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Powered by HttpComponents
Powered by HttpComponents
* Apache Synapse
{{{}Apache Synapse}} uses HttpComponents
HttpCore to provide completely non-blocking HTTP support as an ESB and
XML Gateway. The Synapse development team has done a number of
performance tests including loading up more than 2000 concurrent clients,
resulting in 4000 concurrent HTTP connections in and out of Synapse -
all with a fixed small thread pool and no loss of data. Paul Fremantle,
chair of the Apache Synapse PMC said: "HttpCore is a key part of Apache
Synapse - and absolutely essential to our high-performance HTTP support.
The HttpComponents team have always been extremely helpful and the
quality of the code speaks for itself".
* jfireeagle
{{{} jfireeagle}} is a Java client library for Yahoo {{{} Fire Eagle}}
* jtrimet
{{{} jtrimet}} is a Java client library for {{{}TriMet's web service}}
* jpoco
{{{} jpoco}} is a Java client library for {{{} PortableContacts}}
* JClouds
{{{}JClouds}} provides concurrent apis to
popular cloud services. HttpCore NIO powers JClouds' server-grade
{{{}S3}} connector, allowing non-blocking uploads of
String, InputStream, File, and byte [] data without expensive conversions.
* AdroitLogic UltraESB
The {{{}AdroitLogic UltraESB}} uses HttpCore and HttpCore NIO
extensions, as well as the HttpClient, to build a high performance, feature rich, easy
to use and lightweight Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). UltraESB is the first ESB to offer Zero-Copy
proxying coupled with NIO, to offer extreme levels of
{{{} ESB performance}}. Apache HttpComponents is a key
component of the UltraESB and the {{{}AdroitLogic Integration Platform}} offering a container-based integration solution for
private, public and hybrid cloud deployments.
* Apache ManifoldCF
The {{{}Apache ManifoldCF}} project uses HttpCore
and HttpClient for many of its repository and output connectors. These are connectors
to repositories like Microsoft SharePoint and OpenText LiveLink, as well as output
connectors for Elastic Search and Open Search Server. ManifoldCF also uses HttpComponents
libraries for crawling the open web.
* ESIGate
{{{}ESIGate}} is a reverse-proxy that fully implements the
{{{}ESI Language Specification}} allowing to build a website
as a mashup of several websites, applications or tools like content management systems.
Thanks to HttpClient's caching system, ESIGate also acts as a powerfull web accelerator
and powers major websites. ESIGate can be deployed standalone or as a web application in
any java Servlet container.