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Hadoop MapReduce Change Log
Trunk (unreleased changes)
MAPREDUCE-2172. Added required by (nigel)
MAPREDUCE-2156. Raid-aware FSCK. (Patrick Kling via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-2215. A more elegant FileSystem#listCorruptFileBlocks API
(RAID changes) (Patrick Kling via hairong)
MAPREDUCE-1831. BlockPlacement policy for HDFS-RAID.
(Scott Chen via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1906. Lower minimum heartbeat interval for TaskTracker
(Scott Carey and Todd Lipcon via todd)
MAPREDUCE-1382. MRAsyncDiscService should tolerate missing local.dir.
(Zheng Shao and tomwhite via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-2263. MapReduce side of HADOOP-6904: RPC compatibility.
MAPREDUCE-1706. Log RAID recoveries on HDFS. (schen)
MAPREDUCE-2334. Update BlockPlacementPolicyRaid for the new method
in BlockPlacementPolicy. (szetszwo)
MAPREDUCE-2254. Allow setting of end-of-record delimiter for
TextInputFormat (Ahmed Radwan via todd)
MAPREDUCE-1927. Unit test for HADOOP-6835 (concatenated gzip support).
(Greg Roelofs via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-2206. The task-cleanup tasks should be optional. (schen)
MAPREDUCE-2225. MultipleOutputs should not require the use of 'Writable'.
(Harsh J Chouraria via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1811. Job.monitorAndPrintJob() should print status of the job
at completion. (Harsh J Chouraria via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-993. bin/hadoop job -events <jobid> <from-event-#> <#-of-events>
help message is confusing. (Harsh J Chouraria via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-2302. Add static factory methods in GaloisField. (schen)
MAPREDUCE-2351. mapred.job.tracker.history.completed.location should
support an arbitrary filesystem URI. (tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-2239. BlockPlacementPolicyRaid should call getBlockLocations
only when necessary. (schen)
MAPREDUCE-2331. Add coverage of task graph servlet to fair scheduler system
test. (todd)
MAPREDUCE-2367. Allow using a file to exclude certain tests from build.
MAPREDUCE-2026. Make JobTracker.getJobCounters() and
JobInProgress.getCounters() aquire locks in a shorter time period.
(Joydeep Sen Sarma via schen)
MAPREDUCE-2307. Exception thrown in Jobtracker logs, when the Scheduler
configured is FairScheduler. (Devaraj K via matei)
MAPREDUCE-2199. build is broken 0.22 branch creation. (cos)
MAPREDUCE-1752. Implement getFileBlockLocations in HarFilesystem.
(Patrick Kling via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-2155. RaidNode should optionally use the mapreduce jobs to
fix missing blocks. (Patrick Kling via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1334. Fix TestIndexUpdater by ignoring _SUCCESS file in HDFS.
(Kay Kay via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-2232. Add missing methods to TestMapredGroupMappingServiceRefresh.
(Todd Lipcon via eli)
MAPREDUCE-2271. Fix TestSetupTaskScheduling failure on trunk.
(Liyin Liang via todd)
MAPREDUCE-2290. Fix compilation error in TestTaskCommit. (eli)
MAPREDUCE-2294. Fix compilation error in mumak. (todd)
MAPREDUCE-2300. Fix TestUmbilicalProtocolWithJobToken on trunk after
HADOOP-6904. (todd)
MAPREDUCE-2296. Fix references to misspelled method name
getProtocolSigature (todd)
MAPREDUCE-2311. Fix TestFairScheduler failure (schen)
MAPREDUCE-1996. API: Reducer.reduce() method detail misstatement.
(Harsh J Chouraria via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-2203. Wrong javadoc for TaskRunner's appendJobJarClasspaths
method. (Jingguo Yao via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-2074. Task should fail when symlink creation fails.
(Priyo Mustafi via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1242. Chain APIs error misleading.
(Harsh J Chouraria via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-2379. Adds missing DistributedCache configurations in
mapred-default.xml (Todd Lipcon via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-2348. Disable mumak tests on trunk since they currently time out
MAPREDUCE-2395. TestBlockFixer timing out on trunk. (Ramkumar Vadali via
MAPREDUCE-2426. Make TestFairSchedulerSystem fail with more verbose output
Release 0.22.0 - Unreleased
MAPREDUCE-1866. Removes deprecated class
org.apache.hadoop.streaming.UTF8ByteArrayUtils. (amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-1664. Changes the behaviour of the combination of job-acls
when they function together with queue-acls. (Ravi Gummadi via vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-1804. Stress-test tool for HDFS introduced in HDFS-708.
(Joshua Harlow via shv)
MAPREDUCE-220. Collect cpu and memory statistics per task. (Scott Chen via
MAPREDUCE-1970. Reed-Solomon code implementation for HDFS RAID.
(Scott Chen via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-2169. Integrated Reed-Solomon code with RaidNode. (Ramkumar
Vadali via schen)
MAPREDUCE-2141. Add an "extra data" field to Task for use by Mesos. (matei)
MAPREDUCE-2140. Regenerate fair scheduler design doc PDF. (matei)
MAPREDUCE-1546. Redirect all job pages to corresponding history page
if job is not in JT memory. (Scott Chen via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-1092. Enable assertions for unit tests. (Eli Collins via
MAPREDUCE-1680. Add a metric recording JobTracker heartbeats processed.
(Dick King via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1761. FairScheduler allows separate configuration of node
and rack locality wait time (Scott Chen via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1539. authorization checks for inter-server protocol
(based on HADOOP-6600) (Boris Shkolnik via shv)
MAPREDUCE-1798. Names the configuration keys for the Kerberos
principals better. (Boris Shkolnik via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1773. streaming doesn't support jobclient.output.filter.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-1785. Add streaming config option for not emitting the key.
(Eli Collins via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-572. If #link is missing from uri format of -cacheArchive
then streaming does not throw error. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via
MAPREDUCE-1545. Add timestamps for first task type launched in job summary.
(Luke Lu via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1543. Add an audit log for authentication events. (Amar Kamat and
Luke Lu via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1762. Add ability to set values of task counters. (Scott Chen via
MAPREDUCE-1533. Reduce overhead of logging and string manipulation during
heartbeat processing. (Amar Kamat and Dick King via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1516. JobTracker issues delegation tokens only if the user's
authentication is Kerberos. (Jitendra Pandey via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-647. Update distcp forrest documentation to reflect the changes
of HADOOP-5472, MAPREDUCE-642 and HADOOP-5620. (Rodrigo Schmidt via
MAPREDUCE-1851. Documents configuration parameters in streaming.
MAPREDUCE-1868. Add a read and connection timeout to JobClient while
pulling tasklogs. (Krishna Ramachandran via acmurthy)
MAPREDUCE-1788. Ensure failure to setup CompletedJobStatusStore is not
silently ignored by the JobTracker. (Krishna Ramachandran via acmurthy)
MAPREDUCE-1850. Includes job submit host information (name and ip) in
jobconf and jobdetails display (Krishna Ramachandran via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-1893. Slive with multiple reducers. (shv)
MAPREDUCE-1248. Fixes redudant memory copying in StreamKeyValUtil.
(Ruibang He via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-1840. Enhancements to Gridmix benchmark simulating user
diversity, queue replay, and task duration for JobTracker load testing.
Also includes compatibility with security enhancements, and scalability
improvements. (Amar Kamat, Rahul Singh, Hong Tang, and cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1848. Put number of speculative, data local, rack local
tasks in JobTracker metrics. (Scott Chen via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1935. Makes the Distcp to work in a secure environment.
(Boris Shkolnik via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1945. The MapReduce component for HADOOP-6632.
(Kan Zhang & Jitendra Pandey via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1936. Modify Gridmix3 to support more tunable parameters for
stress submission and sleep jobs. (Hong Tang via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1733. Makes pipes applications secure. (Jitendra Pandey via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1566. Adds a configuration attribute using which job clients can
specify a credentials file. The tokens from there will be passed to the job.
(Jitendra Pandey and Owen O'Malley via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1624. Documents the job credentials and associated details to do
with delegation tokens (on the client side).
(Jitendra Pandey and Devaraj Das via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1834. TestSimulatorDeterministicReplay timesout on trunk.
(Hong Tang via mahadev)
MAPREDUCE-1993. Fixes test failure
TestTrackerDistributedCacheManagerWithLinuxTaskController. (Devaraj Das
via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-1523. Making Mumak work with Capacity-Scheduler (Anirban Das
via mahadev)
MAPREDUCE-1920. Enables completed jobstatus store by default. (Tom White
via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-1881. Improve TaskTrackerInstrumentation to enable collection of
advanced metrics. (Matei Zaharia via acmurthy)
MAPREDUCE-1548. Hadoop archives preserve times and other properties from
original files. (Rodrigo Schmidt via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1517. Supports streaming job to run in the background. (Bochun Bai
via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-1819. RaidNode is now smarter in submitting Raid jobs. (Ramkumar
Vadali via schen)
MAPREDUCE-2132. A command line option in RaidShell to fix blocks using raid
MAPREDUCE-2147. Remove redundant lines in JobInProgress ctor.
