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Hadoop HDFS Change Log
Trunk (Unreleased)
HDFS-3034. Remove the deprecated DFSOutputStream.sync() method. (szetszwo)
HDFS-5079. Cleaning up NNHAStatusHeartbeat.State from
DatanodeProtocolProtos. (Tao Luo via shv)
HDFS-5570. Deprecate hftp / hsftp and replace them with webhdfs / swebhdfs.
HDFS-2538. option to disable fsck dots (Mohammad Kamrul Islam via aw)
HDFS-3125. Add JournalService to enable Journal Daemon. (suresh)
HDFS-4665. Move TestNetworkTopologyWithNodeGroup to common.
(Junping Du via llu)
HDFS-1620. Rename HdfsConstants -> HdfsServerConstants, FSConstants ->
HdfsConstants. (Harsh J Chouraria via atm)
HDFS-2197. Refactor RPC call implementations out of NameNode class (todd)
HDFS-2572. Remove unnecessary double-check in DN#getHostName. (harsh)
HDFS-2857. Cleanup BlockInfo class. (suresh)
HDFS-2786. Fix host-based token incompatibilities in DFSUtil. (Kihwal Lee
via jitendra)
HDFS-2486. Remove unnecessary priority level checks in
UnderReplicatedBlocks. (Uma Maheswara Rao G via szetszwo)
HDFS-2878. Fix TestBlockRecovery and move it back into main test directory.
HDFS-2655. BlockReaderLocal#skip performs unnecessary IO.
(Brandon Li via jitendra)
HDFS-3009. Remove duplicate code in DFSClient#isLocalAddress by using
NetUtils. (Hari Mankude via suresh)
HDFS-3002. TestNameNodeMetrics need not wait for metrics update.
HDFS-3016. Security in unit tests. (Jaimin Jetly via jitendra)
HDFS-3030. Remove getProtocolVersion and getProtocolSignature from translators.
HDFS-3111. Missing license headers in trunk. (umamahesh)
HDFS-3091. Update the usage limitations of ReplaceDatanodeOnFailure policy in
the config description for the smaller clusters. (szetszwo via umamahesh)
HDFS-309. FSEditLog should log progress during replay. (Sho Shimauchi
via todd)
HDFS-3131. Improve TestStorageRestore. (Brandon Li via atm)
HDFS-3178. Add states and state handler for journal synchronization in
JournalService. (szetszwo)
HDFS-3273. Refactor BackupImage and FSEditLog, and rename
JournalListener.rollLogs(..) to startLogSegment(..). (szetszwo)
HDFS-3292. Remove the deprecated DiskStatus, getDiskStatus(), getRawUsed()
and getRawCapacity() from DistributedFileSystem. (Arpit Gupta via szetszwo)
HADOOP-8285. HDFS changes for Use ProtoBuf for RpcPayLoadHeader. (sanjay
HDFS-2743. Streamline usage of bookkeeper journal manager.
(Ivan Kelly via umamahesh)
HDFS-3293. Add toString(), equals(..) and hashCode() to JournalInfo.
(Hari Mankude via szetszwo)
HDFS-3197. Incorrect class comments in a few tests. (Andy Isaacson via eli)
HDFS-3476. Correct the default used in TestDFSClientRetries.busyTest()
after HDFS-3462 (harsh)
HDFS-3478. Test quotas with Long.Max_Value. (Sujay Rau via eli)
HDFS-3630 Modify TestPersistBlocks to use both flush and hflush (sanjay)
HDFS-3768. Exception in TestJettyHelper is incorrect.
(Eli Reisman via jghoman)
HDFS-2580. NameNode#main(...) can make use of GenericOptionsParser. (harsh)
HDFS-2127. Add a test that ensure AccessControlExceptions contain
a full path. (Stephen Chu via eli)
HDFS-3995. Use DFSTestUtil.createFile() for file creation and
writing in test cases. (Jing Zhao via suresh)
HDFS-3735. NameNode WebUI should allow sorting live datanode list by fields
Block Pool Used, Block Pool Used(%) and Failed Volumes.
(Brahma Reddy Battula via suresh)
HDFS-4052. BlockManager#invalidateWork should print log outside the lock.
(Jing Zhao via suresh)
HDFS-3358. Specify explicitly that the NN UI status total is talking
of persistent objects on heap. (harsh)
HDFS-4904. Remove JournalService. (Arpit Agarwal via cnauroth)
HDFS-5041. Add the time of last heartbeat to dead server Web UI (Shinichi
Yamashita via brandonli)
HDFS-5721. sharedEditsImage in Namenode#initializeSharedEdits() should be
closed before method returns. (Ted Yu via junping_du)
HDFS-6228. comments typo fix for (zhaoyunjiong via umamahesh)
HDFS-6246. Remove '' flag from trunk code. (umamahesh)
HDFS-6252. Phase out the old web UI in HDFS. (wheat9)
HDFS-6609. Use DirectorySnapshottableFeature to represent a snapshottable
directory. (Jing Zhao via wheat9)
HDFS-6482. Use block ID-based block layout on datanodes (James Thomas via
Colin Patrick McCabe)
HADOOP-9635 Fix potential Stack Overflow in DomainSocket.c (V. Karthik Kumar
via cmccabe)
HDFS-2299. TestOfflineEditsViewer is failing on trunk. (Uma Maheswara Rao G
via atm)
HDFS-2310. TestBackupNode fails since HADOOP-7524 went in.
(Ivan Kelly via todd)
HDFS-2313. Rat excludes has a typo for excluding editsStored files. (atm)
HDFS-2314. MRV1 test compilation broken after HDFS-2197 (todd)
HDFS-46. Change default namespace quota of root directory from
Integer.MAX_VALUE to Long.MAX_VALUE. (Uma Maheswara Rao G via szetszwo)
HDFS-2373. Commands using WebHDFS and hftp print unnecessary debug
info on the console with security enabled. (Arpit Gupta via suresh)
HDFS-2776. Missing interface annotation on JournalSet.
(Brandon Li via jitendra)
HDFS-3037. TestMulitipleNNDataBlockScanner#testBlockScannerAfterRestart is
racy. (atm)
HDFS-3116. Typo in fetchdt error message. (AOE Takashi via atm)
HDFS-3126. Journal stream from Namenode to BackupNode needs to have
timeout. (Hari Mankude via suresh)
HDFS-3121. Add HDFS tests for HADOOP-8014 change. (John George via
HDFS-3119. Overreplicated block is not deleted even after the replication
factor is reduced after sync follwed by closing that file. (Ashish Singhi
via umamahesh)
HDFS-3265. PowerPc Build error. (Kumar Ravi via mattf)
HDFS-2312. FSNamesystem javadoc incorrectly says its for DNs. (harsh)
HDFS-3163. TestHDFSCLI.testAll fails if the user name is not all lowercase.
(Brandon Li via atm)
HDFS-3462. TestDFSClientRetries.busyTest() should restore default
xceiver count in the config. (Madhukara Phatak via harsh)
HDFS-3550. Fix raid javadoc warnings. (Jason Lowe via daryn)
HDFS-3549. Fix dist tar build fails in hadoop-hdfs-raid project. (Jason Lowe via daryn)
HDFS-3614. Revert unused MiniDFSCluster constructor from HDFS-3049.
(acmurthy via eli)
HDFS-3792. Fix two findbugs introduced by HDFS-3695 (todd)
HDFS-3827. TestHASafeMode#assertSafemode method should be made static.
(Jing Zhao via suresh)
HDFS-3834. Remove unused static fields NAME, DESCRIPTION and Usage from
Command. (Jing Zhao via suresh)
HDFS-2434. TestNameNodeMetrics.testCorruptBlock fails intermittently.
(Jing Zhao via suresh)
HDFS-4067. TestUnderReplicatedBlocks intermittently fails due to
ReplicaAlreadyExistsException. (Jing Zhao via suresh)
HDFS-4115. TestHDFSCLI.testAll fails one test due to number format.
(Trevor Robinson via suresh)
HDFS-4165. Faulty sanity check in FsDirectory.unprotectedSetQuota.
(Binglin Chang via suresh)
HDFS-4105. The SPNEGO user for secondary namenode should use the web
keytab. (Arpit Gupta via jitendra)
HDFS-4003. test-patch should build the common native libs before
running hdfs tests. (Colin Patrick McCabe via eli)
HDFS-4260 Fix HDFS tests to set test dir to a valid HDFS path as opposed
to the local build path (Chri Nauroth via Sanjay)
HDFS-4310. fix test org.apache.hadoop.hdfs.server.datanode.
TestStartSecureDataNode (Ivan A. Veselovsky via atm)
HDFS-4275. MiniDFSCluster-based tests fail on Windows due to failure
to delete test namenode directory. (Chris Nauroth via suresh)
HDFS-4338. TestNameNodeMetrics#testCorruptBlock is flaky. (Andrew Wang via
HDFS-4391. TestDataTransferKeepalive fails when tests are executed in a
certain order. (Andrew Wang via atm)
HDFS-4757. Update FSDirectory#inodeMap when replacing an INodeDirectory
while setting quota. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4761. When resetting FSDirectory, the inodeMap should also be reset.
(Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4687. TestDelegationTokenForProxyUser#testWebHdfsDoAs is flaky with
JDK7. (Andrew Wang via atm)
HDFS-3934. duplicative dfs_hosts entries handled wrong. (Colin Patrick
HDFS-4366. Block Replication Policy Implementation May Skip Higher-Priority
Blocks for Lower-Priority Blocks (Derek Dagit via kihwal)
HDFS-5719. FSImage#doRollback() should close prevState before return
(Ted Yu via brandonli)
HDFS-5794. Fix the inconsistency of layout version number of
ADD_DATANODE_AND_STORAGE_UUIDS between trunk and branch-2. (jing9)
HDFS-6657. Remove link to 'Legacy UI' in trunk's Namenode UI.
(Vinayakumar B via wheat 9)
HDFS-6387. HDFS CLI admin tool for creating & deleting an
encryption zone. (clamb)
HDFS-6386. HDFS Encryption Zones (clamb)
HDFS-6388. HDFS integration with KeyProvider. (clamb)
HDFS-6473. Protocol and API for Encryption Zones (clamb)
HDFS-6392. Wire crypto streams for encrypted files in
DFSClient. (clamb and yliu)
HDFS-6476. Print out the KeyProvider after finding KP successfully on
startup. (Juan Yu via wang)
HDFS-6391. Get the Key/IV from the NameNode for encrypted files in
DFSClient. (Charles Lamb and wang)
HDFS-6389. Rename restrictions for encryption zones. (clamb)
HDFS-6605. Client server negotiation of cipher suite. (wang)
HDFS-6625. Remove the Delete Encryption Zone function (clamb)
HDFS-6516. List of Encryption Zones should be based on inodes (clamb)
HDFS-6629. Not able to create symlinks after HDFS-6516 (umamaheswararao)
HDFS-6635. Refactor encryption zone functionality into new
EncryptionZoneManager class. (wang)
HDFS-6474. Namenode needs to get the actual keys and iv from the
KeyProvider. (wang)
HDFS-6619. Clean up encryption-related tests. (wang)
HDFS-6405. Test Crypto streams in HDFS. (yliu via wang)
HDFS-6490. Fix the keyid format for generated keys in
FSNamesystem.createEncryptionZone (clamb)
HDFS-6716. Update usage of KeyProviderCryptoExtension APIs on NameNode.
HDFS-6718. Remove EncryptionZoneManager lock. (wang)
HDFS-6720. Remove KeyProvider in EncryptionZoneManager. (wang)
HDFS-6738. Remove unnecessary getEncryptionZoneForPath call in
EZManager#createEncryptionZone. (clamb)
HDFS-6724. Decrypt EDEK before creating
CryptoInputStream/CryptoOutputStream. (wang)
HDFS-6509. Create a special /.reserved/raw directory for raw access to
encrypted data. (clamb via wang)
HDFS-6771. Require specification of an encryption key when creating
an encryption zone. (wang)
HDFS-6730. Create a .RAW extended attribute namespace. (clamb)
HDFS-6692. Add more HDFS encryption tests. (wang)
HDFS-6780. Batch the encryption zones listing API. (wang)
HDFS-6394. HDFS encryption documentation. (wang)
HDFS-6834. Improve the configuration guidance in DFSClient when there
are no Codec classes found in configs. (umamahesh)
HDFS-6546. Add non-superuser capability to get the encryption zone
for a specific path. (clamb)
HDFS-6733. Creating encryption zone results in NPE when
KeyProvider is null. (clamb)
HDFS-6785. Should not be able to create encryption zone using path
to a non-directory file. (clamb)
HDFS-6807. Fix TestReservedRawPaths. (clamb)
HDFS-6814. Mistakenly dfs.namenode.list.encryption.zones.num.responses configured
as boolean. (umamahesh)
HDFS-6817. Fix findbugs and other warnings. (yliu)
HDFS-6839. Fix TestCLI to expect new output. (clamb)
HDFS-6905. fs-encryption merge triggered release audit failures. (clamb via tucu)
Release 2.6.0 - UNRELEASED
HDFS-6613. Improve logging in caching classes. (wang)
HDFS-6511. BlockManager#computeInvalidateWork() could do nothing. (Juan Yu via wang)
HDFS-6638. Shorten test run time with a smaller retry timeout setting.
(Liang Xie via cnauroth)
HDFS-6627. Rename DataNode#checkWriteAccess to checkReadAccess.
(Liang Xie via cnauroth)
HDFS-6645. Add test for successive Snapshots between XAttr modifications.
(Stephen Chu via jing9)
HDFS-6643. Refactor INodeWithAdditionalFields.PermissionStatusFormat and
INodeFile.HeaderFormat. (szetszwo)
HDFS-6640. Syntax for MKDIRS, CREATESYMLINK, and SETXATTR are given wrongly
in WebHdfs document (missed webhdfs/v1). (Stephen Chu via jing9)
HDFS-5202. Support Centralized Cache Management on Windows. (cnauroth)
HDFS-2976. Remove unnecessary method (tokenRefetchNeeded) in DFSClient.
(Uma Maheswara Rao G)
HDFS-3851. DFSOutputStream class code cleanup. (Jing Zhao via suresh)
HDFS-2856. Fix block protocol so that Datanodes don't require root or jsvc.
HDFS-5624. Add HDFS tests for ACLs in combination with viewfs.
(Stephen Chu via cnauroth)
HDFS-6655. Add 'header banner' to 'explorer.html' also in Namenode UI
HDFS-4120. Add a new "-skipSharedEditsCheck" option for BootstrapStandby
(Liang Xie and Rakesh R via vinayakumarb)
HDFS-6597. Add a new option to NN upgrade to terminate the process after
upgrade on NN is completed. (Danilo Vunjak via cnauroth)
HDFS-6700. BlockPlacementPolicy shoud choose storage but not datanode for
deletion. (szetszwo)
HDFS-6616. Add exclude-datanodes feature to WebHDFS redirection so that it
will not redirect retries to the same datanode. (zhaoyunjiong via szetszwo)
HDFS-6702. Change DFSClient to pass the StorageType from the namenode to
datanodes and change datanode to write block replicas using the specified
storage type. (szetszwo)
HDFS-6701. Make seed optional in NetworkTopology#sortByDistance.
(Ashwin Shankar via wang)
HDFS-6755. There is an unnecessary sleep in the code path where
DFSOutputStream#close gives up its attempt to contact the namenode
(mitdesai21 via cmccabe)
HDFS-6750. The DataNode should use its shared memory segment to mark
short-circuit replicas that have been unlinked as stale (cmccabe)
HDFS-6739. Add getDatanodeStorageReport to ClientProtocol. (szetszwo)
HDFS-6665. Add tests for XAttrs in combination with viewfs.
(Stephen Chu via wang)
HDFS-6778. The extended attributes javadoc should simply refer to the
user docs. (clamb via wang)
HDFS-6570. add api that enables checking if a user has certain permissions on
a file. (Jitendra Pandey via cnauroth)
HDFS-6441. Add ability to exclude/include specific datanodes while
balancing. (Benoy Antony and Yu Li via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6685. Balancer should preserve storage type of replicas. (szetszwo)
HDFS-6798. Add test case for incorrect data node condition during
balancing. (Benoy Antony via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6796. Improve the argument check during balancer command line parsing.
(Benoy Antony via szetszwo)
HDFS-6794. Update BlockManager methods to use DatanodeStorageInfo
where possible (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6802. Some tests in TestDFSClientFailover are missing @Test
annotation. (Akira Ajisaka via wang)
HDFS-6788. Improve synchronization in BPOfferService with read write lock.
(Yongjun Zhang via wang)
HDFS-6787. Remove duplicate code in FSDirectory#unprotectedConcat. (Yi Liu via umamahesh)
HDFS-6809. Move Balancer's inner classes MovedBlocks and Matcher as to
standalone classes and separates KeyManager from NameNodeConnector.
HDFS-6812. Remove addBlock and replaceBlock from DatanodeDescriptor.
HDFS-6781. Separate HDFS commands from CommandsManual.apt.vm. (Akira
Ajisaka via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6728. Dynamically add new volumes to DataStorage, formatted if
necessary. (Lei Xu via atm)
HDFS-6740. Make FSDataset support adding data volumes dynamically. (Lei
Xu via atm)
HDFS-6722. Display readable last contact time for dead nodes on NN webUI.
(Ming Ma via wheat9)
HDFS-6772. Get DN storages out of blockContentsStale state faster after
NN restarts. (Ming Ma via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-573. Porting libhdfs to Windows. (cnauroth)
HDFS-6828. Separate block replica dispatching from Balancer. (szetszwo via
HDFS-6837. Code cleanup for Balancer and Dispatcher. (szetszwo via
HDFS-6838. Code cleanup for unnecessary INode replacement.
(Jing Zhao via wheat9)
HDFS-6836. HDFS INFO logging is verbose & uses file appenders. (Xiaoyu
Yao via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6567. Normalize the order of public final in HdfsFileStatus.
