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Hadoop Change Log
Release 0.17.1 - 2008-06-23
HADOOP-3565. Fix the Java serialization, which is not enabled by
default, to clear the state of the serializer between objects.
(tomwhite via omalley)
HADOOP-3522. Improve documentation on reduce pointing out that
input keys and values will be reused. (omalley)
HADOOP-2159 Namenode stuck in safemode. The counter blockSafe should
not be decremented for invalid blocks. (hairong)
HADOOP-3472 MapFile.Reader getClosest() function returns incorrect results
when before is true (Todd Lipcon via Stack)
HADOOP-3442. Limit recursion depth on the stack for QuickSort to prevent
StackOverflowErrors. To avoid O(n*n) cases, when partitioning depth exceeds
a multiple of log(n), change to HeapSort. (cdouglas)
HADOOP-3477. Fix build to not package contrib/*/bin twice in
distributions. (Adam Heath via cutting)
HADOOP-3475. Fix MapTask to correctly size the accounting allocation of
io.sort.mb. (cdouglas)
HADOOP-3550. Fix the serialization data structures in MapTask where the
value lengths are incorrectly calculated. (cdouglas)
HADOOP-3526. Fix contrib/data_join framework by cloning values retained
in the reduce. (Spyros Blanas via cdouglas)
HADOOP-1979. Speed up fsck by adding a buffered stream. (Lohit
Vijaya Renu via omalley)
Release 0.17.0 - 2008-05-18
HADOOP-2786. Move hbase out of hadoop core
HADOOP-2345. New HDFS transactions to support appending
to files. Disk layout version changed from -11 to -12. (dhruba)
HADOOP-2192. Error messages from "dfs mv" command improved.
(Mahadev Konar via dhruba)
HADOOP-1902. "dfs du" command without any arguments operates on the
current working directory. (Mahadev Konar via dhruba)
HADOOP-2873. Fixed bad disk format introduced by HADOOP-2345.
Disk layout version changed from -12 to -13. See changelist 630992
HADOOP-1985. This addresses rack-awareness for Map tasks and for
HDFS in a uniform way. (ddas)
HADOOP-1986. Add support for a general serialization mechanism for
Map Reduce. (tomwhite)
HADOOP-771. FileSystem.delete() takes an explicit parameter that
specifies whether a recursive delete is intended.
(Mahadev Konar via dhruba)
HADOOP-2470. Remove getContentLength(String), open(String, long, long)
and isDir(String) from ClientProtocol. ClientProtocol version changed
from 26 to 27. (Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via cdouglas)
HADOOP-2822. Remove deprecated code for classes InputFormatBase and
PhasedFileSystem. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via enis)
HADOOP-2116. Changes the layout of the task execution directory.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-2828. The following deprecated methods in
have been removed
getObject(String name)
setObject(String name, Object value)
get(String name, Object defaultValue)
set(String name, Object value)
Iterator entries()
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-2824. Removes one deprecated constructor from MiniMRCluster.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-2823. Removes deprecated methods getColumn(), getLine() from
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-3060. Removes one unused constructor argument from MiniMRCluster.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-2854. Remove deprecated o.a.h.ipc.Server::getUserInfo().
(lohit vijayarenu via cdouglas)
HADOOP-2563. Remove deprecated FileSystem::listPaths.
(lohit vijayarenu via cdouglas)
HADOOP-2818. Remove deprecated methods in Counters.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via tomwhite)
HADOOP-2831. Remove deprecated o.a.h.dfs.INode::getAbsoluteName()
(lohit vijayarenu via cdouglas)
HADOOP-2839. Remove deprecated FileSystem::globPaths.
(lohit vijayarenu via cdouglas)
HADOOP-2634. Deprecate ClientProtocol::exists.
(lohit vijayarenu via cdouglas)
HADOOP-2410. Make EC2 cluster nodes more independent of each other.
Multiple concurrent EC2 clusters are now supported, and nodes may be
added to a cluster on the fly with new nodes starting in the same EC2
availability zone as the cluster. Ganglia monitoring and large
instance sizes have also been added. (Chris K Wensel via tomwhite)
HADOOP-2826. Deprecated FileSplit.getFile(), LineRecordReader.readLine().
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-3239. getFileInfo() returns null for non-existing files instead
of throwing FileNotFoundException. (Lohit Vijayarenu via shv)
HADOOP-3266. Removed HOD changes from CHANGES.txt, as they are now inside
src/contrib/hod (Hemanth Yamijala via ddas)
HADOOP-3280. Separate the configuration of the virtual memory size
(mapred.child.ulimit) from the jvm heap size, so that 64 bit
streaming applications are supported even when running with 32 bit
jvms. (acmurthy via omalley)
HADOOP-1398. Add HBase in-memory block cache. (tomwhite)
HADOOP-2178. Job History on DFS. (Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-2063. A new parameter to dfs -get command to fetch a file
even if it is corrupted. (Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via dhruba)
HADOOP-2219. A new command "df -count" that counts the number of
files and directories. (Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via dhruba)
HADOOP-2906. Add an OutputFormat capable of using keys, values, and
config params to map records to different output files.
(Runping Qi via cdouglas)
HADOOP-2346. Utilities to support timeout while writing to sockets.
DFSClient and DataNode sockets have 10min write timeout. (rangadi)
HADOOP-2951. Add a contrib module that provides a utility to
build or update Lucene indexes using Map/Reduce. (Ning Li via cutting)
HADOOP-1622. Allow multiple jar files for map reduce.
(Mahadev Konar via dhruba)
HADOOP-2055. Allows users to set PathFilter on the FileInputFormat.
(Alejandro Abdelnur via ddas)
HADOOP-2551. More environment variables like HADOOP_NAMENODE_OPTS
for better control of HADOOP_OPTS for each component. (rangadi)
HADOOP-3001. Add job counters that measure the number of bytes
read and written to HDFS, S3, KFS, and local file systems. (omalley)
HADOOP-3048. A new Interface and a default implementation to convert
and restore serializations of objects to/from strings. (enis)
HADOOP-2655. Copy on write for data and metadata files in the
presence of snapshots. Needed for supporting appends to HDFS
files. (dhruba)
HADOOP-1967. When a Path specifies the same scheme as the default
FileSystem but no authority, the default FileSystem's authority is
used. Also add warnings for old-format FileSystem names, accessor
methods for, and check for null authority in HDFS.
HADOOP-2895. Let the profiling string be configurable.
(Martin Traverso via cdouglas)
HADOOP-910. Enables Reduces to do merges for the on-disk map output files
in parallel with their copying. (Amar Kamat via ddas)
HADOOP-730. Use rename rather than copy for local renames. (cdouglas)
HADOOP-2810. Updated the Hadoop Core logo. (nigel)
HADOOP-2057. Streaming should optionally treat a non-zero exit status
of a child process as a failed task. (Rick Cox via tomwhite)
HADOOP-2765. Enables specifying ulimits for streaming/pipes tasks (ddas)
HADOOP-2888. Make gridmix scripts more readily configurable and amenable
to automated execution. (Mukund Madhugiri via cdouglas)
HADOOP-2908. A document that describes the DFS Shell command.
(Mahadev Konar via dhruba)
HADOOP-2981. Update README.txt to reflect the upcoming use of
cryptography. (omalley)
HADOOP-2804. Add support to publish CHANGES.txt as HTML when running
the Ant 'docs' target. (nigel)
HADOOP-2559. Change DFS block placement to allocate the first replica
locally, the second off-rack, and the third intra-rack from the
second. (lohit vijayarenu via cdouglas)
HADOOP-2939. Make the automated patch testing process an executable
Ant target, test-patch. (nigel)
HADOOP-2239. Add HsftpFileSystem to permit transferring files over ssl.
HADOOP-2886. Track individual RPC metrics.
(girish vaitheeswaran via dhruba)
HADOOP-2373. Improvement in safe-mode reporting. (shv)
HADOOP-3091. Modify FsShell command -put to accept multiple sources.
(Lohit Vijaya Renu via cdouglas)
HADOOP-3092. Show counter values from job -status command.
(Tom White via ddas)
HADOOP-1228. Ant task to generate Eclipse project files. (tomwhite)
HADOOP-3093. Adds Configuration.getStrings(name, default-value) and
the corresponding setStrings. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-3106. Adds documentation in forrest for debugging.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-3099. Add an option to distcp to preserve user, group, and
permission information. (Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via cdouglas)
HADOOP-2841. Unwrap AccessControlException and FileNotFoundException
from RemoteException for DFSClient. (shv)
HADOOP-3152. Make index interval configuable when using
MapFileOutputFormat for map-reduce job. (Rong-En Fan via cutting)
HADOOP-3143. Decrease number of slaves from 4 to 3 in TestMiniMRDFSSort,
as Hudson generates false negatives under the current load.
(Nigel Daley via cdouglas)
HADOOP-3174. Illustrative example for MultipleFileInputFormat. (Enis
Soztutar via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2993. Clarify the usage of JAVA_HOME in the Quick Start guide.
(acmurthy via nigel)
HADOOP-3124. Make DataNode socket write timeout configurable. (rangadi)
HADOOP-2790. Fixed inefficient method hasSpeculativeTask by removing
repetitive calls to get the current time and late checking to see if
we want speculation on at all. (omalley)
HADOOP-2758. Reduce buffer copies in DataNode when data is read from
HDFS, without negatively affecting read throughput. (rangadi)
HADOOP-2399. Input key and value to combiner and reducer is reused.
(Owen O'Malley via ddas).
HADOOP-2423. Code optimization in FSNamesystem.mkdirs.
(Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via dhruba)
HADOOP-2606. ReplicationMonitor selects data-nodes to replicate directly
from needed replication blocks instead of looking up for the blocks for
each live data-node. (shv)
HADOOP-2148. Eliminate redundant data-node blockMap lookups. (shv)
HADOOP-2027. Return the number of bytes in each block in a file
via a single rpc to the namenode to speed up job planning.
(Lohit Vijaya Renu via omalley)
HADOOP-2902. Replace uses of "" with calls to the
accessor methods added in HADOOP-1967. (cutting)
HADOOP-2119. Optimize scheduling of jobs with large numbers of
tasks by replacing static arrays with lists of runnable tasks.
(Amar Kamat via omalley)
HADOOP-2919. Reduce the number of memory copies done during the
map output sorting. Also adds two config variables:
io.sort.spill.percent - the percentages of io.sort.mb that should
cause a spill (default 80%)
io.sort.record.percent - the percent of io.sort.mb that should
hold key/value indexes (default 5%)
(cdouglas via omalley)
HADOOP-3140. Doesn't add a task in the commit queue if the task hadn't
generated any output. (Amar Kamat via ddas)
HADOOP-3168. Reduce the amount of logging in streaming to an
exponentially increasing number of records (up to 10,000
records/log). (Zheng Shao via omalley)
HADOOP-2195. '-mkdir' behaviour is now closer to Linux shell in case of
errors. (Mahadev Konar via rangadi)
HADOOP-2190. bring behaviour '-ls' and '-du' closer to Linux shell
commands in case of errors. (Mahadev Konar via rangadi)
HADOOP-2193. 'fs -rm' and 'fs -rmr' show error message when the target
file does not exist. (Mahadev Konar via rangadi)
HADOOP-2738 Text is not subclassable because set(Text) and compareTo(Object)
access the other instance's private members directly. (jimk)
HADOOP-2779. Remove the references to HBase in the build.xml. (omalley)
HADOOP-2194. dfs cat on a non-existent file throws FileNotFoundException.
(Mahadev Konar via dhruba)
HADOOP-2767. Fix for NetworkTopology erroneously skipping the last leaf
node on a rack. (Hairong Kuang and Mark Butler via dhruba)
HADOOP-1593. FsShell works with paths in non-default FileSystem.
(Mahadev Konar via dhruba)
HADOOP-2191. du and dus command on non-existent directory gives
appropriate error message. (Mahadev Konar via dhruba)
HADOOP-2832. Remove tabs from code of DFSClient for better
indentation. (dhruba)
HADOOP-2844. distcp closes file handles for sequence files.
(Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via dhruba)
HADOOP-2727. Fix links in Web UI of the hadoop daemons and some docs
(Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-2871. Fixes a problem to do with file: URI in the JobHistory init.
(Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-2800. Deprecate SetFile.Writer constructor not the whole class.
(Johan Oskarsson via tomwhite)
HADOOP-2891. DFSClient.close() closes all open files. (dhruba)
HADOOP-2845. Fix dfsadmin disk utilization report on Solaris.
(Martin Traverso via tomwhite)
HADOOP-2912. MiniDFSCluster restart should wait for namenode to exit
safemode. This was causing TestFsck to fail. (Mahadev Konar via dhruba)
HADOOP-2820. The following classes in streaming are removed :
StreamLineRecordReader StreamOutputFormat StreamSequenceRecordReader.
(Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-2819. The following methods in JobConf are removed:
getInputKeyClass() setInputKeyClass getInputValueClass()
setInputValueClass(Class theClass) setSpeculativeExecution
getSpeculativeExecution() (Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-2817. Removes deprecated mapred.tasktracker.tasks.maximum and
ClusterStatus.getMaxTasks(). (Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-2821. Removes deprecated ShellUtil and ToolBase classes from
the util package. (Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-2934. The namenode was encountreing a NPE while loading
leases from the fsimage. Fixed. (dhruba)
HADOOP-2938. Some fs commands did not glob paths.
(Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via rangadi)
HADOOP-2943. Compression of intermediate map output causes failures
in the merge. (cdouglas)
HADOOP-2870. DataNode and NameNode closes all connections while
shutting down. (Hairong Kuang via dhruba)
HADOOP-2973. Fix TestLocalDFS for Windows platform.
(Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via dhruba)
HADOOP-2971. select multiple times if it returns early in
SocketIOWithTimeout. (rangadi)
HADOOP-2955. Fix TestCrcCorruption test failures caused by HADOOP-2758
HADOOP-2657. A flush call on the DFSOutputStream flushes the last
partial CRC chunk too. (dhruba)
HADOOP-2974. IPC unit tests used "" to connect to server, which
is not always supported. (rangadi)
HADOOP-2996. Fixes uses of StringBuffer in StreamUtils class.
(Dave Brosius via ddas)
HADOOP-2995. Fixes StreamBaseRecordReader's getProgress to return a
floating point number. (Dave Brosius via ddas)
HADOOP-2972. Fix for a NPE in FSDataset.invalidate.
(Mahadev Konar via dhruba)
HADOOP-2994. Code cleanup for DFSClient: remove redundant
conversions from string to string. (Dave Brosius via dhruba)
HADOOP-3009. TestFileCreation sometimes fails because restarting
minidfscluster sometimes creates datanodes with ports that are
different from their original instance. (dhruba)
HADOOP-2992. Distributed Upgrade framework works correctly with
more than one upgrade object. (Konstantin Shvachko via dhruba)
HADOOP-2679. Fix a typo in libhdfs. (Jason via dhruba)
HADOOP-2976. When a lease expires, the Namenode ensures that
blocks of the file are adequately replicated. (dhruba)
HADOOP-2901. Fixes the creation of info servers in the JobClient
and JobTracker. Removes the creation from JobClient and removes
additional info server from the JobTracker. Also adds the command
line utility to view the history files (HADOOP-2896), and fixes
bugs in JSPs to do with analysis - HADOOP-2742, HADOOP-2792.
(Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-2890. If different datanodes report the same block but
with different sizes to the namenode, the namenode picks the
replica(s) with the largest size as the only valid replica(s). (dhruba)
HADOOP-2825. Deprecated MapOutputLocation.getFile() is removed.
(Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-2806. Fixes a streaming document.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-3008. SocketIOWithTimeout throws InterruptedIOException if the
thread is interrupted while it is waiting. (rangadi)
HADOOP-3006. Fix wrong packet size reported by DataNode when a block
is being replicated. (rangadi)
HADOOP-3029. Datanode prints log message "firstbadlink" only if
it detects a bad connection to another datanode in the pipeline. (dhruba)
HADOOP-3030. Release reserved space for file in InMemoryFileSystem if
checksum reservation fails. (Devaraj Das via cdouglas)
HADOOP-3036. Fix findbugs warnings in UpgradeUtilities. (Konstantin
Shvachko via cdouglas)
HADOOP-3025. ChecksumFileSystem supports the delete method with
the recursive flag. (Mahadev Konar via dhruba)
HADOOP-3012. dfs -mv file to user home directory throws exception if
the user home directory does not exist. (Mahadev Konar via dhruba)
HADOOP-3066. Should not require superuser privilege to query if hdfs is in
safe mode (jimk)
HADOOP-3040. If the input line starts with the separator char, the key
is set as empty. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-3080. Removes flush calls from JobHistory.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-3086. Adds the testcase missed during commit of hadoop-3040.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-3046. Fix the raw comparators for Text and BytesWritables
to use the provided length rather than recompute it. (omalley)
HADOOP-3094. Fix BytesWritable.toString to avoid extending the sign bit
(Owen O'Malley via cdouglas)
HADOOP-3067. DFSInputStream's position read does not close the sockets.
