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Hadoop Change Log
Release 2.0.4-alpha - UNRELEASED
HADOOP-9467. Metrics2 record filter should check name as well as tags.
(Ganeshan Iyler via llu)
HADOOP-9406. hadoop-client leaks dependency on JDK tools jar. (tucu)
HADOOP-9301. hadoop client servlet/jsp/jetty/tomcat JARs creating conflicts in Oozie & HttpFS. (tucu)
HADOOP-9299. kerberos name resolution is kicking in even when kerberos
is not configured (daryn)
HADOOP-9399. protoc maven plugin doesn't work on mvn 3.0.2 (todd)
HADOOP-9444. Modify hadoop-policy.xml to replace unexpanded variables to a
default value of '*'. (Roman Shaposhnik via vinodkv)
HADOOP-9405. TestGridmixSummary#testExecutionSummarizer is broken.
(Andrew Wang via atm)
HADOOP-9379. capture the ulimit info after printing the log to the
console. (Arpit Gupta via suresh)
HADOOP-9471. hadoop-client wrongfully excludes jetty-util JAR,
breaking webhdfs. (tucu)
Release 2.0.3-alpha - 2013-02-06
HADOOP-8999. SASL negotiation is flawed (daryn)
HADOOP-8561. Introduce HADOOP_PROXY_USER for secure impersonation in child
hadoop client processes. (Yu Gao via llu)
HADOOP-8597. Permit FsShell's text command to read Avro files.
(Ivan Vladimirov Ivanov via cutting)
HADOOP-9020. Add a SASL PLAIN server (daryn via bobby)
HADOOP-9090. Support on-demand publish of metrics. (Mostafa Elhemali via
HADOOP-9054. Add AuthenticationHandler that uses Kerberos but allows for
an alternate form of authentication for browsers. (rkanter via tucu)
HADOOP-8789. Tests setLevel(Level.OFF) should be Level.ERROR.
(Andy Isaacson via eli)
HADOOP-8755. Print thread dump when tests fail due to timeout. (Andrey
Klochkov via atm)
HADOOP-8806. dlopen should be better at locating, etc. (Colin Patrick McCabe via eli)
HADOOP-8812. ExitUtil#terminate should print Exception#toString. (eli)
HADOOP-3957. Change MutableQuantiles to use a shared thread for rolling
over metrics. (Andrew Wang via todd)
HADOOP-8851. Use -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError JVM option in the forked
tests. (Ivan A. Veselovsky via atm)
HADOOP-8783. Improve RPC.Server's digest auth (daryn)
HADOOP-8889. Upgrade to Surefire 2.12.3 (todd)
HADOOP-8804. Improve Web UIs when the wildcard address is used.
(Senthil Kumar via eli)
HADOOP-8894. GenericTestUtils.waitFor should dump thread stacks on timeout
HADOOP-8909. Hadoop Common Maven protoc calls must not depend on external
sh script. (Chris Nauroth via suresh)
HADOOP-8911. CRLF characters in source and text files.
(Raja Aluri via suresh)
HADOOP-8912. Add .gitattributes file to prevent CRLF and LF mismatches
for source and text files. (Raja Aluri via suresh)
HADOOP-8784. Improve IPC.Client's token use (daryn)
HADOOP-8929. Add toString, other improvements for SampleQuantiles (todd)
HADOOP-8922. Provide alternate JSONP output for JMXJsonServlet to allow
javascript in browser (Damien Hardy via bobby)
HADOOP-8931. Add Java version to startup message. (eli)
HADOOP-8925. Remove the packaging. (eli)
HADOOP-8985. Add namespace declarations in .proto files for languages
other than java. (Binglin Chan via suresh)
HADOOP-9009. Add SecurityUtil methods to get/set authentication method
(daryn via bobby)
HADOOP-9010. Map UGI authenticationMethod to RPC authMethod (daryn via
HADOOP-9013. UGI should not hardcode loginUser's authenticationType (daryn
via bobby)
HADOOP-9014. Standardize creation of SaslRpcClients (daryn via bobby)
HADOOP-9015. Standardize creation of SaslRpcServers (daryn via bobby)
HADOOP-9021. Enforce configured SASL method on the server (daryn via
HADOO-8998. set Cache-Control no-cache header on all dynamic content. (tucu)
HADOOP-9035. Generalize setup of LoginContext (daryn via bobby)
HADOOP-9093. Move all the Exception in PathExceptions to o.a.h.fs package.
HADOOP-9127. Update documentation for ZooKeeper Failover Controller.
(Daisuke Kobayashi via atm)
HADOOP-9004. Allow security unit tests to use external KDC. (Stephen Chu
via suresh)
HADOOP-9147. Add missing fields to FIleStatus.toString.
(Jonathan Allen via suresh)
HADOOP-8427. Convert Forrest docs to APT, incremental. (adi2 via tucu)
HADOOP-9162. Add utility to check native library availability.
(Binglin Chang via suresh)
HADOOP-9173. Add security token protobuf definition to common and
use it in hdfs. (suresh)
HADOOP-9119. Add test to FileSystemContractBaseTest to verify integrity
of overwritten files. (Steve Loughran via suresh)
HADOOP-9192. Move token related request/response messages to common.
HADOOP-8712. Change default to
JniBasedUnixGroupsNetgroupMappingWithFallback (Robert Parker via todd)
HADOOP-9106. Allow configuration of IPC connect timeout.
(Rober Parker via suresh)
HADOOP-9216. CompressionCodecFactory#getCodecClasses should trim the
result of parsing by Configuration. (Tsuyoshi Ozawa via todd)
HADOOP-9231. Parametrize staging URL for the uniformity of
distributionManagement. (Konstantin Boudnik via suresh)
HADOOP-9247. Parametrize Clover "generateXxx" properties to make them
re-definable via -D in mvn calls. (Ivan A. Veselovsky via suresh)
HADOOP-9276. Allow BoundedByteArrayOutputStream to be resettable.
(Arun Murthy via hitesh)
HADOOP-8866. SampleQuantiles#query is O(N^2) instead of O(N). (Andrew Wang
via atm)
HADOOP-8926. hadoop.util.PureJavaCrc32 cache hit-ratio is low for static
data (Gopal V via bobby)
HADOOP-9042. Add a test for umask in FileSystemContractBaseTest.
(Colin McCabe via eli)
HADOOP-9041. FsUrlStreamHandlerFactory could cause an infinite loop in
FileSystem initialization. (Yanbo Liang and Radim Kolar via llu)
HADOOP-8418. Update UGI Principal classes name for running with
IBM JDK on 64 bits Windows. (Yu Gao via eyang)
HADOOP-8795. BASH tab completion doesn't look in PATH, assumes path to
executable is specified. (Sean Mackrory via atm)
HADOOP-8780. Update DeprecatedProperties apt file. (Ahmed Radwan via
HADOOP-8833. fs -text should make sure to call
before using input stream. (tomwhite and harsh)
HADOOP-8791. Fix rm command documentation to indicte it deletes
files and not directories. (Jing Zhao via suresh)
HADOOP-8855. SSL-based image transfer does not work when Kerberos
is disabled. (todd via eli)
HADOOP-8616. ViewFS configuration requires a trailing slash. (Sandy Ryza
via atm)
HADOOP-8756. Fix SEGV when libsnappy is in java.library.path but
not LD_LIBRARY_PATH. (Colin Patrick McCabe via eli)
HADOOP-8881. FileBasedKeyStoresFactory initialization logging should be debug not info. (tucu)
HADOOP-8913. should give units in comment
for sampling period. (Sandy Ryza via suresh)
HADOOP-8878. Uppercase namenode hostname causes hadoop dfs calls with
webhdfs filesystem and fsck to fail when security is on.
(Arpit Gupta via suresh)
HADOOP-8901. GZip and Snappy support may not work without unversioned
libraries (Colin Patrick McCabe via todd)
HADOOP-8883. Anonymous fallback in KerberosAuthenticator is broken.
(rkanter via tucu)
HADOOP-8900. BuiltInGzipDecompressor throws IOException - stored gzip size
doesn't match decompressed size. (Andy Isaacson via suresh)
HADOOP-8948. TestFileUtil.testGetDU fails on Windows due to incorrect
assumption of line separator. (Chris Nauroth via suresh)
HADOOP-8951. RunJar to fail with user-comprehensible error
message if jar missing. (stevel via suresh)
HADOOP-8713. TestRPCCompatibility fails intermittently with JDK7
(Trevor Robinson via tgraves)
HADOOP-9012. IPC Client sends wrong connection context (daryn via bobby)
HADOOP-7115. Add a cache for getpwuid_r and getpwgid_r calls (tucu)
HADOOP-6607. Add different variants of non caching HTTP headers. (tucu)
HADOOP-9049. DelegationTokenRenewer needs to be Singleton and FileSystems
should register/deregister to/from. (Karthik Kambatla via tomwhite)
HADOOP-9064. Augment DelegationTokenRenewer API to cancel the tokens on
calls to removeRenewAction. (kkambatl via tucu)
HADOOP-9103. UTF8 class does not properly decode Unicode characters
outside the basic multilingual plane. (todd)
HADOOP-9070. Kerberos SASL server cannot find kerberos key. (daryn via atm)
HADOOP-6762. Exception while doing RPC I/O closes channel
(Sam Rash and todd via todd)
HADOOP-9126. FormatZK and ZKFC startup can fail due to zkclient connection
establishment delay. (Rakesh R and todd via todd)
HADOOP-9113. o.a.h.fs.TestDelegationTokenRenewer is failing intermittently.
(Karthik Kambatla via eli)
HADOOP-9135. JniBasedUnixGroupsMappingWithFallback should log at debug
rather than info during fallback. (Colin Patrick McCabe via todd)
HADOOP-9152. HDFS can report negative DFS Used on clusters with very small
amounts of data. (Brock Noland via atm)
HADOOP-9153. Support createNonRecursive in ViewFileSystem.
(Sandy Ryza via tomwhite)
HADOOP-9181. Set daemon flag for HttpServer's QueuedThreadPool.
(Liang Xie via suresh)
HADOOP-9155. FsPermission should have different default value, 777 for
directory and 666 for file. (Binglin Chang via atm)
HADOOP-9183. Potential deadlock in ActiveStandbyElector. (tomwhite)
HADOOP-9203. RPCCallBenchmark should find a random available port.
(Andrew Purtell via suresh)
HADOOP-9178. src/main/conf is missing hadoop-policy.xml.
(Sandy Ryza via eli)
HADOOP-8816. HTTP Error 413 full HEAD if using kerberos authentication.
(moritzmoeller via tucu)
HADOOP-9212. Potential deadlock in FileSystem.Cache/IPC/UGI. (tomwhite)
HADOOP-8589 ViewFs tests fail when tests and home dirs are nested.
(sanjay Radia)
HADOOP-9193. hadoop script can inadvertently expand wildcard arguments
when delegating to hdfs script. (Andy Isaacson via todd)
HADOOP-9215. when using cmake-2.6, doesn't get created
(only (Colin Patrick McCabe via todd)
HADOOP-8857. hadoop.http.authentication.signature.secret.file docs
should not state that secret is randomly generated. (tucu)
HADOOP-9190. packaging docs is broken. (Andy Isaacson via tgraves)
HADOOP-9221. Convert remaining xdocs to APT. (Andy Isaacson via atm)
HADOOP-8981. TestMetricsSystemImpl fails on Windows. (Xuan Gong via suresh)
HADOOP-9124. SortedMapWritable violates contract of Map interface for
equals() and hashCode(). (Surenkumar Nihalani via tomwhite)
HADOOP-9252. In StringUtils, humanReadableInt(..) has a race condition and
the synchronization of limitDecimalTo2(double) can be avoided. (szetszwo)
HADOOP-9260. Hadoop version may be not correct when starting name node or
data node. (Chris Nauroth via jlowe)
HADOOP-9278. Fix the file handle leak in HarMetaData.parseMetaData() in
HarFileSystem. (Chris Nauroth via szetszwo)
HADOOP-9289. FsShell rm -f fails for non-matching globs. (Daryn Sharp via
Release 2.0.2-alpha - 2012-09-07
HADOOP-8388. Remove unused BlockLocation serialization.
(Colin Patrick McCabe via eli)
HADOOP-8689. Make trash a server side configuration option. (eli)
HADOOP-8710. Remove ability for users to easily run the trash emptire. (eli)
HADOOP-8794. Rename YARN_HOME to HADOOP_YARN_HOME. (vinodkv via acmurthy)
HDFS-3042. Automatic failover support for NameNode HA (todd)
(see dedicated section below for breakdown of subtasks)
HADOOP-8135. Add ByteBufferReadable interface to FSDataInputStream. (Henry
Robinson via atm)
HADOOP-8458. Add management hook to AuthenticationHandler to enable
delegation token operations support (tucu)
HADOOP-8465. hadoop-auth should support ephemeral authentication (tucu)
HADOOP-8644. AuthenticatedURL should be able to use SSLFactory. (tucu)
HADOOP-8581. add support for HTTPS to the web UIs. (tucu)
HADOOP-7754. Expose file descriptors from Hadoop-wrapped local
FileSystems (todd and ahmed via tucu)
HADOOP-8240. Add a new API to allow users to specify a checksum type
on FileSystem.create(..). (Kihwal Lee via szetszwo)
HADOOP-8340. SNAPSHOT build versions should compare as less than their eventual
final release. (todd)
HADOOP-8361. Avoid out-of-memory problems when deserializing strings.
(Colin Patrick McCabe via eli)
HADOOP-8224. Don't hardcode hdfs.audit.logger in the scripts.
(Tomohiko Kinebuchi via eli)
HADOOP-8398. Cleanup BlockLocation. (eli)
HADOOP-8422. Deprecate FileSystem#getDefault* and getServerDefault
methods that don't take a Path argument. (eli)
HADOOP-8323. Add javadoc and tests for Text.clear() behavior (harsh)
HADOOP-8358. Config-related WARN for dfs.web.ugi can be avoided. (harsh)
HADOOP-8450. Remove src/test/system. (eli)
HADOOP-8244. Improve comments on (Henry Robinson
via atm)
HADOOP-8368. Use CMake rather than autotools to build native code (ccccabe via tucu)
HADOOP-8524. Allow users to get source of a Configuration
parameter (harsh)
HADOOP-8449. hadoop fs -text fails with compressed sequence files
with the codec file extension (harsh)
HADOOP-6802. Remove FS_CLIENT_BUFFER_DIR_KEY = "fs.client.buffer.dir"
from (not used, deprecated)
(Sho Shimauchi via harsh)
HADOOP-3450. Add tests to Local Directory Allocator for
asserting their URI-returning capability (Sho Shimauchi via harsh)
HADOOP-8463. needs a key definition and doc.
(Madhukara Phatak via eli)
HADOOP-8533. Remove parallel call ununsed capability in RPC.
(Brandon Li via suresh)
HADOOP-8423. MapFile.Reader.get() crashes jvm or throws
EOFException on Snappy or LZO block-compressed data
(todd via harsh)
HADOOP-8541. Better high-percentile latency metrics. (Andrew Wang via atm)
HADOOP-8362. Improve exception message when Configuration.set() is
called with a null key or value. (Madhukara Phatak
and Suresh Srinivas via harsh)
HADOOP-7818. DiskChecker#checkDir should fail if the directory is
not executable. (Madhukara Phatak via harsh)
HADOOP-8531. SequenceFile Writer can throw out a better error if a
serializer or deserializer isn't available
(Madhukara Phatak via harsh)
HADOOP-8609. IPC server logs a useless message when shutting down socket.
(Jon Zuanich via atm)
HADOOP-8620. Add -Drequire.fuse and -Drequire.snappy. (Colin
Patrick McCabe via eli)
HADOOP-8687. Upgrade log4j to 1.2.17. (eli)
HADOOP-8278. Make sure components declare correct set of dependencies.
HADOOP-8700. Use enum to define the checksum constants in DataChecksum.
HADOOP-8686. Fix warnings in native code. (Colin Patrick McCabe via eli)
HADOOP-8239. Add subclasses of MD5MD5CRC32FileChecksum to support file
checksum with CRC32C. (Kihwal Lee via szetszwo)
HADOOP-8075. Lower native-hadoop library log from info to debug.
(Hızır Sefa İrken via eli)
HADOOP-8748. Refactor DFSClient retry utility methods to a new class
in (Arun C Murthy via szetszwo)
HADOOP-8754. Deprecate all the RPC.getServer() variants. (Brandon Li
via szetszwo)
HADOOP-8801. ExitUtil#terminate should capture the exception stack trace. (eli)
HADOOP-8819. Incorrectly & is used instead of && in some file system
implementations. (Brandon Li via suresh)
HADOOP-8736. Add Builder for building RPC server. (Brandon Li via Suresh)
HADOOP-8372. NetUtils.normalizeHostName() incorrectly handles hostname
starting with a numeric character. (Junping Du via suresh)
HADOOP-8393. missing variable exports, causes Yarn jobs
to fail with ClassNotFoundException MRAppMaster. (phunt via tucu)
HADOOP-8316. Audit logging should be disabled by default. (eli)
HADOOP-8400. All commands warn "Kerberos krb5 configuration not found"
when security is not enabled. (tucu)
HADOOP-8406. CompressionCodecFactory.CODEC_PROVIDERS iteration is
thread-unsafe (todd)
HADOOP-8287. etc/hadoop is missing (eli)
HADOOP-8408. MR doesn't work with a non-default ViewFS mount table
and security enabled. (atm via eli)
HADOOP-8329. Build fails with Java 7. (eli)
HADOOP-8268. A few pom.xml across Hadoop project
may fail XML validation. (Radim Kolar via harsh)
HADOOP-8444. Fix the tests and to avoid potential
test failure (Madhukara Phatak via harsh)
HADOOP-8452. DN logs backtrace when running under jsvc and /jmx is loaded
(Andy Isaacson via bobby)
HADOOP-8460. Document proper setting of HADOOP_PID_DIR and
HADOOP-8466. hadoop-client POM incorrectly excludes avro. (bmahe via tucu)
HADOOP-8481. update BUILDING.txt to talk about cmake rather than autotools.
(Colin Patrick McCabe via eli)
HADOOP-8485. Don't hardcode "Apache Hadoop 0.23" in the docs. (eli)
HADOOP-8488. gives +1 even if the native build fails.
(Colin Patrick McCabe via eli)
HADOOP-8507. Avoid OOM while deserializing DelegationTokenIdentifer.
(Colin Patrick McCabe via eli)
HADOOP-8433. Don't set HADOOP_LOG_DIR in
(Brahma Reddy Battula via eli)
HADOOP-8509. JarFinder duplicate entry: META-INF/MANIFEST.MF exception (tucu)
HADOOP-8512. AuthenticatedURL should reset the Token when the server returns
other than OK on authentication (tucu)
HADOOP-8168. empty-string owners or groups causes {{MissingFormatWidthException}}
in (ekoontz via tucu)
HADOOP-8438. refers to examples jar file which doesn't exist
(Devaraj K via umamahesh)
HADOOP-8538. CMake builds fail on ARM. (Trevor Robinson via eli)
HADOOP-8547. Package hadoop-pipes examples/bin directory (again).