(Tassapol Athiapinya via wheat9)
HDFS-6849. Replace HttpFS custom proxyuser handling with common
implementation. (tucu)
HDFS-6850. Move NFS out of order write unit tests into TestWrites class.
(Zhe Zhang via atm)
HDFS-6188. An ip whitelist based implementation of TrustedChannelResolver.
(Benoy Antony via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6858. Allow default to (Benoy Antony via cnauroth)
HDFS-6878. Change MiniDFSCluster to support StorageType configuration
for individual directories. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6758. block writer should pass the expected block size to
DataXceiverServer. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6899. Allow changing MiniDFSCluster volumes per DN and capacity
per volume. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6690. Deduplicate xattr names in memory. (wang)
HDFS-6823. dfs.web.authentication.kerberos.principal shows up in logs for
insecure HDFS (Allen Wittenauer via raviprak)
HDFS-6517. Remove from hdfs project (Akira
AJISAKA via aw)
HDFS-6617. Flake TestDFSZKFailoverController.testManualFailoverWithDFSHAAdmin
due to a long edit log sync op. (Liang Xie via cnauroth)
HDFS-6646. [ HDFS Rolling Upgrade - Shell ] shutdownDatanode and getDatanodeInfo
usage is missed ( Brahma Reddy Battula via vinayakumarb)
HDFS-6630. Unable to fetch the block information by Browsing the file system on
Namenode UI through IE9 ( Haohui Mai via vinayakumarb)
HADOOP-8158. Interrupting hadoop fs -put from the command line
causes a LeaseExpiredException. (daryn via harsh)
HDFS-6678. MiniDFSCluster may still be partially running after initialization
fails. (cnauroth)
HDFS-5809. BlockPoolSliceScanner and high speed hdfs appending make
datanode to drop into infinite loop (cmccabe)
HDFS-6456. NFS should throw error for invalid entry in
dfs.nfs.exports.allowed.hosts (Abhiraj Butala via brandonli)
HDFS-6689. NFS doesn't return correct lookup access for direcories (brandonli)
HDFS-6478. RemoteException can't be retried properly for non-HA scenario.
(Ming Ma via jing9)
HDFS-6693. TestDFSAdminWithHA fails on windows ( vinayakumarb )
HDFS-6667. In HDFS HA mode, Distcp/SLive with webhdfs on secure cluster fails
with Client cannot authenticate via:[TOKEN, KERBEROS] error. (jing9)
HDFS-6704. Fix the command to launch JournalNode in HDFS-HA document.
(Akira AJISAKA via jing9)
HDFS-6731. Run "hdfs zkfc-formatZK" on a server in a non-namenode will cause
a null pointer exception. (Masatake Iwasaki via brandonli)
HDFS-6114. Block Scan log rolling will never happen if blocks written
continuously leading to huge size of dncp_block_verification.log.curr
(vinayakumarb via cmccabe)
HDFS-6455. NFS: Exception should be added in NFS log for invalid separator in
nfs.exports.allowed.hosts. (Abhiraj Butala via brandonli)
HDFS-6715. Webhdfs wont fail over when it gets Namenode
is in startup mode. (jing9)
HDFS-5919. FileJournalManager doesn't purge empty and corrupt inprogress edits
files (vinayakumarb)
HDFS-6752. Avoid Address bind errors in TestDatanodeConfig#testMemlockLimit
HDFS-6749. FSNamesystem methods should call resolvePath.
(Charles Lamb via cnauroth)
HDFS-4629. Using* in is JVM vendor specific. Breaks IBM JAVA.
(Amir Sanjar via stevel)
HDFS-3482. hdfs balancer throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
if option is specified without values. ( Madhukara Phatak via umamahesh)
HDFS-6797. DataNode logs wrong layoutversion during upgrade. (Benoy Antony
via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6810. StorageReport array is initialized with wrong size in
DatanodeDescriptor#getStorageReports. (szetszwo via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5723. Append failed FINALIZED replica should not be accepted as valid
when that block is underconstruction (vinayakumarb)
HDFS-5185. DN fails to startup if one of the data dir is full. (vinayakumarb)
HDFS-6451. NFS should not return NFS3ERR_IO for AccessControlException
(Abhiraj Butala via brandonli)
HDFS-6717. JIRA HDFS-5804 breaks default nfs-gateway behavior for unsecured config
HDFS-6790. DFSUtil Should Use configuration.getPassword for SSL passwords
(Larry McCay via brandonli)
HDFS-6791. A block could remain under replicated if all of its replicas are on
decommissioned nodes. (Ming Ma via jing9)
HDFS-6582. Missing null check in RpcProgramNfs3#read(XDR, SecurityHandler)
(Abhiraj Butala via brandonli)
HDFS-6830. BlockInfo.addStorage fails when DN changes the storage for a
block replica (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6247. Avoid timeouts for replaceBlock() call by sending intermediate
responses to Balancer (vinayakumarb)
HDFS-6783. Fix HDFS CacheReplicationMonitor rescan logic. (Yi Liu and Colin Patrick McCabe via umamahesh)
HDFS-6825. Edit log corruption due to delayed block removal.
(Yongjun Zhang via wang)
HDFS-6569. OOB message can't be sent to the client when DataNode shuts down for upgrade
HDFS-6868. portmap and nfs3 are documented as hadoop commands instead of hdfs
HDFS-6870. Blocks and INodes could leak for Rename with overwrite flag. (Yi
Liu via jing9)
HDFS-6890. NFS readdirplus doesn't return dotdot attributes (brandonli)
HDFS-6829. DFSAdmin refreshSuperUserGroupsConfiguration failed in
security cluster (zhaoyunjiong via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-4852. libhdfs documentation is out of date. (cnauroth)
Release 2.5.0 - 2014-08-11
HDFS-6168. Remove a deprecated constructor and the deprecated methods reportChecksumFailure,
getDelegationToken(Text), renewDelegationToken and cancelDelegationToken from
DistributedFileSystem. (szetszwo)
HDFS-6281. Provide option to use the NFS Gateway without having to use the
Hadoop portmapper. (atm)
HDFS-5168. Add cross node dependency support to BlockPlacementPolicy.
(Nikola Vujic via szetszwo)
HDFS-6334. Client failover proxy provider for IP failover based NN HA.
HDFS-6406. Add capability for NFS gateway to reject connections from
unprivileged ports. (atm)
HDFS-2006. Ability to support storing extended attributes per file.
HDFS-5978. Create a tool to take fsimage and expose read-only WebHDFS API.
(Akira Ajisaka via wheat9)
HDFS-6278. Create HTML5-based UI for SNN. (wheat9)
HDFS-6279. Create new index page for JN / DN. (wheat9)
HDFS-6007. Update documentation about short-circuit local reads (iwasakims
via cmccabe)
HDFS-6125. Cleanup unnecessary cast in HDFS code base. (suresh)
HDFS-5196. Provide more snapshot information in WebUI.
(Shinichi Yamashita via wheat9)
HDFS-6155. Fix Boxing/unboxing to parse a primitive findbugs warnings.
HDFS-6119. FSNamesystem code cleanup. (suresh)
HDFS-6158. Clean up dead code for OfflineImageViewer. (wheat9)
HDFS-6164. Remove lsr in OfflineImageViewer. (wheat9)
HDFS-6167. Relocate the non-public API classes in the hdfs.client package.
HDFS-6191. Disable quota checks when replaying edit log. (kihwal)
HDFS-6170. Support GETFILESTATUS operation in WebImageViewer.
(Akira Ajisaka via wheat9)
HDFS-6225. Remove the o.a.h.hdfs.server.common.UpgradeStatusReport.
HDFS-6224. Add a unit test to TestAuditLogger for file permissions
passed to logAuditEvent. (Charles Lamb via wang)
HDFS-6194. Create new tests for ByteRangeInputStream.
(Akira Ajisaka via wheat9)
HDFS-6219. Proxy superuser configuration should use true client IP for
address checks. (daryn via kihwal)
HDFS-6256. Clean up ImageVisitor and SpotCheckImageVisitor.
(Akira Ajisaka via wheat9)
HDFS-6265. Prepare HDFS codebase for JUnit 4.11. (cnauroth)
HDFS-5693. Few NN metrics data points were collected via JMX when NN
is under heavy load. (Ming Ma via jing9)
HDFS-6273. Config options to allow wildcard endpoints for namenode HTTP
and HTTPS servers. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6282. Re-add testIncludeByRegistrationName. (cmccabe)
HDFS-6266. Identify full path for a given INode. (jing9)
HDFS-6210. Support GETACLSTATUS operation in WebImageViewer.
(Akira Ajisaka via wheat9)
HDFS-6269. NameNode Audit Log should differentiate between webHDFS open and
HDFS open. (Eric Payne via jeagles)
HDFS-6304. Consolidate the logic of path resolution in FSDirectory.
HDFS-6295. Add "decommissioning" state and node state filtering to
dfsadmin. (wang)
HDFS-6294. Use INode IDs to avoid conflicts when a file open for write is
renamed. (cmccabe)
HDFS-6328. Clean up dead code in FSDirectory. (wheat9)
HDFS-6230. Expose upgrade status through NameNode web UI.
(Mit Desai via wheat9)
HDFS-6186. Pause deletion of blocks when the namenode starts up. (jing9)
HDFS-6293. Issues with OIV processing PB-based fsimages. (kihwal)
HDFS-2949. Add check to active state transition to prevent operator-induced
split brain. (Rushabh S Shah via kihwal)
HDFS-6287. Add vecsum test of libhdfs read access times (cmccabe)
HDFS-5683. Better audit log messages for caching operations.
(Abhiraj Butala via wang)
HDFS-6345. DFS.listCacheDirectives() should allow filtering based on
cache directive ID. (wang)
HDFS-6432. Add snapshot related APIs to webhdfs. (jing9)
HDFS-6396. Remove support for ACL feature from INodeSymlink.
(Charles Lamb via wang)
HDFS-6435. Add support for specifying a static uid/gid mapping for the NFS
gateway. (atm via wang)
HDFS-6416. Use Time#monotonicNow in OpenFileCtx and OpenFileCtxCatch to
avoid system clock bugs (Abhiraj Butala via brandonli)
HDFS-6356. Fix typo in DatanodeLayoutVersion. (Tulasi G via wang)
HDFS-6447. balancer should timestamp the completion message.
(Juan Yu via wang)
HDFS-6463. Clarify behavior of AclStorage#createFsPermissionForExtendedAcl
in comments. (cnauroth)
HDFS-6472. fix typo in webapps/hdfs/explorer.js. (Juan Yu via wang)
HDFS-6056. Clean up NFS config settings (brandonli)
HDFS-6110 adding more slow action log in critical write path
(Liang Xie via stack)
HDFS-6109 let sync_file_range() system call run in background
(Liang Xie via stack)
HDFS-6268. Better sorting in NetworkTopology#pseudoSortByDistance when
no local node is found. (wang)
HDFS-6369. Document that BlockReader#available() can return more bytes than
are remaining in the block (Ted Yu via Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-6487. TestStandbyCheckpoint#testSBNCheckpoints is racy.
(Mit Desai via wang)
HDFS-6297. Add CLI testcases to reflect new features of dfs and dfsadmin
(Dasha Boudnik via cos)
HDFS-6399. Add note about setfacl in HDFS permissions guide.
(cnauroth via wang)
HDFS-6315. Decouple recording edit logs from FSDirectory. (wheat9)
HDFS-6379. HTTPFS - Implement ACLs support. (yoderme via tucu)
HDFS-6471. Make moveFromLocal CLI testcases to be non-disruptive
(Dasha Boudnik via cos)
HDFS-6395. Skip checking xattr limits for non-user-visible namespaces.
(Yi Liu via wang).
HDFS-3493. Invalidate excess corrupted blocks as long as minimum
replication is satisfied. (Juan Yu and Vinayakumar B via wang)
HDFS-6330. Move mkdirs() to FSNamesystem. (wheat9)
HDFS-6470. TestBPOfferService.testBPInitErrorHandling is flaky.
(Ming Ma via wang)
HDFS-6529. Trace logging for RemoteBlockReader2 to identify remote datanode
and file being read. (Anubhav Dhoot via atm)
HDFS-6499. Use NativeIO#renameTo instead of File#renameTo in
FileJournalManager. (Yongjun Zhang via atm)
HDFS-6518. TestCacheDirectives#testExceedsCapacity should
take FSN read lock when accessing pendingCached list.
HDFS-6528. Add XAttrs to TestOfflineImageViewer. (Stephen Chu via wang)
HDFS-6545. Finalizing rolling upgrade can make NN unavailable for a long
duration. (kihwal)
HDFS-6530. Fix Balancer documentation. (szetszwo)
HDFS-6480. Move waitForReady() from FSDirectory to FSNamesystem. (wheat9)
HDFS-6403. Add metrics for log warnings reported by JVM pauses. (Yongjun
Zhang via atm)
HDFS-6557. Move the reference of fsimage to FSNamesystem. (wheat9)
HDFS-4667. Capture renamed files/directories in snapshot diff report. (jing9
and Binglin Chang via jing9)
HDFS-6507. Improve DFSAdmin to support HA cluster better.
(Zesheng Wu via vinayakumarb)
HDFS-6578. add toString method to DatanodeStorage for easier debugging.
(Yongjun Zhang via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6562. Refactor rename() in FSDirectory. (wheat9)
HDFS-6486. Add user doc for XAttrs via WebHDFS. (Yi Liu via umamahesh)
HDFS-6430. HTTPFS - Implement XAttr support. (Yi Liu via tucu)
HDFS-6593. Move SnapshotDiffInfo out of INodeDirectorySnapshottable.
(Jing Zhao via wheat9)
HDFS-6595. Allow the maximum threads for balancing on datanodes to be
configurable. (Benoy Antony via szetszwo)
HDFS-6572. Add an option to the NameNode that prints the software and
on-disk image versions. (Charles Lamb via cnauroth)
HDFS-6603. Add XAttr with ACL test. (Stephen Chu via cnauroth)
HDFS-6612. MiniDFSNNTopology#simpleFederatedTopology(int)
always hardcode nameservice ID. (Juan Yu via wang)
HDFS-6614. shorten TestPread run time with a smaller retry timeout setting.
(Liang Xie via cnauroth)
HDFS-6610. TestShortCircuitLocalRead tests sometimes timeout on slow
machines. (Charles Lamb via wang)
HDFS-6620. Snapshot docs should specify about preserve options with cp command
(Stephen Chu via umamahesh)
HDFS-6493. Change dfs.namenode.startup.delay.block.deletion to second
instead of millisecond. (Juan Yu via wang)
HDFS-6680. BlockPlacementPolicyDefault does not choose favored nodes
correctly. (szetszwo)
HDFS-6712. Document HDFS Multihoming Settings. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6214. Webhdfs has poor throughput for files >2GB (daryn)
HDFS-6460. Ignore stale and decommissioned nodes in
NetworkTopology#sortByDistance. (Yongjun Zhang via wang)
HDFS-6583. Remove clientNode in FileUnderConstructionFeature. (wheat9)
HDFS-6599. 2.4 addBlock is 10 to 20 times slower compared to 0.23 (daryn)
HDFS-6112. NFS Gateway docs are incorrect for allowed hosts configuration.
HDFS-3087. Decomissioning on NN restart can complete without blocks being
replicated. (Rushabh S Shah via kihwal)
HDFS-6162. Format strings should use platform independent line separator.
HDFS-6156. Simplify the JMX API that provides snapshot information.
HDFS-6173. Move the default processor from Ls to Web in OfflineImageViewer.
(Akira Ajisaka via wheat9)
HDFS-5591. Checkpointing should use monotonic time when calculating period.
(Charles Lamb via wang)
HDFS-6190. Minor textual fixes in DFSClient. (Charles Lamb via wheat9)
HDFS-6159. TestBalancerWithNodeGroup.testBalancerWithNodeGroup fails if
there is block missing after balancer success (Chen He via kihwal)
HDFS-6181. Fix the wrong property names in NFS user guide (brandonli)
HDFS-6180. dead node count / listing is very broken in JMX and old GUI.
HDFS-6143. WebHdfsFileSystem open should throw FileNotFoundException for
non-existing paths. (Gera Shegalov via wheat9)
HDFS-6169. Move the address in WebImageViewer. (Akira Ajisaka via wheat9)
HDFS-6160. TestSafeMode occasionally fails. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5669. Storage#tryLock() should check for null before logging successfull message
(Vinayakumar B via umamahesh)
HDFS-6237. TestDFSShell#testGet fails on Windows due to invalid file system
path. (cnauroth)
HDFS-6238. TestDirectoryScanner leaks file descriptors. (cnauroth)
HDFS-6243. HA NameNode transition to active or shutdown may leave lingering
image transfer thread. (cnauroth)
HDFS-5409. TestOfflineEditsViewer#testStored fails on Windows due to CRLF
line endings in editsStored.xml from git checkout. (cnauroth)
HDFS-4909. Avoid protocol buffer RPC namespace clashes. (cmccabe)
HDFS-6153. Document "fileId" and "childrenNum" fields in the FileStatus Json schema
(Akira Ajisaka via vinayakumarb)
HDFS-6178. Decommission on standby NN couldn't finish. (Ming Ma via jing9)
HDFS-6213. TestDataNodeConfig failing on Jenkins runs due to DN web port
in use. (wang)
HDFS-6274. Cleanup javadoc warnings in HDFS code. (suresh)
HDFS-6275. Fix warnings - type arguments can be inferred and redudant
local variable. (suresh)
HDFS-6217. Webhdfs PUT operations may not work via a http proxy.
(Daryn Sharp via kihwal)
HDFS-6276. Remove unnecessary conditions and null check. (suresh)
HDFS-5865. Update OfflineImageViewer document. (Akira Ajisaka via wheat9)
HDFS-6270. Secondary namenode status page shows transaction count in bytes.
(Benoy Antony via wheat9)
HDFS-6218. Audit log should use true client IP for proxied webhdfs
operations. (daryn via kihwal)
HDFS-6288. DFSInputStream Pread doesn't update ReadStatistics.