(Harsh J Chouraria via cutting)
HADOOP-7007. Update the hudson-test-patch ant target to work with the
latest script (gkesavan)
MAPREDUCE-1818. RaidNode can specify scheduling parameters. (Ramkumar
Vadali via schen)
MAPREDUCE-2051. Contribute a fair scheduler preemption system test.
(Todd Lipcon via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1892. RaidNode can allow layered policies more efficiently.
(Ramkumar Vadali via schen)
MAPREDUCE-1592. Generate Eclipse's .classpath file from Ivy config.
(tomwhite via nigel)
MAPREDUCE-2073. TestTrackerDistributedCacheManager should be up-front
about requirements on build environment. (Todd Lipcon via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-2093. Herriot JT and TT clients should vend statistics. (cos)
MAPREDUCE-2167. Faster directory traversal for raid node. (Ramkumar Vadali
via schen)
MAPREDUCE-1931. Gridmix forrest documentation . (Ranjit Mathew via vinodkv).
MAPREDUCE-2184. Port to new mapreduce API. (Ramkumar Vadali
via schen)
MAPREDUCE-1878. Add MRUnit documentation. (Aaron Kimball via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-2180. Add coverage of fair scheduler servlet to system test (todd)
MAPREDUCE-2250. Fix logging in raid code. (Ramkumar Vadali via schen)
MAPREDUCE-2260. Remove auto-generated native build files. (rvs via eli)
MAPREDUCE-2314. configure files that are generated as part of the released
tarball need to have executable bit set (rvs via cos)
MAPREDUCE-1159. Limit Job name in web UI to be 80 char long. (Harsh J
Chouraria via szetszwo)
MAPREDUCE-2337. Remove dependence of public MapReduce API on classes in
server package. (tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1354. Enhancements to JobTracker for better performance and
scalability. (Arun C. Murthy & Richard King via acmurthy)
MAPREDUCE-1829. JobInProgress.findSpeculativeTask should use min() to
find the candidate instead of sort(). (Scott Chen via vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-1845. FairScheduler.tasksToPreempt() can return negative number.
(Scott Chen via matei)
MAPREDUCE-1707. TaskRunner can get NPE in getting ugi from TaskTracker.
(Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli)
MAPREDUCE-1532. Ensures that delegation tokens is obtained as the
actual user when the proxy-user is used for submitting jobs. Also
refactors the DelegationTokenToRenew class. (ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1558. Fixes MRAdmin to look up the principal of the
JobTracker and use that in the RefreshUserToGroupsMapping protocol and
RefreshAuthorizationPolicyProtocol. (Boris Shkolnik via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1662. Remove unused methods from TaskRunner. (Amareshwari
Sriramadasu via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1617. Use IPv4 stack for unit tests. (Amar Kamat and Luke Lu via
MAPREDUCE-1599. Fixes MRBench so that it reuses tokens across jobs
correctly. (Jitendra Nath Pandey via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1836. Refresh for proxy superuser config (mr part for HDFS-1096).
(Boris Shkolnik via shv)
MAPREDUCE-1505. Create RPC client on job submission, not in cstr of Job
instance. (Dick King via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1813. NPE in PipeMapred.MRErrorThread. (Ravi Gummadi via vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-1225. Fixes DistributedCache to check if the file is fresh or not,
for the first localization also. (Zhong Wang via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-1559. Fixes the token renewer to use the JobTracker's
credentials for talking to the NameNode. (ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1492. Delete obsolete har files used on the parity files
of hdfs raid. (Rodrigo Schmidt via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1857. Removes unused configuration parameters in streaming.
MAPREDUCE-1887. MRAsyncDiskService now properly absolutizes volume root
paths. (Aaron Kimball via zshao)
MAPREDUCE-1863. Fix NPE in Rumen when processing null CDF for failed task
attempts. (Amar Kamat via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1864. Removes uninitialized/unused variables in
org.apache.hadoop.streaming.PipeMapRed. (amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-1888. Fixes Streaming to override output key and value types,
only if mapper/reducer is a command. (Ravi Gummadi via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-577. Fixes duplicate records in StreamXmlRecordReader.
(Ravi Gummadi via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-1894. Fixed a bug in DistributedRaidFileSystem.readFully()
that was causing it to loop infinitely. (Ramkumar Vadali via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1838. Reduce the time needed for raiding a bunch of files
by randomly assigning files to map tasks. (Ramkumar Vadali via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1820. Fix InputSampler to clone sampled keys. (Alex Kozlov via
MAPREDUCE-1528. Incorporates the changes to the credentials API done in
HADOOP-6845. Also, introduces Credentials in JobConf, and in JobContext.
(Jitendra Pandey and Arun Murthy via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1865. Rumen should also support jobhistory files generated using
trunk. (Amar Kamat via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-1621. Fixes NPE in TextOutputReader.getLastOutput if it has never
read any output. (amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-1911. Fixes errors in -info message in streaming. (amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-1772. Corrects errors in streaming documentation in forrest.
MAPREDUCE-1925. Fix failing TestRumenJobTraces. (Ravi Gummadi via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1718. Fixes a bug in the construction of jobconf key for the
mapping that the tasks use at runtime for looking up delegation tokens.
(Boris Shkolnik via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1701. Fixes a problem to do with exception handling in
delegation-token renewals. (Boris Shkolnik via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1686. Fixes StreamUtil.goodClassOrNull to find classes without
package names. (Paul Burkhardt via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-1288. Fixes TrackerDistributedCacheManager to take into account
the owner of the localized file in the mapping from cache URIs to
CacheStatus objects. (ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1982. Fixes Rumen's TraceBuilder to extract job name from either
of configuration properties "" and "".
(Ravi Gummadi via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-1958. The MapReduce part corresponding to the HADOOP-6873.
(Boris Shkolnik & Owen O'Malley via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1900. TaskTracker and JobTracker closes FileSystems, opened on
behalf of users that it no longer requires. (Kan Zhang and ddas via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1992. Fixes a problem to do with bringing up the JobTracker in
unsecure mode. (Kan Zhang via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1999. Fixes ClientProtocol to use the correct
DelegationTokenSelector. (Jitendra Pandey via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1780. AccessControlList.toString() is used for serialization of
ACL in (Ravi Gummadi via vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-1961. Fix ConcurrentModificationException in Gridmix during
shutdown. (Hong Tang via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-2000. Fix parsing of JobHistory lines in Rumen when quotes are
escaped. (Hong Tang via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-2022. Fixes compilation errors in TestSubmitJob. (amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-1670. RAID policies should not scan their own destination path.
(Ramkumar Vadali via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1668. RaidNode Hars a directory only if all its parity files
have been created. (Ramkumar Vadali via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-2021. Fixes duplicate hostnames in CombineFileInputFormat's
split locations. (amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-1375. Fixes flaky test TestFileArgs. (Todd Lipcon via
MAPREDUCE-2023. TestDFSIO should not stop reading if curSize != bufferSize.
(Hong Tang via szetszwo)
MAPREDUCE-2031. Fixes test failures TestTaskLauncher and
TestTaskTrackerLocalization. (Ravi Gummadi via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-2046. Fixes CombineFileInputFormat to allow splits with size
less than DFS block size. (dhruba borthakur via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-1975. Fixes unnecessary InterruptedException log in gridmix.
(Ravi Gummadi via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-1597. Fixes CombineFileInputFormat to work with non-splittable
files. (amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-2032. Fixes TestJobCleanup to cleanup test directory in
tearDown. (Dick King via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-1979. Fixes "Output directory already exists" error in gridmix
when is not defined. (Ravi Gummadi via
MAPREDUCE-1918. Adds documentation to Rumen. (Amar Kamat via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-2078. Fixes TraceBuilder to generate traces when a globbed job
history path is given. (Amar Kamat via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-1989. Fixes error message in gridmix when user resolver is set
and no user list is given. (Ravi Gummadi via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-2067. Distinct minicluster services (e.g. NN and JT) overwrite
each other's service policies. (Aaron T. Myers via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-2029. DistributedRaidFileSystem removes itself from FileSystem
cache when it is closed. (Ramkumar Vadali via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1816. HAR files used for RAID parity-bite have configurable
partfile size. (Ramkumar Vadali via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-2082. Fixes Pipes to create the jobtoken file in the right
place. (Jitendra Pandey via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-2095. Fixes Gridmix to run from compressed traces. (Ranjit
Mathew via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-1908. DistributedRaidFileSystem now handles ChecksumException
correctly. (Ramkumar Vadali via schen)
MAPREDUCE-2126. JobQueueJobInProgressListener's javadoc is inconsistent
with source code. (Jingguo Yao via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-2143. HarFileSystem is able to handle spaces in pathnames.
(Ramkumar Vadali via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1867. Remove unused methods in
org.apache.hadoop.streaming.StreamUtil. (amareshwari via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-2146. Raid does not affect access time of a source file.
(Ramkumar Vadali via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-2150. RaidNode periodically fixes corrupt blocks. (Ramkumar Vadali via
MAPREDUCE-2099. RaidNode recreates outdated parity HARs. (Ramkumar Vadali
via schen)
MAPREDUCE-2173. Fix race condition in TestBlockFixer that was
causing intermittent failure (Patrick Kling via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-2142. Refactor RaidNode so that the map-reduce component is
clearly separated out. (Patrick Kling via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-2179. Fix RaidBlockSender compilation failure. (Ramkumar Vadali
via schen)
MAPREDUCE-2034. TestSubmitJob triggers NPE instead of permissions error.
