.c mod_fcgid.c arch/unix/fcgid_proctbl_unix.c arch/unix/fcgid_pm_unix.c arch/unix/fcgid_proc_unix.c fcgid_bucket.c fcgid_filter.c
And you will the in .lib directory