(Juan Yu via wang)
HDFS-6289. HA failover can fail if there are pending DN messages for DNs
which no longer exist. (atm)
HDFS-6337. Setfacl testcase is failing due to dash character in username
in TestAclCLI (umamahesh)
HDFS-5381. ExtendedBlock#hashCode should use both blockId and block pool ID
(Benoy Antony via Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-6240. WebImageViewer returns 404 if LISTSTATUS to an empty directory.
(Akira Ajisaka via wheat9)
HDFS-6351. Command hdfs dfs -rm -r can't remove empty directory.
(Yongjun Zhang via wang)
HDFS-5522. Datanode disk error check may be incorrectly skipped.
(Rushabh S Shah via kihwal)
HDFS-6367. EnumSetParam$Domain#parse fails for parameter containing more than one enum.
(Yi Liu via umamahesh)
HDFS-6305. WebHdfs response decoding may throw RuntimeExceptions (Daryn
Sharp via jeagles)
HDFS-6355. Fix divide-by-zero, improper use of wall-clock time in
BlockPoolSliceScanner (cmccabe)
HDFS-6370. Web UI fails to display in intranet under IE.
(Haohui Mai via cnauroth)
HDFS-6381. Fix a typo in (Binglin Chang via jing9)
HDFS-6400. Cannot execute hdfs oiv_legacy. (Akira AJISAKA via kihwal)
HDFS-6250. Fix test failed in TestBalancerWithNodeGroup.testBalancerWithRackLocality
(Binglin Chang and Chen He via junping_du)
HDFS-4913. Deleting file through fuse-dfs when using trash fails requiring
root permissions (cmccabe)
HDFS-6421. Fix vecsum.c compile on BSD and some other systems. (Mit Desai
via Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-6419. TestBookKeeperHACheckpoints#TestSBNCheckpoints fails on trunk.
(Akira AJISAKA via kihwal)
HDFS-6409. Fix typo in log message about NameNode layout version upgrade.
(Chen He via cnauroth)
HDFS-6433. Replace BytesMoved class with AtomicLong.
(Benoy Antony via cnauroth)
HDFS-6438. DeleteSnapshot should be a DELETE request in WebHdfs. (jing9)
HDFS-6423. Diskspace quota usage should be updated when appending data to
partial block. (jing9)
HDFS-6443. Fix MiniQJMHACluster related test failures. (Zesheng Wu via
Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6227. ShortCircuitCache#unref should purge ShortCircuitReplicas whose
streams have been closed by java interrupts. (Colin Patrick McCabe via jing9)
HDFS-6442. Fix TestEditLogAutoroll and TestStandbyCheckpoints failure
caused by port conficts. (Zesheng Wu via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6448. BlockReaderLocalLegacy should set socket timeout based on
conf.socketTimeout (liangxie via cmccabe)
HDFS-6453. Use Time#monotonicNow to avoid system clock reset.
(Liang Xie via wang)
HDFS-6461. Use Time#monotonicNow to compute duration in DataNode#shutDown.
(James Thomas via wang)
HDFS-6462. NFS: fsstat request fails with the secure hdfs (brandonli)
HDFS-6404. HttpFS should use a 000 umask for mkdir and create
operations. (yoderme via tucu)
HDFS-6424. blockReport doesn't need to invalidate blocks on SBN. (Ming Ma
via jing9)
HDFS-6497. Make TestAvailableSpaceVolumeChoosingPolicy deterministic
HDFS-6500. Snapshot shouldn't be removed silently after renaming to an
existing snapshot. (Nicholas SZE via junping_du)
HDFS-6257. TestCacheDirectives#testExceedsCapacity fails occasionally
HDFS-6364. Incorrect check for unknown datanode in Balancer. (Benoy
Antony via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6503. Fix typo of DFSAdmin restoreFailedStorage.
(Zesheng Wu via wheat9)
HDFS-6464. Support multiple parameters for WebHDFS getXAttrs.
(Yi Liu via umamahesh)
HDFS-6539. test_native_mini_dfs is skipped in hadoop-hdfs/pom.xml
(decstery via cmccabe)
HDFS-6527. Edit log corruption due to defered INode removal. (kihwal and
jing9 via jing9)
HDFS-6552. add DN storage to a BlockInfo will not replace the different
storage from same DN. (Amir Langer via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6551. Rename with OVERWRITE option may throw NPE when the target
file/directory is a reference INode. (jing9)
HDFS-6439. NFS should not reject NFS requests to the NULL procedure whether
port monitoring is enabled or not. (brandonli)
HDFS-6559. Fix wrong option "dfsadmin -rollingUpgrade start" in the
document. (Akira Ajisaka via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6553. Add missing DeprecationDeltas for NFS Kerberos configurations
(Stephen Chu via brandonli)
HDFS-6563. NameNode cannot save fsimage in certain circumstances when
snapshots are in use. (atm)
HDFS-3848. A Bug in recoverLeaseInternal method of FSNameSystem class
(Hooman Peiro Sajjad and Chen He via kihwal)
HDFS-6549. Add support for accessing the NFS gateway from the AIX NFS
client. (atm)
HDFS-6535. HDFS quota update is wrong when file is appended. (George Wong
via jing9)
HDFS-6222. Remove background token renewer from webhdfs.
(Rushabh Shah and Daryn Sharp via cnauroth)
HDFS-6580. FSNamesystem.mkdirsInt should call the getAuditFileInfo()
wrapper. (Zhilei Xu via wheat9)
HDFS-6587. Bug in TestBPOfferService can cause test failure. (Zhilei Xu
via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6598. Fix a typo in message issued from explorer.js. (Yongjun Zhang
via wheat9)
HDFS-6475. WebHdfs clients fail without retry because incorrect handling
of StandbyException. (Yongjun Zhang via atm)
HADOOP-10701. NFS should not validate the access premission only based on
the user's primary group (Harsh J via atm)
HDFS-6556. Refine XAttr permissions (umamahesh)
HDFS-6601. Issues in finalizing rolling upgrade when there is a layout
version change (kihwal)
HDFS-6418. Regression: DFS_NAMENODE_USER_NAME_KEY missing
(szetszwo via stevel)
HDFS-6558. Missing newline in the description of dfsadmin -rollingUpgrade.
(Chen He via kihwal)
HDFS-6591. while loop is executed tens of thousands of times in Hedged Read
(Liang Xie via cnauroth)
HDFS-6604. The short-circuit cache doesn't correctly time out replicas that
haven't been used in a while (cmccabe)
HDFS-4286. Changes from BOOKKEEPER-203 broken capability of including
bookkeeper-server jar in hidden package of BKJM (Rakesh R via umamahesh)
HDFS-4221. Remove the format limitation point from BKJM documentation as HDFS-3810
closed. (Rakesh R via umamahesh)
HDFS-5411. Update Bookkeeper dependency to 4.2.3. (Rakesh R via umamahesh)
HDFS-6631. TestPread#testHedgedReadLoopTooManyTimes fails intermittently.
(Liang Xie via cnauroth)
HDFS-6647. Edit log corruption when pipeline recovery occurs for deleted
file present in snapshot (kihwal)
HDFS-6378. NFS registration should timeout instead of hanging when
portmap/rpcbind is not available (Abhiraj Butala via brandonli)
HDFS-6703. NFS: Files can be deleted from a read-only mount
(Srikanth Upputuri via brandonli)
HDFS-6422. getfattr in CLI doesn't throw exception or return non-0 return code
when xattr doesn't exist. (Charles Lamb via umamahesh)
HDFS-6696. Name node cannot start if the path of a file under
construction contains ".snapshot". (wang)
HDFS-6312. WebHdfs HA failover is broken on secure clusters.
(daryn via tucu)
HDFS-6618. FSNamesystem#delete drops the FSN lock between removing INodes
from the tree and deleting them from the inode map (kihwal via cmccabe)
HDFS-6622. Rename and AddBlock may race and produce invalid edits (kihwal
via cmccabe)
HDFS-6723. New NN webUI no longer displays decommissioned state for dead node.
(Ming Ma via wheat9)
HDFS-6768. Fix a few unit tests that use hard-coded port numbers. (Arpit
HDFS-6299. Protobuf for XAttr and client-side implementation. (Yi Liu via umamahesh)
HDFS-6302. Implement XAttr as a INode feature. (Yi Liu via umamahesh)
HDFS-6309. Javadocs for Xattrs apis in DFSClient and other minor fixups. (Charles Lamb via umamahesh)
HDFS-6258. Namenode server-side storage for XAttrs. (Yi Liu via umamahesh)
HDFS-6303. HDFS implementation of FileContext API for XAttrs. (Yi Liu and Charles Lamb via umamahesh)
HDFS-6324. Shift XAttr helper code out for reuse. (Yi Liu via umamahesh)
HDFS-6301. NameNode: persist XAttrs in fsimage and record XAttrs modifications to edit log.
(Yi Liu via umamahesh)
HDFS-6298. XML based End-to-End test for getfattr and setfattr commands. (Yi Liu via umamahesh)
HDFS-6314. Test cases for XAttrs. (Yi Liu via umamahesh)
HDFS-6344. Maximum limit on the size of an xattr. (Yi Liu via umamahesh)
HDFS-6377. Unify xattr name and value limits into a single limit. (wang)
HDFS-6373. Remove support for extended attributes on symlinks. (Charles Lamb via wang)
HDFS-6283. Write end user documentation for xattrs. (wang)
HDFS-6412. Interface audience and stability annotations missing from
several new classes related to xattrs. (wang)
HDFS-6259. Support extended attributes via WebHDFS. (yliu)
HDFS-6346. Optimize OP_SET_XATTRS by persisting single Xattr entry per setXattr/removeXattr api call
(Yi Liu via umamahesh)
HDFS-6331. ClientProtocol#setXattr should not be annotated idempotent.
(umamahesh via wang)
HDFS-6335. TestOfflineEditsViewer for XAttr. (Yi Liu via umamahesh)
HDFS-6343. fix TestNamenodeRetryCache and TestRetryCacheWithHA failures. (umamahesh)
HDFS-6366. FsImage loading failed with RemoveXattr op (umamahesh)
HDFS-6357. SetXattr should persist rpcIDs for handling retrycache with Namenode restart and HA
HDFS-6372. Handle setXattr rpcIDs for OfflineEditsViewer. (umamahesh)
HDFS-6410. DFSClient unwraps AclException in xattr methods, but those
methods cannot throw AclException. (wang)
HDFS-6413. xattr names erroneously handled as case-insensitive.
(Charles Lamb via cnauroth)
HDFS-6414. xattr modification operations are based on state of latest
snapshot instead of current version of inode. (Andrew Wang via cnauroth)
HDFS-6374. setXAttr should require the user to be the owner of the file
or directory (Charles Lamb via wang)
HDFS-6375. Listing extended attributes with the search permission.
(Charles Lamb via wang)
HDFS-6492. Support create-time xattrs and atomically setting multiple
xattrs. (wang)
Release 2.4.1 - 2014-06-23
HDFS-6215. Wrong error message for upgrade. (Kihwal Lee via jeagles)
HDFS-6189. Multiple HDFS tests fail on Windows attempting to use a test
root path containing a colon. (cnauroth via szetszwo)
HDFS-6197. Rolling upgrade rollback on Windows can fail attempting to rename
edit log segment files to a destination that already exists. (cnauroth)
HDFS-6198. DataNode rolling upgrade does not correctly identify current
block pool directory and replace with trash on Windows. (cnauroth)
HDFS-6206. Fix NullPointerException in DFSUtil.substituteForWildcardAddress.
HDFS-6204. Fix TestRBWBlockInvalidation: change the last sleep to a loop.
HDFS-6209. TestValidateConfigurationSettings should use random ports.
(Arpit Agarwal via szetszwo)
HDFS-6208. DataNode caching can leak file descriptors. (cnauroth)
HDFS-6231. DFSClient hangs infinitely if using hedged reads and all eligible
datanodes die. (cnauroth)
HDFS-6234. TestDatanodeConfig#testMemlockLimit fails on Windows due to
invalid file path. (cnauroth)
HDFS-6235. TestFileJournalManager can fail on Windows due to file locking if
tests run out of order. (cnauroth)
HDFS-6229. Race condition in failover can cause RetryCache fail to work.
HDFS-6232. OfflineEditsViewer throws a NPE on edits containing ACL
modifications (ajisakaa via cmccabe)
HDFS-6236. ImageServlet should use Time#monotonicNow to measure latency.
HDFS-6245. datanode fails to start with a bad disk even when failed
volumes is set. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-2882. DN continues to start up, even if block pool fails to initialize
HDFS-6340. DN can't finalize upgrade. (Rahul Singhal via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6329. WebHdfs does not work if HA is enabled on NN but logical URI is
not configured. (kihwal)
HDFS-6313. WebHdfs may use the wrong NN when configured for multiple HA NNs
HDFS-6326. WebHdfs ACL compatibility is broken. (cnauroth)
HDFS-6361. TestIdUserGroup.testUserUpdateSetting failed due to out of range
nfsnobody Id. (Yongjun Zhang via brandonli)
HDFS-6362. InvalidateBlocks is inconsistent in usage of DatanodeUuid and
StorageID. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6402. Suppress findbugs warning for failure to override equals and
hashCode in FsAclPermission. (cnauroth)
HDFS-6325. Append should fail if the last block has insufficient number of
replicas (Keith Pak via cos)
HDFS-6397. NN shows inconsistent value in deadnode count.
(Mohammad Kamrul Islam via kihwal)
HDFS-6411. nfs-hdfs-gateway mount raises I/O error and hangs when a
unauthorized user attempts to access it (brandonli)
Release 2.4.0 - 2014-04-07
HDFS-5698. Use protobuf to serialize / deserialize FSImage. (See breakdown
of tasks below for features and contributors)
HDFS-5776 Support 'hedged' reads in DFSClient (Liang Xie via stack)
HDFS-4685. Implementation of ACLs in HDFS. (See breakdown of tasks below for
features and contributors)
HDFS-5781. Use an array to record the mapping between FSEditLogOpCode and
the corresponding byte value. (jing9)
HDFS-5153. Datanode should send block reports for each storage in a
separate message. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5804. HDFS NFS Gateway fails to mount and proxy when using Kerberos.
(Abin Shahab via jing9)
HDFS-5859. DataNode#checkBlockToken should check block tokens even if
security is not enabled. (cmccabe)
HDFS-5746. Add ShortCircuitSharedMemorySegment (cmccabe)
HDFS-4911. Reduce PeerCache timeout to be commensurate with
dfs.datanode.socket.reuse.keepalive (cmccabe)
HDFS-4370. Fix typo Blanacer in DataNode. (Chu Tong via shv)
HDFS-5929. Add blockpool % usage to HDFS federated nn page.
(Siqi Li via suresh)
HDFS-5810. Unify mmap cache and short-circuit file descriptor cache
HDFS-5940. Minor cleanups to ShortCircuitReplica, FsDatasetCache, and
DomainSocketWatcher (cmccabe)
HDFS-5531. Combine the getNsQuota() and getDsQuota() methods in INode.
HDFS-5285. Flatten INodeFile hierarchy: Replace INodeFileUnderConstruction
and INodeFileUnderConstructionWithSnapshot with FileUnderContructionFeature.
(jing9 via szetszwo)
HDFS-5286. Flatten INodeDirectory hierarchy: Replace INodeDirectoryWithQuota
with DirectoryWithQuotaFeature. (szetszwo)
HDFS-5537. Remove FileWithSnapshot interface. (jing9 via szetszwo)
HDFS-5554. Flatten INodeFile hierarchy: Replace INodeFileWithSnapshot with
FileWithSnapshotFeature. (jing9 via szetszwo)
HDFS-5647. Merge INodeDirectory.Feature and INodeFile.Feature. (Haohui Mai
via jing9)
HDFS-5632. Flatten INodeDirectory hierarchy: Replace
INodeDirectoryWithSnapshot with DirectoryWithSnapshotFeature.
(jing9 via szetszwo)
HDFS-5715. Use Snapshot ID to indicate the corresponding Snapshot for a
FileDiff/DirectoryDiff. (jing9)
HDFS-5726. Fix compilation error in AbstractINodeDiff for JDK7. (jing9)
HDFS-5973. add DomainSocket#shutdown method (cmccabe)
HDFS-5318. Support read-only and read-write paths to shared replicas.
(Eric Sirianni via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5868. Make hsync implementation pluggable on the DataNode.
(Buddy Taylor via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5768. Consolidate the serialization code in DelegationTokenSecretManager
(Haohui Mai via brandonli)
HDFS-5775. Consolidate the code for serialization in CacheManager
(Haohui Mai via brandonli)
HDFS-5935. New Namenode UI FS browser should throw smarter error messages.
(Travis Thompson via jing9)
HDFS-5939. WebHdfs returns misleading error code and logs nothing if trying
to create a file with no DNs in cluster. (Yongjun Zhang via jing9)
HDFS-6006. Remove duplicate code in FSNameSystem#getFileInfo.
(Akira Ajisaka via cnauroth)
HDFS-6018. Exception recorded in LOG when IPCLoggerChannel#close is called.
HDFS-3969. Small bug fixes and improvements for disk locations API.
(Todd Lipcon and Andrew Wang)
HDFS-6025. Update findbugsExcludeFile.xml. (szetszwo)
HDFS-6030. Remove an unused constructor in (yzhang via
HDFS-4200. Reduce the size of synchronized sections in PacketResponder.
HDFS-5950. The DFSClient and DataNode should use shared memory segments to
communicate short-circuit information. (cmccabe)
HDFS-6046. add dfs.client.mmap.enabled (cmccabe)
HDFS-5321. Clean up the HTTP-related configuration in HDFS (wheat9)
HDFS-5167. Add metrics about the NameNode retry cache. (Tsuyoshi OZAWA via
HDFS-6043. Give HDFS daemons NFS3 and Portmap their own OPTS (brandonli)
HDFS-6044. Add property for setting the NFS look up time for users
HDFS-6061. Allow dfs.datanode.shared.file.descriptor.path to contain
multiple entries and fall back when needed (cmccabe)
HDFS-5986. Capture the number of blocks pending deletion on namenode webUI.
