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PostgreSQL documentation
<refentry id="SQL-COMMIT">
<refentrytitle id="SQL-COMMIT-TITLE">COMMIT</refentrytitle>
<refmiscinfo>SQL - Language Statements</refmiscinfo>
<refpurpose>commit the current transaction</refpurpose>
<indexterm zone="sql-commit">
<command>COMMIT</command> commits the current transaction. All
changes made by the transaction become visible to others
and are guaranteed to be durable if a crash occurs.
Optional key words. They have no effect.
Use <xref linkend="SQL-ROLLBACK" endterm="SQL-ROLLBACK-TITLE"> to
abort a transaction.
Issuing <command>COMMIT</> when not inside a transaction does
no harm, but it will provoke a warning message.
To commit the current transaction and make all changes permanent:
The SQL standard only specifies the two forms
<literal>COMMIT</literal> and <literal>COMMIT
WORK</literal>. Otherwise, this command is fully conforming.
<title>See Also</title>
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