(Todd Lipcon via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-2195. New property for local conf directory in
system-test-mapreduce.xml file. (cos)
MAPREDUCE-1783. FairScheduler initializes tasks only when the job can be
run. (Ramkumar Vadali via schen)
MAPREDUCE-2224. Fix synchronization bugs in JvmManager. (todd)
MAPREDUCE-714. JobConf.findContainingJar unescapes unnecessarily on linux (todd)
MAPREDUCE-2096. Secure local filesystem IO from symlink vulnerabilities (todd)
MAPREDUCE-2234. If Localizer can't create task log directory, it should fail
on the spot. (todd)
MAPREDUCE-2219. JobTracker should not try to remove mapred.system.dir
during startup. (todd)
MAPREDUCE-2207. Task-cleanup task should not be scheduled on the node that
the task just failed. (Liyin Liang via schen)
MAPREDUCE-2084. Remove deprecate annotation for package file. The package
classes themselves are already deprecated. This removes an Eclipse error.
(tomwhite via nigel)
MAPREDUCE-2248. DistributedRaidFileSystem should unraid only the corrupt
block (Ramkumar Vadali via schen)
MAPREDUCE-1085. For tasks, "ulimit -v -1" is being run when user doesn't
specify a ulimit (todd)
MAPREDUCE-2282. Fix TestMRServerPorts for the changes in
TestHDFSServerPorts. (shv via szetszwo)
MAPREDUCE-2238. Fix permissions handling to avoid leaving undeletable
directories in local dirs. (todd)
MAPREDUCE-2277. TestCapacitySchedulerWithJobTracker needs to wait for jobs
to complete before testing status. (todd)
MAPREDUCE-2253. Servlets should specify content type (todd)
MAPREDUCE-2283. Add timeout for Raid Tests (Ramkumar Vadali via schen)
MAPREDUCE-1754. Replace mapred.persmissions.supergroup with an
acl : mapreduce.cluster.administrators (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via shv)
MAPREDUCE-2256. FairScheduler fairshare preemption from multiple pools may
preempt all tasks from one pool causing that pool to go below fairshare.
(Priyo Mustafi via shv)
MAPREDUCE-2281. MR part of HADOOP-6642. (Chris Douglas, Po Cheung via shv)
MAPREDUCE-2200. TestUmbilicalProtocolWithJobToken is failing without Krb
evironment: needs to be conditional. (cos)
MAPREDUCE-2077. Resolve name clash in the deprecated
o.a.h.util.MemoryCalculatorPlugin (Luke Lu via shv)
MAPREDUCE-2188. The new API MultithreadedMapper doesn't initialize
RecordReader. (Owen O'Malley via shv)
MAPREDUCE-1915. Fix IndexOutOfBoundsException in IndexCache.
(Priyo Mustafi via shv)
MAPREDUCE-1974. Fix multiple preemtions of the same task in FairScheduler.
(Scott Chen via shv)
MAPREDUCE-2304. Fix TestMRCLI to allow hostname with a hyphen (-).
(Priyo Mustafi via shv)
MAPREDUCE-1825. jobqueue_details.jsp and FairSchedulerServelet should not
call finishedMaps and finishedReduces when job is not initialized.
(Scott Chen via shv)
MAPREDUCE-2285. MiniMRCluster does not start after ant test-patch
MAPREDUCE-2315. javadoc is failing in nightly build (todd)
MAPREDUCE-2054. Hierarchical queue implementation broke dynamic queue
addition in Dynamic Scheduler. (Thomas Sandholm via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-2272. Job ACL file should not be executable
(Harsh J Chouraria via todd)
MAPREDUCE-2241. ClusterWithLinuxTaskController should accept relative path
on the command line. (todd)
MAPREDUCE-2251. Remove unused mapreduce.job.userhistorylocation config.
(Harsh J Chouraria via todd)
MAPREDUCE-2284. TestLocalRunner.testMultiMaps times out (todd)
MAPREDUCE-2336. Tool-related packages should be in the Tool javadoc group.
MAPREDUCE-2394. JUnit output format doesn't propagate into raid contrib
build. (todd)
MAPREDUCE-2392. TaskTracker shutdown in the tests sometimes take 60s.
MAPREDUCE-2437. SLive uses only part* files to generating the final report.
Release 0.21.1 - Unreleased
MAPREDUCE-2040. Forrest Documentation for Dynamic Priority Scheduler.
(Thomas Sandholm via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1897. trunk build broken on compile-mapred-test (cos)
MAPREDUCE-1280. Update Eclipse plugin to the new eclipse.jdt API.
(Alex Kozlov via szetszwo)
MAPREDUCE-1984. herriot TestCluster fails because exclusion is not there
(Balaji Rajagopalan via cos)
MAPREDUCE-2090. Clover build doesn't generate per-test coverage. (cos)
MAPREDUCE-2134. ant binary-system is broken in mapreduce project. (cos)
MAPREDUCE-1905. Fixes Context.setStatus() and progress() apis.
MAPREDUCE-1809. Ant build changes for Streaming system tests in contrib
projects. (Vinay Kumar Thota via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-2223. TestMRCLI might fail on Ubuntu with default /etc/hosts
MAPREDUCE-2228. Remove java5 dependencies from build. (cos)
MAPREDUCE-1929. Allow artifacts to be published to the staging Apache Nexus
Maven Repository. (tomwhite)
Release 0.21.0 - 2010-08-13
MAPREDUCE-516. Fix the starvation problem in the Capacity Scheduler
when running High RAM Jobs. (Arun Murthy via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-358. Change org.apache.hadoop.examples. AggregateWordCount
and org.apache.hadoop.examples.AggregateWordHistogram to use new
mapreduce api. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-245. Change Job and jobcontrol classes to use the List interface
rather than ArrayList in APIs. (Tom White via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-766. Enhanced list-blacklisted-trackers to display reasons
for blacklisting a node. (Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-817. Add a cache for retired jobs with minimal job info and
provide a way to access history file url. (sharad)
MAPREDUCE-711. Moved Distributed Cache from Common to Map/Reduce
project. (Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-895. Per the contract elucidated in HADOOP-6201, throw
FileNotFoundException from FileSystem::listStatus rather than returning
null. (Jakob Homan via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-479. Provide full task id to map output servlet rather than the
reduce id, only. (Jiaqi Tan via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-873. Simplify job recovery. Incomplete jobs are resubmitted on
jobtracker restart. Removes a public constructor in JobInProgress. (sharad)
HADOOP-6230. Moved process tree and memory calculator related classes from
Common to Map/Reduce. (Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-157. Refactor job history APIs and change the history format to
JSON. (Jothi Padmanabhan via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-849. Rename configuration properties. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu
via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-1287. Only call the partitioner with more than one reducer.
MAPREDUCE-1385. Use the new UserGroupInformation from HADOOP-6299.
(ddas via omalley)
MAPREDUCE-1493. Authorization for job-history pages. (vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-1607. Task controller may not set permissions for a
task cleanup attempt's log directory (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-1683. Remove JNI calls from ClusterStatus cstr. (Arun Murthy and
Luke Lu via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1855. Makes the refresh methods (for groups and proxy users)
independent of the client side configuration. (Boris Shkolnik via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1774. Large-scale Automated Framework (Sharad Agarwal, Sreekanth
Ramakrishnan, Konstantin Boudnik, at all via cos)
MAPREDUCE-706. Support for FIFO pools in the fair scheduler.
(Matei Zaharia)
MAPREDUCE-546. Provide sample fair scheduler config file in conf/ and use
it by default if no other config file is specified. (Matei Zaharia)
MAPREDUCE-551. Preemption support in the Fair Scheduler. (Matei Zaharia)
MAPREDUCE-567. Add a new example MR that always fails. (Philip Zeyliger
via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-211. Provides ability to run a health check script on the
tasktracker nodes and blacklist nodes if they are unhealthy.
(Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-637. Add an example, distbbp, which able to compute the n th bit
of Pi for some large n. (szetszwo)
MAPREDUCE-532. Provide a way to limit the number of used slots
per queue in the capacity scheduler.
(Rahul Kumar Singh via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-467. Provide ability to collect statistics about total tasks
and succeeded tasks in different time windows. (sharad)
MAPREDUCE-740. Log a job-summary at the end of a job, while allowing it
to be configured to use a custom appender if desired. (acmurthy)
MAPREDUCE-814. Provide a way to configure completed job history files
to be on HDFS. (sharad)
MAPREDUCE-800. MRUnit should support the new API. (Aaron Kimball via
MAPREDUCE-798. MRUnit should be able to test a succession of MapReduce
passes. (Aaron Kimball via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-768. Provide an option to dump jobtracker configuration in JSON
format to standard output. (V.V.Chaitanya Krishna via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-824. Add support for a hierarchy of queues in the capacity
scheduler. (Rahul Kumar Singh via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-751. Add Rumen, a tool for extracting statistics from job tracker
logs and generating job traces for simulation and analysis. (Dick King via
MAPREDUCE-830. Add support for splittable compression to TextInputFormats.
