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Hadoop Change Log
Release 0.14.0 - 2007-08-17
1. HADOOP-1134.
CONFIG/API - dfs.block.size must now be a multiple of
io.byte.per.checksum, otherwise new files can not be written.
LAYOUT - DFS layout version changed from -6 to -7, which will require an
upgrade from previous versions.
PROTOCOL - Datanode RPC protocol version changed from 7 to 8.
2. HADOOP-1283
API - deprecated file locking API.
3. HADOOP-894
PROTOCOL - changed ClientProtocol to fetch parts of block locations.
4. HADOOP-1336
CONFIG - Enable speculative execution by default.
5. HADOOP-1197
API - deprecated method for Configuration.getObject, because
Configurations should only contain strings.
6. HADOOP-1343
API - deprecate Configuration.set(String,Object) so that only strings are
put in Configrations.
7. HADOOP-1207
CLI - Fix FsShell 'rm' command to continue when a non-existent file is
8. HADOOP-1473
CLI/API - Job, TIP, and Task id formats have changed and are now unique
across job tracker restarts.
9. HADOOP-1400
API - JobClient constructor now takes a JobConf object instead of a
Configuration object.
1. HADOOP-1197. In Configuration, deprecate getObject() and add
getRaw(), which skips variable expansion. (omalley via cutting)
2. HADOOP-1343. In Configuration, deprecate set(String,Object) and
implement Iterable. (omalley via cutting)
3. HADOOP-1344. Add RunningJob#getJobName(). (Michael Bieniosek via cutting)
4. HADOOP-1342. In aggregators, permit one to limit the number of
unique values per key. (Runping Qi via cutting)
5. HADOOP-1340. Set the replication factor of the MD5 file in the filecache
to be the same as the replication factor of the original file.
(Dhruba Borthakur via tomwhite.)
6. HADOOP-1355. Fix null pointer dereference in
TaskLogAppender.append(LoggingEvent). (Arun C Murthy via tomwhite.)
7. HADOOP-1357. Fix CopyFiles to correctly avoid removing "/".
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
8. HADOOP-234. Add pipes facility, which permits writing MapReduce
programs in C++.
9. HADOOP-1359. Fix a potential NullPointerException in HDFS.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
10. HADOOP-1364. Fix inconsistent synchronization in SequenceFile.
(omalley via cutting)
11. HADOOP-1379. Add findbugs target to build.xml.
(Nigel Daley via cutting)
12. HADOOP-1364. Fix various inconsistent synchronization issues.
(Devaraj Das via cutting)
13. HADOOP-1393. Remove a potential unexpected negative number from
uses of random number generator. (omalley via cutting)
14. HADOOP-1387. A number of "performance" code-cleanups suggested
by findbugs. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
15. HADOOP-1401. Add contrib/hbase javadoc to tree. (stack via cutting)
16. HADOOP-894. Change HDFS so that the client only retrieves a limited
number of block locations per request from the namenode.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
17. HADOOP-1406. Plug a leak in MapReduce's use of metrics.
(David Bowen via cutting)
18. HADOOP-1394. Implement "performance" code-cleanups in HDFS
suggested by findbugs. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
19. HADOOP-1413. Add example program that uses Knuth's dancing links
algorithm to solve pentomino problems. (omalley via cutting)
20. HADOOP-1226. Change HDFS so that paths it returns are always
fully qualified. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
21. HADOOP-800. Improvements to HDFS web-based file browser.
(Enis Soztutar via cutting)
22. HADOOP-1408. Fix a compiler warning by adding a class to replace
a generic. (omalley via cutting)
23. HADOOP-1376. Modify RandomWriter example so that it can generate
data for the Terasort benchmark. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
24. HADOOP-1429. Stop logging exceptions during normal IPC server
shutdown. (stack via cutting)
25. HADOOP-1461. Fix the synchronization of the task tracker to
avoid lockups in job cleanup. (Arun C Murthy via omalley)
26. HADOOP-1446. Update the TaskTracker metrics while the task is
running. (Devaraj via omalley)
27. HADOOP-1414. Fix a number of issues identified by FindBugs as
"Bad Practice". (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
28. HADOOP-1392. Fix "correctness" bugs identified by FindBugs in
fs and dfs packages. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
29. HADOOP-1412. Fix "dodgy" bugs identified by FindBugs in fs and
io packages. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
30. HADOOP-1261. Remove redundant events from HDFS namenode's edit
log when a datanode restarts. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
31. HADOOP-1336. Re-enable speculative execution by
default. (omalley via cutting)
32. HADOOP-1311. Fix a bug in BytesWritable#set() where start offset
was ignored. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
33. HADOOP-1450. Move checksumming closer to user code, so that
checksums are created before data is stored in large buffers and
verified after data is read from large buffers, to better catch
memory errors. (cutting)
34. HADOOP-1447. Add support in contrib/data_join for text inputs.
(Senthil Subramanian via cutting)
35. HADOOP-1456. Fix TestDecommission assertion failure by setting
the namenode to ignore the load on datanodes while allocating
replicas. (Dhruba Borthakur via tomwhite)
36. HADOOP-1396. Fix FileNotFoundException on DFS block.
(Dhruba Borthakur via tomwhite)
37. HADOOP-1467. Remove redundant counters from WordCount example.
(Owen O'Malley via tomwhite)
38. HADOOP-1139. Log HDFS block transitions at INFO level, to better
enable diagnosis of problems. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
39. HADOOP-1269. Finer grained locking in HDFS namenode.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
40. HADOOP-1438. Improve HDFS documentation, correcting typos and
making images appear in PDF. Also update copyright date for all
docs. (Luke Nezda via cutting)
41. HADOOP-1457. Add counters for monitoring task assignments.
(Arun C Murthy via tomwhite)
42. HADOOP-1472. Fix so that timed-out tasks are counted as failures
rather than as killed. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
43. HADOOP-1234. Fix a race condition in file cache that caused
tasktracker to not be able to find cached files.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
44. HADOOP-1482. Fix secondary namenode to roll info port.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
45. HADOOP-1300. Improve removal of excess block replicas to be
rack-aware. Attempts are now made to keep replicas on more
racks. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
46. HADOOP-1417. Disable a few FindBugs checks that generate a lot
of spurious warnings. (Nigel Daley via cutting)
47. HADOOP-1320. Rewrite RandomWriter example to bypass reduce.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
48. HADOOP-1449. Add some examples to contrib/data_join.
(Senthil Subramanian via cutting)
49. HADOOP-1459. Fix so that, in HDFS, getFileCacheHints() returns
hostnames instead of IP addresses. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
50. HADOOP-1493. Permit specification of "java.library.path" system
property in "" configuration property.
(Enis Soztutar via cutting)
51. HADOOP-1372. Use LocalDirAllocator for HDFS temporary block
files, so that disk space, writability, etc. is considered.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
52. HADOOP-1193. Pool allocation of compression codecs. This
eliminates a memory leak that could cause OutOfMemoryException,
and also substantially improves performance.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
53. HADOOP-1492. Fix a NullPointerException handling version
mismatch during datanode registration.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
54. HADOOP-1442. Fix handling of zero-length input splits.
(Senthil Subramanian via cutting)
55. HADOOP-1444. Fix HDFS block id generation to check pending
blocks for duplicates. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
56. HADOOP-1207. Fix FsShell's 'rm' command to not stop when one of
the named files does not exist. (Tsz Wo Sze via cutting)
57. HADOOP-1475. Clear tasktracker's file cache before it
re-initializes, to avoid confusion. (omalley via cutting)
58. HADOOP-1505. Remove spurious stacktrace in ZlibFactory
introduced in HADOOP-1093. (Michael Stack via tomwhite)
59. HADOOP-1484. Permit one to kill jobs from the web ui. Note that
this is disabled by default. One must set
"webinterface.private.actions" to enable this.
(Enis Soztutar via cutting)
60. HADOOP-1003. Remove flushing of namenode edit log from primary
namenode lock, increasing namenode throughput.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
61. HADOOP-1023. Add links to searchable mail archives.
(tomwhite via cutting)
62. HADOOP-1504. Fix terminate-hadoop-cluster script in contrib/ec2
to only terminate Hadoop instances, and not other instances
started by the same user. (tomwhite via cutting)
63. HADOOP-1462. Improve task progress reporting. Progress reports
are no longer blocking since i/o is performed in a separate
thread. Reporting during sorting and more is also more
consistent. (Vivek Ratan via cutting)
64. [ intentionally blank ]
65. HADOOP-1453. Remove some unneeded calls to FileSystem#exists()
when opening files, reducing the namenode load somewhat.
(Raghu Angadi via cutting)
66. HADOOP-1489. Fix text input truncation bug due to mark/reset.
Add a unittest. (Bwolen Yang via cutting)
67. HADOOP-1455. Permit specification of arbitrary job options on
pipes command line. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
68. HADOOP-1501. Better randomize sending of block reports to
namenode, so reduce load spikes. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
69. HADOOP-1147. Remove @author tags from Java source files.
70. HADOOP-1283. Convert most uses of UTF8 in the namenode to be
String. (Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
71. HADOOP-1511. Speedup hbase unit tests. (stack via cutting)
72. HADOOP-1517. Remove some synchronization in namenode to permit
finer grained locking previously added. (Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
73. HADOOP-1512. Fix failing TestTextInputFormat on Windows.
(Senthil Subramanian via nigel)
74. HADOOP-1518. Add a session id to job metrics, for use by HOD.
(David Bowen via cutting)
75. HADOOP-1292. Change 'bin/hadoop fs -get' to first copy files to
a temporary name, then rename them to their final name, so that
failures don't leave partial files. (Tsz Wo Sze via cutting)
76. HADOOP-1377. Add support for modification time to FileSystem and
implement in HDFS and local implementations. Also, alter access
to file properties to be through a new FileStatus interface.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
77. HADOOP-1515. Add MultiFileInputFormat, which can pack multiple,
typically small, input files into each split. (Enis Soztutar via cutting)
78. HADOOP-1514. Make reducers report progress while waiting for map
outputs, so they're not killed. (Vivek Ratan via cutting)
79. HADOOP-1508. Add an Ant task for FsShell operations. Also add
new FsShell commands "touchz", "test" and "stat".
(Chris Douglas via cutting)
80. HADOOP-1028. Add log messages for server startup and shutdown.
(Tsz Wo Sze via cutting)
81. HADOOP-1485. Add metrics for monitoring shuffle.
(Devaraj Das via cutting)
82. HADOOP-1536. Remove file locks from libhdfs tests.
(Dhruba Borthakur via nigel)
83. HADOOP-1520. Add appropriate synchronization to FSEditsLog.
(Dhruba Borthakur via nigel)
84. HADOOP-1513. Fix a race condition in directory creation.
(Devaraj via omalley)
85. HADOOP-1546. Remove spurious column from HDFS web UI.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
86. HADOOP-1556. Make LocalJobRunner delete working files at end of
job run. (Devaraj Das via tomwhite)
87. HADOOP-1571. Add contrib lib directories to root build.xml
javadoc classpath. (Michael Stack via tomwhite)
88. HADOOP-1554. Log killed tasks to the job history and display them on the
web/ui. (Devaraj Das via omalley)
89. HADOOP-1533. Add persistent error logging for distcp. The logs are stored
into a specified hdfs directory. (Senthil Subramanian via omalley)
90. HADOOP-1286. Add support to HDFS for distributed upgrades, which
permits coordinated upgrade of datanode data.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
91. HADOOP-1580. Improve contrib/streaming so that subprocess exit
status is displayed for errors. (John Heidemann via cutting)
92. HADOOP-1448. In HDFS, randomize lists of non-local block
locations returned to client, so that load is better balanced.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
93. HADOOP-1578. Fix datanode to send its storage id to namenode
during registration. (Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
94. HADOOP-1584. Fix a bug in GenericWritable which limited it to
128 types instead of 256. (Espen Amble Kolstad via cutting)
95. HADOOP-1473. Make job ids unique across jobtracker restarts.
(omalley via cutting)
96. HADOOP-1582. Fix hdfslib to return 0 instead of -1 at
end-of-file, per C conventions. (Christian Kunz via cutting)
97. HADOOP-911. Fix a multithreading bug in libhdfs.
(Christian Kunz)
98. HADOOP-1486. Fix so that fatal exceptions in namenode cause it
to exit. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
99. HADOOP-1470. Factor checksum generation and validation out of
ChecksumFileSystem so that it can be reused by FileSystem's with
built-in checksumming. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
100. HADOOP-1590. Use relative urls in jobtracker jsp pages, so that
webapp can be used in non-root contexts. (Thomas Friol via cutting)
101. HADOOP-1596. Fix the parsing of taskids by streaming and improve the
error reporting. (omalley)
102. HADOOP-1535. Fix the user-controlled grouping to the reduce function.
(Vivek Ratan via omalley)
103. HADOOP-1585. Modify GenericWritable to declare the classes as subtypes
of Writable (Espen Amble Kolstad via omalley)
104. HADOOP-1576. Fix errors in count of completed tasks when
speculative execution is enabled. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
105. HADOOP-1598. Fix license headers: adding missing; updating old.
(Enis Soztutar via cutting)
106. HADOOP-1547. Provide examples for aggregate library.
(Runping Qi via tomwhite)
107. HADOOP-1570. Permit jobs to enable and disable the use of
hadoop's native library. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
108. HADOOP-1433. Add job priority. (Johan Oskarsson via tomwhite)
109. HADOOP-1597. Add status reports and post-upgrade options to HDFS
distributed upgrade. (Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
110. HADOOP-1524. Permit user task logs to appear as they're
created. (Michael Bieniosek via cutting)
111. HADOOP-1599. Fix distcp bug on Windows. (Senthil Subramanian via cutting)
112. HADOOP-1562. Add JVM metrics, including GC and logging stats.
(David Bowen via cutting)
113. HADOOP-1613. Fix "DFS Health" page to display correct time of
last contact. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
114. HADOOP-1134. Add optimized checksum support to HDFS. Checksums
are now stored with each block, rather than as parallel files.