HDFS-6070. Cleanup use of ReadStatistics in DFSInputStream. (wang)
HDFS-6055. Change default configuration to limit file name length in HDFS.
HDFS-3405. Checkpointing should use HTTP POST or PUT instead of GET-GET
to send merged fsimages. (Vinayakumar B via wang)
HDFS-6085. Improve CacheReplicationMonitor log messages a bit (cmccabe)
HDFS-6072. Clean up dead code of FSImage. (wheat9)
HDFS-6080. Improve NFS gateway performance by making rtmax and wtmax
configurable. (Abin Shahab via brandonli)
HDFS-6084. Namenode UI - "Hadoop" logo link shouldn't go to hadoop
homepage. (Travis Thompson via wheat9)
HDFS-6106. Reduce default for (cmccabe)
HDFS-6090. Use MiniDFSCluster.Builder instead of deprecated constructors.
(Akira AJISAKA via jing9)
HDFS-6068. Disallow snapshot names that are also invalid directory names.
(sathish via szetszwo)
HDFS-6123. Do not log stack trace for ReplicaAlreadyExistsException and
SocketTimeoutException. (szetszwo)
HDFS-6129. When a replica is not found for deletion, do not throw an
exception. (szetszwo)
HDFS-6138. Add a user guide for how to use viewfs with federation.
(sanjay and szetszwo via szetszwo)
HDFS-6120. Fix and improve safe mode log messages. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6050. NFS does not handle exceptions correctly in a few places
HDFS-5138. Support HDFS upgrade in HA. (atm via todd)
HDFS-6124. Add final modifier to class members. (Suresh Srinivas via
Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5910. Enhance DataTransferProtocol to allow per-connection choice
of encryption/plain-text. (Benoy Antony via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6150. Add inode id information in the logs to make debugging easier.
HDFS-5790. LeaseManager.findPath is very slow when many leases need recovery
HDFS-5492. Port HDFS-2069 (Incorrect default trash interval in the
docs) to trunk. (Akira Ajisaka via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5843. DFSClient.getFileChecksum() throws IOException if checksum is
disabled. (Laurent Goujon via jing9)
HDFS-5856. DataNode.checkDiskError might throw NPE.
(Josh Elser via suresh)
HDFS-5828. BlockPlacementPolicyWithNodeGroup can place multiple replicas on
the same node group when dfs.namenode.avoid.write.stale.datanode is true.
(Buddy via junping_du)
HDFS-5767. NFS implementation assumes userName userId mapping to be unique,
which is not true sometimes (Yongjun Zhang via brandonli)
HDFS-5791. TestHttpsFileSystem should use a random port to avoid binding
error during testing (Haohui Mai via brandonli)
HDFS-5709. Improve NameNode upgrade with existing reserved paths and path
components. (Andrew Wang via atm)
HDFS-5881. Fix skip() of the short-circuit local reader(legacy). (kihwal)
HDFS-5895. HDFS cacheadmin -listPools has exit_code of 1 when the command
returns 0 result. (Tassapol Athiapinya via cnauroth)
HDFS-5807. TestBalancerWithNodeGroup.testBalancerWithNodeGroup fails
intermittently. (Chen He via kihwal)
HDFS-5882. TestAuditLogs is flaky (jxiang via cmccabe)
HDFS-5900. Cannot set cache pool limit of "unlimited" via CacheAdmin.
HDFS-5886. Potential null pointer deference in RpcProgramNfs3#readlink()
HDFS-4858. HDFS DataNode to NameNode RPC should timeout.
(Henry Wang via shv)
HDFS-5879. Some TestHftpFileSystem tests do not close streams.
(Gera Shegalov via suresh)
HDFS-5938. Make BlockReaderFactory#BlockReaderPeer a static class to avoid
a findbugs warning. (cmccabe)
HDFS-5891. webhdfs should not try connecting the DN during redirection
(Haohui Mai via brandonli)
HDFS-5904. TestFileStatus fails intermittently. (Mit Desai via kihwal)
HDFS-5941. add dfs.namenode.secondary.https-address and
dfs.namenode.secondary.https-address in hdfs-default.xml.
(Haohui Mai via cnauroth)
HDFS-5913. Nfs3Utils#getWccAttr() should check attr parameter against null
HDFS-5934. New Namenode UI back button doesn't work as expected
(Travis Thompson via brandonli)
HDFS-5901. NameNode new UI doesn't support IE8 and IE9 on windows 7
(Vinayakumar B via brandonli)
HDFS-5943. 'dfs.namenode.https-address' property is not loaded from
configuration in federation setup. (suresh)
HDFS-3128. Unit tests should not use a test root in /tmp. (wang)
HDFS-5948. TestBackupNode flakes with port in use error. (Haohui Mai
via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5949. New Namenode UI when trying to download a file, the browser
doesn't know the file name. (Haohui Mai via brandonli)
HDFS-5716. Allow WebHDFS to use pluggable authentication filter
(Haohui Mai via brandonli)
HDFS-5953. TestBlockReaderFactory fails if has not been built.
(Akira Ajisaka via wang)
HDFS-5759. Web UI does not show up during the period of loading FSImage.
(Haohui Mai via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5942. Fix javadoc in OfflineImageViewer. (Akira Ajisaka via cnauroth)
HDFS-5780. TestRBWBlockInvalidation times out intemittently. (Mit Desai
via kihwal)
HDFS-5803. TestBalancer.testBalancer0 fails. (Chen He via kihwal)
HDFS-5893. HftpFileSystem.RangeHeaderUrlOpener uses the default
URLConnectionFactory which does not import SSL certificates. (Haohui Mai via
HDFS-5961. OIV cannot load fsimages containing a symbolic link. (kihwal)
HDFS-5483. NN should gracefully handle multiple block replicas on same DN.
(Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5742. DatanodeCluster (mini cluster of DNs) fails to start.
(Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5979. Typo and logger fix for fsimage PB code. (wang)
HDFS-5962. Mtime and atime are not persisted for symbolic links. (Akira
Ajisaka via kihwal)
HDFS-5944. LeaseManager:findLeaseWithPrefixPath can't handle path like /a/b/
and cause SecondaryNameNode failed do checkpoint (Yunjiong Zhao via brandonli)
HDFS-5982. Need to update snapshot manager when applying editlog for deleting
a snapshottable directory. (jing9)
HDFS-5988. Bad fsimage always generated after upgrade. (wang)
HDFS-5922. DN heartbeat thread can get stuck in tight loop. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6008. Namenode dead node link is giving HTTP error 500.
(Benoy Antony via cnauroth)
HDFS-5936. MiniDFSCluster does not clean data left behind by
SecondaryNameNode. (Binglin Chang via cnauroth)
HDFS-5339. WebHDFS URI does not accept logical nameservices when security is
enabled. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-6033. PBImageXmlWriter incorrectly handles processing cache
directives. (atm)
HDFS-5821. TestHDFSCLI fails for user names with the dash character.
(Gera Shegalov via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5956. A file size is multiplied by the replication factor in 'hdfs oiv
-p FileDistribution' option. (Akira Ajisaka via wheat9)
HDFS-5866. '-maxSize' and '-step' option fail in OfflineImageViewer.
(Akira Ajisaka via wheat9)
HDFS-6040. fix DFSClient issue without and some other
ShortCircuitShm cleanups (cmccabe)
HDFS-6047 TestPread NPE inside in DFSInputStream hedgedFetchBlockByteRange
HDFS-6051. HDFS cannot run on Windows since short-circuit shared memory
segment changes. (cmccabe)
HDFS-5857. TestWebHDFS#testNamenodeRestart fails intermittently with NPE.
(Mit Desai via wheat9)
HDFS-5898. Allow NFS gateway to login/relogin from its kerberos keytab.
(Abin Shahab via atm)
HDFS-6057. DomainSocketWatcher.watcherThread should be marked as daemon
thread (cmccabe)
HDFS-6058. Fix TestHDFSCLI failures after HADOOP-8691 change.
(Akira Ajisaka via wheat9)
HDFS-6062. TestRetryCacheWithHA#testConcat is flaky. (Jing Zhao via wheat9)
HDFS-6059. TestBlockReaderLocal fails if native library is not available.
(Akira AJISAKA via Colin Patrick McCabe)
not updated with latest block report interval of 6 hrs.
(Vinayakumar B via wheat9)
HDFS-6067. TestPread.testMaxOutHedgedReadPool is flaky (cmccabe)
HDFS-6065. HDFS zero-copy reads should return null on EOF when doing ZCR
HDFS-5064. Standby checkpoints should not block concurrent readers.
(atm via wang)
HDFS-6078. TestIncrementalBlockReports is flaky. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6071. BlockReaderLocal doesn't return -1 on EOF when doing a
zero-length read on a short file (cmccabe)
HDFS-5892. TestDeleteBlockPool fails in branch-2. (Ted Yu via wheat9)
HDFS-6077. Running slive with webhdfs on secure HA cluster fails with unkown
host exception. (jing9)
HDFS-6086. Fix a case where zero-copy or no-checksum reads were not allowed
even when the block was cached (cmccabe)
HDFS-6079. Timeout for getFileBlockStorageLocations does not work. (wang)
HDFS-5705. TestSecondaryNameNodeUpgrade#testChangeNsIDFails may fail due
to ConcurrentModificationException. (Ted Yu via brandonli)
HDFS-6096. TestWebHdfsTokens may timeout. (szetszwo via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5244. TestNNStorageRetentionManager#testPurgeMultipleDirs fails.
(Jinghui Wang via suresh)
HDFS-6097. zero-copy reads are incorrectly disabled on file offsets above
2GB (cmccabe)
HDFS-6102. Lower the default maximum items per directory to fix PB fsimage
loading. (wang)
HDFS-6094. The same block can be counted twice towards safe mode
threshold. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6107. When a block can't be cached due to limited space on the
DataNode, that block becomes uncacheable (cmccabe)
HDFS-5516. WebHDFS does not require user name when anonymous http requests
are disallowed. (Miodrag Radulovic via cnauroth)
HDFS-6117. Print file path information in FileNotFoundException on INode
ID mismatch. (suresh)
HDFS-6099. HDFS file system limits not enforced on renames. (cnauroth)
HDFS-6100. DataNodeWebHdfsMethods does not failover in HA mode. (Haohui Mai
via jing9)
HDFS-6105. NN web UI for DN list loads the same jmx page multiple times.
HDFS-6127. WebHDFS tokens cannot be renewed in HA setup. (wheat9)
HDFS-6140. WebHDFS cannot create a file with spaces in the name after HA
failover changes. (cnauroth)
HDFS-6135. In HDFS upgrade with HA setup, JournalNode cannot handle layout
version bump when rolling back. (jing9)
HDFS-5846. Assigning DEFAULT_RACK in resolveNetworkLocation method can break
data resiliency. (Nikola Vujic via cnauroth)
HDFS-5840. Follow-up to HDFS-5138 to improve error handling during partial
upgrade failures. (atm, jing9 and suresh via jing9)
HDFS-6130. NPE when upgrading namenode from fsimages older than -32.
HDFS-6115. Call flush() for every append on block scan verification log.
(Vinayakumar B via szetszwo)
HDFS-5672. TestHASafeMode#testSafeBlockTracking fails in trunk. (jing9)
HDFS-6157. Fix the entry point of OfflineImageViewer for hdfs.cmd. (wheat9)
HDFS-6163. Fix a minor bug in the HA upgrade document. (Fengdong Yu via
HDFS-6166. Change Balancer socket read timeout to 20 minutes and add
10 seconds delay after error. (Nathan Roberts via szetszwo)
HDFS-5717. Save FSImage header in protobuf. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5738. Serialize INode information in protobuf. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5772. Serialize under-construction file information in FSImage. (jing9)
HDFS-5783. Compute the digest before loading FSImage. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5785. Serialize symlink in protobuf. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5793. Optimize the serialization of PermissionStatus. (Haohui Mai via
HDFS-5743. Use protobuf to serialize snapshot information. (jing9)
HDFS-5774. Serialize CachePool directives in protobuf. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5744. Serialize information for token managers in protobuf. (Haohui Mai
via jing9)
HDFS-5824. Add a Type field in Snapshot DiffEntry's protobuf definition.
HDFS-5808. Implement cancellation when saving FSImage. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5826. Update the stored edit logs to be consistent with the changes in
HDFS-5698 branch. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5797. Implement offline image viewer. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5771. Track progress when loading fsimage. (Haohui Mai via cnauroth)
HDFS-5871. Use PBHelper to serialize CacheDirectiveInfoExpirationProto.
(Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5884. LoadDelegator should use IOUtils.readFully() to read the magic
header. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5885. Add annotation for repeated fields in the protobuf definition.
(Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5906. Fixing findbugs and javadoc warnings in the HDFS-5698 branch.
(Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5911. The id of a CacheDirective instance does not get serialized in
the protobuf-fsimage. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5915. Refactor FSImageFormatProtobuf to simplify cross section reads.
(Haohui Mai via cnauroth)
HDFS-5847. Consolidate INodeReference into a separate section. (jing9)
HDFS-5959. Fix typo at section name in
(Akira Ajisaka via suresh)
HDFS-5981. PBImageXmlWriter generates malformed XML.
(Haohui Mai via cnauroth)
HDFS-6089. Standby NN while transitioning to active throws a connection
refused error when the prior active NN process is suspended.
(Jing Zhao via Andrew Wang)
HDFS-5596. Implement RPC stubs. (Haohui Mai via cnauroth)
HDFS-5685. Implement ACL as a INode feature. (Haohui Mai via cnauroth)
HDFS-5618. NameNode: persist ACLs in fsimage. (Haohui Mai via cnauroth)
HDFS-5619. NameNode: record ACL modifications to edit log.
(Haohui Mai via cnauroth)
HDFS-5673. Implement logic for modification of ACLs. (cnauroth)
HDFS-5758. NameNode: complete implementation of inode modifications for
ACLs. (Chris Nauroth via wheat9)
HDFS-5612. NameNode: change all permission checks to enforce ACLs in
addition to permissions. (Chris Nauroth via wheat9)
HDFS-5613. NameNode: implement handling of ACLs in combination with
symlinks. (Chris Nauroth via wheat9)
HDFS-5615. NameNode: implement handling of ACLs in combination with sticky
bit. (Chris Nauroth via wheat9)
HDFS-5702. FsShell Cli: Add XML based End-to-End test for getfacl and
setfacl commands. (Vinay via cnauroth)
HDFS-5608. WebHDFS: implement ACL APIs.
(Sachin Jose and Renil Joseph via cnauroth)
HDFS-5614. NameNode: implement handling of ACLs in combination with
snapshots. (cnauroth)
HDFS-5858. Refactor common ACL test cases to be run through multiple
FileSystem implementations. (cnauroth)
HDFS-5860. Refactor INodeDirectory getDirectoryXFeature methods to use
common getFeature helper method. (Jing Zhao via cnauroth)
HDFS-5861. Add CLI test for Ls output for extended ACL marker.
(Vinay via cnauroth)
HDFS-5616. NameNode: implement default ACL handling. (cnauroth)
HDFS-5899. Add configuration flag to disable/enable support for ACLs.
HDFS-5914. Incorporate ACLs with the changes from HDFS-5698.
(Haohui Mai via cnauroth)
HDFS-5625. Write end user documentation for HDFS ACLs. (cnauroth)
HDFS-5925. ACL configuration flag must only reject ACL API calls, not ACLs
present in fsimage or edits. (cnauroth)
HDFS-5923. Do not persist the ACL bit in the FsPermission.
(Haohui Mai via cnauroth)
HDFS-5933. Optimize the FSImage layout for ACLs (Haohui Mai via cnauroth)
HDFS-5932. Ls should display the ACL bit (Chris Nauroth via wheat9)
HDFS-5937. Fix TestOfflineEditsViewer on HDFS-4685 branch. (cnauroth)
HDFS-5737. Replacing only the default ACL can fail to copy unspecified base
entries from the access ACL. (cnauroth)
HDFS-5739. ACL RPC must allow null name or unspecified permissions in ACL
entries. (cnauroth)
HDFS-5799. Make audit logging consistent across ACL APIs. (cnauroth)
HDFS-5849. Removing ACL from an inode fails if it has only a default ACL.
HDFS-5623. NameNode: add tests for skipping ACL enforcement when permission
checks are disabled, user is superuser or user is member of supergroup.
HDFS-5908. Change AclFeature to capture list of ACL entries in an
ImmutableList. (cnauroth)
HDFS-6028. Print clearer error message when user attempts to delete required
mask entry from ACL. (cnauroth)
HDFS-6039. Uploading a File under a Dir with default acls throws "Duplicated
ACLFeature". (cnauroth)
HDFS-6063. TestAclCLI fails intermittently when running test 24:
copyFromLocal. (cnauroth)
HDFS-6069. Quash stack traces when ACLs are disabled. (cnauroth)
HDFS-5638. HDFS implementation of FileContext API for ACLs.
(Vinayakumar B via cnauroth)
HDFS-5496. Make replication queue initialization asynchronous. (Vinay via
HDFS-5645. Support upgrade marker in editlog streams. (szetszwo)
HDFS-5752. Add a new DFSAdmin command to query, start and finalize rolling
upgrade. (szetszwo)
HDFS-5786. Support QUERY and FINALIZE actions of rolling upgrade. (szetszwo)
HDFS-5753. Add new Namenode startup options for downgrade and rollback using
upgrade marker. (szetszwo)
HDFS-5835. Add a new option for starting Namenode when rolling upgrade is
in progress. (szetszwo)
HDFS-5754. Split LayoutVerion into NameNodeLayoutVersion and
DataNodeLayoutVersion. (Brandon Li via szetszwo)
HDFS-5848. Add rolling upgrade status to heartbeat response. (szetszwo)
HDFS-5890. Avoid NPE in Datanode heartbeat. (Vinay via brandonli)
HDFS-5869. When starting rolling upgrade or NN restarts, NN should create
a checkpoint right before the upgrade marker. (szetszwo)
HDFS-5874. Should not compare DataNode current layout version with that of
NameNode in DataStrorage. (brandonli)
HDFS-5889. When starting rolling upgrade, create a fs image for rollback
so that the standby namenode can create checkpoints during upgrade.