HADOOP-3073. close() on SocketInputStream or SocketOutputStream should
close the underlying channel. (rangadi)
HADOOP-3087. Fixes a problem to do with refreshing of loadHistory.jsp.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-3065. Better logging message if the rack location of a datanode
cannot be determined. (Devaraj Das via dhruba)
HADOOP-3064. Commas in a file path should not be treated as delimiters.
(Hairong Kuang via shv)
HADOOP-2997. Adds test for non-writable serialier. Also fixes a problem
introduced by HADOOP-2399. (Tom White via ddas)
HADOOP-3114. Fix TestDFSShell on Windows. (Lohit Vijaya Renu via cdouglas)
HADOOP-3118. Fix Namenode NPE while loading fsimage after a cluster
upgrade from older disk format. (dhruba)
HADOOP-3161. Fix FIleUtil.HardLink.getLinkCount on Mac OS. (nigel
via omalley)
HADOOP-2927. Fix TestDU to acurately calculate the expected file size.
(shv via nigel)
HADOOP-3123. Fix the native library build scripts to work on Solaris.
(tomwhite via omalley)
HADOOP-3089. Streaming should accept stderr from task before
first key arrives. (Rick Cox via tomwhite)
HADOOP-3146. A DFSOutputStream.flush method is renamed as
DFSOutputStream.fsync. (dhruba)
HADOOP-3165. -put/-copyFromLocal did not treat input file "-" as stdin.
(Lohit Vijayarenu via rangadi)
HADOOP-3041. Deprecate JobConf.setOutputPath and JobConf.getOutputPath.
Deprecate OutputFormatBase. Add FileOutputFormat. Existing output formats
extending OutputFormatBase, now extend FileOutputFormat. Add the following
APIs in FileOutputFormat: setOutputPath, getOutputPath, getWorkOutputPath.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via nigel)
HADOOP-3083. The fsimage does not store leases. This would have to be
reworked in the next release to support appends. (dhruba)
HADOOP-3166. Fix an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in the spill thread
and make exception handling more promiscuous to catch this condition.
HADOOP-3050. DataNode sends one and only one block report after
it registers with the namenode. (Hairong Kuang)
HADOOP-3044. NNBench sets the right configuration for the mapper.
(Hairong Kuang)
HADOOP-3178. Fix GridMix scripts for small and medium jobs
to handle input paths differently. (Mukund Madhugiri via nigel)
HADOOP-1911. Fix an infinite loop in DFSClient when all replicas of a
block are bad (cdouglas)
HADOOP-3157. Fix path handling in DistributedCache and TestMiniMRLocalFS.
(Doug Cutting via rangadi)
HADOOP-3018. Fix the eclipse plug-in contrib wrt removed deprecated
methods (taton)
HADOOP-3183. Fix TestJobShell to use 'ls' instead of
since cygwin symlinks are unsupported.
(Mahadev konar via cdouglas)
HADOOP-3175. Fix FsShell.CommandFormat to handle "-" in arguments.
(Edward J. Yoon via rangadi)
HADOOP-3220. Safemode message corrected. (shv)
HADOOP-3208. Fix WritableDeserializer to set the Configuration on
deserialized Writables. (Enis Soztutar via cdouglas)
HADOOP-3224. 'dfs -du /dir' does not return correct size.
(Lohit Vjayarenu via rangadi)
HADOOP-3223. Fix typo in help message for -chmod. (rangadi)
HADOOP-1373. checkPath() should ignore case when it compares authoriy.
(Edward J. Yoon via rangadi)
HADOOP-3204. Fixes a problem to do with ReduceTask's LocalFSMerger not
catching Throwable. (Amar Ramesh Kamat via ddas)
HADOOP-3229. Report progress when collecting records from the mapper and
the combiner. (Doug Cutting via cdouglas)
HADOOP-3225. Unwrapping methods of RemoteException should initialize
detailedMassage field. (Mahadev Konar, shv, cdouglas)
HADOOP-3247. Fix gridmix scripts to use the correct globbing syntax and
change maxentToSameCluster to run the correct number of jobs.
(Runping Qi via cdouglas)
HADOOP-3242. Fix the RecordReader of SequenceFileAsBinaryInputFormat to
correctly read from the start of the split and not the beginning of the
file. (cdouglas via acmurthy)
HADOOP-3256. Encodes the job name used in the filename for history files.
(Arun Murthy via ddas)
HADOOP-3162. Ensure that comma-separated input paths are treated correctly
as multiple input paths. (Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via acmurthy)
HADOOP-3263. Ensure that the job-history log file always follows the
pattern of hostname_timestamp_jobid_username_jobname even if username
and/or jobname are not specfied. This helps to avoid wrong assumptions
made about the job-history log filename in jobhistory.jsp. (acmurthy)
HADOOP-3251. Fixes getFilesystemName in JobTracker and LocalJobRunner to
use FileSystem.getUri instead of FileSystem.getName. (Arun Murthy via ddas)
HADOOP-3237. Fixes TestDFSShell.testErrOutPut on Windows platform.
(Mahadev Konar via dhruba)
HADOOP-3279. TaskTracker checks for SUCCEEDED task status in addition to
COMMIT_PENDING status when it fails maps due to lost map.
(Devaraj Das)
HADOOP-3286. Prevent collisions in gridmix output dirs by increasing the
granularity of the timestamp. (Runping Qi via cdouglas)
HADOOP-3285. Fix input split locality when the splits align to
fs blocks. (omalley)
HADOOP-3372. Fix heap management in streaming tests. (Arun Murthy via
HADOOP-3031. Fix javac warnings in test classes. (cdouglas)
HADOOP-3382. Fix memory leak when files are not cleanly closed (rangadi)
HADOOP-3322. Fix to push MetricsRecord for rpc metrics. (Eric Yang via
Release 0.16.4 - 2008-05-05
HADOOP-3138. DFS mkdirs() should not throw an exception if the directory
already exists. (rangadi via mukund)
HADOOP-3294. Fix distcp to check the destination length and retry the copy
if it doesn't match the src length. (Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via mukund)
HADOOP-3186. Fix incorrect permission checkding for mv and renameTo
in HDFS. (Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via mukund)
Release 0.16.3 - 2008-04-16
HADOOP-3010. Fix ConcurrentModificationException in ipc.Server.Responder.
HADOOP-3154. Catch all Throwables from the SpillThread in MapTask, rather
than IOExceptions only. (ddas via cdouglas)
HADOOP-3159. Avoid file system cache being overwritten whenever
configuration is modified. (Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via hairong)
HADOOP-3139. Remove the consistency check for the FileSystem cache in
closeAll() that causes spurious warnings and a deadlock.
(Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via cdouglas)
HADOOP-3195. Fix TestFileSystem to be deterministic.
(Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via cdouglas)
HADOOP-3069. Primary name-node should not truncate image when transferring
it from the secondary. (shv)
HADOOP-3182. Change permissions of the job-submission directory to 777
from 733 to ensure sharing of HOD clusters works correctly. (Tsz Wo
(Nicholas), Sze and Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via acmurthy)
Release 0.16.2 - 2008-04-02
HADOOP-3011. Prohibit distcp from overwriting directories on the
destination filesystem with files. (cdouglas)
HADOOP-3033. The BlockReceiver thread in the datanode writes data to
the block file, changes file position (if needed) and flushes all by
itself. The PacketResponder thread does not flush block file. (dhruba)
HADOOP-2978. Fixes the JobHistory log format for counters.
(Runping Qi via ddas)
HADOOP-2985. Fixes LocalJobRunner to tolerate null job output path.
Also makes the _temporary a constant in
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-3003. FileSystem cache key is updated after a
FileSystem object is created. (Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via dhruba)
HADOOP-3042. Updates the Javadoc in JobConf.getOutputPath to reflect
the actual temporary path. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-3007. Tolerate mirror failures while DataNode is replicating
blocks as it used to before. (rangadi)
HADOOP-2944. Fixes a "Run on Hadoop" wizard NPE when creating a
Location from the wizard. (taton)
HADOOP-3049. Fixes a problem in MultiThreadedMapRunner to do with
catching RuntimeExceptions. (Alejandro Abdelnur via ddas)
HADOOP-3039. Fixes a problem to do with exceptions in tasks not
killing jobs. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-3027. Fixes a problem to do with adding a shutdown hook in
FileSystem. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-3056. Fix distcp when the target is an empty directory by
making sure the directory is created first. (cdouglas and acmurthy
via omalley)
HADOOP-3070. Protect the trash emptier thread from null pointer
exceptions. (Koji Noguchi via omalley)
HADOOP-3084. Fix HftpFileSystem to work for zero-lenghth files.
HADOOP-3107. Fix NPE when fsck invokes getListings. (dhruba)
HADOOP-3104. Limit MultithreadedMapRunner to have a fixed length queue
between the RecordReader and the map threads. (Alejandro Abdelnur via
HADOOP-2833. Do not use "Dr. Who" as the default user in JobClient.
A valid user name is required. (Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via rangadi)
HADOOP-3128. Throw RemoteException in setPermissions and setOwner of
DistributedFileSystem. (shv via nigel)
Release 0.16.1 - 2008-03-13
HADOOP-2869. Deprecate SequenceFile.setCompressionType in favor of
SequenceFile.createWriter, SequenceFileOutputFormat.setCompressionType,
and JobConf.setMapOutputCompressionType. (Arun C Murthy via cdouglas)
Configuration changes to hadoop-default.xml:
deprecated io.seqfile.compression.type
HADOOP-2371. User guide for file permissions in HDFS.
(Robert Chansler via rangadi)
HADOOP-3098. Allow more characters in user and group names while
using -chown and -chgrp commands. (rangadi)
HADOOP-2789. Race condition in IPC Server Responder that could close
connections early. (Raghu Angadi)
HADOOP-2785. minor. Fix a typo in Datanode block verification
(Raghu Angadi)
HADOOP-2788. minor. Fix help message for chgrp shell command (Raghu Angadi).
HADOOP-1188. fstime file is updated when a storage directory containing
namespace image becomes inaccessible. (shv)
HADOOP-2787. An application can set a configuration variable named
dfs.umask to set the umask that is used by DFS.
(Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via dhruba)
HADOOP-2780. The default socket buffer size for DataNodes is 128K.
HADOOP-2716. Superuser privileges for the Balancer.
(Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via shv)
HADOOP-2754. Filter out .crc files from local file system listing.
(Hairong Kuang via shv)
HADOOP-2733. Fix compiler warnings in test code.
(Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via cdouglas)
HADOOP-2725. Modify distcp to avoid leaving partially copied files at
the destination after encountering an error. (Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE
via cdouglas)
HADOOP-2391. Cleanup job output directory before declaring a job as
SUCCESSFUL. (Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-2808. Minor fix to FileUtil::copy to mind the overwrite
formal. (cdouglas)
HADOOP-2683. Moving UGI out of the RPC Server.
(Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via shv)
HADOOP-2814. Fix for NPE in datanode in unit test TestDataTransferProtocol.
(Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
HADOOP-2811. Dump of counters in job history does not add comma between
groups. (runping via omalley)
HADOOP-2735. Enables setting TMPDIR for tasks.
(Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-2843. Fix protections on map-side join classes to enable derivation.
(cdouglas via omalley)
HADOOP-2840. Fix gridmix scripts to correctly invoke the java sort through
the proper jar. (Mukund Madhugiri via cdouglas)
HADOOP-2769. TestNNThroughputBnechmark should not use a fixed port for
the namenode http port. (omalley)
HADOOP-2852. Update gridmix benchmark to avoid an artifically long tail.
HADOOP-2894. Fix a problem to do with tasktrackers failing to connect to
JobTracker upon reinitialization. (Owen O'Malley via ddas).
HADOOP-2903. Fix exception generated by Metrics while using pushMetric().
(girish vaitheeswaran via dhruba)
HADOOP-2904. Fix to RPC metrics to log the correct host name.
(girish vaitheeswaran via dhruba)
HADOOP-2918. Improve error logging so that dfs writes failure with
"No lease on file" can be diagnosed. (dhruba)
HADOOP-2923. Add SequenceFileAsBinaryInputFormat, which was
missed in the commit for HADOOP-2603. (cdouglas via omalley)
HADOOP-2931. IOException thrown by DFSOutputStream had wrong stack
trace in some cases. (Michael Bieniosek via rangadi)
HADOOP-2883. Write failures and data corruptions on HDFS files.
The write timeout is back to what it was on 0.15 release. Also, the
datnodes flushes the block file buffered output stream before
sending a positive ack for the packet back to the client. (dhruba)
HADOOP-2756. NPE in DFSClient while closing DFSOutputStreams
under load. (rangadi)
HADOOP-2958. Fixed FileBench which broke due to HADOOP-2391 which performs
a check for existence of the output directory and a trivial bug in
GenericMRLoadGenerator where min/max word lenghts were identical since
they were looking at the same config variables (Chris Douglas via
HADOOP-2915. Fixed FileSystem.CACHE so that a username is included
in the cache key. (Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via nigel)
HADOOP-2813. TestDU unit test uses its own directory to run its
sequence of tests. (Mahadev Konar via dhruba)
Release 0.16.0 - 2008-02-07
HADOOP-1245. Use the mapred.tasktracker.tasks.maximum value
configured on each tasktracker when allocating tasks, instead of
the value configured on the jobtracker. InterTrackerProtocol
version changed from 5 to 6. (Michael Bieniosek via omalley)
HADOOP-1843. Removed code from Configuration and JobConf deprecated by
HADOOP-785 and a minor fix to Configuration.toString. Specifically the
important change is that mapred-default.xml is no longer supported and
Configuration no longer supports the notion of default/final resources.
HADOOP-1302. Remove deprecated abacus code from the contrib directory.
This also fixes a configuration bug in AggregateWordCount, so that the
job now works. (enis)
HADOOP-2288. Enhance FileSystem API to support access control.
(Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via dhruba)
HADOOP-2184. RPC Support for user permissions and authentication.
(Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
HADOOP-2185. RPC Server uses any available port if the specified
port is zero. Otherwise it uses the specified port. Also combines
the configuration attributes for the servers' bind address and
port from "x.x.x.x" and "y" to "x.x.x.x:y".
Deprecated configuration variables:
New configuration variables (post HADOOP-2404):
(Konstantin Shvachko via dhruba)
HADOOP-2401. Only the current leaseholder can abandon a block for
a HDFS file. ClientProtocol version changed from 20 to 21.
(Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via dhruba)
HADOOP-2381. Support permission information in FileStatus. Client
Protocol version changed from 21 to 22. (Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
HADOOP-2110. Block report processing creates fewer transient objects.
Datanode Protocol version changed from 10 to 11.
(Sanjay Radia via dhruba)
HADOOP-2567. Add FileSystem#getHomeDirectory(), which returns the
user's home directory in a FileSystem as a fully-qualified path.
FileSystem#getWorkingDirectory() is also changed to return a
fully-qualified path, which can break applications that attempt
to, e.g., pass LocalFileSystem#getWorkingDir().toString() directly
to methods that accept file names. (cutting)
HADOOP-2514. Change trash feature to maintain a per-user trash
directory, named ".Trash" in the user's home directory. The
"fs.trash.root" parameter is no longer used. Full source paths
are also no longer reproduced within the trash.
HADOOP-2012. Periodic data verification on Datanodes.
(Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
HADOOP-1707. The DFSClient does not use a local disk file to cache
writes to a HDFS file. Changed Data Transfer Version from 7 to 8.
HADOOP-2652. Fix permission issues for HftpFileSystem. This is an
incompatible change since distcp may not be able to copy files
from cluster A (compiled with this patch) to cluster B (compiled
with previous versions). (Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via dhruba)
HADOOP-1857. Ability to run a script when a task fails to capture stack
traces. (Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-2299. Defination of a login interface. A simple implementation for
Unix users and groups. (Hairong Kuang via dhruba)
HADOOP-1652. A utility to balance data among datanodes in a HDFS cluster.
(Hairong Kuang via dhruba)
HADOOP-2085. A library to support map-side joins of consistently
partitioned and sorted data sets. (Chris Douglas via omalley)
HADOOP-2336. Shell commands to modify file permissions. (rangadi)
HADOOP-1298. Implement file permissions for HDFS.