This reduces the namenode's memory requirements and increases
data integrity. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
115. HADOOP-1400. Make JobClient retry requests, so that clients can
survive jobtracker problems. (omalley via cutting)
116. HADOOP-1564. Add unit tests for HDFS block-level checksums.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
117. HADOOP-1620. Reduce the number of abstract FileSystem methods,
simplifying implementations. (cutting)
118. HADOOP-1625. Fix a "could not move files" exception in datanode.
(Raghu Angadi via cutting)
119. HADOOP-1624. Fix an infinite loop in datanode. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
120. HADOOP-1084. Switch mapred file cache to use file modification
time instead of checksum to detect file changes, as checksums are
no longer easily accessed. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
130. HADOOP-1623. Fix an infinite loop when copying directories.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
131. HADOOP-1603. Fix a bug in namenode initialization where
default replication is sometimes reset to one on restart.
(Raghu Angadi via cutting)
132. HADOOP-1635. Remove hardcoded keypair name and fix launch-hadoop-cluster
to support later versions of ec2-api-tools. (Stu Hood via tomwhite)
133. HADOOP-1638. Fix contrib EC2 scripts to support NAT addressing.
(Stu Hood via tomwhite)
134. HADOOP-1632. Fix an IllegalArgumentException in fsck.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
135. HADOOP-1619. Fix FSInputChecker to not attempt to read past EOF.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
136. HADOOP-1640. Fix TestDecommission on Windows.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
137. HADOOP-1587. Fix TestSymLink to get required system properties.
(Devaraj Das via omalley)
138. HADOOP-1628. Add block CRC protocol unit tests. (Raghu Angadi via omalley)
139. HADOOP-1653. FSDirectory code-cleanups. FSDirectory.INode
becomes a static class. (Christophe Taton via dhruba)
140. HADOOP-1066. Restructure documentation to make more user
friendly. (Connie Kleinjans and Jeff Hammerbacher via cutting)
141. HADOOP-1551. libhdfs supports setting replication factor and
retrieving modification time of files. (Sameer Paranjpye via dhruba)
141. HADOOP-1647. FileSystem.getFileStatus returns valid values for "/".
(Dhruba Borthakur via dhruba)
142. HADOOP-1657. Fix NNBench to ensure that the block size is a
multiple of bytes.per.checksum. (Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
143. HADOOP-1553. Replace user task output and log capture code to use shell
redirection instead of copier threads in the TaskTracker. Capping the
size of the output is now done via tail in memory and thus should not be
large. The output of the tasklog servlet is not forced into UTF8 and is
not buffered entirely in memory. (omalley)
Configuration changes to hadoop-default.xml:
remove mapred.userlog.num.splits
remove mapred.userlog.purge.splits
change default mapred.userlog.limit.kb to 0 (no limit)
change default mapred.userlog.retain.hours to 24
Configuration changes to
remove log4j.appender.TLA.noKeepSplits
remove log4j.appender.TLA.purgeLogSplits
remove log4j.appender.TLA.logsRetainHours
URL changes:
http://<tasktracker>/tasklog.jsp -> http://<tasktracker>tasklog with
parameters limited to start and end, which may be positive (from
start) or negative (from end).
require bash (v2 or later) and tail
144. HADOOP-1659. Fix a job id/job name mixup. (Arun C. Murthy via omalley)
145. HADOOP-1665. With HDFS Trash enabled and the same file was created
and deleted more than once, the suceeding deletions creates Trash item
names suffixed with a integer. (Dhruba Borthakur via dhruba)
146. HADOOP-1666. FsShell object can be used for multiple fs commands.
Contributed by Dhruba Borthakur.
147. HADOOP-1654. Remove performance regression introduced by Block CRC.
(Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
148. HADOOP-1680. Improvements to Block CRC upgrade messages.
(Raghu Angadi via dhruba)
149. HADOOP-71. Allow Text and SequenceFile Map/Reduce inputs from non-default
filesystems. (omalley)
150. HADOOP-1568. Expose HDFS as xml/http filesystem to provide cross-version
compatability. (Chris Douglas via omalley)
151. HADOOP-1668. Added an INCOMPATIBILITY section to CHANGES.txt. (nigel)
152. HADOOP-1629. Added a upgrade test for HADOOP-1134.
(Raghu Angadi via nigel)
153. HADOOP-1698. Fix performance problems on map output sorting for jobs
with large numbers of reduces. (Devaraj Das via omalley)
154. HADOOP-1716. Fix a Pipes wordcount example to remove the 'file:'
schema from its output path. (omalley via cutting)
155. HADOOP-1714. Fix TestDFSUpgradeFromImage to work on Windows.
(Raghu Angadi via nigel)
156. HADOOP-1663. Return a non-zero exit code if streaming fails. (Lohit Renu
via omalley)
157. HADOOP-1712. Fix an unhandled exception on datanode during block
CRC upgrade. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
158. HADOOP-1717. Fix TestDFSUpgradeFromImage to work on Solaris.
(nigel via cutting)
159. HADOOP-1437. Add Eclipse plugin in contrib.
(Eugene Hung and Christophe Taton via cutting)
Release 0.13.0 - 2007-06-08
1. HADOOP-1047. Fix TestReplication to succeed more reliably.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
2. HADOOP-1063. Fix a race condition in MiniDFSCluster test code.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
3. HADOOP-1101. In web ui, split shuffle statistics from reduce
statistics, and add some task averages. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
4. HADOOP-1071. Improve handling of protocol version mismatch in
JobTracker. (Tahir Hashmi via cutting)
5. HADOOP-1116. Increase heap size used for contrib unit tests.
(Philippe Gassmann via cutting)
6. HADOOP-1120. Add contrib/data_join, tools to simplify joining
data from multiple sources using MapReduce. (Runping Qi via cutting)
7. HADOOP-1064. Reduce log level of some DFSClient messages.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
8. HADOOP-1137. Fix StatusHttpServer to work correctly when
resources are in a jar file. (Benjamin Reed via cutting)
9. HADOOP-1094. Optimize generated Writable implementations for
records to not allocate a new BinaryOutputArchive or
BinaryInputArchive per call. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
10. HADOOP-1068. Improve error message for clusters with 0 datanodes.
(Dhruba Borthakur via tomwhite)
11. HADOOP-1122. Fix divide-by-zero exception in FSNamesystem
chooseTarget method. (Dhruba Borthakur via tomwhite)
12. HADOOP-1131. Add a closeAll() static method to FileSystem.
(Philippe Gassmann via tomwhite)
13. HADOOP-1085. Improve port selection in HDFS and MapReduce test
code. Ports are now selected by the OS during testing rather than
by probing for free ports, improving test reliability.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
14. HADOOP-1153. Fix HDFS daemons to correctly stop their threads.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
15. HADOOP-1146. Add a counter for reduce input keys and rename the
"reduce input records" counter to be "reduce input groups".
(David Bowen via cutting)
16. HADOOP-1165. In records, replace idential generated toString
methods with a method on the base class. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
17. HADOOP-1164. Fix TestReplicationPolicy to specify port zero, so
that a free port is automatically selected. (omalley via cutting)
18. HADOOP-1166. Add a NullOutputFormat and use it in the
RandomWriter example. (omalley via cutting)
19. HADOOP-1169. Fix a cut/paste error in CopyFiles utility so that
S3-based source files are correctly copied. (Michael Stack via cutting)
20. HADOOP-1167. Remove extra synchronization in InMemoryFileSystem.
(omalley via cutting)
21. HADOOP-1110. Fix an off-by-one error counting map inputs.
(David Bowen via cutting)
22. HADOOP-1178. Fix a NullPointerException during namenode startup.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
23. HADOOP-1011. Fix a ConcurrentModificationException when viewing
job history. (Tahir Hashmi via cutting)
24. HADOOP-672. Improve help for fs shell commands.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
25. HADOOP-1170. Improve datanode performance by removing device
checks from common operations. (Igor Bolotin via cutting)
26. HADOOP-1090. Fix SortValidator's detection of whether the input
file belongs to the sort-input or sort-output directory.
(Arun C Murthy via tomwhite)
27. HADOOP-1081. Fix bin/hadoop on Darwin. (Michael Bieniosek via cutting)
28. HADOOP-1045. Add contrib/hbase, a BigTable-like online database.
(Jim Kellerman via cutting)
29. HADOOP-1156. Fix a NullPointerException in MiniDFSCluster.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
30. HADOOP-702. Add tools to help automate HDFS upgrades.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
31. HADOOP-1163. Fix ganglia metrics to aggregate metrics from different
hosts properly. (Michael Bieniosek via tomwhite)
32. HADOOP-1194. Make compression style record level for map output
compression. (Arun C Murthy via tomwhite)
33. HADOOP-1187. Improve DFS Scalability: avoid scanning entire list of
datanodes in getAdditionalBlocks. (Dhruba Borthakur via tomwhite)
34. HADOOP-1133. Add tool to analyze and debug namenode on a production
cluster. (Dhruba Borthakur via tomwhite)
35. HADOOP-1151. Remove spurious printing to stderr in streaming
PipeMapRed. (Koji Noguchi via tomwhite)
36. HADOOP-988. Change namenode to use a single map of blocks to metadata.
(Raghu Angadi via tomwhite)
37. HADOOP-1203. Change UpgradeUtilities used by DFS tests to use
MiniDFSCluster to start and stop NameNode/DataNodes.
(Nigel Daley via tomwhite)
38. HADOOP-1217. Add test.timeout property to build.xml, so that
long-running unit tests may be automatically terminated.
(Nigel Daley via cutting)
39. HADOOP-1149. Improve DFS Scalability: make
processOverReplicatedBlock() a no-op if blocks are not
over-replicated. (Raghu Angadi via tomwhite)
40. HADOOP-1149. Improve DFS Scalability: optimize getDistance(),
contains(), and isOnSameRack() in NetworkTopology.
(Hairong Kuang via tomwhite)
41. HADOOP-1218. Make synchronization on TaskTracker's RunningJob
object consistent. (Devaraj Das via tomwhite)
42. HADOOP-1219. Ignore progress report once a task has reported as
'done'. (Devaraj Das via tomwhite)
43. HADOOP-1114. Permit user to specify additional CLASSPATH elements
with a HADOOP_CLASSPATH environment variable. (cutting)
44. HADOOP-1198. Remove ipc.client.timeout parameter override from
unit test configuration. Using the default is more robust and
has almost the same run time. (Arun C Murthy via tomwhite)
45. HADOOP-1211. Remove deprecated constructor and unused static
members in DataNode class. (Konstantin Shvachko via tomwhite)
46. HADOOP-1136. Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in
FSNamesystem$UnderReplicatedBlocks add() method.
(Hairong Kuang via tomwhite)
47. HADOOP-978. Add the client name and the address of the node that
previously started to create the file to the description of
AlreadyBeingCreatedException. (Konstantin Shvachko via tomwhite)
48. HADOOP-1001. Check the type of keys and values generated by the
mapper against the types specified in JobConf.
(Tahir Hashmi via tomwhite)
49. HADOOP-971. Improve DFS Scalability: Improve name node performance
by adding a hostname to datanodes map. (Hairong Kuang via tomwhite)
50. HADOOP-1189. Fix 'No space left on device' exceptions on datanodes.
(Raghu Angadi via tomwhite)
51. HADOOP-819. Change LineRecordWriter to not insert a tab between
key and value when either is null, and to print nothing when both
are null. (Runping Qi via cutting)
52. HADOOP-1204. Rename InputFormatBase to be FileInputFormat, and
deprecate InputFormatBase. Also make LineRecordReader easier to
extend. (Runping Qi via cutting)
53. HADOOP-1213. Improve logging of errors by IPC server, to
consistently include the service name and the call. (cutting)
54. HADOOP-1238. Fix metrics reporting by TaskTracker to correctly
track maps_running and reduces_running.
(Michael Bieniosek via cutting)
55. HADOOP-1093. Fix a race condition in HDFS where blocks were
sometimes erased before they were reported written.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
56. HADOOP-1239. Add a package name to some testjar test classes.
(Jim Kellerman via cutting)
57. HADOOP-1241. Fix NullPointerException in processReport when
namenode is restarted. (Dhruba Borthakur via tomwhite)
58. HADOOP-1244. Fix to no longer incorrectly specify
slaves file for stopping datanode.
(Michael Bieniosek via tomwhite)
59. HADOOP-1253. Fix ConcurrentModificationException and
NullPointerException in JobControl.
(Johan Oskarson via tomwhite)
60. HADOOP-1256. Fix NameNode so that multiple DataNodeDescriptors
can no longer be created on startup. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
61. HADOOP-1214. Replace streaming classes with new counterparts
from Hadoop core. (Runping Qi via tomwhite)
62. HADOOP-1250. Move a chmod utility from streaming to FileUtil.
(omalley via cutting)
63. HADOOP-1258. Fix TestCheckpoint test case to wait for
MiniDFSCluster to be active. (Nigel Daley via tomwhite)
64. HADOOP-1148. Re-indent all Java source code to consistently use
two spaces per indent level. (cutting)
65. HADOOP-1251. Add a method to Reporter to get the map InputSplit.
(omalley via cutting)
66. HADOOP-1224. Fix "Browse the filesystem" link to no longer point
to dead datanodes. (Enis Soztutar via tomwhite)
67. HADOOP-1154. Fail a streaming task if the threads reading from or
writing to the streaming process fail. (Koji Noguchi via tomwhite)
68. HADOOP-968. Move shuffle and sort to run in reduce's child JVM,
rather than in TaskTracker. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
69. HADOOP-1111. Add support for client notification of job
completion. If the job configuration has a job.end.notification.url
property it will make a HTTP GET request to the specified URL.