(szetszwo & jing9)
HDFS-5907. Add BlockPoolSliceStorage 'trash' to handle block deletions
during rolling upgrades. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5494. Merge Protobuf-based-FSImage code from trunk - fix build
break after the merge. (Jing Zhao via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5585. Provide admin commands for data node upgrade (kihwal)
HDFS-5920. Support rollback of rolling upgrade in NameNode and JournalNodes.
HDFS-5945. Add rolling upgrade information to fsimage; and disallow upgrade
and rolling upgrade to be started simultaneously. (szetszwo & jing9)
HDFS-5966. Fix rollback of rolling upgrade in NameNode HA setup. (jing9
via szetszwo)
HDFS-5974. Fix compilation error, NameNodeLayoutVersion and
DataNodeLayoutVersion after merge from trunk. (szetszwo)
HDFS-5963. TestRollingUpgrade#testSecondaryNameNode causes subsequent
tests to fail. (szetszwo via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5976. Create unit tests for downgrade and finalize rolling upgrade.
(Haohui Mai via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5980. Rollback does not need to load edits. (jing9 via szetszwo)
HDFS-5984. Fix TestEditLog and TestStandbyCheckpoints. (jing9 via szetszwo)
HDFS-5985. SimulatedFSDataset#disableAndPurgeTrashStorage should not throw
UnsupportedOperationException. (jing9 via kihwal)
HDFS-5987. Fix findbugs warnings in Rolling Upgrade branch. (seztszwo via
Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5992. Fix NPE in MD5FileUtils and update editsStored for
TestOfflineEditsViewer. (szetszwo)
HDFS-5994. Fix TestDataNodeRollingUpgrade. (Arpit Agarwal via szetszwo)
HDFS-5999. Do not create rollback fsimage when it already exists. (jing9)
HDFS-6005. Simplify Datanode rollback and downgrade. (Suresh Srinivas via
Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6004. Change DFSAdmin for rolling upgrade commands. (szetszwo via
Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5583. Make DN send an OOB Ack on shutdown before restarting. (kihwal)
HDFS-5778. Add rolling upgrade user document. (szetszwo)
HDFS-6003. Add the new -rollingUpgrade startup option to the namenode
usage message. (Vinayakumar B via szetszwo)
HDFS-6014. Fix findbug warnings introduced by HDFS-5583. (kihwal)
HDFS-6015. Fix TestBlockRecovery
#testRaceBetweenReplicaRecoveryAndFinalizeBlock. (kihwal)
HDFS-5924. Utilize OOB upgrade message processing for writes. (kihwal)
HDFS-5498. Improve datanode startup time. (kihwal)
HDFS-6000. Avoid saving namespace when starting rolling upgrade. (jing9)
HDFS-6017. Query the status of rolling upgrade in the preparation stage in
TestRollingUpgrade and TestRollingUpgradeRollback. (Haohui Mai via
Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6020. Fix the five findbugs warnings. (kihwal)
HDFS-6019. Standby NN might not checkpoint when processing the rolling
upgrade marker. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-6023. Test whether the standby NN continues to checkpoint after the
prepare stage. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-6024. Test whether the NN will reject the downgrade if it has a
fsimage from a newer release. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-6026. Fix TestDFSUpgrade and TestDataNodeRollingUpgrade.
(jing9 via szetszwo)
HDFS-6029. Secondary NN fails to checkpoint after -rollingUpgrade prepare.
HDFS-6032. -rollingUpgrade query hits NPE after the NN restarts. (Haohui Mai
via jing9)
HDFS-6031. Add back the "-rollingUpgrade started" namenode startup option;
otherwise, namenode cannot start when the layout version is changed.
HDFS-6034. Use DataNodeLayoutVersion for DN registration check and do not
verify layout version if there is a rolling upgrade in progress. (szetszwo)
HDFS-6013. add rollingUpgrade information to latest UI.
(Vinayakumar B via wheat9)
HDFS-6042. Fix rolling upgrade documentation and error messages. (szetszwo
via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-6041. Downgrade/Finalize should rename the rollback image instead of
purging it. (jing9)
HDFS-6060. NameNode should not check DataNode layout version (brandonli)
HDFS-6076. DataNode with SimulatedDataSet should not create
DatanodeRegistration with namenode layout version and namenode node type.
HDFS-6038. Allow JournalNode to handle editlog produced by new release with
future layoutversion. (jing9)
HDFS-4564. Ensure webhdfs returns correct HTTP response codes for denied
operations. (daryn via acmurthy)
Release 2.3.1 - UNRELEASED
Release 2.3.0 - 2014-02-18
HDFS-5122. Support failover and retry in WebHdfsFileSystem for NN HA.
(Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-4953. Enable HDFS local reads via mmap.
(Colin Patrick McCabe via wang).
HDFS-5342. Provide more information in the FSNamesystem JMX interfaces.
(Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5334. Implement dfshealth.jsp in HTML pages. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5379. Update links to datanode information in dfshealth.html. (Haohui
Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5382. Implement the UI of browsing filesystems in HTML 5 page. (Haohui
Mai via jing9)
HDFS-3987. Support webhdfs over HTTPS. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5444. Choose default web UI based on browser capabilities. (Haohui Mai
via jing9)
HDFS-5514. FSNamesystem's fsLock should allow custom implementation (daryn)
HDFS-2832. Heterogeneous Storages support in HDFS phase 1 - treat DataNode
as a collection of storages (see breakdown of tasks below for features and
HDFS-5784. reserve space in edit log header and fsimage header for feature
flag section (cmccabe)
HDFS-5703. Add support for HTTPS and swebhdfs to HttpFS. (tucu)
HDFS-4949. Centralized cache management in HDFS. (wang and cmccabe)
HDFS-5360. Improvement of usage message of renameSnapshot and
deleteSnapshot. (Shinichi Yamashita via wang)
HDFS-5331. make to a o.a.h.util.Tool interface implementation.
(Vinayakumar B via umamahesh)
HDFS-4657. Limit the number of blocks logged by the NN after a block
report to a configurable value. (Aaron T. Myers via Colin Patrick
HDFS-5344. Make LsSnapshottableDir as Tool interface implementation. (Sathish via umamahesh)
HDFS-5544. Adding Test case For Checking dfs.checksum type as NULL value. (Sathish via umamahesh)
HDFS-5568. Support includeSnapshots option with Fsck command. (Vinayakumar B via umamahesh)
HDFS-4983. Numeric usernames do not work with WebHDFS FS. (Yongjun Zhang via
HDFS-5592. statechangeLog of completeFile should be logged only in case of success.
(Vinayakumar via umamahesh)
HDFS-5662. Can't decommission a DataNode due to file's replication factor
larger than the rest of the cluster size. (brandonli)
HDFS-5068. Convert NNThroughputBenchmark to a Tool to allow generic options.
HDFS-5675. Add Mkdirs operation to NNThroughputBenchmark.
(Plamen Jeliazkov via shv)
HDFS-5677. Need error checking for HA cluster configuration.
(Vincent Sheffer via cos)
HDFS-5825. Use FileUtils.copyFile() to implement DFSTestUtils.copyFile().
(Haohui Mai via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5267. Remove volatile from LightWeightHashSet. (Junping Du via llu)
disabled but security is turned on. (Kousuke Saruta via harsh)
HDFS-5004. Add additional JMX bean for NameNode status data
(Trevor Lorimer via cos)
HDFS-4994. Audit log getContentSummary() calls. (Robert Parker via kihwal)
HDFS-5144. Document time unit to NameNodeMetrics. (Akira Ajisaka via
HDFS-4491. Parallel testing HDFS. (Andrey Klochkov via cnauroth)
HDFS-4879. Add "blocked ArrayList" collection to avoid CMS full GCs
(Todd Lipcon via Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-4096. Add snapshot information to namenode WebUI. (Haohui Mai via
HDFS-5188. In BlockPlacementPolicy, reduce the number of chooseTarget(..)
methods; replace HashMap with Map in parameter declarations and cleanup
some related code. (szetszwo)
HDFS-5207. In BlockPlacementPolicy.chooseTarget(..), change the writer
and the excludedNodes parameter types respectively to Node and Set.
(Junping Du via szetszwo)
HDFS-5240. Separate formatting from logging in the audit logger API (daryn)
HDFS-5191. Revisit zero-copy API in FSDataInputStream to make it more
intuitive. (Contributed by Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5260. Merge zero-copy memory-mapped HDFS client reads to trunk and
branch-2. (cnauroth)
HDFS-4517. Cover class RemoteBlockReader with unit tests. (Vadim Bondarev
and Dennis Y via kihwal)
HDFS-4512. Cover package org.apache.hadoop.hdfs.server.common with tests.
(Vadim Bondarev via kihwal)
HDFS-4510. Cover classes ClusterJspHelper/NamenodeJspHelper with unit
tests. (Andrey Klochkov via kihwal)
HDFS-5323. Remove some deadcode in BlockManager (Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5338. Add a conf to disable hostname check in datanode registration.
HDFS-5130. Add test for snapshot related FsShell and DFSAdmin commands.
(Binglin Chang via jing9)
HDFS-5374. Remove deadcode in DFSOutputStream. (suresh)
HDFS-4511. Cover package with unit test
(Andrey Klochkov via jeagles)
HDFS-4885. Improve the verifyBlockPlacement() API in BlockPlacementPolicy.
(Junping Du via szetszwo)
HDFS-5363. Refactor WebHdfsFileSystem: move SPENGO-authenticated connection
creation to URLConnectionFactory. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5436. Move HsFtpFileSystem and HFtpFileSystem into org.apache.hdfs.web
(Haohui Mai via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5371. Let client retry the same NN when
"dfs.client.test.drop.namenode.response.number" is enabled. (jing9)
HDFS-5467. Remove tab characters in hdfs-default.xml.
(Shinichi Yamashita via Andrew Wang)
HDFS-5495. Remove further JUnit3 usages from HDFS.
(Jarek Jarcec Cecho via wang)
HDFS-5325. Remove WebHdfsFileSystem#ConnRunner. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5488. Clean up TestHftpURLTimeout. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5440. Extract the logic of handling delegation tokens in HftpFileSystem
to the TokenAspect class. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5487. Introduce unit test for TokenAspect. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-4995. Make getContentSummary less expensive. (kihwal)
HDFS-5506. Use URLConnectionFactory in DelegationTokenFetcher. (Haohui Mai
via jing9)
HDFS-5489. Use TokenAspect in WebHDFSFileSystem. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5393. Serve bootstrap and jQuery locally. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5073. TestListCorruptFileBlocks fails intermittently. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-1386. TestJMXGet fails in jdk7 (jeagles)
HDFS-5532. Enable the webhdfs by default to support new HDFS web UI. (Vinay
via jing9)
HDFS-5525. Inline dust templates for new Web UI. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5561. FSNameSystem#getNameJournalStatus() in JMX should return plain
text instead of HTML. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5581. NameNodeFsck should use only one instance of
BlockPlacementPolicy. (vinay via cmccabe)
HDFS-5633. Improve OfflineImageViewer to use less memory. (jing9)
HDFS-5023. TestSnapshotPathINodes.testAllowSnapshot is failing with jdk7
(Mit Desai via jeagles)
HDFS-5637. Try to refeatchToken while local read InvalidToken occurred.
(Liang Xie via junping_du)
HDFS-5652. Refactor invalid block token exception handling in DFSInputStream.
(Liang Xie via junping_du)
HDFS-5350. Name Node should report fsimage transfer time as a metric.
(Jimmy Xiang via wang)
HDFS-5538. URLConnectionFactory should pick up the SSL related configuration
by default. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5545. Allow specifying endpoints for listeners in HttpServer. (Haohui
Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5536. Implement HTTP policy for Namenode and DataNode. (Haohui Mai via
HDFS-5312. Generate HTTP / HTTPS URL in DFSUtil#getInfoServer() based on the
configured http policy. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5629. Support HTTPS in JournalNode and SecondaryNameNode.
(Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5674. Editlog code cleanup: remove @SuppressWarnings("deprecation") in
FSEditLogOp; change FSEditLogOpCodes.fromByte(..) to be more efficient; and
change Some fields in FSEditLog to final. (szetszwo)
HDFS-5634. Allow BlockReaderLocal to switch between checksumming and not
HDFS-5663 make the retry time and interval value configurable in openInfo()
(Liang Xie via stack)
HDFS-5540. Fix intermittent failure in TestBlocksWithNotEnoughRacks.
(Binglin Chang via junping_du)
HDFS-2933. Improve DataNode Web UI Index Page. (Vivek Ganesan via
Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5695. Clean up TestOfflineEditsViewer and OfflineEditsViewerHelper.
(Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5220. Expose group resolution time as metric (jxiang via cmccabe)
HDFS-5762. BlockReaderLocal doesn't return -1 on EOF when doing zero-length
reads (Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5766. In DFSInputStream, do not add datanode to deadNodes after
InvalidEncryptionKeyException in fetchBlockByteRange (Liang Xie via Colin
Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5704. Change OP_UPDATE_BLOCKS with a new OP_ADD_BLOCK. (jing9)
HDFS-5434. Change block placement policy constructors from package private
to protected. (Buddy Taylor via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5788. listLocatedStatus response can be very large. (Nathan Roberts
via kihwal)
HDFS-5841. Update HDFS caching documentation with new changes. (wang)
HDFS-5239. Allow FSNamesystem lock fairness to be configurable (daryn)
HDFS-5341. Reduce fsdataset lock duration during directory scanning.
(Qus-Jiawei via kihwal)
HDFS-5681. renewLease should not hold fsn write lock. (daryn via Kihwal)
HDFS-5241. Provide alternate queuing audit logger to reduce logging
contention (daryn)
HDFS-5307. Support both HTTP and HTTPS in jsp pages (Haohui Mai via
HDFS-5291. Standby namenode after transition to active goes into safemode.
HDFS-5317. Go back to DFS Home link does not work on datanode webUI
(Haohui Mai via brandonli)
HDFS-5316. Namenode ignores the default https port (Haohui Mai via
HDFS-5281. COMMIT request should not block. (brandonli)
HDFS-5337. should do hsync for a commit request even there is no pending
writes (brandonli)
HDFS-5335. Hive query failed with possible race in dfs output stream.
(Haohui Mai via suresh)
HDFS-5322. HDFS delegation token not found in cache errors seen on secure HA
clusters. (jing9)
HDFS-5329. Update FSNamesystem#getListing() to handle inode path in startAfter
token. (brandonli)
HDFS-5330. fix readdir and readdirplus for large directories (brandonli)
HDFS-5370. Typo in Error Message: different between range in condition
and range in error message. (Kousuke Saruta via suresh)
HDFS-5365. Fix libhdfs compile error on FreeBSD9. (Radim Kolar via cnauroth)
HDFS-5347. Add HDFS NFS user guide. (brandonli)
HDFS-5403. WebHdfs client cannot communicate with older WebHdfs servers
post HDFS-5306. (atm)
HDFS-5171. NFS should create input stream for a file and try to share it
with multiple read requests. (Haohui Mai via brandonli)
HDFS-5413. hdfs.cmd does not support passthrough to any arbitrary class.
HDFS-5433. When reloading fsimage during checkpointing, we should clear
existing snapshottable directories. (Aaron T. Myers via wang)
HDFS-5432. TestDatanodeJsp fails on Windows due to assumption that loopback
address resolves to host name localhost. (cnauroth)
HDFS-5065. TestSymlinkHdfsDisable fails on Windows. (ivanmi)
HDFS-4633 TestDFSClientExcludedNodes fails sporadically if excluded nodes
cache expires too quickly (Chris Nauroth via Sanjay)
HDFS-5037. Active NN should trigger its own edit log rolls (wang)
HDFS-5035. getFileLinkStatus and rename do not correctly check permissions
of symlinks. (Andrew Wang via Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5456. NameNode startup progress creates new steps if caller attempts to
create a counter for a step that doesn't already exist. (cnauroth)
HDFS-5458. Datanode failed volume threshold ignored if exception is thrown
in getDataDirsFromURIs. (Mike Mellenthin via wang)
HDFS-5252. Stable write is not handled correctly in someplace. (brandonli)
HDFS-5364. Add OpenFileCtx cache. (brandonli)
HDFS-5469. Add configuration property for the sub-directroy export path
HDFS-5519. COMMIT handler should update the commit status after sync
HDFS-5372. In FSNamesystem, hasReadLock() returns false if the current thread
holds the write lock (VinayaKumar B via umamahesh)
HDFS-4516. Client crash after block allocation and NN switch before lease recovery for
the same file can cause readers to fail forever (VinaayKumar B via umamahesh)
HDFS-5014. Process register commands with out holding BPOfferService lock.
(Vinaykumar B via umamahesh)
HDFS-5288. Close idle connections in portmap (Haohui Mai via brandonli)
HDFS-5407. Fix typos in DFSClientCache (Haohui Mai via brandonli)
HDFS-5548. Use ConcurrentHashMap in portmap (Haohui Mai via brandonli)
HDFS-5577. NFS user guide update (brandonli)
HDFS-5563. NFS gateway should commit the buffered data when read request comes
after write to the same file (brandonli)
HDFS-4997. libhdfs doesn't return correct error codes in most cases (cmccabe)
HDFS-5587. add debug information when NFS fails to start with duplicate user
or group names (brandonli)
HDFS-5590. Block ID and generation stamp may be reused when persistBlocks is
set to false. (jing9)
HDFS-5353. Short circuit reads fail when is
enabled. (Colin Patrick McCabe via jing9)
HDFS-5283. Under construction blocks only inside snapshots should not be
counted in safemode threshhold. (Vinay via szetszwo)
HDFS-5257. addBlock() retry should return LocatedBlock with locations else client
will get AIOBE. (Vinay via jing9)
HDFS-5427. Not able to read deleted files from snapshot directly under
snapshottable dir after checkpoint and NN restart. (Vinay via jing9)
HDFS-5443. Delete 0-sized block when deleting an under-construction file that
is included in snapshot. (jing9)
HDFS-5476. Snapshot: clean the blocks/files/directories under a renamed
file/directory while deletion. (jing9)
HDFS-5425. Renaming underconstruction file with snapshots can make NN failure on
restart. (jing9 and Vinay)
HDFS-5474. Deletesnapshot can make Namenode in safemode on NN restarts.
