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Apache HCatalog Change Log
Release 0.1.0
HCAT-1. Upload initial code to HCatalog (gates)
HCAT-4. Get the build working for HCatalog. (gates)
HCAT-9. Get a beginning HCatalog website up. (gates)
HCAT-16. Add InputFormat/OutputFormat for handling exported tables/partitions.
(Krishna Kumar via macyang)
HCAT-78. Update notice.txt and headers and add Disclaimer.txt (hashutosh)
HCAT-54. Javadoc is not being built as part of HCatalog docs (hashutosh)
HCAT-44. Add a releaseaudit target to build.xml (gates)
HCAT-40. Remove dependencies from the HCatalog client jar (macyang)
HCAT-27. Start and stop scripts for the server (gates)
HCAT-21. Install documenation and script (gates)
HCAT-20. Create a package target (gates via hashutosh)
HCAT-29. Remove Yahoo copyright from documentation (Jakob Homan via hashutosh)
HCAT-30. Need changes.txt (Jakob Homan via hashutosh)
HCAT-19. Enable and add decorators for the export/import cli commands
for authorization and permission setting. (Krishna Kumar via macyang)
HCAT-18. Refactor TestRCFileInputStorageDriver. (Jakob Homan via hashutosh)
HCAT-35. HCatalog fails to compile with Pig 0.9 (hashutosh)
HCAT-55. HCatalog distribution missing a few required jars (gates)
HCAT-45. HCatalog release tar ball source code has problems (gates)
HCAT-41. Changes to in HCATALOG-20 broke the -e option (gates)
HCAT-7. Ivy fetch of CDH Hadoop versions does not work properly. (gates)
HCAT-6. Unit test TestPermsInheritance fails. (hashutosh)
HCAT-12. Get trunk to build. (hashutosh)
HCAT-17. Shouldn't be able to add an HCatFieldSchema with the same name as
existing field. (Jakob Homan via gates)
HCAT-28. Trunk test not compiling: Upstream Hive changes broke TestPermsGrp.
(Jakob Homan via hashutosh)
HCAT-15. Replace all occurrences of 'howl' with hcat/hcatalog.
(Jakob Homan via macyang)