(Tsz Wo (Nicholas) & taton via cutting)
HADOOP-2447. HDFS can be configured to limit the total number of
objects (inodes and blocks) in the file system. (dhruba)
HADOOP-2487. Added an option to get statuses for all submitted/run jobs.
This information can be used to develop tools for analysing jobs.
(Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via acmurthy)
HADOOP-1873. Implement user permissions for Map/Reduce framework.
(Hairong Kuang via shv)
HADOOP-2532. Add to MapFile a getClosest method that returns the key
that comes just before if the key is not present. (stack via tomwhite)
HADOOP-1883. Add versioning to Record I/O. (Vivek Ratan via ddas)
HADOOP-2603. Add SeqeunceFileAsBinaryInputFormat, which reads
sequence files as BytesWritable/BytesWritable regardless of the
key and value types used to write the file. (cdouglas via omalley)
HADOOP-2367. Add ability to profile a subset of map/reduce tasks and fetch
the result to the local filesystem of the submitting application. Also
includes a general IntegerRanges extension to Configuration for setting
positive, ranged parameters. (Owen O'Malley via cdouglas)
HADOOP-2045. Change committer list on website to a table, so that
folks can list their organization, timezone, etc. (cutting)
HADOOP-2058. Facilitate creating new datanodes dynamically in
MiniDFSCluster. (Hairong Kuang via dhruba)
HADOOP-1855. fsck verifies block placement policies and reports
violations. (Konstantin Shvachko via dhruba)
HADOOP-1604. An system administrator can finalize namenode upgrades
without running the cluster. (Konstantin Shvachko via dhruba)
HADOOP-1839. Link-ify the Pending/Running/Complete/Killed grid in
jobdetails.jsp to help quickly narrow down and see categorized TIPs'
details via jobtasks.jsp. (Amar Kamat via acmurthy)
HADOOP-1210. Log counters in job history. (Owen O'Malley via ddas)
HADOOP-1912. Datanode has two new commands COPY and REPLACE. These are
needed for supporting data rebalance. (Hairong Kuang via dhruba)
HADOOP-2086. This patch adds the ability to add dependencies to a job
(run via JobControl) after construction. (Adrian Woodhead via ddas)
HADOOP-1185. Support changing the logging level of a server without
restarting the server. (Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via dhruba)
HADOOP-2134. Remove developer-centric requirements from overview.html and
keep it end-user focussed, specifically sections related to subversion and
building Hadoop. (Jim Kellerman via acmurthy)
HADOOP-1989. Support simulated DataNodes. This helps creating large virtual
clusters for testing purposes. (Sanjay Radia via dhruba)
HADOOP-1274. Support different number of mappers and reducers per
TaskTracker to allow administrators to better configure and utilize
heterogenous clusters.
Configuration changes to hadoop-default.xml:
add (default value of 2)
add mapred.tasktracker.reduce.tasks.maximum (default value of 2)
remove mapred.tasktracker.tasks.maximum (deprecated for 0.16.0)
(Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2104. Adds a description to the ant targets. This makes the
output of "ant -projecthelp" sensible. (Chris Douglas via ddas)
HADOOP-2127. Added a pipes sort example to benchmark trivial pipes
application versus trivial java application. (omalley via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2113. A new shell command "dfs -text" to view the contents of
a gziped or SequenceFile. (Chris Douglas via dhruba)
HADOOP-2207. Add a "package" target for contrib modules that
permits each to determine what files are copied into release
builds. (stack via cutting)
HADOOP-1984. Makes the backoff for failed fetches exponential.
Earlier, it was a random backoff from an interval.
(Amar Kamat via ddas)
HADOOP-1327. Include website documentation for streaming. (Rob Weltman
via omalley)
HADOOP-2000. Rewrite NNBench to measure namenode performance accurately.
It now uses the map-reduce framework for load generation.
(Mukund Madhugiri via dhruba)
HADOOP-2248. Speeds up the framework w.r.t Counters. Also has API
updates to the Counters part. (Owen O'Malley via ddas)
HADOOP-2326. The initial block report at Datanode startup time has
a random backoff period. (Sanjay Radia via dhruba)
HADOOP-2432. HDFS includes the name of the file while throwing
"File does not exist" exception. (Jim Kellerman via dhruba)
HADOOP-2457. Added a 'forrest.home' property to the 'docs' target in
build.xml. (acmurthy)
HADOOP-2149. A new benchmark for three name-node operation: file create,
open, and block report, to evaluate the name-node performance
for optimizations or new features. (Konstantin Shvachko via shv)
HADOOP-2466. Change FileInputFormat.computeSplitSize to a protected
non-static method to allow sub-classes to provide alternate
implementations. (Alejandro Abdelnur via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2425. Change TextOutputFormat to handle Text specifically for better
performance. Make NullWritable implement Comparable. Make TextOutputFormat
treat NullWritable like null. (omalley)
HADOOP-1719. Improves the utilization of shuffle copier threads.
(Amar Kamat via ddas)
HADOOP-2390. Added documentation for user-controls for intermediate
map-outputs & final job-outputs and native-hadoop libraries. (acmurthy)
HADOOP-1660. Add the cwd of the map/reduce task to the java.library.path
of the child-jvm to support loading of native libraries distributed via
the DistributedCache. (acmurthy)
HADOOP-2285. Speeds up TextInputFormat. Also includes updates to the
Text API. (Owen O'Malley via cdouglas)
HADOOP-2233. Adds a generic load generator for modeling MR jobs. (cdouglas)
HADOOP-2369. Adds a set of scripts for simulating a mix of user map/reduce
workloads. (Runping Qi via cdouglas)
HADOOP-2547. Removes use of a 'magic number' in build.xml.
(Hrishikesh via nigel)
HADOOP-2268. Fix org.apache.hadoop.mapred.jobcontrol classes to use the
List/Map interfaces rather than concrete ArrayList/HashMap classes
internally. (Adrian Woodhead via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2406. Add a benchmark for measuring read/write performance through
the InputFormat interface, particularly with compression. (cdouglas)
HADOOP-2131. Allow finer-grained control over speculative-execution. Now
users can set it for maps and reduces independently.
Configuration changes to hadoop-default.xml:
deprecated mapred.speculative.execution
add mapred.reduce.tasks.speculative.execution
(Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via acmurthy)
HADOOP-1965. Interleave sort/spill in teh map-task along with calls to the method. This is done by splitting the 'io.sort.mb' buffer into
two and using one half for collecting map-outputs and the other half for
sort/spill. (Amar Kamat via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2464. Unit tests for chmod, chown, and chgrp using DFS.
(Raghu Angadi)
HADOOP-1876. Persist statuses of completed jobs in HDFS so that the
JobClient can query and get information about decommissioned jobs and also
across JobTracker restarts.
Configuration changes to hadoop-default.xml:
add (default value of false)
add mapred.job.tracker.persist.jobstatus.hours (default value of 0)
add mapred.job.tracker.persist.jobstatus.dir (default value of
(Alejandro Abdelnur via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2077. Added version and build information to STARTUP_MSG for all
hadoop daemons to aid error-reporting, debugging etc. (acmurthy)
HADOOP-2398. Additional instrumentation for NameNode and RPC server.
Add support for accessing instrumentation statistics via JMX.
(Sanjay radia via dhruba)
HADOOP-2449. A return of the non-MR version of NNBench.
(Sanjay Radia via shv)
HADOOP-1989. Remove 'datanodecluster' command from bin/hadoop.
(Sanjay Radia via shv)
HADOOP-1742. Improve JavaDoc documentation for ClientProtocol, DFSClient,
and FSNamesystem. (Konstantin Shvachko)
HADOOP-2298. Add Ant target for a binary-only distribution.
(Hrishikesh via nigel)
HADOOP-2509. Add Ant target for Rat report (Apache license header
reports). (Hrishikesh via nigel)
HADOOP-2469. WritableUtils.clone should take a Configuration
instead of a JobConf. (stack via omalley)
HADOOP-2659. Introduce superuser permissions for admin operations.
(Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via shv)
HADOOP-2596. Added a SequenceFile.createWriter api which allows the user
to specify the blocksize, replication factor and the buffersize to be
used for the underlying HDFS file. (Alejandro Abdelnur via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2431. Test HDFS File Permissions. (Hairong Kuang via shv)
HADOOP-2232. Add an option to disable Nagle's algorithm in the IPC stack.
(Clint Morgan via cdouglas)
HADOOP-2342. Created a micro-benchmark for measuring
local-file versus hdfs reads. (Owen O'Malley via nigel)
HADOOP-2529. First version of HDFS User Guide. (Raghu Angadi)
HADOOP-2690. Add jar-test target to build.xml, separating compilation
and packaging of the test classes. (Enis Soztutar via cdouglas)
HADOOP-1898. Release the lock protecting the last time of the last stack
dump while the dump is happening. (Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via omalley)
HADOOP-1900. Makes the heartbeat and task event queries interval
dependent on the cluster size. (Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-2208. Counter update frequency (from TaskTracker to JobTracker) is
capped at 1 minute. (Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-2284. Reduce the number of progress updates during the sorting in
the map task. (Amar Kamat via ddas)
HADOOP-2583. Fixes a bug in the Eclipse plug-in UI to edit locations.
Plug-in version is now synchronized with Hadoop version.
HADOOP-2100. Remove faulty check for existence of $HADOOP_PID_DIR and let
'mkdir -p' check & create it. (Michael Bieniosek via acmurthy)
HADOOP-1642. Ensure jobids generated by LocalJobRunner are unique to
avoid collissions and hence job-failures. (Doug Cutting via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2096. Close open file-descriptors held by streams while localizing
job.xml in the JobTracker and while displaying it on the webui in
jobconf.jsp. (Amar Kamat via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2098. Log start & completion of empty jobs to JobHistory, which
also ensures that we close the file-descriptor of the job's history log
opened during job-submission. (Amar Kamat via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2112. Adding back changes to build.xml lost while reverting
HADOOP-1622 i.e.
HADOOP-2089. Fixes the command line argument handling to handle multiple
-cacheArchive in Hadoop streaming. (Lohit Vijayarenu via ddas)
HADOOP-2071. Fix StreamXmlRecordReader to use a BufferedInputStream
wrapped over the DFSInputStream since mark/reset aren't supported by
DFSInputStream anymore. (Lohit Vijayarenu via acmurthy)
HADOOP-1348. Allow XML comments inside configuration files.
(Rajagopal Natarajan and Enis Soztutar via enis)
HADOOP-1952. Improve handling of invalid, user-specified classes while
configuring streaming jobs such as combiner, input/output formats etc.
Now invalid options are caught, logged and jobs are failed early. (Lohit
Vijayarenu via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2151. FileSystem.globPaths validates the list of Paths that
it returns. (Lohit Vijayarenu via dhruba)
HADOOP-2121. Cleanup DFSOutputStream when the stream encountered errors
when Datanodes became full. (Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
HADOOP-1130. The FileSystem.closeAll() method closes all existing
DFSClients. (Chris Douglas via dhruba)
HADOOP-2204. DFSTestUtil.waitReplication was not waiting for all replicas
to get created, thus causing unit test failure.
(Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
HADOOP-2078. An zero size file may have no blocks associated with it.
(Konstantin Shvachko via dhruba)
HADOOP-2212. ChecksumFileSystem.getSumBufferSize might throw
java.lang.ArithmeticException. The fix is to initialize bytesPerChecksum
to 0. (Michael Bieniosek via ddas)
HADOOP-2216. Fix jobtasks.jsp to ensure that it first collects the
taskids which satisfy the filtering criteria and then use that list to
print out only the required task-reports, previously it was oblivious to
the filtering and hence used the wrong index into the array of task-reports.
(Amar Kamat via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2272. Fix findbugs target to reflect changes made to the location
of the streaming jar file by HADOOP-2207. (Adrian Woodhead via nigel)
HADOOP-2244. Fixes the MapWritable.readFields to clear the instance
field variable every time readFields is called. (Michael Stack via ddas).
HADOOP-2245. Fixes LocalJobRunner to include a jobId in the mapId. Also,
adds a testcase for JobControl. (Adrian Woodhead via ddas).
HADOOP-2275. Fix erroneous detection of corrupted file when namenode
fails to allocate any datanodes for newly allocated block.
(Dhruba Borthakur via dhruba)
HADOOP-2256. Fix a buf in the namenode that could cause it to encounter
an infinite loop while deleting excess replicas that were created by
block rebalancing. (Hairong Kuang via dhruba)
HADOOP-2209. SecondaryNamenode process exits if it encounters exceptions
that it cannot handle. (Dhruba Borthakur via dhruba)
HADOOP-2314. Prevent TestBlockReplacement from occasionally getting
into an infinite loop. (Hairong Kuang via dhruba)
HADOOP-2300. This fixes a bug where mapred.tasktracker.tasks.maximum
would be ignored even if it was set in hadoop-site.xml.
(Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-2349. Improve code layout in file system transaction logging code.
(Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via dhruba)
HADOOP-2368. Fix unit tests on Windows.
(Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via dhruba)
HADOOP-2363. This fix allows running multiple instances of the unit test
in parallel. The bug was introduced in HADOOP-2185 that changed
port-rolling behaviour. (Konstantin Shvachko via dhruba)
HADOOP-2271. Fix chmod task to be non-parallel. (Adrian Woodhead via
HADOOP-2313. Fail the build if building libhdfs fails. (nigel via omalley)
HADOOP-2359. Remove warning for interruptted exception when closing down
minidfs. (dhruba via omalley)
HADOOP-1841. Prevent slow clients from consuming threads in the NameNode.
HADOOP-2323. JobTracker.close() should not print stack traces for
normal exit. (jimk via cutting)
HADOOP-2376. Prevents sort example from overriding the number of maps.
(Owen O'Malley via ddas)
HADOOP-2434. FSDatasetInterface read interface causes HDFS reads to occur
in 1 byte chunks, causing performance degradation.
(Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
HADOOP-2459. Fix package target so that src/docs/build files are not
included in the release. (nigel)
HADOOP-2215. Fix documentation in cluster_setup.html &
mapred_tutorial.html reflect that mapred.tasktracker.tasks.maximum has
been superceeded by mapred.tasktracker.{map|reduce}.tasks.maximum.
(Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2459. Fix package target so that src/docs/build files are not
included in the release. (nigel)
HADOOP-2352. Remove AC_CHECK_LIB for libz and liblzo to ensure that doesn't have a dependency on them. (acmurthy)
HADOOP-2453. Fix the configuration for wordcount-simple example in Hadoop
Pipes which currently produces an XML parsing error. (Amareshwari Sri
Ramadasu via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2476. Unit test failure while reading permission bits of local
file system (on Windows) fixed. (Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
HADOOP-2247. Fine-tune the strategies for killing mappers and reducers
due to failures while fetching map-outputs. Now the map-completion times
and number of currently running reduces are taken into account by the
JobTracker before killing the mappers, while the progress made by the
reducer and the number of fetch-failures vis-a-vis total number of
fetch-attempts are taken into account before teh reducer kills itself.
(Amar Kamat via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2452. Fix eclipse plug-in build.xml to refers to the right
location where hadoop-*-core.jar is generated. (taton)
HADOOP-2492. Additional debugging in the rpc server to better
diagnose ConcurrentModificationException. (dhruba)
HADOOP-2344. Enhance the utility for executing shell commands to read the
stdout/stderr streams while waiting for the command to finish (to free up
the buffers). Also, this patch throws away stderr of the DF utility.
org.apache.hadoop.fs.ShellCommand for org.apache.hadoop.util.Shell
org.apache.hadoop.util.ShellUtil for
(Amar Kamat via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2511. Fix a javadoc warning in org.apache.hadoop.util.Shell
introduced by HADOOP-2344. (acmurthy)
HADOOP-2442. Fix TestLocalFileSystemPermission.testLocalFSsetOwner
to work on more platforms. (Raghu Angadi via nigel)
HADOOP-2488. Fix a regression in random read performance.
(Michael Stack via rangadi)
HADOOP-2523. Fix TestDFSShell.testFilePermissions on Windows.
(Raghu Angadi via nigel)
HADOOP-2535. Removed support for deprecated mapred.child.heap.size and
fixed some indentation issues in TaskRunner. (acmurthy)
Configuration changes to hadoop-default.xml:
remove mapred.child.heap.size
HADOOP-2512. Fix error stream handling in Shell. Use exit code to
detect shell command errors in RawLocalFileSystem. (Raghu Angadi)
HADOOP-2446. Fixes TestHDFSServerPorts and TestMRServerPorts so they
do not rely on statically configured ports and cleanup better. (nigel)
HADOOP-2537. Make build process compatible with Ant 1.7.0.