The number of retries and the interval between retries is also
configurable. (Alejandro Abdelnur via tomwhite)
70. HADOOP-1275. Fix misspelled job notification property in
hadoop-default.xml. (Alejandro Abdelnur via tomwhite)
71. HADOOP-1152. Fix race condition in MapOutputCopier.copyOutput file
rename causing possible reduce task hang.
(Tahir Hashmi via tomwhite)
72. HADOOP-1050. Distinguish between failed and killed tasks so as to
not count a lost tasktracker against the job.
(Arun C Murthy via tomwhite)
73. HADOOP-1271. Fix StreamBaseRecordReader to be able to log record
data that's not UTF-8. (Arun C Murthy via tomwhite)
74. HADOOP-1190. Fix unchecked warnings in main Hadoop code.
75. HADOOP-1127. Fix AlreadyBeingCreatedException in namenode for
jobs run with speculative execution.
(Arun C Murthy via tomwhite)
76. HADOOP-1282. Omnibus HBase patch. Improved tests & configuration.
(Jim Kellerman via cutting)
77. HADOOP-1262. Make dfs client try to read from a different replica
of the checksum file when a checksum error is detected.
(Hairong Kuang via tomwhite)
78. HADOOP-1279. Fix JobTracker to maintain list of recently
completed jobs by order of completion, not submission.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
79. HADOOP-1284. In contrib/streaming, permit flexible specification
of field delimiter and fields for partitioning and sorting.
(Runping Qi via cutting)
80. HADOOP-1176. Fix a bug where reduce would hang when a map had
more than 2GB of output for it. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
81. HADOOP-1293. Fix contrib/streaming to print more than the first
twenty lines of standard error. (Koji Noguchi via cutting)
82. HADOOP-1297. Fix datanode so that requests to remove blocks that
do not exist no longer causes block reports to be re-sent every
second. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
83. HADOOP-1216. Change MapReduce so that, when numReduceTasks is
zero, map outputs are written directly as final output, skipping
shuffle, sort and reduce. Use this to implement reduce=NONE
option in contrib/streaming. (Runping Qi via cutting)
84. HADOOP-1294. Fix unchecked warnings in main Hadoop code under
Java 6. (tomwhite)
85. HADOOP-1299. Fix so that RPC will restart after RPC.stopClient()
has been called. (Michael Stack via cutting)
86. HADOOP-1278. Improve blacklisting of TaskTrackers by JobTracker,
to reduce false positives. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
87. HADOOP-1290. Move contrib/abacus into mapred/lib/aggregate.
(Runping Qi via cutting)
88. HADOOP-1272. Extract inner classes from FSNamesystem into separate
classes. (Dhruba Borthakur via tomwhite)
89. HADOOP-1247. Add support to contrib/streaming for aggregate
package, formerly called Abacus. (Runping Qi via cutting)
90. HADOOP-1061. Fix bug in listing files in the S3 filesystem.
NOTE: this change is not backwards compatible! You should use the
MigrationTool supplied to migrate existing S3 filesystem data to
the new format. Please backup your data first before upgrading
(using 'hadoop distcp' for example). (tomwhite)
91. HADOOP-1304. Make configurable the maximum number of task
attempts before a job fails. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
92. HADOOP-1308. Use generics to restrict types when classes are
passed as parameters to JobConf methods. (Michael Bieniosek via cutting)
93. HADOOP-1312. Fix a ConcurrentModificationException in NameNode
that killed the heartbeat monitoring thread.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
94. HADOOP-1315. Clean up contrib/streaming, switching it to use core
classes more and removing unused code. (Runping Qi via cutting)
95. HADOOP-485. Allow a different comparator for grouping keys in
calls to reduce. (Tahir Hashmi via cutting)
96. HADOOP-1322. Fix TaskTracker blacklisting to work correctly in
one- and two-node clusters. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
97. HADOOP-1144. Permit one to specify a maximum percentage of tasks
that can fail before a job is aborted. The default is zero.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
98. HADOOP-1184. Fix HDFS decomissioning to complete when the only
copy of a block is on a decommissioned node. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
99. HADOOP-1263. Change DFSClient to retry certain namenode calls
with a random, exponentially increasing backoff time, to avoid
overloading the namenode on, e.g., job start. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
100. HADOOP-1325. First complete, functioning version of HBase.
(Jim Kellerman via cutting)
101. HADOOP-1276. Make tasktracker expiry interval configurable.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
102. HADOOP-1326. Change JobClient#RunJob() to return the job.
(omalley via cutting)
103. HADOOP-1270. Randomize the fetch of map outputs, speeding the
shuffle. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
104. HADOOP-1200. Restore disk checking lost in HADOOP-1170.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
105. HADOOP-1252. Changed MapReduce's allocation of local files to
use round-robin among available devices, rather than a hashcode.
More care is also taken to not allocate files on full or offline
drives. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
106. HADOOP-1324. Change so that an FSError kills only the task that
generates it rather than the entire task tracker.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
107. HADOOP-1310. Fix unchecked warnings in aggregate code. (tomwhite)
108. HADOOP-1255. Fix a bug where the namenode falls into an infinite
loop trying to remove a dead node. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
109. HADOOP-1160. Fix DistributedFileSystem.close() to close the
underlying FileSystem, correctly aborting files being written.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
110. HADOOP-1341. Fix intermittent failures in HBase unit tests
caused by deadlock. (Jim Kellerman via cutting)
111. HADOOP-1350. Fix shuffle performance problem caused by forcing
chunked encoding of map outputs. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
112. HADOOP-1345. Fix HDFS to correctly retry another replica when a
checksum error is encountered. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
113. HADOOP-1205. Improve synchronization around HDFS block map.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
114. HADOOP-1353. Fix a potential NullPointerException in namenode.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
115. HADOOP-1354. Fix a potential NullPointerException in FsShell.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
116. HADOOP-1358. Fix a potential bug when DFSClient calls skipBytes.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
117. HADOOP-1356. Fix a bug in ValueHistogram. (Runping Qi via cutting)
118. HADOOP-1363. Fix locking bug in JobClient#waitForCompletion().
(omalley via cutting)
119. HADOOP-1368. Fix inconsistent synchronization in JobInProgress.
(omalley via cutting)
120. HADOOP-1369. Fix inconsistent synchronization in TaskTracker.
(omalley via cutting)
121. HADOOP-1361. Fix various calls to skipBytes() to check return
value. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
122. HADOOP-1388. Fix a potential NullPointerException in web ui.
(Devaraj Das via cutting)
123. HADOOP-1385. Fix MD5Hash#hashCode() to generally hash to more
than 256 values. (omalley via cutting)
124. HADOOP-1386. Fix Path to not permit the empty string as a
path, as this has lead to accidental file deletion. Instead
force applications to use "." to name the default directory.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
125. HADOOP-1407. Fix integer division bug in JobInProgress which
meant failed tasks didn't cause the job to fail.
(Arun C Murthy via tomwhite)
126. HADOOP-1427. Fix a typo that caused GzipCodec to incorrectly use
a very small input buffer. (Espen Amble Kolstad via cutting)
127. HADOOP-1435. Fix globbing code to no longer use the empty string
to indicate the default directory, per HADOOP-1386.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
128. HADOOP-1411. Make task retry framework handle
AlreadyBeingCreatedException when wrapped as a RemoteException.
(Hairong Kuang via tomwhite)
129. HADOOP-1242. Improve handling of DFS upgrades.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
130. HADOOP-1332. Fix so that TaskTracker exits reliably during unit
tests on Windows. (omalley via cutting)
131. HADOOP-1431. Fix so that sort progress reporting during map runs
only while sorting, so that stuck maps are correctly terminated.
(Devaraj Das and Arun C Murthy via cutting)
132. HADOOP-1452. Change TaskTracker.MapOutputServlet.doGet.totalRead
to a long, permitting map outputs to exceed 2^31 bytes.
(omalley via cutting)
133. HADOOP-1443. Fix a bug opening zero-length files in HDFS.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
Release 0.12.3 - 2007-04-06
1. HADOOP-1162. Fix bug in record CSV and XML serialization of
binary values. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
2. HADOOP-1123. Fix NullPointerException in LocalFileSystem when
trying to recover from a checksum error.
(Hairong Kuang & Nigel Daley via tomwhite)
3. HADOOP-1177. Fix bug where IOException in MapOutputLocation.getFile
was not being logged. (Devaraj Das via tomwhite)
4. HADOOP-1175. Fix bugs in JSP for displaying a task's log messages.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
5. HADOOP-1191. Fix map tasks to wait until sort progress thread has
stopped before reporting the task done. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
6. HADOOP-1192. Fix an integer overflow bug in FSShell's 'dus'
command and a performance problem in HDFS's implementation of it.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
7. HADOOP-1105. Fix reducers to make "progress" while iterating
through values. (Devaraj Das & Owen O'Malley via tomwhite)
8. HADOOP-1179. Make Task Tracker close index file as soon as the read
is done when serving get-map-output requests.
(Devaraj Das via tomwhite)
Release 0.12.2 - 2007-23-17
1. HADOOP-1135. Fix bug in block report processing which may cause
the namenode to delete blocks. (Dhruba Borthakur via tomwhite)
2. HADOOP-1145. Make XML serializer and deserializer classes public
in record package. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
3. HADOOP-1140. Fix a deadlock in metrics. (David Bowen via cutting)
4. HADOOP-1150. Fix streaming -reducer and -mapper to give them
defaults. (Owen O'Malley via tomwhite)
Release 0.12.1 - 2007-03-17
1. HADOOP-1035. Fix a StackOverflowError in FSDataSet.
(Raghu Angadi via cutting)
2. HADOOP-1053. Fix VInt representation of negative values. Also
remove references in generated record code to methods outside of
the record package and improve some record documentation.
(Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
3. HADOOP-1067. Compile fails if Checkstyle jar is present in lib
directory. Also remove dependency on a particular Checkstyle
version number. (tomwhite)
4. HADOOP-1060. Fix an IndexOutOfBoundsException in the JobTracker
that could cause jobs to hang. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
5. HADOOP-1077. Fix a race condition fetching map outputs that could
hang reduces. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
6. HADOOP-1083. Fix so that when a cluster restarts with a missing
datanode, its blocks are replicated. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
7. HADOOP-1082. Fix a NullPointerException in ChecksumFileSystem.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
8. HADOOP-1088. Fix record serialization of negative values.
(Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
9. HADOOP-1080. Fix bug in bin/hadoop on Windows when native
libraries are present. (ab via cutting)
10. HADOOP-1091. Fix a NullPointerException in MetricsRecord.
(David Bowen via tomwhite)
11. HADOOP-1092. Fix a NullPointerException in HeartbeatMonitor
thread. (Hairong Kuang via tomwhite)
12. HADOOP-1112. Fix a race condition in Hadoop metrics.
(David Bowen via tomwhite)
13. HADOOP-1108. Checksummed file system should retry reading if a
different replica is found when handling ChecksumException.
(Hairong Kuang via tomwhite)
14. HADOOP-1070. Fix a problem with number of racks and datanodes
temporarily doubling. (Konstantin Shvachko via tomwhite)
15. HADOOP-1099. Fix NullPointerException in JobInProgress.
(Gautam Kowshik via tomwhite)
16. HADOOP-1115. Fix bug where FsShell copyToLocal doesn't
copy directories. (Hairong Kuang via tomwhite)
17. HADOOP-1109. Fix NullPointerException in StreamInputFormat.
(Koji Noguchi via tomwhite)
18. HADOOP-1117. Fix DFS scalability: when the namenode is
restarted it consumes 80% CPU. (Dhruba Borthakur via
19. HADOOP-1089. Make the C++ version of write and read v-int
agree with the Java versions. (Milind Bhandarkar via
20. HADOOP-1096. Rename InputArchive and OutputArchive and
make them public. (Milind Bhandarkar via tomwhite)
21. HADOOP-1128. Fix missing progress information in map tasks.
(Espen Amble Kolstad, Andrzej Bialecki, and Owen O'Malley
via tomwhite)
22. HADOOP-1129. Fix DFSClient to not hide IOExceptions in
flush method. (Hairong Kuang via tomwhite)
23. HADOOP-1126. Optimize CPU usage for under replicated blocks
when cluster restarts. (Hairong Kuang via tomwhite)
Release 0.12.0 - 2007-03-02
1. HADOOP-975. Separate stdout and stderr from tasks.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
2. HADOOP-982. Add some setters and a toString() method to
BytesWritable. (omalley via cutting)
3. HADOOP-858. Move contrib/smallJobsBenchmark to src/test, removing
obsolete bits. (Nigel Daley via cutting)
4. HADOOP-992. Fix MiniMR unit tests to use MiniDFS when specified,
rather than the local FS. (omalley via cutting)
5. HADOOP-954. Change use of metrics to use callback mechanism.
Also rename utility class Metrics to MetricsUtil.