(Colin Patrick McCabe via eli)
HADOOP-8563. don't package hadoop-pipes examples/bin
(Colin Patrick McCabe via tgraves)
HADOOP-8566. AvroReflectSerializer.accept(Class) throws a NPE if the class has no
package (primitive types and arrays). (tucu)
HADOOP-8586. Fixup a bunch of SPNEGO misspellings. (eli)
HADOOP-3886. Error in javadoc of Reporter, Mapper and Progressable
(Jingguo Yao via harsh)
HADOOP-8587. HarFileSystem access of harMetaCache isn't threadsafe. (eli)
HADOOP-8585. Fix initialization circularity between UserGroupInformation
and HadoopConfiguration. (Colin Patrick McCabe via atm)
HADOOP-8552. Conflict: Same security.log.file for multiple users.
(kkambatl via tucu)
HADOOP-8537. Fix TFile tests to pass even when native zlib support is not
compiled. (todd)
HADOOP-8626. Typo in default setting for (Jonathan Natkins
via atm)
HADOOP-8480. The native build should honor -DskipTests.
(Colin Patrick McCabe via eli)
HADOOP-8659. Native libraries must build with soft-float ABI for Oracle JVM
on ARM. (Trevor Robinson via todd)
HADOOP-8654. TextInputFormat delimiter bug (Gelesh and Jason Lowe via
HADOOP-8614. IOUtils#skipFully hangs forever on EOF.
(Colin Patrick McCabe via eli)
HADOOP-8720. TestLocalFileSystem should use test root subdirectory.
(Vlad Rozov via eli)
HADOOP-8721. ZKFC should not retry 45 times when attempting a graceful
fence during a failover. (Vinayakumar B via atm)
HADOOP-8632. Configuration leaking class-loaders (Costin Leau via bobby)
HADOOP-4572. Can not access user logs - Jetty is not configured by default
to serve aliases/symlinks (ahmed via tucu)
HADOOP-8660. TestPseudoAuthenticator failing with NPE. (tucu)
HADOOP-8699. some common testcases create core-site.xml in test-classes
making other testcases to fail. (tucu)
HADOOP-8031. Configuration class fails to find embedded .jar resources;
should use URL.openStream() (genman via tucu)
HADOOP-8737. cmake: always use JAVA_HOME to find, jni.h, jni_md.h.
(Colin Patrick McCabe via eli)
HADOOP-8747. Syntax error on cmake version 2.6 patch 2 in JNIFlags.cmake. (cmccabe via tucu)
HADOOP-8722. Update BUILDING.txt with latest snappy info.
(Colin Patrick McCabe via eli)
HADOOP-8764. CMake: HADOOP-8737 broke ARM build. (Trevor Robinson via eli)
HADOOP-8770. NN should not RPC to self to find trash defaults. (eli)
HADOOP-8648. libhadoop: native CRC32 validation crashes when
io.bytes.per.checksum=1. (Colin Patrick McCabe via eli)
HADOOP-8766. FileContextMainOperationsBaseTest should randomize the root
dir. (Colin Patrick McCabe via atm)
HADOOP-8749. HADOOP-8031 changed the way in which relative xincludes are handled in
Configuration. (ahmed via tucu)
HADOOP-8431. Running distcp wo args throws IllegalArgumentException.
(Sandy Ryza via eli)
HADOOP-8775. MR2 distcp permits non-positive value to -bandwidth option
which causes job never to complete. (Sandy Ryza via atm)
HADOOP-8781. should add JAVA_LIBRARY_PATH to LD_LIBRARY_PATH. (tucu)
HADOOP-8220. ZKFailoverController doesn't handle failure to become active
correctly (todd)
HADOOP-8228. Auto HA: Refactor tests and add stress tests. (todd)
HADOOP-8215. Security support for ZK Failover controller (todd)
HADOOP-8245. Fix flakiness in TestZKFailoverController (todd)
HADOOP-8257. TestZKFailoverControllerStress occasionally fails with Mockito
error (todd)
HADOOP-8260. Replace ClientBaseWithFixes with our own modified copy of the
class (todd)
HADOOP-8246. Auto-HA: automatically scope znode by nameservice ID (todd)
HADOOP-8247. Add a config to enable auto-HA, which disables manual
FailoverController (todd)
HADOOP-8306. ZKFC: improve error message when ZK is not running. (todd)
HADOOP-8279. Allow manual failover to be invoked when auto-failover is
enabled. (todd)
HADOOP-8276. Auto-HA: add config for java options to pass to zkfc daemon
(todd via eli)
HADOOP-8405. ZKFC tests leak ZK instances. (todd)
Release 2.0.0-alpha - 05-23-2012
HADOOP-7920. Remove Avro Rpc. (suresh)
HADOOP-7773. Add support for protocol buffer based RPC engine.
HADOOP-7875. Add helper class to unwrap protobuf ServiceException.
HADOOP-7454. Common side of High Availability Framework (HDFS-1623)
Contributed by Todd Lipcon, Aaron T. Myers, Eli Collins, Uma Maheswara Rao G,
Bikas Saha, Suresh Srinivas, Jitendra Nath Pandey, Hari Mankude, Brandon Li,
Sanjay Radia, Mingjie Lai, and Gregory Chanan
HADOOP-8121. Active Directory Group Mapping Service. (Jonathan Natkins via
HADOOP-7030. Add TableMapping topology implementation to read host to rack
mapping from a file. (Patrick Angeles and tomwhite via tomwhite)
HADOOP-8206. Common portion of a ZK-based failover controller (todd)
HADOOP-8210. Common side of HDFS-3148: The client should be able
to use multiple local interfaces for data transfer. (eli)
HADOOP-8343. Allow configuration of authorization for JmxJsonServlet and
MetricsServlet (tucu)
HADOOP-7524. Change RPC to allow multiple protocols including multuple
versions of the same protocol (sanjay Radia)
HADOOP-7607. Simplify the RPC proxy cleanup process. (atm)
HADOOP-7687. Make getProtocolSignature public (sanjay)
HADOOP-7693. Enhance AvroRpcEngine to support the new #addProtocol
interface introduced in HADOOP-7524. (cutting)
HADOOP-7716. RPC protocol registration on SS does not log the protocol name
(only the class which may be different) (sanjay)
HADOOP-7776. Make the Ipc-Header in a RPC-Payload an explicit header.
HADOOP-7862. Move the support for multiple protocols to lower layer so
that Writable, PB and Avro can all use it (Sanjay)
HADOOP-7876. Provided access to encoded key in DelegationKey for
use in protobuf based RPCs. (suresh)
HADOOP-7899. Generate proto java files as part of the build. (tucu)
HADOOP-7957. Classes deriving GetGroupsBase should be able to override
proxy creation. (jitendra)
HADOOP-7965. Support for protocol version and signature in PB. (jitendra)
HADOOP-8070. Add a standalone benchmark for RPC call performance. (todd)
HADOOP-8084. Updates ProtoBufRpc engine to not do an unnecessary copy
for RPC request/response. (ddas)
HADOOP-8085. Add RPC metrics to ProtobufRpcEngine. (Hari Mankude via
HADOOP-8098. KerberosAuthenticatorHandler should use _HOST replacement to
resolve principal name (tucu)
HADOOP-8118. In metrics2.util.MBeans, change log level to trace for the
stack trace of InstanceAlreadyExistsException. (szetszwo)
HADOOP-8125. make hadoop-client set of curated jars available in a
distribution tarball (rvs via tucu)
HADOOP-7717. Move handling of concurrent client fail-overs to
RetryInvocationHandler (atm)
HADOOP-7728. Enable task memory management to be configurable in hadoop
config setup script. (ramya)
HADOOP-7358. Improve log levels when exceptions caught in RPC handler
(Todd Lipcon via shv)
HADOOP-7557 Make IPC header be extensible (sanjay radia)
HADOOP-7806. Support binding to sub-interfaces (eli)
HADOOP-6941. Adds support for building Hadoop with IBM's JDK
(Stephen Watt, Eli and ddas)
HADOOP-8183. Stop using "mapred.used.genericoptions.parser" (harsh)
HADOOP-6924. Adds a directory to the list of directories to search
for the file. The new directory is found by running a 'find'
command and the first output is taken. This was done to handle the
build of Hadoop with IBM's JDK. (Stephen Watt, Guillermo Cabrera and ddas)
HADOOP-8184. ProtoBuf RPC engine uses the IPC layer reply packet.
(Sanjay Radia via szetszwo)
HADOOP-8163. Improve ActiveStandbyElector to provide hooks for
fencing old active. (todd)
HADOOP-8193. Refactor FailoverController/HAAdmin code to add an abstract
class for "target" services. (todd)
HADOOP-8212. Improve ActiveStandbyElector's behavior when session expires
HADOOP-8216. Address inconsistencies btw main and
template dirs. (Patrick Hunt via eli)
HADOOP-8149. Cap space usage of default log4j rolling policy.
(Patrick Hunt via eli)
HADOOP-8211. Update commons-net version to 3.1. (eli)
HADOOP-8236. haadmin should have configurable timeouts for failover
commands. (todd)
HADOOP-8242. AbstractDelegationTokenIdentifier: add getter methods
for owner and realuser. (Colin Patrick McCabe via eli)
HADOOP-8007. Use substitution tokens for fencing argument (todd)
HADOOP-8077. HA: fencing method should be able to be configured on
a per-NN or per-NS basis (todd)
HADOOP-8086. KerberosName silently sets defaultRealm to "" if the
Kerberos config is not found, it should log a WARN (tucu)
HADOOP-8280. Move VersionUtil/TestVersionUtil and GenericTestUtils from
HDFS into Common. (Ahmed Radwan via atm)
HADOOP-8117. Upgrade test build to Surefire 2.12 (todd)
HADOOP-8152. Expand public APIs for security library classes. (atm via eli)
HADOOP-7549. Use JDK ServiceLoader mechanism to find FileSystem implementations. (tucu)
HADOOP-8185. Update namenode -format documentation and add -nonInteractive
and -force. (Arpit Gupta via atm)
HADOOP-8214. make hadoop script recognize a full set of deprecated commands (rvs via tucu)
HADOOP-8347. Hadoop Common logs misspell 'successful'.
(Philip Zeyliger via eli)
HADOOP-8350. Improve NetUtils.getInputStream to return a stream which has
a tunable timeout. (todd)
HADOOP-8356. FileSystem service loading mechanism should print the FileSystem
impl it is failing to load (tucu)
HADOOP-8353. and can be misleading on stop.
(Roman Shaposhnik via atm)
HADOOP-8113. Correction to BUILDING.txt: HDFS needs ProtocolBuffer, too
(not just MapReduce). Contributed by Eugene Koontz.
HADOOP-8285 Use ProtoBuf for RpcPayLoadHeader (sanjay radia)
HADOOP-8366 Use ProtoBuf for RpcResponseHeader (sanjay radia)
HADOOP-8199. Fix issues in and (Devaraj K via umamahesh)
HADOOP-7635. RetryInvocationHandler should release underlying resources on
close. (atm)
HADOOP-7695. RPC.stopProxy can throw unintended exception while logging
error. (atm)
HADOOP-7833. Fix findbugs warnings in protobuf generated code.
(John Lee via suresh)
HADOOP-7897. ProtobufRpcEngine client side exception mechanism is not
consistent with WritableRpcEngine. (suresh)
HADOOP-7913. Fix bug in ProtoBufRpcEngine. (sanjay)
HADOOP-7892. IPC logs too verbose after "RpcKind" introduction. (todd)
HADOOP-7968. Errant println left in RPC.getHighestSupportedProtocol. (Sho
Shimauchi via harsh)
HADOOP-7931. o.a.h.ipc.WritableRpcEngine should have a way to force
initialization. (atm)
HADOOP-8104. Inconsistent Jackson versions (tucu)
HADOOP-8119. Fix javac warnings in TestAuthenticationFilter in hadoop-auth.
HADOOP-7888. TestFailoverProxy fails intermittently on trunk. (Jason Lowe
via atm)
HADOOP-8154. DNS#getIPs shouldn't silently return the local host
IP for bogus interface names. (eli)
HADOOP-8169. javadoc generation fails with java.lang.OutOfMemoryError:
Java heap space (tgraves via bobby)
HADOOP-8167. Configuration deprecation logic breaks backwards compatibility (tucu)
HADOOP-8189. LdapGroupsMapping shouldn't throw away IOException. (Jonathan Natkins via atm)
HADOOP-8191. SshFenceByTcpPort uses netcat incorrectly (todd)
HADOOP-8157. Fix race condition in Configuration that could cause spurious
ClassNotFoundExceptions after a GC. (todd)
HADOOP-8197. Configuration logs WARNs on every use of a deprecated key (tucu)
HADOOP-8159. NetworkTopology: getLeaf should check for invalid topologies.
(Colin Patrick McCabe via eli)
HADOOP-8204. TestHealthMonitor fails occasionally (todd)
HADOOP-8202. RPC stopProxy() does not close the proxy correctly.
(Hari Mankude via suresh)
HADOOP-8218. RPC.closeProxy shouldn't throw error when closing a mock
HADOOP-8238. NetUtils#getHostNameOfIP blows up if given ip:port
string w/o port. (eli)
HADOOP-8243. Security support broken in CLI (manual) failover controller
HADOOP-8251. Fix SecurityUtil.fetchServiceTicket after HADOOP-6941 (todd)
HADOOP-8249. invalid hadoop-auth cookies should trigger authentication
if info is avail before returning HTTP 401 (tucu)
HADOOP-8261. Har file system doesn't deal with FS URIs with a host but no
port. (atm)
HADOOP-8263. Stringification of IPC calls not useful (todd)
HADOOP-8264. Remove irritating double double quotes in front of hostname
(Bernd Fondermann via bobby)
HADOOP-8270. stop action should return 0 for an
already stopped service. (Roman Shaposhnik via eli)
HADOOP-8144. pseudoSortByDistance in NetworkTopology doesn't work
properly if no local node and first node is local rack node.
(Junping Du)
HADOOP-8282. refers incorrectly
existence for starting (Devaraj K via eli)
HADOOP-7350. Use ServiceLoader to discover compression codec classes.
HADOOP-8284. clover integration broken, also mapreduce poms are pulling
in clover as a dependency. (phunt via tucu)
HADOOP-8309. Pseudo & Kerberos AuthenticationHandler should use
getType() to create token (tucu)
HADOOP-8314. HttpServer#hasAdminAccess should return false if
authorization is enabled but user is not authenticated. (tucu)
HADOOP-8296. hadoop/yarn daemonlog usage wrong (Devaraj K via tgraves)
HADOOP-8310. FileContext#checkPath should handle URIs with no port. (atm)
HADOOP-8321. TestUrlStreamHandler fails. (tucu)
HADOOP-8325. Add a ShutdownHookManager to be used by different
components instead of the JVM shutdownhook (tucu)
HADOOP-8275. Range check DelegationKey length.
(Colin Patrick McCabe via eli)
HADOOP-8342. HDFS command fails with exception following merge of
HADOOP-8325 (tucu)
HADOOP-8346. Makes oid changes to make SPNEGO work. Was broken due
to fixes introduced by the IBM JDK compatibility patch. (ddas)
HADOOP-8355. SPNEGO filter throws/logs exception when authentication fails (tucu)
HADOOP-8349. ViewFS doesn't work when the root of a file system is mounted. (atm)
HADOOP-8328. Duplicate FileSystem Statistics object for 'file' scheme.
HADOOP-8359. Fix javadoc warnings in Configuration. (Anupam Seth via
HADOOP-7455. HA: Introduce HA Service Protocol Interface. (suresh)
HADOOP-7774. HA: Administrative CLI to control HA daemons. (todd)
HADOOP-7896. HA: if both NNs are in Standby mode, client needs to try failing
back and forth several times with sleeps. (atm)
HADOOP-7922. Improve some logging for client IPC failovers and
StandbyExceptions (todd)
HADOOP-7921. StandbyException should extend IOException (todd)
HADOOP-7928. HA: Client failover policy is incorrectly trying to fail over all
IOExceptions (atm)
HADOOP-7925. Add interface and update CLI to query current state to
HAServiceProtocol (eli via todd)
HADOOP-7932. Make client connection retries on socket time outs configurable.
(Uma Maheswara Rao G via todd)
HADOOP-7924. FailoverController for client-based configuration (eli)
HADOOP-7961. Move HA fencing to common. (eli)
HADOOP-7970. HAServiceProtocol methods must throw IOException. (Hari Mankude
via suresh).
HADOOP-7992. Add ZKClient library to facilitate leader election. (Bikas Saha
via suresh).
HADOOP-7983. HA: failover should be able to pass args to fencers. (eli)
HADOOP-7938. HA: the FailoverController should optionally fence the active
during failover. (eli)
HADOOP-7991. HA: the FailoverController should check the standby is ready
before failing over. (eli)
HADOOP-8038. Add 'ipc.client.connect.max.retries.on.timeouts' entry in
core-default.xml file. (Uma Maheswara Rao G via atm)
HADOOP-8041. Log a warning when a failover is first attempted (todd)
HADOOP-8068. void methods can swallow exceptions when going through failover
path (todd)
HADOOP-8116. RetriableCommand is using RetryPolicy incorrectly after
HADOOP-7896. (atm)
HADOOP-8317. Update maven-assembly-plugin to 2.3 - fix build on FreeBSD
(Radim Kolar via bobby)
HADOOP-8172. Configuration no longer sets all keys in a deprecated key
list. (Anupam Seth via bobby)
HADOOP-7868. Hadoop native fails to compile when default linker
option is -Wl,--as-needed. (Trevor Robinson via eli)
HADOOP-8655. Fix TextInputFormat for large deliminators. (Gelesh via
Release 0.23.7 - UNRELEASED
HADOOP-8849. FileUtil#fullyDelete should grant the target directories +rwx
permissions (Ivan A. Veselovsky via bobby)
HADOOP-9067. provide test for LocalFileSystem.reportChecksumFailure
(Ivan A. Veselovsky via bobby)
HADOOP-9336. Allow UGI of current connection to be queried. (Daryn Sharp
via kihwal)
HADOOP-9352. Expose UGI.setLoginUser for tests (daryn)
HADOOP-9209. Add shell command to dump file checksums (Todd Lipcon via
HADOOP-8462. Native-code implementation of bzip2 codec. (Govind Kamat via
HADOOP-9302. HDFS docs not linked from top level (Andy Isaacson via
HADOOP-9303. command manual dfsadmin missing entry for restoreFailedStorage
option (Andy Isaacson via tgraves)
HADOOP-9339. IPC.Server incorrectly sets UGI auth type (Daryn Sharp via
Release 0.23.6 - UNRELEASED
HADOOP-9217. Print thread dumps when hadoop-common tests fail.
(Andrey Klochkov via suresh)
HADOOP-9072. Hadoop-Common-0.23-Build Fails to build in Jenkins
(Robert Parker via tgraves)
HADOOP-8992. Enhance unit-test coverage of class HarFileSystem (Ivan A.
Veselovsky via bobby)
HADOOP-9038. unit-tests for AllocatorPerContext.PathIterator (Ivan A.
Veselovsky via bobby)
HADOOP-9105. FsShell -moveFromLocal erroneously fails (daryn via bobby)
HADOOP-9097. Maven RAT plugin is not checking all source files (tgraves)
HADOOP-9255. missing last jira (tgraves)
Release 0.23.5 - 2012-11-28
HADOOP-8932. JNI-based user-group mapping modules can be too chatty on
lookup failures. (Kihwal Lee via suresh)
HADOOP-8930. Cumulative code coverage calculation (Andrey Klochkov via
HADOOP-8906. paths with multiple globs are unreliable. (Daryn Sharp via
HADOOP-8811. Compile hadoop native library in FreeBSD (Radim Kolar via
HADOOP-8962. RawLocalFileSystem.listStatus fails when a child filename
contains a colon (jlowe via bobby)
HADOOP-8986. Server$Call object is never released after it is sent (bobby)
HADOOP-9022. Hadoop distcp tool fails to copy file if -m 0 specified
(Jonathan Eagles vai bobby)
HADOOP-9025. failing (Jonathan
Eagles via jlowe)
Release 0.23.4
HADOOP-8822. was deleted post mavenization (bobby)
HADOOP-8843. Old trash directories are never deleted on upgrade
from 1.x (jlowe)
HADOOP-8684. Deadlock between WritableComparator and WritableComparable.
(Jing Zhao via suresh)
Release 0.23.3
HADOOP-7967. Need generalized multi-token filesystem support (daryn)
HADOOP-8108. Move method getHostPortString() from NameNode to NetUtils.
(Brandon Li via jitendra)
HADOOP-8288. Remove references of mapred.child.ulimit etc. since they are
not being used any more (Ravi Prakash via bobby)
HADOOP-8535. Cut hadoop build times in half (Job Eagles via bobby)
HADOOP-8525. Provide Improved Traceability for Configuration (bobby)
HADOOP-8088. User-group mapping cache incorrectly does negative caching on
transient failures (Khiwal Lee via bobby)
HADOOP-8179. risk of NPE in CopyCommands processArguments() (Daryn Sharp
via bobby)
HADOOP-6963. In FileUtil.getDU(..), neither include the size of directories
nor follow symbolic links. (Ravi Prakash via szetszwo)
HADOOP-8180. Remove hsqldb since its not needed from pom.xml (Ravi Prakash
via tgraves)
HADOOP-8014. ViewFileSystem does not correctly implement getDefaultBlockSize,
getDefaultReplication, getContentSummary (John George via bobby)
HADOOP-7510. Tokens should use original hostname provided instead of ip
(Daryn Sharp via bobby)
HADOOP-8283. Allow tests to control token service value (Daryn Sharp via
HADOOP-8286. Simplify getting a socket address from conf (Daryn Sharp via
HADOOP-8227. Allow RPC to limit ephemeral port range. (bobby)
HADOOP-8305. distcp over viewfs is broken (John George via bobby)
HADOOP-8334. HttpServer sometimes returns incorrect port (Daryn Sharp via
HADOOP-8330. Update TestSequenceFile.testCreateUsesFsArg() for HADOOP-8305.
(John George via szetszwo)
HADOOP-8335. Improve Configuration's address handling (Daryn Sharp via
HADOOP-8327. distcpv2 and distcpv1 jars should not coexist (Dave Thompson
via bobby)
HADOOP-8341. Fix or filter findbugs issues in hadoop-tools (bobby)
HADOOP-8373. Port RPC.getServerAddress to 0.23 (Daryn Sharp via bobby)
HADOOP-8495. Update Netty to avoid leaking file descriptors during shuffle
(Jason Lowe via tgraves)
HADOOP-8129. ViewFileSystemTestSetup setupForViewFileSystem is erring
(Ahmed Radwan and Ravi Prakash via bobby)
HADOOP-8573. Configuration tries to read from an inputstream resource
multiple times (Robert Evans via tgraves)
HADOOP-8599. Non empty response from FileSystem.getFileBlockLocations when
asking for data beyond the end of file. (Andrey Klochkov via todd)
HADOOP-8606. FileSystem.get may return the wrong filesystem (Daryn Sharp
via bobby)
HADOOP-8551. fs -mkdir creates parent directories without the -p option
(John George via bobby)
HADOOP-8613. AbstractDelegationTokenIdentifier#getUser() should set token
auth type. (daryn)
HADOOP-8627. FS deleteOnExit may delete the wrong path (daryn via bobby)
HADOOP-8634. Ensure FileSystem#close doesn't squawk for deleteOnExit paths
(daryn via bobby)
HADOOP-8550. hadoop fs -touchz automatically created parent directories
(John George via bobby)
HADOOP-8635. Cannot cancel paths registered deleteOnExit (daryn via bobby)
HADOOP-8637. FilterFileSystem#setWriteChecksum is broken (daryn via bobby)
HADOOP-8370. Native build failure: javah: class file for
org.apache.hadoop.classification.InterfaceAudience not found (Trevor
Robinson via tgraves)
HADOOP-8633. Interrupted FsShell copies may leave tmp files (Daryn Sharp
via tgraves)
HADOOP-8703. distcpV2: turn CRC checking off for 0 byte size (Dave
Thompson via bobby)
HADOOP-8390. TestFileSystemCanonicalization fails with JDK7 (Trevor
Robinson via tgraves)
HADOOP-8692. TestLocalDirAllocator fails intermittently with JDK7
(Trevor Robinson via tgraves)
HADOOP-8693. TestSecurityUtil fails intermittently with JDK7 (Trevor
Robinson via tgraves)
HADOOP-8697. TestWritableName fails intermittently with JDK7 (Trevor
Robinson via tgraves)
HADOOP-8695. TestPathData fails intermittently with JDK7 (Trevor
Robinson via tgraves)
HADOOP-8611. Allow fall-back to the shell-based implementation when
JNI-based users-group mapping fails (Robert Parker via bobby)
HADOOP-8225. DistCp fails when invoked by Oozie (daryn via bobby)
HADOOP-8709. globStatus changed behavior from 0.20/1.x (Jason Lowe via
HADOOP-8725. MR is broken when security is off (daryn via bobby)
HADOOP-8726. The Secrets in Credentials are not available to MR tasks
(daryn and Benoy Antony via bobby)
HADOOP-8727. Gracefully deprecate dfs.umaskmode in 2.x onwards (Harsh J
via bobby)
Release 0.23.2 - UNRELEASED
HADOOP-8048. Allow merging of Credentials (Daryn Sharp via tgraves)
HADOOP-8032. mvn site:stage-deploy should be able to use the scp protocol
to stage documents (Ravi Prakash via tgraves)
HADOOP-7923. Automate the updating of version numbers in the doc system.
HADOOP-8137. Added links to CLI manuals to the site. (tgraves via
HADOOP-8071. Avoid an extra packet in client code when nagling is
disabled. (todd)
HADOOP-6502. Improve the performance of Configuration.getClassByName when
the class is not found by caching negative results.
(sharad, todd via todd)
HADOOP-7660. Maven generated .classpath doesnot includes
"target/generated-test-source/java" as source directory.
(Laxman via bobby)
HADOOP-8042 When copying a file out of HDFS, modifying it, and uploading
it back into HDFS, the put fails due to a CRC mismatch
(Daryn Sharp via bobby)
HADOOP-8035 Hadoop Maven site is inefficient and runs phases redundantly
(abayer via tucu)
HADOOP-8051 HttpFS documentation it is not wired to the generated site (tucu)
HADOOP-8055. Hadoop tarball distribution lacks a core-site.xml (harsh)
HADOOP-8052. Hadoop Metrics2 should emit Float.MAX_VALUE (instead of
Double.MAX_VALUE) to avoid making Ganglia's gmetad core. (Varun Kapoor
via mattf)
HADOOP-8074. Small bug in hadoop error message for unknown commands.
(Colin Patrick McCabe via eli)
HADOOP-8082 add hadoop-client and hadoop-minicluster to the
dependency-management section. (tucu)
HADOOP-8066 The full docs build intermittently fails (abayer via tucu)
HADOOP-8083 javadoc generation for some modules is not done under target/ (tucu)
HADOOP-8036. TestViewFsTrash assumes the user's home directory is
2 levels deep. (Colin Patrick McCabe via eli)
HADOOP-8046 Revert StaticMapping semantics to the existing ones, add DNS
mapping diagnostics in progress (stevel)
HADOOP-8057 not working because of some extra spaces.
(Vinayakumar B via stevel)
HADOOP-7680 TestHardLink fails on Mac OS X, when gnu stat is in path.
(Milind Bhandarkar via stevel)
HADOOP-8050. Deadlock in metrics. (Kihwal Lee via mattf)
HADOOP-8131. FsShell put doesn't correctly handle a non-existent dir
(Daryn Sharp via bobby)
HADOOP-8123. Use java.home rather than env.JAVA_HOME for java in the
project. (Jonathan Eagles via acmurthy)
HADOOP-8064. Remove unnecessary dependency on in document processing
(Khiwal Lee via bobby)
HADOOP-8140. dfs -getmerge should process its argments better (Daryn Sharp
via bobby)
HADOOP-8164. Back slash as path separator is handled for Windows only.
(Daryn Sharp via suresh)
HADOOP-8173. FsShell needs to handle quoted metachars. (Daryn Sharp via
HADOOP-8175. Add -p option to mkdir in FsShell. (Daryn Sharp via szetszwo)
HADOOP-8176. Disambiguate the destination of FsShell copies (Daryn Sharp
via bobby)
HADOOP-8208. Disallow self failover. (eli)
Release 0.23.1 - 2012-02-17
HADOOP-7777 Implement a base class for DNSToSwitchMapping implementations
that can offer extra topology information. (stevel)
HADOOP-7657. Add support for LZ4 compression. (Binglin Chang via todd)
HADOOP-7910. Add Configuration.getLongBytes to handle human readable byte size values. (Sho Shimauchi via harsh)
HADOOP-7801. HADOOP_PREFIX cannot be overriden. (Bruno Mahé via tomwhite)
HADOOP-7802. Hadoop scripts unconditionally source
"$bin"/../libexec/ (Bruno Mahé via tomwhite)
HADOOP-7858. Drop some info logging to DEBUG level in IPC,
metrics, and HTTP. (todd via eli)
HADOOP-7424. Log an error if the topology script doesn't handle multiple args.
(Uma Maheswara Rao G via eli)
HADOOP-7804. Enable hadoop config generator to set configurations to enable
short circuit read. (Arpit Gupta via jitendra)
HADOOP-7877. Update balancer CLI usage documentation to include the new
-policy option. (szetszwo)
HADOOP-6840. Support non-recursive create() in FileSystem and
SequenceFile.Writer. (jitendra and eli via eli)
HADOOP-6886. LocalFileSystem Needs createNonRecursive API.
(Nicolas Spiegelberg and eli via eli)
HADOOP-7912. test-patch should run eclipse:eclipse to verify that it does
not break again. (Robert Joseph Evans via tomwhite)
HADOOP-7890. Redirect hadoop script's deprecation message to stderr.
(Koji Knoguchi via mahadev)
HADOOP-7504. Add the missing Ganglia31 opts to as a comment. (harsh)
HADOOP-7933. Add a getDelegationTokens api to FileSystem which checks
for known tokens in the passed Credentials object. (sseth)
HADOOP-7737. normalize hadoop-mapreduce & hadoop-dist dist/tar build with
common/hdfs. (tucu)
HADOOP-7743. Add Maven profile to create a full source tarball. (tucu)
HADOOP-7758. Make GlobFilter class public. (tucu)
HADOOP-7590. Mavenize streaming and MR examples. (tucu)
HADOOP-7934. Normalize dependencies versions across all modules. (tucu)
HADOOP-7348. Change 'addnl' in getmerge util to be a flag '-nl' instead.
(XieXianshan via harsh)
HADOOP-7975. Add LZ4 as an entry in the default codec list, missed by HADOOP-7657 (harsh)
HADOOP-4515. Configuration#getBoolean must not be case sensitive. (Sho Shimauchi via harsh)
HADOOP-6490. Use StringUtils over String#replace in Path#normalizePath.
(Uma Maheswara Rao G via harsh)
HADOOP-7574. Improve FSShell -stat, add user/group elements.
(XieXianshan via harsh)
HADOOP-7736. Remove duplicate Path#normalizePath call. (harsh)
HADOOP-7919. Remove the unused hadoop.logfile.* properties from the
core-default.xml file. (harsh)
HADOOP-7939. Improve Hadoop subcomponent integration in Hadoop 0.23. (rvs via tucu)
HADOOP-8002. SecurityUtil acquired token message should be a debug rather than info.
(Arpit Gupta via mahadev)
HADOOP-8009. Create hadoop-client and hadoop-minicluster artifacts for downstream
projects. (tucu)
HADOOP-7470. Move up to Jackson 1.8.8. (Enis Soztutar via szetszwo)
HADOOP-8027. Visiting /jmx on the daemon web interfaces may print
unnecessary error in logs. (atm)
HADOOP-7811. TestUserGroupInformation#testGetServerSideGroups test fails in chroot.
(Jonathan Eagles via mahadev)
HADOOP-7813. Fix test-patch to use proper numerical comparison when checking
javadoc and findbugs warning counts. (Jonathan Eagles via tlipcon)
HADOOP-7841. Run tests with non-secure random. (tlipcon)
HADOOP-7851. Configuration.getClasses() never returns the default value.
(Uma Maheswara Rao G via amarrk)
HADOOP-7787. Make source tarball use conventional name.
(Bruno Mahé via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6614. RunJar should provide more diags when it can't create
a temp file. (Jonathan Hsieh via eli)
HADOOP-7859. TestViewFsHdfs.testgetFileLinkStatus is failing an assert. (eli)
HADOOP-7864. Building mvn site with Maven < 3.0.2 causes OOM errors.
(Andrew Bayer via eli)
HADOOP-7854. UGI getCurrentUser is not synchronized. (Daryn Sharp via jitendra)
HADOOP-7870. fix SequenceFile#createWriter with boolean
createParent arg to respect createParent. (Jon Hsieh via eli)
HADOOP-7898. Fix javadoc warnings in (suresh)
HADOOP-7878 Regression: HADOOP-7777 switch changes break HDFS tests when the
isSingleSwitch() predicate is used. (stevel)
HADOOP-7914. Remove the duplicated declaration of hadoop-hdfs test-jar in
hadoop-project/pom.xml. (szetszwo)
HADOOP-7837. no NullAppender in the log4j config. (eli)
HADOOP-7948. Shell scripts created by hadoop-dist/pom.xml to build tar do not
properly propagate failure. (cim_michajlomatijkiw via tucu)
HADOOP-7949. Updated maxIdleTime default in the code to match
core-default.xml (eli)
HADOOP-7853. multiple javax security configurations cause conflicts.
(daryn via tucu)
HDFS-2614. hadoop dist tarball is missing hdfs headers. (tucu)
HADOOP-7874. native libs should be under lib/native/ dir. (tucu)
HADOOP-7887. KerberosAuthenticatorHandler is not setting
KerberosName name rules from configuration. (tucu)
HADOOP-7902. skipping name rules setting (if already set) should be done
on UGI initialization only. (tucu)
HADOOP-7810. move hadoop archive to core from tools. (tucu)
HADOOP_7917. compilation of protobuf files fails in windows/cygwin. (tucu)
HADOOP-7907. hadoop-tools JARs are not part of the distro. (tucu)
HADOOP-7936. There's a Hoop README in the root dir of the tarball. (tucu)
HADOOP-7963. Fix ViewFS to catch a null canonical service-name and pass
tests TestViewFileSystem* (Siddharth Seth via vinodkv)
HADOOP-7964. Deadlock in NetUtils and SecurityUtil class initialization.
(Daryn Sharp via suresh)
HADOOP-7974. TestViewFsTrash incorrectly determines the user's home
directory. (harsh via eli)
HADOOP-7971. Adding back job/pipes/queue commands to bin/hadoop for
backward compatibility. (Prashath Sharma via acmurthy)
HADOOP-7982. UserGroupInformation fails to login if thread's context
classloader can't load HadoopLoginModule. (todd)
HADOOP-7986. Adding config for MapReduce History Server protocol in
hadoop-policy.xml for service level authorization. (Mahadev Konar via vinodkv)
HADOOP-7981. Improve documentation for
Decompressor.getRemaining (Jonathan Eagles via mahadev)
HADOOP-7997. SequenceFile.createWriter(...createParent...) no
longer works on existing file. (Gregory Chanan via eli)
HADOOP-7993. Hadoop ignores old-style config options for enabling compressed
output. (Anupam Seth via mahadev)
HADOOP-8000. fetchdt command not available in bin/hadoop.
(Arpit Gupta via mahadev)
HADOOP-7999. "hadoop archive" fails with ClassNotFoundException.
(Jason Lowe via mahadev)
HADOOP-8012. and are trying to mkdir
and chown log/pid dirs which can fail. (Roman Shaposhnik via eli)
HADOOP-8013. ViewFileSystem does not honor setVerifyChecksum
(Daryn Sharp via bobby)
HADOOP-8054 NPE with FilterFileSystem (Daryn Sharp via bobby)
Release 0.23.0 - 2011-11-01
HADOOP-6904. Support method based RPC compatiblity. (hairong)
HADOOP-6432. Add Statistics support in FileContext. (jitendra)
HADOOP-7136. Remove failmon contrib component. (nigel)
HADOOP-7324. Ganglia plugins for metrics v2. (Priyo Mustafi via llu)
HADOOP-7342. Add an utility API in FileUtil for JDK File.list
avoid NPEs on File.list() (Bharath Mundlapudi via mattf)
HADOOP-7322. Adding a util method in FileUtil for directory listing,
avoid NPEs on File.listFiles() (Bharath Mundlapudi via mattf)
HADOOP-7023. Add listCorruptFileBlocks to Filesysem. (Patrick Kling
via hairong)
HADOOP-7096. Allow setting of end-of-record delimiter for TextInputFormat
(Ahmed Radwan via todd)
HADOOP-6994. Api to get delegation token in AbstractFileSystem. (jitendra)
HADOOP-7171. Support UGI in FileContext API. (jitendra)
HADOOP-7257 Client side mount tables (sanjay)
HADOOP-6919. New metrics2 framework. (Luke Lu via acmurthy)
HADOOP-6920. Metrics instrumentation to move new metrics2 framework.
(Luke Lu via suresh)
HADOOP-7214. Add Common functionality necessary to provide an equivalent
of /usr/bin/groups for Hadoop. (Aaron T. Myers via todd)
HADOOP-6832. Add an authentication plugin using a configurable static user
for the web UI. (Owen O'Malley and Todd Lipcon via cdouglas)
HADOOP-7144. Expose JMX metrics via JSON servlet. (Robert Joseph Evans via
HADOOP-7379. Add the ability to serialize and deserialize protocol buffers
in ObjectWritable. (todd)
HADOOP-7206. Support Snappy compression. (Issei Yoshida and
Alejandro Abdelnur via eli)
HADOOP-7329. Add the capability of getting invividual attribute of a mbean
using JMXProxyServlet. (tanping)
HADOOP-7380. Add client failover functionality to|retry).
(atm via eli)
HADOOP-7460. Support pluggable trash policies. (Usman Masoon via suresh)
HADOOP-6385. dfs should support -rmdir (was HDFS-639). (Daryn Sharp
via mattf)
HADOOP-7119. add Kerberos HTTP SPNEGO authentication support to Hadoop
JT/NN/DN/TT web-consoles. (Alejandro Abdelnur via atm)
HADOOP-7655. Provide a small validation script that smoke tests the installed
cluster. (Arpit Gupta via mattf)
HADOOP-7042. Updates to to include failed test names and
improve other messaging. (nigel)
HADOOP-7001. Configuration changes can occur via the Reconfigurable
interface. (Patrick Kling via dhruba)
HADOOP-6764. Add number of reader threads and queue length as
configuration parameters in RPC.getServer. (Dmytro Molkov via hairong)
HADOOP-7049. TestReconfiguration should be junit v4.