(Abdul Qadeer via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-861. Add support for hierarchical queues in the Map/Reduce
framework. (Rahul Kumar Singh via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-776. Add Gridmix, a benchmark processing Rumen traces to simulate
a measured mix of jobs on a cluster. (cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-862. Enhance JobTracker UI to display hierarchical queues.
(V.V.Chaitanya Krishna via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-777. Brand new apis to track and query jobs as a
replacement for JobClient. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via acmurthy)
MAPREDUCE-775. Add native and streaming support for Vertica as an input
or output format taking advantage of parallel read and write properties of
the DBMS. (Omer Trajman via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-679. XML-based metrics as JSP servlet for JobTracker.
(Aaron Kimball via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-980. Modify JobHistory to use Avro for serialization. (cutting)
MAPREDUCE-728. Add Mumak, a Hadoop map/reduce simulator. (Arun C Murthy,
Tamas Sarlos, Anirban Dasgupta, Guanying Wang, and Hong Tang via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1383. Automates fetching of delegation tokens in File*Formats
Distributed Cache and Distcp. Also, provides a config
mapreduce.job.hdfs-servers that the jobs can populate with a comma
separated list of namenodes. The job client automatically fetches
delegation tokens from those namenodes. (Boris Shkolnik via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-698. Per-pool task limits for the fair scheduler.
(Kevin Peterson via matei)
MAPREDUCE-1026. Does mutual authentication of the shuffle
transfers using a shared JobTracker generated key.
(Boris Shkolnik via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-744. Introduces the notion of a public distributed cache.
(Devaraj Das)
MAPREDUCE-1338. Introduces the notion of token cache using which
tokens and secrets can be sent by the Job client to the JobTracker.
(Boris Shkolnik via ddas)
HDFS-503. This patch implements an optional layer over HDFS that
implements offline erasure-coding. It can be used to reduce the
total storage requirements of HDFS. (dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1432. Adds hooks in the jobtracker and tasktracker
for loading the tokens in the user's ugi. This is required
for the copying of files from the hdfs. (ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1335. Adds SASL Kerberos/Digest authentication in MapReduce.
(Kan Zhang via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1464. Makes a compatible change in JobTokenIdentifier to
account for HADOOP-6510. (Jitendra Nath Pandey via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1433. Add a delegation token for MapReduce. (omalley)
MAPREDUCE-1307. Introduces the Job level ACLs feature.
(Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1430. JobTracker automatically renews delegation tokens for jobs.
(Boris Shkolnik via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1455. Introduces job-level authorization for mapreduce servlets.
(Ravi Gummadi via vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-463. Makes job setup and cleanup tasks as optional.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-502. Allow jobtracker to be configured with zero completed jobs
in memory. (Amar Kamat via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-416. Moves the history file to a "done" folder whenever a job
completes. (Amar Kamat via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-646. Increase srcfilelist replication number in dictcp job.
(Ravi Gummadi via szetszwo)
HADOOP-6106. Updated hadoop-core and test jars from hudson trunk
build #12. (Giridharan Kesavan)
MAPREDUCE-642. A option to distcp that allows preserving the full
source path of a file in the specified destination directory.
(Rodrigo Schmidt via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-686. Move TestSpeculativeExecution.Fake* into a separate class
so that it can be used by other tests. (Jothi Padmanabhan via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-625. Modify TestTaskLimits to improve execution time.
(Jothi Padmanabhan via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-465. Deprecate o.a.h.mapred.lib.MultithreadedMapRunner and add
test for o.a.h.mapreduce.lib.MultithreadedMapper.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-701. Improves the runtime of the TestRackAwareTaskPlacement
by making it a unit test. (Jothi Padmanabhan via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-371. Change KeyFieldBasedComparator and KeyFieldBasedPartitioner
to use new api. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-623. Resolve javac warnings in mapreduce. (Jothi Padmanabhan
via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-655. Change KeyValueLineRecordReader and KeyValueTextInputFormat
to use new mapreduce api. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-632. Merge TestCustomOutputCommitter with
TestCommandLineJobSubmission. (Jothi Padmanabhan via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-627. Improves execution time of TestTrackerBlacklistAcrossJobs.
(Jothi Padmanabhan via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-630. Improves execution time of TestKillCompletedJob.
(Jothi Padmanabhan via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-626. Improves the execution time of TestLostTracker.
(Jothi Padmanabhan via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-353. Makes the shuffle read and connection timeouts
configurable. (Ravi Gummadi via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-739. Allow relative paths to be created in archives. (Mahadev
Konar via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-772. Merge HADOOP-4010 changes to LineRecordReader into mapreduce
package. (Abdul Qadeer via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-785. Separate sub-test of TestReduceFetch to be included in
MR-670. (Jothi Padmanabhan via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-784. Modify TestUserDefinedCounters to use LocalJobRunner
instead of MiniMR. (Jothi Padmanabhan via sharad)
HADOOP-6160. Fix releaseaudit target to run on specific directories.
MAPREDUCE-782. Use PureJavaCrc32 in SpillRecord. (Todd Lipcon via
MAPREDUCE-369. Change org.apache.hadoop.mapred.lib.MultipleInputs to
use new api. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-373. Change org.apache.hadoop.mapred.lib.FieldSelectionMapReduce
to use new api. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-628. Improves the execution time of TestJobInProgress.
(Jothi Padmanabhan via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-793. Creates a new test that consolidates a few tests to
include in the commit-test list. (Jothi Padmanabhan via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-797. Adds combiner support to MRUnit MapReduceDriver.
(Aaron Kimball via johan)
MAPREDUCE-656. Change org.apache.hadoop.mapred.SequenceFile* classes
to use new mapreduce api. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-670. Creates ant target for 10 mins patch test build.
(Jothi Padmanabhan via gkesavan)
MAPREDUCE-375. Change org.apache.hadoop.mapred.lib.NLineInputFormat
and org.apache.hadoop.mapred.MapFileOutputFormat to use new api.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-779. Added node health failure counts into
JobTrackerStatistics. (Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-842. Setup secure permissions for localized job files,
intermediate outputs and log files on tasktrackers.
(Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-478. Allow map and reduce jvm parameters, environment variables
and ulimit to be set separately.
Configuration changes:
add mapred.reduce.child.ulimit
add mapred.reduce.child.ulimit
deprecated mapred.child.env
deprecated mapred.child.ulimit
MAPREDUCE-767. Remove the dependence on the CLI 2.0 snapshot.
(Amar Kamat via omalley)
MAPREDUCE-712. Minor efficiency tweaks to RandomTextWriter. (cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-870. Remove the job retire thread and the associated
config parameters. (sharad)
MAPREDUCE-874. Rename the PiEstimator example to QuasiMonteCarlo.
MAPREDUCE-336. Allow logging level of map/reduce tasks to be configurable.
Configuration changes:
add mapred.reduce.child.log.level
MAPREDUCE-355. Update mapred.join package to use the new API. (Amareshwari
Sriramadasu via cdouglas)
HADOOP-6184. Updated hadoop common and test jars to get the new API
in Configuration for dumping in JSON format from Hudson trunk build #68.
MAPREDUCE-476. Extend DistributedCache to work locally (LocalJobRunner).
(Philip Zeyliger via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-825. JobClient completion poll interval of 5s causes slow tests
in local mode. (Aaron Kimball via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-910. Support counters in MRUnit. (Aaron Kimball via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-788. Update gridmix2 to use the new API (Amareshwari Sriramadasu
via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-875. Make DBRecordReader execute queries lazily. (Aaron Kimball
via enis)
MAPREDUCE-318. Modularizes the shuffle code. (Jothi Padmanabhan and
Arun Murthy via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-936. Allow a load difference for fairshare scheduler.
(Zheng Shao via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-370. Update MultipleOutputs to use the API, merge funcitonality
of MultipleOutputFormat. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-898. Changes DistributedCache to use the new API.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-144. Includes dump of the process tree in task diagnostics when
a task is killed due to exceeding memory limits.
(Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-945. Modifies MRBench and TestMapRed to use ToolRunner so that
options such as queue name can be passed via command line.
(Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-963. Deprecate o.a.h.mapred.FileAlreadyExistsException and
replace it with o.a.h.fs.FileAlreadyExistsException. (Boris Shkolnik
via szetszwo)
MAPREDUCE-960. Remove an unnecessary intermediate copy and obsolete API
from KeyValueLineRecordReader. (cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-930. Modify Rumen to resolve paths in the canonical way, rather
than defaulting to the local filesystem. (cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-944. Extend the LoadManager API of the fair-share scheduler
to support regulating tasks for a job based on resources currently in use
by that job. (dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-973. Move FailJob and SleepJob from examples to test. (cdouglas
via omalley)
MAPREDUCE-966. Modify Rumen to clean up interfaces and simplify integration
with other tools. (Hong Tang via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-856. Setup secure permissions for distributed cache files.
(Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-885. More efficient SQL queries for DBInputFormat. (Aaron Kimball
via enis)
MAPREDUCE-284. Enables ipc.client.tcpnodelay in Tasktracker's Child.
