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* spi.h
* Server Programming Interface public declarations
* Portions Copyright (c) 1996-2009, PostgreSQL Global Development Group
* Portions Copyright (c) 1994, Regents of the University of California
* $PostgreSQL: pgsql/src/include/executor/spi.h,v 1.72 2009/06/11 14:49:11 momjian Exp $
#ifndef SPI_H
#define SPI_H
* This file may be used by client modules that haven't already
* included postgres.h
#include "postgres.h"
* These are not needed by this file, but used by other programs
* using SPI
#include "access/heapam.h"
#include "access/xact.h"
#include "catalog/pg_language.h"
#include "catalog/pg_proc.h"
#include "catalog/pg_type.h"
#include "executor/executor.h"
#include "nodes/execnodes.h"
#include "nodes/params.h"
#include "nodes/plannodes.h"
#include "nodes/primnodes.h"
#include "nodes/relation.h"
#include "tcop/dest.h"
#include "tcop/pquery.h"
#include "tcop/tcopprot.h"
#include "tcop/utility.h"
#include "utils/builtins.h"
#include "utils/datum.h"
#include "utils/portal.h"
#include "utils/relcache.h"
#include "utils/syscache.h"
#include "executor/execdefs.h"
typedef struct SPITupleTable
MemoryContext tuptabcxt; /* memory context of result table */
uint32 alloced; /* # of alloced vals */
uint32 free; /* # of free vals */
TupleDesc tupdesc; /* tuple descriptor */
HeapTuple *vals; /* tuples */
} SPITupleTable;
/* Plans are opaque structs for standard users of SPI */
typedef struct _SPI_plan *SPIPlanPtr;
#define SPI_ERROR_CONNECT (-1)
#define SPI_ERROR_COPY (-2)
#define SPI_ERROR_CURSOR (-5) /* not used anymore */
#define SPI_ERROR_PARAM (-7)
#define SPI_OK_CONNECT 1
#define SPI_OK_FINISH 2
#define SPI_OK_FETCH 3
#define SPI_OK_UTILITY 4
#define SPI_OK_SELECT 5
#define SPI_OK_SELINTO 6
#define SPI_OK_INSERT 7
#define SPI_OK_DELETE 8
#define SPI_OK_UPDATE 9
#define SPI_OK_CURSOR 10
extern PGDLLIMPORT uint32 SPI_processed;
extern PGDLLIMPORT uint64 SPI_processed64;
extern PGDLLIMPORT Oid SPI_lastoid;
extern PGDLLIMPORT SPITupleTable *SPI_tuptable;
extern PGDLLIMPORT int SPI_result;
extern int SPI_connect(void);
extern int SPI_finish(void);
extern void SPI_push(void);
extern void SPI_pop(void);
extern bool SPI_push_conditional(void);
extern void SPI_pop_conditional(bool pushed);
extern void SPI_restore_connection(void);
extern int SPI_execute(const char *src, bool read_only, long tcount);
extern int SPI_execute_plan(SPIPlanPtr plan, Datum *Values, const char *Nulls,
bool read_only, long tcount);
extern int SPI_exec(const char *src, long tcount);
extern int SPI_execp(SPIPlanPtr plan, Datum *Values, const char *Nulls,
long tcount);
extern int SPI_execute_snapshot(SPIPlanPtr plan,
Datum *Values, const char *Nulls,
Snapshot snapshot,
Snapshot crosscheck_snapshot,
bool read_only, bool fire_triggers, long tcount);
extern SPIPlanPtr SPI_prepare(const char *src, int nargs, Oid *argtypes);
extern SPIPlanPtr SPI_saveplan(SPIPlanPtr plan);
extern int SPI_freeplan(SPIPlanPtr plan);
extern void Explain_udf_plan(QueryDesc *qdesc);
extern Oid SPI_getargtypeid(SPIPlanPtr plan, int argIndex);
extern int SPI_getargcount(SPIPlanPtr plan);
extern bool SPI_is_cursor_plan(SPIPlanPtr plan);
extern const char *SPI_result_code_string(int code);
extern HeapTuple SPI_copytuple(HeapTuple tuple);
extern HeapTupleHeader SPI_returntuple(HeapTuple tuple, TupleDesc tupdesc);
extern HeapTuple SPI_modifytuple(Relation rel, HeapTuple tuple, int natts,
int *attnum, Datum *Values, const char *Nulls);
extern int SPI_fnumber(TupleDesc tupdesc, const char *fname);
extern char *SPI_fname(TupleDesc tupdesc, int fnumber);
extern char *SPI_getvalue(HeapTuple tuple, TupleDesc tupdesc, int fnumber);
extern Datum SPI_getbinval(HeapTuple tuple, TupleDesc tupdesc, int fnumber, bool *isnull);
extern char *SPI_gettype(TupleDesc tupdesc, int fnumber);
extern Oid SPI_gettypeid(TupleDesc tupdesc, int fnumber);
extern char *SPI_getrelname(Relation rel);
extern char *SPI_getnspname(Relation rel);
extern void *SPI_palloc(Size size);
extern void *SPI_repalloc(void *pointer, Size size);
extern void SPI_pfree(void *pointer);
extern void SPI_freetuple(HeapTuple pointer);
extern void SPI_freetuptable(SPITupleTable *tuptable);
extern Portal SPI_cursor_open(const char *name, SPIPlanPtr plan,
Datum *Values, const char *Nulls, bool read_only);
extern Portal SPI_cursor_find(const char *name);
extern void SPI_cursor_fetch(Portal portal, bool forward, long count);
extern void SPI_cursor_move(Portal portal, bool forward, long count);
extern void SPI_cursor_close(Portal portal);
extern void AtEOXact_SPI(bool isCommit);
extern void AtEOSubXact_SPI(bool isCommit, SubTransactionId mySubid);
extern bool SPI_context(void);
* Memory reservation related routines.
extern void SPI_InitMemoryReservation(void);
extern uint64 SPI_GetMemoryReservation(void);
extern void SPI_ReserveMemory(uint64 mem_reserved);
extern bool SPI_IsMemoryReserved(void);
* Query resource related routines.
extern bool SPI_IsInPrepare(void);
extern void SPI_IncreasePrepareCounter(void);
extern void SPI_DecreasePrepareCounter(void);
#endif /* SPI_H */