(Patrick Kling via eli)
HADOOP-7054 Change NN LoadGenerator to use FileContext APIs
(Sanjay Radia)
HADOOP-7060. A more elegant FileSystem#listCorruptFileBlocks API.
(Patrick Kling via hairong)
HADOOP-7058. Expose number of bytes in FSOutputSummer buffer to
implementatins. (Todd Lipcon via hairong)
HADOOP-7061. unprecise javadoc for CompressionCodec. (Jingguo Yao via eli)
HADOOP-7059. Remove "unused" warning in native code. (Noah Watkins via eli)
HADOOP-6864. Provide a JNI-based implementation of
(implementation of GroupMappingServiceProvider) (Erik Seffl via boryas)
HADOOP-7078. Improve javadocs for RawComparator interface.
(Harsh J Chouraria via todd)
HADOOP-6995. Allow wildcards to be used in ProxyUsers configurations.
HADOOP-6376. Add a comment header to conf/slaves that specifies the file
format. (Kay Kay via todd)
HADOOP-7151. Document need for stable hashCode() in WritableComparable.
(Dmitriy V. Ryaboy via todd)
HADOOP-7112. Issue a warning when GenericOptionsParser libjars are not on
local filesystem. (tomwhite)
HADOOP-7114. FsShell should dump all exceptions at DEBUG level.
(todd via tomwhite)
HADOOP-7159. RPC server should log the client hostname when read exception
happened. (Scott Chen via todd)
HADOOP-7167. Allow using a file to exclude certain tests from build. (todd)
HADOOP-7133. Batch the calls in DataStorage to FileUtil.createHardLink().
(Matt Foley via jghoman)
HADOOP-7166. Add DaemonFactory to common. (Erik Steffl & jitendra)
HADOOP-7175. Add isEnabled() to Trash. (Daryn Sharp via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7180. Better support on CommandFormat on the API and exceptions.
(Daryn Sharp via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7202. Improve shell Command base class. (Daryn Sharp via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7224. Add CommandFactory to shell. (Daryn Sharp via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7014. Generalize CLITest structure and interfaces to facilitate
upstream adoption (e.g. for web testing). (cos)
HADOOP-7230. Move "fs -help" shell command tests from HDFS to COMMOM; see
also HDFS-1844. (Daryn Sharp via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7233. Refactor ls to conform to new FsCommand class. (Daryn Sharp
via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7235. Refactor the tail command to conform to new FsCommand class.
(Daryn Sharp via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7179. Federation: Improve HDFS startup scripts. (Erik Steffl
and Tanping Wang via suresh)
HADOOP-7227. Remove protocol version check at proxy creation in Hadoop
RPC. (jitendra)
HADOOP-7236. Refactor the mkdir command to conform to new FsCommand class.
(Daryn Sharp via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7250. Refactor the setrep command to conform to new FsCommand class.
(Daryn Sharp via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7249. Refactor the chmod/chown/chgrp command to conform to new
FsCommand class. (Daryn Sharp via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7251. Refactor the getmerge command to conform to new FsCommand
class. (Daryn Sharp via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7265. Keep track of relative paths in PathData. (Daryn Sharp
via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7238. Refactor the cat and text commands to conform to new FsCommand
class. (Daryn Sharp via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7271. Standardize shell command error messages. (Daryn Sharp
via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7272. Remove unnecessary security related info logs. (suresh)
HADOOP-7275. Refactor the stat command to conform to new FsCommand
class. (Daryn Sharp via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7237. Refactor the touchz command to conform to new FsCommand
class. (Daryn Sharp via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7267. Refactor the rm/rmr/expunge commands to conform to new
FsCommand class. (Daryn Sharp via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7285. Refactor the test command to conform to new FsCommand
class. (Daryn Sharp via todd)
HADOOP-7289. In ivy.xml, test conf should not extend common conf.
(Eric Yang via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7291. Update Hudson job not to run test-contrib. (Nigel Daley via eli)
HADOOP-7286. Refactor the du/dus/df commands to conform to new FsCommand
class. (Daryn Sharp via todd)
HADOOP-7301. FSDataInputStream should expose a getWrappedStream method.
(Jonathan Hsieh via eli)
HADOOP-7306. Start metrics system even if config files are missing
(Luke Lu via todd)
HADOOP-7302. webinterface.private.actions should be renamed and moved to
the MapReduce project. (Ari Rabkin via todd)
HADOOP-7329. Improve help message for "df" to include "-h" flag.
(Xie Xianshan via todd)
HADOOP-7320. Refactor the copy and move commands to conform to new
FsCommand class. (Daryn Sharp via todd)
HADOOP-7312. Update value of hadoop.common.configuration.version.
(Harsh J Chouraria via todd)
HADOOP-7337. Change PureJavaCrc32 annotations to public stable. (szetszwo)
HADOOP-7331. Make return exit code 1 if daemon processes
did not get started. (Tanping Wang via todd)
HADOOP-7316. Add public javadocs to FSDataInputStream and
FSDataOutputStream. (eli)
HADOOP-7323. Add capability to resolve compression codec based on codec
name. (Alejandro Abdelnur via tomwhite)
HADOOP-1886. Undocumented parameters in FilesSystem. (Frank Conrad via eli)
HADOOP-7375. Add resolvePath method to FileContext. (Sanjay Radia via eli)
HADOOP-7383. HDFS needs to export protobuf library dependency in pom.
(todd via eli)
HADOOP-7374. Don't add tools.jar to the classpath when running Hadoop.
HADOOP-7106. Reorganize project SVN layout to "unsplit" the projects.
(todd, nigel)
HADOOP-6605. Add JAVA_HOME detection to hadoop-config. (eli)
HADOOP-7384. Allow test-patch to be more flexible about patch format. (todd)
HADOOP-6929. RPC should have a way to pass Security information other than
protocol annotations. (sharad and omalley via mahadev)
HADOOP-7385. Remove StringUtils.stringifyException(ie) in logger functions.
(Bharath Mundlapudi via Tanping Wang).
HADOOP-310. Additional constructor requested in BytesWritable. (Brock
Noland via atm)
HADOOP-7429. Add another IOUtils#copyBytes method. (eli)
HADOOP-7451. Generalize StringUtils#join. (Chris Douglas via mattf)
HADOOP-7449. Add Data(In,Out)putByteBuffer to work with ByteBuffer similar
to Data(In,Out)putBuffer for byte[]. Merge from yahoo-merge branch,
-r 1079163. Fix missing Apache license headers. (Chris Douglas via mattf)
HADOOP-7361. Provide an option, -overwrite/-f, in put and copyFromLocal
shell commands. (Uma Maheswara Rao G via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7430. Improve error message when moving to trash fails due to
quota issue. (Ravi Prakash via mattf)
HADOOP-7444. Add Checksum API to verify and calculate checksums "in bulk"
HADOOP-7443. Add CRC32C as another DataChecksum implementation (todd)
HADOOP-7305. Eclipse project files are incomplete. (Niels Basjes via eli)
HADOOP-7314. Add support for throwing UnknownHostException when a host doesn't
resolve. (Jeffrey Naisbitt via jitendra)
HADOOP-7465. A several tiny improvements for the LOG format.
(Xie Xianshan via eli)
HADOOP-7434. Display error when using "daemonlog -setlevel" with
illegal level. (yanjinshuang via eli)
HADOOP-7463. Adding a configuration parameter to SecurityInfo interface.
HADOOP-7298. Add test utility for writing multi-threaded tests. (todd and
Harsh J Chouraria via todd)
HADOOP-7485. Add -h option to ls to list file sizes in human readable
format. (XieXianshan via suresh)
HADOOP-7378. Add -d option to ls to not expand directories.
(Daryn Sharp via suresh)
HADOOP-7474. Refactor ClientCache out of WritableRpcEngine. (jitendra)
HADOOP-7491. hadoop command should respect HADOOP_OPTS when given
a class name. (eli)
HADOOP-7178. Add a parameter, useRawLocalFileSystem, to copyToLocalFile(..)
in FileSystem. (Uma Maheswara Rao G via szetszwo)
HADOOP-6671. Use maven for hadoop common builds. (Alejandro Abdelnur
via tomwhite)
HADOOP-7502. Make generated sources IDE friendly.
(Alejandro Abdelnur via llu)
HADOOP-7501. Publish Hadoop Common artifacts (post HADOOP-6671) to Apache
SNAPSHOTs repo. (Alejandro Abdelnur via tomwhite)
HADOOP-7525. Make arguments to test-patch optional. (tomwhite)
HADOOP-7472. RPC client should deal with IP address change.
(Kihwal Lee via suresh)
HADOOP-7499. Add method for doing a sanity check on hostnames in NetUtils.
(Jeffrey Naisbit via mahadev)
HADOOP-6158. Move CyclicIteration to HDFS. (eli)
HADOOP-7526. Add TestPath tests for URI conversion and reserved
characters. (eli)
HADOOP-7531. Add servlet util methods for handling paths in requests. (eli)
HADOOP-7493. Add ShortWritable. (Uma Maheswara Rao G via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7555. Add a eclipse-generated files to .gitignore. (atm)
HADOOP-7264. Bump avro version to at least 1.4.1. (Alejandro Abdelnur via
HADOOP-7498. Remove legacy TAR layout creation. (Alejandro Abdelnur via
HADOOP-7496. Break Maven TAR & bintar profiles into just LAYOUT & TAR proper.
(Alejandro Abdelnur via tomwhite)
HADOOP-7561. Make test-patch only run tests for changed modules. (tomwhite)
HADOOP-7547. Add generic type in WritableComparable subclasses.
(Uma Maheswara Rao G via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7579. Rename package names from alfredo to auth.
(Alejandro Abdelnur via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7594. Support HTTP REST in HttpServer. (szetszwo)
HADOOP-7552. FileUtil#fullyDelete doesn't throw IOE but lists it
in the throws clause. (eli)
HADOOP-7580. Add a version of getLocalPathForWrite to LocalDirAllocator
which doesn't create dirs. (Chris Douglas & Siddharth Seth via acmurthy)
HADOOP-7507. Allow ganglia metrics to include the metrics system tags
in the gmetric names. (Alejandro Abdelnur via todd)
HADOOP-7612. Change test-patch to run tests for all nested modules.
HADOOP-7599. Script improvements to setup a secure Hadoop cluster
(Eric Yang via ddas)
HADOOP-7639. Enhance HttpServer to allow passing path-specs for filtering,
so that servers like Yarn WebApp can get filtered the paths served by
their own injected servlets. (Thomas Graves via vinodkv)
HADOOP-7575. Enhanced LocalDirAllocator to support fully-qualified
paths. (Jonathan Eagles via vinodkv)
HADOOP-7469 Add a standard handler for socket connection problems which
improves diagnostics (Uma Maheswara Rao G and stevel via stevel)
HADOOP-7710. Added for creating
application directory (Arpit Gupta via Eric Yang)
HADOOP-7707. Added toggle for, webhdfs and hadoop proxy
user to setup config script. (Arpit Gupta via Eric Yang)
HADOOP-7720. Added parameter for HBase user to setup config script.
(Arpit Gupta via Eric Yang)
HADOOP-7624. Set things up for a top level hadoop-tools module. (tucu)
HADOOP-7627. Improve MetricsAsserts to give more understandable output
on failure. (todd)
HADOOP-7642. create hadoop-dist module where TAR stitching would happen.
(Thomas White via tucu)
HADOOP-7709. Running a set of methods in a Single Test Class.
(Jonathan Eagles via mahadev)
HADOOP-7705. Add a log4j back end that can push out JSON data,
one per line. (stevel)
HADOOP-7749. Add a NetUtils createSocketAddr call which provides more
help in exception messages. (todd)
HADOOP-7762. Common side of MR-2736. (eli)
HADOOP-7668. Add a NetUtils method that can tell if an InetAddress
belongs to local host. (suresh)
HADOOP-7509. Improve exception message thrown when Authentication is
required. (Ravi Prakash via suresh)
HADOOP-7745. Fix wrong variable name in exception message introduced
in HADOOP-7509. (Ravi Prakash via suresh)
MAPREDUCE-2764. Fix renewal of dfs delegation tokens. (Owen via jitendra)
HADOOP-7360. Preserve relative paths that do not contain globs in FsShell.
(Daryn Sharp and Kihwal Lee via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7771. FsShell -copyToLocal, -get, etc. commands throw NPE if the
destination directory does not exist. (John George and Daryn Sharp
via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7782. Aggregate project javadocs. (tomwhite)
HADOOP-7789. Improvements to site navigation. (acmurthy)
HADOOP-7333. Performance improvement in PureJavaCrc32. (Eric Caspole
via todd)
HADOOP-7445. Implement bulk checksum verification using efficient native
code. (todd)
HADOOP-7753. Support fadvise and sync_file_range in NativeIO. Add
ReadaheadPool infrastructure for use in HDFS and MR. (todd)
HADOOP-7446. Implement CRC32C native code using SSE4.2 instructions.
(Kihwal Lee and todd via todd)
HADOOP-7763. Add top-level navigation to APT docs. (tomwhite)
HADOOP-7785. Add equals, hashcode, toString to DataChecksum (todd)
HADOOP-7740. Fixed security audit logger configuration. (Arpit Gupta via Eric Yang)
HADOOP-7630. should have a property *.period
set to a default value for metrics. (Eric Yang via mattf)
HADOOP-7327. FileSystem.listStatus() throws NullPointerException instead of
IOException upon access permission failure. (mattf)
HADOOP-7015. RawLocalFileSystem#listStatus does not deal with a directory
whose entries are changing (e.g. in a multi-thread or multi-process
environment). (Sanjay Radia via eli)
HADOOP-7045. TestDU fails on systems with local file systems with
extended attributes. (eli)
HADOOP-6939. Inconsistent lock ordering in
AbstractDelegationTokenSecretManager. (Todd Lipcon via tomwhite)
HADOOP-7129. Fix typo in method name getProtocolSigature (todd)
HADOOP-7048. Wrong description of Block-Compressed SequenceFile Format in
SequenceFile's javadoc. (Jingguo Yao via tomwhite)
HADOOP-7153. MapWritable violates contract of Map interface for equals()
and hashCode(). (Nicholas Telford via todd)
HADOOP-6754. DefaultCodec.createOutputStream() leaks memory.
(Aaron Kimball via tomwhite)
HADOOP-7098. Tasktracker property not set in conf/
(Bernd Fondermann via tomwhite)
HADOOP-7131. Exceptions thrown by Text methods should include the causing
exception. (Uma Maheswara Rao G via todd)
HADOOP-6912. Guard against NPE when calling UGI.isLoginKeytabBased().
(Kan Zhang via jitendra)
HADOOP-7204. remove local unused fs variable from CmdHandler
and FsShellPermissions.changePermissions (boryas)
HADOOP-7210. Chown command is not working from FSShell
(Uma Maheswara Rao G via todd)
HADOOP-7215. RPC clients must use network interface corresponding to
the host in the client's kerberos principal key. (suresh)
HADOOP-7019. Refactor build targets to enable faster cross project dev
cycles. (Luke Lu via cos)
HADOOP-7216. Add FsCommand.runAll() with deprecated annotation for the
transition of Command base class improvement. (Daryn Sharp via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7207. fs member of FSShell is not really needed (boryas)
HADOOP-7223. FileContext createFlag combinations are not clearly defined.
HADOOP-7231. Fix synopsis for -count. (Daryn Sharp via eli).
HADOOP-7261. Disable IPV6 for junit tests. (suresh)
HADOOP-7268. FileContext.getLocalFSFileContext() behavior needs to be fixed
w.r.t tokens. (jitendra)
HADOOP-7290. Unit test failure in
TestUserGroupInformation.testGetServerSideGroups. (Trevor Robison via eli)
HADOOP-7292. Fix racy test case TestSinkQueue. (Luke Lu via todd)
HADOOP-7282. ipc.Server.getRemoteIp() may return null. (John George
via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7208. Fix implementation of equals() and hashCode() in
StandardSocketFactory. (Uma Maheswara Rao G via todd)
HADOOP-7336. TestFileContextResolveAfs will fail with default property. (jitendra)
HADOOP-7284 Trash and shell's rm does not work for viewfs (Sanjay Radia)
HADOOP-7341. Fix options parsing in CommandFormat (Daryn Sharp via todd)
HADOOP-7353. Cleanup FsShell and prevent masking of RTE stack traces.
(Daryn Sharp via todd)
HADOOP-7356. RPM packages broke bin/hadoop script in developer environment.
(Eric Yang via todd)
HADOOP-7389. Use of TestingGroups by tests causes subsequent tests to fail.
(atm via tomwhite)
HADOOP-7377. Fix command name handling affecting DFSAdmin. (Daryn Sharp
via mattf)
HADOOP-7402. TestConfiguration doesn't clean up after itself. (atm via eli)
HADOOP-7428. IPC connection is orphaned with null 'out' member.
(todd via eli)
HADOOP-7437. IOUtils.copybytes will suppress the stream closure exceptions.
(Uma Maheswara Rao G via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7090. Fix resource leaks in s3.INode, BloomMapFile, WritableUtils
and CBZip2OutputStream. (Uma Maheswara Rao G via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7440. HttpServer.getParameterValues throws NPE for missing
parameters. (Uma Maheswara Rao G and todd via todd)
HADOOP-7442. Docs in core-default.xml still reference deprecated config
"" (atm)
HADOOP-7419. new doesn't manage classpath for
HADOOP_CONF_DIR correctly. (Bing Zheng and todd via todd)
HADOOP-7448. merge from yahoo-merge branch (via mattf):
-r 1079157: Fix content type for /stacks servlet to be
plain text (Luke Lu)
-r 1079164: No need to escape plain text (Luke Lu)
HADOOP-7471. The script sometimes fails to extract SVN URL.
(Alejandro Abdelnur via eli)
HADOOP-2081. Configuration getInt, getLong, and getFloat replace
invalid numbers with the default value. (Harsh J via eli)
HADOOP-7111. Several TFile tests failing when native libraries are
present. (atm)
HADOOP-7438. Fix deprecated warnings from script.
(Ravi Prakash via suresh)
HADOOP-7468 hadoop-core JAR contains a file.
(Jolly Chen)
HADOOP-7508. Compiled nativelib is in wrong directory and it is not picked
up by surefire setup. (Alejandro Abdelnur via tomwhite)
HADOOP-7520. Fix to add distribution management info to hadoop-main
(Alejandro Abdelnur via gkesavan)
HADOOP-7515. test-patch reports the wrong number of javadoc warnings.
HADOOP-7523. Test org.apache.hadoop.fs.TestFilterFileSystem fails due to
java.lang.NoSuchMethodException. (John Lee via tomwhite)
HADOOP-7528. Maven build fails in Windows. (Alejandro Abdelnur via
HADOOP-7533. Allow test-patch to be run from any subproject directory.
HADOOP-7512. Fix example mistake in WritableComparable javadocs.
(Harsh J via eli)
HADOOP-7357. should exit with
non-zero exit code if test failed. (Philip Zeyliger via eli)
HADOOP-6622. Token should not print the password in toString. (eli)
HADOOP-7529. Fix lock cycles in metrics system. (llu)
HADOOP-7545. Common -tests JAR should not include properties and configs.
HADOOP-7536. Correct the dependency version regressions introduced in
HADOOP-6671. (Alejandro Abdelnur via tomwhite)
HADOOP-7566. MR tests are failing webapps/hdfs not found in CLASSPATH.