(David Bowen & Nigel Daley via cutting)
6. HADOOP-893. Improve HDFS client's handling of dead datanodes.
The set is no longer reset with each block, but rather is now
maintained for the life of an open file. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
7. HADOOP-882. Upgrade to jets3t version 0.5, used by the S3
FileSystem. This version supports retries. (Michael Stack via cutting)
8. HADOOP-977. Send task's stdout and stderr to JobClient's stdout
and stderr respectively, with each line tagged by the task's name.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
9. HADOOP-761. Change unit tests to not use /tmp. (Nigel Daley via cutting)
10. HADOOP-1007. Make names of metrics used in Hadoop unique.
(Nigel Daley via cutting)
11. HADOOP-491. Change mapred.task.timeout to be per-job, and make a
value of zero mean no timeout. Also change contrib/streaming to
disable task timeouts. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
12. HADOOP-1010. Add Reporter.NULL, a Reporter implementation that
does nothing. (Runping Qi via cutting)
13. HADOOP-923. In HDFS NameNode, move replication computation to a
separate thread, to improve heartbeat processing time.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
14. HADOOP-476. Rewrite contrib/streaming command-line processing,
improving parameter validation. (Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
15. HADOOP-973. Improve error messages in Namenode. This should help
to track down a problem that was appearing as a
NullPointerException. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
16. HADOOP-649. Fix so that jobs with no tasks are not lost.
(Thomas Friol via cutting)
17. HADOOP-803. Reduce memory use by HDFS namenode, phase I.
(Raghu Angadi via cutting)
18. HADOOP-1021. Fix MRCaching-based unit tests on Windows.
(Nigel Daley via cutting)
19. HADOOP-889. Remove duplicate code from HDFS unit tests.
(Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
20. HADOOP-943. Improve HDFS's fsck command to display the filename
for under-replicated blocks. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
21. HADOOP-333. Add validator for sort benchmark output.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
22. HADOOP-947. Improve performance of datanode decomissioning.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
23. HADOOP-442. Permit one to specify hosts allowed to connect to
namenode and jobtracker with include and exclude files. (Wendy
Chien via cutting)
24. HADOOP-1017. Cache constructors, for improved performance.
(Ron Bodkin via cutting)
25. HADOOP-867. Move split creation out of JobTracker to client.
Splits are now saved in a separate file, read by task processes
directly, so that user code is no longer required in the
JobTracker. (omalley via cutting)
26. HADOOP-1006. Remove obsolete '-local' option from test code.
(Gautam Kowshik via cutting)
27. HADOOP-952. Create a public (shared) Hadoop EC2 AMI.
The EC2 scripts now support launch of public AMIs.
28. HADOOP-1025. Remove some obsolete code in ipc.Server. (cutting)
29. HADOOP-997. Implement S3 retry mechanism for failed block
transfers. This includes a generic retry mechanism for use
elsewhere in Hadoop. (tomwhite)
30. HADOOP-990. Improve HDFS support for full datanode volumes.
(Raghu Angadi via cutting)
31. HADOOP-564. Replace uses of "dfs://" URIs with the more standard
"hdfs://". (Wendy Chien via cutting)
32. HADOOP-1030. In unit tests, unify setting of ipc.client.timeout.
Also increase the value used from one to two seconds, in hopes of
making tests complete more reliably. (cutting)
33. HADOOP-654. Stop assigning tasks to a tasktracker if it has
failed more than a specified number in the job.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
34. HADOOP-985. Change HDFS to identify nodes by IP address rather
than by DNS hostname. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
35. HADOOP-248. Optimize location of map outputs to not use random
probes. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
36. HADOOP-1029. Fix streaming's input format to correctly seek to
the start of splits. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
37. HADOOP-492. Add per-job and per-task counters. These are
incremented via the Reporter interface and available through the
web ui and the JobClient API. The mapreduce framework maintains a
few basic counters, and applications may add their own. Counters
are also passed to the metrics system.
(David Bowen via cutting)
38. HADOOP-1034. Fix datanode to better log exceptions.
(Philippe Gassmann via cutting)
39. HADOOP-878. In contrib/streaming, fix reducer=NONE to work with
multiple maps. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
40. HADOOP-1039. In HDFS's TestCheckpoint, avoid restarting
MiniDFSCluster so often, speeding this test. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
41. HADOOP-1040. Update RandomWriter example to use counters and
user-defined input and output formats. (omalley via cutting)
42. HADOOP-1027. Fix problems with in-memory merging during shuffle
and re-enable this optimization. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
43. HADOOP-1036. Fix exception handling in TaskTracker to keep tasks
from being lost. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
44. HADOOP-1042. Improve the handling of failed map output fetches.
(Devaraj Das via cutting)
45. HADOOP-928. Make checksums optional per FileSystem.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
46. HADOOP-1044. Fix HDFS's TestDecommission to not spuriously fail.
(Wendy Chien via cutting)
47. HADOOP-972. Optimize HDFS's rack-aware block placement algorithm.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
48. HADOOP-1043. Optimize shuffle, increasing parallelism.
(Devaraj Das via cutting)
49. HADOOP-940. Improve HDFS's replication scheduling.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
50. HADOOP-1020. Fix a bug in Path resolution, and a with unit tests
on Windows. (cutting)
51. HADOOP-941. Enhance record facility.
(Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
52. HADOOP-1000. Fix so that log messages in task subprocesses are
not written to a task's standard error. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
53. HADOOP-1037. Fix bin/, which currently only works with
/bin/bash, to specify /bin/bash rather than /bin/sh. (cutting)
54. HADOOP-1046. Clean up tmp from partially received stale block files. (ab)
55. HADOOP-1041. Optimize mapred counter implementation. Also group
counters by their declaring Enum. (David Bowen via cutting)
56. HADOOP-1032. Permit one to specify jars that will be cached
across multiple jobs. (Gautam Kowshik via cutting)
57. HADOOP-1051. Add optional checkstyle task to build.xml. To use
this developers must download the (LGPL'd) checkstyle jar
themselves. (tomwhite via cutting)
58. HADOOP-1049. Fix a race condition in IPC client.
(Devaraj Das via cutting)
60. HADOOP-1056. Check HDFS include/exclude node lists with both IP
address and hostname. (Wendy Chien via cutting)
61. HADOOP-994. In HDFS, limit the number of blocks invalidated at
once. Large lists were causing datenodes to timeout.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
62. HADOOP-432. Add a trash feature, disabled by default. When
enabled, the FSShell 'rm' command will move things to a trash
directory in the filesystem. In HDFS, a thread periodically
checkpoints the trash and removes old checkpoints. (cutting)
Release 0.11.2 - 2007-02-16
1. HADOOP-1009. Fix an infinite loop in the HDFS namenode.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
2. HADOOP-1014. Disable in-memory merging during shuffle, as this is
causing data corruption. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
Release 0.11.1 - 2007-02-09
1. HADOOP-976. Make SequenceFile.Metadata public. (Runping Qi via cutting)
2. HADOOP-917. Fix a NullPointerException in SequenceFile's merger
with large map outputs. (omalley via cutting)
3. HADOOP-984. Fix a bug in shuffle error handling introduced by
HADOOP-331. If a map output is unavailable, the job tracker is
once more informed. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
4. HADOOP-987. Fix a problem in HDFS where blocks were not removed
from neededReplications after a replication target was selected.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
Release 0.11.0 - 2007-02-02
1. HADOOP-781. Remove methods deprecated in 0.10 that are no longer
widely used. (cutting)
2. HADOOP-842. Change HDFS protocol so that the open() method is
passed the client hostname, to permit the namenode to order block
locations on the basis of network topology.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
3. HADOOP-852. Add an ant task to compile record definitions, and
use it to compile record unit tests. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
4. HADOOP-757. Fix "Bad File Descriptor" exception in HDFS client
when an output file is closed twice. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
5. [ intentionally blank ]
6. HADOOP-890. Replace dashes in metric names with underscores,
for better compatibility with some monitoring systems.
(Nigel Daley via cutting)
7. HADOOP-801. Add to jobtracker a log of task completion events.
(Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
8. HADOOP-855. In HDFS, try to repair files with checksum errors.
An exception is still thrown, but corrupt blocks are now removed
when they have replicas. (Wendy Chien via cutting)
9. HADOOP-886. Reduce number of timer threads created by metrics API
by pooling contexts. (Nigel Daley via cutting)
10. HADOOP-897. Add a "javac.args" property to build.xml that permits
one to pass arbitrary options to javac. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
11. HADOOP-899. Update libhdfs for changes in HADOOP-871.
(Sameer Paranjpye via cutting)
12. HADOOP-905. Remove some dead code from JobClient. (cutting)
13. HADOOP-902. Fix a NullPointerException in HDFS client when
closing output streams. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
14. HADOOP-735. Switch generated record code to use BytesWritable to
represent fields of type 'buffer'. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
15. HADOOP-830. Improve mapreduce merge performance by buffering and
merging multiple map outputs as they arrive at reduce nodes before
they're written to disk. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
16. HADOOP-908. Add a new contrib package, Abacus, that simplifies
counting and aggregation, built on MapReduce. (Runping Qi via cutting)
17. HADOOP-901. Add support for recursive renaming to the S3 filesystem.
(Tom White via cutting)
18. HADOOP-912. Fix a bug in TaskTracker.isIdle() that was
sporadically causing unit test failures. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
19. HADOOP-909. Fix the 'du' command to correctly compute the size of
FileSystem directory trees. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
20. HADOOP-731. When a checksum error is encountered on a file stored
in HDFS, try another replica of the data, if any.
(Wendy Chien via cutting)
21. HADOOP-732. Add support to SequenceFile for arbitrary metadata,
as a set of attribute value pairs. (Runping Qi via cutting)
22. HADOOP-929. Fix PhasedFileSystem to pass configuration to
underlying FileSystem. (Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
23. HADOOP-935. Fix contrib/abacus to not delete pre-existing output
files, but rather to fail in this case. (Runping Qi via cutting)
24. HADOOP-936. More metric renamings, as in HADOOP-890.
(Nigel Daley via cutting)
25. HADOOP-856. Fix HDFS's fsck command to not report that
non-existent filesystems are healthy. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
26. HADOOP-602. Remove the dependency on Lucene's PriorityQueue
utility, by copying it into Hadoop. This facilitates using Hadoop
with different versions of Lucene without worrying about CLASSPATH
order. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
27. [ intentionally blank ]
28. HADOOP-227. Add support for backup namenodes, which periodically
get snapshots of the namenode state. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
29. HADOOP-884. Add scripts in contrib/ec2 to facilitate running
Hadoop on an Amazon's EC2 cluster. (Tom White via cutting)
30. HADOOP-937. Change the namenode to request re-registration of
datanodes in more circumstances. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
31. HADOOP-922. Optimize small forward seeks in HDFS. If data is has
likely already in flight, skip ahead rather than re-opening the
block. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
32. HADOOP-961. Add a 'job -events' sub-command that prints job
events, including task completions and failures. (omalley via cutting)
33. HADOOP-959. Fix namenode snapshot code added in HADOOP-227 to
work on Windows. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
34. HADOOP-934. Fix TaskTracker to catch metrics exceptions that were
causing heartbeats to fail. (Arun Murthy via cutting)
35. HADOOP-881. Fix JobTracker web interface to display the correct
number of task failures. (Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
36. HADOOP-788. Change contrib/streaming to subclass TextInputFormat,
permitting it to take advantage of native compression facilities.
(Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
37. HADOOP-962. In contrib/ec2: make scripts executable in tar file;
add a README; make the environment file use a template.
(Tom White via cutting)
38. HADOOP-549. Fix a NullPointerException in TaskReport's
serialization. (omalley via cutting)
39. HADOOP-963. Fix remote exceptions to have the stack trace of the
caller thread, not the IPC listener thread. (omalley via cutting)
40. HADOOP-967. Change RPC clients to start sending a version header.
(omalley via cutting)
41. HADOOP-964. Fix a bug introduced by HADOOP-830 where jobs failed
whose comparators and/or i/o types were in the job's jar.
(Dennis Kubes via cutting)
42. HADOOP-969. Fix a deadlock in JobTracker. (omalley via cutting)
43. HADOOP-862. Add support for the S3 FileSystem to the CopyFiles
tool. (Michael Stack via cutting)
44. HADOOP-965. Fix IsolationRunner so that job's jar can be found.
(Dennis Kubes via cutting)
45. HADOOP-309. Fix two NullPointerExceptions in StatusHttpServer.
(navychen via cutting)
46. HADOOP-692. Add rack awareness to HDFS's placement of blocks.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
Release 0.10.1 - 2007-01-10
1. HADOOP-857. Fix S3 FileSystem implementation to permit its use
for MapReduce input and output. (Tom White via cutting)
2. HADOOP-863. Reduce logging verbosity introduced by HADOOP-813.
(Devaraj Das via cutting)
3. HADOOP-815. Fix memory leaks in JobTracker. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
4. HADOOP-600. Fix a race condition in JobTracker.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
5. HADOOP-864. Fix 'bin/hadoop -jar' to operate correctly when
hadoop.tmp.dir does not yet exist. (omalley via cutting)
6. HADOOP-866. Fix 'dfs -get' command to remove existing crc files,
if any. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
7. HADOOP-871. Fix a bug in bin/hadoop setting JAVA_LIBRARY_PATH.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
8. HADOOP-868. Decrease the number of open files during map,
respecting io.sort.fa ctor. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
9. HADOOP-865. Fix S3 FileSystem so that partially created files can
be deleted. (Tom White via cutting)
10. HADOOP-873. Pass java.library.path correctly to child processes.
(omalley via cutting)
11. HADOOP-851. Add support for the LZO codec. This is much faster
than the default, zlib-based compression, but it is only available
when the native library is built. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
12. HADOOP-880. Fix S3 FileSystem to remove directories.
(Tom White via cutting)
13. HADOOP-879. Fix InputFormatBase to handle output generated by
MapFileOutputFormat. (cutting)
14. HADOOP-659. In HDFS, prioritize replication of blocks based on
current replication level. Blocks which are severely
under-replicated should be further replicated before blocks which
are less under-replicated. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
15. HADOOP-726. Deprecate FileSystem locking methods. They are not
currently usable. Locking should eventually provided as an
independent service. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
16. HADOOP-758. Fix exception handling during reduce so that root
exceptions are not masked by exceptions in cleanups.