(Ravi Gummadi via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-916. Split the documentation to match the project split.
(Corinne Chandel via omalley)
MAPREDUCE-649. Validate a copy by comparing the source and destination
checksums in distcp. Also adds an intra-task retry mechanism for errors
detected during the copy. (Ravi Gummadi via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-654. Add a -dryrun option to distcp printing a summary of the
file data to be copied, without actually performing the copy. (Ravi Gummadi
via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-664. Display the number of files deleted by distcp when the
-delete option is specified. (Ravi Gummadi via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-781. Let the name of distcp jobs be configurable. (Venkatesh S
via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-975. Add an API in job client to get the history file url for
a given job id. (sharad)
MAPREDUCE-905. Add Eclipse launch tasks for MapReduce. (Philip Zeyliger
via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-277. Makes job history counters available on the job history
viewers. (Jothi Padmanabhan via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-893. Provides an ability to refresh queue configuration
without restarting the JobTracker.
(Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli and Rahul Kumar Singh via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1011. Add to svn and git ignore. (omalley)
MAPREDUCE-954. Change Map-Reduce context objects to be interfaces.
MAPREDUCE-639. Change Terasort example to reflect the 2009 updates.
MAPREDUCE-1063. Document gridmix benchmark. (cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-931. Use built-in interpolation classes for making up task
runtimes in Rumen. (Dick King via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1012. Mark Context interfaces as public evolving. (Tom White via
MAPREDUCE-971. Document use of distcp when copying to s3, managing timeouts
in particular. (Aaron Kimball via cdouglas)
HDFS-663. DFSIO for append. (shv)
HDFS-641. Move all of the components that depend on map/reduce to
map/reduce. (omalley)
HADOOP-5107. Use Maven ant tasks to publish artifacts. (Giridharan Kesavan
via omalley)
MAPREDUCE-1229. Allow customization of job submission policy in Mumak.
(Hong Tang via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1317. Reduce the memory footprint of Rumen objects by interning
host Strings. (Hong Tang via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1097. Add support for Vertica 3.5 to its contrib module. (Omer
Trajman via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1627. HadoopArchives should not uses a method in DistCp.
MAPREDUCE-1198. Alternatively schedule different types of tasks in
fair share scheduler. (Scott Chen via matei)
MAPREDUCE-707. Provide a jobconf property for explicitly assigning a job to
a pool in the Fair Scheduler. (Alan Heirich via matei)
MAPREDUCE-947. Added commitJob and abortJob apis to OutputCommitter.
Enhanced FileOutputCommitter to create a _SUCCESS file for successful
jobs. (Amar Kamat & Jothi Padmanabhan via acmurthy)
MAPREDUCE-1103. Added more metrics to Jobtracker. (sharad)
MAPREDUCE-1048. Add occupied/reserved slot usage summary on jobtracker UI.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu and Hemanth Yamijala via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-1090. Modified log statement in TaskMemoryManagerThread to
include task attempt id. (yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1189. Reduce ivy console output to ovservable level (cos)
MAPREDUCE-1167. ProcfsBasedProcessTree collects rss memory information.
(Scott Chen via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1231. Added a new DistCp option, -skipcrccheck, so that the CRC
check during setup can be skipped. (Jothi Padmanabhan via szetszwo)
MAPREDUCE-1190. Add package documentation for BBP example.
(Tsz Wo (Nicholas) Sze via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1119. When tasks fail to report status, show tasks's stack dump
before killing. (Aaron Kimball via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1185. Redirect running job url to history url if job is already
retired. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu and Sharad Agarwal via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-1050. Introduce a mock object testing framework. (tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1084. Implementing aspects development and fault injeciton
framework for MapReduce. (Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via cos)
MAPREDUCE-1209. Move common specific part of the test TestReflectionUtils
out of mapred into common. (Todd Lipcon via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-967. TaskTracker does not need to fully unjar job jars.
(Todd Lipcon via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1083. Changes in MapReduce so that group information of users
can be refreshed in the JobTracker via command line.
(Boris Shkolnik via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-181. Changes the job submission process to be secure.
(Devaraj Das)
MAPREDUCE-1250. Refactors the JobToken to use Common's Token interface.
(Kan Zhang via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-896. Enhance tasktracker to cleanup files that might have
been created by user tasks with non-writable permissions.
(Ravi Gummadi via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-372. Change org.apache.hadoop.mapred.lib.ChainMapper/Reducer
to use new mapreduce api. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-1295. Add a tool in Rumen for folding and manipulating job
traces. (Dick King via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1302. TrackerDistributedCacheManager deletes file
asynchronously, thus reducing task initialization delays.
(Zheng Shao via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1218. TaskTrackers send cpu and memory usage of
node to JobTracker. (Scott Chen via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-847. Fix Releaseaudit warning count to zero
(Giridharan Kesavan)
MAPREDUCE-1337. Use generics in StreamJob to improve readability of that
class. (Kay Kay via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-361. Port terasort example to the new mapreduce API. (Amareshwari
Sriramadasu via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1367. LocalJobRunner should support parallel mapper execution.
(Aaron Kimball via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-64. Eliminate io.sort.record.percent from MapTask configuration.
MAPREDUCE-1440. Replace the long user name in MapReduce with the local
name. (omalley)
MAPREDUCE-1470. Move delegation tokens from HDFS to Common so that
MapReduce can use them too. (omalley)
MAPREDUCE-1425. Reduce memory usage by archive. (mahadev via szetszwo)
MAPREDUCE-1441. Trim whitespace from directory lists pulled from the
configuration. (Todd Lipcon via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1309. Refactor Rumen trace generator to improve code structure
and add extensible support for log formats. (Dick King via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1503. Delegation token renewing and cancelling should provide
meaningful exceptions when there are failures instead of returning
false. (omalley)
HADOOP-6579. Upgrade commons-codec library to 1.4. (omalley)
MAPREDUCE-1423. Improve performance of CombineFileInputFormat when multiple
pools are configured. (Dhruba Borthakur via zshao)
MAPREDUCE-1454. Quote user supplied strings in Tracker servlets. (cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1408. Add customizable job submission policies to Gridmix. (Rahul
Singh via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1527. Better warning logged when mapred.queue.names is
overshadowed by mapred-queues.xml. (Hong Tang via acmurthy)
MAPREDUCE-1403. Save the size and number of distributed cache artifacts in
the configuration. (Arun Murthy via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1482. Truncate state string and diagnostic information in
TaskStatus. (Amar Kamat via szetszwo)
MAPREDUCE-1593. [Rumen] Improvements to random seed generation (tamas via
MAPREDUCE-1460. Oracle support in DataDrivenDBInputFormat.
(Aaron Kimball via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1569. Pass configuration through mocked contexts in MRUnit.
(Chris White via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1590. Move HarFileSystem from Hadoop Common to Mapreduce tools.
MAPREDUCE-1629. Get rid of fakeBlockLocations() on HarFileSystem, since
it's not used (mahadev)
MAPREDUCE-1489. DataDrivenDBInputFormat should not query the database
when generating only one split. (Aaron Kimball via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1514. Add documentation on replication, permissions, new options,
limitations and internals of har. (mahadev via szetszwo)
MAPREDUCE-1428. Make block size and the size of archive created files
configurable. (mahadev via szetszwo)
MAPREDUCE-1656. JobStory should provide queue info. (hong via mahadev)
MAPREDUCE-1466. Record number of files processed in FileInputFormat in the
Configuration for offline analysis. (Luke Lu and Arun Murthy via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1538. TrackerDistributedCacheManager manages the
number of files. (Scott Chen via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1673. Scripts to start and stop RaidNode.
(Rodrigo Schmidt via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1659. RaidNode writes temp files on configured tmp directory and
add random numbers to their names to avoid conflicts
(Rodrigo Schmidt via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1221. Allow admins to control physical memory limits per-task
and per-node. (Scott Chen via acmurthy)
MAPREDUCE-1065. Update mapred tutorial to use the new API. (Aaron Kimball
via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1304. Add a task counter tracking time spent in GC. (Aaron
Kimball via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1570. Add grouping comparators to MRUnit. (Chris White via
MAPREDUCE-1650. Exclude Private elements from generated MapReduce
Javadoc. (tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1625. Improve grouping of packages in Javadoc. (tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1417. Forrest documentation should be updated to reflect
the changes in MAPREDUCE-744. (Ravi Gummadi via vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-1568. TrackerDistributedCacheManager should clean up cache
in a background thread. (Scott Chen via zshao)
MAPREDUCE-1749. Move configuration strings out of JobContext so that it
can be made public stable. (omalley)
MAPREDUCE-1623. Apply audience and stability notations to Hadoop
Map-Reduce. (tomwhite via acmurthy)
MAPREDUCE-1751. Change MapReduce to depend on Hadoop 'common' artifacts
instead of 'core'. (tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1535. Replace usage of FileStatus#isDir(). (Eli Collins via
MAPREDUCE-1832. Allow file sizes less than 1MB in DFSIO benchmark. (shv)
MAPREDUCE-1404. Move Cluster-Setup and Single-Node-Setup Docs from
MapReduce to Common. (tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1697. Document the behavior of -file option and deprecate it
in favour of -files option in streaming. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu
via vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-1033. Resolve location of scripts and configuration files after
project split. (tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1018. Document changes to the memory management and scheduling
model. (Hemanth Yamijala via vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-1896. [Herriot] New property for multi user list. (Vinay Thota
via cos)
MAPREDUCE-1812. New properties for suspend and resume process. (Vinay
Thota via cos)
MAPREDUCE-270. Fix the tasktracker to optionally send an out-of-band
heartbeat on task-completion for better job-latency. (acmurthy)
Configuration changes:
add mapreduce.tasktracker.outofband.heartbeat
MAPREDUCE-1186. Modified code in distributed cache to set permissions
only on required set of localized paths.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1501. FileInputFormat supports multi-level, recursive
directory listing. (Zheng Shao via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1556. upgrade to Avro 1.3.0. (cutting via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1613. Install/deploy source jars to Maven repo
(Patrick Angeles via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1610. Forrest documentation should be updated to reflect
the changes in MAPREDUCE-856. (Ravi Gummadi via vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-1853. Adds caching for TaskAttemptContext in MultipleOutputs.