(Hrishikesh via nigel)
HADOOP-1281. Ensure running tasks of completed map TIPs (e.g. speculative
tasks) are killed as soon as the TIP completed. (acmurthy)
HADOOP-2571. Suppress a suprious warning in test code. (cdouglas)
HADOOP-2481. NNBench report its progress periodically.
(Hairong Kuang via dhruba)
HADOOP-2601. Start name-node on a free port for TestNNThroughputBenchmark.
(Konstantin Shvachko)
HADOOP-2494. Set +x on contrib/*/bin/* in packaged tar bundle.
(stack via tomwhite)
HADOOP-2605. Remove bogus leading slash in task-tracker report bindAddress.
(Konstantin Shvachko)
HADOOP-2620. Trivial. 'bin/hadoop fs -help' did not list chmod, chown, and
chgrp. (Raghu Angadi)
HADOOP-2614. The DFS WebUI accesses are configured to be from the user
specified by dfs.web.ugi. (Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via dhruba)
HADOOP-2543. Implement a "no-permission-checking" mode for smooth
upgrade from a pre-0.16 install of HDFS.
(Hairong Kuang via dhruba)
HADOOP-290. A DataNode log message now prints the target of a replication
request correctly. (dhruba)
HADOOP-2538. Redirect to a warning, if plaintext parameter is true but
the filter parameter is not given in TaskLogServlet.
(Michael Bieniosek via enis)
HADOOP-2582. Prevent 'bin/hadoop fs -copyToLocal' from creating
zero-length files when the src does not exist.
(Lohit Vijayarenu via cdouglas)
HADOOP-2189. Incrementing user counters should count as progress. (ddas)
HADOOP-2649. The NameNode periodically computes replication work for
the datanodes. The periodicity of this computation is now configurable.
HADOOP-2549. Correct disk size computation so that data-nodes could switch
to other local drives if current is full. (Hairong Kuang via shv)
HADOOP-2633. Fsck should call name-node methods directly rather than
through rpc. (Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via shv)
HADOOP-2687. Modify a few log message generated by dfs client to be
logged only at INFO level. (stack via dhruba)
HADOOP-2402. Fix BlockCompressorStream to ensure it buffers data before
sending it down to the compressor so that each write call doesn't
compress. (Chris Douglas via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2645. The Metrics initialization code does not throw
exceptions when servers are restarted by MiniDFSCluster.
(Sanjay Radia via dhruba)
HADOOP-2691. Fix a race condition that was causing the DFSClient
to erroneously remove a good datanode from a pipeline that actually
had another datanode that was bad. (dhruba)
HADOOP-1195. All code in FSNamesystem checks the return value
of getDataNode for null before using it. (dhruba)
HADOOP-2640. Fix a bug in MultiFileSplitInputFormat that was always
returning 1 split in some circumstances. (Enis Soztutar via nigel)
HADOOP-2626. Fix paths with special characters to work correctly
with the local filesystem. (Thomas Friol via cutting)
HADOOP-2646. Fix SortValidator to work with fully-qualified
working directories. (Arun C Murthy via nigel)
HADOOP-2092. Added a ping mechanism to the pipes' task to periodically
check if the parent Java task is running, and exit if the parent isn't
alive and responding. (Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2714. TestDecommission failed on windows because the replication
request was timing out. (dhruba)
HADOOP-2576. Namenode performance degradation over time triggered by
large heartbeat interval. (Raghu Angadi)
HADOOP-2713. TestDatanodeDeath failed on windows because the replication
request was timing out. (dhruba)
HADOOP-2639. Fixes a problem to do with incorrect maintenance of values
for runningMapTasks/runningReduceTasks. (Amar Kamat and Arun Murthy
via ddas)
HADOOP-2723. Fixed the check for checking whether to do user task
profiling. (Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via omalley)
HADOOP-2734. Link forrest docs to new
(Doug Cutting via nigel)
HADOOP-2641. Added Apache license headers to 95 files. (nigel)
HADOOP-2732. Fix bug in path globbing. (Hairong Kuang via nigel)
HADOOP-2404. Fix backwards compatability with hadoop-0.15 configuration
files that was broken by HADOOP-2185. (omalley)
HADOOP-2755. Fix fsck performance degradation because of permissions
issue. (Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via dhruba)
HADOOP-2768. Fix performance regression caused by HADOOP-1707.
(dhruba borthakur via nigel)
HADOOP-3108. Fix NPE in setPermission and setOwner. (shv)
Release 0.15.3 - 2008-01-18
HADOOP-2562. globPaths supports {ab,cd}. (Hairong Kuang via dhruba)
HADOOP-2540. fsck reports missing blocks incorrectly. (dhruba)
HADOOP-2570. "work" directory created unconditionally, and symlinks
created from the task cwds.
HADOOP-2574. Fixed mapred_tutorial.xml to correct minor errors with the
WordCount examples. (acmurthy)
Release 0.15.2 - 2008-01-02
HADOOP-2246. Moved the changelog for HADOOP-1851 from the NEW FEATURES
section to the INCOMPATIBLE CHANGES section. (acmurthy)
HADOOP-2238. Fix TaskGraphServlet so that it sets the content type of
the response appropriately. (Paul Saab via enis)
HADOOP-2129. Fix so that distcp works correctly when source is
HDFS but not the default filesystem. HDFS paths returned by the
listStatus() method are now fully-qualified. (cutting)
HADOOP-2378. Fixes a problem where the last task completion event would
get created after the job completes. (Alejandro Abdelnur via ddas)
HADOOP-2228. Checks whether a job with a certain jobId is already running
and then tries to create the JobInProgress object.
(Johan Oskarsson via ddas)
HADOOP-2422. dfs -cat multiple files fail with 'Unable to write to
output stream'. (Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
HADOOP-2460. When the namenode encounters ioerrors on writing a
transaction log, it stops writing new transactions to that one.
(Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
HADOOP-2227. Use the LocalDirAllocator uniformly for handling all of the
temporary storage required for a given task. It also implies that
mapred.local.dir.minspacestart is handled by checking if there is enough
free-space on any one of the available disks. (Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu
via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2437. Fix the LocalDirAllocator to choose the seed for the
round-robin disk selections randomly. This helps in spreading data across
multiple partitions much better. (acmurhty)
HADOOP-2486. When the list of files from the InMemoryFileSystem is obtained
for merging, this patch will ensure that only those files whose checksums
have also got created (renamed) are returned. (ddas)
HADOOP-2456. Hardcode English locale to prevent NumberFormatException
from occurring when starting the NameNode with certain locales.
(Matthias Friedrich via nigel)
HADOOP-2160. Remove project-level, non-user documentation from
releases, since it's now maintained in a separate tree. (cutting)
HADOOP-1327. Add user documentation for streaming. (cutting)
HADOOP-2382. Add hadoop-default.html to subversion. (cutting)
HADOOP-2158. hdfsListDirectory calls FileSystem.listStatus instead
of FileSystem.listPaths. This reduces the number of RPC calls on the
namenode, thereby improving scalability. (Christian Kunz via dhruba)
Release 0.15.1 - 2007-11-27
HADOOP-713. Reduce CPU usage on namenode while listing directories.
FileSystem.listPaths does not return the size of the entire subtree.
Introduced a new API ClientProtocol.getContentLength that returns the
size of the subtree. (Dhruba Borthakur via dhruba)
HADOOP-1917. Addition of guides/tutorial for better overall
documentation for Hadoop. Specifically:
* quickstart.html is targetted towards first-time users and helps them
setup a single-node cluster and play with Hadoop.
* cluster_setup.html helps admins to configure and setup non-trivial
hadoop clusters.
* mapred_tutorial.html is a comprehensive Map-Reduce tutorial.
HADOOP-2174. Removed the unnecessary Reporter.setStatus call from
FSCopyFilesMapper.close which led to a NPE since the reporter isn't valid
in the close method. (Chris Douglas via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2172. Restore performance of random access to local files
by caching positions of local input streams, avoiding a system
call. (cutting)
HADOOP-2205. Regenerate the Hadoop website since some of the changes made
by HADOOP-1917 weren't correctly copied over to the trunk/docs directory.
Also fixed a couple of minor typos and broken links. (acmurthy)
Release 0.15.0 - 2007-11-2
HADOOP-1708. Make files appear in namespace as soon as they are
created. (Dhruba Borthakur via dhruba)
HADOOP-999. A HDFS Client immediately informs the NameNode of a new
file creation. ClientProtocol version changed from 14 to 15.
(Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via dhruba)
HADOOP-932. File locking interfaces and implementations (that were
earlier deprecated) are removed. Client Protocol version changed
from 15 to 16. (Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
HADOOP-1621. FileStatus is now a concrete class and FileSystem.listPaths
is deprecated and replaced with listStatus. (Chris Douglas via omalley)
HADOOP-1656. The blockSize of a file is stored persistently in the file
inode. (Dhruba Borthakur via dhruba)
HADOOP-1838. The blocksize of files created with an earlier release is
set to the default block size. (Dhruba Borthakur via dhruba)
HADOOP-785. Add support for 'final' Configuration parameters,
removing support for 'mapred-default.xml', and changing
'hadoop-site.xml' to not override other files. Now folks should
generally use 'hadoop-site.xml' for all configurations. Values
with a 'final' tag may not be overridden by subsequently loaded
configuration files, e.g., by jobs. (Arun C. Murthy via cutting)
HADOOP-1846. DatanodeReport in ClientProtocol can report live
datanodes, dead datanodes or all datanodes. Client Protocol version
changed from 17 to 18. (Hairong Kuang via dhruba)
HADOOP-1851. Permit specification of map output compression type
and codec, independent of the final output's compression
parameters. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
HADOOP-1819. Jobtracker cleanups, including binding ports before
clearing state directories, so that inadvertently starting a
second jobtracker doesn't trash one that's already running. Removed
method JobTracker.getTracker() because the static variable, which
stored the value caused initialization problems.
(omalley via cutting)
HADOOP-89. A client can access file data even before the creator
has closed the file. Introduce a new command "tail" from dfs shell.
(Dhruba Borthakur via dhruba)
HADOOP-1636. Allow configuration of the number of jobs kept in
memory by the JobTracker. (Michael Bieniosek via omalley)
HADOOP-1667. Reorganize CHANGES.txt into sections to make it
easier to read. Also remove numbering, to make merging easier.
HADOOP-1610. Add metrics for failed tasks.
(Devaraj Das via tomwhite)
HADOOP-1767. Add "bin/hadoop job -list" sub-command. (taton via cutting)
HADOOP-1351. Add "bin/hadoop job [-fail-task|-kill-task]" sub-commands
to terminate a particular task-attempt. (Enis Soztutar via acmurthy)
HADOOP-1880. SleepJob : An example job that sleeps at each map and
reduce task. (enis)
HADOOP-1809. Add a link in web site to #hadoop IRC channel. (enis)
HADOOP-1894. Add percentage graphs and mapred task completion graphs
to Web User Interface. Users not using Firefox may install a plugin to
their browsers to see svg graphics. (enis)
HADOOP-1914. Introduce a new NamenodeProtocol to allow secondary
namenodes and rebalancing processes to communicate with a primary
namenode. (Hairong Kuang via dhruba)
HADOOP-1963. Add a FileSystem implementation for the Kosmos
Filesystem (KFS). (Sriram Rao via cutting)
HADOOP-1822. Allow the specialization and configuration of socket
factories. Provide a StandardSocketFactory, and a SocksSocketFactory to
allow the use of SOCKS proxies. (taton).
HADOOP-1968. FileSystem supports wildcard input syntax "{ }".
(Hairong Kuang via dhruba)
HADOOP-2566. Add globStatus method to the FileSystem interface
and deprecate globPath and listPath. (Hairong Kuang via hairong)
HADOOP-1910. Reduce the number of RPCs that DistributedFileSystem.create()
makes to the namenode. (Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
HADOOP-1565. Reduce memory usage of NameNode by replacing
TreeMap in HDFS Namespace with ArrayList.
(Dhruba Borthakur via dhruba)
HADOOP-1743. Change DFS INode from a nested class to standalone
class, with specialized subclasses for directories and files, to
save memory on the namenode. (Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
HADOOP-1759. Change file name in INode from String to byte[],
saving memory on the namenode. (Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
HADOOP-1766. Save memory in namenode by having BlockInfo extend
Block, and replace many uses of Block with BlockInfo.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
HADOOP-1687. Save memory in namenode by optimizing BlockMap
representation. (Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
HADOOP-1774. Remove use of INode.parent in Block CRC upgrade.
(Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
HADOOP-1788. Increase the buffer size on the Pipes command socket.
(Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu and Christian Kunz via omalley)
HADOOP-1946. The Datanode code does not need to invoke du on
every heartbeat. (Hairong Kuang via dhruba)
HADOOP-1935. Fix a NullPointerException in internalReleaseCreate.
(Dhruba Borthakur)
HADOOP-1933. The nodes listed in include and exclude files
are always listed in the datanode report.
(Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
HADOOP-1953. The job tracker should wait beteween calls to try and delete
the system directory (Owen O'Malley via devaraj)
HADOOP-1932. TestFileCreation fails with message saying filestatus.dat
is of incorrect size. (Dhruba Borthakur via dhruba)
HADOOP-1573. Support for 0 reducers in PIPES.
(Owen O'Malley via devaraj)
HADOOP-1500. Fix typographical errors in the DFS WebUI.
(Nigel Daley via dhruba)
HADOOP-1076. Periodic checkpoint can continue even if an earlier
checkpoint encountered an error. (Dhruba Borthakur via dhruba)
HADOOP-1887. The Namenode encounters an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
while listing a directory that had a file that was
being actively written to. (Dhruba Borthakur via dhruba)
HADOOP-1904. The Namenode encounters an exception because the
list of blocks per datanode-descriptor was corrupted.
(Konstantin Shvachko via dhruba)
HADOOP-1762. The Namenode fsimage does not contain a list of
Datanodes. (Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
HADOOP-1890. Removed debugging prints introduced by HADOOP-1774.
(Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
HADOOP-1763. Too many lost task trackers on large clusters due to
insufficient number of RPC handler threads on the JobTracker.
(Devaraj Das)
HADOOP-1463. HDFS report correct usage statistics for disk space
used by HDFS. (Hairong Kuang via dhruba)
HADOOP-1692. In DFS ant task, don't cache the Configuration.
(Chris Douglas via cutting)
HADOOP-1726. Remove lib/jetty-ext/ant.jar. (omalley)
HADOOP-1772. Fix script to get correct hostname
under Cygwin. (Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via cutting)
HADOOP-1749. Change TestDFSUpgrade to sort files, fixing sporadic
test failures. (Enis Soztutar via cutting)
HADOOP-1748. Fix tasktracker to be able to launch tasks when log
directory is relative. (omalley via cutting)
HADOOP-1775. Fix a NullPointerException and an
IllegalArgumentException in MapWritable.
(Jim Kellerman via cutting)
HADOOP-1795. Fix so that jobs can generate output file names with
special characters. (Fr??d??ric Bertin via cutting)
HADOOP-1810. Fix incorrect value type in MRBench (SmallJobs)
(Devaraj Das via tomwhite)
HADOOP-1806. Fix ant task to compile again, also fix default
builds to compile ant tasks. (Chris Douglas via cutting)
HADOOP-1758. Fix escape processing in librecordio to not be
quadratic. (Vivek Ratan via cutting)
HADOOP-1817. Fix MultiFileSplit to read and write the split
length, so that it is not always zero in map tasks.
(Thomas Friol via cutting)
HADOOP-1853. Fix contrib/streaming to accept multiple -cacheFile
options. (Prachi Gupta via cutting)
HADOOP-1818. Fix MultiFileInputFormat so that it does not return
empty splits when numPaths < numSplits. (Thomas Friol via enis)
HADOOP-1840. Fix race condition which leads to task's diagnostic
messages getting lost. (acmurthy)
HADOOP-1885. Fix race condition in MiniDFSCluster shutdown.
(Chris Douglas via nigel)
HADOOP-1889. Fix path in EC2 scripts for building your own AMI.
HADOOP-1892. Fix a NullPointerException in the JobTracker when
trying to fetch a task's diagnostic messages from the JobClient.
(Amar Kamat via acmurthy)
HADOOP-1897. Completely remove about.html page from the web site.
HADOOP-1907. Fix null pointer exception when getting task diagnostics
in JobClient. (Christian Kunz via omalley)
HADOOP-1882. Remove spurious asterisks from decimal number displays.