(Raghu Angadi via cutting)
Release 0.10.0 - 2007-01-05
1. HADOOP-763. Change DFS namenode benchmark to not use MapReduce.
(Nigel Daley via cutting)
2. HADOOP-777. Use fully-qualified hostnames for tasktrackers and
datanodes. (Mahadev Konar via cutting)
3. HADOOP-621. Change 'dfs -cat' to exit sooner when output has been
closed. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
4. HADOOP-752. Rationalize some synchronization in DFS namenode.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
5. HADOOP-629. Fix RPC services to better check the protocol name and
version. (omalley via cutting)
6. HADOOP-774. Limit the number of invalid blocks returned with
heartbeats by the namenode to datanodes. Transmitting and
processing very large invalid block lists can tie up both the
namenode and datanode for too long. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
7. HADOOP-738. Change 'dfs -get' command to not create CRC files by
default, adding a -crc option to force their creation.
(Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
8. HADOOP-676. Improved exceptions and error messages for common job
input specification errors. (Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
9. [Included in 0.9.2 release]
10. HADOOP-756. Add new dfsadmin option to wait for filesystem to be
operational. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
11. HADOOP-770. Fix jobtracker web interface to display, on restart,
jobs that were running when it was last stopped.
(Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
12. HADOOP-331. Write all map outputs to a single file with an index,
rather than to a separate file per reduce task. This should both
speed the shuffle and make things more scalable.
(Devaraj Das via cutting)
13. HADOOP-818. Fix contrib unit tests to not depend on core unit
tests. (omalley via cutting)
14. HADOOP-786. Log common exception at debug level.
(Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
15. HADOOP-796. Provide more convenient access to failed task
information in the web interface. (Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
16. HADOOP-764. Reduce memory allocations in namenode some.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
17. HADOOP-802. Update description of mapred.speculative.execution to
mention reduces. (Nigel Daley via cutting)
18. HADOOP-806. Include link to datanodes on front page of namenode
web interface. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
19. HADOOP-618. Make JobSubmissionProtocol public.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
20. HADOOP-782. Fully remove killed tasks. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
21. HADOOP-792. Fix 'dfs -mv' to return correct status.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
22. HADOOP-673. Give each task its own working directory again.
(Mahadev Konar via cutting)
23. HADOOP-571. Extend the syntax of Path to be a URI; to be
optionally qualified with a scheme and authority. The scheme
determines the FileSystem implementation, while the authority
determines the FileSystem instance. New FileSystem
implementations may be provided by defining an fs.<scheme>.impl
property, naming the FileSystem implementation class. This
permits easy integration of new FileSystem implementations.
24. HADOOP-720. Add an HDFS white paper to website.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
25. HADOOP-794. Fix a divide-by-zero exception when a job specifies
zero map tasks. (omalley via cutting)
26. HADOOP-454. Add a 'dfs -dus' command that provides summary disk
usage. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
27. HADOOP-574. Add an Amazon S3 implementation of FileSystem. To
use this, one need only specify paths of the form
s3://id:secret@bucket/. Alternately, the AWS access key id and
secret can be specified in your config, with the properties
fs.s3.awsAccessKeyId and fs.s3.awsSecretAccessKey.
(Tom White via cutting)
28. HADOOP-824. Rename DFSShell to be FsShell, since it applies
generically to all FileSystem implementations. (cutting)
29. HADOOP-813. Fix map output sorting to report progress, so that
sorts which take longer than the task timeout do not fail.
(Devaraj Das via cutting)
30. HADOOP-825. Fix HDFS daemons when configured with new URI syntax.
(omalley via cutting)
31. HADOOP-596. Fix a bug in phase reporting during reduce.
(Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
32. HADOOP-811. Add a utility, MultithreadedMapRunner.
(Alejandro Abdelnur via cutting)
33. HADOOP-829. Within HDFS, clearly separate three different
representations for datanodes: one for RPCs, one for
namenode-internal use, and one for namespace persistence.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
34. HADOOP-823. Fix problem starting datanode when not all configured
data directories exist. (Bryan Pendleton via cutting)
35. HADOOP-451. Add a Split interface. CAUTION: This incompatibly
changes the InputFormat and RecordReader interfaces. Not only is
FileSplit replaced with Split, but a FileSystem parameter is no
longer passed in several methods, input validation has changed,
etc. (omalley via cutting)
36. HADOOP-814. Optimize locking in namenode. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
37. HADOOP-738. Change 'fs -put' and 'fs -get' commands to accept
standard input and output, respectively. Standard i/o is
specified by a file named '-'. (Wendy Chien via cutting)
38. HADOOP-835. Fix a NullPointerException reading record-compressed
SequenceFiles. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
39. HADOOP-836. Fix a MapReduce bug on Windows, where the wrong
FileSystem was used. Also add a static FileSystem.getLocal()
method and better Path checking in HDFS, to help avoid such issues
in the future. (omalley via cutting)
40. HADOOP-837. Improve RunJar utility to unpack jar file
hadoop.tmp.dir, rather than the system temporary directory.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
41. HADOOP-841. Fix native library to build 32-bit version even when
on a 64-bit host, if a 32-bit JVM is used. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
42. HADOOP-838. Fix tasktracker to pass java.library.path to
sub-processes, so that libhadoop.a is found.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
43. HADOOP-844. Send metrics messages on a fixed-delay schedule
instead of a fixed-rate schedule. (David Bowen via cutting)
44. HADOOP-849. Fix OutOfMemory exceptions in TaskTracker due to a
file handle leak in SequenceFile. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
45. HADOOP-745. Fix a synchronization bug in the HDFS namenode.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
46. HADOOP-850. Add Writable implementations for variable-length
integers. (ab via cutting)
47. HADOOP-525. Add raw comparators to record types. This greatly
improves record sort performance. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
48. HADOOP-628. Fix a problem with 'fs -cat' command, where some
characters were replaced with question marks. (Wendy Chien via cutting)
49. HADOOP-804. Reduce verbosity of MapReduce logging.
(Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
50. HADOOP-853. Rename 'site' to 'docs', in preparation for inclusion
in releases. (cutting)
51. HADOOP-371. Include contrib jars and site documentation in
distributions. Also add contrib and example documentation to
distributed javadoc, in separate sections. (Nigel Daley via cutting)
52. HADOOP-846. Report progress during entire map, as sorting of
intermediate outputs may happen at any time, potentially causing
task timeouts. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
53. HADOOP-840. In task tracker, queue task cleanups and perform them
in a separate thread. (omalley & Mahadev Konar via cutting)
54. HADOOP-681. Add to HDFS the ability to decommission nodes. This
causes their blocks to be re-replicated on other nodes, so that
they may be removed from a cluster. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
55. HADOOP-470. In HDFS web ui, list the datanodes containing each
copy of a block. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
56. HADOOP-700. Change bin/hadoop to only include core jar file on
classpath, not example, test, etc. Also rename core jar to
hadoop-${version}-core.jar so that it can be more easily
identified. (Nigel Daley via cutting)
57. HADOOP-619. Extend InputFormatBase to accept individual files and
glob patterns as MapReduce inputs, not just directories. Also
change contrib/streaming to use this. (Sanjay Dahia via cutting)
Release 0.9.2 - 2006-12-15
1. HADOOP-639. Restructure InterTrackerProtocol to make task
accounting more reliable. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
2. HADOOP-827. Turn off speculative execution by default, since it's
currently broken. (omalley via cutting)
3. HADOOP-791. Fix a deadlock in the task tracker.
(Mahadev Konar via cutting)
Release 0.9.1 - 2006-12-06
1. HADOOP-780. Use ReflectionUtils to instantiate key and value
objects. (ab)
2. HADOOP-779. Fix contrib/streaming to work correctly with gzipped
input files. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
Release 0.9.0 - 2006-12-01
1. HADOOP-655. Remove most deprecated code. A few deprecated things
remain, notably UTF8 and some methods that are still required.
Also cleaned up constructors for SequenceFile, MapFile, SetFile,
and ArrayFile a bit. (cutting)
2. HADOOP-565. Upgrade to Jetty version 6. (Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
3. HADOOP-682. Fix DFS format command to work correctly when
configured with a non-existent directory. (Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
4. HADOOP-645. Fix a bug in contrib/streaming when -reducer is NONE.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
5. HADOOP-687. Fix a classpath bug in bin/hadoop that blocked the
servers from starting. (Sameer Paranjpye via omalley)
6. HADOOP-683. Remove a script dependency on bash, so it works with
dash, the new default for /bin/sh on Ubuntu. (James Todd via cutting)
7. HADOOP-382. Extend unit tests to run multiple datanodes.
(Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
8. HADOOP-604. Fix some synchronization issues and a
NullPointerException in DFS datanode. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
9. HADOOP-459. Fix memory leaks and a host of other issues with
libhdfs. (Sameer Paranjpye via cutting)
10. HADOOP-694. Fix a NullPointerException in jobtracker.
(Mahadev Konar via cutting)
11. HADOOP-637. Fix a memory leak in the IPC server. Direct buffers
are not collected like normal buffers, and provided little
advantage. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
12. HADOOP-696. Fix TestTextInputFormat unit test to not rely on the
order of directory listings. (Sameer Paranjpye via cutting)
13. HADOOP-611. Add support for iterator-based merging to
SequenceFile. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
14. HADOOP-688. Move DFS administrative commands to a separate
command named 'dfsadmin'. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
15. HADOOP-708. Fix test-libhdfs to return the correct status, so
that failures will break the build. (Nigel Daley via cutting)
16. HADOOP-646. Fix namenode to handle edits files larger than 2GB.
(Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
17. HADOOP-705. Fix a bug in the JobTracker when failed jobs were
not completely cleaned up. (Mahadev Konar via cutting)
18. HADOOP-613. Perform final merge while reducing. This removes one
sort pass over the data and should consequently significantly
decrease overall processing time. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
19. HADOOP-661. Make each job's configuration visible through the web
ui. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
20. HADOOP-489. In MapReduce, separate user logs from system logs.
Each task's log output is now available through the web ui. (Arun
C Murthy via cutting)
21. HADOOP-712. Fix record io's xml serialization to correctly handle
control-characters. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
22. HADOOP-668. Improvements to the web-based DFS browser.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
23. HADOOP-715. Fix build.xml so that test logs are written in build
directory, rather than in CWD. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
24. HADOOP-538. Add support for building an optional native library,, that improves the performance of zlib-based
compression. To build this, specify -Dcompile.native to Ant.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
25. HADOOP-610. Fix an problem when the DFS block size is configured
to be smaller than the buffer size, typically only when debugging.
(Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
26. HADOOP-695. Fix a NullPointerException in contrib/streaming.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
27. HADOOP-652. In DFS, when a file is deleted, the block count is
now decremented. (Vladimir Krokhmalyov via cutting)
28. HADOOP-725. In DFS, optimize block placement algorithm,
previously a performance bottleneck. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
29. HADOOP-723. In MapReduce, fix a race condition during the
shuffle, which resulted in FileNotFoundExceptions. (omalley via cutting)
30. HADOOP-447. In DFS, fix getBlockSize(Path) to work with relative
paths. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
31. HADOOP-733. Make exit codes in DFShell consistent and add a unit
test. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
32. HADOOP-709. Fix contrib/streaming to work with commands that
contain control characters. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
33. HADOOP-677. In IPC, permit a version header to be transmitted
when connections are established. This will permit us to change
the format of IPC requests back-compatibly in subsequent releases.
(omalley via cutting)
34. HADOOP-699. Fix DFS web interface so that filesystem browsing
works correctly, using the right port number. Also add support
for sorting datanode list by various columns.
(Raghu Angadi via cutting)
35. HADOOP-76. Implement speculative reduce. Now when a job is
configured for speculative execution, both maps and reduces will
execute speculatively. Reduce outputs are written to temporary
location and moved to the final location when reduce is complete.
(Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
36. HADOOP-736. Roll back to Jetty 5.1.4, due to performance problems
with Jetty 6.0.1.
37. HADOOP-739. Fix TestIPC to use different port number, making it
more reliable. (Nigel Daley via cutting)
38. HADOOP-749. Fix a NullPointerException in jobfailures.jsp.
(omalley via cutting)
39. HADOOP-747. Fix record serialization to work correctly when
records are embedded in Maps. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
40. HADOOP-698. Fix HDFS client not to retry the same datanode on
read failures. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
41. HADOOP-689. Add GenericWritable, to facilitate polymorphism in
MapReduce, SequenceFile, etc. (Feng Jiang via cutting)
42. HADOOP-430. Stop datanode's HTTP server when registration with
namenode fails. (Wendy Chien via cutting)
43. HADOOP-750. Fix a potential race condition during mapreduce
shuffle. (omalley via cutting)
44. HADOOP-728. Fix contrib/streaming-related issues, including
'-reducer NONE'. (Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
Release 0.8.0 - 2006-11-03
1. HADOOP-477. Extend contrib/streaming to scan the PATH environment
variables when resolving executable program names.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
2. HADOOP-583. In DFSClient, reduce the log level of re-connect
attempts from 'info' to 'debug', so they are not normally shown.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
3. HADOOP-498. Re-implement DFS integrity checker to run server-side,
for much improved performance. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
4. HADOOP-586. Use the jar name for otherwise un-named jobs.
(Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
5. HADOOP-514. Make DFS heartbeat interval configurable.
(Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
6. HADOOP-588. Fix logging and accounting of failed tasks.
(Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
7. HADOOP-462. Improve command line parsing in DFSShell, so that
incorrect numbers of arguments result in informative errors rather
than ArrayOutOfBoundsException. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
8. HADOOP-561. Fix DFS so that one replica of each block is written
locally, if possible. This was the intent, but there as a bug.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
9. HADOOP-610. Fix TaskTracker to survive more exceptions, keeping
tasks from becoming lost. (omalley via cutting)
10. HADOOP-625. Add a servlet to all http daemons that displays a
stack dump, useful for debugging. (omalley via cutting)
11. HADOOP-554. Fix DFSShell to return -1 for errors.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
12. HADOOP-626. Correct the documentation in the NNBench example
code, and also remove a mistaken call there.