(Sathish via jing9)
HDFS-5504. In HA mode, OP_DELETE_SNAPSHOT is not decrementing the safemode threshold,
leads to NN safemode. (Vinay via jing9)
HDFS-5428. Under construction files deletion after snapshot+checkpoint+nn restart
leads nn safemode. (jing9)
HDFS-5074. Allow starting up from an fsimage checkpoint in the middle of a
segment. (Todd Lipcon via atm)
HDFS-4201. NPE in BPServiceActor#sendHeartBeat. (jxiang via cmccabe)
HDFS-5666. Fix inconsistent synchronization in BPOfferService (jxiang via cmccabe)
HDFS-5657. race condition causes writeback state error in NFS gateway (brandonli)
HDFS-5661. Browsing FileSystem via web ui, should use datanode's fqdn instead of ip
address. (Benoy Antony via jing9)
HDFS-5582. hdfs getconf -excludeFile or -includeFile always failed (sathish
via cmccabe)
HDFS-5671. Fix socket leak in DFSInputStream#getBlockReader. (JamesLi via umamahesh)
HDFS-5649. Unregister NFS and Mount service when NFS gateway is shutting down.
HDFS-5789. Some of snapshot APIs missing checkOperation double check in fsn. (umamahesh)
HDFS-5343. When cat command is issued on snapshot files getting unexpected result.
(Sathish via umamahesh)
HDFS-5297. Fix dead links in HDFS site documents. (Akira Ajisaka via
Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5830. WebHdfsFileSystem.getFileBlockLocations throws
IllegalArgumentException when accessing another cluster. (Yongjun Zhang via
Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5833. Fix SecondaryNameNode javadoc. (Bangtao Zhou via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5844. Fix broken link in WebHDFS.apt.vm. (Akira Ajisaka via
Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5034. Remove debug prints from GetFileLinkInfo (Andrew Wang via Colin
Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-4816. transitionToActive blocks if the SBN is doing checkpoint image
transfer. (Andrew Wang)
HDFS-5164. deleteSnapshot should check if OperationCategory.WRITE is
possible before taking write lock. (Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5170. BlockPlacementPolicyDefault uses the wrong classname when
alerting to enable debug logging. (Andrew Wang)
HDFS-5031. BlockScanner scans the block multiple times. (Vinay via Arpit
HDFS-5266. ElasticByteBufferPool#Key does not implement equals. (cnauroth)
HDFS-5352. Server#initLog() doesn't close InputStream in httpfs. (Ted Yu via
HDFS-4376. Fix race conditions in Balancer. (Junping Du via szetszwo)
HDFS-5375. hdfs.cmd does not expose several snapshot commands. (cnauroth)
HDFS-5336. DataNode should not output 'StartupProgress' metrics.
(Akira Ajisaka via cnauroth)
to the wrong value. (Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5075. calls out incorrect env script name
(Timothy St. Clair via stevel)
HDFS-5438. Flaws in block report processing can cause data loss. (kihwal)
HDFS-5502. Fix HTTPS support in HsftpFileSystem. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5552. Fix wrong information of "Cluster summay" in dfshealth.html.
(Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5533. Symlink delete/create should be treated as DELETE/CREATE in snapshot diff
report. (Binglin Chang via jing9)
HDFS-5580. Fix infinite loop in Balancer.waitForMoveCompletion.
(Binglin Chang via junping_du)
HDFS-5676. fix inconsistent synchronization of CachingStrategy (cmccabe)
HDFS-5691. Fix typo in ShortCircuitLocalRead document.
(Akira Ajisaka via suresh)
HDFS-5690. DataNode fails to start in secure mode when dfs.http.policy equals to
HTTP_ONLY. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5449. WebHdfs compatibility broken between 2.2 and 1.x / 23.x (kihwal)
HDFS-5756. hadoopRzOptionsSetByteBufferPool does not accept NULL argument,
contrary to docs. (cmccabe via wang)
HDFS-5747. Fix NPEs in BlockManager. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5710. FSDirectory#getFullPathName should check inodes against null.
(Uma Maheswara Rao G via jing9)
HDFS-5579. Under construction files make DataNode decommission take very long
hours. (zhaoyunjiong via jing9)
HDFS-5777. Update LayoutVersion for the new editlog op OP_ADD_BLOCK. (jing9)
HDFS-5800. Fix a typo in DFSClient.renewLease(). (Kousuke Saruta
via szetszwo)
HDFS-5748. Too much information shown in the dfs health page.
(Haohui Mai via brandonli)
HDFS-5806. balancer should set SoTimeout to avoid indefinite hangs.
(Nathan Roberts via Andrew Wang).
HDFS-5728. Block recovery will fail if the metafile does not have crc
for all chunks of the block (Vinay via kihwal)
HDFS-5845. SecondaryNameNode dies when checkpointing with cache pools.
HDFS-5842. Cannot create hftp filesystem when using a proxy user ugi and a doAs
on a secure cluster. (jing9)
HDFS-5399. Revisit SafeModeException and corresponding retry policies.
(Jing Zhao via todd)
HDFS-5876. SecureDataNodeStarter does not pick up configuration in
hdfs-site.xml. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5873. dfs.http.policy should have higher precedence over dfs.https.enable.
(Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5837. dfs.namenode.replication.considerLoad should consider
decommissioned nodes. (Tao Luo via shv)
HDFS-5921. Cannot browse file system via NN web UI if any directory has
the sticky bit set. (atm)
HDFS-4985. Add storage type to the protocol and expose it in block report
and block locations. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5115. Make StorageID a UUID. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5000. DataNode configuration should allow specifying storage type.
(Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-4987. Namenode changes to track multiple storages per datanode.
HDFS-5154. Fix TestBlockManager and TestDatanodeDescriptor after HDFS-4987.
(Junping Du via szetszwo)
HDFS-5009. Include storage information in the LocatedBlock. (szetszwo)
HDFS-5134. Move blockContentsStale, heartbeatedSinceFailover and
firstBlockReport from DatanodeDescriptor to DatanodeStorageInfo; and
fix a synchronization problem in DatanodeStorageInfo. (szetszwo)
HDFS-5157. Add StorageType to FsVolume. (Junping Du via szetszwo)
HDFS-4990. Change BlockPlacementPolicy to choose storages instead of
datanodes. (szetszwo)
HDFS-5232. Protocol changes to transmit StorageUuid. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5233. Use Datanode UUID to identify Datanodes. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5222. Move block schedule information from DatanodeDescriptor to
DatanodeStorageInfo. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4988. Datanode must support all the volumes as individual storages.
(Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5377. Heartbeats from Datandode should include one storage report
per storage directory. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5398. NameNode changes to process storage reports per storage
directory. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5390. Send one incremental block report per storage directory.
(Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5401. Fix NPE in Directory Scanner. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5417. Fix storage IDs in PBHelper and UpgradeUtilities. (szetszwo)
HDFS-5214. Fix NPEs in BlockManager and DirectoryScanner. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5435. File append fails to initialize storageIDs. (Junping Du via
Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5437. Fix TestBlockReport and TestBPOfferService failures. (Arpit
HDFS-5447. Fix TestJspHelper. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5452. Fix TestReplicationPolicy and TestBlocksScheduledCounter.
HDFS-5448. Datanode should generate its ID on first registration. (Arpit
HDFS-5448. Fix break caused by previous checkin for HDFS-5448. (Arpit
HDFS-5455. NN should update storageMap on first heartbeat. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5457. Fix TestDatanodeRegistration, TestFsck and TestAddBlockRetry.
(Contributed by szetszwo)
HDFS-5466. Update storage IDs when the pipeline is updated. (Contributed
by szetszwo)
HDFS-5439. Fix TestPendingReplication. (Contributed by Junping Du, Arpit
HDFS-5470. Add back trunk's reportDiff algorithm to the branch.
(Contributed by szetszwo)
HDFS-5472. Fix TestDatanodeManager, TestSafeMode and
TestNNThroughputBenchmark (Contributed by szetszwo)
HDFS-5475. NN incorrectly tracks more than one replica per DN. (Arpit
HDFS-5481. Fix TestDataNodeVolumeFailure in branch HDFS-2832. (Contributed
by Junping Du)
HDFS-5480. Update Balancer for HDFS-2832. (Contributed by szetszwo)
HDFS-5486. Fix TestNameNodeMetrics for HDFS-2832. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5491. Update editsStored for HDFS-2832. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5494. Fix findbugs warnings for HDFS-2832. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5508. Fix compilation error after merge. (Contributed by szetszwo)
HDFS-5501. Fix pendingReceivedRequests tracking in BPServiceActor. (Arpit
HDFS-5510. Fix a findbug warning in on HDFS-2832 branch.
(Junping Du via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5515. Fix TestDFSStartupVersions for HDFS-2832. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5527. Fix TestUnderReplicatedBlocks on branch HDFS-2832. (Arpit
HDFS-5547. Fix build break after merge from trunk to HDFS-2832. (Arpit
HDFS-5542. Fix TODO and clean up the code in HDFS-2832. (Contributed by
HDFS-5559. Fix TestDatanodeConfig in HDFS-2832. (Contributed by szetszwo)
HDFS-5484. StorageType and State in DatanodeStorageInfo in NameNode is
not accurate. (Eric Sirianni via Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5648. Get rid of FsDatasetImpl#perVolumeReplicaMap. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5406. Send incremental block reports for all storages in a
single call. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5454. DataNode UUID should be assigned prior to FsDataset
initialization. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5667. Include DatanodeStorage in StorageReport. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5049. Add JNI mlock support. (Andrew Wang via Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5051. Propagate cache status information from the DataNode to the
NameNode (Andrew Wang via Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5052. Add cacheRequest/uncacheRequest support to NameNode.
(Contributed by Colin Patrick McCabe.)
HDFS-5050. Add DataNode support for mlock and munlock (contributed by
Andrew Wang)
HDFS-5141. Add cache status information to datanode heartbeat. (Contributed
by Andrew Wang)
HDFS-5121. Add RPCs for creating and manipulating cache pools.
(Contributed by Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5163. Miscellaneous cache pool RPC fixes (Contributed by Colin Patrick
HDFS-5169. hdfs.c: translateZCRException: null pointer deref when
translating some exceptions (Contributed by Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5120. Add command-line support for manipulating cache pools. (cmccabe)
HDFS-5158. Add command-line support for manipulating cache directives.
HDFS-5198. NameNodeRpcServer must not send back DNA_FINALIZE in reply to a
cache report. (cmccabe)
HDFS-5195. Prevent passing null pointer to mlock and munlock. Contributed
by Chris Nauroth.
HDFS-5053. NameNode should invoke DataNode APIs to coordinate caching.
(Andrew Wang)
HDFS-5201. NativeIO: consolidate getrlimit into NativeIO#getMemlockLimit.
(Contributed by Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5197. Document dfs.cachereport.intervalMsec in hdfs-default.xml.
Contributed by Chris Nauroth.
HDFS-5210. Fix some failing unit tests on HDFS-4949 branch. (Contributed by
Andrew Wang)
HDFS-5213. Separate PathBasedCacheEntry and PathBasedCacheDirectiveWithId.
Contributed by Colin Patrick McCabe.
HDFS-5236. Change PathBasedCacheDirective APIs to be a single value rather
than batch. (Contributed by Andrew Wang)
HDFS-5119. Persist CacheManager state in the edit log. (Contributed by
Andrew Wang)
HDFS-5190. Move cache pool related CLI commands to CacheAdmin. (Contributed
by Andrew Wang)
HDFS-5309. Fix failing caching unit tests. (Andrew Wang)
HDFS-5314. Do not expose CachePool type in AddCachePoolOp (Colin Patrick
HDFS-5304. Expose if a block replica is cached in getFileBlockLocations.
(Contributed by Andrew Wang)
HDFS-5224. Refactor PathBasedCache* methods to use a Path rather than a
String. Contributed by Chris Nauroth.
HDFS-5348. Fix error message when dfs.datanode.max.locked.memory is
improperly configured. (Contributed by Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5349. DNA_CACHE and DNA_UNCACHE should be by blockId only (cmccabe)
HDFS-5358. Add replication field to PathBasedCacheDirective. (Contributed
by Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5359. Allow LightWeightGSet#Iterator to remove elements. (Contributed
by Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5373. hdfs cacheadmin -addDirective short usage does not mention
-replication parameter. Contributed by Chris Nauroth.
HDFS-5096. Automatically cache new data added to a cached path (contributed
by Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5383. fix broken caching unit tests (Andrew Wang)
HDFS-5388. Loading fsimage fails to find cache pools during namenode
startup (Chris Nauroth via Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5203. Concurrent clients that add a cache directive on the same path
may prematurely uncache each other. (Chris Nauroth via Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5378. In CacheReport, don't send genstamp and length on the wire
(Contributed by Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5385. Caching RPCs are AtMostOnce, but do not persist client ID and
call ID to edit log. (Chris Nauroth via Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5404 Resolve regressions in Windows compatibility on HDFS-4949 branch.
Contributed by Chris Nauroth.
HDFS-5405. Fix possible RetryCache hang for caching RPC handlers in
FSNamesystem. (Contributed by Andrew Wang)
HDFS-5419. Fixup warnings on HDFS-4949 branch. (wang)
HDFS-5386. Add feature documentation for datanode caching. Contributed by
Colin Patrick McCabe.
HDFS-5468. CacheAdmin help command does not recognize commands (Stephen
Chu via Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5326. add modifyDirective to cacheAdmin (cmccabe)
HDFS-5394: Fix race conditions in DN caching and uncaching (cmccabe)
HDFS-5320. Add datanode caching metrics. Contributed by Andrew Wang.
HDFS-5482. DistributedFileSystem#listPathBasedCacheDirectives must support
relative paths. Contributed by Colin Patrick McCabe.
HDFS-5471. CacheAdmin -listPools fails when user lacks permissions to view
all pools (Andrew Wang via Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5450. better API for getting the cached blocks locations. Contributed
by Andrew Wang.
HDFS-5485. add command-line support for modifyDirective (cmccabe)
HDFS-5366. recaching improvements (cmccabe)
HDFS-5520. loading cache path directives from edit log doesnt update
nextEntryId (cmccabe)
HDFS-5512. CacheAdmin -listPools fails with NPE when user lacks permissions
to view all pools (awang via cmccabe)
HDFS-5513. CacheAdmin commands fail when using . as the path. Contributed
by Andrew Wang.
HDFS-5511. improve CacheManipulator interface to allow better unit testing
HDFS-5451. Add byte and file statistics to PathBasedCacheEntry. Contributed
by Colin Patrick McCabe.
HDFS-5473. Consistent naming of user-visible caching classes and methods
HDFS-5543. Fix narrow race condition in TestPathBasedCacheRequests
HDFS-5565. CacheAdmin help should match against non-dashed commands (wang
via cmccabe)
HDFS-5556. Add some more NameNode cache statistics, cache pool stats
HDFS-5562. TestCacheDirectives and TestFsDatasetCache should stub out
native mlock. Contributed by Colin Patrick McCabe and Akira Ajisaka.
HDFS-5430. Support TTL on CacheDirectives. Contributed by Andrew Wang.
HDFS-5555. CacheAdmin commands fail when first listed NameNode is in
Standby (jxiang via cmccabe)
HDFS-5626. dfsadmin report shows incorrect values (cmccabe)
HDFS-5630. Hook up cache directive and pool usage statistics. (wang)
HDFS-5665. Remove the unnecessary writeLock while initializing CacheManager
in FsNameSystem Ctor. (Uma Maheswara Rao G via Andrew Wang)
HDFS-5431. Support cachepool-based limit management in path-based caching.
(awang via cmccabe)
HDFS-5679. TestCacheDirectives should handle the case where native code is
not available. (wang)
HDFS-5636. Enforce a max TTL per cache pool (awang via cmccabe)
HDFS-5701. Fix the CacheAdmin -addPool -maxTtl option name. Contributed by
Stephen Chu.
HDFS-5708. The CacheManager throws a NPE in the DataNode logs when
processing cache reports that refer to a block not known to the BlockManager.
Contributed by Colin Patrick McCabe.
HDFS-5659. dfsadmin -report doesn't output cache information properly.
Contributed by Andrew Wang.
HDFS-5651. Remove dfs.namenode.caching.enabled and improve CRM locking.
Contributed by Colin Patrick McCabe.
HDFS-5589. Namenode loops caching and uncaching when data should be
uncached. (awang via cmccabe)
HDFS-5724. modifyCacheDirective logging audit log command wrongly as
addCacheDirective (Uma Maheswara Rao G via Colin Patrick McCabe)
Release 2.2.0 - 2013-10-13
HDFS-4817. Make HDFS advisory caching configurable on a per-file basis.
(Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5230. Introduce RpcInfo to decouple XDR classes from the RPC API.
(Haohui Mai via brandonli)
HDFS-5246. Make Hadoop nfs server port and mount daemon port
configurable. (Jinghui Wang via brandonli)
HDFS-5256. Use guava LoadingCache to implement DFSClientCache. (Haohui Mai
via brandonli)
HDFS-5308. Replace HttpConfig#getSchemePrefix with implicit schemes in HDFS
JSP. (Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5139. Remove redundant -R option from setrep.
HDFS-5251. Race between the initialization of NameNode and the http
server. (Haohui Mai via suresh)
HDFS-5258. Skip tests in TestHDFSCLI that are not applicable on Windows.
