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HttpAsyncClient Quick Start
HttpAsyncClient Quick Start
[[1]] Download 'Binary' package of the latest official release from the
{{{} project download page}}.
There should be 8 jars in total (components marked with (*) include additional features and
are optional):
* commons-logging-<x.x.x>.jar
* commons-codec-<x.x.x>.jar
* httpcore-<x.x.x>.jar
* httpcore-nio-<x.x.x>.jar
* httpclient-<x.x.x>.jar
* httpasyncclient-<x.x.x>.jar
* httpclient-cache-<x.x.x>.jar (*)
* httpasyncclient-cache-<x.x.x>.jar (*)
[[2]] Take a look at the {{{../httpcomponents-core-ga/tutorial/html/index.html}HttpCore
tutorial}} for introduction to fundamentals of asynchronous HTTP communication with
[[3]] Another good way of getting started with HttpClient is by seeing it in action. Take
a look at the samples shipped with the release package or available {{{./examples.html}online}}.