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Hadoop YARN Change Log
Release 0.23.11 - UNRELEASED
YARN-1053. Diagnostic message from ContainerExitEvent is ignored in
ContainerImpl (Omkar Vinit Joshi via jlowe)
YARN-1145. Fixed a potential file-handle leak in the web interface for
displaying aggregated logs. (Rohith Sharma via jlowe)
YARN-1180. Update capacity scheduler docs to include types on the configs
(Chen He via jeagles)
YARN-1592. CapacityScheduler tries to reserve more than a node's total
memory on branch-0.23 (Omkar Vinit Joshi and Thomas Graves via jlowe)
YARN-1575. Public localizer crashes with "Localized unkown resource"
YARN-500. Fixed YARN webapps to not roll-over ports when explicitly asked
to use non-ephemeral ports. (Kenji Kikushima via vinodkv)
YARN-1670. aggregated log writer can write more log data then it says is
the log length (Mit Desai via jeagles)
YARN-1932. Javascript injection on the job status page (Mit Desai via
YARN-853. maximum-am-resource-percent doesn't work after refreshQueues
command (Devaraj K via jlowe)
Release 0.23.10 - 2013-12-09
YARN-985. Nodemanager should log where a resource was localized (Ravi
Prakash via jeagles)
YARN-707. Add user info in the YARN ClientToken (jlowe)
YARN-1119. Add ClusterMetrics checks to tho TestRMNodeTransitions tests
(Mit Desai via jeagles)
YARN-949. Failed log aggregation can leave a file open. (Kihwal Lee via
YARN-1036. Distributed Cache gives inconsistent result if cache files get
deleted from task tracker (Mayank Bansal and Ravi Prakash via jlowe)
YARN-543. Shared data structures in Public Localizer and Private
Localizer are not Thread safe. (Omkar Vinit Joshi and Mit Desai via jlowe)
YARN-337. RM handles killed application tracking URL poorly (jlowe)
YARN-1101. Active nodes can be decremented below 0 (Robert Parker
via tgraves)
YARN-1176. RM web services ClusterMetricsInfo total nodes doesn't include
unhealthy nodes (Jonathan Eagles via tgraves)
YARN-1243. ResourceManager: Error in handling event type NODE_UPDATE to the
scheduler - NPE at (Jason Lowe via jeagles)
YARN-155. TestAppManager intermittently fails with jdk7 (Thomas Graves via
YARN-1031. JQuery UI components reference external css in branch-23
(Jonathan Eagles and Jason Lowe via jlowe)
YARN-1386. NodeManager mistakenly loses resources and relocalizes them
(Jason Lowe via jeagles)
YARN-1419. TestFifoScheduler.testAppAttemptMetrics fails intermittently
under jdk7 (Jonathan Eagles via jlowe)
Release 0.23.9 - 2013-07-08
YARN-427. Coverage fix for org.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.api.* (Aleksey
Gorshkov via jeagles)
YARN-478. fix coverage org.apache.hadoop.yarn.webapp.log (Aleksey Gorshkov
via jeagles)
YARN-742. Log aggregation causes a lot of redundant setPermission calls.
(jlowe via kihwal)
Release 0.23.8 - 2013-06-05
YARN-548. Add tests for YarnUncaughtExceptionHandler (Vadim Bondarev via
YARN-169. Update log4j.appender.EventCounter to use
org.apache.hadoop.log.metrics.EventCounter (Anthony Rojas via jeagles)
YARN-476. ProcfsBasedProcessTree info message confuses users.
(sandyr via tucu)
YARN-71. Fix the NodeManager to clean up local-dirs on restart.
(Xuan Gong via sseth)
YARN-363. Add webapps/proxy directory without which YARN proxy-server fails
when started in stand-alone mode. (Kenji Kikushima via vinodkv)
YARN-690. RM exits on token cancel/renew problems (daryn via bobby)
Release 0.23.7 - 2013-04-18
YARN-133 Update web services docs for RM clusterMetrics (Ravi Prakash via
YARN-286. Add a YARN ApplicationClassLoader. (tomwhite)
YARN-249. Capacity Scheduler web page should show list of active users per
queue like it used to (in 1.x) (Ravi Prakash via tgraves)
YARN-236. RM should point tracking URL to RM web page when app fails to
start (Jason Lowe via jeagles)
YARN-269. Resource Manager not logging the health_check_script result when
taking it out (Jason Lowe via kihwal)
YARN-227. Application expiration difficult to debug for end-users
(Jason Lowe via jeagles)
YARN-410. Fixed RM UI so that the new lines diagnostics for a failed app on
the per-application page are translated to html line breaks. (Omkar Vinit
Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-443. allow OS scheduling priority of NM to be different than the
containers it launches (tgraves)
YARN-468. coverage fix for org.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.webproxy.amfilter
(Aleksey Gorshkov via bobby)
YARN-200. yarn log does not output all needed information, and is in a
binary format (Ravi Prakash via jlowe)
YARN-525. make CS node-locality-delay refreshable (Thomas Graves via jlowe)
YARN-357. App submission should not be synchronized (daryn)
YARN-343. Capacity Scheduler maximum-capacity value -1 is invalid (Xuan
Gong via tgraves)
YARN-364. AggregatedLogDeletionService can take too long to delete logs
YARN-29. Add a yarn-client module (Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via tgraves)
YARN-83. Change package of YarnClient to include apache (Bikas Saha via
YARN-40. Provide support for missing yarn commands (Devaraj K via tgraves)
YARN-355. Fixes a bug where RM app submission could jam under load.