(Chuan Liu via cnauroth)
HDFS-5186. TestFileJournalManager fails on Windows due to file handle leaks.
(Chuan Liu via cnauroth)
HDFS-5268. NFS write commit verifier is not set in a few places (brandonli)
HDFS-5265. Namenode fails to start when dfs.https.port is unspecified.
(Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5255. Distcp job fails with hsftp when https is enabled in insecure
cluster. (Arpit Agarwal)
HDFS-5279. Guard against NullPointerException in NameNode JSP pages before
initialization of FSNamesystem. (cnauroth)
HDFS-5289. Race condition in TestRetryCacheWithHA#testCreateSymlink causes
spurious test failure. (atm)
HDFS-5300. FSNameSystem#deleteSnapshot() should not check owner in case of
permissions disabled. (Vinay via jing9)
HDFS-5306. Datanode https port is not available at the namenode. (Suresh
Srinivas via brandonli)
HDFS-5299. DFS client hangs in updatePipeline RPC when failover happened.
(Vinay via jing9)
HDFS-5259. Support client which combines appended data with old data
before sends it to NFS server. (brandonli)
Release 2.1.1-beta - 2013-09-23
HDFS-4962 Use enum for nfs constants (Nicholas SZE via jing9)
HDFS-5071 Change hdfs-nfs parent project to hadoop-project (brandonli)
HDFS-4763 Add script changes/utility for starting NFS gateway (brandonli)
HDFS-5076 Add MXBean methods to query NN's transaction information and
JournalNode's journal status. (jing9)
HDFS-5104 Support dotdot name in NFS LOOKUP operation (brandonli)
HDFS-5107 Fix array copy error in Readdir and Readdirplus responses
HDFS-5110 Change FSDataOutputStream to HdfsDataOutputStream for opened
streams to fix type cast error. (brandonli)
HDFS-5069 Include hadoop-nfs and hadoop-hdfs-nfs into hadoop dist for
NFS deployment (brandonli)
HDFS-4947 Add NFS server export table to control export by hostname or
IP range (Jing Zhao via brandonli)
HDFS-5078 Support file append in NFSv3 gateway to enable data streaming
to HDFS (brandonli)
HDFS-5136 MNT EXPORT should give the full group list which can mount the
exports (brandonli)
HDFS-5118. Provide testing support for DFSClient to drop RPC responses.
HDFS-5085. Refactor o.a.h.nfs to support different types of
authentications. (jing9)
HDFS-5067 Support symlink operations in NFS gateway. (brandonli)
HDFS-5199 Add more debug trace for NFS READ and WRITE. (brandonli)
HDFS-5234 Move RpcFrameDecoder out of the public API.
(Haohui Mai via brandonli)
HDFS-4513. Clarify in the WebHDFS REST API that all JSON respsonses may
contain additional properties. (szetszwo)
HDFS-5061. Make FSNameSystem#auditLoggers an unmodifiable list.
(Arpit Agarwal via suresh)
HDFS-4905. Add appendToFile command to "hdfs dfs". (Arpit Agarwal via
HDFS-4926. Namenode webserver's page has a tooltip that is inconsistent
with the datanode HTML link. (Vivek Ganesan via jing9)
HDFS-5047. Supress logging of full stack trace of quota and lease
exceptions. (Robert Parker via kihwal)
HDFS-5111. Remove duplicated error message for snapshot commands when
processing invalid arguments. (jing9)
HDFS-5045. Add more unit tests for retry cache to cover all AtMostOnce
methods. (jing9)
HDFS-3245. Add metrics and web UI for cluster version summary. (Ravi
Prakash via kihwal)
HDFS-5128. Allow multiple net interfaces to be used with HA namenode RPC
server. (kihwal)
HDFS-5150. Allow per NN SPN for internal SPNEGO. (kihwal)
HDFS-4680. Audit logging of delegation tokens for MR tracing. (Andrew Wang)
HDFS-5212. Refactor RpcMessage and NFS3Response to support different
types of authentication information. (jing9)
HDFS-4971. Move IO operations out of locking in OpenFileCtx. (brandonli and
HDFS-5028. LeaseRenewer throws ConcurrentModificationException when timeout.
(zhaoyunjiong via szetszwo)
HDFS-5043. For HdfsFileStatus, set default value of childrenNum to -1
instead of 0 to avoid confusing applications. (brandonli)
HDFS-4993. Fsck can fail if a file is renamed or deleted. (Robert Parker
via kihwal)
HDFS-5091. Support for spnego keytab separate from the JournalNode keytab
for secure HA. (jing9)
HDFS-5055. nn fails to download checkpointed image from snn in some
setups. (Vinay and suresh via suresh)
HDFS-4898. BlockPlacementPolicyWithNodeGroup.chooseRemoteRack() fails to
properly fallback to local rack. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4632. globStatus using backslash for escaping does not work on Windows.
(Chuan Liu via cnauroth)
HDFS-5093. TestGlobPaths should re-use the MiniDFSCluster to avoid failure
on Windows. (Chuan Liu via cnauroth)
HDFS-5080. BootstrapStandby not working with QJM when the existing NN is
active. (jing9)
HDFS-5099. Namenode#copyEditLogSegmentsToSharedDir should close
EditLogInputStreams upon finishing. (Chuan Liu via cnauroth)
HDFS-2994. If lease soft limit is recovered successfully
the append can fail. (Tao Luo via shv)
HDFS-5100. TestNamenodeRetryCache fails on Windows due to incorrect cleanup.
(Chuan Liu via cnauroth)
HDFS-5103. TestDirectoryScanner fails on Windows. (Chuan Liu via cnauroth)
HDFS-5102. Snapshot names should not be allowed to contain slash characters.
HDFS-5105. TestFsck fails on Windows. (Chuan Liu via arp)
HDFS-5106. TestDatanodeBlockScanner fails on Windows due to incorrect path
format. (Chuan Liu via cnauroth)
HDFS-4594. WebHDFS open sets Content-Length header to what is specified by
length parameter rather than how much data is actually returned. (cnauroth)
HDFS-5124. DelegationTokenSecretManager#retrievePassword can cause deadlock
in NameNode. (Daryn Sharp via jing9)
HDFS-5132. Deadlock in NameNode between SafeModeMonitor#run and
DatanodeManager#handleHeartbeat. (kihwal)
HDFS-5077. NPE in FSNamesystem.commitBlockSynchronization().
(Plamen Jeliazkov via shv)
HDFS-5140. Too many safemode monitor threads being created in the standby
namenode causing it to fail with out of memory error. (jing9)
HDFS-5159. Secondary NameNode fails to checkpoint if error occurs
downloading edits on first checkpoint. (atm)
HDFS-5192. NameNode may fail to start when
dfs.client.test.drop.namenode.response.number is set. (jing9)
HDFS-5219. Add configuration keys for retry policy in WebHDFSFileSystem.
(Haohui Mai via jing9)
HDFS-5231. Fix broken links in the document of HDFS Federation. (Haohui Mai
via jing9)
HDFS-5249. Fix dumper thread which may die silently. (brandonli)
Release 2.1.0-beta - 2013-08-22
HDFS-4053. Increase the default block size. (eli)
HDFS-4305. Add a configurable limit on number of blocks per file, and min
block size. (Andrew Wang via atm)
HDFS-4434. Provide a mapping from INodeId to INode. (suresh)
HDFS-2802. Add HDFS Snapshot feature. (See breakdown of tasks below for
subtasks and contributors)
HDFS-4866. Protocol buffer support cannot compile under C. (Arpit Agarwal via
HDFS-1804. Add a new block-volume device choosing policy that looks at
free space. (atm)
HDFS-4296. Reserve layout version for release 1.2.0. (suresh)
HDFS-4334. Add a unique id to INode. (Brandon Li via szetszwo)
HDFS-4339. Persist inode id in fsimage and editlog. (Brandon Li via
HDFS-4340. Update addBlock() to inculde inode id as additional argument.
(Brandon Li via suresh)
HDFS-4502. JsonUtil.toFileStatus(..) should check if the fileId property
exists. (Brandon Li via suresh)
HDFS-2576. Enhances the DistributedFileSystem's create API so that clients
can specify favored datanodes for a file's blocks. (ddas)
HDFS-347. DFS read performance suboptimal when client co-located on nodes
with data. (Colin Patrick McCabe via todd and atm)
HADOOP-8562. Enhancements to support Hadoop on Windows Server and Windows
Azure environments. (See breakdown of tasks below for subtasks and
HDFS-3601. Add BlockPlacementPolicyWithNodeGroup to support block placement
with 4-layer network topology. (Junping Du via szetszwo)
HDFS-3495. Update Balancer to support new NetworkTopology with NodeGroup.
(Junping Du via szetszwo)
HDFS-4659 Support setting execution bit for regular files (Brandon Li via sanjay)
HDFS-4762 Provide HDFS based NFSv3 and Mountd implementation (brandonli)
HDFS-4372. Track NameNode startup progress. (cnauroth)
HDFS-4373. Add HTTP API for querying NameNode startup progress. (cnauroth)
HDFS-4374. Display NameNode startup progress in UI. (cnauroth)
HDFS-4974. Add Idempotent and AtMostOnce annotations to namenode
protocol methods. (suresh)
HDFS-4979. Implement retry cache on Namenode. (suresh)
HDFS-5025. Record ClientId and CallId in EditLog to enable rebuilding
retry cache in case of HA failover. (Jing Zhao via suresh)
HDFS-4461. DirectoryScanner: volume path prefix takes up memory for every
block that is scanned (Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-4222. NN is unresponsive and loses heartbeats from DNs when
configured to use LDAP and LDAP has issues. (Xiaobo Peng, suresh)
HDFS-4304. Make FSEditLogOp.MAX_OP_SIZE configurable. (Colin Patrick
McCabe via atm)
HDFS-4518. Finer grained metrics for HDFS capacity.
(Arpit Agarwal via suresh)
HDFS-4519. Support overriding jsvc binary and log file locations
when launching secure datanode. (Chris Nauroth via suresh)
HDFS-4569. Small image transfer related cleanups.
(Andrew Wang via suresh)
HDFS-4521. Invalid network toploogies should not be cached. (Colin Patrick
McCabe via atm)
HDFS-4246. The exclude node list should be more forgiving, for each output
stream. (harsh via atm)
HDFS-4635. Move BlockManager#computeCapacity to LightWeightGSet. (suresh)
HDFS-4621. Additional logging to help diagnose slow QJM syncs. (todd)
HDFS-4618. Default transaction interval for checkpoints is too low. (todd)
HDFS-4525. Provide an API for knowing that whether file is closed or not.
(SreeHari via umamahesh)
HDFS-3940. Add Gset#clear method and clear the block map when namenode is
shutdown. (suresh)
HDFS-4679. Namenode operation checks should be done in a consistent
manner. (suresh)
HDFS-4693. Some test cases in TestCheckpoint do not clean up after
themselves. (Arpit Agarwal, suresh via suresh)
HDFS-3817. Avoid printing SafeModeException stack trace.
(Brandon Li via suresh)
HDFS-4124. Refactor INodeDirectory#getExistingPathINodes() to enable
returning more than INode array. (Jing Zhao via suresh)
HDFS-4151. Change the methods in FSDirectory to pass INodesInPath instead
of INode[] as a parameter. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4129. Add utility methods to dump NameNode in memory tree for
testing. (szetszwo via suresh)
HDFS-4152. Add a new class BlocksMapUpdateInfo for the parameter in
INode.collectSubtreeBlocksAndClear(..). (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4206. Change the fields in INode and its subclasses to private.
HDFS-4215. Remove locking from addToParent(..) since it is used in image
loading, and add INode.isFile(). (szetszwo)
HDFS-4243. When replacing an INodeDirectory, the parent pointers of the
children of the child have to be updated to the new child. (Jing Zhao
via szetszwo)
HDFS-4209. Clean up the addNode/addChild/addChildNoQuotaCheck methods in
FSDirectory and INodeDirectory. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4346. Add SequentialNumber as a base class for INodeId and
GenerationStamp. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4721. Speed up lease recovery by avoiding stale datanodes and choosing
the datanode with the most recent heartbeat as the primary. (Varun Sharma
via szetszwo)
HDFS-4804. WARN when users set the block balanced preference percent below
0.5 or above 1.0. (Stephen Chu via atm)
HDFS-4698. Provide client-side metrics for remote reads, local reads, and
short-circuit reads. (Colin Patrick McCabe via atm)
HDFS-3498. Support replica removal in BlockPlacementPolicy and make
BlockPlacementPolicyDefault extensible for reusing code in subclasses.
(Junping Du via szetszwo)
HDFS-4234. Use generic code for choosing datanode in Balancer. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4880. Print the image and edits file loaded by the namenode in the
logs. (Arpit Agarwal via suresh)
HDFS-4914. Use DFSClient.Conf instead of Configuration. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4883. complete() should verify fileId. (Tao Luo via shv)
HDFS-4772. Add number of children in HdfsFileStatus. (brandonli)
HDFS-4932. Avoid a wide line on the name node webUI if we have more Journal
nodes. (Fengdong Yu via cnauroth)
HDFS-4908. Reduce snapshot inode memory usage. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4645. Move from randomly generated block ID to sequentially generated
block ID. (Arpit Agarwal via szetszwo)
HDFS-4912. Cleanup FSNamesystem#startFileInternal. (suresh)
HDFS-4903. Print trash configuration and trash emptier state in
namenode log. (Arpit Agarwal via suresh)
HDFS-4992. Make balancer's mover thread count and dispatcher thread count
configurable. (Max Lapan via szetszwo)
HDFS-4996. ClientProtocol#metaSave can be made idempotent by overwriting the
output file instead of appending to it. (cnauroth)
HADOOP-9418. Add symlink support to DistributedFileSystem (Andrew Wang via
Colin Patrick McCabe)
HDFS-5007. Replace hard-coded property keys with DFSConfigKeys fields.
(Kousuke Saruta via jing9)
HDFS-5008. Make ClientProtocol#abandonBlock() idempotent. (jing9)
HADOOP-9760. Move GSet and related classes to common from HDFS.
HDFS-5020. Make DatanodeProtocol#blockReceivedAndDeleted idempotent.
HDFS-5024. Make DatanodeProtocol#commitBlockSynchronization idempotent.
(Arpit Agarwal via jing9)
HDFS-3880. Use Builder to build RPC server in HDFS.
(Brandon Li via suresh)
HDFS-4465. Optimize datanode ReplicasMap and ReplicaInfo. (atm)
HDFS-5027. On startup, DN should scan volumes in parallel. (atm)
HDFS-4626. ClientProtocol#getLinkTarget should throw an exception for
non-symlink and non-existent paths. (Andrew Wang via cmccabe)
HDFS-4470. Several HDFS tests attempt file operations on invalid HDFS
paths when running on Windows. (Chris Nauroth via suresh)
HDFS-4471. Namenode WebUI file browsing does not work with wildcard
addresses configured. (Andrew Wang via atm)
HDFS-4342. Directories configured in dfs.namenode.edits.dir.required
but not in dfs.namenode.edits.dir are silently ignored. (Arpit Agarwal
via szetszwo)
HDFS-4482. ReplicationMonitor thread can exit with NPE due to the race
between delete and replication of same file. (umamahesh)
HDFS-4269. Datanode rejects all datanode registrations from localhost
in single-node developer setup on Windows. (Chris Nauroth via suresh)
HDFS-4235. When outputting XML, OfflineEditsViewer can't handle some edits
containing non-ASCII strings. (Colin Patrick McCabe via atm)
HDFS-4541. Set hadoop.log.dir and when starting secure
datanode to write the logs to right dir by default. (Arpit Gupta via
HDFS-4540. Namenode http server should use the web authentication
keytab for spnego principal. (Arpit Gupta via suresh)
HDFS-4544. Error in deleting blocks should not do check disk, for
all types of errors. (Arpit Agarwal via suresh)
HDFS-4565. Use DFSUtil.getSpnegoKeytabKey() to get the spnego keytab key
in secondary namenode and namenode http server. (Arpit Gupta via suresh)
HDFS-4571. WebHDFS should not set the service hostname on the server side.
HDFS-4013. TestHftpURLTimeouts throws NPE. (Chao Shi via suresh)
HDFS-4592. Default values for access time precision are out of sync between
hdfs-default.xml and the code. (atm)
HDFS-4522. LightWeightGSet expects incrementing a volatile to be atomic.
(Colin Patrick McCabe via atm)
HDFS-4484. libwebhdfs compilation broken with gcc 4.6.2. (Colin Patrick
McCabe via atm)
HDFS-4595. When short circuit read is fails, DFSClient does not fallback
to regular reads. (suresh)
HDFS-4583. TestNodeCount fails. (Ivan Mitic via suresh)
HDFS-4591. HA clients can fail to fail over while Standby NN is performing
long checkpoint. (atm)
HDFS-3277. fail over to loading a different FSImage if the first one we
try to load is corrupt. (Colin Patrick McCabe and Andrew Wang via atm)
HDFS-4596. Shutting down namenode during checkpointing can lead to md5sum
error. (Andrew Wang via atm)
HDFS-4614. FSNamesystem#getContentSummary should use getPermissionChecker
helper method. (atm)
HDFS-4620. Documentation for dfs.namenode.rpc-address specifies wrong
format. (Sandy Ryza via atm)
HDFS-4609. TestAuditLogs should release log handles between tests.
(Ivan Mitic via szetszwo)
HDFS-4598. Fix the default value of ConcatSourcesParam and the WebHDFS doc.