(Nigel Daley via cutting)
13. HADOOP-634. Add missing license to many files.
(Nigel Daley via cutting)
14. HADOOP-627. Fix some synchronization problems in MiniMRCluster
that sometimes caused unit tests to fail. (Nigel Daley via cutting)
15. HADOOP-563. Improve the NameNode's lease policy so that leases
are held for one hour without renewal (instead of one minute).
However another attempt to create the same file will still succeed
if the lease has not been renewed within a minute. This prevents
communication or scheduling problems from causing a write to fail
for up to an hour, barring some other process trying to create the
same file. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
16. HADOOP-635. In DFSShell, permit specification of multiple files
as the source for file copy and move commands.
(Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
17. HADOOP-641. Change NameNode to request a fresh block report from
a re-discovered DataNode, so that no-longer-needed replications
are stopped promptly. (Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
18. HADOOP-642. Change IPC client to specify an explicit connect
timeout. (Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
19. HADOOP-638. Fix an unsynchronized access to TaskTracker's
internal state. (Nigel Daley via cutting)
20. HADOOP-624. Fix servlet path to stop a Jetty warning on startup.
(omalley via cutting)
21. HADOOP-578. Failed tasks are no longer placed at the end of the
task queue. This was originally done to work around other
problems that have now been fixed. Re-executing failed tasks
sooner causes buggy jobs to fail faster. (Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
22. HADOOP-658. Update source file headers per Apache policy. (cutting)
23. HADOOP-636. Add MapFile & ArrayFile constructors which accept a
Progressable, and pass it down to SequenceFile. This permits
reduce tasks which use MapFile to still report progress while
writing blocks to the filesystem. (cutting)
24. HADOOP-576. Enable contrib/streaming to use the file cache. Also
extend the cache to permit symbolic links to cached items, rather
than local file copies. (Mahadev Konar via cutting)
25. HADOOP-482. Fix unit tests to work when a cluster is running on
the same machine, removing port conflicts. (Wendy Chien via cutting)
26. HADOOP-90. Permit to list multiple directories,
where namenode data is to be replicated. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
27. HADOOP-651. Fix DFSCk to correctly pass parameters to the servlet
on the namenode. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
28. HADOOP-553. Change main() routines of DataNode and NameNode to
log exceptions rather than letting the JVM print them to standard
error. Also, change the script to rotate
standard i/o log files. (Raghu Angadi via cutting)
29. HADOOP-399. Fix javadoc warnings. (Nigel Daley via cutting)
30. HADOOP-599. Fix web ui and command line to correctly report DFS
filesystem size statistics. Also improve web layout.
(Raghu Angadi via cutting)
31. HADOOP-660. Permit specification of junit test output format.
(Nigel Daley via cutting)
32. HADOOP-663. Fix a few unit test issues. (Mahadev Konar via cutting)
33. HADOOP-664. Cause entire build to fail if libhdfs tests fail.
(Nigel Daley via cutting)
34. HADOOP-633. Keep jobtracker from dying when job initialization
throws exceptions. Also improve exception handling in a few other
places and add more informative thread names.
(omalley via cutting)
35. HADOOP-669. Fix a problem introduced by HADOOP-90 that can cause
DFS to lose files. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
36. HADOOP-373. Consistently check the value returned by
FileSystem.mkdirs(). (Wendy Chien via cutting)
37. HADOOP-670. Code cleanups in some DFS internals: use generic
types, replace Vector with ArrayList, etc.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
38. HADOOP-647. Permit map outputs to use a different compression
type than the job output. (omalley via cutting)
39. HADOOP-671. Fix file cache to check for pre-existence before
creating . (Mahadev Konar via cutting)
40. HADOOP-665. Extend many DFSShell commands to accept multiple
arguments. Now commands like "ls", "rm", etc. will operate on
multiple files. (Dhruba Borthakur via cutting)
Release 0.7.2 - 2006-10-18
1. HADOOP-607. Fix a bug where classes included in job jars were not
found by tasks. (Mahadev Konar via cutting)
2. HADOOP-609. Add a unit test that checks that classes in job jars
can be found by tasks. Also modify unit tests to specify multiple
local directories. (Mahadev Konar via cutting)
Release 0.7.1 - 2006-10-11
1. HADOOP-593. Fix a NullPointerException in the JobTracker.
(omalley via cutting)
2. HADOOP-592. Fix a NullPointerException in the IPC Server. Also
consistently log when stale calls are discarded. (omalley via cutting)
3. HADOOP-594. Increase the DFS safe-mode threshold from .95 to
.999, so that nearly all blocks must be reported before filesystem
modifications are permitted. (Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
4. HADOOP-598. Fix tasks to retry when reporting completion, so that
a single RPC timeout won't fail a task. (omalley via cutting)
5. HADOOP-597. Fix TaskTracker to not discard map outputs for errors
in transmitting them to reduce nodes. (omalley via cutting)
Release 0.7.0 - 2006-10-06
1. HADOOP-243. Fix rounding in the display of task and job progress
so that things are not shown to be 100% complete until they are in
fact finished. (omalley via cutting)
2. HADOOP-438. Limit the length of absolute paths in DFS, since the
file format used to store pathnames has some limitations.
(Wendy Chien via cutting)
3. HADOOP-530. Improve error messages in SequenceFile when keys or
values are of the wrong type. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
4. HADOOP-288. Add a file caching system and use it in MapReduce to
cache job jar files on slave nodes. (Mahadev Konar via cutting)
5. HADOOP-533. Fix unit test to not modify conf directory.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
6. HADOOP-527. Permit specification of the local address that various
Hadoop daemons should bind to. (Philippe Gassmann via cutting)
7. HADOOP-542. Updates to contrib/streaming: reformatted source code,
on-the-fly merge sort, a fix for HADOOP-540, etc.
(Michel Tourn via cutting)
8. HADOOP-545. Remove an unused config file parameter.
(Philippe Gassmann via cutting)
9. HADOOP-548. Add an Ant property "test.output" to build.xml that
causes test output to be logged to the console. (omalley via cutting)
10. HADOOP-261. Record an error message when map output is lost.
(omalley via cutting)
11. HADOOP-293. Report the full list of task error messages in the
web ui, not just the most recent. (omalley via cutting)
12. HADOOP-551. Restore JobClient's console printouts to only include
a maximum of one update per one percent of progress.
(omalley via cutting)
13. HADOOP-306. Add a "safe" mode to DFS. The name node enters this
when less than a specified percentage of file data is complete.
Currently safe mode is only used on startup, but eventually it
will also be entered when datanodes disconnect and file data
becomes incomplete. While in safe mode no filesystem
modifications are permitted and block replication is inhibited.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
14. HADOOP-431. Change 'dfs -rm' to not operate recursively and add a
new command, 'dfs -rmr' which operates recursively.
(Sameer Paranjpye via cutting)
15. HADOOP-263. Include timestamps for job transitions. The web
interface now displays the start and end times of tasks and the
start times of sorting and reducing for reduce tasks. Also,
extend ObjectWritable to handle enums, so that they can be passed
as RPC parameters. (Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
16. HADOOP-556. Contrib/streaming: send keep-alive reports to task
tracker every 10 seconds rather than every 100 records, to avoid
task timeouts. (Michel Tourn via cutting)
17. HADOOP-547. Fix reduce tasks to ping tasktracker while copying
data, rather than only between copies, avoiding task timeouts.
(Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
18. HADOOP-537. Fix src/c++/libhdfs build process to create files in
build/, no longer modifying the source tree.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
19. HADOOP-487. Throw a more informative exception for unknown RPC
hosts. (Sameer Paranjpye via cutting)
20. HADOOP-559. Add file name globbing (pattern matching) support to
the FileSystem API, and use it in DFSShell ('bin/hadoop dfs')
commands. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
21. HADOOP-508. Fix a bug in FSDataInputStream. Incorrect data was
returned after seeking to a random location.
(Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
22. HADOOP-560. Add a "killed" task state. This can be used to
distinguish kills from other failures. Task state has also been
converted to use an enum type instead of an int, uncovering a bug
elsewhere. The web interface is also updated to display killed
tasks. (omalley via cutting)
23. HADOOP-423. Normalize Paths containing directories named "." and
"..", using the standard, unix interpretation. Also add checks in
DFS, prohibiting the use of "." or ".." as directory or file
names. (Wendy Chien via cutting)
24. HADOOP-513. Replace map output handling with a servlet, rather
than a JSP page. This fixes an issue where
IllegalStateException's were logged, sets content-length
correctly, and better handles some errors. (omalley via cutting)
25. HADOOP-552. Improved error checking when copying map output files
to reduce nodes. (omalley via cutting)
26. HADOOP-566. Fix scripts to work correctly when accessed through
relative symbolic links. (Lee Faris via cutting)
27. HADOOP-519. Add positioned read methods to FSInputStream. These
permit one to read from a stream without moving its position, and
can hence be performed by multiple threads at once on a single
stream. Implement an optimized version for DFS and local FS.
(Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
28. HADOOP-522. Permit block compression with MapFile and SetFile.
Since these formats are always sorted, block compression can
provide a big advantage. (cutting)
29. HADOOP-567. Record version and revision information in builds. A
package manifest is added to the generated jar file containing
version information, and a VersionInfo utility is added that
includes further information, including the build date and user,
and the subversion revision and repository. A 'bin/hadoop
version' comand is added to show this information, and it is also
added to various web interfaces. (omalley via cutting)
30. HADOOP-568. Fix so that errors while initializing tasks on a
tasktracker correctly report the task as failed to the jobtracker,
so that it will be rescheduled. (omalley via cutting)
31. HADOOP-550. Disable automatic UTF-8 validation in Text. This
permits, e.g., TextInputFormat to again operate on non-UTF-8 data.
(Hairong and Mahadev via cutting)
32. HADOOP-343. Fix mapred copying so that a failed tasktracker
doesn't cause other copies to slow. (Sameer Paranjpye via cutting)
33. HADOOP-239. Add a persistent job history mechanism, so that basic
job statistics are not lost after 24 hours and/or when the
jobtracker is restarted. (Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
34. HADOOP-506. Ignore heartbeats from stale task trackers.
(Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
35. HADOOP-255. Discard stale, queued IPC calls. Do not process
calls whose clients will likely time out before they receive a
response. When the queue is full, new calls are now received and
queued, and the oldest calls are discarded, so that, when servers
get bogged down, they no longer develop a backlog on the socket.
This should improve some DFS namenode failure modes.
(omalley via cutting)
36. HADOOP-581. Fix datanode to not reset itself on communications
errors with the namenode. If a request to the namenode fails, the
datanode should retry, not restart. This reduces the load on the
namenode, since restarts cause a resend of the block report.
(omalley via cutting)
Release 0.6.2 - 2006-09-18
1. HADOOP-532. Fix a bug reading value-compressed sequence files,
where an exception was thrown reporting that the full value had not
been read. (omalley via cutting)
2. HADOOP-534. Change the default value class in JobConf to be Text
instead of the now-deprecated UTF8. This fixes the Grep example
program, which was updated to use Text, but relies on this
default. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
Release 0.6.1 - 2006-09-13
1. HADOOP-520. Fix a bug in libhdfs, where write failures were not
correctly returning error codes. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
2. HADOOP-523. Fix a NullPointerException when TextInputFormat is
explicitly specified. Also add a test case for this.
(omalley via cutting)
3. HADOOP-521. Fix another NullPointerException finding the
ClassLoader when using libhdfs. (omalley via cutting)
4. HADOOP-526. Fix a NullPointerException when attempting to start
two datanodes in the same directory. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
5. HADOOP-529. Fix a NullPointerException when opening
value-compressed sequence files generated by pre-0.6.0 Hadoop.
(omalley via cutting)
Release 0.6.0 - 2006-09-08
1. HADOOP-427. Replace some uses of DatanodeDescriptor in the DFS
web UI code with DatanodeInfo, the preferred public class.
(Devaraj Das via cutting)
2. HADOOP-426. Fix streaming contrib module to work correctly on
Solaris. This was causing nightly builds to fail.
(Michel Tourn via cutting)
3. HADOOP-400. Improvements to task assignment. Tasks are no longer
re-run on nodes where they have failed (unless no other node is
available). Also, tasks are better load-balanced among nodes.
(omalley via cutting)
4. HADOOP-324. Fix datanode to not exit when a disk is full, but
rather simply to fail writes. (Wendy Chien via cutting)
5. HADOOP-434. Change smallJobsBenchmark to use standard Hadoop
scripts. (Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
6. HADOOP-453. Fix a bug in Text.setCapacity(). (siren via cutting)
7. HADOOP-450. Change so that input types are determined by the
RecordReader rather than specified directly in the JobConf. This
facilitates jobs with a variety of input types.
WARNING: This contains incompatible API changes! The RecordReader
interface has two new methods that all user-defined InputFormats
must now define. Also, the values returned by TextInputFormat are
no longer of class UTF8, but now of class Text.