(Raghu Angadi via cutting)
HADOOP-1783. Make S3 FileSystem return Paths fully-qualified with
scheme and host. (tomwhite)
HADOOP-1925. Make pipes' autoconf script look for libsocket and libnsl, so
that it can compile under Solaris. (omalley)
HADOOP-1940. TestDFSUpgradeFromImage must shut down its MiniDFSCluster.
(Chris Douglas via nigel)
HADOOP-1930. Fix the blame for failed fetchs on the right host. (Arun C.
Murthy via omalley)
HADOOP-1934. Fix the platform name on Mac to use underscores rather than
spaces. (omalley)
HADOOP-1959. Use "/" instead of File.separator in the StatusHttpServer.
(jimk via omalley)
HADOOP-1626. Improve dfsadmin help messages.
(Lohit Vijayarenu via dhruba)
HADOOP-1695. The SecondaryNamenode waits for the Primary NameNode to
start up. (Dhruba Borthakur)
HADOOP-1983. Have Pipes flush the command socket when progress is sent
to prevent timeouts during long computations. (omalley)
HADOOP-1875. Non-existant directories or read-only directories are
filtered from dfs.client.buffer.dir. (Hairong Kuang via dhruba)
HADOOP-1992. Fix the performance degradation in the sort validator.
(acmurthy via omalley)
HADOOP-1874. Move task-outputs' promotion/discard to a separate thread
distinct from the main heartbeat-processing thread. The main upside being
that we do not lock-up the JobTracker during HDFS operations, which
otherwise may lead to lost tasktrackers if the NameNode is unresponsive.
(Devaraj Das via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2026. Namenode prints out one log line for "Number of transactions"
at most once every minute. (Dhruba Borthakur)
HADOOP-2022. Ensure that status information for successful tasks is correctly
recorded at the JobTracker, so that, for example, one may view correct
information via taskdetails.jsp. This bug was introduced by HADOOP-1874.
(Amar Kamat via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2031. Correctly maintain the taskid which takes the TIP to
completion, failing which the case of lost tasktrackers isn't handled
properly i.e. the map TIP is incorrectly left marked as 'complete' and it
is never rescheduled elsewhere, leading to hung reduces.
(Devaraj Das via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2018. The source datanode of a data transfer waits for
a response from the target datanode before closing the data stream.
(Hairong Kuang via dhruba)
HADOOP-2023. Disable TestLocalDirAllocator on Windows.
(Hairong Kuang via nigel)
HADOOP-2016. Ignore status-updates from FAILED/KILLED tasks at the
TaskTracker. This fixes a race-condition which caused the tasks to wrongly
remain in the RUNNING state even after being killed by the JobTracker and
thus handicap the cleanup of the task's output sub-directory. (acmurthy)
HADOOP-1771. Fix a NullPointerException in streaming caused by an
IOException in MROutputThread. (lohit vijayarenu via nigel)
HADOOP-2028. Fix distcp so that the log dir does not need to be
specified and the destination does not need to exist.
(Chris Douglas via nigel)
HADOOP-2044. The namenode protects all lease manipulations using a
sortedLease lock. (Dhruba Borthakur)
HADOOP-2051. The TaskCommit thread should not die for exceptions other
than the InterruptedException. This behavior is there for the other long
running threads in the JobTracker. (Arun C Murthy via ddas)
HADOOP-1973. The FileSystem object would be accessed on the JobTracker
through a RPC in the InterTrackerProtocol. The check for the object being
null was missing and hence NPE would be thrown sometimes. This issue fixes
that problem. (Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-2033. The SequenceFile.Writer.sync method was a no-op, which caused
very uneven splits for applications like distcp that count on them.
HADOOP-2070. Added a flush method to pipes' DownwardProtocol and call
that before waiting for the application to finish to ensure all buffered
data is flushed. (Owen O'Malley via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2080. Fixed calculation of the checksum file size when the values
are large. (omalley)
HADOOP-2048. Change error handling in distcp so that each map copies
as much as possible before reporting the error. Also report progress on
every copy. (Chris Douglas via omalley)
HADOOP-2073. Change size of VERSION file after writing contents to it.
(Konstantin Shvachko via dhruba)
HADOOP-2102. Fix the deprecated ToolBase to pass its Configuration object
to the superceding ToolRunner to ensure it picks up the appropriate
configuration resources. (Dennis Kubes and Enis Soztutar via acmurthy)
HADOOP-2103. Fix minor javadoc bugs introduce by HADOOP-2046. (Nigel
Daley via acmurthy)
HADOOP-1908. Restructure data node code so that block sending and
receiving are seperated from data transfer header handling.
(Hairong Kuang via dhruba)
HADOOP-1921. Save the configuration of completed/failed jobs and make them
available via the web-ui. (Amar Kamat via devaraj)
HADOOP-1266. Remove dependency of package on
org.apache.hadoop.dfs. (Hairong Kuang via dhruba)
HADOOP-1779. Replace INodeDirectory.getINode() by a getExistingPathINodes()
to allow the retrieval of all existing INodes along a given path in a
single lookup. This facilitates removal of the 'parent' field in the
inode. (Christophe Taton via dhruba)
HADOOP-1756. Add toString() to some Writable-s. (ab)
HADOOP-1727. New classes: MapWritable and SortedMapWritable.
(Jim Kellerman via ab)
HADOOP-1651. Improve progress reporting.
(Devaraj Das via tomwhite)
HADOOP-1595. dfsshell can wait for a file to achieve its intended
replication target. (Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via dhruba)
HADOOP-1693. Remove un-needed log fields in DFS replication classes,
since the log may be accessed statically. (Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
HADOOP-1231. Add generics to Mapper and Reducer interfaces.
(tomwhite via cutting)
HADOOP-1436. Improved command-line APIs, so that all tools need
not subclass ToolBase, and generic parameter parser is public.
(Enis Soztutar via cutting)
HADOOP-1703. DFS-internal code cleanups, removing several uses of
the obsolete UTF8. (Christophe Taton via cutting)
HADOOP-1731. Add Hadoop's version to contrib jar file names.
HADOOP-1689. Make shell scripts more portable. All shell scripts
now explicitly depend on bash, but do not require that bash be
installed in a particular location, as long as it is on $PATH.
HADOOP-1744. Remove many uses of the deprecated UTF8 class from
the HDFS namenode. (Christophe Taton via cutting)
HADOOP-1654. Add IOUtils class, containing generic io-related
utility methods. (Enis Soztutar via cutting)
HADOOP-1158. Change JobTracker to record map-output transmission
errors and use them to trigger speculative re-execution of tasks.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
HADOOP-1601. Change GenericWritable to use ReflectionUtils for
instance creation, avoiding classloader issues, and to implement
Configurable. (Enis Soztutar via cutting)
HADOOP-1750. Log standard output and standard error when forking
task processes. (omalley via cutting)
HADOOP-1803. Generalize build.xml to make files in all
src/contrib/*/bin directories executable. (stack via cutting)
HADOOP-1739. Let OS always choose the tasktracker's umbilical
port. Also switch default address for umbilical connections to
loopback. (cutting)
HADOOP-1812. Let OS choose ports for IPC and RPC unit tests. (cutting)
HADOOP-1825. Create $HADOOP_PID_DIR when it does not exist.
(Michael Bieniosek via cutting)
HADOOP-1425. Replace uses of ToolBase with the Tool interface.
(Enis Soztutar via cutting)
HADOOP-1569. Reimplement DistCP to use the standard FileSystem/URI
code in Hadoop so that you can copy from and to all of the supported file
systems.(Chris Douglas via omalley)
HADOOP-1018. Improve documentation w.r.t handling of lost hearbeats between
TaskTrackers and JobTracker. (acmurthy)
HADOOP-1718. Add ant targets for measuring code coverage with clover.
(simonwillnauer via nigel)
HADOOP-1592. Log error messages to the client console when tasks
fail. (Amar Kamat via cutting)
HADOOP-1879. Remove some unneeded casts. (Nilay Vaish via cutting)
HADOOP-1878. Add space between priority links on job details
page. (Thomas Friol via cutting)
HADOOP-120. In ArrayWritable, prevent creation with null value
class, and improve documentation. (Cameron Pope via cutting)
HADOOP-1926. Add a random text writer example/benchmark so that we can
benchmark compression codecs on random data. (acmurthy via omalley)
HADOOP-1906. Warn the user if they have an obsolete madred-default.xml
file in their configuration directory. (acmurthy via omalley)
HADOOP-1971. Warn when job does not specify a jar. (enis via cutting)
HADOOP-1942. Increase the concurrency of transaction logging to
edits log. Reduce the number of syncs by double-buffering the changes
to the transaction log. (Dhruba Borthakur)
HADOOP-2046. Improve mapred javadoc. (Arun C. Murthy via cutting)
HADOOP-2105. Improve overview.html to clarify supported platforms,
software pre-requisites for hadoop, how to install them on various
platforms and a better general description of hadoop and it's utility.
(Jim Kellerman via acmurthy)
Release 0.14.4 - 2007-11-26
HADOOP-2140. Add missing Apache Licensing text at the front of several
C and C++ files.
HADOOP-2169. Fix the DT_SONAME field of to set it to the
correct value of '', currently it is set to the absolute path of (acmurthy)
HADOOP-2001. Make the job priority updates and job kills synchronized on
the JobTracker. Deadlock was seen in the JobTracker because of the lack of
this synchronization. (Arun C Murthy via ddas)
Release 0.14.3 - 2007-10-19
HADOOP-2053. Fixed a dangling reference to a memory buffer in the map
output sorter. (acmurthy via omalley)
HADOOP-2036. Fix a NullPointerException in JvmMetrics class. (nigel)
HADOOP-2043. Release 0.14.2 was compiled with Java 1.6 rather than
Java 1.5. (cutting)
Release 0.14.2 - 2007-10-09
HADOOP-1948. Removed spurious error message during block crc upgrade.
(Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
HADOOP-1862. reduces are getting stuck trying to find map outputs.
(Arun C. Murthy via ddas)
HADOOP-1977. Fixed handling of ToolBase cli options in JobClient.
(enis via omalley)
HADOOP-1972. Fix LzoCompressor to ensure the user has actually asked
to finish compression. (arun via omalley)
HADOOP-1970. Fix deadlock in progress reporting in the task. (Vivek
Ratan via omalley)
HADOOP-1978. Name-node removes after a successful startup.
(Konstantin Shvachko via dhruba)
HADOOP-1955. The Namenode tries to not pick the same source Datanode for
a replication request if the earlier replication request for the same
block and that source Datanode had failed.
(Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
HADOOP-1961. The -get option to dfs-shell works when a single filename
is specified. (Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
HADOOP-1997. TestCheckpoint closes the edits file after writing to it,
otherwise the rename of this file on Windows fails.
(Konstantin Shvachko via dhruba)
Release 0.14.1 - 2007-09-04
HADOOP-1740. Fix null pointer exception in sorting map outputs. (Devaraj
Das via omalley)
HADOOP-1790. Fix tasktracker to work correctly on multi-homed
boxes. (Torsten Curdt via cutting)
HADOOP-1798. Fix jobtracker to correctly account for failed
tasks. (omalley via cutting)
Release 0.14.0 - 2007-08-17
1. HADOOP-1134.
CONFIG/API - dfs.block.size must now be a multiple of
io.byte.per.checksum, otherwise new files can not be written.
LAYOUT - DFS layout version changed from -6 to -7, which will require an
upgrade from previous versions.
PROTOCOL - Datanode RPC protocol version changed from 7 to 8.
2. HADOOP-1283
API - deprecated file locking API.
3. HADOOP-894
PROTOCOL - changed ClientProtocol to fetch parts of block locations.
4. HADOOP-1336
CONFIG - Enable speculative execution by default.
5. HADOOP-1197
API - deprecated method for Configuration.getObject, because
Configurations should only contain strings.
6. HADOOP-1343
API - deprecate Configuration.set(String,Object) so that only strings are
put in Configrations.
7. HADOOP-1207
CLI - Fix FsShell 'rm' command to continue when a non-existent file is
8. HADOOP-1473
CLI/API - Job, TIP, and Task id formats have changed and are now unique
across job tracker restarts.
9. HADOOP-1400
API - JobClient constructor now takes a JobConf object instead of a
Configuration object.
1. HADOOP-1197. In Configuration, deprecate getObject() and add
getRaw(), which skips variable expansion. (omalley via cutting)
2. HADOOP-1343. In Configuration, deprecate set(String,Object) and
implement Iterable. (omalley via cutting)
3. HADOOP-1344. Add RunningJob#getJobName(). (Michael Bieniosek via cutting)
4. HADOOP-1342. In aggregators, permit one to limit the number of
unique values per key. (Runping Qi via cutting)
5. HADOOP-1340. Set the replication factor of the MD5 file in the filecache
to be the same as the replication factor of the original file.
(Dhruba Borthakur via tomwhite.)
6. HADOOP-1355. Fix null pointer dereference in
TaskLogAppender.append(LoggingEvent). (Arun C Murthy via tomwhite.)
7. HADOOP-1357. Fix CopyFiles to correctly avoid removing "/".
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
8. HADOOP-234. Add pipes facility, which permits writing MapReduce
programs in C++.
9. HADOOP-1359. Fix a potential NullPointerException in HDFS.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
10. HADOOP-1364. Fix inconsistent synchronization in SequenceFile.
(omalley via cutting)
11. HADOOP-1379. Add findbugs target to build.xml.
(Nigel Daley via cutting)
12. HADOOP-1364. Fix various inconsistent synchronization issues.
(Devaraj Das via cutting)
13. HADOOP-1393. Remove a potential unexpected negative number from
uses of random number generator. (omalley via cutting)
14. HADOOP-1387. A number of "performance" code-cleanups suggested
by findbugs. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
15. HADOOP-1401. Add contrib/hbase javadoc to tree. (stack via cutting)
16. HADOOP-894. Change HDFS so that the client only retrieves a limited
number of block locations per request from the namenode.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
17. HADOOP-1406. Plug a leak in MapReduce's use of metrics.
(David Bowen via cutting)
18. HADOOP-1394. Implement "performance" code-cleanups in HDFS
suggested by findbugs. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
19. HADOOP-1413. Add example program that uses Knuth's dancing links
algorithm to solve pentomino problems. (omalley via cutting)
20. HADOOP-1226. Change HDFS so that paths it returns are always
fully qualified. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
21. HADOOP-800. Improvements to HDFS web-based file browser.
(Enis Soztutar via cutting)
22. HADOOP-1408. Fix a compiler warning by adding a class to replace
a generic. (omalley via cutting)
23. HADOOP-1376. Modify RandomWriter example so that it can generate
data for the Terasort benchmark. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
24. HADOOP-1429. Stop logging exceptions during normal IPC server
shutdown. (stack via cutting)
25. HADOOP-1461. Fix the synchronization of the task tracker to
avoid lockups in job cleanup. (Arun C Murthy via omalley)
26. HADOOP-1446. Update the TaskTracker metrics while the task is
running. (Devaraj via omalley)
27. HADOOP-1414. Fix a number of issues identified by FindBugs as
"Bad Practice". (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
28. HADOOP-1392. Fix "correctness" bugs identified by FindBugs in
fs and dfs packages. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
29. HADOOP-1412. Fix "dodgy" bugs identified by FindBugs in fs and
io packages. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
30. HADOOP-1261. Remove redundant events from HDFS namenode's edit
log when a datanode restarts. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
31. HADOOP-1336. Re-enable speculative execution by
default. (omalley via cutting)
32. HADOOP-1311. Fix a bug in BytesWritable#set() where start offset
was ignored. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
33. HADOOP-1450. Move checksumming closer to user code, so that
checksums are created before data is stored in large buffers and
verified after data is read from large buffers, to better catch
memory errors. (cutting)
34. HADOOP-1447. Add support in contrib/data_join for text inputs.
(Senthil Subramanian via cutting)
35. HADOOP-1456. Fix TestDecommission assertion failure by setting
the namenode to ignore the load on datanodes while allocating
replicas. (Dhruba Borthakur via tomwhite)
36. HADOOP-1396. Fix FileNotFoundException on DFS block.
(Dhruba Borthakur via tomwhite)
37. HADOOP-1467. Remove redundant counters from WordCount example.
(Owen O'Malley via tomwhite)
38. HADOOP-1139. Log HDFS block transitions at INFO level, to better
enable diagnosis of problems. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
39. HADOOP-1269. Finer grained locking in HDFS namenode.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
40. HADOOP-1438. Improve HDFS documentation, correcting typos and
making images appear in PDF. Also update copyright date for all
docs. (Luke Nezda via cutting)
41. HADOOP-1457. Add counters for monitoring task assignments.
(Arun C Murthy via tomwhite)
42. HADOOP-1472. Fix so that timed-out tasks are counted as failures
rather than as killed. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
43. HADOOP-1234. Fix a race condition in file cache that caused
tasktracker to not be able to find cached files.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
44. HADOOP-1482. Fix secondary namenode to roll info port.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
45. HADOOP-1300. Improve removal of excess block replicas to be
rack-aware. Attempts are now made to keep replicas on more
racks. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
46. HADOOP-1417. Disable a few FindBugs checks that generate a lot
of spurious warnings. (Nigel Daley via cutting)
47. HADOOP-1320. Rewrite RandomWriter example to bypass reduce.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
48. HADOOP-1449. Add some examples to contrib/data_join.
(Senthil Subramanian via cutting)
49. HADOOP-1459. Fix so that, in HDFS, getFileCacheHints() returns
hostnames instead of IP addresses. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
50. HADOOP-1493. Permit specification of "java.library.path" system
property in "" configuration property.
(Enis Soztutar via cutting)
51. HADOOP-1372. Use LocalDirAllocator for HDFS temporary block
files, so that disk space, writability, etc. is considered.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
52. HADOOP-1193. Pool allocation of compression codecs. This
eliminates a memory leak that could cause OutOfMemoryException,
and also substantially improves performance.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
53. HADOOP-1492. Fix a NullPointerException handling version
mismatch during datanode registration.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
54. HADOOP-1442. Fix handling of zero-length input splits.
(Senthil Subramanian via cutting)
55. HADOOP-1444. Fix HDFS block id generation to check pending
blocks for duplicates. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
56. HADOOP-1207. Fix FsShell's 'rm' command to not stop when one of
the named files does not exist. (Tsz Wo Sze via cutting)
57. HADOOP-1475. Clear tasktracker's file cache before it
re-initializes, to avoid confusion. (omalley via cutting)
58. HADOOP-1505. Remove spurious stacktrace in ZlibFactory
introduced in HADOOP-1093. (Michael Stack via tomwhite)
59. HADOOP-1484. Permit one to kill jobs from the web ui. Note that
this is disabled by default. One must set
"webinterface.private.actions" to enable this.
(Enis Soztutar via cutting)
60. HADOOP-1003. Remove flushing of namenode edit log from primary
namenode lock, increasing namenode throughput.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
61. HADOOP-1023. Add links to searchable mail archives.
(tomwhite via cutting)
62. HADOOP-1504. Fix terminate-hadoop-cluster script in contrib/ec2
to only terminate Hadoop instances, and not other instances
started by the same user. (tomwhite via cutting)
63. HADOOP-1462. Improve task progress reporting. Progress reports
are no longer blocking since i/o is performed in a separate
thread. Reporting during sorting and more is also more
consistent. (Vivek Ratan via cutting)
64. [ intentionally blank ]
65. HADOOP-1453. Remove some unneeded calls to FileSystem#exists()
when opening files, reducing the namenode load somewhat.
(Raghu Angadi via cutting)
66. HADOOP-1489. Fix text input truncation bug due to mark/reset.
Add a unittest. (Bwolen Yang via cutting)
67. HADOOP-1455. Permit specification of arbitrary job options on
pipes command line. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
68. HADOOP-1501. Better randomize sending of block reports to
namenode, so reduce load spikes. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
69. HADOOP-1147. Remove @author tags from Java source files.
70. HADOOP-1283. Convert most uses of UTF8 in the namenode to be
String. (Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
71. HADOOP-1511. Speedup hbase unit tests. (stack via cutting)
72. HADOOP-1517. Remove some synchronization in namenode to permit
finer grained locking previously added. (Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
73. HADOOP-1512. Fix failing TestTextInputFormat on Windows.
(Senthil Subramanian via nigel)
74. HADOOP-1518. Add a session id to job metrics, for use by HOD.
(David Bowen via cutting)
75. HADOOP-1292. Change 'bin/hadoop fs -get' to first copy files to
a temporary name, then rename them to their final name, so that
failures don't leave partial files. (Tsz Wo Sze via cutting)
76. HADOOP-1377. Add support for modification time to FileSystem and
implement in HDFS and local implementations. Also, alter access
to file properties to be through a new FileStatus interface.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
77. HADOOP-1515. Add MultiFileInputFormat, which can pack multiple,
typically small, input files into each split. (Enis Soztutar via cutting)
78. HADOOP-1514. Make reducers report progress while waiting for map
outputs, so they're not killed. (Vivek Ratan via cutting)
79. HADOOP-1508. Add an Ant task for FsShell operations. Also add
new FsShell commands "touchz", "test" and "stat".
(Chris Douglas via cutting)
80. HADOOP-1028. Add log messages for server startup and shutdown.
(Tsz Wo Sze via cutting)
81. HADOOP-1485. Add metrics for monitoring shuffle.
(Devaraj Das via cutting)
82. HADOOP-1536. Remove file locks from libhdfs tests.
(Dhruba Borthakur via nigel)
83. HADOOP-1520. Add appropriate synchronization to FSEditsLog.
(Dhruba Borthakur via nigel)
84. HADOOP-1513. Fix a race condition in directory creation.
(Devaraj via omalley)
85. HADOOP-1546. Remove spurious column from HDFS web UI.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
86. HADOOP-1556. Make LocalJobRunner delete working files at end of
job run. (Devaraj Das via tomwhite)
87. HADOOP-1571. Add contrib lib directories to root build.xml
javadoc classpath. (Michael Stack via tomwhite)
88. HADOOP-1554. Log killed tasks to the job history and display them on the
web/ui. (Devaraj Das via omalley)
89. HADOOP-1533. Add persistent error logging for distcp. The logs are stored
into a specified hdfs directory. (Senthil Subramanian via omalley)
90. HADOOP-1286. Add support to HDFS for distributed upgrades, which
permits coordinated upgrade of datanode data.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
91. HADOOP-1580. Improve contrib/streaming so that subprocess exit
status is displayed for errors. (John Heidemann via cutting)
92. HADOOP-1448. In HDFS, randomize lists of non-local block
locations returned to client, so that load is better balanced.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
93. HADOOP-1578. Fix datanode to send its storage id to namenode
during registration. (Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
94. HADOOP-1584. Fix a bug in GenericWritable which limited it to
128 types instead of 256. (Espen Amble Kolstad via cutting)
95. HADOOP-1473. Make job ids unique across jobtracker restarts.
(omalley via cutting)
96. HADOOP-1582. Fix hdfslib to return 0 instead of -1 at
end-of-file, per C conventions. (Christian Kunz via cutting)
97. HADOOP-911. Fix a multithreading bug in libhdfs.
(Christian Kunz)
98. HADOOP-1486. Fix so that fatal exceptions in namenode cause it
to exit. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
99. HADOOP-1470. Factor checksum generation and validation out of
ChecksumFileSystem so that it can be reused by FileSystem's with
built-in checksumming. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
100. HADOOP-1590. Use relative urls in jobtracker jsp pages, so that
webapp can be used in non-root contexts. (Thomas Friol via cutting)
101. HADOOP-1596. Fix the parsing of taskids by streaming and improve the
error reporting. (omalley)
102. HADOOP-1535. Fix the user-controlled grouping to the reduce function.
(Vivek Ratan via omalley)
103. HADOOP-1585. Modify GenericWritable to declare the classes as subtypes
of Writable (Espen Amble Kolstad via omalley)
104. HADOOP-1576. Fix errors in count of completed tasks when
speculative execution is enabled. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
105. HADOOP-1598. Fix license headers: adding missing; updating old.
(Enis Soztutar via cutting)
106. HADOOP-1547. Provide examples for aggregate library.
(Runping Qi via tomwhite)
107. HADOOP-1570. Permit jobs to enable and disable the use of
hadoop's native library. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
108. HADOOP-1433. Add job priority. (Johan Oskarsson via tomwhite)
109. HADOOP-1597. Add status reports and post-upgrade options to HDFS
distributed upgrade. (Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
110. HADOOP-1524. Permit user task logs to appear as they're
created. (Michael Bieniosek via cutting)
111. HADOOP-1599. Fix distcp bug on Windows. (Senthil Subramanian via cutting)
112. HADOOP-1562. Add JVM metrics, including GC and logging stats.
(David Bowen via cutting)
113. HADOOP-1613. Fix "DFS Health" page to display correct time of
last contact. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
114. HADOOP-1134. Add optimized checksum support to HDFS. Checksums
are now stored with each block, rather than as parallel files.
This reduces the namenode's memory requirements and increases
data integrity. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
115. HADOOP-1400. Make JobClient retry requests, so that clients can
survive jobtracker problems. (omalley via cutting)
116. HADOOP-1564. Add unit tests for HDFS block-level checksums.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
117. HADOOP-1620. Reduce the number of abstract FileSystem methods,
simplifying implementations. (cutting)
118. HADOOP-1625. Fix a "could not move files" exception in datanode.
(Raghu Angadi via cutting)
119. HADOOP-1624. Fix an infinite loop in datanode. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
120. HADOOP-1084. Switch mapred file cache to use file modification
time instead of checksum to detect file changes, as checksums are
no longer easily accessed. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
130. HADOOP-1623. Fix an infinite loop when copying directories.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
131. HADOOP-1603. Fix a bug in namenode initialization where
default replication is sometimes reset to one on restart.
(Raghu Angadi via cutting)
132. HADOOP-1635. Remove hardcoded keypair name and fix launch-hadoop-cluster
to support later versions of ec2-api-tools. (Stu Hood via tomwhite)
133. HADOOP-1638. Fix contrib EC2 scripts to support NAT addressing.
(Stu Hood via tomwhite)
134. HADOOP-1632. Fix an IllegalArgumentException in fsck.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
135. HADOOP-1619. Fix FSInputChecker to not attempt to read past EOF.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
136. HADOOP-1640. Fix TestDecommission on Windows.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
137. HADOOP-1587. Fix TestSymLink to get required system properties.
(Devaraj Das via omalley)
138. HADOOP-1628. Add block CRC protocol unit tests. (Raghu Angadi via omalley)
139. HADOOP-1653. FSDirectory code-cleanups. FSDirectory.INode
becomes a static class. (Christophe Taton via dhruba)
140. HADOOP-1066. Restructure documentation to make more user
friendly. (Connie Kleinjans and Jeff Hammerbacher via cutting)
141. HADOOP-1551. libhdfs supports setting replication factor and
retrieving modification time of files. (Sameer Paranjpye via dhruba)
141. HADOOP-1647. FileSystem.getFileStatus returns valid values for "/".
(Dhruba Borthakur via dhruba)
142. HADOOP-1657. Fix NNBench to ensure that the block size is a
multiple of bytes.per.checksum. (Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
143. HADOOP-1553. Replace user task output and log capture code to use shell
redirection instead of copier threads in the TaskTracker. Capping the
size of the output is now done via tail in memory and thus should not be
large. The output of the tasklog servlet is not forced into UTF8 and is
not buffered entirely in memory. (omalley)
Configuration changes to hadoop-default.xml:
remove mapred.userlog.num.splits
remove mapred.userlog.purge.splits
change default mapred.userlog.limit.kb to 0 (no limit)
change default mapred.userlog.retain.hours to 24
Configuration changes to
remove log4j.appender.TLA.noKeepSplits
remove log4j.appender.TLA.purgeLogSplits
remove log4j.appender.TLA.logsRetainHours
URL changes:
http://<tasktracker>/tasklog.jsp -> http://<tasktracker>tasklog with
parameters limited to start and end, which may be positive (from
start) or negative (from end).
require bash (v2 or later) and tail
144. HADOOP-1659. Fix a job id/job name mixup. (Arun C. Murthy via omalley)
145. HADOOP-1665. With HDFS Trash enabled and the same file was created
and deleted more than once, the suceeding deletions creates Trash item
names suffixed with a integer. (Dhruba Borthakur via dhruba)
146. HADOOP-1666. FsShell object can be used for multiple fs commands.
(Dhruba Borthakur via dhruba)
147. HADOOP-1654. Remove performance regression introduced by Block CRC.
(Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
148. HADOOP-1680. Improvements to Block CRC upgrade messages.
(Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
149. HADOOP-71. Allow Text and SequenceFile Map/Reduce inputs from non-default
filesystems. (omalley)
150. HADOOP-1568. Expose HDFS as xml/http filesystem to provide cross-version
compatability. (Chris Douglas via omalley)
151. HADOOP-1668. Added an INCOMPATIBILITY section to CHANGES.txt. (nigel)
152. HADOOP-1629. Added a upgrade test for HADOOP-1134.
(Raghu Angadi via nigel)
153. HADOOP-1698. Fix performance problems on map output sorting for jobs
with large numbers of reduces. (Devaraj Das via omalley)
154. HADOOP-1716. Fix a Pipes wordcount example to remove the 'file:'
schema from its output path. (omalley via cutting)
155. HADOOP-1714. Fix TestDFSUpgradeFromImage to work on Windows.
(Raghu Angadi via nigel)
156. HADOOP-1663. Return a non-zero exit code if streaming fails. (Lohit Renu
via omalley)
157. HADOOP-1712. Fix an unhandled exception on datanode during block
CRC upgrade. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
158. HADOOP-1717. Fix TestDFSUpgradeFromImage to work on Solaris.
(nigel via cutting)
159. HADOOP-1437. Add Eclipse plugin in contrib.
(Eugene Hung and Christophe Taton via cutting)
Release 0.13.0 - 2007-06-08
1. HADOOP-1047. Fix TestReplication to succeed more reliably.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
2. HADOOP-1063. Fix a race condition in MiniDFSCluster test code.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
3. HADOOP-1101. In web ui, split shuffle statistics from reduce
statistics, and add some task averages. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
4. HADOOP-1071. Improve handling of protocol version mismatch in
JobTracker. (Tahir Hashmi via cutting)
5. HADOOP-1116. Increase heap size used for contrib unit tests.
(Philippe Gassmann via cutting)
6. HADOOP-1120. Add contrib/data_join, tools to simplify joining
data from multiple sources using MapReduce. (Runping Qi via cutting)
7. HADOOP-1064. Reduce log level of some DFSClient messages.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
8. HADOOP-1137. Fix StatusHttpServer to work correctly when
resources are in a jar file. (Benjamin Reed via cutting)
9. HADOOP-1094. Optimize generated Writable implementations for
records to not allocate a new BinaryOutputArchive or
BinaryInputArchive per call. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
10. HADOOP-1068. Improve error message for clusters with 0 datanodes.
(Dhruba Borthakur via tomwhite)
11. HADOOP-1122. Fix divide-by-zero exception in FSNamesystem
chooseTarget method. (Dhruba Borthakur via tomwhite)
12. HADOOP-1131. Add a closeAll() static method to FileSystem.
(Philippe Gassmann via tomwhite)
13. HADOOP-1085. Improve port selection in HDFS and MapReduce test
code. Ports are now selected by the OS during testing rather than
by probing for free ports, improving test reliability.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
14. HADOOP-1153. Fix HDFS daemons to correctly stop their threads.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
15. HADOOP-1146. Add a counter for reduce input keys and rename the
"reduce input records" counter to be "reduce input groups".
(David Bowen via cutting)
16. HADOOP-1165. In records, replace idential generated toString
methods with a method on the base class. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
17. HADOOP-1164. Fix TestReplicationPolicy to specify port zero, so
that a free port is automatically selected. (omalley via cutting)
18. HADOOP-1166. Add a NullOutputFormat and use it in the
RandomWriter example. (omalley via cutting)
19. HADOOP-1169. Fix a cut/paste error in CopyFiles utility so that
S3-based source files are correctly copied. (Michael Stack via cutting)
20. HADOOP-1167. Remove extra synchronization in InMemoryFileSystem.
(omalley via cutting)
21. HADOOP-1110. Fix an off-by-one error counting map inputs.
(David Bowen via cutting)
22. HADOOP-1178. Fix a NullPointerException during namenode startup.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
23. HADOOP-1011. Fix a ConcurrentModificationException when viewing
job history. (Tahir Hashmi via cutting)
24. HADOOP-672. Improve help for fs shell commands.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
25. HADOOP-1170. Improve datanode performance by removing device
checks from common operations. (Igor Bolotin via cutting)
26. HADOOP-1090. Fix SortValidator's detection of whether the input
file belongs to the sort-input or sort-output directory.
(Arun C Murthy via tomwhite)
27. HADOOP-1081. Fix bin/hadoop on Darwin. (Michael Bieniosek via cutting)
28. HADOOP-1045. Add contrib/hbase, a BigTable-like online database.
(Jim Kellerman via cutting)
29. HADOOP-1156. Fix a NullPointerException in MiniDFSCluster.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
30. HADOOP-702. Add tools to help automate HDFS upgrades.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
31. HADOOP-1163. Fix ganglia metrics to aggregate metrics from different
hosts properly. (Michael Bieniosek via tomwhite)
32. HADOOP-1194. Make compression style record level for map output
compression. (Arun C Murthy via tomwhite)
33. HADOOP-1187. Improve DFS Scalability: avoid scanning entire list of
datanodes in getAdditionalBlocks. (Dhruba Borthakur via tomwhite)
34. HADOOP-1133. Add tool to analyze and debug namenode on a production
cluster. (Dhruba Borthakur via tomwhite)
35. HADOOP-1151. Remove spurious printing to stderr in streaming
PipeMapRed. (Koji Noguchi via tomwhite)
36. HADOOP-988. Change namenode to use a single map of blocks to metadata.
(Raghu Angadi via tomwhite)
37. HADOOP-1203. Change UpgradeUtilities used by DFS tests to use
MiniDFSCluster to start and stop NameNode/DataNodes.
(Nigel Daley via tomwhite)
38. HADOOP-1217. Add test.timeout property to build.xml, so that
long-running unit tests may be automatically terminated.
(Nigel Daley via cutting)
39. HADOOP-1149. Improve DFS Scalability: make
processOverReplicatedBlock() a no-op if blocks are not
over-replicated. (Raghu Angadi via tomwhite)
40. HADOOP-1149. Improve DFS Scalability: optimize getDistance(),
contains(), and isOnSameRack() in NetworkTopology.
(Hairong Kuang via tomwhite)
41. HADOOP-1218. Make synchronization on TaskTracker's RunningJob
object consistent. (Devaraj Das via tomwhite)
42. HADOOP-1219. Ignore progress report once a task has reported as
'done'. (Devaraj Das via tomwhite)
43. HADOOP-1114. Permit user to specify additional CLASSPATH elements
with a HADOOP_CLASSPATH environment variable. (cutting)
44. HADOOP-1198. Remove ipc.client.timeout parameter override from
unit test configuration. Using the default is more robust and
has almost the same run time. (Arun C Murthy via tomwhite)
45. HADOOP-1211. Remove deprecated constructor and unused static
members in DataNode class. (Konstantin Shvachko via tomwhite)
46. HADOOP-1136. Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in
FSNamesystem$UnderReplicatedBlocks add() method.
(Hairong Kuang via tomwhite)
47. HADOOP-978. Add the client name and the address of the node that
previously started to create the file to the description of
AlreadyBeingCreatedException. (Konstantin Shvachko via tomwhite)
48. HADOOP-1001. Check the type of keys and values generated by the
mapper against the types specified in JobConf.
(Tahir Hashmi via tomwhite)
49. HADOOP-971. Improve DFS Scalability: Improve name node performance
by adding a hostname to datanodes map. (Hairong Kuang via tomwhite)
50. HADOOP-1189. Fix 'No space left on device' exceptions on datanodes.
(Raghu Angadi via tomwhite)
51. HADOOP-819. Change LineRecordWriter to not insert a tab between
key and value when either is null, and to print nothing when both
are null. (Runping Qi via cutting)
52. HADOOP-1204. Rename InputFormatBase to be FileInputFormat, and
deprecate InputFormatBase. Also make LineRecordReader easier to
extend. (Runping Qi via cutting)
53. HADOOP-1213. Improve logging of errors by IPC server, to
consistently include the service name and the call. (cutting)
54. HADOOP-1238. Fix metrics reporting by TaskTracker to correctly
track maps_running and reduces_running.
(Michael Bieniosek via cutting)
55. HADOOP-1093. Fix a race condition in HDFS where blocks were
sometimes erased before they were reported written.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
56. HADOOP-1239. Add a package name to some testjar test classes.
(Jim Kellerman via cutting)
57. HADOOP-1241. Fix NullPointerException in processReport when
namenode is restarted. (Dhruba Borthakur via tomwhite)
58. HADOOP-1244. Fix to no longer incorrectly specify
slaves file for stopping datanode.
(Michael Bieniosek via tomwhite)
59. HADOOP-1253. Fix ConcurrentModificationException and
NullPointerException in JobControl.
(Johan Oskarson via tomwhite)
60. HADOOP-1256. Fix NameNode so that multiple DataNodeDescriptors
can no longer be created on startup. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
61. HADOOP-1214. Replace streaming classes with new counterparts
from Hadoop core. (Runping Qi via tomwhite)
62. HADOOP-1250. Move a chmod utility from streaming to FileUtil.
(omalley via cutting)
63. HADOOP-1258. Fix TestCheckpoint test case to wait for
MiniDFSCluster to be active. (Nigel Daley via tomwhite)
64. HADOOP-1148. Re-indent all Java source code to consistently use
two spaces per indent level. (cutting)
65. HADOOP-1251. Add a method to Reporter to get the map InputSplit.
(omalley via cutting)
66. HADOOP-1224. Fix "Browse the filesystem" link to no longer point
to dead datanodes. (Enis Soztutar via tomwhite)
67. HADOOP-1154. Fail a streaming task if the threads reading from or
writing to the streaming process fail. (Koji Noguchi via tomwhite)
68. HADOOP-968. Move shuffle and sort to run in reduce's child JVM,
rather than in TaskTracker. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
69. HADOOP-1111. Add support for client notification of job
completion. If the job configuration has a job.end.notification.url
property it will make a HTTP GET request to the specified URL.
The number of retries and the interval between retries is also
configurable. (Alejandro Abdelnur via tomwhite)
70. HADOOP-1275. Fix misspelled job notification property in
hadoop-default.xml. (Alejandro Abdelnur via tomwhite)
71. HADOOP-1152. Fix race condition in MapOutputCopier.copyOutput file
rename causing possible reduce task hang.
(Tahir Hashmi via tomwhite)
72. HADOOP-1050. Distinguish between failed and killed tasks so as to
not count a lost tasktracker against the job.
(Arun C Murthy via tomwhite)
73. HADOOP-1271. Fix StreamBaseRecordReader to be able to log record
data that's not UTF-8. (Arun C Murthy via tomwhite)
74. HADOOP-1190. Fix unchecked warnings in main Hadoop code.
75. HADOOP-1127. Fix AlreadyBeingCreatedException in namenode for
jobs run with speculative execution.
(Arun C Murthy via tomwhite)
76. HADOOP-1282. Omnibus HBase patch. Improved tests & configuration.
(Jim Kellerman via cutting)
77. HADOOP-1262. Make dfs client try to read from a different replica
of the checksum file when a checksum error is detected.
(Hairong Kuang via tomwhite)
78. HADOOP-1279. Fix JobTracker to maintain list of recently
completed jobs by order of completion, not submission.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
79. HADOOP-1284. In contrib/streaming, permit flexible specification
of field delimiter and fields for partitioning and sorting.
(Runping Qi via cutting)
80. HADOOP-1176. Fix a bug where reduce would hang when a map had
more than 2GB of output for it. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
81. HADOOP-1293. Fix contrib/streaming to print more than the first
twenty lines of standard error. (Koji Noguchi via cutting)
82. HADOOP-1297. Fix datanode so that requests to remove blocks that
do not exist no longer causes block reports to be re-sent every
second. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
83. HADOOP-1216. Change MapReduce so that, when numReduceTasks is
zero, map outputs are written directly as final output, skipping
shuffle, sort and reduce. Use this to implement reduce=NONE
option in contrib/streaming. (Runping Qi via cutting)
84. HADOOP-1294. Fix unchecked warnings in main Hadoop code under
Java 6. (tomwhite)
85. HADOOP-1299. Fix so that RPC will restart after RPC.stopClient()
has been called. (Michael Stack via cutting)
86. HADOOP-1278. Improve blacklisting of TaskTrackers by JobTracker,
to reduce false positives. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
87. HADOOP-1290. Move contrib/abacus into mapred/lib/aggregate.
(Runping Qi via cutting)
88. HADOOP-1272. Extract inner classes from FSNamesystem into separate
classes. (Dhruba Borthakur via tomwhite)
89. HADOOP-1247. Add support to contrib/streaming for aggregate
package, formerly called Abacus. (Runping Qi via cutting)
90. HADOOP-1061. Fix bug in listing files in the S3 filesystem.
NOTE: this change is not backwards compatible! You should use the
MigrationTool supplied to migrate existing S3 filesystem data to
the new format. Please backup your data first before upgrading
(using 'hadoop distcp' for example). (tomwhite)
91. HADOOP-1304. Make configurable the maximum number of task
attempts before a job fails. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
92. HADOOP-1308. Use generics to restrict types when classes are
passed as parameters to JobConf methods. (Michael Bieniosek via cutting)
93. HADOOP-1312. Fix a ConcurrentModificationException in NameNode
that killed the heartbeat monitoring thread.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
94. HADOOP-1315. Clean up contrib/streaming, switching it to use core
classes more and removing unused code. (Runping Qi via cutting)
95. HADOOP-485. Allow a different comparator for grouping keys in
calls to reduce. (Tahir Hashmi via cutting)
96. HADOOP-1322. Fix TaskTracker blacklisting to work correctly in
one- and two-node clusters. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
97. HADOOP-1144. Permit one to specify a maximum percentage of tasks
that can fail before a job is aborted. The default is zero.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
98. HADOOP-1184. Fix HDFS decomissioning to complete when the only
copy of a block is on a decommissioned node. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
99. HADOOP-1263. Change DFSClient to retry certain namenode calls
with a random, exponentially increasing backoff time, to avoid
overloading the namenode on, e.g., job start. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
100. HADOOP-1325. First complete, functioning version of HBase.
(Jim Kellerman via cutting)
101. HADOOP-1276. Make tasktracker expiry interval configurable.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
102. HADOOP-1326. Change JobClient#RunJob() to return the job.
(omalley via cutting)
103. HADOOP-1270. Randomize the fetch of map outputs, speeding the
shuffle. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
104. HADOOP-1200. Restore disk checking lost in HADOOP-1170.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
105. HADOOP-1252. Changed MapReduce's allocation of local files to
use round-robin among available devices, rather than a hashcode.
More care is also taken to not allocate files on full or offline
drives. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
106. HADOOP-1324. Change so that an FSError kills only the task that
generates it rather than the entire task tracker.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
107. HADOOP-1310. Fix unchecked warnings in aggregate code. (tomwhite)
108. HADOOP-1255. Fix a bug where the namenode falls into an infinite
loop trying to remove a dead node. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
109. HADOOP-1160. Fix DistributedFileSystem.close() to close the
underlying FileSystem, correctly aborting files being written.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
110. HADOOP-1341. Fix intermittent failures in HBase unit tests
caused by deadlock. (Jim Kellerman via cutting)
111. HADOOP-1350. Fix shuffle performance problem caused by forcing
chunked encoding of map outputs. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
112. HADOOP-1345. Fix HDFS to correctly retry another replica when a
checksum error is encountered. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
113. HADOOP-1205. Improve synchronization around HDFS block map.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
114. HADOOP-1353. Fix a potential NullPointerException in namenode.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
115. HADOOP-1354. Fix a potential NullPointerException in FsShell.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
116. HADOOP-1358. Fix a potential bug when DFSClient calls skipBytes.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
117. HADOOP-1356. Fix a bug in ValueHistogram. (Runping Qi via cutting)
118. HADOOP-1363. Fix locking bug in JobClient#waitForCompletion().
(omalley via cutting)
119. HADOOP-1368. Fix inconsistent synchronization in JobInProgress.
(omalley via cutting)
120. HADOOP-1369. Fix inconsistent synchronization in TaskTracker.
(omalley via cutting)
121. HADOOP-1361. Fix various calls to skipBytes() to check return
value. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
122. HADOOP-1388. Fix a potential NullPointerException in web ui.
(Devaraj Das via cutting)
123. HADOOP-1385. Fix MD5Hash#hashCode() to generally hash to more
than 256 values. (omalley via cutting)
124. HADOOP-1386. Fix Path to not permit the empty string as a
path, as this has lead to accidental file deletion. Instead
force applications to use "." to name the default directory.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
125. HADOOP-1407. Fix integer division bug in JobInProgress which
meant failed tasks didn't cause the job to fail.
(Arun C Murthy via tomwhite)
126. HADOOP-1427. Fix a typo that caused GzipCodec to incorrectly use
a very small input buffer. (Espen Amble Kolstad via cutting)
127. HADOOP-1435. Fix globbing code to no longer use the empty string
to indicate the default directory, per HADOOP-1386.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
128. HADOOP-1411. Make task retry framework handle
AlreadyBeingCreatedException when wrapped as a RemoteException.
(Hairong Kuang via tomwhite)
129. HADOOP-1242. Improve handling of DFS upgrades.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
130. HADOOP-1332. Fix so that TaskTracker exits reliably during unit
tests on Windows. (omalley via cutting)
131. HADOOP-1431. Fix so that sort progress reporting during map runs
only while sorting, so that stuck maps are correctly terminated.
(Devaraj Das and Arun C Murthy via cutting)
132. HADOOP-1452. Change TaskTracker.MapOutputServlet.doGet.totalRead
to a long, permitting map outputs to exceed 2^31 bytes.
(omalley via cutting)
133. HADOOP-1443. Fix a bug opening zero-length files in HDFS.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
Release 0.12.3 - 2007-04-06
1. HADOOP-1162. Fix bug in record CSV and XML serialization of
binary values. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
2. HADOOP-1123. Fix NullPointerException in LocalFileSystem when
trying to recover from a checksum error.
(Hairong Kuang & Nigel Daley via tomwhite)
3. HADOOP-1177. Fix bug where IOException in MapOutputLocation.getFile
was not being logged. (Devaraj Das via tomwhite)
4. HADOOP-1175. Fix bugs in JSP for displaying a task's log messages.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
5. HADOOP-1191. Fix map tasks to wait until sort progress thread has
stopped before reporting the task done. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
6. HADOOP-1192. Fix an integer overflow bug in FSShell's 'dus'
command and a performance problem in HDFS's implementation of it.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
7. HADOOP-1105. Fix reducers to make "progress" while iterating
through values. (Devaraj Das & Owen O'Malley via tomwhite)
8. HADOOP-1179. Make Task Tracker close index file as soon as the read
is done when serving get-map-output requests.
(Devaraj Das via tomwhite)
Release 0.12.2 - 2007-23-17
1. HADOOP-1135. Fix bug in block report processing which may cause
the namenode to delete blocks. (Dhruba Borthakur via tomwhite)
2. HADOOP-1145. Make XML serializer and deserializer classes public
in record package. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
3. HADOOP-1140. Fix a deadlock in metrics. (David Bowen via cutting)
4. HADOOP-1150. Fix streaming -reducer and -mapper to give them
defaults. (Owen O'Malley via tomwhite)
Release 0.12.1 - 2007-03-17
1. HADOOP-1035. Fix a StackOverflowError in FSDataSet.
(Raghu Angadi via cutting)
2. HADOOP-1053. Fix VInt representation of negative values. Also
remove references in generated record code to methods outside of
the record package and improve some record documentation.
(Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
3. HADOOP-1067. Compile fails if Checkstyle jar is present in lib
directory. Also remove dependency on a particular Checkstyle
version number. (tomwhite)
4. HADOOP-1060. Fix an IndexOutOfBoundsException in the JobTracker
that could cause jobs to hang. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
5. HADOOP-1077. Fix a race condition fetching map outputs that could
hang reduces. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
6. HADOOP-1083. Fix so that when a cluster restarts with a missing
datanode, its blocks are replicated. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
7. HADOOP-1082. Fix a NullPointerException in ChecksumFileSystem.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
8. HADOOP-1088. Fix record serialization of negative values.
(Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
9. HADOOP-1080. Fix bug in bin/hadoop on Windows when native
libraries are present. (ab via cutting)
10. HADOOP-1091. Fix a NullPointerException in MetricsRecord.
(David Bowen via tomwhite)
11. HADOOP-1092. Fix a NullPointerException in HeartbeatMonitor
thread. (Hairong Kuang via tomwhite)
12. HADOOP-1112. Fix a race condition in Hadoop metrics.
(David Bowen via tomwhite)
13. HADOOP-1108. Checksummed file system should retry reading if a
different replica is found when handling ChecksumException.
(Hairong Kuang via tomwhite)
14. HADOOP-1070. Fix a problem with number of racks and datanodes
temporarily doubling. (Konstantin Shvachko via tomwhite)
15. HADOOP-1099. Fix NullPointerException in JobInProgress.
(Gautam Kowshik via tomwhite)
16. HADOOP-1115. Fix bug where FsShell copyToLocal doesn't
copy directories. (Hairong Kuang via tomwhite)
17. HADOOP-1109. Fix NullPointerException in StreamInputFormat.
(Koji Noguchi via tomwhite)
18. HADOOP-1117. Fix DFS scalability: when the namenode is
restarted it consumes 80% CPU. (Dhruba Borthakur via
19. HADOOP-1089. Make the C++ version of write and read v-int
agree with the Java versions. (Milind Bhandarkar via
20. HADOOP-1096. Rename InputArchive and OutputArchive and
make them public. (Milind Bhandarkar via tomwhite)
21. HADOOP-1128. Fix missing progress information in map tasks.
(Espen Amble Kolstad, Andrzej Bialecki, and Owen O'Malley
via tomwhite)
22. HADOOP-1129. Fix DFSClient to not hide IOExceptions in
flush method. (Hairong Kuang via tomwhite)
23. HADOOP-1126. Optimize CPU usage for under replicated blocks
when cluster restarts. (Hairong Kuang via tomwhite)
Release 0.12.0 - 2007-03-02
1. HADOOP-975. Separate stdout and stderr from tasks.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
2. HADOOP-982. Add some setters and a toString() method to
BytesWritable. (omalley via cutting)
3. HADOOP-858. Move contrib/smallJobsBenchmark to src/test, removing
obsolete bits. (Nigel Daley via cutting)
4. HADOOP-992. Fix MiniMR unit tests to use MiniDFS when specified,
rather than the local FS. (omalley via cutting)
5. HADOOP-954. Change use of metrics to use callback mechanism.
Also rename utility class Metrics to MetricsUtil.
(David Bowen & Nigel Daley via cutting)
6. HADOOP-893. Improve HDFS client's handling of dead datanodes.
The set is no longer reset with each block, but rather is now
maintained for the life of an open file. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
7. HADOOP-882. Upgrade to jets3t version 0.5, used by the S3
FileSystem. This version supports retries. (Michael Stack via cutting)
8. HADOOP-977. Send task's stdout and stderr to JobClient's stdout
and stderr respectively, with each line tagged by the task's name.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
9. HADOOP-761. Change unit tests to not use /tmp. (Nigel Daley via cutting)
10. HADOOP-1007. Make names of metrics used in Hadoop unique.
(Nigel Daley via cutting)
11. HADOOP-491. Change mapred.task.timeout to be per-job, and make a
value of zero mean no timeout. Also change contrib/streaming to
disable task timeouts. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
12. HADOOP-1010. Add Reporter.NULL, a Reporter implementation that
does nothing. (Runping Qi via cutting)
13. HADOOP-923. In HDFS NameNode, move replication computation to a
separate thread, to improve heartbeat processing time.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
14. HADOOP-476. Rewrite contrib/streaming command-line processing,
improving parameter validation. (Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
15. HADOOP-973. Improve error messages in Namenode. This should help
to track down a problem that was appearing as a
NullPointerException. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
16. HADOOP-649. Fix so that jobs with no tasks are not lost.
(Thomas Friol via cutting)
17. HADOOP-803. Reduce memory use by HDFS namenode, phase I.
(Raghu Angadi via cutting)
18. HADOOP-1021. Fix MRCaching-based unit tests on Windows.
(Nigel Daley via cutting)
19. HADOOP-889. Remove duplicate code from HDFS unit tests.
(Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
20. HADOOP-943. Improve HDFS's fsck command to display the filename
for under-replicated blocks. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
21. HADOOP-333. Add validator for sort benchmark output.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
22. HADOOP-947. Improve performance of datanode decomissioning.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
23. HADOOP-442. Permit one to specify hosts allowed to connect to
namenode and jobtracker with include and exclude files. (Wendy
Chien via cutting)
24. HADOOP-1017. Cache constructors, for improved performance.
(Ron Bodkin via cutting)
25. HADOOP-867. Move split creation out of JobTracker to client.
Splits are now saved in a separate file, read by task processes
directly, so that user code is no longer required in the
JobTracker. (omalley via cutting)
26. HADOOP-1006. Remove obsolete '-local' option from test code.
(Gautam Kowshik via cutting)
27. HADOOP-952. Create a public (shared) Hadoop EC2 AMI.
The EC2 scripts now support launch of public AMIs.
28. HADOOP-1025. Remove some obsolete code in ipc.Server. (cutting)
29. HADOOP-997. Implement S3 retry mechanism for failed block
transfers. This includes a generic retry mechanism for use
elsewhere in Hadoop. (tomwhite)
30. HADOOP-990. Improve HDFS support for full datanode volumes.
(Raghu Angadi via cutting)
31. HADOOP-564. Replace uses of "dfs://" URIs with the more standard
"hdfs://". (Wendy Chien via cutting)
32. HADOOP-1030. In unit tests, unify setting of ipc.client.timeout.
Also increase the value used from one to two seconds, in hopes of
making tests complete more reliably. (cutting)
33. HADOOP-654. Stop assigning tasks to a tasktracker if it has
failed more than a specified number in the job.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
34. HADOOP-985. Change HDFS to identify nodes by IP address rather
than by DNS hostname. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
35. HADOOP-248. Optimize location of map outputs to not use random
probes. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
36. HADOOP-1029. Fix streaming's input format to correctly seek to
the start of splits. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
37. HADOOP-492. Add per-job and per-task counters. These are
incremented via the Reporter interface and available through the
web ui and the JobClient API. The mapreduce framework maintains a
few basic counters, and applications may add their own. Counters
are also passed to the metrics system.
(David Bowen via cutting)
38. HADOOP-1034. Fix datanode to better log exceptions.
(Philippe Gassmann via cutting)
39. HADOOP-878. In contrib/streaming, fix reducer=NONE to work with
multiple maps. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
40. HADOOP-1039. In HDFS's TestCheckpoint, avoid restarting
MiniDFSCluster so often, speeding this test. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
41. HADOOP-1040. Update RandomWriter example to use counters and
user-defined input and output formats. (omalley via cutting)
42. HADOOP-1027. Fix problems with in-memory merging during shuffle
and re-enable this optimization. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
43. HADOOP-1036. Fix exception handling in TaskTracker to keep tasks
from being lost. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
44. HADOOP-1042. Improve the handling of failed map output fetches.
(Devaraj Das via cutting)
45. HADOOP-928. Make checksums optional per FileSystem.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
46. HADOOP-1044. Fix HDFS's TestDecommission to not spuriously fail.
(Wendy Chien via cutting)
47. HADOOP-972. Optimize HDFS's rack-aware block placement algorithm.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
48. HADOOP-1043. Optimize shuffle, increasing parallelism.
(Devaraj Das via cutting)
49. HADOOP-940. Improve HDFS's replication scheduling.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
50. HADOOP-1020. Fix a bug in Path resolution, and a with unit tests
on Windows. (cutting)
51. HADOOP-941. Enhance record facility.
(Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
52. HADOOP-1000. Fix so that log messages in task subprocesses are
not written to a task's standard error. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
53. HADOOP-1037. Fix bin/, which currently only works with
/bin/bash, to specify /bin/bash rather than /bin/sh. (cutting)
54. HADOOP-1046. Clean up tmp from partially received stale block files. (ab)
55. HADOOP-1041. Optimize mapred counter implementation. Also group
counters by their declaring Enum. (David Bowen via cutting)
56. HADOOP-1032. Permit one to specify jars that will be cached
across multiple jobs. (Gautam Kowshik via cutting)
57. HADOOP-1051. Add optional checkstyle task to build.xml. To use
this developers must download the (LGPL'd) checkstyle jar
themselves. (tomwhite via cutting)
58. HADOOP-1049. Fix a race condition in IPC client.
(Devaraj Das via cutting)
60. HADOOP-1056. Check HDFS include/exclude node lists with both IP
address and hostname. (Wendy Chien via cutting)
61. HADOOP-994. In HDFS, limit the number of blocks invalidated at
once. Large lists were causing datenodes to timeout.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
62. HADOOP-432. Add a trash feature, disabled by default. When
enabled, the FSShell 'rm' command will move things to a trash
directory in the filesystem. In HDFS, a thread periodically
checkpoints the trash and removes old checkpoints. (cutting)
Release 0.11.2 - 2007-02-16
1. HADOOP-1009. Fix an infinite loop in the HDFS namenode.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
2. HADOOP-1014. Disable in-memory merging during shuffle, as this is
causing data corruption. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
Release 0.11.1 - 2007-02-09
1. HADOOP-976. Make SequenceFile.Metadata public. (Runping Qi via cutting)
2. HADOOP-917. Fix a NullPointerException in SequenceFile's merger
with large map outputs. (omalley via cutting)
3. HADOOP-984. Fix a bug in shuffle error handling introduced by
HADOOP-331. If a map output is unavailable, the job tracker is
once more informed. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
4. HADOOP-987. Fix a problem in HDFS where blocks were not removed
from neededReplications after a replication target was selected.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
Release 0.11.0 - 2007-02-02
1. HADOOP-781. Remove methods deprecated in 0.10 that are no longer
widely used. (cutting)
2. HADOOP-842. Change HDFS protocol so that the open() method is
passed the client hostname, to permit the namenode to order block
locations on the basis of network topology.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
3. HADOOP-852. Add an ant task to compile record definitions, and
use it to compile record unit tests. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
4. HADOOP-757. Fix "Bad File Descriptor" exception in HDFS client
when an output file is closed twice. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
5. [ intentionally blank ]
6. HADOOP-890. Replace dashes in metric names with underscores,
for better compatibility with some monitoring systems.
(Nigel Daley via cutting)
7. HADOOP-801. Add to jobtracker a log of task completion events.
(Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
8. HADOOP-855. In HDFS, try to repair files with checksum errors.
An exception is still thrown, but corrupt blocks are now removed
when they have replicas. (Wendy Chien via cutting)
9. HADOOP-886. Reduce number of timer threads created by metrics API
by pooling contexts. (Nigel Daley via cutting)
10. HADOOP-897. Add a "javac.args" property to build.xml that permits
one to pass arbitrary options to javac. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
11. HADOOP-899. Update libhdfs for changes in HADOOP-871.
(Sameer Paranjpye via cutting)
12. HADOOP-905. Remove some dead code from JobClient. (cutting)
13. HADOOP-902. Fix a NullPointerException in HDFS client when
closing output streams. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
14. HADOOP-735. Switch generated record code to use BytesWritable to
represent fields of type 'buffer'. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
15. HADOOP-830. Improve mapreduce merge performance by buffering and
merging multiple map outputs as they arrive at reduce nodes before
they're written to disk. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
16. HADOOP-908. Add a new contrib package, Abacus, that simplifies
counting and aggregation, built on MapReduce. (Runping Qi via cutting)
17. HADOOP-901. Add support for recursive renaming to the S3 filesystem.
(Tom White via cutting)
18. HADOOP-912. Fix a bug in TaskTracker.isIdle() that was
sporadically causing unit test failures. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
19. HADOOP-909. Fix the 'du' command to correctly compute the size of
FileSystem directory trees. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
20. HADOOP-731. When a checksum error is encountered on a file stored
in HDFS, try another replica of the data, if any.
(Wendy Chien via cutting)
21. HADOOP-732. Add support to SequenceFile for arbitrary metadata,
as a set of attribute value pairs. (Runping Qi via cutting)
22. HADOOP-929. Fix PhasedFileSystem to pass configuration to
underlying FileSystem. (Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
23. HADOOP-935. Fix contrib/abacus to not delete pre-existing output
files, but rather to fail in this case. (Runping Qi via cutting)
24. HADOOP-936. More metric renamings, as in HADOOP-890.
(Nigel Daley via cutting)
25. HADOOP-856. Fix HDFS's fsck command to not report that
non-existent filesystems are healthy. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
26. HADOOP-602. Remove the dependency on Lucene's PriorityQueue
utility, by copying it into Hadoop. This facilitates using Hadoop
with different versions of Lucene without worrying about CLASSPATH
order. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
27. [ intentionally blank ]
28. HADOOP-227. Add support for backup namenodes, which periodically
get snapshots of the namenode state. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
29. HADOOP-884. Add scripts in contrib/ec2 to facilitate running
Hadoop on an Amazon's EC2 cluster. (Tom White via cutting)
30. HADOOP-937. Change the namenode to request re-registration of
datanodes in more circumstances. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
31. HADOOP-922. Optimize small forward seeks in HDFS. If data is has
likely already in flight, skip ahead rather than re-opening the
block. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
32. HADOOP-961. Add a 'job -events' sub-command that prints job
events, including task completions and failures. (omalley via cutting)
33. HADOOP-959. Fix namenode snapshot code added in HADOOP-227 to
work on Windows. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
34. HADOOP-934. Fix TaskTracker to catch metrics exceptions that were
causing heartbeats to fail. (Arun Murthy via cutting)
35. HADOOP-881. Fix JobTracker web interface to display the correct
number of task failures. (Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
36. HADOOP-788. Change contrib/streaming to subclass TextInputFormat,
permitting it to take advantage of native compression facilities.
(Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
37. HADOOP-962. In contrib/ec2: make scripts executable in tar file;
add a README; make the environment file use a template.
(Tom White via cutting)
38. HADOOP-549. Fix a NullPointerException in TaskReport's
serialization. (omalley via cutting)
39. HADOOP-963. Fix remote exceptions to have the stack trace of the
caller thread, not the IPC listener thread. (omalley via cutting)
40. HADOOP-967. Change RPC clients to start sending a version header.
(omalley via cutting)
41. HADOOP-964. Fix a bug introduced by HADOOP-830 where jobs failed
whose comparators and/or i/o types were in the job's jar.
(Dennis Kubes via cutting)
42. HADOOP-969. Fix a deadlock in JobTracker. (omalley via cutting)
43. HADOOP-862. Add support for the S3 FileSystem to the CopyFiles
tool. (Michael Stack via cutting)
44. HADOOP-965. Fix IsolationRunner so that job's jar can be found.
(Dennis Kubes via cutting)
45. HADOOP-309. Fix two NullPointerExceptions in StatusHttpServer.
(navychen via cutting)
46. HADOOP-692. Add rack awareness to HDFS's placement of blocks.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
Release 0.10.1 - 2007-01-10
1. HADOOP-857. Fix S3 FileSystem implementation to permit its use
for MapReduce input and output. (Tom White via cutting)
2. HADOOP-863. Reduce logging verbosity introduced by HADOOP-813.
(Devaraj Das via cutting)
3. HADOOP-815. Fix memory leaks in JobTracker. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
4. HADOOP-600. Fix a race condition in JobTracker.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
5. HADOOP-864. Fix 'bin/hadoop -jar' to operate correctly when
hadoop.tmp.dir does not yet exist. (omalley via cutting)
6. HADOOP-866. Fix 'dfs -get' command to remove existing crc files,
if any. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
7. HADOOP-871. Fix a bug in bin/hadoop setting JAVA_LIBRARY_PATH.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
8. HADOOP-868. Decrease the number of open files during map,
respecting io.sort.fa ctor. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
9. HADOOP-865. Fix S3 FileSystem so that partially created files can
be deleted. (Tom White via cutting)
10. HADOOP-873. Pass java.library.path correctly to child processes.
(omalley via cutting)
11. HADOOP-851. Add support for the LZO codec. This is much faster
than the default, zlib-based compression, but it is only available
when the native library is built. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
12. HADOOP-880. Fix S3 FileSystem to remove directories.
(Tom White via cutting)
13. HADOOP-879. Fix InputFormatBase to handle output generated by
MapFileOutputFormat. (cutting)
14. HADOOP-659. In HDFS, prioritize replication of blocks based on
current replication level. Blocks which are severely
under-replicated should be further replicated before blocks which
are less under-replicated. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
15. HADOOP-726. Deprecate FileSystem locking methods. They are not
currently usable. Locking should eventually provided as an
independent service. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
16. HADOOP-758. Fix exception handling during reduce so that root
exceptions are not masked by exceptions in cleanups.
(Raghu Angadi via cutting)
Release 0.10.0 - 2007-01-05
1. HADOOP-763. Change DFS namenode benchmark to not use MapReduce.
(Nigel Daley via cutting)
2. HADOOP-777. Use fully-qualified hostnames for tasktrackers and
datanodes. (Mahadev Konar via cutting)
3. HADOOP-621. Change 'dfs -cat' to exit sooner when output has been