(Alejandro Abdelnur via mahadev)
HADOOP-7567. 'mvn eclipse:eclipse' fails for hadoop-alfredo (auth).
(Alejandro Abdelnur via tomwhite)
correction. (Eric Yang via acmurthy)
HADOOP-7560. Change src layout to be heirarchical. (Alejandro Abdelnur
via acmurthy)
HADOOP-7576. Fix findbugs warnings and javac warnings in hadoop-auth.
HADOOP-7593. Fix AssertionError in TestHttpServer.testMaxThreads().
(Uma Maheswara Rao G via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7598. Fix to handle patching from a sub
directory correctly. (Robert Evans via acmurthy)
HADOOP-7328. When a serializer class is missing, return null, not throw
an NPE. (Harsh J Chouraria via todd)
HADOOP-7626. Bugfix for a config generator (Eric Yang via ddas)
HADOOP-7629. Allow immutable FsPermission objects to be used as IPC
parameters. (todd)
HADOOP-7608. SnappyCodec check for Hadoop native lib is wrong
(Alejandro Abdelnur via todd)
HADOOP-7637. Fix to include FairScheduler configuration file in
RPM. (Eric Yang via ddas)
HADOOP-7633. Adds to the hadoop-conf dir on
deploy (Eric Yang via ddas)
HADOOP-7631. Fixes a config problem to do with running streaming jobs
(Eric Yang via ddas)
HADOOP-7662. Fixed logs servlet to use the pathspec '/*' instead of '/'
for correct filtering. (Thomas Graves via vinodkv)
HADOOP-7691. Fixed conflict uid for install packages. (Eric Yang)
HADOOP-7603. Set hdfs, mapred uid, and hadoop uid to fixed numbers.
(Eric Yang)
HADOOP-7658. Fixed HADOOP_SECURE_DN_USER environment variable in (Eric Yang)
HADOOP-7684. Added init.d script for jobhistory server and
secondary namenode. (Eric Yang)
HADOOP-7715. Removed unnecessary security logger configuration. (Eric Yang)
HADOOP-7685. Improved directory ownership check function in (Eric Yang)
HADOOP-7711. Fixed recursive sourcing of HADOOP_OPTS environment
variables (Arpit Gupta via Eric Yang)
HADOOP-7681. Fixed security and hdfs audit log4j properties
(Arpit Gupta via Eric Yang)
HADOOP-7708. Fixed to handle config files
consistently. (Eric Yang)
HADOOP-7724. Fixed to put proxy user in
core-site.xml. (Arpit Gupta via Eric Yang)
HADOOP-7755. Detect MapReduce PreCommit Trunk builds silently failing
when running (Jonathan Eagles via tomwhite)
HADOOP-7744. Ensure failed tests exit with proper error code. (Jonathan
Eagles via acmurthy)
HADOOP-7764. Allow HttpServer to set both ACL list and path spec filters.
(Jonathan Eagles via acmurthy)
HADOOP-7766. The auth to local mappings are not being respected, with webhdfs
and security enabled. (jitendra)
HADOOP-7721. Add log before login in KerberosAuthenticationHandler.
HADOOP-7778. FindBugs warning in Token.getKind(). (tomwhite)
HADOOP-7798. Add support gpg signatures for maven release artifacts.
(cutting via acmurthy)
HADOOP-7797. Fix top-level pom.xml to refer to correct staging maven
repository. (omalley via acmurthy)
Release 0.22.1 - Unreleased
HADOOP-7937. Forward port SequenceFile#syncFs and friends from Hadoop 1.x.
Release 0.22.0 - 2011-11-29
HADOOP-7137. Remove hod contrib. (nigel via eli)
HADOOP-6791. Refresh for proxy superuser config
(common part for HDFS-1096) (boryas)
HADOOP-6581. Add authenticated TokenIdentifiers to UGI so that
they can be used for authorization (Kan Zhang and Jitendra Pandey
via jghoman)
HADOOP-6584. Provide Kerberized SSL encryption for webservices.
(jghoman and Kan Zhang via jghoman)
HADOOP-6853. Common component of HDFS-1045. (jghoman)
HADOOP-6859 - Introduce additional statistics to FileSystem to track
file system operations (suresh)
HADOOP-6870. Add a new API getFiles to FileSystem and FileContext that
lists all files under the input path or the subtree rooted at the
input path if recursive is true. Block locations are returned together
with each file's status. (hairong)
HADOOP-6888. Add a new FileSystem API closeAllForUGI(..) for closing all
file systems associated with a particular UGI. (Devaraj Das and Kan Zhang
via szetszwo)
HADOOP-6892. Common component of HDFS-1150 (Verify datanodes' identities
to clients in secure clusters) (jghoman)
HADOOP-6889. Make RPC to have an option to timeout. (hairong)
HADOOP-6996. Allow CodecFactory to return a codec object given a codec'
class name. (hairong)
HADOOP-7013. Add boolean field isCorrupt to BlockLocation.
(Patrick Kling via hairong)
HADOOP-6978. Adds support for NativeIO using JNI.
(Todd Lipcon, Devaraj Das & Owen O'Malley via ddas)
HADOOP-7134. configure files that are generated as part of the released
tarball need to have executable bit set. (Roman Shaposhnik via cos)
HADOOP-6644. util.Shell getGROUPS_FOR_USER_COMMAND method name
- should use common naming convention (boryas)
HADOOP-6778. add isRunning() method to
AbstractDelegationTokenSecretManager (for HDFS-1044) (boryas)
HADOOP-6633. normalize property names for JT/NN kerberos principal
names in configuration (boryas)
HADOOP-6627. "Bad Connection to FS" message in FSShell should print
message from the exception (boryas)
HADOOP-6600. mechanism for authorization check for inter-server
protocols. (boryas)
HADOOP-6623. Add StringUtils.split for non-escaped single-character
separator. (Todd Lipcon via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6761. The Trash Emptier has the ability to run more frequently.
(Dmytro Molkov via dhruba)
HADOOP-6714. Resolve compressed files using CodecFactory in FsShell::text.
(Patrick Angeles via cdouglas)
HADOOP-6661. User document for UserGroupInformation.doAs.
(Jitendra Pandey via jghoman)
HADOOP-6674. Makes use of the SASL authentication options in the
SASL RPC. (Jitendra Pandey via ddas)
HADOOP-6526. Need mapping from long principal names to local OS
user names. (boryas)
HADOOP-6814. Adds an API in UserGroupInformation to get the real
authentication method of a passed UGI. (Jitendra Pandey via ddas)
HADOOP-6756. Documentation for common configuration keys.
(Erik Steffl via shv)
HADOOP-6835. Add support for concatenated gzip input. (Greg Roelofs via
HADOOP-6845. Renames the TokenStorage class to Credentials.
(Jitendra Pandey via ddas)
HADOOP-6826. FileStatus needs unit tests. (Rodrigo Schmidt via Eli
HADOOP-6905. add buildDTServiceName method to SecurityUtil
(as part of MAPREDUCE-1718) (boryas)
HADOOP-6632. Adds support for using different keytabs for different
servers in a Hadoop cluster. In the earier implementation, all servers
of a certain type (like TaskTracker), would have the same keytab and the
same principal. Now the principal name is a pattern that has _HOST in it.
(Kan Zhang & Jitendra Pandey via ddas)
HADOOP-6861. Adds new non-static methods in Credentials to read and
write token storage file. (Jitendra Pandey & Owen O'Malley via ddas)
HADOOP-6877. Common part of HDFS-1178 (NameNode servlets should communicate
with NameNode directrly). (Kan Zhang via jghoman)
HADOOP-6475. Adding some javadoc to Server.RpcMetrics, UGI.
(Jitendra Pandey and borya via jghoman)
HADOOP-6656. Adds a thread in the UserGroupInformation to renew TGTs
periodically. (Owen O'Malley and ddas via ddas)
HADOOP-6890. Improve listFiles API introduced by HADOOP-6870. (hairong)
HADOOP-6862. Adds api to add/remove user and group to AccessControlList
HADOOP-6911. doc update for DelegationTokenFetcher (boryas)
HADOOP-6900. Make the iterator returned by FileSystem#listLocatedStatus to
throw IOException rather than RuntimeException when there is an IO error
fetching the next file. (hairong)
HADOOP-6905. Better logging messages when a delegation token is invalid.
(Kan Zhang via jghoman)
HADOOP-6693. Add metrics to track kerberol login activity. (suresh)
HADOOP-6803. Add native gzip read/write coverage to TestCodec.
(Eli Collins via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6950. Suggest that HADOOP_CLASSPATH should be preserved in (Philip Zeyliger via Eli Collins)
HADOOP-6922. Make AccessControlList a writable and update documentation
for Job ACLs. (Ravi Gummadi via vinodkv)
HADOOP-6965. Introduces checks for whether the original tgt is valid
in the reloginFromKeytab method.
HADOOP-6856. Simplify constructors for SequenceFile, and MapFile. (omalley)
HADOOP-6987. Use JUnit Rule to optionally fail test cases that run more
than 10 seconds (jghoman)
HADOOP-7005. Update to remove callback to Hudson. (nigel)
HADOOP-6985. Suggest that HADOOP_OPTS be preserved in (Ramkumar Vadali via cutting)
HADOOP-7007. Update the hudson-test-patch ant target to work with the
latest script (gkesavan)
HADOOP-7010. Typo in (Jingguo Yao via eli)
HADOOP-7009. MD5Hash provides a public factory method that creates an
instance of thread local MessageDigest. (hairong)
HADOOP-7008. Enable to have a configured number of
acceptable findbugs and javadoc warnings. (nigel and gkesavan)
HADOOP-6818. Provides a JNI implementation of group resolution. (ddas)
HADOOP-6943. The GroupMappingServiceProvider interface should be public.
(Aaron T. Myers via tomwhite)
HADOOP-4675. Current Ganglia metrics implementation is incompatible with
Ganglia 3.1. (Brian Bockelman via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6977. Herriot daemon clients should vend statistics (cos)
HADOOP-7024. Create a test method for adding file systems during tests.
(Kan Zhang via jghoman)
HADOOP-6903. Make AbstractFSileSystem methods and some FileContext methods
to be public. (Sanjay Radia)
HADOOP-7034. Add TestPath tests to cover dot, dot dot, and slash
normalization. (eli)
HADOOP-7032. Assert type constraints in the FileStatus constructor. (eli)
HADOOP-6562. FileContextSymlinkBaseTest should use FileContextTestHelper.
HADOOP-7028. ant eclipse does not include requisite ant.jar in the
classpath. (Patrick Angeles via eli)
HADOOP-6298. Add copyBytes to Text and BytesWritable. (omalley)
HADOOP-6578. Configuration should trim whitespace around a lot of value
types. (Michele Catasta via eli)
HADOOP-6811. Remove EC2 bash scripts. They are replaced by Apache Whirr
(incubating, (tomwhite)
HADOOP-7102. Remove "fs.ramfs.impl" field from core-deafult.xml (shv)
HADOOP-7104. Remove unnecessary DNS reverse lookups from RPC layer
(Kan Zhang via todd)
HADOOP-6056. Use to force IPv4.
(Michele Catasta via shv)
HADOOP-7110. Implement chmod with JNI. (todd)
HADOOP-6812. Change documentation for correct placement of configuration
variables: mapreduce.reduce.input.buffer.percent,,
(Chris Douglas via shv)
HADOOP-6436. Remove auto-generated native build files. (rvs via eli)
HADOOP-6970. SecurityAuth.audit should be generated under /build. (boryas)
HADOOP-7154. Should set MALLOC_ARENA_MAX in (todd)
HADOOP-7187. Fix socket leak in GangliaContext. (Uma Maheswara Rao G
via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7241. fix typo of command 'hadoop fs -help tail'.
(Wei Yongjun via eli)
HADOOP-7244. Documentation change for updated configuration keys.
(tomwhite via eli)
HADOOP-7189. Add ability to enable 'debug' property in JAAS configuration.
(Ted Yu via todd)
HADOOP-7192. Update fs -stat docs to reflect the format features. (Harsh
J Chouraria via todd)
HADOOP-7355 Add audience and stability annotations to HttpServer class
HADOOP-7346. Send back nicer error message to clients using outdated IPC
version. (todd)
HADOOP-7335. Force entropy to come from non-true random for tests.
(todd via eli)
HADOOP-7325. The hadoop command should not accept class names starting with
a hyphen. (Brock Noland via todd)
HADOOP-7772. javadoc the topology classes (stevel)
HADOOP-7786. Remove HDFS-specific config keys defined in FsConfig. (eli)
HADOOP-7861. generates links to HADOOP, HDFS, and MAPREDUCE
jiras. (shv)
HADOOP-6884. Add LOG.isDebugEnabled() guard for each LOG.debug(..).
(Erik Steffl via szetszwo)
HADOOP-6683. ZlibCompressor does not fully utilize the buffer.
(Kang Xiao via eli)
HADOOP-6949. Reduce RPC packet size of primitive arrays using
ArrayPrimitiveWritable instead of ObjectWritable. (Matt Foley via suresh)
HADOOP-6638. try to relogin in a case of failed RPC connection (expired
tgt) only in case the subject is loginUser or proxyUgi.realUser. (boryas)
HADOOP-6781. security audit log shouldn't have exception in it. (boryas)
HADOOP-6612. Protocols RefreshUserToGroupMappingsProtocol and
RefreshAuthorizationPolicyProtocol will fail with security enabled (boryas)
HADOOP-6764. Remove verbose logging from the Groups class. (Boris Shkolnik)
HADOOP-6730. Bug in FileContext#copy and provide base class for
FileContext tests. (Ravi Phulari via jghoman)
HADOOP-6669. Respect compression configuration when creating DefaultCodec
instances. (Koji Noguchi via cdouglas)
HADOOP-6747. TestNetUtils fails on Mac OS X. (Todd Lipcon via jghoman)
HADOOP-6787. Factor out glob pattern code from FileContext and
Filesystem. Also fix bugs identified in HADOOP-6618 and make the
glob pattern code less restrictive and more POSIX standard
compliant. (Luke Lu via eli)
HADOOP-6649. login object in UGI should be inside the subject (jnp via
HADOOP-6687. user object in the subject in UGI should be reused in case
of a relogin. (jnp via boryas)
HADOOP-6603. Provide workaround for issue with Kerberos not resolving
cross-realm principal (Kan Zhang and Jitendra Pandey via jghoman)
HADOOP-6620. NPE if renewer is passed as null in getDelegationToken.
(Jitendra Pandey via jghoman)
HADOOP-6613. Moves the RPC version check ahead of the AuthMethod check.
(Kan Zhang via ddas)
HADOOP-6682. NetUtils:normalizeHostName does not process hostnames starting
with [a-f] correctly. (jghoman)
HADOOP-6652. Removes the unnecessary cache from
ShellBasedUnixGroupsMapping. (ddas)
HADOOP-6815. refreshSuperUserGroupsConfiguration should use server side
configuration for the refresh (boryas)
HADOOP-6648. Adds a check for null tokens in Credentials.addToken api.
HADOOP-6647. balancer fails with "is not authorized for protocol
interface NamenodeProtocol" in secure environment (boryas)
HADOOP-6834. TFile.append compares initial key against null lastKey
(hong tang via mahadev)
HADOOP-6670. Use the UserGroupInformation's Subject as the criteria for
equals and hashCode. (Owen O'Malley and Kan Zhang via ddas)
HADOOP-6536. Fixes FileUtil.fullyDelete() not to delete the contents of
the sym-linked directory. (Ravi Gummadi via amareshwari)
HADOOP-6873. using delegation token over hftp for long
running clients (boryas)
HADOOP-6706. Improves the sasl failure handling due to expired tickets,
and other server detected failures. (Jitendra Pandey and ddas via ddas)
HADOOP-6715. Fixes AccessControlList.toString() to return a descriptive
String representation of the ACL. (Ravi Gummadi via amareshwari)
HADOOP-6885. Fix java doc warnings in Groups and
RefreshUserMappingsProtocol. (Eli Collins via jghoman)
HADOOP-6482. GenericOptionsParser constructor that takes Options and
String[] ignores options. (Eli Collins via jghoman)
HADOOP-6906. FileContext copy() utility doesn't work with recursive
copying of directories. (vinod k v via mahadev)
HADOOP-6453. Hadoop wrapper script shouldn't ignore an existing
JAVA_LIBRARY_PATH. (Chad Metcalf via jghoman)
HADOOP-6932. Namenode start (init) fails because of invalid kerberos
key, even when security set to "simple" (boryas)
HADOOP-6913. Circular initialization between UserGroupInformation and
KerberosName (Kan Zhang via boryas)
HADOOP-6907. Rpc client doesn't use the per-connection conf to figure
out server's Kerberos principal (Kan Zhang via hairong)
HADOOP-6938. ConnectionId.getRemotePrincipal() should check if security
is enabled. (Kan Zhang via hairong)
HADOOP-6930. AvroRpcEngine doesn't work with generated Avro code.
HADOOP-6940. RawLocalFileSystem's markSupported method misnamed
markSupport. (Tom White via eli).
HADOOP-6951. Distinct minicluster services (e.g. NN and JT) overwrite each
other's service policies. (Aaron T. Myers via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6879. Provide SSH based (Jsch) remote execution API for system
tests (cos)
HADOOP-6989. Correct the parameter for SetFile to set the value type
for SetFile to be NullWritable instead of the key. (cdouglas via omalley)
HADOOP-6984. Combine the compress kind and the codec in the same option
for SequenceFiles. (cdouglas via omalley)
HADOOP-6933. TestListFiles is flaky. (Todd Lipcon via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6947. Kerberos relogin should set refreshKrb5Config to true.
(Todd Lipcon via tomwhite)
HADOOP-7006. Fix 'fs -getmerge' command to not be a no-op.
(Chris Nauroth via cutting)
HADOOP-6663. BlockDecompressorStream get EOF exception when decompressing
the file compressed from empty file. (Kang Xiao via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6991. Fix SequenceFile::Reader to honor file lengths and call
openFile (cdouglas via omalley)
HADOOP-7011. Fix KerberosName.main() to not throw an NPE.
(Aaron T. Myers via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6975. Integer overflow in S3InputStream for blocks > 2GB.
(Patrick Kling via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6758. MapFile.fix does not allow index interval definition.
(Gianmarco De Francisci Morales via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6926. SocketInputStream incorrectly implements read().
(Todd Lipcon via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6899 RawLocalFileSystem#setWorkingDir() does not work for relative names
(Sanjay Radia)
HADOOP-6496. HttpServer sends wrong content-type for CSS files
(and others). (Todd Lipcon via tomwhite)
HADOOP-7057. IOUtils.readFully and IOUtils.skipFully have typo in
exception creation's message. (cos)
HADOOP-7038. saveVersion script includes an additional \r while running
whoami under windows. (Wang Xu via cos)
HADOOP-7082. Configuration.writeXML should not hold lock while outputting
HADOOP-7070. JAAS configuration should delegate unknown application names
to pre-existing configuration. (todd)
HADOOP-7087. SequenceFile.createWriter ignores FileSystem parameter (todd)
HADOOP-7091. reloginFromKeytab() should happen even if TGT can't be found.
