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-*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Changes with mod_fcgid 2.3.1
*) Suppress "need AuthType to note auth failure" error-level messages when a
FastCGIAccessChecker fails without any other kind of authentication
(Basic, Digest) configured. [Eric Covener]
*) Complete the unix port to 2.3-dev trunk. [William Rowe]
*) Provide a default, mandatory environment as with mod_cgi (with the
inclusion of LD_LIBRARY_PATH or similar variables on other platforms),
unless overridden by DefaultInitEnv. [William Rowe]
*) Handle DefaultInitEnv for case-insensitive platforms by forcing the env
variable names to uppercase on Win32, OS2 and Netware. [William Rowe]
*) Don't try to set the ownership of the socket directory unless running
as root and the directory was just created. This allows the default
httpd.conf (with some daemon User/Group) to be used by non-root.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix formatting of several messages, including the oft-seen "mod_fcgid:
Can't create shared memory for size %zu byte". [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix declared names of FastCgiAuthenticator and FastCgiAuthenticator-
Authoritative directives, allowing them to be used. [Ulf Haueisen
*) Fix vhost-specific DefaultInitEnv settings. Previously, when setting
multiple virtual hosts with the same SuexecUserGroup user and group, the
process manager use the same process pool for both virtual hosts. This
means if one virtual host has a DefaultInitEnv and the other has
different values set, a fastcgi request from any of these virtual host
can go to the same processes, which is inconsistent (a request from
virtualhost a with DefaultInitEnv VAL "a", can go to a process spawned
with virtualhost b with DefaultInitEnv VAL "b" set). [Gabriel Barazer
Note: A log of changes released before moving to the ASF (releases 2.2 and
earlier) is in the file ChangeLog.