(Torsten Curdt via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-878. Rename fair scheduler design doc to
fair-scheduler-design-doc.tex and add Apache license header (matei)
HADOOP-4687. MapReduce is split from Hadoop Core. It is a subproject under
Hadoop (Owen O'Malley)
HADOOP-6096. Fix Eclipse project and classpath files following project
split. (tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-419. Reconcile mapred.userlog.limit.kb defaults in configuration
and code. (Philip Zeyliger via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-2. Fixes a bug in KeyFieldBasedPartitioner in handling empty
keys. (Amar Kamat via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-130. Delete the jobconf copy from the log directory of the
JobTracker when the job is retired. (Amar Kamat via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-657. Fix hardcoded filesystem problem in CompletedJobStatusStore.
(Amar Kamat via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-179. Update progress in new RecordReaders. (cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-658. Replace NPE in distcp with a meaningful error message when
the source path does not exist. (Ravi Gummadi via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-671. Update ignore list to include untracked, generated
build artifacts and config files. (cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-433. Use more reliable counters in TestReduceFetch. (cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-124. Fix a bug in failure handling of abort task of
OutputCommiter. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-694. Fix to add jsp-api jars to capacity-scheduler classpath.
(Giridharan Kesavan)
MAPREDUCE-702. Fix eclipse-plugin jar target (Giridharan Kesavan)
MAPREDUCE-522. Replace TestQueueCapacities with simpler test case to
test integration between capacity scheduler and MR framework.
(Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-683. Fixes an initialization problem in the JobHistory.
The initialization of JobHistoryFilesManager is now done in the
JobHistory.init call. (Amar Kamat via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-708. Fixes a bug to allow updating the reason for
blacklisting a node on the JobTracker UI.
(Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-709. Fixes message displayed for a blacklisted node where
the reason for blacklisting is due to the health check script
timing out. (Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-676. Existing diagnostic rules fail for MAP ONLY jobs.
(Suhas Gogate via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-722. Fixes a bug with tasktracker reservations for
high memory jobs in capacity scheduler.
(Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via yhemanth)
HADOOP-6090. Updates gridmix script to use new mapreduce api output
format. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-732. Removed spurious log statements in the node
blacklisting logic. (Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-734. Fix a ConcurrentModificationException in unreserving
unused reservations for a job when it completes.
(Arun Murthy and Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-733. Fix a RuntimeException while unreserving trackers
that are blacklisted for a job.
(Arun Murthy and Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-677. Fix timeout in TestNodeRefresh. (Amar Kamat via
MAPREDUCE-153. Fix timeout in TestJobInProgressListener. (Amar
Kamat via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-742. Fix output messages and java comments in the Pi related
examples. (szetszwo)
MAPREDUCE-565. Fix partitioner to work with new API. (Owen O'Malley via
MAPREDUCE-680. Fix so MRUnit can handle reuse of Writable objects.
(Aaron Kimball via johan)
MAPREDUCE-18. Puts some checks for cross checking whether a reduce
task gets the correct shuffle data. (Ravi Gummadi via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-771. Fix scheduling of setup and cleanup tasks to use
free slots instead of tasks for scheduling. (yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-717. Fixes some corner case issues in speculative
execution heuristics. (Devaraj Das)
MAPREDUCE-716. Make DBInputFormat work with Oracle. (Aaron Kimball
via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-735. Fixes a problem in the KeyFieldHelper to do with
the end index for some inputs (Amar Kamat via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-682. Removes reservations on tasktrackers which are
blacklisted. (Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-743. Fixes a problem to do with progress reporting
in the map phase. (Ravi Gummadi via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-765. Eliminate the deprecated warnings introduced by H-5438.
(He Yongqiang via szetszwo)
MAPREDUCE-383. Fix a bug in Pipes combiner due to bytes count not
getting reset after the spill. (Christian Kunz via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-809. Fix job-summary logs to correctly record status of FAILED
and KILLED jobs. (acmurthy)
MAPREDUCE-792. Fix unchecked warnings in DBInputFormat. (Aaron Kimball
via szetszwo)
MAPREDUCE-760. Fix a timing issue in TestNodeRefresh. (Amar Kamat via
MAPREDUCE-40. Keep memory management backwards compatible for job
configuration parameters and limits. (Rahul Kumar Singh via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-587. Fixes a OOM issue in TestStreamingExitStatus.
(Amar Kamat via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-408. Fixes an assertion problem in TestKillSubProcesses
(Ravi Gummadi via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-659. Fix gridmix2 compilation. (Giridharan Kesavan)
MAPREDUCE-796. Fixes a ClassCastException in an exception log in
MultiThreadedMapRunner. (Amar Kamat via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-808. Fixes a serialization problem in TypedBytes.
(Klaas Bosteels via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-845. Fix a findbugs heap size problem in build.xml and add
a new property findbugs.heap.size. (Lee Tucker via szetszwo)
MAPREDUCE-838. Fixes a problem in the way commit of task outputs
happens. The bug was that even if commit failed, the task would
be declared as successful. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-813. Updates Streaming and M/R tutorial documents.
(Corinne Chandel via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-805. Fixes some deadlocks in the JobTracker due to the fact
the JobTracker lock hierarchy wasn't maintained in some JobInProgress
method calls. (Amar Kamat via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-799. Fixes so all of the MRUnit self-tests run.
(Aaron Kimball via johan)
MAPREDUCE-848. Fixes a problem to do with TestCapacityScheduler
failing (Amar Kamat via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-840. DBInputFormat leaves open transaction.
(Aaron Kimball via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-859. Adds Avro and its dependencies required by Hadoop
common. (Ravi Gummadi via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-867. Fix ivy conf to look for avro jar from maven repo.
(Giridharan Kesavan)
MAPREDUCE-877. Added avro as a dependency to contrib ivy settings.
(Tsz Wo (Nicholas) Sze via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-852. In build.xml, remove the Main-Class, which is incorrectly
set in tools, and rename the target "tools-jar" to "tools". (szetszwo)
MAPREDUCE-773. Sends progress reports for compressed gzip inputs in maps.
Fixes a native direct buffer leak in LineRecordReader classes.
(Hong Tang and ddas)
MAPREDUCE-832. Reduce number of warning messages printed when
deprecated memory variables are used. (Rahul Kumar Singh via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-745. Fixes a testcase problem to do with generation of JobTracker
IDs. (Amar Kamat via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-834. Enables memory management on tasktrackers when old
memory management parameters are used in configuration.
(Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-818. Fixes Counters#getGroup API. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu
via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-807. Handles the AccessControlException during the deletion of
mapred.system.dir in the JobTracker. The JobTracker will bail out if it
encounters such an exception. (Amar Kamat via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-430. Fix a bug related to task getting stuck in case of
OOM error. (Amar Kamat via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-871. Fix ownership of Job/Task local files to have correct
group ownership according to the egid of the tasktracker.
(Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-911. Fix a bug in TestTaskFail related to speculative
execution. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-687. Fix an assertion in TestMiniMRMapRedDebugScript.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-924. Fixes the TestPipes testcase to use Tool.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-903. Add Avro jar to eclipse classpath.
(Philip Zeyliger via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-943. Removes a testcase in TestNodeRefresh that doesn't make
sense in the new Job recovery model. (Amar Kamat via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-764. TypedBytesInput's readRaw() does not preserve custom type
codes. (Klaas Bosteels via tomwhite)
HADOOP-6243. Fixes a NullPointerException in handling deprecated keys.
(Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-968. NPE in distcp encountered when placing _logs directory on
S3FileSystem. (Aaron Kimball via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-826. harchive doesn't use ToolRunner / harchive returns 0 even
if the job fails with exception (koji Noguchi via mahadev)
MAPREDUCE-839. unit test TestMiniMRChildTask fails on mac os-x (hong tang
via mahadev)
MAPREDUCE-112. Add counters for reduce input, output records to the new API.