(Kan Zhang via jghoman)
HADOOP-7100. Fix build to not refer to contrib/ec2 removed by HADOOP-6811
HADOOP-7097. JAVA_LIBRARY_PATH missing base directory. (Noah Watkins via
HADOOP-7093. Servlets should default to text/plain (todd)
HADOOP-7101. UserGroupInformation.getCurrentUser() fails when called from
non-Hadoop JAAS context. (todd)
HADOOP-7089. Fix link resolution logic in (eli)
HADOOP-7046. Fix Findbugs warning in Configuration. (Po Cheung via shv)
HADOOP-7118. Fix NPE in Configuration.writeXml (todd)
HADOOP-7122. Fix thread leak when shell commands time out. (todd)
HADOOP-7126. Fix file permission setting for RawLocalFileSystem on Windows.
(Po Cheung via shv)
HADOOP-6642. Fix javac, javadoc, findbugs warnings related to security work.
(Chris Douglas, Po Cheung via shv)
HADOOP-7140. IPC Reader threads do not stop when server stops (todd)
HADOOP-7094. hadoop.css got lost during project split (cos)
HADOOP-7145. Configuration.getLocalPath should trim whitespace from
the provided directories. (todd)
HADOOP-7156. Workaround for unsafe implementations of getpwuid_r (todd)
HADOOP-6898. FileSystem.copyToLocal creates files with 777 permissions.
(Aaron T. Myers via tomwhite)
HADOOP-7229. Do not default to an absolute path for kinit in Kerberos
auto-renewal thread. (Aaron T. Myers via todd)
HADOOP-7172. SecureIO should not check owner on non-secure
clusters that have no native support. (todd via eli)
HADOOP-7184. Remove deprecated config local.cache.size from
core-default.xml (todd)
HADOOP-7245. FsConfig should use constants in CommonConfigurationKeys.
(tomwhite via eli)
HADOOP-7068. Ivy resolve force mode should be turned off by default.
(Luke Lu via tomwhite)
HADOOP-7296. The FsPermission(FsPermission) constructor does not use the
sticky bit. (Siddharth Seth via tomwhite)
HADOOP-7300. Configuration methods that return collections are inconsistent
about mutability. (todd)
HADOOP-7305. Eclipse project classpath should include tools.jar from JDK.
(Niels Basjes via todd)
HADOOP-7318. MD5Hash factory should reset the digester it returns.
(todd via eli)
HADOOP-7287. Configuration deprecation mechanism doesn't work properly for
GenericOptionsParser and Tools. (Aaron T. Myers via todd)
HADOOP-7146. RPC server leaks file descriptors (todd)
HADOOP-7276. Hadoop native builds fail on ARM due to -m32 (Trevor Robinson
via eli)
HADOOP-7121. Exceptions while serializing IPC call responses are not
handled well. (todd)
HADOOP-7351 Regression: HttpServer#getWebAppsPath used to be protected
so subclasses could supply alternate webapps path but it was made private
by HADOOP-6461 (Stack)
HADOOP-7349. HADOOP-7121 accidentally disabled some tests in TestIPC.
HADOOP-7390. VersionInfo not generated properly in git after unsplit. (todd
via atm)
HADOOP-7568. SequenceFile should not print into stdout.
(Plamen Jeliazkov via shv)
HADOOP-7663. Fix TestHDFSTrash failure. (Mayank Bansal via shv)
HADOOP-7457. Remove out-of-date Chinese language documentation.
(Jakob Homan via eli)
HADOOP-7783. Add more symlink tests that cover intermediate links. (eli)
Release 0.21.1 - Unreleased
HADOOP-6934. Test for ByteWritable comparator.
(Johannes Zillmann via Eli Collins)
HADOOP-6786. test-patch needs to verify Herriot integrity (cos)
HADOOP-7177. CodecPool should report which compressor it is using.
(Allen Wittenauer via eli)
HADOOP-6925. BZip2Codec incorrectly implements read().
(Todd Lipcon via Eli Collins)
HADOOP-6833. IPC leaks call parameters when exceptions thrown.
(Todd Lipcon via Eli Collins)
HADOOP-6971. Clover build doesn't generate per-test coverage (cos)
HADOOP-6993. Broken link on cluster setup page of docs. (eli)
HADOOP-6944. [Herriot] Implement a functionality for getting proxy users
definitions like groups and hosts. (Vinay Thota via cos)
HADOOP-6954. Sources JARs are not correctly published to the Maven
repository. (tomwhite)
HADOOP-7052. misspelling of threshold in conf/
(Jingguo Yao via eli)
HADOOP-7053. wrong FSNamesystem Audit logging setting in
conf/ (Jingguo Yao via eli)
HADOOP-7120. Fix a syntax error in (szetszwo)
HADOOP-7162. Rmove a duplicated call FileSystem.listStatus(..) in FsShell.
(Alexey Diomin via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7117. Remove fs.checkpoint.* from core-default.xml and replace
fs.checkpoint.* with dfs.namenode.checkpoint.* in documentations.
(Harsh J Chouraria via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7193. Correct the "fs -touchz" command help message.
(Uma Maheswara Rao G via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7174. Null is displayed in the "fs -copyToLocal" command.
(Uma Maheswara Rao G via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7194. Fix resource leak in IOUtils.copyBytes(..).
(Devaraj K via szetszwo)
HADOOP-7183. WritableComparator.get should not cache comparator objects.
(tomwhite via eli)
Release 0.21.0 - 2010-08-13
HADOOP-4895. Remove deprecated methods DFSClient.getHints(..) and
DFSClient.isDirectory(..). (szetszwo)
HADOOP-4941. Remove deprecated FileSystem methods: getBlockSize(Path f),
getLength(Path f) and getReplication(Path src). (szetszwo)
HADOOP-4648. Remove obsolete, deprecated InMemoryFileSystem and
ChecksumDistributedFileSystem. (cdouglas via szetszwo)
HADOOP-4940. Remove a deprecated method FileSystem.delete(Path f). (Enis
Soztutar via szetszwo)
HADOOP-4010. Change semantics for LineRecordReader to read an additional
line per split- rather than moving back one character in the stream- to
work with splittable compression codecs. (Abdul Qadeer via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5094. Show hostname and separate live/dead datanodes in DFSAdmin
report. (Jakob Homan via szetszwo)
HADOOP-4942. Remove deprecated FileSystem methods getName() and
getNamed(String name, Configuration conf). (Jakob Homan via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5486. Removes the CLASSPATH string from the command line and instead
exports it in the environment. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-2827. Remove deprecated NetUtils::getServerAddress. (cdouglas)
HADOOP-5681. Change examples RandomWriter and RandomTextWriter to
use new mapreduce API. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
HADOOP-5680. Change org.apache.hadoop.examples.SleepJob to use new
mapreduce api. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
HADOOP-5699. Change org.apache.hadoop.examples.PiEstimator to use
new mapreduce api. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
HADOOP-5720. Introduces new task types - JOB_SETUP, JOB_CLEANUP
and TASK_CLEANUP. Removes the isMap methods from TaskID/TaskAttemptID
classes. (ddas)
HADOOP-5668. Change TotalOrderPartitioner to use new API. (Amareshwari
Sriramadasu via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5738. Split "waiting_tasks" JobTracker metric into waiting maps and
waiting reduces. (Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5679. Resolve findbugs warnings in core/streaming/pipes/examples.
(Jothi Padmanabhan via sharad)
HADOOP-4359. Support for data access authorization checking on Datanodes.
(Kan Zhang via rangadi)
HADOOP-5690. Change org.apache.hadoop.examples.DBCountPageView to use
new mapreduce api. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
HADOOP-5694. Change org.apache.hadoop.examples.dancing to use new
mapreduce api. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
HADOOP-5696. Change org.apache.hadoop.examples.Sort to use new
mapreduce api. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
HADOOP-5698. Change org.apache.hadoop.examples.MultiFileWordCount to
use new mapreduce api. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
HADOOP-5913. Provide ability to an administrator to stop and start
job queues. (Rahul Kumar Singh and Hemanth Yamijala via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-711. Removed Distributed Cache from Common, to move it
under Map/Reduce. (Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via yhemanth)
HADOOP-6201. Change FileSystem::listStatus contract to throw
FileNotFoundException if the directory does not exist, rather than letting
this be implementation-specific. (Jakob Homan via cdouglas)
HADOOP-6230. Moved process tree and memory calculator related classes
from Common to Map/Reduce. (Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via yhemanth)
HADOOP-6203. FsShell rm/rmr error message indicates exceeding Trash quota
and suggests using -skpTrash, when moving to trash fails.
(Boris Shkolnik via suresh)
HADOOP-6303. Eclipse .classpath template has outdated jar files and is
missing some new ones. (cos)
HADOOP-6396. Fix uninformative exception message when unable to parse
umask. (jghoman)
HADOOP-6299. Reimplement the UserGroupInformation to use the OS
specific and Kerberos JAAS login. (omalley)
HADOOP-6686. Remove redundant exception class name from the exception
message for the exceptions thrown at RPC client. (suresh)
HADOOP-6701. Fix incorrect exit codes returned from chmod, chown and chgrp
commands from FsShell. (Ravi Phulari via suresh)
HADOOP-6332. Large-scale Automated Test Framework. (sharad, Sreekanth
Ramakrishnan, at all via cos)
HADOOP-4268. Change fsck to use ClientProtocol methods so that the
corresponding permission requirement for running the ClientProtocol
methods will be enforced. (szetszwo)
HADOOP-3953. Implement sticky bit for directories in HDFS. (Jakob Homan
via szetszwo)
HADOOP-4368. Implement df in FsShell to show the status of a FileSystem.
(Craig Macdonald via szetszwo)
HADOOP-3741. Add a web ui to the SecondaryNameNode for showing its status.
HADOOP-5018. Add pipelined writers to Chukwa. (Ari Rabkin via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5052. Add an example computing exact digits of pi using the
Bailey-Borwein-Plouffe algorithm. (Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via cdouglas)
HADOOP-4927. Adds a generic wrapper around outputformat to allow creation of
output on demand (Jothi Padmanabhan via ddas)
HADOOP-5144. Add a new DFSAdmin command for changing the setting of restore
failed storage replicas in namenode. (Boris Shkolnik via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5258. Add a new DFSAdmin command to print a tree of the rack and
datanode topology as seen by the namenode. (Jakob Homan via szetszwo)
HADOOP-4756. A command line tool to access JMX properties on NameNode
and DataNode. (Boris Shkolnik via rangadi)
HADOOP-4539. Introduce backup node and checkpoint node. (shv)
HADOOP-5363. Add support for proxying connections to multiple clusters with
different versions to hdfsproxy. (Zhiyong Zhang via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5528. Add a configurable hash partitioner operating on ranges of
BinaryComparable keys. (Klaas Bosteels via shv)
HADOOP-5257. HDFS servers may start and stop external components through
a plugin interface. (Carlos Valiente via dhruba)
HADOOP-5450. Add application-specific data types to streaming's typed bytes
interface. (Klaas Bosteels via omalley)
HADOOP-5518. Add contrib/mrunit, a MapReduce unit test framework.
(Aaron Kimball via cutting)
HADOOP-5469. Add /metrics servlet to daemons, providing metrics
over HTTP as either text or JSON. (Philip Zeyliger via cutting)
HADOOP-5467. Introduce offline fsimage image viewer. (Jakob Homan via shv)
HADOOP-5752. Add a new hdfs image processor, Delimited, to oiv. (Jakob
Homan via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5266. Adds the capability to do mark/reset of the reduce values
iterator in the Context object API. (Jothi Padmanabhan via ddas)
HADOOP-5745. Allow setting the default value of maxRunningJobs for all
pools. (dhruba via matei)
HADOOP-5643. Adds a way to decommission TaskTrackers while the JobTracker
is running. (Amar Kamat via ddas)
HADOOP-4829. Allow FileSystem shutdown hook to be disabled.
(Todd Lipcon via tomwhite)
HADOOP-5815. Sqoop: A database import tool for Hadoop.
(Aaron Kimball via tomwhite)
HADOOP-4861. Add disk usage with human-readable size (-duh).
(Todd Lipcon via tomwhite)
HADOOP-5844. Use mysqldump when connecting to local mysql instance in Sqoop.
(Aaron Kimball via tomwhite)
HADOOP-5976. Add a new command, classpath, to the hadoop script. (Owen
O'Malley and Gary Murry via szetszwo)
HADOOP-6120. Add support for Avro specific and reflect data.
(sharad via cutting)
HADOOP-6226. Moves BoundedByteArrayOutputStream from the tfile package to
the io package and makes it available to other users (MAPREDUCE-318).
(Jothi Padmanabhan via ddas)
HADOOP-6105. Adds support for automatically handling deprecation of
configuration keys. (V.V.Chaitanya Krishna via yhemanth)
HADOOP-6235. Adds new method to FileSystem for clients to get server
defaults. (Kan Zhang via suresh)
HADOOP-6234. Add new option dfs.umaskmode to set umask in configuration
to use octal or symbolic instead of decimal. (Jakob Homan via suresh)
HADOOP-5073. Add annotation mechanism for interface classification.
(Jakob Homan via suresh)
HADOOP-4012. Provide splitting support for bzip2 compressed files. (Abdul
Qadeer via cdouglas)
HADOOP-6246. Add backward compatibility support to use deprecated decimal
umask from old configuration. (Jakob Homan via suresh)
HADOOP-4952. Add new improved file system interface FileContext for the
application writer (Sanjay Radia via suresh)
HADOOP-6170. Add facility to tunnel Avro RPCs through Hadoop RPCs.
This permits one to take advantage of both Avro's RPC versioning
features and Hadoop's proven RPC scalability. (cutting)
HADOOP-6267. Permit building contrib modules located in external
source trees. (Todd Lipcon via cutting)
HADOOP-6240. Add new FileContext rename operation that posix compliant
that allows overwriting existing destination. (suresh)
HADOOP-6204. Implementing aspects development and fault injeciton
framework for Hadoop (cos)
HADOOP-6313. Implement Syncable interface in FSDataOutputStream to expose
flush APIs to application users. (Hairong Kuang via suresh)
HADOOP-6284. Add a new parameter, HADOOP_JAVA_PLATFORM_OPTS, to so that it allows setting java command options for
JAVA_PLATFORM. (Koji Noguchi via szetszwo)
HADOOP-6337. Updates FilterInitializer class to be more visible,
and the init of the class is made to take a Configuration argument.
(Jakob Homan via ddas)
Hadoop-6223. Add new file system interface AbstractFileSystem with
implementation of some file systems that delegate to old FileSystem.
(Sanjay Radia via suresh)
HADOOP-6433. Introduce asychronous deletion of files via a pool of
threads. This can be used to delete files in the Distributed
Cache. (Zheng Shao via dhruba)
HADOOP-6415. Adds a common token interface for both job token and
delegation token. (Kan Zhang via ddas)
HADOOP-6408. Add a /conf servlet to dump running configuration.
(Todd Lipcon via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6520. Adds APIs to read/write Token and secret keys. Also
adds the automatic loading of tokens into UserGroupInformation
upon login. The tokens are read from a file specified in the
environment variable. (ddas)
HADOOP-6419. Adds SASL based authentication to RPC.
(Kan Zhang via ddas)
HADOOP-6510. Adds a way for superusers to impersonate other users
in a secure environment. (Jitendra Nath Pandey via ddas)
HADOOP-6421. Adds Symbolic links to FileContext, AbstractFileSystem.
It also adds a limited implementation for the local file system
(RawLocalFs) that allows local symlinks. (Eli Collins via Sanjay Radia)
HADOOP-6577. Add hidden configuration option "ipc.server.max.response.size"
to change the default 1 MB, the maximum size when large IPC handler
response buffer is reset. (suresh)
HADOOP-6568. Adds authorization for the default servlets.
(Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via ddas)
HADOOP-6586. Log authentication and authorization failures and successes
for RPC (boryas)
HADOOP-6580. UGI should contain authentication method. (jnp via boryas)
HADOOP-6657. Add a capitalization method to StringUtils for MAPREDUCE-1545.
(Luke Lu via Steve Loughran)
HADOOP-6692. Add FileContext#listStatus that returns an iterator.
HADOOP-6869. Functionality to create file or folder on a remote daemon
side (Vinay Thota via cos)
HADOOP-6798. Align Ivy version for all Hadoop subprojects. (cos)
HADOOP-6777. Implement a functionality for suspend and resume a process.
(Vinay Thota via cos)
HADOOP-6772. Utilities for system tests specific. (Vinay Thota via cos)
HADOOP-6771. Herriot's artifact id for Maven deployment should be set to
hadoop-core-instrumented (cos)
HADOOP-6752. Remote cluster control functionality needs JavaDocs
improvement (Balaji Rajagopalan via cos).
HADOOP-4565. Added CombineFileInputFormat to use data locality information
to create splits. (dhruba via zshao)
HADOOP-4936. Improvements to TestSafeMode. (shv)
HADOOP-4985. Remove unnecessary "throw IOException" declarations in
FSDirectory related methods. (szetszwo)
HADOOP-5017. Change NameNode.namesystem declaration to private. (szetszwo)
HADOOP-4794. Add branch information from the source version control into
the version information that is compiled into Hadoop. (cdouglas via
HADOOP-5070. Increment copyright year to 2009, remove assertions of ASF
copyright to licensed files. (Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5037. Deprecate static FSNamesystem.getFSNamesystem(). (szetszwo)
HADOOP-5088. Include releaseaudit target as part of developer test-patch
target. (Giridharan Kesavan via nigel)
HADOOP-2721. Uses setsid when creating new tasks so that subprocesses of
this process will be within this new session (and this process will be
the process leader for all the subprocesses). Killing the process leader,
or the main Java task in Hadoop's case, kills the entire subtree of
processes. (Ravi Gummadi via ddas)
HADOOP-5097. Remove static variable JspHelper.fsn, a static reference to
a non-singleton FSNamesystem object. (szetszwo)
HADOOP-3327. Improves handling of READ_TIMEOUT during map output copying.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-5124. Choose datanodes randomly instead of starting from the first
datanode for providing fairness. (hairong via szetszwo)
HADOOP-4930. Implement a Linux native executable that can be used to
launch tasks as users. (Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
HADOOP-5122. Fix format of value in libhdfs test conf.
(Craig Macdonald via tomwhite)
HADOOP-5038. Direct daemon trace to debug log instead of stdout. (Jerome
Boulon via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5101. Improve packaging by adding 'all-jars' target building core,
tools, and example jars. Let findbugs depend on this rather than the 'tar'
target. (Giridharan Kesavan via cdouglas)
HADOOP-4868. Splits the hadoop script into three parts - bin/hadoop,
bin/mapred and bin/hdfs. (Sharad Agarwal via ddas)
HADOOP-1722. Adds support for TypedBytes and RawBytes in Streaming.
(Klaas Bosteels via ddas)
HADOOP-4220. Changes the JobTracker restart tests so that they take much
less time. (Amar Kamat via ddas)
HADOOP-4885. Try to restore failed name-node storage directories at
checkpoint time. (Boris Shkolnik via shv)
HADOOP-5209. Update year to 2009 for javadoc. (szetszwo)
HADOOP-5279. Remove unnecessary targets from
(Giridharan Kesavan via nigel)
HADOOP-5120. Remove the use of FSNamesystem.getFSNamesystem() from
UpgradeManagerNamenode and UpgradeObjectNamenode. (szetszwo)
HADOOP-5222. Add offset to datanode clienttrace. (Lei Xu via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5240. Skip re-building javadoc when it is already
up-to-date. (Aaron Kimball via cutting)
HADOOP-5042. Add a cleanup stage to log rollover in Chukwa appender.
(Jerome Boulon via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5264. Removes redundant configuration object from the TaskTracker.
(Sharad Agarwal via ddas)
HADOOP-5232. Enable patch testing to occur on more than one host.
(Giri Kesavan via nigel)
HADOOP-4546. Fix DF reporting for AIX. (Bill Habermaas via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5023. Add Tomcat support to HdfsProxy. (Zhiyong Zhang via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5317. Provide documentation for LazyOutput Feature.
(Jothi Padmanabhan via johan)
HADOOP-5455. Document rpc metrics context to the extent dfs, mapred, and
jvm contexts are documented. (Philip Zeyliger via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5358. Provide scripting functionality to the synthetic load
generator. (Jakob Homan via hairong)
HADOOP-5442. Paginate jobhistory display and added some search
capabilities. (Amar Kamat via acmurthy)
HADOOP-4842. Streaming now allows specifiying a command for the combiner.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-5196. avoiding unnecessary byte[] allocation in
SequenceFile.CompressedBytes and SequenceFile.UncompressedBytes.
(hong tang via mahadev)
HADOOP-4655. New method FileSystem.newInstance() that always returns
a newly allocated FileSystem object. (dhruba)
HADOOP-4788. Set Fair scheduler to assign both a map and a reduce on each
heartbeat by default. (matei)
HADOOP-5491. In contrib/index, better control memory usage.
(Ning Li via cutting)
HADOOP-5423. Include option of preserving file metadata in
SequenceFile::sort. (Michael Tamm via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5331. Add support for KFS appends. (Sriram Rao via cdouglas)
HADOOP-4365. Make Configuration::getProps protected in support of
meaningful subclassing. (Steve Loughran via cdouglas)
HADOOP-2413. Remove the static variable FSNamesystem.fsNamesystemObject.
(Konstantin Shvachko via szetszwo)
HADOOP-4584. Improve datanode block reports and associated file system
scan to avoid interefering with normal datanode operations.
(Suresh Srinivas via rangadi)
HADOOP-5502. Documentation for backup and checkpoint nodes.
(Jakob Homan via shv)
HADOOP-5485. Mask actions in the fair scheduler's servlet UI based on
value of webinterface.private.actions.
(Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via yhemanth)
HADOOP-5581. HDFS should throw FileNotFoundException when while opening
a file that does not exist. (Brian Bockelman via rangadi)
HADOOP-5509. PendingReplicationBlocks does not start monitor in the
constructor. (shv)
HADOOP-5494. Modify sorted map output merger to lazily read values,
rather than buffering at least one record for each segment. (Devaraj Das
via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5396. Provide ability to refresh queue ACLs in the JobTracker
without having to restart the daemon.
(Sreekanth Ramakrishnan and Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via yhemanth)
HADOOP-4490. Provide ability to run tasks as job owners.
(Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
HADOOP-5697. Change org.apache.hadoop.examples.Grep to use new
mapreduce api. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
HADOOP-5625. Add operation duration to clienttrace. (Lei Xu via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5705. Improve TotalOrderPartitioner efficiency by updating the trie
construction. (Dick King via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5589. Eliminate source limit of 64 for map-side joins imposed by
TupleWritable encoding. (Jingkei Ly via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5734. Correct block placement policy description in HDFS
Design document. (Konstantin Boudnik via shv)
HADOOP-5657. Validate data in TestReduceFetch to improve merge test
coverage. (cdouglas)
HADOOP-5613. Change S3Exception to checked exception.
(Andrew Hitchcock via tomwhite)
HADOOP-5717. Create public enum class for the Framework counters in
org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
HADOOP-5217. Split AllTestDriver for core, hdfs and mapred. (sharad)
HADOOP-5364. Add certificate expiration warning to HsftpFileSystem and HDFS
proxy. (Zhiyong Zhang via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5733. Add map/reduce slot capacity and blacklisted capacity to
JobTracker metrics. (Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5596. Add EnumSetWritable. (He Yongqiang via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5727. Simplify hashcode for ID types. (Shevek via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5500. In DBOutputFormat, where field names are absent permit the
number of fields to be sufficient to construct the select query. (Enis
Soztutar via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5081. Split TestCLI into HDFS, Mapred and Core tests. (sharad)
HADOOP-5015. Separate block management code from FSNamesystem. (Suresh
Srinivas via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5080. Add new test cases to TestMRCLI and TestHDFSCLI
(V.Karthikeyan via nigel)
HADOOP-5135. Splits the tests into different directories based on the
package. Four new test targets have been defined - run-test-core,
run-test-mapred, run-test-hdfs and run-test-hdfs-with-mr.
(Sharad Agarwal via ddas)
HADOOP-5771. Implements unit tests for LinuxTaskController.
(Sreekanth Ramakrishnan and Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via yhemanth)
HADOOP-5419. Provide a facility to query the Queue ACLs for the
current user.
(Rahul Kumar Singh via yhemanth)
HADOOP-5780. Improve per block message prited by "-metaSave" in HDFS.
(Raghu Angadi)
HADOOP-5823. Added a new class DeprecatedUTF8 to help with removing
UTF8 related javac warnings. These warnings are removed in as a use case. (Raghu Angadi)
HADOOP-5824. Deprecate DataTransferProtocol.OP_READ_METADATA and remove
the corresponding unused codes. (Kan Zhang via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5721. Factor out EditLogFileInputStream and EditLogFileOutputStream
into independent classes. (Luca Telloli & Flavio Junqueira via shv)
HADOOP-5838. Fix a few javac warnings in HDFS. (Raghu Angadi)
HADOOP-5854. Fix a few "Inconsistent Synchronization" warnings in HDFS.
(Raghu Angadi)
HADOOP-5369. Small tweaks to reduce MapFile index size. (Ben Maurer
via sharad)
HADOOP-5858. Eliminate UTF8 and fix warnings in test/hdfs-with-mr package.
HADOOP-5866. Move DeprecatedUTF8 from to o.a.h.hdfs since it may
not be used outside hdfs. (Raghu Angadi)
HADOOP-5857. Move normal java methods from hdfs .jsp files to .java files.
HADOOP-5873. Remove deprecated methods randomDataNode() and
getDatanodeByIndex(..) in FSNamesystem. (szetszwo)
HADOOP-5572. Improves the progress reporting for the sort phase for both
maps and reduces. (Ravi Gummadi via ddas)
HADOOP-5839. Fix EC2 scripts to allow remote job submission.
(Joydeep Sen Sarma via tomwhite)
HADOOP-5877. Fix javac warnings in TestHDFSServerPorts, TestCheckpoint,
TestNameEditsConfig, TestStartup and TestStorageRestore.
(Jakob Homan via shv)
HADOOP-5438. Provide a single FileSystem method to create or
open-for-append to a file. (He Yongqiang via dhruba)
HADOOP-5472. Change DistCp to support globbing of input paths. (Dhruba
Borthakur and Rodrigo Schmidt via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5175. Don't unpack libjars on classpath. (Todd Lipcon via tomwhite)
HADOOP-5620. Add an option to DistCp for preserving modification and access
times. (Rodrigo Schmidt via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5664. Change map serialization so a lock is obtained only where
contention is possible, rather than for each write. (cdouglas)
HADOOP-5896. Remove the dependency of GenericOptionsParser on
Option.withArgPattern. (Giridharan Kesavan and Sharad Agarwal via
HADOOP-5784. Makes the number of heartbeats that should arrive a second
at the JobTracker configurable. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-5955. Changes TestFileOuputFormat so that is uses LOCAL_MR
instead of CLUSTER_MR. (Jothi Padmanabhan via das)
HADOOP-5948. Changes TestJavaSerialization to use LocalJobRunner
instead of MiniMR/DFS cluster. (Jothi Padmanabhan via das)
HADOOP-2838. Add mapred.child.env to pass environment variables to
tasktracker's child processes. (Amar Kamat via sharad)
HADOOP-5961. DataNode process understand generic hadoop command line
options (like (Raghu Angadi)
HADOOP-5938. Change org.apache.hadoop.mapred.jobcontrol to use new
api. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
HADOOP-2141. Improves the speculative execution heuristic. The heuristic
is currently based on the progress-rates of tasks and the expected time
to complete. Also, statistics about trackers are collected, and speculative
tasks are not given to the ones deduced to be slow.
(Andy Konwinski and ddas)
HADOOP-5952. Change "-1 tests included" wording in
(Gary Murry via szetszwo)
HADOOP-6106. Provides an option in ShellCommandExecutor to timeout
commands that do not complete within a certain amount of time.
(Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
HADOOP-5925. EC2 scripts should exit on error. (tomwhite)
HADOOP-6109. Change Text to grow its internal buffer exponentially, rather
than the max of the current length and the proposed length to improve
performance reading large values. (thushara wijeratna via cdouglas)
HADOOP-2366. Support trimmed strings in Configuration. (Michele Catasta
via szetszwo)
HADOOP-6099. The RPC module can be configured to not send period pings.
The default behaviour of sending periodic pings remain unchanged. (dhruba)
HADOOP-6142. Update documentation and use of harchives for relative paths
added in MAPREDUCE-739. (Mahadev Konar via cdouglas)
HADOOP-6148. Implement a fast, pure Java CRC32 calculator which outperforms (Todd Lipcon and Scott Carey via szetszwo)
HADOOP-6146. Upgrade to JetS3t version 0.7.1. (tomwhite)
HADOOP-6161. Add get/setEnum methods to Configuration. (cdouglas)
HADOOP-6160. Fix releaseaudit target to run on specific directories.
HADOOP-6169. Removing deprecated method calls in TFile. (hong tang via
HADOOP-6176. Add a couple package private methods to AccessTokenHandler
for testing. (Kan Zhang via szetszwo)
HADOOP-6182. Fix ReleaseAudit warnings (Giridharan Kesavan and Lee Tucker
via gkesavan)
HADOOP-6173. Change src/native/ to package all
native library files. (Hong Tang via szetszwo)
HADOOP-6184. Provide an API to dump Configuration in a JSON format.
(V.V.Chaitanya Krishna via yhemanth)
HADOOP-6224. Add a method to WritableUtils performing a bounded read of an
encoded String. (Jothi Padmanabhan via cdouglas)
HADOOP-6133. Add a caching layer to Configuration::getClassByName to
alleviate a performance regression introduced in a compatibility layer.
(Todd Lipcon via cdouglas)
HADOOP-6252. Provide a method to determine if a deprecated key is set in
config file. (Jakob Homan via suresh)
HADOOP-5879. Read compression level and strategy from Configuration for
gzip compression. (He Yongqiang via cdouglas)
HADOOP-6216. Support comments in host files. (Ravi Phulari and Dmytro
Molkov via szetszwo)
HADOOP-6217. Update documentation for project split. (Corinne Chandel via
HADOOP-6268. Add ivy jar to .gitignore. (Todd Lipcon via cdouglas)
HADOOP-6270. Support deleteOnExit in FileContext. (Suresh Srinivas via
HADOOP-6233. Rename configuration keys towards API standardization and
backward compatibility. (Jithendra Pandey via suresh)
HADOOP-6260. Add additional unit tests for FileContext util methods.
(Gary Murry via suresh).
HADOOP-6309. Change build.xml to run tests with java asserts. (Eli
Collins via szetszwo)
HADOOP-6326. Hundson runs should check for AspectJ warnings and report
failure if any is present (cos)
HADOOP-6329. Add build-fi directory to the ignore lists. (szetszwo)
HADOOP-5107. Use Maven ant tasks to publish the subproject jars.
(Giridharan Kesavan via omalley)
HADOOP-6343. Log unexpected throwable object caught in RPC. (Jitendra Nath
Pandey via szetszwo)
HADOOP-6367. Removes Access Token implementation from common.
(Kan Zhang via ddas)
HADOOP-6395. Upgrade some libraries to be consistent across common, hdfs,
and mapreduce. (omalley)
HADOOP-6398. Build is broken after HADOOP-6395 patch has been applied (cos)
HADOOP-6413. Move TestReflectionUtils to Common. (Todd Lipcon via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6283. Improve the exception messages thrown by
FileUtil$HardLink.getLinkCount(..). (szetszwo)
HADOOP-6279. Add Runtime::maxMemory to JVM metrics. (Todd Lipcon via
HADOOP-6305. Unify build property names to facilitate cross-projects
modifications (cos)
HADOOP-6312. Remove unnecessary debug logging in Configuration constructor.
(Aaron Kimball via cdouglas)
HADOOP-6366. Reduce ivy console output to ovservable level (cos)
HADOOP-6400. Log errors getting Unix UGI. (Todd Lipcon via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6346. Add support for specifying unpack pattern regex to
RunJar.unJar. (Todd Lipcon via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6422. Make RPC backend plugable, protocol-by-protocol, to
ease evolution towards Avro. (cutting)
HADOOP-5958. Use JDK 1.6 File APIs in wherever possible.
(Aaron Kimball via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6222. Core doesn't have TestCommonCLI facility. (cos)
HADOOP-6394. Add a helper class to simplify FileContext related tests and
improve code reusability. (Jitendra Nath Pandey via suresh)
HADOOP-4656. Add a user to groups mapping service. (boryas, acmurthy)
HADOOP-6435. Make RPC.waitForProxy with timeout public. (Steve Loughran
via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6472. add tokenCache option to GenericOptionsParser for passing
file with secret keys to a map reduce job. (boryas)
HADOOP-3205. Read multiple chunks directly from FSInputChecker subclass
into user buffers. (Todd Lipcon via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6479. TestUTF8 assertions could fail with better text.
(Steve Loughran via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6155. Deprecate RecordIO anticipating Avro. (Tom White via cdouglas)
HADOOP-6492. Make some Avro serialization APIs public.
(Aaron Kimball via cutting)
HADOOP-6497. Add an adapter for Avro's SeekableInput interface, so
that Avro can read FileSystem data.
(Aaron Kimball via cutting)
HADOOP-6495. Identifier should be serialized after the password is
created In Token constructor (jnp via boryas)
HADOOP-6518. Makes the UGI honor the env var KRB5CCNAME.
(Owen O'Malley via ddas)
HADOOP-6531. Enhance FileUtil with an API to delete all contents of a
directory. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via yhemanth)
HADOOP-6547. Move DelegationToken into Common, so that it can be used by
MapReduce also. (devaraj via omalley)
HADOOP-6552. Puts renewTGT=true and useTicketCache=true for the keytab
kerberos options. (ddas)
HADOOP-6534. Trim whitespace from directory lists initializing
LocalDirAllocator. (Todd Lipcon via cdouglas)
HADOOP-6559. Makes the RPC client automatically re-login when the SASL
connection setup fails. This is applicable only to keytab based logins.
(Devaraj Das)
HADOOP-6551. Delegation token renewing and cancelling should provide
meaningful exceptions when there are failures instead of returning
false. (omalley)
HADOOP-6583. Captures authentication and authorization metrics. (ddas)
HADOOP-6543. Allows secure clients to talk to unsecure clusters.
(Kan Zhang via ddas)
HADOOP-6579. Provide a mechanism for encoding/decoding Tokens from
a url-safe string and change the commons-code library to 1.4. (omalley)
HADOOP-6596. Add a version field to the AbstractDelegationTokenIdentifier's
serialized value. (omalley)
HADOOP-6573. Support for persistent delegation tokens.
(Jitendra Pandey via shv)
HADOOP-6594. Provide a fetchdt tool via bin/hdfs. (jhoman via acmurthy)
HADOOP-6589. Provide better error messages when RPC authentication fails.
(Kan Zhang via omalley)
HADOOP-6599 Split existing RpcMetrics into RpcMetrics & RpcDetailedMetrics.
(Suresh Srinivas via Sanjay Radia)
HADOOP-6537 Declare more detailed exceptions in FileContext and
AbstractFileSystem (Suresh Srinivas via Sanjay Radia)
HADOOP-6486. fix common classes to work with Avro 1.3 reflection.
(cutting via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6591. HarFileSystem can handle paths with the whitespace characters.
(Rodrigo Schmidt via dhruba)
HADOOP-6407. Have a way to automatically update Eclipse .classpath file
when new libs are added to the classpath through Ivy. (tomwhite)
HADOOP-3659. Patch to allow hadoop native to compile on Mac OS X.
(Colin Evans and Allen Wittenauer via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6471. StringBuffer -> StringBuilder - conversion of references
as necessary. (Kay Kay via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6646. Move HarfileSystem out of Hadoop Common. (mahadev)
HADOOP-6566. Add methods supporting, enforcing narrower permissions on
local daemon directories. (Arun Murthy and Luke Lu via cdouglas)
HADOOP-6705. Fix to work with 1.5 version of jiracli
(Giridharan Kesavan)
HADOOP-6658. Exclude Private elements from generated Javadoc. (tomwhite)
HADOOP-6635. Install/deploy source jars to Maven repo.
(Patrick Angeles via jghoman)
HADOOP-6717. Log levels in too high
(Todd Lipcon via jghoman)
HADOOP-6667. RPC.waitForProxy should retry through NoRouteToHostException.
(Todd Lipcon via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6677. InterfaceAudience.LimitedPrivate should take a string not an
enum. (tomwhite)
HADOOP-678. Remove FileContext#isFile, isDirectory, and exists.
(Eli Collins via hairong)
HADOOP-6515. Make maximum number of http threads configurable.
(Scott Chen via zshao)
HADOOP-6563. Add more symlink tests to cover intermediate symlinks
in paths. (Eli Collins via suresh)
HADOOP-6585. Add FileStatus#isDirectory and isFile. (Eli Collins via
HADOOP-6738. Move cluster_setup.xml from MapReduce to Common.
(Tom White via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6794. Move configuration and script files post split. (tomwhite)
HADOOP-6403. Deprecate EC2 bash scripts. (tomwhite)
HADOOP-6769. Add an API in FileSystem to get FileSystem instances based
on users(ddas via boryas)
HADOOP-6813. Add a new newInstance method in FileSystem that takes
a "user" as argument (ddas via boryas)
HADOOP-6668. Apply audience and stability annotations to classes in
common. (tomwhite)
HADOOP-6821. Document changes to memory monitoring. (Hemanth Yamijala
via tomwhite)
HADOOP-5595. NameNode does not need to run a replicator to choose a
random DataNode. (hairong)
HADOOP-5603. Improve NameNode's block placement performance. (hairong)
HADOOP-5638. More improvement on block placement performance. (hairong)
HADOOP-6180. NameNode slowed down when many files with same filename
were moved to Trash. (Boris Shkolnik via hairong)
HADOOP-6166. Further improve the performance of the pure-Java CRC32
implementation. (Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via cdouglas)
HADOOP-6271. Add recursive and non recursive create and mkdir to
FileContext. (Sanjay Radia via suresh)
HADOOP-6261. Add URI based tests for FileContext.
(Ravi Pulari via suresh).
HADOOP-6307. Add a new SequenceFile.Reader constructor in order to support
reading on un-closed file. (szetszwo)
HADOOP-6467. Improve the performance on HarFileSystem.listStatus(..).
(mahadev via szetszwo)
HADOOP-6569. FsShell#cat should avoid calling unecessary getFileStatus
before opening a file to read. (hairong)
HADOOP-6689. Add directory renaming test to existing FileContext tests.
(Eli Collins via suresh)
HADOOP-6713. The RPC server Listener thread is a scalability bottleneck.
(Dmytro Molkov via hairong)
HADOOP-6748. Removes hadoop.cluster.administrators, cluster administrators
acl is passed as parameter in constructor. (amareshwari)
HADOOP-6828. Herrior uses old way of accessing logs directories (Sreekanth
Ramakrishnan via cos)
HADOOP-6788. [Herriot] Exception exclusion functionality is not working
correctly. (Vinay Thota via cos)
HADOOP-6773. Ivy folder contains redundant files (cos)
HADOOP-5379. CBZip2InputStream to throw IOException on data crc error.
(Rodrigo Schmidt via zshao)
HADOOP-5326. Fixes CBZip2OutputStream data corruption problem.
(Rodrigo Schmidt via zshao)
HADOOP-4963. Fixes a logging to do with getting the location of
map output file. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-2337. Trash should close FileSystem on exit and should not start
emtying thread if disabled. (shv)
HADOOP-5072. Fix failure in TestCodec because testSequenceFileGzipCodec
won't pass without native gzip codec. (Zheng Shao via dhruba)
HADOOP-5050. TestDFSShell.testFilePermissions should not assume umask
setting. (Jakob Homan via szetszwo)
HADOOP-4975. Set classloader for nested mapred.join configs. (Jingkei Ly
via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5078. Remove invalid AMI kernel in EC2 scripts. (tomwhite)
HADOOP-5045. FileSystem.isDirectory() should not be deprecated. (Suresh
Srinivas via szetszwo)
HADOOP-4960. Use datasource time, rather than system time, during metrics
demux. (Eric Yang via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5032. Export conf dir set in config script. (Eric Yang via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5176. Fix a typo in TestDFSIO. (Ravi Phulari via szetszwo)
HADOOP-4859. Distinguish daily rolling output dir by adding a timestamp.
(Jerome Boulon via cdouglas)
HADOOP-4959. Correct system metric collection from top on Redhat 5.1. (Eric
Yang via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5039. Fix log rolling regex to process only the relevant
subdirectories. (Jerome Boulon via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5095. Update Chukwa watchdog to accept config parameter. (Jerome
Boulon via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5147. Correct reference to agent list in Chukwa bin scripts. (Ari
Rabkin via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5148. Fix logic disabling watchdog timer in Chukwa daemon scripts.
(Ari Rabkin via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5100. Append, rather than truncate, when creating log4j metrics in
Chukwa. (Jerome Boulon via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5204. Fix broken trunk compilation on Hudson by letting
task-controller be an independent target in build.xml.
(Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
HADOOP-5212. Fix the path translation problem introduced by HADOOP-4868
running on cygwin. (Sharad Agarwal via omalley)
HADOOP-5226. Add license headers to html and jsp files. (szetszwo)
HADOOP-5172. Disable misbehaving Chukwa unit test until it can be fixed.
(Jerome Boulon via nigel)
HADOOP-4933. Fixes a ConcurrentModificationException problem that shows up
when the history viewer is accessed concurrently.
(Amar Kamat via ddas)
HADOOP-5253. Remove duplicate call to cn-docs target.
(Giri Kesavan via nigel)
HADOOP-5251. Fix classpath for contrib unit tests to include clover jar.
HADOOP-5206. Synchronize "unprotected*" methods of FSDirectory on the root.
(Jakob Homan via shv)
HADOOP-5292. Fix NPE in KFS::getBlockLocations. (Sriram Rao via lohit)
HADOOP-5219. Adds a new property io.seqfile.local.dir for use by
SequenceFile, which earlier used mapred.local.dir. (Sharad Agarwal
via ddas)
HADOOP-5300. Fix ant javadoc-dev target and the typo in the class name
NameNodeActivtyMBean. (szetszwo)
HADOOP-5218. libhdfs unit test failed because it was unable to
start namenode/datanode. Fixed. (dhruba)
HADOOP-5273. Add license header to (Jakob Homan
via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5229. Remove duplicate version variables in build files
(Stefan Groschupf via johan)
HADOOP-5383. Avoid building an unused string in NameNode's
verifyReplication(). (Raghu Angadi)
HADOOP-5347. Create a job output directory for the bbp examples. (szetszwo)
HADOOP-5341. Make hadoop-daemon scripts backwards compatible with the
changes in HADOOP-4868. (Sharad Agarwal via yhemanth)
HADOOP-5456. Fix javadoc links to ClientProtocol#restoreFailedStorage(..).
(Boris Shkolnik via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5458. Remove leftover Chukwa entries from build, etc. (cdouglas)
HADOOP-5386. Modify hdfsproxy unit test to start on a random port,
implement clover instrumentation. (Zhiyong Zhang via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5511. Add Apache License to EditLogBackupOutputStream. (shv)
HADOOP-5507. Fix JMXGet javadoc warnings. (Boris Shkolnik via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5191. Accessing HDFS with any ip or hostname should work as long
as it points to the interface NameNode is listening on. (Raghu Angadi)
HADOOP-5561. Add javadoc.maxmemory parameter to build, preventing OOM
exceptions from javadoc-dev. (Jakob Homan via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5149. Modify HistoryViewer to ignore unfamiliar files in the log
directory. (Hong Tang via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5477. Fix rare failure in TestCLI for hosts returning variations of
'localhost'. (Jakob Homan via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5194. Disables setsid for tasks run on cygwin.
(Ravi Gummadi via ddas)
HADOOP-5322. Fix misleading/outdated comments in JobInProgress.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5198. Fixes a problem to do with the task PID file being absent and
the JvmManager trying to look for it. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-5464. DFSClient did not treat write timeout of 0 properly.
(Raghu Angadi)
HADOOP-4045. Fix processing of IO errors in EditsLog.
(Boris Shkolnik via shv)
HADOOP-5462. Fixed a double free bug in the task-controller
executable. (Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
HADOOP-5652. Fix a bug where in-memory segments are incorrectly retained in
memory. (cdouglas)
HADOOP-5533. Recovery duration shown on the jobtracker webpage is
inaccurate. (Amar Kamat via sharad)
HADOOP-5647. Fix TestJobHistory to not depend on /tmp. (Ravi Gummadi
via sharad)
HADOOP-5661. Fixes some findbugs warnings in o.a.h.mapred* packages and
supresses a bunch of them. (Jothi Padmanabhan via ddas)
HADOOP-5704. Fix compilation problems in TestFairScheduler and
TestCapacityScheduler. (Chris Douglas via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5650. Fix safemode messages in the Namenode log. (Suresh Srinivas
via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5488. Removes the pidfile management for the Task JVM from the
framework and instead passes the PID back and forth between the
TaskTracker and the Task processes. (Ravi Gummadi via ddas)
HADOOP-5658. Fix Eclipse templates. (Philip Zeyliger via shv)
HADOOP-5709. Remove redundant synchronization added in HADOOP-5661. (Jothi
Padmanabhan via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5715. Add conf/mapred-queue-acls.xml to the ignore lists.
HADOOP-5592. Fix typo in Streaming doc in reference to GzipCodec.
(Corinne Chandel via tomwhite)
HADOOP-5656. Counter for S3N Read Bytes does not work. (Ian Nowland
via tomwhite)
HADOOP-5406. Fix JNI binding for ZlibCompressor::setDictionary. (Lars
Francke via cdouglas)
HADOOP-3426. Fix/provide handling when DNS lookup fails on the loopback
address. Also cache the result of the lookup. (Steve Loughran via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5476. Close the underlying InputStream in SequenceFile::Reader when
the constructor throws an exception. (Michael Tamm via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5675. Do not launch a job if DistCp has no work to do. (Tsz Wo
(Nicholas), SZE via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5737. Fixes a problem in the way the JobTracker used to talk to
other daemons like the NameNode to get the job's files. Also adds APIs
in the JobTracker to get the FileSystem objects as per the JobTracker's
configuration. (Amar Kamat via ddas)
HADOOP-5648. Not able to generate gridmix.jar on the already compiled
version of hadoop. (gkesavan)
HADOOP-5808. Fix import never used javac warnings in hdfs. (szetszwo)
HADOOP-5203. TT's version build is too restrictive. (Rick Cox via sharad)
HADOOP-5818. Revert the renaming from FSNamesystem.checkSuperuserPrivilege
to checkAccess by HADOOP-5643. (Amar Kamat via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5820. Fix findbugs warnings for http related codes in hdfs.
HADOOP-5822. Fix javac warnings in several dfs tests related to unncessary
casts. (Jakob Homan via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5842. Fix a few javac warnings under packages fs and util.
(Hairong Kuang via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5845. Build successful despite test failure on test-core target.
HADOOP-5314. Prevent unnecessary saving of the file system image during
name-node startup. (Jakob Homan via shv)
HADOOP-5855. Fix javac warnings for DisallowedDatanodeException and
UnsupportedActionException. (szetszwo)
HADOOP-5582. Fixes a problem in Hadoop Vaidya to do with reading
counters from job history files. (Suhas Gogate via ddas)
HADOOP-5829. Fix javac warnings found in ReplicationTargetChooser,
FSImage, Checkpointer, SecondaryNameNode and a few other hdfs classes.
(Suresh Srinivas via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5835. Fix findbugs warnings found in Block, DataNode, NameNode and
a few other hdfs classes. (Suresh Srinivas via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5853. Undeprecate HttpServer.addInternalServlet method. (Suresh
Srinivas via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5801. Fixes the problem: If the hosts file is changed across restart
then it should be refreshed upon recovery so that the excluded hosts are
lost and the maps are re-executed. (Amar Kamat via ddas)
HADOOP-5841. Resolve findbugs warnings in DistributedFileSystem,
DatanodeInfo, BlocksMap, DataNodeDescriptor. (Jakob Homan via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5878. Fix import and Serializable javac warnings found in hdfs jsp.
HADOOP-5782. Revert a few formatting changes introduced in HADOOP-5015.
(Suresh Srinivas via rangadi)
HADOOP-5687. NameNode throws NPE if is the default value.
(Philip Zeyliger via shv)
HADOOP-5867. Fix javac warnings found in NNBench and NNBenchWithoutMR.
(Konstantin Boudnik via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5728. Fixed FSEditLog.printStatistics IndexOutOfBoundsException.
(Wang Xu via johan)
HADOOP-5847. Fixed failing Streaming unit tests (gkesavan)
HADOOP-5252. Streaming overrides -inputformat option (Klaas Bosteels
via sharad)
HADOOP-5710. Counter MAP_INPUT_BYTES missing from new mapreduce api.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
HADOOP-5809. Fix job submission, broken by errant directory creation.
(Sreekanth Ramakrishnan and Jothi Padmanabhan via cdouglas)
HADOOP-5635. Change distributed cache to work with other distributed file
systems. (Andrew Hitchcock via tomwhite)
HADOOP-5856. Fix "unsafe multithreaded use of DateFormat" findbugs warning
in DataBlockScanner. (Kan Zhang via szetszwo)
HADOOP-4864. Fixes a problem to do with -libjars with multiple jars when
client and cluster reside on different OSs. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via
HADOOP-5623. Fixes a problem to do with status messages getting overwritten
in streaming jobs. (Rick Cox and Jothi Padmanabhan via ddas)
HADOOP-5895. Fixes computation of count of merged bytes for logging.
(Ravi Gummadi via ddas)
HADOOP-5805. problem using top level s3 buckets as input/output
directories. (Ian Nowland via tomwhite)
HADOOP-5940. trunk eclipse-plugin build fails while trying to copy
commons-cli jar from the lib dir (Giridharan Kesavan via gkesavan)
HADOOP-5864. Fix DMI and OBL findbugs in packages hdfs and metrics.
HADOOP-5935. Fix Hudson's release audit warnings link is broken.
(Giridharan Kesavan via gkesavan)
HADOOP-5947. Delete empty
HADOOP-5899. Move a log message in FSEditLog to the right place for
avoiding unnecessary log. (Suresh Srinivas via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5944. Add Apache license header to (Suresh
Srinivas via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5891. SecondaryNamenode is able to converse with the NameNode
even when the default value of dfs.http.address is not overridden.
(Todd Lipcon via dhruba)
HADOOP-5953. The isDirectory(..) and isFile(..) methods in KosmosFileSystem
should not be deprecated. (szetszwo)
HADOOP-5954. Fix javac warnings in TestFileCreation, TestSmallBlock,
TestFileStatus, TestDFSShellGenericOptions, TestSeekBug and
TestDFSStartupVersions. (szetszwo)
HADOOP-5956. Fix ivy dependency in hdfsproxy and capacity-scheduler.
(Giridharan Kesavan via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5836. Bug in S3N handling of directory markers using an object with
a trailing "/" causes jobs to fail. (Ian Nowland via tomwhite)
HADOOP-5861. s3n files are not getting split by default. (tomwhite)
HADOOP-5762. Fix a problem that DistCp does not copy empty directory.
(Rodrigo Schmidt via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5859. Fix "wait() or sleep() with locks held" findbugs warnings in
DFSClient. (Kan Zhang via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5457. Fix to continue to run builds even if contrib test fails
(Giridharan Kesavan via gkesavan)
HADOOP-5963. Remove an unnecessary exception catch in NNBench. (Boris
Shkolnik via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5989. Fix streaming test failure. (gkesavan)
HADOOP-5981. Fix a bug in HADOOP-2838 in parsing mapred.child.env.
(Amar Kamat via sharad)
HADOOP-5420. Fix LinuxTaskController to kill tasks using the process
groups they are launched with.
(Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
HADOOP-6031. Remove @author tags from Java source files. (Ravi Phulari
via szetszwo)
HADOOP-5980. Fix LinuxTaskController so tasks get passed
LD_LIBRARY_PATH and other environment variables.
(Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
HADOOP-4041. IsolationRunner does not work as documented.
(Philip Zeyliger via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6004. Fixes BlockLocation deserialization. (Jakob Homan via
HADOOP-6079. Serialize proxySource as DatanodeInfo in DataTransferProtocol.
HADOOP-6096. Fix Eclipse project and classpath files following project
split. (tomwhite)
HADOOP-6122. The great than operator in should be "-gt" but
not ">". (szetszwo)
HADOOP-6114. Fix javadoc documentation for FileStatus.getLen.
(Dmitry Rzhevskiy via dhruba)
HADOOP-6131. A sysproperty should not be set unless the property
is set on the ant command line in build.xml (hong tang via mahadev)
HADOOP-6137. Fix project specific test-patch requirements
(Giridharan Kesavan)
HADOOP-6138. Eliminate the deprecated warnings introduced by H-5438.
(He Yongqiang via szetszwo)
HADOOP-6132. RPC client create an extra connection because of incorrect
key for connection cache. (Kan Zhang via rangadi)
HADOOP-6123. Add missing classpaths in (Sharad Agarwal
via szetszwo)
HADOOP-6172. Fix jar file names in and include
${build.src} as a part of the source list in build.xml. (Hong Tang via
HADOOP-6124. Fix javac warning detection in (Giridharan
Kesavan via szetszwo)
HADOOP-6177. FSInputChecker.getPos() would return position greater
than the file size. (Hong Tang via hairong)
HADOOP-6188. TestTrash uses api but not hadoop FileSystem api.
(Boris Shkolnik via szetszwo)
HADOOP-6192. Fix Shell.getUlimitMemoryCommand to not rely on Map-Reduce
specific configs. (acmurthy)
HADOOP-6103. Clones the classloader as part of Configuration clone.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
HADOOP-6152. Fix classpath variables in bin/ and some
other scripts. (Aaron Kimball via szetszwo)
HADOOP-6215. fix GenericOptionParser to deal with -D with '=' in the
value. (Amar Kamat via sharad)
HADOOP-6227. Fix Configuration to allow final parameters to be set to null
and prevent them from being overridden.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via yhemanth)
HADOOP-6199. Move property to core-default from mapred.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via cdouglas)
HADOOP-6229. Attempt to make a directory under an existing file on
LocalFileSystem should throw an Exception. (Boris Shkolnik via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6243. Fix a NullPointerException in processing deprecated keys.
(Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
HADOOP-6009. S3N listStatus incorrectly returns null instead of empty
array when called on empty root. (Ian Nowland via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6181. Fix .eclipse.templates/.classpath for avro and jets3t jar
files. (Carlos Valiente via szetszwo)
HADOOP-6196. Fix a bug in SequenceFile.Reader where syncing within the
header would cause the reader to read the sync marker as a record. (Jay
Booth via cdouglas)
HADOOP-6250. Modify test-patch to delete copied XML files before running
patch build. (Rahul Kumar Singh via yhemanth)
HADOOP-6257. Two TestFileSystem classes are confusing
hadoop-hdfs-hdfwithmr. (Philip Zeyliger via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6151. Added a input filter to all of the http servlets that quotes
html characters in the parameters, to prevent cross site scripting
attacks. (omalley)
HADOOP-6274. Fix TestLocalFSFileContextMainOperations test failure.
(Gary Murry via suresh).
HADOOP-6281. Avoid null pointer exceptions when the jsps don't have
paramaters (omalley)
HADOOP-6285. Fix the result type of the getParameterMap method in the
HttpServer.QuotingInputFilter. (omalley)
HADOOP-6286. Fix bugs in related to URI handling in glob methods in
FileContext. (Boris Shkolnik via suresh)
HADOOP-6292. Update native libraries guide. (Corinne Chandel via cdouglas)
HADOOP-6327. FileContext tests should not use /tmp and should clean up
files. (Sanjay Radia via szetszwo)
HADOOP-6318. Upgrade to Avro 1.2.0. (cutting)
HADOOP-6334. Fix GenericOptionsParser to understand URI for -files,
-libjars and -archives options and fix Path to support URI with fragment.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via szetszwo)
HADOOP-6344. Fix rm and rmr immediately delete files rather than sending
to trash, if a user is over-quota. (Jakob Homan via suresh)
HADOOP-6347. run-test-core-fault-inject runs a test case twice if
-Dtestcase is set (cos)
HADOOP-6375. Sync documentation for FsShell du with its implementation.
(Todd Lipcon via cdouglas)
HADOOP-6441. Protect web ui from cross site scripting attacks (XSS) on
the host http header and using encoded utf-7. (omalley)
HADOOP-6451. Fix build to run contrib unit tests. (Tom White via cdouglas)
HADOOP-6374. JUnit tests should never depend on anything in conf.
(Anatoli Fomenko via cos)
HADOOP-6290. Prevent duplicate slf4j-simple jar via Avro's classpath.
(Owen O'Malley via cdouglas)
HADOOP-6293. Fix FsShell -text to work on filesystems other than the
default. (cdouglas)
HADOOP-6341. Fix for checkTests function. (gkesavan)
HADOOP-6314. Fix "fs -help" for the "-count" commond. (Ravi Phulari via
HADOOP-6405. Update Eclipse configuration to match changes to Ivy
configuration (Edwin Chan via cos)
HADOOP-6411. Remove deprecated file src/test/hadoop-site.xml. (cos)
HADOOP-6386. NameNode's HttpServer can't instantiate InetSocketAddress:
IllegalArgumentException is thrown (cos)
HADOOP-6254. Slow reads cause s3n to fail with SocketTimeoutException.
(Andrew Hitchcock via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6428. HttpServer sleeps with negative values. (cos)
HADOOP-6414. Add command line help for -expunge command.
(Ravi Phulari via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6391. Classpath should not be part of command line arguments.
(Cristian Ivascu via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6462. Target "compile" does not exist in contrib/cloud. (tomwhite)
HADOOP-6402. testConf.xsl is not well-formed XML. (Steve Loughran
via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6489. Fix 3 findbugs warnings. (Erik Steffl via suresh)
HADOOP-6517. Fix UserGroupInformation so that tokens are saved/retrieved
to/from the embedded Subject (Owen O'Malley & Kan Zhang via ddas)
HADOOP-6538. Sets to simple by default.