8. HADOOP-436. Fix an error-handling bug in the web ui.
(Devaraj Das via cutting)
9. HADOOP-455. Fix a bug in Text, where DEL was not permitted.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
10. HADOOP-456. Change the DFS namenode to keep a persistent record
of the set of known datanodes. This will be used to implement a
"safe mode" where filesystem changes are prohibited when a
critical percentage of the datanodes are unavailable.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
11. HADOOP-322. Add a job control utility. This permits one to
specify job interdependencies. Each job is submitted only after
the jobs it depends on have successfully completed.
(Runping Qi via cutting)
12. HADOOP-176. Fix a bug in IntWritable.Comparator.
(Dick King via cutting)
13. HADOOP-421. Replace uses of String in recordio package with Text
class, for improved handling of UTF-8 data.
(Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
14. HADOOP-464. Improved error message when job jar not found.
(Michel Tourn via cutting)
15. HADOOP-469. Fix /bin/bash specifics that have crept into our
/bin/sh scripts since HADOOP-352.
(Jean-Baptiste Quenot via cutting)
16. HADOOP-468. Add HADOOP_NICENESS environment variable to set
scheduling priority for daemons. (Vetle Roeim via cutting)
17. HADOOP-473. Fix TextInputFormat to correctly handle more EOL
formats. Things now work correctly with CR, LF or CRLF.
(Dennis Kubes & James White via cutting)
18. HADOOP-461. Make Java 1.5 an explicit requirement. (cutting)
19. HADOOP-54. Add block compression to SequenceFile. One may now
specify that blocks of keys and values are compressed together,
improving compression for small keys and values.
SequenceFile.Writer's constructor is now deprecated and replaced
with a factory method. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
20. HADOOP-281. Prohibit DFS files that are also directories.
(Wendy Chien via cutting)
21. HADOOP-486. Add the job username to JobStatus instances returned
by JobClient. (Mahadev Konar via cutting)
22. HADOOP-437. contrib/streaming: Add support for gzipped inputs.
(Michel Tourn via cutting)
23. HADOOP-463. Add variable expansion to config files.
Configuration property values may now contain variable
expressions. A variable is referenced with the syntax
'${variable}'. Variables values are found first in the
configuration, and then in Java system properties. The default
configuration is modified so that temporary directories are now
under ${hadoop.tmp.dir}, which is, by default,
/tmp/hadoop-${}. (Michel Tourn via cutting)
24. HADOOP-419. Fix a NullPointerException finding the ClassLoader
when using libhdfs. (omalley via cutting)
25. HADOOP-460. Fix contrib/smallJobsBenchmark to use Text instead of
UTF8. (Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
26. HADOOP-196. Fix Configuration(Configuration) constructor to work
correctly. (Sami Siren via cutting)
27. HADOOP-501. Fix Configuration.toString() to handle URL resources.
(Thomas Friol via cutting)
28. HADOOP-499. Reduce the use of Strings in contrib/streaming,
replacing them with Text for better performance.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
29. HADOOP-64. Manage multiple volumes with a single DataNode.
Previously DataNode would create a separate daemon per configured
volume, each with its own connection to the NameNode. Now all
volumes are handled by a single DataNode daemon, reducing the load
on the NameNode. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
30. HADOOP-424. Fix MapReduce so that jobs which generate zero splits
do not fail. (Frédéric Bertin via cutting)
31. HADOOP-408. Adjust some timeouts and remove some others so that
unit tests run faster. (cutting)
32. HADOOP-507. Fix an IllegalAccessException in DFS.
(omalley via cutting)
33. HADOOP-320. Fix so that checksum files are correctly copied when
the destination of a file copy is a directory.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
34. HADOOP-286. In DFSClient, avoid pinging the NameNode with
renewLease() calls when no files are being written.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
35. HADOOP-312. Close idle IPC connections. All IPC connections were
cached forever. Now, after a connection has been idle for more
than a configurable amount of time (one second by default), the
connection is closed, conserving resources on both client and
server. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
36. HADOOP-497. Permit the specification of the network interface and
nameserver to be used when determining the local hostname
advertised by datanodes and tasktrackers.
(Lorenzo Thione via cutting)
37. HADOOP-441. Add a compression codec API and extend SequenceFile
to use it. This will permit the use of alternate compression
codecs in SequenceFile. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
38. HADOOP-483. Improvements to libhdfs build and documentation.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
39. HADOOP-458. Fix a memory corruption bug in libhdfs.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
40. HADOOP-517. Fix a contrib/streaming bug in end-of-line detection.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
41. HADOOP-474. Add CompressionCodecFactory, and use it in
TextInputFormat and TextOutputFormat. Compressed input files are
automatically decompressed when they have the correct extension.
Output files will, when output compression is specified, be
generated with an approprate extension. Also add a gzip codec and
fix problems with UTF8 text inputs. (omalley via cutting)
Release 0.5.0 - 2006-08-04
1. HADOOP-352. Fix shell scripts to use /bin/sh instead of
/bin/bash, for better portability.
(Jean-Baptiste Quenot via cutting)
2. HADOOP-313. Permit task state to be saved so that single tasks
may be manually re-executed when debugging. (omalley via cutting)
3. HADOOP-339. Add method to JobClient API listing jobs that are
not yet complete, i.e., that are queued or running.
(Mahadev Konar via cutting)
4. HADOOP-355. Updates to the streaming contrib module, including
API fixes, making reduce optional, and adding an input type for
StreamSequenceRecordReader. (Michel Tourn via cutting)
5. HADOOP-358. Fix a NPE bug in Path.equals().
(Frédéric Bertin via cutting)
6. HADOOP-327. Fix ToolBase to not call System.exit() when
exceptions are thrown. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
7. HADOOP-359. Permit map output to be compressed.
(omalley via cutting)
8. HADOOP-341. Permit input URI to CopyFiles to use the HTTP
protocol. This lets one, e.g., more easily copy log files into
DFS. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
9. HADOOP-361. Remove unix dependencies from streaming contrib
module tests, making them pure java. (Michel Tourn via cutting)
10. HADOOP-354. Make public methods to stop DFS daemons.
(Barry Kaplan via cutting)
11. HADOOP-252. Add versioning to RPC protocols.
(Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
12. HADOOP-356. Add contrib to "compile" and "test" build targets, so
that this code is better maintained. (Michel Tourn via cutting)
13. HADOOP-307. Add smallJobsBenchmark contrib module. This runs
lots of small jobs, in order to determine per-task overheads.
(Sanjay Dahiya via cutting)
14. HADOOP-342. Add a tool for log analysis: Logalyzer.
(Arun C Murthy via cutting)
15. HADOOP-347. Add web-based browsing of DFS content. The namenode
redirects browsing requests to datanodes. Content requests are
redirected to datanodes where the data is local when possible.
(Devaraj Das via cutting)
16. HADOOP-351. Make Hadoop IPC kernel independent of Jetty.
(Devaraj Das via cutting)
17. HADOOP-237. Add metric reporting to DFS and MapReduce. With only
minor configuration changes, one can now monitor many Hadoop
system statistics using Ganglia or other monitoring systems.
(Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
18. HADOOP-376. Fix datanode's HTTP server to scan for a free port.
(omalley via cutting)
19. HADOOP-260. Add --config option to shell scripts, specifying an
alternate configuration directory. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
20. HADOOP-381. Permit developers to save the temporary files for
tasks whose names match a regular expression, to facilliate
debugging. (omalley via cutting)
21. HADOOP-344. Fix some Windows-related problems with DF.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
22. HADOOP-380. Fix reduce tasks to poll less frequently for map
outputs. (Mahadev Konar via cutting)
23. HADOOP-321. Refactor DatanodeInfo, in preparation for
HADOOP-306. (Konstantin Shvachko & omalley via cutting)
24. HADOOP-385. Fix some bugs in record io code generation.
(Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
25. HADOOP-302. Add new Text class to replace UTF8, removing
limitations of that class. Also refactor utility methods for
writing zero-compressed integers (VInts and VLongs).
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
26. HADOOP-335. Refactor DFS namespace/transaction logging in
namenode. (Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
27. HADOOP-375. Fix handling of the datanode HTTP daemon's port so
that multiple datanode's can be run on a single host.
(Devaraj Das via cutting)
28. HADOOP-386. When removing excess DFS block replicas, remove those
on nodes with the least free space first.
(Johan Oskarson via cutting)
29. HADOOP-389. Fix intermittent failures of mapreduce unit tests.
Also fix some build dependencies.
(Mahadev & Konstantin via cutting)
30. HADOOP-362. Fix a problem where jobs hang when status messages
are recieved out-of-order. (omalley via cutting)
31. HADOOP-394. Change order of DFS shutdown in unit tests to
minimize errors logged. (Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
32. HADOOP-396. Make DatanodeID implement Writable.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
33. HADOOP-377. Permit one to add URL resources to a Configuration.
(Jean-Baptiste Quenot via cutting)
34. HADOOP-345. Permit iteration over Configuration key/value pairs.
(Michel Tourn via cutting)
35. HADOOP-409. Streaming contrib module: make configuration
properties available to commands as environment variables.
(Michel Tourn via cutting)
36. HADOOP-369. Add -getmerge option to dfs command that appends all
files in a directory into a single local file.
(Johan Oskarson via cutting)
37. HADOOP-410. Replace some TreeMaps with HashMaps in DFS, for
a 17% performance improvement. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
38. HADOOP-411. Add unit tests for command line parser.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
39. HADOOP-412. Add MapReduce input formats that support filtering
of SequenceFile data, including sampling and regex matching.
Also, move JobConf.newInstance() to a new utility class.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
40. HADOOP-226. Fix fsck command to properly consider replication
counts, now that these can vary per file. (Bryan Pendleton via cutting)
41. HADOOP-425. Add a Python MapReduce example, using Jython.
(omalley via cutting)
Release 0.4.0 - 2006-06-28
1. HADOOP-298. Improved progress reports for CopyFiles utility, the
distributed file copier. (omalley via cutting)
2. HADOOP-299. Fix the task tracker, permitting multiple jobs to
more easily execute at the same time. (omalley via cutting)
3. HADOOP-250. Add an HTTP user interface to the namenode, running
on port 50070. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
4. HADOOP-123. Add MapReduce unit tests that run a jobtracker and
tasktracker, greatly increasing code coverage.
(Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
5. HADOOP-271. Add links from jobtracker's web ui to tasktracker's
web ui. Also attempt to log a thread dump of child processes
before they're killed. (omalley via cutting)
6. HADOOP-210. Change RPC server to use a selector instead of a
thread per connection. This should make it easier to scale to
larger clusters. Note that this incompatibly changes the RPC
protocol: clients and servers must both be upgraded to the new
version to ensure correct operation. (Devaraj Das via cutting)
7. HADOOP-311. Change DFS client to retry failed reads, so that a
single read failure will not alone cause failure of a task.
(omalley via cutting)
8. HADOOP-314. Remove the "append" phase when reducing. Map output
files are now directly passed to the sorter, without first
appending them into a single file. Now, the first third of reduce
progress is "copy" (transferring map output to reduce nodes), the
middle third is "sort" (sorting map output) and the last third is
"reduce" (generating output). Long-term, the "sort" phase will
also be removed. (omalley via cutting)
9. HADOOP-316. Fix a potential deadlock in the jobtracker.
(omalley via cutting)
10. HADOOP-319. Fix FileSystem.close() to remove the FileSystem
instance from the cache. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
11. HADOOP-135. Fix potential deadlock in JobTracker by acquiring
locks in a consistent order. (omalley via cutting)
12. HADOOP-278. Check for existence of input directories before
starting MapReduce jobs, making it easier to debug this common
error. (omalley via cutting)
13. HADOOP-304. Improve error message for
UnregisterdDatanodeException to include expected node name.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
14. HADOOP-305. Fix TaskTracker to ask for new tasks as soon as a
task is finished, rather than waiting for the next heartbeat.
This improves performance when tasks are short.
(Mahadev Konar via cutting)
15. HADOOP-59. Add support for generic command line options. One may
now specify the filesystem (-fs), the MapReduce jobtracker (-jt),
a config file (-conf) or any configuration property (-D). The
"dfs", "fsck", "job", and "distcp" commands currently support
this, with more to be added. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
16. HADOOP-296. Permit specification of the amount of reserved space
on a DFS datanode. One may specify both the percentage free and
the number of bytes. (Johan Oskarson via cutting)
17. HADOOP-325. Fix a problem initializing RPC parameter classes, and
remove the workaround used to initialize classes.
(omalley via cutting)
18. HADOOP-328. Add an option to the "distcp" command to ignore read
errors while copying. (omalley via cutting)
19. HADOOP-27. Don't allocate tasks to trackers whose local free
space is too low. (Johan Oskarson via cutting)
20. HADOOP-318. Keep slow DFS output from causing task timeouts.
This incompatibly changes some public interfaces, adding a
parameter to OutputFormat.getRecordWriter() and the new method
Reporter.progress(), but it makes lots of tasks succeed that were
previously failing. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
Release 0.3.2 - 2006-06-09
1. HADOOP-275. Update the streaming contrib module to use log4j for
its logging. (Michel Tourn via cutting)
2. HADOOP-279. Provide defaults for log4j logging parameters, so
that things still work reasonably when Hadoop-specific system
properties are not provided. (omalley via cutting)
3. HADOOP-280. Fix a typo in AllTestDriver which caused the wrong
test to be run when "DistributedFSCheck" was specified.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
4. HADOOP-240. DFS's mkdirs() implementation no longer logs a warning
when the directory already exists. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
5. HADOOP-285. Fix DFS datanodes to be able to re-join the cluster
after the connection to the namenode is lost. (omalley via cutting)
6. HADOOP-277. Fix a race condition when creating directories.
(Sameer Paranjpye via cutting)
7. HADOOP-289. Improved exception handling in DFS datanode.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
8. HADOOP-292. Fix client-side logging to go to standard error
rather than standard output, so that it can be distinguished from
application output. (omalley via cutting)
9. HADOOP-294. Fixed bug where conditions for retrying after errors
in the DFS client were reversed. (omalley via cutting)
Release 0.3.1 - 2006-06-05
1. HADOOP-272. Fix a bug in bin/hadoop setting log
parameters. (omalley & cutting)
2. HADOOP-274. Change applications to log to standard output rather
than to a rolling log file like daemons. (omalley via cutting)
3. HADOOP-262. Fix reduce tasks to report progress while they're
waiting for map outputs, so that they do not time out.
