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<h1>A client for the Kosmos filesystem (KFS)</h1>
This pages describes how to use Kosmos Filesystem
(<a href=""> KFS </a>) as a backing
store with Hadoop. This page assumes that you have downloaded the
KFS software and installed necessary binaries as outlined in the KFS
<li>In the Hadoop conf directory edit core-site.xml,
add the following:
&lt;description&gt;The FileSystem for kfs: uris.&lt;/description&gt;
<li>In the Hadoop conf directory edit core-site.xml,
adding the following (with appropriate values for
&lt;server&gt; and &lt;port&gt;):
&lt;description&gt;The location of the KFS meta server.&lt;/description&gt;
&lt;description&gt;The location of the meta server's port.&lt;/description&gt;
<li>Copy KFS's <i> kfs-0.1.jar </i> to Hadoop's lib directory. This step
enables Hadoop's to load the KFS specific modules. Note
that, kfs-0.1.jar was built when you compiled KFS source
code. This jar file contains code that calls KFS's client
library code via JNI; the native code is in KFS's <i> </i> library.
<li> When the Hadoop map/reduce trackers start up, those
processes (on local as well as remote nodes) will now need to load
KFS's <i> </i> library. To simplify this process, it is advisable to
store in an NFS accessible directory (similar to where
Hadoop binaries/scripts are stored); then, modify Hadoop's
conf/ adding the following line and providing suitable
value for &lt;path&gt;:
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=&lt;path&gt;
<li>Start only the map/reduce trackers
<br />
example: execute Hadoop's bin/</li>
If the map/reduce job trackers start up, all file-I/O is done to KFS.