(Jothi Padmanabhan via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-648. Fix two distcp bugs: (1) it should not launch a job if all
src paths are directories, and (2) it does not skip copying when updating
a single file. (Ravi Gummadi via szetszwo)
MAPREDUCE-946. Fix a regression in LineRecordReader where the
maxBytesToConsume parameter is not set correctly. (cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-977. Missing jackson jars from Eclipse template. (tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-988. Fix a packaging issue in the contrib modules. (Hong Tang via
MAPREDUCE-971. distcp does not always remove distcp.tmp.dir. (Aaron Kimball
via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-995. Fix a bug in JobHistory where tasks completing after the job
is closed cause a NPE. (Jothi Padmanabhan via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-953. Fix QueueManager to dump queue configuration in JSON format.
(V.V. Chaitanya Krishna via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-645. Prevent distcp from running a job when the destination is a
file, but the source is not. (Ravi Gummadi via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1002. Flushed writer in JobQueueClient so queue information is
printed correctly. (V.V. Chaitanya Krishna via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1003. Fix compilation problem in eclipse plugin when
eclipse.home is set. (Ravi Gummadi via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-941. Vaidya script fails on Solaris. (Chad Metcalf
via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-912. Add and standardize Apache license headers. (Chad Metcalf
via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1022. Fix compilation of vertica testcases. (Vinod Kumar
Vavilapalli via acmurthy)
MAPREDUCE-1000. Handle corrupt history files in JobHistory.initDone().
(Jothi Padmanabhan via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-1028. Fixed number of slots occupied by cleanup tasks to one
irrespective of slot size for the job.
(Ravi Gummadi via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-964. Fixed start and finish times of TaskStatus to be
consistent, thereby fixing inconsistencies in metering tasks.
(Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1076. Deprecate ClusterStatus and add javadoc in ClusterMetrics.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-979. Fixed JobConf APIs related to memory parameters to return
values of new configuration variables when deprecated variables are
disabled. (Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1030. Modified scheduling algorithm to return a map and reduce
task per heartbeat in the capacity scheduler.
(Rahul Kumar Singh via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1071. Use DataInputStream rather than FSDataInputStream in the
JobHistory EventReader. (Hong Tang via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-986. Fix Rumen to work with truncated task lines. (Dick King via
MAPREDUCE-1029. Fix failing TestCopyFiles by restoring the unzipping of
HDFS webapps from the hdfs jar. (Aaron Kimball and Jothi Padmanabhan via
MAPREDUCE-769. Make findbugs and javac warnings to zero.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-1104. Initialize RecoveryManager in JobTracker cstr called by
Mumak. (Hong Tang via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1061. Add unit test validating byte specifications for gridmix
jobs. (cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1077. Fix Rumen so that truncated tasks do not mark the job as
successful. (Dick King via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1041. Make TaskInProgress::taskStatuses map package-private.
(Jothi Padmanabhan via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1070. Prevent a deadlock in the fair scheduler servlet.
(Todd Lipcon via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1086. Setup Hadoop logging environment for tasks to point to
task related parameters. (Ravi Gummadi via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1105. Remove max limit configuration in capacity scheduler in
favor of max capacity percentage thus allowing the limit to go over
queue capacity. (Rahul Kumar Singh via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1016. Make the job history log format JSON. (cutting)
MAPREDUCE-1038. Weave Mumak aspects only if related files have changed.
(Aaron Kimball via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1163. Remove unused, hard-coded paths from libhdfs. (Allen
Wittenauer via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-962. Fix a NullPointerException while killing task process
trees. (Ravi Gummadi via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1177. Correct setup/cleanup inversion in
JobTracker::getTaskReports. (Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1178. Fix ClassCastException in MultipleInputs by adding
a DelegatingRecordReader. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu and Jay Booth
via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-1068. Fix streaming job to show proper message if file is
is not present. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-1147. Add map output counters to new API. (Amar Kamat via
MAPREDUCE-915. The debug scripts are run as the job user. (ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1007. Fix NPE in CapacityTaskScheduler.getJobs().
(V.V.Chaitanya Krishna via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-28. Refactor TestQueueManager and fix default ACLs.
(V.V.Chaitanya Krishna and Rahul K Singh via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-1182. Fix overflow in reduce causing allocations to exceed the
configured threshold. (cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1239. Fix contrib components build dependencies.
(Giridharan Kesavan and omalley)
MAPREDUCE-787. Fix JobSubmitter to honor user given symlink path.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-1249. Update config default value for socket read timeout to
match code default. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1161. Remove ineffective synchronization in NotificationTestCase.
(Owen O'Malley via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1244. Fix eclipse-plugin's build dependencies. (gkesavan)
MAPREDUCE-1075. Fix JobTracker to not throw an NPE for a non-existent
queue. (V.V.Chaitanya Krishna via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-754. Fix NPE in expiry thread when a TT is lost. (Amar Kamat
via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-1074. Document Reducer mark/reset functionality. (Jothi
Padmanabhan via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1267. Fix typo in mapred-default.xml. (Todd Lipcon via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-952. Remove inadvertently reintroduced Task.Counter enum. (Jothi
Padmanabhan via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1230. Fix handling of null records in VerticaInputFormat. (Omer
Trajman via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1171. Allow shuffle retries and read-error reporting to be
configurable. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via acmurthy)
MAPREDUCE-879. Fix broken unit test TestTaskTrackerLocalization on MacOS.
(Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1124. Fix imprecise byte counts in Gridmix. (cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1222. Add an option to exclude numeric IP addresses in topologies
processed by Mumak. (Hong Tang via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1284. Fix fts_open() call in task-controller that was failing
LinuxTaskController unit tests. (Ravi Gummadi via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1143. Fix running task counters to be updated correctly
when speculative attempts are running for a TIP.
(Rahul Kumar Singh via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1241. Use a default queue configuration in JobTracker when
mapred-queues.xml is unavailable. (Todd Lipcon via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1301. Fix set up of permission checking script used in
localization tests. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1286. Remove quoting from client opts in TaskRunner. (Yuri
Pradkin via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1059. Use when adding sync markers in
distcp. (Aaron Kimball via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1009. Update forrest documentation describing hierarchical
queues. (Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1342. Fixed deadlock in global blacklisting of tasktrackers.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via acmurthy)
MAPREDUCE-1316. Fixes a memory leak of TaskInProgress instances in
the jobtracker. (Amar Kamat via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1359. TypedBytes TestIO doesn't mkdir its test dir first.
(Anatoli Fomenko via cos)
MAPREDUCE-1314. Correct errant mapreduce.x.mapreduce.x replacements from
bulk change. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1365. Restore accidentally renamed test in
TestTaskTrackerBloacklisting. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1406. Fix spelling of JobContext.MAP_COMBINE_MIN_SPILLS.
MAPREDUCE-1369. JUnit tests should never depend on anything in conf
(Anatoli Fomenko via cos)
MAPREDUCE-1412. Fix timer granularity issue causing failures in
TestTaskTrackerBlacklisting. (cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1448. Respect --config option in Mumak script. (Hong Tang via
MAPREDUCE-1251. c++ utils doesn't compile. (Eli Collins via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1522. FileInputFormat may use the default FileSystem for the
input path. (Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1407. Update javadoc in mapreduce.{Mapper,Reducer} to match
actual usage. (Benoit Sigoure via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1258. Fix fair scheduler event log not logging job info.
MAPREDUCE-1089. Fix NPE in fair scheduler preemption when tasks are
scheduled but not running. (Todd Lipcon via matei)
MAPREDUCE-1014. Fix the libraries for common and hdfs. (omalley)
MAPREDUCE-1111. JT Jetty UI not working if we run
off packaged distribution directory. (hong tang via mahadev)
MAPREDUCE-1133. Eclipse .classpath template has outdated jar files and is
missing some new ones. (cos)
MAPREDUCE-1098. Fixed the distributed-cache to not do i/o while holding a
global lock. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via acmurthy)
MAPREDUCE-1158. Fix JT running maps and running reduces metrics.
MAPREDUCE-1160. Reduce verbosity of log lines in some Map/Reduce classes
to avoid filling up jobtracker logs on a busy cluster.
(Ravi Gummadi and Hong Tang via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1153. Fix tasktracker metrics when trackers are decommissioned.
MAPREDUCE-1128. Fix MRUnit to prohibit iterating over values twice. (Aaron
Kimball via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-665. Move libhdfs to HDFS subproject. (Eli Collins via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1196. Fix FileOutputCommitter to use the deprecated cleanupJob
api correctly. (acmurthy)
MAPREDUCE-1244. Fix eclipse-plugin's build dependencies. (gkesavan)
MAPREDUCE-1140. Fix DistributedCache to not decrement reference counts for
unreferenced files in error conditions.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1245. Fix TestFairScheduler failures by instantiating lightweight
Jobtracker. (sharad)
MAPREDUCE-1260. Update Eclipse configuration to match changes to Ivy
configuration. (Edwin Chan via cos)
MAPREDUCE-1152. Distinguish between failed and killed tasks in
JobTrackerInstrumentation. (Sharad Agarwal via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1285. In DistCp.deleteNonexisting(..), get class from the
parameter instead of using FileStatus.class. (Peter Romianowski via
MAPREDUCE-1294. Build fails to pull latest hadoop-core-* artifacts (cos)
MAPREDUCE-1213. TaskTrackers restart is faster because it deletes
distributed cache directory asynchronously. (Zheng Shao via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1265. The task attempt error log prints the name of the
tasktracker machine. (Scott Chen via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1201. ProcfsBasedProcessTree collects CPU usage information.
(Scott Chen via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1326. fi tests don't use fi-site.xml (cos)
MAPREDUCE-1165. Replace non-portable function name with C99 equivalent.
(Allen Wittenauer via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1331. Fixes a typo in a testcase (Devaraj Das)
MAPREDUCE-1293. AutoInputFormat doesn't work with non-default FileSystems.
(Andrew Hitchcock via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1131. Using profilers other than hprof can cause JobClient to
report job failure. (Aaron Kimball via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1155. Streaming tests swallow exceptions.
(Todd Lipcon via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1212. Mapreduce contrib project ivy dependencies are not included
in binary target. (Aaron Kimball via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1388. Move the HDFS RAID package from HDFS to MAPREDUCE.
(Eli Collins via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1322. Defines default value for staging directory to be user
based fixing a failing streaming test.
(Devaraj Das and Amareshwari Sriramadasu via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-899. Modified LinuxTaskController to check that task-controller
has right permissions and ownership before performing any actions.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1443. DBInputFormat can leak connections.
(Aaron Kimball via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1457. Fixes JobTracker to get the FileSystem object within
getStagingAreaDir within a privileged block. Fixes to use the
appropriate UGIs while getting the TaskUmbilicalProtocol proxy and
while executing the task. (Jakob Homan via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1399. The archive command shows a null error message (nicholas
via mahadev)
MAPREDUCE-1305. Improve efficiency of distcp -delete. (Peter Romianowski
via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1474. Update forrest documentation for Hadoop Archives. (Mahadev
Konar via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1400. Use tr rather than sed to effect literal substitution in
the build script. (Allen Wittenauer via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1358. Avoid false positives in OutputLogFilter. (Todd Lipcon via
MAPREDUCE-1490. Fix a NullPointerException that could occur during
instantiation and initialization of the DistributedRaidFileSystem.
(Rodrigo Schmidt via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1476. Fix the M/R framework to not call commit for special
tasks like job setup/cleanup and task cleanup.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1398. Fix TaskLauncher to stop waiting for slots on a TIP that
is killed / failed.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1491. The parity files created by the RAID are combined
using Hadoop Archive Files (HAR). (Rodrigo Schmidt via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1378. URL encode link in jobhistory.jsp to avoid errors caused by
unescaped characters. (E. Sammer via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1519. RaidNode fails to create new parity file
if an older version already exists. (Rodrigo Schmidt via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1537. Fixes a compilation problem in a testcase after commit
HDFS-984. (Jitendra Nath Pandey via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1537. The patch makes the job client call the getDelegationToken
only when security is enabled. (Jitendra Nath Pandey via ddas)
MAPREDUCE-1510. RAID should regenerate parity files if they get deleted.
(Rodrigo Schmidt via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1421. Fix the LinuxTaskController tests failing on trunk after
the commit of MAPREDUCE-1385. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-1520. Fix TestMiniMRLocalFS failure caused by regression in
getting user working dir. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1512. RAID uses HarFileSystem directly instead of
FileSystem.get (Rodrigo Schmidt via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1435. Fix symlink handling in task work directory when
cleaning up, essentially to avoid following links.
(Ravi Gummadi via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1518. RaidNode does not run the deletion check on the
directory that stores the parity files. (Rodrigo Schmidt via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1573. TestStreamingAsDifferentUser fails if run as tt_user.
(Ravi Gummadi via vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-927. Cleanup of task-logs should happen in TaskTracker instead
of the Child. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-1578. Decouple HadoopArchives vesrion from HarFileSystem version.
(Rodrigo Schmidt via szetszwo)
MAPREDUCE-1422. Fix cleanup of localized job directory to work if files
with non-deletable permissions are created within it.
(Amar Kamat via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1306. Randomize the arrival of heartbeat responses in Mumak.
(Tamas Sarlos via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1579. archive: check and possibly replace the space charater
in source paths. (szetszwo)
MAPREDUCE-1536. DataDrivenDBInputFormat does not split date columns correctly.
(Aaron Kimball via enis)
MAPREDUCE-890. After HADOOP-4491, the user who started mapred system is
not able to run job. (Ravi Gummadi via vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-1615. Fix compilation of TestSubmitJob. (cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1508. Protect against NPE in TestMultipleLevelCaching. (Aaron
Kimball via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1497. Suppress spurious findbugs warning about IndexCache
synchronization. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1420. Fix TestTTResourceReporting failure. (Scott Chen via
MAPREDUCE-1480. Correctly initialize child RecordReaders in
CombineFileInputFormat. (Aaron Kimball via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1348. Fix block forensics packaging. (Tom White via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1628. HarFileSystem shows incorrect replication numbers and
permissions. (szetszwo via mahadev)
MAPREDUCE-1602. Fix the error message for the case that src does not
exist. (szetszwo)
MAPREDUCE-1585. Create Hadoop Archives version 2 with filenames
URL-encoded (rodrigo via mahadev)
MAPREDUCE-1523. Sometimes rumen trace generator fails to extract the job
finish time. (dick king via mahadev)
MAPREDUCE-1635. ResourceEstimator does not work after MAPREDUCE-842.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-889. binary communication formats added to Streaming by
HADOOP-1722 should be documented. (Klaas Bosteels via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1031. ant tar target doens't seem to compile tests in contrib
projects. (Aaron Kimball via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1692. Removed unused testcase TestStreamedMerge.
(Sreekanth Ramakrishnan and Amareshwari Sriramadasu via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1062. Fix ReliabilityTest to work with retired jobs. (Sreekanth
Ramakrishnan via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1409. IOExceptions thrown from FIleOutputCommitter::abortTask
should cause the task to fail. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1695. Include capacity scheduler in findbugs and javadoc-dev
targets and also fix existing warnings. (Hong Tang via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1494. Ensure TestJobDirCleanup verifies the correct paths.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1622. Include missing slf4j dependencies. (cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1515. Accept java5.home from, not only from the
command line when building forrest docs. (Al Thompson via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1618. Add missing javadoc to JobStatus::*JobAcls. (Amareshwari
Sriramadasu via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1219. Remove job level metrics from jobtracker metrics to ease
undue load on jobtracker. (Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-1604. Add Forrest documentation for Job ACLs.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via yhemanth)
MAPREDUCE-1705. Archiving and Purging of HDFS parity files should
handle globbed policies accurately. (Rodrigo Schmidt via dhruba)
MAPREDUCE-1612. job conf file is not accessible from job history web page.
(Ravi Gummadi and Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-1397. NullPointerException observed during task failures.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-1728. Oracle timezone strings do not match Java.
(Aaron Kimball via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1609. TaskTracker.localizeJob should not set permissions on
job log directory recursively. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-1657. After task logs directory is deleted, tasklog servlet
displays wrong error message about job ACLs. (Ravi Gummadi via vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-1727. TestJobACLs fails after HADOOP-6686. (Ravi Gummadi via vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-1611. Refresh nodes and refresh queues doesnt work with service
authorization enabled. (Amar Kamat via vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-1276. Correct flaws in the shuffle related to connection setup
and failure attribution. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via cdouglas)
MAPREDUCE-1372. ConcurrentModificationException in JobInProgress.
(Dick King and Amareshwari Sriramadasu via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-118. Fix Job.getJobID(). (Amareshwari Sriramadasu via sharad)
MAPREDUCE-913. TaskRunner crashes with NPE resulting in held up slots,
UNINITIALIZED tasks and hung TaskTracker. (Amareshwari Sriramadasu and
Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-1725. Fix MapReduce API incompatibilities between 0.20 and 0.21.
MAPREDUCE-1606. TestJobACLs may timeout as there are no slots for launching
JOB_CLEANUP task. (Ravi Gummadi via vinodkv)
MAPREDUCE-1765. Correct streaming documentation for StreamXmlRecordReader.
(Corinne Chandel via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-1880. Fix BigDecimal.divide(..) in the pi example. (szetszwo)
MAPREDUCE-1885. Revert FileSystem create method that takes CreateFlags
(MapReduce part of HADOOP-6826). (Ravi Gummadi via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1870. Harmonize MapReduce JAR library versions with Common and
HDFS. (tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1791. Remote cluster control functionality needs JavaDocs
improvement (Konstantin Boudnik)
MAPREDUCE-1942. 'compile-fault-inject' should never be called directly.
(Konstantin Boudnik)
MAPREDUCE-1876. Fixes TaskAttemptStartedEvent to correctly log event type
for all task types. (Amar Kamat via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-1926. MapReduce distribution is missing build-utils.xml.
MAPREDUCE-2012. Some contrib tests fail in branch 0.21 and trunk.
(Amareshwari Sriramadasu via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-1980. Fixes TaskAttemptUnsuccessfulCompletionEvent and
TaskAttemptFinishedEvent to correctly log event type for all task types.
(Amar Kamat via amareshwari)
MAPREDUCE-1856. Extract a subset of tests for smoke (DOA) validation (cos)