(Mahadev Konar via cutting)
4. HADOOP-245 and HADOOP-246. Improvements to record io package.
(Mahadev Konar via cutting)
5. HADOOP-276. Add logging config files to jar file so that they're
always found. (omalley via cutting)
Release 0.3.0 - 2006-06-02
1. HADOOP-208. Enhance MapReduce web interface, adding new pages
for failed tasks, and tasktrackers. (omalley via cutting)
2. HADOOP-204. Tweaks to metrics package. (David Bowen via cutting)
3. HADOOP-209. Add a MapReduce-based file copier. This will
copy files within or between file systems in parallel.
(Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
4. HADOOP-146. Fix DFS to check when randomly generating a new block
id that no existing blocks already have that id.
(Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
5. HADOOP-180. Make a daemon thread that does the actual task clean ups, so
that the main offerService thread in the taskTracker doesn't get stuck
and miss his heartbeat window. This was killing many task trackers as
big jobs finished (300+ tasks / node). (omalley via cutting)
6. HADOOP-200. Avoid transmitting entire list of map task names to
reduce tasks. Instead just transmit the number of map tasks and
henceforth refer to them by number when collecting map output.
(omalley via cutting)
7. HADOOP-219. Fix a NullPointerException when handling a checksum
exception under SequenceFile.Sorter.sort(). (cutting & stack)
8. HADOOP-212. Permit alteration of the file block size in DFS. The
default block size for new files may now be specified in the
configuration with the dfs.block.size property. The block size
may also be specified when files are opened.
(omalley via cutting)
9. HADOOP-218. Avoid accessing configuration while looping through
tasks in JobTracker. (Mahadev Konar via cutting)
10. HADOOP-161. Add hashCode() method to DFS's Block.
(Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
11. HADOOP-115. Map output types may now be specified. These are also
used as reduce input types, thus permitting reduce input types to
differ from reduce output types. (Runping Qi via cutting)
12. HADOOP-216. Add task progress to task status page.
(Bryan Pendelton via cutting)
13. HADOOP-233. Add web server to task tracker that shows running
tasks and logs. Also add log access to job tracker web interface.
(omalley via cutting)
14. HADOOP-205. Incorporate pending tasks into tasktracker load
calculations. (Mahadev Konar via cutting)
15. HADOOP-247. Fix sort progress to better handle exceptions.
(Mahadev Konar via cutting)
16. HADOOP-195. Improve performance of the transfer of map outputs to
reduce nodes by performing multiple transfers in parallel, each on
a separate socket. (Sameer Paranjpye via cutting)
17. HADOOP-251. Fix task processes to be tolerant of failed progress
reports to their parent process. (omalley via cutting)
18. HADOOP-325. Improve the FileNotFound exceptions thrown by
LocalFileSystem to include the name of the file.
(Benjamin Reed via cutting)
19. HADOOP-254. Use HTTP to transfer map output data to reduce
nodes. This, together with HADOOP-195, greatly improves the
performance of these transfers. (omalley via cutting)
20. HADOOP-163. Cause datanodes that\ are unable to either read or
write data to exit, so that the namenode will no longer target
them for new blocks and will replicate their data on other nodes.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
21. HADOOP-222. Add a -setrep option to the dfs commands that alters
file replication levels. (Johan Oskarson via cutting)
22. HADOOP-75. In DFS, only check for a complete file when the file
is closed, rather than as each block is written.
(Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
23. HADOOP-124. Change DFS so that datanodes are identified by a
persistent ID rather than by host and port. This solves a number
of filesystem integrity problems, when, e.g., datanodes are
restarted. (Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
24. HADOOP-256. Add a C API for DFS. (Arun C Murthy via cutting)
25. HADOOP-211. Switch to use the Jakarta Commons logging internally,
configured to use log4j by default. (Arun C Murthy and cutting)
26. HADOOP-265. Tasktracker now fails to start if it does not have a
writable local directory for temporary files. In this case, it
logs a message to the JobTracker and exits. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
27. HADOOP-270. Fix potential deadlock in datanode shutdown.
(Hairong Kuang via cutting)
Release 0.2.1 - 2006-05-12
1. HADOOP-199. Fix reduce progress (broken by HADOOP-182).
(omalley via cutting)
2. HADOOP-201. Fix 'bin/hadoop dfs -report'. (cutting)
3. HADOOP-207. Fix JDK 1.4 incompatibility introduced by HADOOP-96.
System.getenv() does not work in JDK 1.4. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
Release 0.2.0 - 2006-05-05
1. Fix HADOOP-126. 'bin/hadoop dfs -cp' now correctly copies .crc
files. (Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
2. Fix HADOOP-51. Change DFS to support per-file replication counts.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
3. Fix HADOOP-131. Add scripts to start/stop dfs and mapred daemons.
Use these in start/stop-all scripts. (Chris Mattmann via cutting)
4. Stop using ssh options by default that are not yet in widely used
versions of ssh. Folks can still enable their use by uncommenting
a line in conf/ (cutting)
5. Fix HADOOP-92. Show information about all attempts to run each
task in the web ui. (Mahadev konar via cutting)
6. Fix HADOOP-128. Improved DFS error handling. (Owen O'Malley via cutting)
7. Fix HADOOP-129. Replace uses of with new class named
Path. This fixes bugs where methods were called
directly when FileSystem methods were desired, and reduces the
likelihood of such bugs in the future. It also makes the handling
of pathnames more consistent between local and dfs FileSystems and
between Windows and Unix. methods are still
available for back-compatibility, but are deprecated and will be
removed once 0.2 is released. (cutting)
8. Change and mapred.local.dir to be comma-separated
lists of directories, no longer be space-separated. This fixes
several bugs on Windows. (cutting)
9. Fix HADOOP-144. Use mapred task id for dfs client id, to
facilitate debugging. (omalley via cutting)
10. Fix HADOOP-143. Do not line-wrap stack-traces in web ui.
(omalley via cutting)
11. Fix HADOOP-118. In DFS, improve clean up of abandoned file
creations. (omalley via cutting)
12. Fix HADOOP-138. Stop multiple tasks in a single heartbeat, rather
than one per heartbeat. (Stefan via cutting)
13. Fix HADOOP-139. Remove a potential deadlock in
LocalFileSystem.lock(). (Igor Bolotin via cutting)
14. Fix HADOOP-134. Don't hang jobs when the tasktracker is
misconfigured to use an un-writable local directory. (omalley via cutting)
15. Fix HADOOP-115. Correct an error message. (Stack via cutting)
16. Fix HADOOP-133. Retry pings from child to parent, in case of
(local) communcation problems. Also log exit status, so that one
can distinguish patricide from other deaths. (omalley via cutting)
17. Fix HADOOP-142. Avoid re-running a task on a host where it has
previously failed. (omalley via cutting)
18. Fix HADOOP-148. Maintain a task failure count for each
tasktracker and display it in the web ui. (omalley via cutting)
19. Fix HADOOP-151. Close a potential socket leak, where new IPC
connection pools were created per configuration instance that RPCs
use. Now a global RPC connection pool is used again, as
originally intended. (cutting)
20. Fix HADOOP-69. Don't throw a NullPointerException when getting
hints for non-existing file split. (Bryan Pendelton via cutting)
21. Fix HADOOP-157. When a task that writes dfs files (e.g., a reduce
task) failed and was retried, it would fail again and again,
eventually failing the job. The problem was that dfs did not yet
know that the failed task had abandoned the files, and would not
yet let another task create files with the same names. Dfs now
retries when creating a file long enough for locks on abandoned
files to expire. (omalley via cutting)
22. Fix HADOOP-150. Improved task names that include job
names. (omalley via cutting)
23. Fix HADOOP-162. Fix ConcurrentModificationException when
releasing file locks. (omalley via cutting)
24. Fix HADOOP-132. Initial check-in of new Metrics API, including
implementations for writing metric data to a file and for sending
it to Ganglia. (David Bowen via cutting)
25. Fix HADOOP-160. Remove some uneeded synchronization around
time-consuming operations in the TaskTracker. (omalley via cutting)
26. Fix HADOOP-166. RPCs failed when passed subclasses of a declared
parameter type. This is fixed by changing ObjectWritable to store
both the declared type and the instance type for Writables. Note
that this incompatibly changes the format of ObjectWritable and
will render unreadable any ObjectWritables stored in files.
Nutch only uses ObjectWritable in intermediate files, so this
should not be a problem for Nutch. (Stefan & cutting)
27. Fix HADOOP-168. MapReduce RPC protocol methods should all declare
IOException, so that timeouts are handled appropriately.
(omalley via cutting)
28. Fix HADOOP-169. Don't fail a reduce task if a call to the
jobtracker to locate map outputs fails. (omalley via cutting)
29. Fix HADOOP-170. Permit FileSystem clients to examine and modify
the replication count of individual files. Also fix a few
replication-related bugs. (Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
30. Permit specification of a higher replication levels for job
submission files (job.xml and job.jar). This helps with large
clusters, since these files are read by every node. (cutting)
31. HADOOP-173. Optimize allocation of tasks with local data. (cutting)
32. HADOOP-167. Reduce number of Configurations and JobConf's
created. (omalley via cutting)
33. NUTCH-256. Change FileSystem#createNewFile() to create a .crc
file. The lack of a .crc file was causing warnings. (cutting)
34. HADOOP-174. Change JobClient to not abort job until it has failed
to contact the job tracker for five attempts, not just one as
before. (omalley via cutting)
35. HADOOP-177. Change MapReduce web interface to page through tasks.
Previously, when jobs had more than a few thousand tasks they
could crash web browsers. (Mahadev Konar via cutting)
36. HADOOP-178. In DFS, piggyback blockwork requests from datanodes
on heartbeat responses from namenode. This reduces the volume of
RPC traffic. Also move startup delay in blockwork from datanode
to namenode. This fixes a problem where restarting the namenode
triggered a lot of uneeded replication. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
37. HADOOP-183. If the DFS namenode is restarted with different
minimum and/or maximum replication counts, existing files'
replication counts are now automatically adjusted to be within the
newly configured bounds. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
38. HADOOP-186. Better error handling in TaskTracker's top-level
loop. Also improve calculation of time to send next heartbeat.
(omalley via cutting)
39. HADOOP-187. Add two MapReduce examples/benchmarks. One creates
files containing random data. The second sorts the output of the
first. (omalley via cutting)
40. HADOOP-185. Fix so that, when a task tracker times out making the
RPC asking for a new task to run, the job tracker does not think
that it is actually running the task returned. (omalley via cutting)
41. HADOOP-190. If a child process hangs after it has reported
completion, its output should not be lost. (Stack via cutting)
42. HADOOP-184. Re-structure some test code to better support testing
on a cluster. (Mahadev Konar via cutting)
43. HADOOP-191 Add streaming package, Hadoop's first contrib module.
This permits folks to easily submit MapReduce jobs whose map and
reduce functions are implemented by shell commands. Use
'bin/hadoop jar build/hadoop-streaming.jar' to get details.
(Michel Tourn via cutting)
44. HADOOP-189. Fix MapReduce in standalone configuration to
correctly handle job jar files that contain a lib directory with
nested jar files. (cutting)
45. HADOOP-65. Initial version of record I/O framework that enables
the specification of record types and generates marshalling code
in both Java and C++. Generated Java code implements
WritableComparable, but is not yet otherwise used by
Hadoop. (Milind Bhandarkar via cutting)
46. HADOOP-193. Add a MapReduce-based FileSystem benchmark.
(Konstantin Shvachko via cutting)
47. HADOOP-194. Add a MapReduce-based FileSystem checker. This reads
every block in every file in the filesystem. (Konstantin Shvachko
via cutting)
48. HADOOP-182. Fix so that lost task trackers to not change the
status of reduce tasks or completed jobs. Also fixes the progress
meter so that failed tasks are subtracted. (omalley via cutting)
49. HADOOP-96. Logging improvements. Log files are now separate from
standard output and standard error files. Logs are now rolled.
Logging of all DFS state changes can be enabled, to facilitate
debugging. (Hairong Kuang via cutting)
Release 0.1.1 - 2006-04-08
1. Added CHANGES.txt, logging all significant changes to Hadoop. (cutting)
2. Fix MapReduceBase.close() to throw IOException, as declared in the
Closeable interface. This permits subclasses which override this
method to throw that exception. (cutting)
3. Fix HADOOP-117. Pathnames were mistakenly transposed in
JobConf.getLocalFile() causing many mapred temporary files to not
be removed. (Raghavendra Prabhu via cutting)
4. Fix HADOOP-116. Clean up job submission files when jobs complete.
5. Fix HADOOP-125. Fix handling of absolute paths on Windows (cutting)
Release 0.1.0 - 2006-04-01
1. The first release of Hadoop.