(Daryn Sharp via sseth)
YARN-150. AppRejectedTransition does not unregister app from master service
and scheduler (Bikas Shah via tgraves)
YARN-362. Unexpected extra results when using webUI table search (Ravi
Prakash via jlowe)
YARN-400. RM can return null application resource usage report leading to
NPE in client (Jason Lowe via tgraves)
YARN-426. Failure to download a public resource prevents further downloads
(Jason Lowe via bobby)
YARN-376. Fixes a bug which would prevent the NM knowing about completed
containers and applications. (Jason Lowe via sseth)
YARN-448. Remove unnecessary hflush from log aggregation (Kihwal Lee via
YARN-345. Many InvalidStateTransitonException errors for ApplicationImpl
in Node Manager (Robert Parker via jlowe)
YARN-109. .tmp file is not deleted for localized archives (Mayank Bansal
via bobby)
YARN-460. CS user left in list of active users for the queue even when
application finished (tgraves)
Release 0.23.6 - 2013-02-06
YARN-285. Added a temporary plugin interface for RM to be able to redirect to
JobHistory server for apps that it no longer tracks. Contributed by
Derek Dagit.
YARN-204. test coverage for (Aleksey Gorshkov via
YARN-251. Proxy URI generation fails for blank tracking URIs (Tom White
via jlowe)
YARN-72. NM should handle cleaning up containers when it shuts down.
(Sandy Ryza via tomwhite)
YARN-258. RM web page UI shows Invalid Date for start and finish times
(Ravi Prakash via jlowe)
YARN-266. RM and JHS Web UIs are blank because AppsBlock is not escaping
string properly (Ravi Prakash via jlowe)
YARN-223. Change processTree interface to work better with native code
(Radim Kolar via tgraves)
YARN-280. RM does not reject app submission with invalid tokens
(Daryn Sharp via tgraves)
YARN-225. Proxy Link in RM UI thows NPE in Secure mode
(Devaraj K via bobby)
YARN-293. Node Manager leaks LocalizerRunner object for every Container
(Robert Joseph Evans via jlowe)
YARN-50. Implement renewal / cancellation of Delegation Tokens
(Siddharth Seth via tgraves)
YARN-320. RM should always be able to renew its own tokens.
(Daryn Sharp via sseth)
YARN-325. RM CapacityScheduler can deadlock when getQueueInfo() is
called and a container is completing (Arun C Murthy via tgraves)
YARN-334. Maven RAT plugin is not checking all source files (tgraves)
YARN-170. NodeManager stop() gets called twice on shutdown (Sandy Ryza
via tgraves)
YARN-354. WebAppProxyServer exits immediately after startup (Liang Xie via
Release 0.23.5 - 2012-11-28
YARN-138. Ensure default values for minimum/maximum container sizes is
sane. (harsh & sseth via acmurthy)
YARN-137. Change the default YARN scheduler to be the CapacityScheduler.
(sseth via acmurthy)
YARN-116. Add the ability to change the RM include/exclude file without
a restart. (xieguiming and Harsh J via sseth)
YARN-28. Fixed TestCompositeService to not depend on test-order and thus
made it pass on JDK7 (Thomas Graves via vinodkv).
YARN-161. Fix multiple compiler warnings for unchecked operations in YARN
common. (Chris Nauroth via vinodkv)
YARN-43. Fix TestResourceTrackerService to not depend on test order and thus
pass on JDK7. (Thomas Graves via vinodkv)
YARN-32. Fix TestApplicationTokens to not depend on test order and thus pass
on JDK7. (vinodkv)
YARN-186. Coverage fixing LinuxContainerExecutor (Aleksey Gorshkov via
YARN-216. Remove jquery theming support. (Robert Joseph Evans via jlowe)
YARN-80. Add support for delaying rack-local containers in
CapacityScheduler. (acmurthy)
YARN-131. Fix incorrect ACL properties in capacity scheduler documentation.