HDFS-4655. DNA_FINALIZE is logged as being an unknown command by the DN
when received from the standby NN. (atm)
HDFS-4656. DN heartbeat loop can be briefly tight. (atm)
HDFS-4658. Standby NN will log that it has received a block report "after
becoming active" (atm)
HDFS-4646. createNNProxyWithClientProtocol ignores configured timeout
value (Jagane Sundar via cos)
HDFS-3981. Fix handling of FSN lock in getBlockLocations. (Xiaobo Peng
and todd via todd)
HDFS-4676. TestHDFSFileSystemContract should set MiniDFSCluster variable
to null to free up memory. (suresh)
HDFS-4669. TestBlockPoolManager fails using IBM java. (Tian Hong Wang via
HDFS-4643. Fix flakiness in TestQuorumJournalManager. (todd)
HDFS-4639. startFileInternal() should not increment generation stamp.
(Plamen Jeliazkov via shv)
HDFS-4695. TestEditLog leaks open file handles between tests.
(Ivan Mitic via suresh)
HDFS-4737. JVM path embedded in fuse binaries. (Sean Mackrory via atm)
HDFS-4739. NN can miscalculate the number of extra edit log segments to
retain. (atm)
HDFS-4745. TestDataTransferKeepalive#testSlowReader has race condition that
causes sporadic failure. (Chris Nauroth via suresh)
HDFS-4768. File handle leak in datanode when a block pool is removed.
(Chris Nauroth via suresh)
HDFS-4748. MiniJournalCluster#restartJournalNode leaks resources, which
causes sporadic test failures. (Chris Nauroth via suresh)
HDFS-4733. Make HttpFS username pattern configurable. (tucu via atm)
HDFS-4778. Fixes some issues that the first patch on HDFS-2576 missed.
HDFS-4785. Concat operation does not remove concatenated files from
InodeMap. (suresh)
HDFS-4784. NPE in FSDirectory.resolvePath(). (Brandon Li via suresh)
HDFS-4810. several HDFS HA tests have timeouts that are too short. (Chris
Nauroth via atm)
HDFS-4799. Corrupt replica can be prematurely removed from
corruptReplicas map. (todd via kihwal)
HDFS-4751. TestLeaseRenewer#testThreadName flakes. (Andrew Wang via atm)
HDFS-4533. ignores additional parameters besides -upgrade.
(Fengdong Yu via suresh)
HDFS-4765. Permission check of symlink deletion incorrectly throws
UnresolvedLinkException. (Andrew Wang via atm)
HDFS-4300. TransferFsImage.downloadEditsToStorage should use a tmp file for
destination. (Andrew Wang via atm)
HDFS-4813. Add volatile to BlocksMap.blocks so that the replication thread
can see the updated value. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-3180. Add socket timeouts to WebHdfsFileSystem. (Chris Nauroth via
HDFS-4787. Create a new HdfsConfiguration before each TestDFSClientRetries
testcases. (Tian Hong Wang via atm)
HDFS-4830. Typo in config settings for AvailableSpaceVolumeChoosingPolicy
in hdfs-default.xml. (atm)
HDFS-4824. FileInputStreamCache.close leaves dangling reference to
FileInputStreamCache.cacheCleaner. (Colin Patrick McCabe via todd)
HDFS-4298. StorageRetentionManager spews warnings when used with QJM. (atm)
HDFS-4725. Fix HDFS file handle leaks in FSEditLog, NameNode,
OfflineEditsBinaryLoader and some tests. (Chris Nauroth via szetszwo)
HDFS-4825. webhdfs / httpfs tests broken because of min block size change.
(Andrew Wang via suresh)
HDFS-4780. Use the correct relogin method for services. (Robert Parker via
HDFS-4827. Slight update to the implementation of API for handling favored
nodes in DFSClient (ddas)
HDFS-4865. Remove sub resource warning from httpfs log at startup time.
(ywskycn via tucu)
HDFS-4240. For nodegroup-aware block placement, when a node is excluded,
the nodes in the same nodegroup should also be excluded. (Junping Du
via szetszwo)
HDFS-4261. Fix bugs in Balaner causing infinite loop and
TestBalancerWithNodeGroup timeing out. (Junping Du via szetszwo)
HDFS-4382. Fix typo MAX_NOT_CHANGED_INTERATIONS. (Ted Yu via suresh)
HDFS-4840. ReplicationMonitor gets NPE during shutdown. (kihwal)
HDFS-4815. TestRBWBlockInvalidation: Double call countReplicas() to fetch
corruptReplicas and liveReplicas is not needed. (Tian Hong Wang via atm)
HADOOP-8957 HDFS tests for AbstractFileSystem#IsValidName should be overridden for
embedded file systems like ViewFs (Chris Nauroth via Sanjay Radia)
HDFS-4586. TestDataDirs.testGetDataDirsFromURIs fails with all directories
in are invalid. (Ivan Mitic via atm)
HDFS-4845. FSNamesystem.deleteInternal should acquire write-lock before
changing the inode map. (Arpit Agarwal via szetszwo)
HDFS-4906. HDFS Output streams should not accept writes after being
closed. (atm)
HDFS-4917. cannot pass the parameters correctly.
(Fengdong Yu via suresh)
HDFS-4205. fsck fails with symlinks. (jlowe)
HDFS-4927. CreateEditsLog creates inodes with an invalid inode ID, which then
cannot be loaded by a namenode. (cnauroth)
HDFS-4944. WebHDFS cannot create a file path containing characters that must
be URI-encoded, such as space. (cnauroth)
HDFS-4888. Refactor and fix FSNamesystem.getTurnOffTip. (Ravi Prakash via
HDFS-4943. WebHdfsFileSystem does not work when original file path has
encoded chars. (Jerry He via szetszwo)
HDFS-4948. mvn site for hadoop-hdfs-nfs fails. (brandonli)
HDFS-4887. TestNNThroughputBenchmark exits abruptly. (kihwal)
HDFS-4980. Incorrect file for hadoop-httpfs.
(Mark Grover via suresh)
HDFS-5003. TestNNThroughputBenchmark failed caused by existing directories.
(Xi Fang via cnauroth)
in javadoc of DatanodeInfo#isStale(). (Ted Yu via jing9)
HDFS-4602. TestBookKeeperHACheckpoints fails. (umamahesh)
HDFS-5016. Deadlock in pipeline recovery causes Datanode to be marked dead.
HDFS-5228. The RemoteIterator returned by DistributedFileSystem.listFiles
may throw NullPointerException. (szetszwo and cnauroth via szetszwo)
HDFS-4353. Encapsulate connections to peers in Peer and PeerServer classes.
(Colin Patrick McCabe via todd)
HDFS-4354. Create DomainSocket and DomainPeer and associated unit tests.
(Colin Patrick McCabe via todd)
HDFS-4356. BlockReaderLocal should use passed file descriptors rather than paths.
(Colin Patrick McCabe via todd)
HDFS-4388. DomainSocket should throw AsynchronousCloseException when appropriate.
(Colin Patrick McCabe via todd)
HDFS-4390. Bypass UNIX domain socket unit tests when they cannot be run.
(Colin Patrick McCabe via todd)
HDFS-4400. DFSInputStream#getBlockReader: last retries should ignore the cache
(Colin Patrick McCabe via todd)
HDFS-4401. Fix bug in DomainSocket path validation
(Colin Patrick McCabe via todd)
HDFS-4402. Some small DomainSocket fixes: avoid findbugs warning, change
log level, etc. (Colin Patrick McCabe via todd)
HDFS-4418. increase default FileInputStreamCache size (todd)
HDFS-4416. Rename dfs.datanode.domain.socket.path to dfs.domain.socket.path
(Colin Patrick McCabe via todd)
HDFS-4417. Fix case where local reads get disabled incorrectly
(Colin Patrick McCabe and todd via todd)
HDFS-4433. Make TestPeerCache not flaky (Colin Patrick McCabe via todd)
HDFS-4438. TestDomainSocket fails when system umask is set to 0002. (Colin
Patrick McCabe via atm)
HDFS-4440. Avoid annoying log message when dfs.domain.socket.path is not
set. (Colin Patrick McCabe via atm)
HDFS-4473. Don't create domain socket unless we need it. (Colin Patrick McCabe via atm)
HDFS-4485. DN should chmod socket path a+w. (Colin Patrick McCabe via atm)
HDFS-4453. Make a simple doc to describe the usage and design of the
shortcircuit read feature. (Colin Patrick McCabe via atm)
HDFS-4496. DFSClient: don't create a domain socket unless we need it (Colin
Patrick McCabe via todd)
HDFS-347: style cleanups (Colin Patrick McCabe via atm)
HDFS-4538. Allow use of legacy blockreader (Colin Patrick McCabe via todd)
HDFS-4661. A few little code cleanups of some HDFS-347-related code. (Colin
Patrick McCabe via atm)
HDFS-4145. Merge hdfs cmd line scripts from branch-1-win. (David Lao,
Bikas Saha, Lauren Yang, Chuan Liu, Thejas M Nair and Ivan Mitic via suresh)
HDFS-4163. HDFS distribution build fails on Windows. (Chris Nauroth via
HDFS-4316. branch-trunk-win contains test code accidentally added during
work on fixing tests on Windows. (Chris Nauroth via suresh)
HDFS-4297. Fix issues related to datanode concurrent reading and writing on
Windows. (Arpit Agarwal, Chuan Liu via suresh)
HDFS-4573. Fix TestINodeFile on Windows. (Arpit Agarwal via suresh)
HDFS-4572. Fix TestJournal failures on Windows. (Arpit Agarwal via suresh)
HDFS-4287. HTTPFS tests fail on Windows. (Chris Nauroth via suresh)
HDFS-4593. TestSaveNamespace fails on Windows. (Arpit Agarwal via suresh)
HDFS-4582. TestHostsFiles fails on Windows. (Ivan Mitic via suresh)
HDFS-4603. TestMiniDFSCluster fails on Windows. (Ivan Mitic via suresh)
HDFS-4604. TestJournalNode fails on Windows. (Ivan Mitic via suresh)
HDFS-4607. In TestGetConf.testGetSpecificKey(), use a platform-specific
line separator; otherwise, it fails on Windows. (Ivan Mitic via szetszwo)
HDFS-4625. Make TestNNWithQJM#testNewNamenodeTakesOverWriter work on
Windows. (Ivan Mitic via suresh)
HDFS-4674. TestBPOfferService fails on Windows due to failure parsing
datanode data directory as URI. (Chris Nauroth via suresh)
HDFS-4615. Fix TestDFSShell failures on Windows. (Arpit Agarwal
via szetszwo)
HDFS-4584. Skip TestNNWithQJM.testNewNamenodeTakesOverWriter() on Windows.
(Arpit Agarwal via szetszwo)
HDFS-4732. Fix TestDFSUpgradeFromImage which fails on Windows due to
failure to unpack old image tarball that contains hard links.
(Chris Nauroth via szetszwo)
HDFS-4741. TestStorageRestore#testStorageRestoreFailure fails on Windows.
(Arpit Agarwal via suresh)
HDFS-4743. TestNNStorageRetentionManager fails on Windows.
(Chris Nauroth via suresh)
HDFS-4740. Fixes for a few test failures on Windows.
(Arpit Agarwal via suresh)
HDFS-4722. TestGetConf#testFederation times out on Windows.
(Ivan Mitic via suresh)
HDFS-4705. Address HDFS test failures on Windows because of invalid (Ivan Mitic via suresh)
HDFS-4734. HDFS Tests that use ShellCommandFencer are broken on Windows.
(Arpit Agarwal via suresh)
HDFS-4610. Use common utils FileUtil#setReadable/Writable/Executable and
FileUtil#canRead/Write/Execute. (Ivan Mitic via suresh)
HDFS-4677. Editlog should support synchronous writes. (ivanmi)
HDFS-4752. TestRBWBlockInvalidation fails on Windows due to file locking.
(Chris Nauroth via suresh)
HDFS-4783. TestDelegationTokensWithHA#testHAUtilClonesDelegationTokens fails
on Windows. (cnauroth)
HDFS-4818. Several HDFS tests that attempt to make directories unusable do
not work correctly on Windows. (cnauroth)
HDFS-4076. Support snapshot of single files. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4082. Add editlog opcodes for snapshot create and delete operations.
(suresh via szetszwo)
HDFS-4086. Add editlog opcodes to allow and disallow snapshots on a
directory. (Brandon Li via suresh)
HDFS-4083. Protocol changes for snapshots. (suresh)
HDFS-4077. Add support for Snapshottable Directory. (szetszwo via suresh)
HDFS-4087. Protocol changes for listSnapshots functionality.
(Brandon Li via suresh)
HDFS-4079. Add SnapshotManager which maintains a list for all the
snapshottable directories and supports snapshot methods such as setting a
directory to snapshottable and creating a snapshot. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4078. Handle replication in snapshots. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4084. Provide CLI support to allow and disallow snapshot
on a directory. (Brondon Li via suresh)
HDFS-4091. Add snapshot quota to limit the number of snapshots allowed.
HDFS-4097. Provide CLI support for createSnapshot. (Brandon Li via suresh)
HDFS-4092. Update file deletion logic for snapshot so that the current inode
is removed from the circular linked list; and if some blocks at the end of
the block list no longer belong to any other inode, collect them and update
the block list. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4111. Support snapshot of subtrees. (szetszwo via suresh)
HDFS-4119. Complete the allowSnapshot code and add a test for it. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4133. Add testcases for testing basic snapshot functionalities.
(Jing Zhao via suresh)
HDFS-4116. Add auditlog for some snapshot operations. (Jing Zhao via suresh)
HDFS-4095. Add some snapshot related metrics. (Jing Zhao via suresh)
HDFS-4141. Support directory diff - the difference between the current state
and a previous snapshot of an INodeDirectory. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4146. Use getter and setter in INodeFileWithLink to access blocks and
initialize root directory as snapshottable. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4149. Implement the disallowSnapshot(..) in FSNamesystem and add
resetSnapshottable(..) to SnapshotManager. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4147. When there is a snapshot in a subtree, deletion of the subtree
should fail. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4150. Update the inode in the block map when a snapshotted file or a
snapshot file is deleted. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4159. Rename should fail when the destination directory is
snapshottable and has snapshots. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4170. Add snapshot information to INodesInPath. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4177. Add a snapshot parameter to INodeDirectory.getChildrenList() for
selecting particular snapshot children list views. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4148. Disallow write/modify operations on files and directories in a
snapshot. (Brandon Li via suresh)
HDFS-4188. Add Snapshot.ID_COMPARATOR for comparing IDs and fix a bug in
ReadOnlyList.Util.binarySearch(..). (szetszwo)
HDFS-4187. Add tests for replication handling in snapshots. (Jing Zhao via
HDFS-4196. Support renaming of snapshots. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4175. Additional snapshot tests for more complicated directory
structure and modifications. (Jing Zhao via suresh)
HDFS-4293. Fix TestSnapshot failure. (Jing Zhao via suresh)
HDFS-4317. Change INode and its subclasses to support HDFS-4103. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4103. Support O(1) snapshot creation. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4330. Support snapshots up to the snapshot limit. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4357. Fix a bug that if an inode is replaced, further INode operations
should apply to the new inode. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4230. Support listing of all the snapshottable directories. (Jing Zhao
via szetszwo)
HDFS-4244. Support snapshot deletion. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4245. Include snapshot related operations in TestOfflineEditsViewer.
(Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4395. In INodeDirectorySnapshottable's constructor, the passed-in dir
could be an INodeDirectoryWithSnapshot. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4397. Fix a bug in INodeDirectoryWithSnapshot.Diff.combinePostDiff(..)
that it may put the wrong node into the deleted list. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4407. Change INodeDirectoryWithSnapshot.Diff.combinePostDiff(..) to
merge-sort like and keep the postDiff parameter unmodified. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4098. Add FileWithSnapshot, INodeFileUnderConstructionWithSnapshot and
INodeFileUnderConstructionSnapshot for supporting append to snapshotted
files. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4126. Add reading/writing snapshot information to FSImage.
(Jing Zhao via suresh)
HDFS-4436. Change INode.recordModification(..) to return only the current
inode and remove the updateCircularList parameter from some methods in
INodeDirectoryWithSnapshot.Diff. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4429. When the latest snapshot exists, INodeFileUnderConstruction
should be replaced with INodeFileWithSnapshot but not INodeFile.
(Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4441. Move INodeDirectoryWithSnapshot.Diff and the related classes to a
package. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4432. Support INodeFileUnderConstructionWithSnapshot in FSImage
saving/loading. (Jing Zhao via suresh)
HDFS-4131. Add capability to namenode to get snapshot diff. (Jing Zhao via
HDFS-4447. Refactor INodeDirectoryWithSnapshot for supporting general INode
diff lists. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4189. Renames the getMutableXxx methods to getXxx4Write and fix a bug
that some getExistingPathINodes calls should be getINodesInPath4Write.
HDFS-4361. When listing snapshottable directories, only return those
where the user has permission to take snapshots. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4464. Combine collectSubtreeBlocksAndClear with deleteDiffsForSnapshot
and rename it to destroySubtreeAndCollectBlocks. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4414. Add support for getting snapshot diff from DistributedFileSystem.
(Jing Zhao via suresh)
HDFS-4446. Support file snapshots with diff lists. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4480. Eliminate the file snapshot circular linked list. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4481. Change fsimage to support snapshot file diffs. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4500. Refactor snapshot INode methods. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4487. Fix snapshot diff report for HDFS-4446. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4431. Support snapshot in OfflineImageViewer. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4503. Update computeContentSummary(..), spaceConsumedInTree(..) and
diskspaceConsumed(..) in INode for snapshot. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4499. Fix file/directory/snapshot deletion for file diff. (Jing Zhao
via szetszwo)
HDFS-4524. Update SnapshotManager#snapshottables when loading fsimage.
(Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4520. Support listing snapshots under a snapshottable directory using
ls. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4514. Add CLI for supporting snapshot rename, diff report, and
snapshottable directory listing. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4523. Fix INodeFile replacement, TestQuota and javac errors from trunk
merge. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4507. Update quota verification for snapshots. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4545. With snapshots, FSDirectory.unprotectedSetReplication(..) always
changes file replication but it may or may not changes block replication.
HDFS-4557. Fix FSDirectory#delete when INode#cleanSubtree returns 0.
(Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4579. