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Hadoop HDFS Change Log
Trunk (unreleased changes)
HDFS-1526. Dfs client name for a map/reduce task should be unique
among threads. (hairong)
HDFS-1536. Improve HDFS WebUI. (hairong)
HDFS-1365. Federation: propose ClusterID and BlockPoolID format
(Tanping via boryas)
HDFS-1394. Federation: modify -format option for namenode to generated
new blockpool id and accept newcluster (boryas)
HDFS-1400. Federation: DataTransferProtocol uses ExtendedBlockPool to
include BlockPoolID in the protocol. (suresh)
HDFS-1428. Federation : add cluster ID and block pool ID into
Name node web UI(Tanping via boryas)
HDFS-1450. Federation: Introduce block pool ID into FSDatasetInterface.
HDFS-1632. Federation: data node storage structure changes and
introduce block pool storage. (Tanping via suresh)
HDFS-1634. Federation: Convert single threaded DataNode into
per BlockPool thread model.(boryas)
HDFS-1637. Federation: FSDataset in Datanode should be created after
initial handshake with namenode. (boryas and jitendra)
HDFS-1653. Federation: Block received message from datanode sends invalid
DatanodeRegistration. (Tanping via suresh)
HDFS-1645. Federation: DatanodeCommond.Finalize needs to include
BlockPoolId. (suresh)
HDFS-1638. Federation: DataNode.handleDiskError needs to inform
ALL namenodes if a disk failed (boryas)
HDFS-1647. Federation: Multiple namenode configuration. (jitendra)
HDFS-1639. Federation: Add block pool management to FSDataset. (suresh)
HDFS-1648. Federation: Only DataStorage must be locked using in_use.lock
and no locks must be associated with BlockPoolStorage. (Tanping via suresh)
HDFS-1641. Federation: Datanode fields that are no longer used should
be removed (boryas)
HDFS-1642. Federation: add Datanode.getDNRegistration(String bpid)
method (boryas)
HDFS-1643. Federation: remove namenode argument from DataNode
constructor (boryas)
HDFS-1657. Federation: Tests that corrupt block files fail due to changed
file path in federation. (suresh)
HDFS-1661. Federation: Remove unnecessary TODO:FEDERATION comments.
HDFS-1660. Federation: Datanode doesn't start with two namenodes (boryas)
HDFS-1650. Federation: TestReplication fails. (Tanping via suresh)
HDFS-1651. Federation: Tests fail due to null pointer exception in
Datnode#shutdown() method. (Tanping via suresh)
HDFS-1649. Federation: Datanode command to refresh namenode list at
the datanode. (jitendra)
HDFS-1646. Federation: MiniDFSClsuter#waitActive() waits for ever
with the introduction of BPOfferService in datanode. (suresh)
HDFS-1659. Federation: BPOfferService exits after one iteration
incorrectly. (Tanping via suresh)
HDFS-1654. Federation: Fix TestDFSUpgrade and TestDFSRollback failures.
HDFS-1668. Federation: Datanodes sends block pool usage information
to the namenode in heartbeat. (suresh)
HDFS-1669. Federation: Fix TestHftpFileSystem failure. (suresh)
HDFS-1670. Federation: remove dnRegistration from Datanode (boryas)
HDFS-1662. Federation: fix unit test case, TestCheckpoint
and TestDataNodeMXBean (tanping via boryas)
HDFS-1671. Federation: shutdown in DataNode should be able to
shutdown individual BP threads as well as the whole DN (boryas).
HDFS-1663. Federation: Rename getPoolId() everywhere to
getBlockPoolId() (tanping via boryas)
HDFS-1652. FederationL Add support for multiple namenodes in
MiniDFSCluster. (suresh)
HDFS-1672. Federation: refactor stopDatanode(name) to work
with multiple Block Pools (boryas)
HDFS-1687. Federation: DirectoryScanner changes for
federation (Matt Foley via boryas)
HDFS-1626. Make BLOCK_INVALIDATE_LIMIT configurable. (szetszwo)
HDFS-1655. Federation: DatablockScanner should scan blocks for
all the block pools. (jitendra)
HDFS-1664. Federation: Add block pool storage usage to Namenode WebUI.
(Tanping via suresh)
HDFS-1674. Federation: Rename BlockPool class to BlockPoolSlice.
(jghoman, Tanping via suresh)
HDFS-1673. Federation: Datanode changes to track block token secret per
namenode. (suresh)
HDFS-1677. Federation: Fix TestFsck and TestListCorruptFileBlocks
failures. (Tanping via suresh)
HDFS-1678. Federation: Remove unnecessary #getBlockpool()
for NameNodeMXBean in FSNameSystem. (Tanping via Suresh)
HDFS-1688. Federation: Fix failures in fault injection tests,
TestDiskError, TestDatanodeRestart and TestDFSTartupVersions. (suresh)
HDFS-1696. Federation: when build version doesn't match -
datanode should wait (keep connecting) untill NN comes up
with the right version (boryas)
HDFS-1681. Balancer: support per pool and per node policies. (szetszwo)
HDFS-1695. Federation: Fix testOIV and TestDatanodeUtils
(jhoman and tanping via boryas)
HDFS:1699. Federation: Fix failure of TestBlockReport.
(Matt Foley via suresh)
HDFS-1698. Federation: TestOverReplicatedBlocks and TestWriteToReplica
failing. (jhoman and jitendra)
HDFS-1701. Federation: Fix TestHeartbeathandling.
(Erik Steffl and Tanping Wang via suresh)
HDFS-1693. Federation: Fix TestDFSStorageStateRecovery failure. (suresh)
HDFS-1694. Federation: SimulatedFSDataset changes to work with
federation and multiple block pools. (suresh)
HDFS-1689. Federation: Configuration for namenodes. (suresh and jitendra)
HDFS-1682. Change Balancer CLI for multiple namenodes and balancing
policy. (szetszwo)
HDFS-1697. Federation: fix TestBlockRecovery (boryas)
HDFS-1702. Federation: fix TestBackupNode and TestRefreshNamendoes
failures. (suresh)
HDFS-1706. Federation: TestFileAppend2, TestFileAppend3 and
TestBlockTokenWithDFS failing. (jitendra)
HDFS-1704. Federation: Add a tool that lists namenodes, secondary and
backup from configuration file. (suresh)
HDFS-1711. Federation: create method for updating machine name in (boryas)
HDFS-1712. Federation: when looking up datanode we should use machineNmae
(in testOverReplicatedBlocks) (boryas)
HDFS-1709. Federation: Error "nnaddr url param is null" when clicking on a
node from NN Live Node Link. (jitendra)
HDFS-1714. Federation: refactor upgrade object in DataNode (boryas)
HDFS-1715. Federation: warning/error not generated when datanode sees
inconsistent/different Cluster ID between namenodes (boryas)
HDFS-1715. Federation: warning/error not generated when datanode sees
inconsistent/different Cluster ID between namenodes (boryas)
HDFS-1716. Federation: Add decommission tests for federated namenodes.
HDFS-1713. Federation: Prevent DataBlockScanner from running in tight loop.
HDFS-1721. Federation: Configuration for principal names should not be
namenode specific. (jitendra)
HDFS-1717. Federation: FSDataset volumeMap access is not synchronized
correctly. (suresh)
HDFS-1722. Federation: Add flag to MiniDFSCluser to differentiate between
federation and non-federation modes. (boryas via suresh)
HDFS-1718. Federation: MiniDFSCluster#waitActive() bug causes some tests
to fail. (suresh)
HDFS-1719. Federation: Fix TestDFSRemove that fails intermittently.
HDFS-1720. Federation: FSVolumeSet volumes is not synchronized correctly.
HDFS-1700. Federation: fsck needs to work with federation changes.
(Matt Foley via suresh)
HDFS-1482. Add listCorruptFileBlocks to DistributedFileSystem.
(Patrick Kling via hairong)
HDFS-1448. Add a new tool Offline Edits Viewer (oev). (Erik Steffl
via szetszwo)
HDFS-1735. Federation: merge FSImage change in federation to
FSImage+NNStorage refactoring in trunk. (suresh)
HDFS-1737. Federation: Update the layout version for federation
changes. (suresh)
HDFS-1744. Federation: Add new layout version to offline image viewer
and edits viewer. (suresh)
HDFS-1745. Federation: Fix fault injection test failures. (suresh)
HDFS-1746. Federation: TestFileAppend3 fails intermittently. (jitendra)
HDFS-1703. Improve start/stop scripts and add decommission tool for
federation. (Tanping Wang, Erik Steffl via suresh)
HDFS-1749. Federation: TestListCorruptFileBlocks failing in federation
branch. (jitendra)
HDFS-1754. Federation: testFsck fails. (boryas)
HDFS-1755. Federation: The BPOfferService must always connect to namenode
as the login user. (jitendra)
HDFS-1675. Support transferring RBW between datanodes. (szetszwo)
HDFS-1791. Federation: Add command to delete block pool directories
from a datanode. (jitendra)
HDFS-1761. Add a new DataTransferProtocol operation, Op.TRANSFER_BLOCK,
for transferring RBW/Finalized with acknowledgement and without using RPC.
HDFS-1813. Federation: Authentication using BlockToken in RPC to datanode
fails. (jitendra)
HDFS-1630. Support fsedits checksum. (hairong)
HDFS-1606. Provide a stronger data guarantee in the write pipeline by
adding a new datanode when an existing datanode failed. (szetszwo)
HDFS-1442. Api to get delegation token in Hdfs class. (jitendra)
HDFS-1070. Speedup namenode image loading and saving by storing only
local file names. (hairong)
HDFS-1751. Intrinsic limits for HDFS files, directories (daryn via boryas).
HDFS-1873. Federation: Add cluster management web console.
(Tanping Wang via suresh)
HDFS 1911 HDFS tests for the newly added viewfs
HDFS-1814. Add "hdfs groups" command to query the server-side groups
resolved for a user. (Aaron T. Myers via todd)
HDFS-1914. Federation: namenode storage directories must be configurable
specific to name service. (suresh)
HDFS-1963. Create RPM and Debian packages for HDFS. Changes deployment
layout to be consistent across the binary tgz, rpm, and deb.
(Eric Yang via omalley)
HDFS-1875. MiniDFSCluster hard-codes dfs.datanode.address to localhost
(Eric Payne via mattf)
HDFS-2019. Fix all the places where Java method File.list is used with
FileUtil.list API (Bharath Mundlapudi via mattf)
HDFS-1934. Fix NullPointerException when certain File APIs return null
(Bharath Mundlapudi via mattf)
HDFS-1510. Added required by (nigel)
HDFS-1628. Display full path in AccessControlException. (John George
via szetszwo)
HDFS-1707. Federation: Failure in browsing data on new namenodes.
HDFS-1683. Test Balancer with multiple NameNodes. (szetszwo)
HDFS-1547. Improve decommission mechanism. (suresh)
HDFS-1588. Remove hardcoded strings for configuration keys, "dfs.hosts"
and "dfs.hosts.exlude". (Erik Steffl via suresh)
HDFS-1481. NameNode should validate fsimage before rolling. (hairong)
HDFS-1506. Refactor fsimage loading code. (hairong)
HDFS-1533. A more elegant FileSystem#listCorruptFileBlocks API
(HDFS portion) (Patrick Kling via hairong)
HDFS-1476. listCorruptFileBlocks should be functional while the
name node is in safe mode. (Patrick Kling via hairong)
HDFS-1534. Fix some incorrect logs in FSDirectory. (eli)
HDFS-1539. A config option for the datanode to fsycn a block file
when block is completely written. (dhruba)
HDFS-1335. HDFS side change of HADDOP-6904: RPC compatibility. (hairong)
HDFS-1557. Separate Storage from FSImage. (Ivan Kelly via jitendra)
HDFS-560 Enhancements/tuning to hadoop-hdfs/build.xml
HDFS-1629. Add a method to BlockPlacementPolicy for keeping the chosen
nodes in the output array. (szetszwo)
HDFS-1731. Allow using a file to exclude certain tests from build (todd)
HDFS-1736. Remove the dependency from DatanodeJspHelper to FsShell.
(Daryn Sharp via szetszwo)
HDFS-780. Revive TestFuseDFS. (eli)
HDFS-1445. Batch the calls in DataStorage to FileUtil.createHardLink().
(Matt Foley via jghoman)
HDFS-1763. Replace hard-coded option strings with variables from
DFSConfigKeys. (eli)
HDFS-1541. Not marking datanodes dead when namenode in safemode.
HDFS-1120. Make DataNode's block-to-device placement policy pluggable
(Harsh J Chouraria via todd)
HDFS-1785. In BlockReceiver and DataXceiver, clientName.length() is used
multiple times for determining whether the source is a client or a
datanode. (szetszwo)
HDFS-1789. Refactor frequently used codes from DFSOutputStream and
DataXceiver. (szetszwo)
HDFS-1767. Namenode ignores non-initial block report from datanodes
when in safemode during startup. (Matt Foley via suresh)
HDFS-1817. Move pipeline_Fi_[39-51] from TestFiDataTransferProtocol
to TestFiPipelineClose. (szetszwo)
HDFS-1760. In FSDirectory.getFullPathName(..), it is better to return "/"
for root directory instead of an empty string. (Daryn Sharp via szetszwo)
HDFS-1833. Reduce repeated string constructions and unnecessary fields,
and fix comments in BlockReceiver.PacketResponder. (szetszwo)
HDFS-1486. Generalize CLITest structure and interfaces to faciliate
upstream adoption (e.g. for web testing). (cos)
HDFS-1844. Move "fs -help" shell command tests from HDFS to COMMOM; see
also HADOOP-7230. (Daryn Sharp via szetszwo)
HDFS-1840. In DFSClient, terminate the lease renewing thread when all files
being written are closed for a grace period, and start a new thread when
new files are opened for write. (szetszwo)
HDFS-1854. make failure message more useful in
DFSTestUtil.waitReplication(). (Matt Foley via eli)
HDFS-1562. Add rack policy tests. (eli)
HDFS-1856. TestDatanodeBlockScanner waits forever, errs without giving
information. (Matt Foley via eli)
HDFS-1295. Improve namenode restart times by short-circuiting the
first block reports from datanodes. (Matt Foley via suresh)
Corrected merge error in (Matt Foley)
HDFS-1843. Discover file not found early for file append.
(Bharath Mundlapudi via jitendra)
HDFS-1862. Improve test reliability of HDFS-1594. (Aaron T. Myers via eli)
HDFS-1846. Preallocate edit log with OP_INVALID instead of zero bytes
to ensure blocks are actually allocated. (Aaron T. Myers via todd)
HDFS-1741. Provide a minimal pom file to allow integration of HDFS into Sonar
analysis (cos)
HDFS-1870. Move and rename DFSClient.LeaseChecker to a seperated class
LeaseRenewer. (szetszwo)
HDFS-1866. Document dfs.datanode.max.transfer.threads in hdfs-default.xml
(Harsh J Chouraria via todd)
HDFS-1890. Improve the name, class and value type of the map
LeaseRenewer.pendingCreates. (szetszwo)
HDFS-1865. Share LeaseRenewer among DFSClients so that there is only a
LeaseRenewer thread per namenode per user. (szetszwo)
HDFS-1906. Remove logging exception stack trace in client logs when one of
the datanode targets to read from is not reachable. (suresh)
HDFS-1378. Edit log replay should track and report file offsets in case of
errors. (Aaron T. Myers and Todd Lipcon via todd)
HDFS-1917. Separate hdfs jars from common in ivy configuration. (Eric Yang
via szetszwo)
HDFS-1899. GenericTestUtils.formatNamenode should be moved to DFSTestUtil
(Ted Yu via todd)
HDFS-1117. Metrics 2.0 HDFS instrumentation. (Luke Lu via suresh)
HDFS-1946. HDFS part of HADOOP-7291. (eli)
HDFS-1945. Removed the deprecated fields in DataTransferProtocol.
HDFS-1730. Use DaemonFactory from common and delete it from HDFS.
(Tanping via suresh)
HDFS-1573. Add useful tracing information to Lease Renewer thread names
HDFS-1939. In ivy.xml, test conf should not extend common conf.
(Eric Yang via szetszwo)
HDFS-1332 Include more information in exceptions and debug messages
when BlockPlacementPolicy cannot be satisfied. (Ted Yu via szetszwo)
HDFS-1958. Confirmation should be more lenient of user input when
formatting the NameNode. (todd)
HDFS-1905. Improve namenode -format command by not making -clusterId
parameter mandatory. (Bharath Mundlapudi via suresh)
HDFS-1877. Add a new test for concurrent read and write. (CW Chung
via szetszwo)
HDFS-1959. Better error message for missing namenode directory. (eli)
HDFS-1996. ivy: hdfs test jar should be independent to common test jar.
(Eric Yang via szetszwo)
HDFS-1812. TestHDFSCLI should clean up cluster in teardown method.
(Uma Maheswara Rao G via todd)
HDFS-1884. Improve TestDFSStorageStateRecovery to properly throw in the
case of errors. (Aaron T. Myers via todd)
HDFS-1727. fsck command should display command usage if user passes any
illegal argument. (Sravan Kumar via todd)
HDFS-1636. If points to an empty dir, namenode format
shouldn't require confirmation. (Harsh J Chouraria via todd)
HDFS-1966. Encapsulate individual DataTransferProtocol op headers.
HDFS-2024. Format TestWriteRead source codes. (CW Chung via szetszwo)
HDFS-1968. Enhance TestWriteRead to support position/sequential read,
append, truncate and verbose options. (CW Chung via szetszwo)
HDFS-1986. Add option to get http/https address from
DFSUtil#getInfoServer(). (Tanping via suresh)
HDFS-2029. In TestWriteRead, check visible length immediately after
openning the file and fix code style. (John George via szetszwo)
HDFS-2040. Only build libhdfs if a flag is passed. (eli)
HDFS-1586. Add InterfaceAudience and InterfaceStability annotations to
MiniDFSCluster. (suresh)
HDFS-2003. Separate FSEditLog reading logic from edit log memory state
building logic. (Ivan Kelly via todd)
HDFS-1458. Improve checkpoint performance by avoiding unnecessary image
downloads and loading. (hairong)
HDFS-1601. Pipeline ACKs are sent as lots of tiny TCP packets (todd)
HDFS-1826. NameNode should save image to name directories in parallel
during upgrade. (Matt Foley via hairong)
HDFS-941. The DFS client should cache and reuse open sockets to datanodes
while performing reads. (bc Wong and Todd Lipcon via todd)
HDFS-2030. Improve usability of namenode -upgrade command.
(Bharath Mundlapudi via suresh)
HDFS-2056. Update fetchdt usage. (Tanping Wang via jitendra)
HDFS-1449. Fix test failures - ExtendedBlock must return
block file name in #getBlockName(). (suresh)
HDFS-1680. Fix TestBalancer. (szetszwo)
HDFS-1705. Balancer command throws NullPointerException. (suresh via
HDFS-1559. Add missing UGM overrides to TestRefreshUserMappings
(Todd Lipcon via eli)
HDFS-1585. Fix build after HDFS-1547 (todd)
HDFS-1684. Balancer cannot start with with multiple namenodes. (szetszwo)
HDFS-1516. mvn-install is broken after 0.22 branch creation. (cos)
HDFS-1360. TestBlockRecovery should bind ephemeral ports.
(Todd Lipcon via hairong)
HDFS-1551. Fix pom templates dependency list (gkesavan)
HDFS-1509. A savenamespace command writes the fsimage and edits into
all configured directories. (dhruba)
HDFS-1540. Make Datanode handle errors from RPC calls to namenode
more elegantly. (dhruba)
HDFS-1463. Accesstime of a file is not updated in safeMode. (dhruba)
HDFS-863. Potential deadlock in TestOverReplicatedBlocks.
(Ken Goodhope via jghoman)
HDFS-1607. Fix referenced to misspelled method name getProtocolSigature
HDFS-1610. Fix TestClientProtocolWithDelegationToken and TestBlockToken
on trunk after HADOOP-6904 (todd)
HDFS-1600. Fix release audit warnings on trunk. (todd)
HDFS-1691. Remove a duplicated static initializer for reading default
configurations in DFSck. (Alexey Diomin via szetszwo)
HDFS-1748. Balancer utilization classification is incomplete. (szetszwo)
HDFS-1738. change hdfs jmxget to return an empty string instead of
null when an attribute value is not available (tanping vi boryas)
HDFS-1757. Don't compile fuse-dfs by default. (eli)
HDFS-1770. TestFiRename fails due to invalid block size. (eli)
HDFS-1797. Fix new findbugs warning introduced by HDFS-1120 (todd)
HDFS-1611. Fix up some log messages in DFSClient and MBean registration
(Uma Maheswara Rao G via todd)
HDFS-1543. Reduce dev. cycle time by moving system testing artifacts from
default build and push to maven for HDFS (Luke Lu via cos)
HDFS-1818. TestHDFSCLI is failing on trunk after HADOOP-7202.
(Aaron T. Myers via todd)
HDFS-1828. TestBlocksWithNotEnoughRacks intermittently fails assert.
(Matt Foley via eli)
HDFS-1824. delay instantiation of file system object until it is
needed (linked to HADOOP-7207) (boryas)
HDFS-1831. Fix append bug in FileContext and implement CreateFlag
check (related to HADOOP-7223). (suresh)
HDFS-1594. When the disk becomes full Namenode is getting shutdown and
not able to recover. (Aaron T. Myers via eli)
HDFS-1822. Handle editlog opcode conflict with 0.20.203 during upgrade,
by throwing an error to indicate the editlog needs to be empty.
HDFS-1808. TestBalancer waits forever, errs without giving information.
(Matt Foley via eli)
HDFS-1829. TestNodeCount waits forever, errs without giving information.
(Matt Foley via eli)
HDFS-1860. when renewing/canceling DelegationToken over http we need to
pass exception information back to the caller.(boryas)
HDFS-1871. Mapreduce build fails due to MiniDFSCluster change from
HDFS-1052. (suresh)
HDFS-1876. One MiniDFSCluster constructor ignores numDataNodes parameter
HDFS-1773. Do not show decommissioned datanodes, which are not in both
include and exclude lists, on web and JMX interfaces.
(Tanping Wang via szetszwo)
HDFS-1888. MiniDFSCluster#corruptBlockOnDatanodes() access must be
public. (suresh)
HDFS-1889. incorrect path in start/stop dfs script. (John George via eli)
HDFS-1891. Disable IPV6 for junit tests to fix TestBackupNode failure.
HDFS-1898. Tests failing on trunk due to use of NameNode.format.
(todd via eli)
HDFS-1902. Fix setrep path display for TestHDFSCLI. (Daryn Sharp
via szetszwo)
HDFS-1827. Fix timeout problem in TestBlockReplacement. (Matt Foley
via szetszwo)
HDFS-1908. Fix a NullPointerException in fi.DataTransferTestUtil.
HDFS-1912. Update tests for FsShell standardized error messages.
(Daryn Sharp via szetszwo)
HDFS-1903. Fix path display for rm/rmr in TestHDFSCLI and TestDFSShell.
(Daryn Sharp via szetszwo)
HDFS-1627. Fix NullPointerException in Secondary NameNode. (hairong)
HDFS-1928. Fix path display for touchz in TestHDFSCLI.
(Daryn Sharp via todd)
HDFS-1938. Fix ivy-retrieve-hdfs dependence in build.xml and aop.xml.
(Eric Yang via szetszwo)
HDFS-1929. TestEditLogFileOutputStream fails if running on same host as NN
(Aaron T. Myers via todd)
HDFS-1933. Update TestDFSShell for improved "test" shell command. (Daryn
Sharp via todd)
HDFS-1931. Update TestDFSShell for improved "du" shell command. (Daryn
Sharp via todd)
HDFS-1881. Federation: after taking snapshot the current directory
of datanode is empty. (Tanping Wang via suresh)
HDFS-1927. Fix a bug which causes ip=null in NameNode audit log.
(John George via szetszwo)
HDFS-1953. Federation: Change name node mxbean name in cluster web
console. (Tanping Wang via suresh)
HDFS-1922. Fix recurring failure of TestJMXGet (Luke Lu via todd)
HDFS-1371. One bad node can incorrectly flag many files as corrupt.
(Tanping Wang via jitendra)
HDFS-1943. Fail to start datanode while is executed by
root user. (Wei Yongjun via jghoman)
HDFS-1983. Fix path display for copy and rm commands in TestHDFSCLI and
TestDFSShell. (Daryn Sharp via todd)
HDFS-1999. Tests use deprecated configs. (Aaron T. Myers via eli)
HDFS-1592. Datanode startup doesn't honor volumes.tolerated.
(Bharath Mundlapudi via jitendra)
HDFS-1920. libhdfs does not build for ARM processors.
(Trevor Robinson via eli)
HDFS-1936. Layout version change from HDFS-1822 causes upgrade failure.
HDFS-2021. Update numBytesAcked before sending the ack in PacketResponder.
(John George via szetszwo)
HDFS-2020. Fix TestDFSUpgradeFromImage by removing the use of DataNode
as a singleton. (suresh via todd)
HDFS-2022. ant binary should build libhdfs. (Eric Yang via eli)
HDFS-2014. Change HDFS scripts to work in developer enviroment post
RPM packaging changes. (Eric Yang via suresh)
HDFS-1995. Federation: Minor bug fixes and modification cluster web UI.
(Tanping Wang via suresh)
HDFS-1907. Fix position read for reading still-being-written file in
DFSInputStream. (John George via szetszwo)
HDFS-1923. In TestFiDataTransferProtocol2, reduce random sleep time period
and increase the number of datanodes. (szetszwo)
HDFS-1149. Lease reassignment should be persisted to the edit log.
(Aaron T. Myers via todd)
HDFS-1998. Federation: Make refresh all the
namenode. (Tanping Wang via suresh)
HDFS-2041. OP_CONCAT_DELETE doesn't properly restore modification time
of the concatenated file when edit logs are replayed. (todd)
Release 0.22.0 - Unreleased
HDFS-1825. Remove thriftfs contrib. (nigel via eli)
HDFS-992. Re-factor block access token implementation to conform to the
generic Token interface in Common (Kan Zhang and Jitendra Pandey via jghoman)
HDFS-599. Allow NameNode to have a seprate port for service requests from
client requests. (Dmytro Molkov via hairong)
HDFS-1004. Update NN to support Kerberized SSL from HADOOP-6584.
(jghoman and Kan Zhang via jghoman)
HDFS-1005. Fsck security. (borya and Kan Zhang via jghoman)
HDFS-1006. getImage/putImage http requests should be https for the case
of security enabled. (borya and jghoman via jghoman)
HDFS-1033. In secure clusters, NN and SNN should verify that the remote
principal during image and edits transfer. (jghoman)
HDFS-1023. Allow http server to start as regular principal if https
principal not defined. (jghoman)
HDFS-1150. Verify datanodes' identities to clients in secure clusters.
HDFS-1330. Make RPCs to DataNodes timeout. (hairong)
HDFS-202. HDFS support of listLocatedStatus introduced in HADOOP-6870.
HDFS piggyback block locations to each file status when listing a
directory. (hairong)
HDFS-1359. Add BlockPoolID to Block. (suresh)
HDFS-1361. Add -fileStatus operation to NNThroughputBenchmark. (shv)
HDFS-1435. Provide an option to store fsimage compressed. (hairong)
HDFS-903. Support fsimage validation through MD5 checksum. (hairong)
HDFS-1457. Provide an option to throttle image transmission between
pimary and secondary NameNodes. (Yifei Lu and hairong via hairong)
HDFS-1164. TestHdfsProxy is failing. (Todd Lipcon via cos)
HDFS-811. Add metrics, failure reporting and additional tests for HDFS-457.
HDFS-895. Allow hflush/sync to occur in parallel with new writes
to the file. (Todd Lipcon via hairong)
HDFS-528. Add ability for safemode to wait for a minimum number of
live datanodes (Todd Lipcon via eli)
HDFS-1304. Add a new unit test for (szetszwo)
HDFS-1096. fix for prev. commit. (boryas)
HDFS-1096. allow dfsadmin/mradmin refresh of superuser proxy group
mappings (boryas)
HDFS-1146. Javadoc for getDelegationTokenSecretManager in FSNamesystem (jnp via boryas)
HDFS-1132. Refactor TestFileStatus (Eli Collins via cos)
HDFS-1163. normalize property names for JT/NN kerberos principal
names in configuration (from HADOOP 6633) (boryas)
HDFS-1003. authorization checks for inter-server protocol
(based on HADOOP-6600) (boryas)
HDFS-1061. Memory footprint optimization for INodeFile object.
(Bharath Mundlapudi via jghoman)
HDFS-1079. Throw exceptions as specified by the AbstractFileSystem
in HDFS implemenation and protocols. (suresh)
HDFS-1112. Edit log buffer should not grow unfoundedly. (hairong)
HDFS-1119. Introduce a GSet interface to BlocksMap. (szetszwo)
HDFS-1184. Replace tabs in code with spaces. (Jeff Ames via jghoman)
HDFS-1185. Remove duplicate now() functions in DataNode, FSNamesysetm.
(Jeff Ames via jghoman)
HDFS-1183. Remove some duplicate code in
(Jeff Ames via jghoman)
HDFS-1190. Remove unused getNamenode() method from DataNode.
(Jeff Ames via jghoman)
HDFS-1110. Reuses objects for commonly used file names in namenode to
reduce the heap usage. (suresh)
HDFS-752. Add interfaces classification to to HDFS source code. (suresh)
HDFS-947. An Hftp read request is redirected to a datanode that has
the most replicas of the blocks in the file. (Dmytro Molkov via dhruba)
HDFS-1272. Fixes to take care of the changes in HADOOP-6845.
(Jitendra Pandey via ddas)
HDFS-1298 - Add support in HDFS for new statistics added in FileSystem
to track the file system operations. (suresh)
HDFS-1201. The HDFS component for HADOOP-6632.
(Kan Zhang & Jitendra Pandey via ddas)
HDFS-1307 Add start time, end time and total time taken for FSCK to
FSCK report (suresh)
HDFS-1302. The HDFS side of the changes corresponding to HADOOP-6861.
(Jitendra Pandey & Owen O'Malley via ddas)
HDFS-1315. Add fsck event to audit log and remove other audit log events
corresponding to FSCK listStatus and open calls. (suresh)
HDFS-1178. The NameNode servlets should not use RPC to connect to the
NameNode. (Kan Zhang via jghoman)
HDFS-1130. Adds dfs.cluster.administrator ACL configuration that can
be used to control who can view the default hdfs servlets. (ddas)
HDFS-1297. Fix some comments. (Jeff Ames via jghoman)
HDFS-330. Datanode Web UIs should provide robots.txt.
(Allen Wittenauer via jghoman)
HDFS-881. Refactor DataNode Packet header into DataTransferProtocol.
(Todd Lipcon via jghoman)
HDFS-1036. docs for fetchdt
HDFS-1318. Add JMX interface for read access to namenode and datanode
web UI information. (Tanping Wang via suresh).
HDFS-1356. Provide information as to whether or not security is
enabled on web interface for NameNode (boryas)
HDFS-1205. FSDatasetAsyncDiskService should name its threads.
(Todd Lipcon via eli)
HDFS-1111. Introduce getCorruptFileBlocks() for fsck. (Sriram Rao via shv)
HDFS-1395. Add @Override to FSDataset methods that implement
FSDatasetInterface methods. (suresh)
HDFS-1383. Improve the error messages when using hftp://. (szetszwo)
HDFS-1093. Change the FSNamesystem lock to a read/write lock. (dhruba)
HDFS-1407. Change DataTransferProtocol methods to use Block instead
of individual elements of Block. (suresh)
HDFS-1417. Add @Override to SimulatedFSDataset methods that implement
FSDatasetInterface methods. (suresh)
HDFS-1426. Remove unused method BlockInfo#listCount. (hairong)
HDFS-1472. Allow programmatic access to fsck output.
(Ramkumar Vadali via dhruba)
HADOOP-7007. Update the hudson-test-patch ant target to work with the
latest script (gkesavan)
HDFS-1462. Refactor edit log loading to a separate class from edit log writing.
(Todd Lipcon via eli)
HDFS-1485. Fix typo in BlockPlacementPolicy. (Jingguo Yao via shv)
HDFS-1035. Generate Eclipse's .classpath file from Ivy config. (nigel)
HDFS-1408. Herriot NN and DN clients should vend statistics. (cos)
HDFS-1491 Update Hdfs to match the change of methods from protected to public
in AbstractFileSystem (Hadoop-6903) (sanjay)
HDFS-1160. Improve some FSDataset warnings and comments. (eli)
HDFS-556. Provide info on failed volumes in the web ui. (eli)
HDFS-697. Enable asserts for tests by default. (eli)
HDFS-1187. Modify fetchdt to allow renewing and canceling token.
(Owen O'Malley and Kan Zhang via jghoman)
HDFS-1387. Update HDFS permissions guide for security. (Todd Lipcon via eli)
HDFS-455. Make NN and DN handle in a intuitive way comma-separated
configuration strings. (Michele Catasta via eli)
HDFS-1071. savenamespace should write the fsimage to all configured in parallel (Dmytro Molkov via jghoman)
HDFS-1055. Improve thread naming for DataXceivers.
(Todd Lipcon and Ramkumar Vadali via eli).
HDFS-718. Configuration parameter to prevent accidental formatting of
HDFS filesystem. (Andrew Ryan via jghoman)
HDFS-1500. TestOfflineImageViewer failing on trunk. (Todd Lipcon
via hairong)
HDFS-1483. DFSClient.getBlockLocations should indicate if corresponding
blocks are corrupt. (Patrick Kling via hairong)
HDFS-259. Remove intentionally corrupt 0.13 directory layout creation.
(Todd Lipcon via eli)
HDFS-1513. Fix a number of warnings. (eli)
HDFS-1473. Refactor storage management into separate classes than fsimage
file reading/writing. (Todd Lipcon via eli)
HDFS-1582. Remove auto-generated native build files. (rvs via eli)
HDFS-1456. Provide builder for constructing instances of MiniDFSCluster.
HDFS-1861. Rename dfs.datanode.max.xcievers and bump its default value.
HDFS-1052. HDFS Federation - Merge of umbrella jira changes from
HDFS-1052 branch into trunk.
HDFS-1835. DataNode should not depend on SHA1PRNG secure random generator
to generate a storage ID. (John Carrino via todd)
HDFS-1947. DFSClient should use (eli)
HDFS-1957. Add documentation for HFTP. (Ari Rabkin via todd)
HDFS-1454. Update the documentation to reflect that clients don't write
blocks to local disk before copying to HDFS. (Harsh J Chouraria via todd)
HDFS-1980. Move build/webapps deeper in the build directory heirarchy
to aid eclipse users. (todd)
HDFS-1619. Remove AC_TYPE* from the libhdfs. (Roman Shaposhnik via eli)
HDFS-1948 Forward port 'hdfs-1520 lightweight namenode operation to
trigger lease recovery' (stack)
HDFS-1954. Improved corrupt files warning on NameNode web UI.
(Patrick Hunt via shv)
HDFS-1409. BackupNode registration throwing
UnsupportedActionException("register") instead of "journal".
(Ching-Shen Chen via shv)
HDFS-1140. Speedup INode.getPathComponents. (Dmytro Molkov via shv)
HDFS-1081. Performance regression in
DistributedFileSystem::getFileBlockLocations in secure systems (jghoman)
HDFS-1114. Implement LightWeightGSet for BlocksMap in order to reduce
NameNode memory footprint. (szetszwo)
HDFS-1320. Add LOG.isDebugEnabled() guard for each LOG.debug(..).
(Erik Steffl via szetszwo)
HDFS-1368. Add a block counter to DatanodeDescriptor. (hairong)
HDFS-1434. Refactor Datanode#startDataNode method into smaller methods.
HDFS-1039. Adding test for JspHelper.getUGI(jnp via boryas)
HDFS-1019. Incorrect default values for delegation tokens in
hdfs-default.xml (jnp via boryas)
HDFS-1039. Service should be set in the token in JspHelper.getUGI(jnp via boryas)
HDFS-1038. FIX. A test missed in a previous commit for this JIRA. (boryas)
HDFS-1038. In nn_browsedfscontent.jsp fetch delegation token only
if security is enabled. (jnp via boryas)
HDFS-1044. Cannot submit mapreduce job from secure client to
unsecure sever (boryas)
HDFS-1021. specify correct server principal for RefreshAuthorizationPolicyProtocol
and RefreshUserToGroupMappingsProtocol protocols in DFSAdmin (for HADOOP-6612) (boryas)
HDFS-970. fsync fsimage to disk before closing fsimage file.
(Todd Lipcon via dhruba)
HDFS-1027. Update copyright year to 2010. (Ravi Phulari via jghoman)
HDFS-1080. SecondaryNameNode image transfer should use the defined http
address rather than local ip address. (jghoman)
HDFS-1198. Resolving cross-realm principals. (Jitendra Pandey via jghoman)
HDFS-1118. Fix socketleak on DFSClient. (Zheng Shao via dhruba)
HDFS-1192. refreshSuperUserGroupsConfiguration should use server side
configuration for the refresh (for HADOOP-6815) (boryas)
HDFS-1036. in DelegationTokenFetch dfs.getURI returns no port (boryas)
HDFS-1017. browsedfs jsp should call JspHelper.getUGI rather
than using createRemoteUser() (jnp via boryas)
HDFS-1250. Namenode should reject block reports and block received
requests from dead datanodes (suresh)
HDFS-1145. When NameNode is shutdown it does not try to exit
safemode anymore. (dhruba)
HDFS-1202. DataBlockScanner throws NPE when updated before
initialized. (Todd Lipcon via dhruba)
HDFS-882. Datanode logs the hostname and port its listening on.
(Steve Loughran via dhruba)
HDFS-1238. ant eclipse-files has drifted again, (jghoman)
HDFS-1045. In secure clusters, re-login is necessary for https
clients before opening connections. (jghoman)
HDFS-1289. Datanode secure mode is broken. (Kan Zhang via jghoman)
HDFS-1007. HFTP needs to be updated to use delegation tokens (boryas)
HDFS-1085. HFTP read may fail silently on the client side if there is an
exception on the server side. (szetszwo)
HDFS-1308. job conf key for the services name of DelegationToken for HFTP
url is constructed incorrectly in HFTPFileSystem (boryas)
HDFS-1319. Fix location of re-login for secondary namenode from HDFS-999.
HDFS-1317. Remove the FILEPATH_PATTERN from hdfsproxy.AuthorizationFilter.
(Rohini Palaniswamy via szetszwo)
HDFS-912. sed in build.xml on Solaris fails. (Allen Wittenauer via jghoman)
HDFS-1296. using delegation token over hftp for long running
clients (boryas)
HDFS-1334. open in HftpFileSystem does not add delegation tokens to the url.
(Jitendra Pandey via jghoman)
HDFS-1301. TestHDFSProxy need to use server side conf for ProxyUser
stuff. (boryas)
HDFS-1340. When security is turned off, there is a potential XSS attack.
This patch fixes it by removing delegationtoken string from the URL,
before returning a response to the client. (Jitendra Pandey via ddas)
HDFS-1347. TestDelegationToken uses mortbay.log for logging (boryas)
HDFS-1157. Modifications introduced by HDFS-1150 are breaking aspect's
bindings (cos)
HDFS-1349. Remove empty java files. (Eli Collins)
HDFS-1340. A null delegation token is appended to the url if security
is disabled when browsing filesystem. (boryas)
HDFS-1352. Fix jsvc.location. (Eli Collins via jghoman)
HDFS-1284. TestBlockToken fails. (Kan Zhang via jghoman)
HDFS-1355. ant veryclean (clean-cache) doesn't clean enough.
(Luke Lu via jghoman)
HDFS-1353. Remove most of getBlockLocation optimization. (jghoman)
HDFS-1369. Invalid javadoc reference in (Eli Collins)
HDFS-829. hdfsJniHelper.c: #include <error.h> is not portable.
(Allen Wittenauer via jghoman)
HDFS-1310. The ClientDatanodeProtocol proxy should be stopped in
DFSInputStream.readBlockLength(..). (sam rash via szetszwo)
HDFS-1357. HFTP traffic served by DataNode shouldn't use service port
on NameNode. (Kan Zhang via jghoman)
HDFS-1419. HDFS Federation: Three test cases need minor modification after
the new block id change (Tanping Wang via suresh)
HDFS-96. HDFS supports blocks larger than 2 GB.
(Patrick Kling via dhruba)
HDFS-1433. Fix test failures - TestPread and TestFileLimit. (suresh)
HDFS-1364. Makes long running HFTP-based applications do relogins
if necessary. (Jitendra Pandey via ddas)
HDFS-1399. Distinct minicluster services (e.g. NN and JT) overwrite each
other's service policies. (Aaron T. Myers via tomwhite)
HDFS-1440. Fix TestComputeInvalidateWork failure. (suresh)
HDFS-1498. FSDirectory#unprotectedConcat calls setModificationTime
on a file. (eli)
HDFS-1625. Ignore disk space values in TestDataNodeMXBean. (szetszwo)
HDFS-1850. DN should transmit absolute failed volume count rather than
increments to the NN. (eli)
HDFS-671. Documentation change for updated configuration keys.
(tomwhite via eli)
HDFS-1544. Ivy resolve force mode should be turned off by default.
(Luke Lu via tomwhite)
HDFS-1615. seek() on closed DFS input stream throws NullPointerException
(Scott Carey via todd)
HDFS-1897. Documentation refers to removed option
(Andrew Whang via todd)
HDFS-1621. Fix references to hadoop-common-${version} in build.xml
(Jolly Chen via todd)
HDFS-1505. saveNamespace appears to succeed even if all directories fail
to save. (Aaron T. Myers via todd)
HDFS-1921. saveNamespace can cause NN to be unable to come up on restart
(Matt Foley via todd)
HDFS-1925. SafeModeInfo should use the correct constant instead of a
hard-coded value for its default. (Joey Echeverria via todd)
HDFS-1575. Viewing block from web UI is broken. (Aaron T. Myers via todd)
HDFS-1932. Ensure that HDFS configuration deprecations are set up in every
spot that HDFS configurations are loaded. (Jolly Chen via todd)
HDFS-1952. appears to succeed even if all EDITS
directories fail. (Andrew Wang via todd)
HDFS-1965. IPCs done using block token-based tickets can't reuse
connections (todd)
HDFS-1978. All but first option in LIBHDFS_OPTS is ignored. (eli)
HDFS-1964. Fix incorrect HTML unescaping in DatanodeJspHelper
(Aaron T. Myers via todd)
HDFS-1997. Image transfer process misreports client side exceptions.
(todd via eli)
HDFS-2000. Missing deprecation for io.bytes.per.checksum.
(Aaron T. Myers vie eli)
HDFS-977. DataNode.createInterDataNodeProtocolProxy() guards a log
at the wrong level. (Harsh J Chouraria via todd)
HDFS-1969. Running rollback on new-version namenode destroys the
namespace. (todd)
HDFS-2039. TestNameNodeMetrics uses a bad test root path, preventing it
from running inside Eclipse. (todd)
Release 0.21.1 - Unreleased
HDFS-1466. TestFcHdfsSymlink relies on /tmp/test not existing. (eli)
HDFS-874. TestHDFSFileContextMainOperations fails on weirdly
configured DNS hosts. (Todd Lipcon via eli)
HDFS-1507. TestAbandonBlock should abandon a block. (eli)
HDFS-1487. FSDirectory.removeBlock() should update diskspace count
of the block owner node (Zhong Wang via eli).
HDFS-1467. Append pipeline never succeeds with more than one replica.
(Todd Lipcon via eli)
HDFS-1167. New property for local conf directory in system-test-hdfs.xml
file. (Vinay Thota via cos)
HDFS-1503. TestSaveNamespace fails. (Todd Lipcon via cos)
HDFS-1524. Image loader should make sure to read every byte in image file.
HDFS-1523. TestLargeBlock is failing on trunk. (cos)
HDFS-1502. TestBlockRecovery triggers NPE in assert. (hairong via cos)
HDFS-1532. Exclude Findbugs warning in FSImageFormat$Saver. (Todd Lipcon
via cos)
HDFS-1527. SocketOutputStream.transferToFully fails for blocks >= 2GB on
32 bit JVM. (Patrick Kling via cos)
HDFS-1531. Clean up stack traces due to duplicate MXBean registration.
(Todd Lipcon via cos)
HDFS-613. TestBalancer and TestBlockTokenWithDFS fail Balancer assert.
(Todd Lipcon via cos)
HDFS-1511. 98 Release Audit warnings on trunk and branch-0.22.
HDFS-1560. permissions should default to 700.
(Todd Lipcon via eli)
HDFS-1550. NPE when listing a file with no location. (hairong)
HDFS-1542. Add test for HADOOP-7082, a deadlock writing Configuration to
HDFS. (todd)
HDFS-1504. FSImageSaver should catch all exceptions, not just IOE. (todd)
HDFS-884. DataNode throws IOException if all data directories are
unavailable. (Steve Loughran and shv)
HDFS-1591. HDFS part of HADOOP-6642. (Chris Douglas, Po Cheung via shv)
HDFS-900. Corrupt replicas are not processed correctly in block report (shv)
HDFS-1529. Incorrect handling of interrupts in waitForAckedSeqno can cause
deadlock (todd)
HDFS-1597. Batched edit log syncs can reset synctxid and throw assertions
HDFS-1602. Fix HADOOP-4885 for it is doesn't work as expected. (boryas)
HDFS-1618. configure files that are generated as part of the released
tarball need to have executable bit set (Roman Shaposhnik via cos)
HDFS-981. test-contrib fails due to test-cactus failure (cos)
HDFS-1001. DataXceiver and BlockReader disagree on when to send/recv
CHECKSUM_OK. (bc Wong via eli)
HDFS-1781. Fix the path for jsvc in bin/hdfs. (John George via szetszwo)
HDFS-1782. Fix an NPE in FSNamesystem.startFileInternal(..).
(John George via szetszwo)
HDFS-1821. Fix username resolution in NameNode.createSymlink(..) and
FSDirectory.addSymlink(..). (John George via szetszwo)
HDFS-1806. TestBlockReport.blockReport_08() and _09() are timing-dependent
and likely to fail on fast servers. (Matt Foley via eli)
HDFS-1845. Symlink comes up as directory after namenode restart.
(John George via eli)
HDFS-1666. Disable failing hdfsproxy test TestAuthorizationFilter (todd)
HDFS-1823. script fails if HADOOP_HOME is not set.
(tomwhite via eli)
Release 0.21.1 - Unreleased
HDFS-1411. Correct backup node startup command in hdfs user guide.
(Ching-Shen Chen via shv)
HDFS-1363. Eliminate second synchronized sections in appendFile(). (shv)
HDFS-1413. Fix broken links to HDFS Wiki. (shv)
HDFS-1420. Clover build doesn't generate per-test coverage (cos)
HDFS-1444. Test related code of build.xml is error-prone and needs to be
re-aligned. (cos)
HDFS-1343. Instrumented build should be concentrated in one build area (cos)
HDFS-1452. ant compile-contrib is broken (cos)
HDFS-1474. ant binary-system is broken (cos)
HDFS-1292. Allow artifacts to be published to the staging Apache Nexus
Maven Repository. (Giridharan Kesavan via tomwhite)
HDFS-1552. Remove java5 dependencies from build. (cos)
HDFS-1189. Quota counts missed between clear quota and set quota.
(John George via szetszwo)
HDFS-1665. Balancer misuses dfs.heartbeat.interval as milliseconds.
HDFS-1728. SecondaryNameNode.checkpointSize is in bytes but not in MB.
HDFS-1206. TestFiHFlush fails intermittently. (cos)
HDFS-1548. Fault-injection tests are executed multiple times if invoked
with run-test-hdfs-fault-inject target (cos)
HDFS-1552. Remove java5 dependencies from build. (cos)
HDFS-996. JUnit tests should never depend on anything in conf (cos)
HDFS-1612. Update HDFS design documentation for append, quota, symlink,
block placement and checkpoint/backup node features. (Joe Crobak
via szetszwo)
HDFS-1596. Replace fs.checkpoint.* with dfs.namenode.checkpoint.*
in documentations. (Harsh J Chouraria via szetszwo)
HDFS-1786. Some cli test cases expect a "null" message
(Uma Maheswara Rao G via todd)
HDFS-1855. TestDatanodeBlockScanner.testBlockCorruptionRecoveryPolicy()
part 2 fails in two different ways. (Matt Foley via eli)
Release 0.21.0 - 2010-08-13
HDFS-538. Per the contract elucidated in HADOOP-6201, throw
FileNotFoundException from FileSystem::listStatus rather than returning
null. (Jakob Homan via cdouglas)
HDFS-602. DistributedFileSystem mkdirs throws FileAlreadyExistsException
instead of FileNotFoundException. (Boris Shkolnik via suresh)
HDFS-544. Add a "rbw" subdir to DataNode data directory. (hairong)
HDFS-576. Block report includes under-construction replicas. (shv)
HDFS-636. SafeMode counts complete blocks only. (shv)
HDFS-644. Lease recovery, concurrency support. (shv)
HDFS-570. Get last block length from a data-node when opening a file
being written to. (Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via shv)
HDFS-657. Remove unused legacy data-node protocol methods. (shv)
HDFS-658. Block recovery for primary data-node. (shv)
HDFS-660. Remove deprecated methods from InterDatanodeProtocol. (shv)
HDFS-512. Block.equals() and compareTo() compare blocks based
only on block Ids, ignoring generation stamps. (shv)
HDFS-873. Configuration specifies data-node storage directories as URIs.
HDFS-905. Use the new UserGroupInformation from HDFS-6299.
(jghoman via omalley)
HDFS-984. Persistent delegation tokens. (Jitendra Pandey via shv)
HDFS-1016. HDFS side change for HADOOP-6569. This jira changes the
error message on the screen when cat a directory or a
non-existent file. (hairong)
HDFS-1439. HDFS Federation: Fix compilation error in TestFiHftp. (suresh)
HDFS-1134. Large-scale Automated Framework. (cos)
HDFS-436. Introduce AspectJ framework for HDFS code and tests.
(Konstantin Boudnik via szetszwo)
HDFS-447. Add LDAP lookup to hdfsproxy. (Zhiyong Zhang via cdouglas)
HDFS-459. Introduce Job History Log Analyzer. (shv)
HDFS-461. Tool to analyze file size distribution in HDFS. (shv)
HDFS-492. Add two JSON JSP pages to the Namenode for providing corrupt
blocks/replicas information. (Bill Zeller via szetszwo)
HDFS-578. Add support for new FileSystem method for clients to get server
defaults. (Kan Zhang via suresh)
HDFS-595. umask settings in configuration may now use octal or symbolic
instead of decimal. (Jakob Homan via suresh)
HADOOP-6234. Updated hadoop-core and test jars to propagate new option
dfs.umaskmode in configuration. (Jakob Homan via suresh)
HDFS-235. Add support for byte ranges in HftpFileSystem to serve
range of bytes from a file. (Bill Zeller via suresh)
HDFS-385. Add support for an experimental API that allows a module external
to HDFS to specify how HDFS blocks should be placed. (dhruba)
HADOOP-4952. Update hadoop-core and test jars to propagate new FileContext
file system application interface. (Sanjay Radia via suresh).
HDFS-567. Add block forensics contrib tool to print history of corrupt and
missing blocks from the HDFS logs.
(Bill Zeller, Jitendra Nath Pandey via suresh).
HDFS-610. Support o.a.h.fs.FileContext. (Sanjay Radia via szetszwo)
HDFS-536. Support hflush at DFSClient. (hairong)
HDFS-517. Introduce BlockInfoUnderConstruction to reflect block replica
states while writing. (shv)
HDFS-565. Introduce block committing logic during new block allocation
and file close. (shv)
HDFS-537. DataNode exposes a replica's meta info to BlockReceiver for the
support of dfs writes/hflush. It also updates a replica's bytes received,
bytes on disk, and bytes acked after receiving a packet. (hairong)
HDFS-585. Datanode should serve up to visible length of a replica for read
requests. (szetszwo)
HDFS-604. Block report processing for append. (shv)
HDFS-619. Support replica recovery initialization in datanode for the new
append design. (szetszwo)
HDFS-592. Allow clients to fetch a new generation stamp from NameNode for
pipeline recovery. (hairong)
HDFS-624. Support a new algorithm for pipeline recovery and pipeline setup
for append. (hairong)
HDFS-627. Support replica update in data-node.
(Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE and Hairong Kuang via shv)
HDFS-642. Support pipeline close and close error recovery. (hairong)
HDFS-631. Rename configuration keys towards API standardization and
backward compatibility. (Jitendra Nath Pandey via suresh)
HDFS-669. Add unit tests framework (Mockito) (cos, Eli Collins)
HDFS-731. Support new Syncable interface in HDFS. (hairong)
HDFS-702. Add HDFS implementation of AbstractFileSystem.
(Sanjay Radio via suresh)
HDFS-758. Add decommissioning status page to Namenode Web UI.
(Jitendra Nath Pandey via suresh)
HDFS-814. Add an api to get the visible length of a DFSDataInputStream.
HDFS-654. Add support new atomic rename functionality in HDFS for
supporting rename in FileContext. (suresh)
HDFS-222. Support for concatenating of files into a single file
without copying. (Boris Shkolnik via hairong)
HDFS-933. Adds Delegation token based authentication in the NameNode.
(Kan Zhang via ddas)
HDFS-935. Adds a real user component in Delegation token.
(Jitendra Nath Pandey via ddas)
HDFS-245. Adds a symlink implementation to HDFS. This complements the new
symlink feature added in HADOOP-6421 (Eli Collins via Sanjay Radia)
HDFS-1009. Support Kerberos authorization in HDFSProxy. (Srikanth
Sundarrajan via szetszwo)
HDFS-1091. Implement listStatus that returns an iterator of FileStatus.
HDFS-381. Remove blocks from DataNode maps when corresponding file
is deleted. (Suresh Srinivas via rangadi)
HDFS-377. Separate codes which implement DataTransferProtocol.
HDFS-396. NameNode image and edits directories are specified as URIs.
(Luca Telloli via rangadi)
HDFS-444. Allow to change probability levels dynamically in the fault
injection framework. (Konstantin Boudnik via szetszwo)
HDFS-352. Documentation for saveNamespace command. (Ravi Phulari via shv)
HADOOP-6106. Updated hadoop-core and test jars from hudson trunk
build #12. (Giridharan Kesavan)
HDFS-204. Add a new metrics FilesInGetListingOps to the Namenode.
(Jitendra Nath Pandey via szetszwo)
HDFS-278. HDFS Outputstream close does not hang forever. (dhruba)
HDFS-443. Add a new metrics numExpiredHeartbeats to the Namenode.
(Jitendra Nath Pandey via szetszwo)
HDFS-475. Add new ant targets for fault injection jars and tests.
(Konstantin Boudnik via szetszwo)
HDFS-458. Create a new ant target, run-commit-test. (Jakob Homan
via szetszwo)
HDFS-493. Change build.xml so that the fault-injected tests are executed
only by the run-test-*-fault-inject targets. (Konstantin Boudnik via
HDFS-446. Improvements to Offline Image Viewer. (Jakob Homan via shv)
HADOOP-6160. Fix releaseaudit target to run on specific directories.
HDFS-501. Use enum to define the constants in DataTransferProtocol.
HDFS-508. Factor out BlockInfo from BlocksMap. (shv)
HDFS-510. Rename DatanodeBlockInfo to be ReplicaInfo.
(Jakob Homan & Hairong Kuang via shv)
HDFS-500. Deprecate NameNode methods deprecated in NameNodeProtocol.
(Jakob Homan via shv)
HDFS-514. Change DFSClient.namenode from public to private. (Bill Zeller
via szetszwo)
HDFS-496. Use PureJavaCrc32 in HDFS. (Todd Lipcon via szetszwo)
HDFS-511. Remove redundant block searches in BlockManager. (shv)
HDFS-504. Update the modification time of a file when the file
is closed. (Chun Zhang via dhruba)
HDFS-498. Add development guide and documentation for the fault injection
framework. (Konstantin Boudnik via szetszwo)
HDFS-524. Further DataTransferProtocol code refactoring. (szetszwo)
HDFS-529. Use BlockInfo instead of Block to avoid redundant block searches
in BlockManager. (shv)
HDFS-530. Refactor TestFileAppend* to remove code duplication.
(Konstantin Boudnik via szetszwo)
HDFS-451. Add fault injection tests for DataTransferProtocol. (szetszwo)
HDFS-409. Add more access token tests. (Kan Zhang via szetszwo)
HDFS-546. DatanodeDescriptor iterates blocks as BlockInfo. (shv)
HDFS-457. Do not shutdown datanode if some, but not all, volumes fail.
(Boris Shkolnik via szetszwo)
HDFS-548. TestFsck takes nearly 10 minutes to run. (hairong)
HDFS-539. Refactor fault injeciton pipeline test util for future reuse.
(Konstantin Boudnik via szetszwo)
HDFS-552. Change TestFiDataTransferProtocol to junit 4 and add a few new
tests. (szetszwo)
HDFS-563. Simplify the codes in FSNamesystem.getBlockLocations(..).
HDFS-581. Introduce an iterator over blocks in the block report array.(shv)
HDFS-549. Add a new target, run-with-fault-inject-testcaseonly, which
allows an execution of non-FI tests in FI-enable environment. (Konstantin
Boudnik via szetszwo)
HDFS-173. Namenode will not block until a large directory deletion
completes. It allows other operations when the deletion is in progress.
HDFS-551. Create new functional test for a block report. (Konstantin
Boudnik via hairong)
HDFS-288. Redundant computation in hashCode() implementation.
(szetszwo via tomwhite)
HDFS-412. Hadoop JMX usage makes Nagios monitoring impossible.
(Brian Bockelman via tomwhite)
HDFS-472. Update hdfsproxy documentation. Adds a setup guide and design
document. (Zhiyong Zhang via cdouglas)
HDFS-617. Support non-recursive create(). (Kan Zhang via szetszwo)
HDFS-618. Support non-recursive mkdir(). (Kan Zhang via szetszwo)
HDFS-574. Split the documentation between the subprojects.
(Corinne Chandel via omalley)
HDFS-598. Eclipse launch task for HDFS. (Eli Collins via tomwhite)
HDFS-641. Move all of the components that depend on map/reduce to
map/reduce. (omalley)
HDFS-509. Redesign DataNode volumeMap to include all types of Replicas.
HDFS-562. Add a test for NameNode.getBlockLocations(..) to check read from
un-closed file. (szetszwo)
HDFS-543. Break FSDatasetInterface#writToBlock() into writeToRemporary,
writeToRBW, ad append. (hairong)
HDFS-603. Add a new interface, Replica, which is going to replace the use
of Block in datanode. (szetszwo)
HDFS-589. Change block write protocol to support pipeline recovery.
HDFS-652. Replace BlockInfo.isUnderConstruction() with isComplete() (shv)
HDFS-648. Change some methods in AppendTestUtil to public. (Konstantin
Boudnik via szetszwo)
HDFS-662. Unnecessary info message from DFSClient. (hairong)
HDFS-518. Create new tests for Append's hflush. (Konstantin Boudnik
via szetszwo)
HDFS-688. Add configuration resources to DFSAdmin. (shv)
HDFS-29. Validate the consistency of the lengths of replica and its file
in replica recovery. (szetszwo)
HDFS-680. Add new access method to a copy of a block's replica. (shv)
HDFS-704. Unify build property names to facilitate cross-projects
modifications (cos)
HDFS-705. Create an adapter to access some of package-private methods of
DataNode from tests (cos)
HDFS-710. Add actions with constraints to the pipeline fault injection
tests and change SleepAction to support uniform random sleeping over an
interval. (szetszwo)
HDFS-713. Need to properly check the type of the test class from an aspect
HDFS-716. Define a pointcut for pipeline close and add a few fault
injection tests to simulate out of memory problem. (szetszwo)
HDFS-719. Add 6 fault injection tests for pipeline close to simulate slow
datanodes and disk errors. (szetszwo)
HDFS-616. Create functional tests for new design of the block report. (cos)
HDFS-584. Fail the fault-inject build if any advices are mis-bound. (cos)
HDFS-730. Add 4 fault injection tests to simulate non-responsive datanode
and out-of-memory problem for pipeline close ack. (szetszwo)
HDFS-728. Create a comprehensive functional test for append. (hairong)
HDFS-736. commitBlockSynchronization() updates block GS and length
in-place. (shv)
HADOOP-5107. Use Maven ant tasks to publish the subproject jars.
(Giridharan Kesavan via omalley)
HDFS-521. Create new tests for pipeline (cos)
HDFS-764. Places the Block Access token implementation in hdfs project.
(Kan Zhang via ddas)
HDFS-787. Upgrade some libraries to be consistent with common and
mapreduce. (omalley)
HDFS-519. Create new tests for lease recovery (cos)
HDFS-804. New unit tests for concurrent lease recovery (cos)
HDFS-813. Enable the append test in TestReadWhileWriting. (szetszwo)
HDFS-145. Cleanup inconsistent block length handling code in
FSNameSystem#addStoredBlock. (hairong)
HDFS-127. Reset failure count in DFSClient for each block acquiring
operation. (Igor Bolotin via szetszwo)
HDFS-520. Create new tests for block recovery. (hairong)
HDFS-1067. Create block recovery tests that handle errors. (hairong)
HDFS-1107. Turn on append by default. (shv)
HDFS-968. Use StringBuilder instead of StringBuffer for better
performance. (Kay Kay via suresh)
HDFS-703. Replace current fault injection implementation with one
from (cos)
HDFS-754. Reduce ivy console output to observable level (cos)
HDFS-832. HDFS side of HADOOP-6222. (cos)
HDFS-840. Change tests to use FileContext test helper introduced in
HADOOP-6394. (Jitendra Nath Pandey via suresh)
HDFS-685. Use the user-to-groups mapping service in the NameNode.
(boryas, acmurthy)
HDFS-755. Read multiple checksum chunks at once in DFSInputStream.
(Todd Lipcon via tomwhite)
HDFS-786. Implement getContentSummary in HftpFileSystem.
(Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via cdouglas)
HDFS-587. Add support for specifying queue name in mapreduce tests.
(Erik Steffl via suresh)
HDFS-902 Move contrib/raid to MapReduce. (Eli Collins via omalley)
HDFS-800. The last block of a file under construction may change to the
COMPLETE state in response to getAdditionalBlock or completeFileInternal.
HDFS-899. Delegation Token Implementation
and corresponding changes in Namenode and DFS Api to issue,
renew and cancel delegation tokens. (jnp via boryas)
HDFS-844. Log the filename when file locking fails. (tomwhite)
HDFS-914. Refactor DFSOutputStream and DFSInputStream out of DFSClient.
(Todd Lipcon via tomwhite)
HDFS-949. Move DelegationToken into Common so that it can be used by
MapReduce. (omalley)
HDFS-930. Better error message for DATA_TRANSFER_VERSION mismatched.
(Kay Kay via szetszwo)
HDFS-986. Delegation token renewing and cancelling should provide
meaningful exceptions when there are failures instead of returning
false. (omalley)
HADOOP-6579. Upgrade the commons-codec library to 1.4. (omalley)
HDFS-991. Allow authentication to the web ui via a delegation token.
HDFS-994. Allow fetching of delegation token from NameNode for hftp.
(Jakob Homan via acmurthy)
HDFS-998. Quote blocks streamed through jsps. (cdouglas)
HDFS-729. NameNode API to list files that have missing blocks.
(Rodrigo Schmidt via dhruba)
HDFS-850. The WebUI display more details about namenode memory usage.
(Dmytro Molkov via dhruba)
HDFS-826. The DFSOutputStream has a API that returns the number of
active datanode(s) in the current pipeline. (dhruba)
HDFS-985. HDFS should issue multiple RPCs for listing a large
directory. (hairong)
HDFS-1043. NNThroughputBenchmark modifications to support benchmarking of
server-side user group resolution. (shv)
HDFS-892. Optionally use Avro reflection for Namenode RPC. This
is not a complete implementation yet, but rather a starting point.
HDFS-854. Datanode should scan devices in parallel to generate
block report. (Dmytro Molkov via jhoman)
HDFS-1032. fsck has an option to list corrupt files.
(Andre Oriai via dhruba)
HDFS-1024. SecondaryNameNode verifies size of fsimage and edits file.
(Dmytro Molkov via dhruba)
HDFS-1011. hdfsproxy: Improve log messages by restoring the previous
thread name. (Srikanth Sundarrajan via szetszwo)
HDFS-997. Allow datanode storage directory permissions to be configurable.
(Luke Lu via cdouglas)
HDFS-1012. hdfsproxy: Support for fully qualified HDFS path in addition to
simple unqualified path. (Srikanth Sundarrajan via szetszwo)
HDFS-933. Namenode should issue a delegation token only for kerberos
authenticated clients.(jnp via boryas)
HDFS-1087. Modify audit log to use a StringBuilder rather than a Formatter.
HDFS-1083. Update TestHDFSCLI not to expect exception class name
in error messages. (suresh)
HDFS-1099. Add test for umask backward compatibility. (suresh)
HDFS-1092. Use logging rather than System.err in MiniDFSCluster.
(Kay Kay via jghoman)
HDFS-1047. Install/deploy source jars to Maven repo.
(Patrick Angeles via jghoman)
HDFS-666. Unit test for FsShell -text. (cdouglas via jghoman)
HDFS-1054. Remove unnecessary sleep after failure in nextBlockOutputStream.
(Todd Lipcon via jghoman)
HDFS-921. Convert TestDFSClientRetries::testNotYetReplicatedErrors
to Mockito. (jghoman)
HDFS-1100. Override unwrapException in TestFcHdfsSymlink to test
symlink API conformance. (Eli Collins via suresh).
HDFS-1089. Remove uses of FileContext#isFile, isDirectory, and exists.
(Eli Collins via hairong)
HDFS-1028. Efficient splitting of path components reduces the time
to load in fsimage by 20%. (Dmytro Molkov via dhruba)
HDFS-1109. HFTP supports filenames that contains the character "+".
(Dmytro Molkov via dhruba)
HDFS-853. The HDFS webUI displays the balanced-ness of the cluster.
(Dmytro Molkov via dhruba)
HDFS-1126. Change HDFS to depend on Hadoop 'common' artifacts instead
of 'core'. (tomwhite)
HDFS-995. Replace usage of FileStatus#isDir(). (Eli Collins via
HDFS-1161. Make DN minimum valid volumes configurable.
(Eli Collins via tomwhite)
HDFS-1181. Move configuration and script files post split. (tomwhite)
HDFS-1170. Add more assertions to TestLargeDirectoryDelete.
(Steve Loughran via tomwhite)
HDFS-1199. Extract a subset of tests for smoke (DOA) validation. (cos)
HDFS-1174. New properties for suspend and resume process. (Vinay Thota via
HDFS-1277. [Herriot] New property for multi user list. (Vinay Thota via
HDFS-806. Add new unit tests to the 10-mins 'run-commit-test' target (cos)
HDFS-946. NameNode should not return full path name when lisitng a
diretory or getting the status of a file. (hairong)
HDFS-76. Better error message to users when commands fail because of
lack of quota. Allow quota to be set even if the limit is lower than
current consumption. (Boris Shkolnik via rangadi)
HADOOP-4687. HDFS is split from Hadoop Core. It is a subproject under
Hadoop (Owen O'Malley)
HADOOP-6096. Fix Eclipse project and classpath files following project
split. (tomwhite)
HDFS-195. Handle expired tokens when write pipeline is reestablished.
(Kan Zhang via rangadi)
HDFS-181. Validate src path in FSNamesystem.getFileInfo(..). (Todd
Lipcon via szetszwo)
HDFS-441. Remove TestFTPFileSystem. (szetszwo)
HDFS-440. Fix javadoc broken links in DFSClient. (szetszwo)
HDFS-480. Fix a typo in the jar name in build.xml.
(Konstantin Shvachko via gkesavan)
HDFS-438. Check for NULL before invoking GenericArgumentParser in
DataNode. (Raghu Angadi)
HDFS-415. BlockReceiver hangs in case of certain runtime exceptions.
(Konstantin Boudnik via rangadi)
HDFS-462. loadFSImage should close edits file. (Jakob Homan via shv)
HDFS-489. Update TestHDFSCLI for the -skipTrash option in rm. (Jakob Homan
via szetszwo)
HDFS-445. pread() does not pick up changes to block locations.
(Kan Zhang via rangadi)
HDFS-463. CreateEditLog utility broken after HDFS-396 (URI for
FSImage). (Suresh Srinivas via rangadi)
HDFS-484. Fix bin-package and package target to package jar files.
HDFS-490. Eliminate the deprecated warnings introduced by H-5438.
(He Yongqiang via szetszwo)
HDFS-119. Fix a bug in logSync(), which causes NameNode block forever.
(Suresh Srinivas via shv)
HDFS-534. Include avro in ivy. (szetszwo)
HDFS-532. Allow applications to know that a read request failed
because block is missing. (dhruba)
HDFS-561. Fix write pipeline READ_TIMEOUT in DataTransferProtocol.
(Kan Zhang via szetszwo)
HDFS-553. BlockSender reports wrong failed position in ChecksumException.
HDFS-568. Set to false in
src/test/mapred-site.xml for mapreduce tests to run. (Amareshwari
Sriramadasu via szetszwo)
HDFS-15. All replicas end up on 1 rack. (Jitendra Nath Pandey via hairong)
HDFS-586. TestBlocksWithNotEnoughRacks sometimes fails.
(Jitendra Nath Pandey via hairong)
HADOOP-6243. Fixed a NullPointerException in handling deprecated keys.
(Sreekanth Ramakrishnan via yhemanth)
HDFS-605. Do not run fault injection tests in the run-test-hdfs-with-mr
target. (Konstantin Boudnik via szetszwo)
HDFS-606. Fix ConcurrentModificationException in invalidateCorruptReplicas()
HDFS-601. TestBlockReport obtains data directories directly from
MiniHDFSCluster. (Konstantin Boudnik via shv)
HDFS-614. TestDatanodeBlockScanner obtains data directories directly from
MiniHDFSCluster. (shv)
HDFS-612. Remove the use of org.mortbay.log.Log in FSDataset. (szetszwo)
HDFS-622. checkMinReplication should count live nodes only. (shv)
HDFS-629. Remove along with fixing
import warnings generated by Eclipse. (dhruba)
HDFS-637. DataNode sends a Success ack when block write fails. (hairong)
HDFS-640. Fixed build failure. (suresh)
HDFS-547. TestHDFSFileSystemContract#testOutputStreamClosedTwice
sometimes fails with CloseByInterruptException. (hairong)
HDFS-588. Fix TestFiDataTransferProtocol and TestAppend2 failures. (shv)
HDFS-550. DataNode restarts may introduce corrupt/duplicated/lost replicas
when handling detached replicas. (hairong)
HDFS-659. If the the last block is not complete, update its length with
one of its replica's length stored in datanode. (szetszwo)
HDFS-649. Check null pointers for DataTransferTest. (Konstantin Boudnik
via szetszwo)
HDFS-661. DataNode upgrade fails on non-existant current directory.
HDFS-597. Mofication introduced by HDFS-537 breakes an advice binding in
FSDatasetAspects. (Konstantin Boudnik via szetszwo)
HDFS-665. TestFileAppend2 sometimes hangs. (hairong)
HDFS-676. Fix NPE in FSDataset.updateReplicaUnderRecovery() (shv)
HDFS-673. BlockReceiver#PacketResponder should not remove a packet from
the ack queue before its ack is sent. (hairong)
HDFS-682. Fix bugs in TestBlockUnderConstruction. (szetszwo)
HDFS-668. TestFileAppend3#TC7 sometimes hangs. (hairong)
HDFS-679. Appending to a partial chunk incorrectly assumes the
first packet fills up the partial chunk. (hairong)
HDFS-722. Fix callCreateBlockWriteStream pointcut in FSDatasetAspects.
HDFS-690. TestAppend2#testComplexAppend failed on "Too many open files".
HDFS-725. Support the build error fix for HADOOP-6327. (Sanjay Radia via
HDFS-625. Fix NullPointerException thrown from ListPathServlet. (suresh)
HDFS-735. TestReadWhileWriting has wrong line termination symbols (cos)
HDFS-691. Fix an overflow error in DFSClient.DFSInputStream.available().
HDFS-733. TestBlockReport fails intermittently. (cos)
HDFS-774. Intermittent race condition in TestFiPipelines (cos)
HDFS-741. TestHFlush test doesn't seek() past previously written part of
the file (cos, szetszwo)
HDFS-706. Intermittent failures in TestFiHFlush (cos)
HDFS-646. Fix test-patch failure by adding test-contrib ant target.
HDFS-791. Build is broken after HDFS-787 patch has been applied (cos)
HDFS-792. TestHDFSCLI is failing. (Todd Lipcon via cos)
HDFS-781. Namenode metrics PendingDeletionBlocks is not decremented.
HDFS-192. Fix TestBackupNode failures. (shv)
HDFS-797. TestHDFSCLI much slower after HDFS-265 merge. (Todd Lipcon via cos)
HDFS-824. Stop lease checker in TestReadWhileWriting. (szetszwo)
HDFS-823. CheckPointer should use addInternalServlet for image-fetching
servlet (jghoman)
HDFS-456. Fix URI generation for windows file paths. (shv)
HDFS-812. FSNamesystem#internalReleaseLease throws NullPointerException on
a single-block file's lease recovery. (cos)
HDFS-724. Pipeline hangs if one of the block receiver is not responsive.
HDFS-564. Adding pipeline tests 17-35. (hairong)
HDFS-849. TestFiDataTransferProtocol2#pipeline_Fi_18 sometimes fails.
HDFS-762. Balancer causes Null Pointer Exception.
(Cristian Ivascu via dhruba)
HDFS-868. Fix link to Hadoop Upgrade Wiki. (Chris A. Mattmann via shv)
HDFS-880. TestNNLeaseRecovery fails on windows (cos, shv)
HDFS-699. Primary datanode should compare replicas' on disk lengths.
HDFS-897. Fix a bug related to generation stamp comparison in
ReplicasMap. (suresh)
HDFS-793. Data node should receive the whole packet ack message before it
constructs and sends its own ack message for the packet. (hairong)
HDFS-101. DFS write pipeline: DFSClient sometimes does not detect second
datanode failure. (hairong)
HDFS-822. Appends to already-finalized blocks can rename across volumes.
HDFS-1046. Fix Tomcat version in hdfsproxy/build.xml. (Srikanth
Sundarrajan via szetszwo)
HDFS-1072. Fix TestReadWhileWriting failure. (Erik Steffl via shv)
HDFS-913. Rename fault injection test to
to include it in tests run by ant target run-test-hdfs-fault-inject.
HDFS-695. RaidNode should read in configuration from hdfs-site.xml.
HDFS-726. Eclipse .classpath template has outdated jar files and is
missing some new ones. (cos)
HDFS-750. Fix build failure due to TestRename. (suresh)
HDFS-712. Move libhdfs from mapreduce subproject to hdfs subproject.
(Eli Collins via dhruba)
HDFS-757. Enable Unit test for HDFS Raid. (dhruba)
HDFS-611. Prevent DataNode heartbeat times from increasing even when
the DataNode has many blocks to delete. (Zheng Shao via dhruba)
HDFS-751. Fix TestCrcCorruption to pick up the correct datablocks to
corrupt. (dhruba)
HDFS-763. Fix slightly misleading report from DataBlockScanner
about corrupted scans. (dhruba)
HDFS-727. bug setting block size hdfsOpenFile (Eli Collins via cos)
HDFS-756. libhdfs unit tests do not run. (Eli Collins via cos)
HDFS-783. libhdfs tests brakes code coverage runs with Clover (cos)
HDFS-785. Add Apache license to several namenode unit tests.
(Ravi Phulari via jghoman)
HDFS-802. Update Eclipse configuration to match changes to Ivy
configuration (Edwin Chan via cos)
HDFS-423. Unbreak FUSE build and (Eli Collins via cos)
HDFS-825. Build fails to pull latest hadoop-core-* artifacts (cos)
HDFS-94. The Heap Size printed in the NameNode WebUI is accurate.
(Dmytro Molkov via dhruba)
HDFS-767. An improved retry policy when the DFSClient is unable to fetch a
block from the datanode. (Ning Zhang via dhruba)
HDFS-775. FSDataset calls getCapacity() twice. (stevel)
HDFS-885. Datanode toString() NPEs on null dnRegistration. (stevel)
HDFS-877. Client-driven block verification not functioning. (Todd
Lipcon via hairong)
HDFS-630. In DFSOutputStream.nextBlockOutputStream(), the client can
exclude specific datanodes when locating the next block.
(Cosmin Lehene via Stack)
HDFS-922. Remove unnecessary semicolon added by HDFS-877 that causes
problems for Eclipse compilation. (jghoman)
HDFS-927 DFSInputStream retries too many times for new block locations
(Todd Lipcon via Stack)
HDFS-938. Replace calls to UGI.getUserName() with UGI.getShortUserName()
HDFS-894. DatanodeID.ipcPort is not updated when existing node
re-registers. (Todd Lipcon via tomwhite)
HDFS-965. Split TestDelegationToken in to two parts and fix configuration
to allow proxy users in the test. (Jitendra Pandey via omalley)
HDFS-999. Secondary namenode should login using kerberos if security is
configured (boryas)
HDFS-856. Hardcoded replication level for new files in fuse-dfs.
(Brian Bockelman via tomwhite)
HDFS-857. Incorrect type for fuse-dfs capacity can cause "df" to return
negative values on 32-bit machines. (Brian Bockelman via tomwhite)
HDFS-858. Incorrect return codes for fuse-dfs. (Brian Bockelman via
HDFS-859. fuse-dfs utime behavior causes issues with tar.
(Brian Bockelman via tomwhite)
HDFS-861. fuse-dfs does not support O_RDWR. (Brian Bockelman via tomwhite)
HDFS-961. dfs_readdir incorrectly parses paths. (Eli Collins via tomwhite)
HDFS-1015. Fix intermittent failure in TestSecurityTokenEditLog.
(Jitendra Nath Pandey via suresh)
HDFS-939. libhdfs test is broken. (Eli Collins via tomwhite)
HDFS-1074. hdfsproxy: Fix bugs in TestProxyUtil. (Srikanth Sundarrajan
via szetszwo)
HDFS-481. hdfsproxy: Bug Fixes + HdfsProxy to use proxy user to
impresonate the real user. (Srikanth Sundarrajan via szetszwo)
HDFS-482. Move HsftpFileSystem's
configuration setting to ssl-client.xml. (Srikanth Sundarrajan via
HDFS-1010. hdfsproxy: Retrieve groups from UnixUserGroupInformation
instead of LdapEntry. (Srikanth Sundarrajan via szetszwo)
HDFS-466. hdfs_write infinite loop when dfs fails and cannot write
files > 2 GB. (Pete Wyckoff via tomwhite)
HDFS-651. HDFS Docs - fix listing of docs in the doc menu.
(Corinne Chandel via tomwhite)
HDFS-1014. Error in reading delegation tokens from edit logs.
(Jitendra Nath Pandey via jhoman)
HDFS-1088. Prevent renaming a symbolik link to its target.
(Eli Collins via suresh)
HDFS-966. NameNode does not recovers lease when it is in safemode.
HDFS-833. Datanode shutdown should log problems with Storage.unlockAll()
(Steve Loughran via dhruba)
HDFS-1101. TestDiskError.testLocalDirs() fails. (cdouglas via jghoman)
HDFS-1031. Enhance the webUi to list a few of the corrupted files in HDFS.
(Andre Orian via dhruba)
HDFS-1078. Create static and dynamic versions of libhdfs.
(Sam Rash via dhruba)
HDFS-1104. Fsck triggers full GC on NameNode. (hairong)
HDFS-1141. Closing a file is successful only if the client still has a
valid lease. (Todd Lipcon via dhruba)
HDFS-1138. Prevent erroneous updation of modification time of a directory
when fsimage loads. (Dmytro Molkov via dhruba)
HDFS-1000. Updates libhdfs to the new API for UGI (ddas)
HDFS-609. Create a file with the append flag does not work in HDFS.
HDFS-1255. Fix failing test. (tomwhite)
HDFS-1256. libhdfs is missing from the tarball. (tomwhite)
HDFS-1057. Concurrent readers hit ChecksumExceptions if following a
writer to very end of file. (sam rash via hairong)
HDFS-1212. Harmonize HDFS JAR library versions with Common. (tomwhite)
HDFS-1159. clean-cache target removes wrong ivy cache (cos)
HDFS-1193. -mvn-system-deploy target is broken which inturn fails the
mvn-deploy task leading to unstable mapreduce build (Giridharan
Kesavan via cos)
HDFS-1299. 'compile-fault-inject' never should be called directly. (cos)
HDFS-1311. Running tests with 'testcase' cause triple execution of the
same test case (Cos)
HDFS-1267. fuse-dfs does not compile. (Devaraj Das via tomwhite)
HDFS-1598. Directory listing on hftp:// does not show .*.crc files.
HDFS-1750. ListPathsServlet should not use HdfsFileStatus.getLocalName()
to get file name since it may return an empty string. (szetszwo)
Release 0.20.3 - Unreleased
HDFS-1041. DFSClient.getFileChecksum(..) should retry if connection to
the first datanode fails. (szetszwo)
HDFS-909. Wait until edits syncing is finishes before purging edits.
(Todd Lipcon via shv)
HDFS-1258. Clearing namespace quota on "/" corrupts fs image.
(Aaron T. Myers via szetszwo)
HDFS-1406. TestCLI fails on Ubuntu with default /etc/hosts. (cos)
Release - 2011-5-11
HADOOP-7259. Contrib modules should include the from
the enclosing hadoop directory. (omalley)
HDFS-132. Fix namenode to not report files deleted metrics for deletions
done while replaying edits during startup. (suresh & shv)
HDFS-955. New implementation of saveNamespace() to avoid loss of edits
when name-node fails during saving. (shv)
Release 0.20.2 - 2009-09-01
HDFS-737. Add full path name of the file to the block information and
summary of total number of files, blocks, live and deadnodes to
metasave output. (Jitendra Nath Pandey via suresh)
HDFS-919. Create test to validate the BlocksVerified metric (Gary Murry
via cos)
HDFS-907. Add tests for getBlockLocations and totalLoad metrics.
(Ravi Phulari via cos)
HDFS-686. NullPointerException is thrown while merging edit log and image.
HDFS-677. Rename failure when both source and destination quota exceeds
results in deletion of source. (suresh)
HDFS-709. Fix TestDFSShell failure due to rename bug introduced by
HDFS-677. (suresh)
HDFS-579. Fix DfsTask to follow the semantics of 0.19, regarding non-zero
return values as failures. (Christian Kunz via cdouglas)
HDFS-723. Fix deadlock in DFSClient#DFSOutputStream. (hairong)
HDFS-596. Fix memory leak in hdfsFreeFileInfo() for libhdfs.
(Zhang Bingjun via dhruba)
HDFS-185. Disallow chown, chgrp, chmod, setQuota, and setSpaceQuota when
name-node is in safemode. (Ravi Phulari via shv)
HDFS-187. Initialize secondary namenode http address in TestStartup.
(Todd Lipcon via szetszwo)
HDFS-464. Fix memory leaks in libhdfs. (Christian Kunz via suresh)
HDFS-1377. Quota bug for partial blocks allows quotas to be violated. (eli)
Release 0.20.1 - 2009-09-01
HDFS-438. Improve help message for space quota command. (Raghu Angadi)
HDFS-167. Fix a bug in DFSClient that caused infinite retries on write.
(Bill Zeller via szetszwo)
HDFS-527. Remove/deprecate unnecessary DFSClient constructors. (szetszwo)
HDFS-525. The SimpleDateFormat object in ListPathsServlet is not thread
safe. (Suresh Srinivas and cdouglas)
HDFS-761. Fix failure to process rename operation from edits log due to
quota verification. (suresh)