(Ahmed Radwan via sseth)
YARN-163. Retrieving container log via NM webapp can hang with multibyte
characters in log (jlowe via bobby)
YARN-102. Move the apache header to the top of the file in
(Devaraj K via sseth)
YARN-174. Modify NodeManager to pass the user's configuration even when
rebooting. (vinodkv)
YARN-177. CapacityScheduler - adding a queue while the RM is running has
wacky results (acmurthy vai tgraves)
YARN-178. Fix custom ProcessTree instance creation (Radim Kolar via bobby)
YARN-180. Capacity scheduler - containers that get reserved create container
token to early (acmurthy and bobby)
YARN-139. Interrupted Exception within AsyncDispatcher leads to user
confusion. (Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via jlowe)
YARN-165. RM should point tracking URL to RM web page for app when AM fails
(jlowe via bobby)
YARN-159. RM web ui applications page should be sorted to display last app
first (tgraves via bobby)
YARN-166. capacity scheduler doesn't allow capacity < 1.0 (tgraves via
YARN-189. Fixed a deadlock between RM's ApplicationMasterService and the
dispatcher. (Thomas Graves via vinodkv)
YARN-202. Log Aggregation generates a storm of fsync() for namenode
(Kihwal Lee via bobby)
YARN-201. Fix CapacityScheduler to be less conservative for starved
off-switch requests. (jlowe via acmurthy)
YARN-206. TestApplicationCleanup.testContainerCleanup occasionally fails
(jlowe via bobby)
YARN-212. NM state machine ignores an APPLICATION_CONTAINER_FINISHED event
when it shouldn't (Nathan Roberts via jlowe)
YARN-144. MiniMRYarnCluster launches RM and JHS on default ports (Robert
Parker via jlowe)
YARN-219. NM should aggregate logs when application finishes. (bobby)
YARN-188. Coverage fixing for CapacityScheduler (Aleksey Gorshkov via
YARN-214. RMContainerImpl does not handle event EXPIRE at state RUNNING
(jeagles via bobby)
YARN-151. Browser thinks RM main page JS is taking too long
(Ravi Prakash via bobby)
Release 0.23.4
YARN-108. FSDownload can create cache directories with the wrong
permissions (Jason Lowe via bobby)
YARN-88. DefaultContainerExecutor can fail to set proper permissions.
(Jason Lowe via sseth)
YARN-42. Modify NM's non-aggregating logs' handler to stop properly so that
NMs don't get NPEs on startup errors. (Devaraj K via vinodkv)
YARN-75. Modified ResourceManager's RMContainer to handle a valid RELEASE
event at RUNNING state. (Siddharth Seth via vinodkv)
YARN-57. Allow process-tree based resource calculation et al. to be
pluggable to support it on multiple platforms. (Radim Kolar via acmurthy)
YARN-93. Diagnostics missing from applications that have finished but
failed (jlowe via bobby)
YARN-106. Nodemanager needs to set permissions of local directories (jlowe
via bobby)
Release 0.23.3
YARN-1. Promote YARN to be a sub-project of Apache Hadoop. (acmurthy)
YARN-14. Symlinks to peer distributed cache files no longer work
(Jason Lowe via bobby)
YARN-25. remove old aggregated logs (Robert Evans via tgraves)
YARN-27. Failed refreshQueues due to misconfiguration prevents further
refreshing of queues (Arun Murthy via tgraves)
MAPREDUCE-4323. NM leaks filesystems (Jason Lowe via jeagles)
MAPREDUCE-2374. "Text File Busy" errors launching MR tasks. (Andy Isaacson
via atm)
YARN-39. RM-NM secret-keys should be randomly generated and rolled every
so often. (vinodkv and sseth via sseth)
YARN-31. Fix TestDelegationTokenRenewer to not depend on test order so as to
pass tests on jdk7. (Thomas Graves via vinodkv)
YARN-63. RMNodeImpl is missing valid transitions from the UNHEALTHY state
(Jason Lowe via bobby)
YARN-66. aggregated logs permissions not set properly (tgraves via bobby)
YARN-60. Fixed a bug in ResourceManager which causes all NMs to get NPEs and
thus causes all containers to be rejected. (vinodkv)
YARN-68. NodeManager will refuse to shutdown indefinitely due to container
log aggregation (daryn via bobby)
YARN-87. NM ResourceLocalizationService does not set permissions of local
cache directories (Jason Lowe via tgraves)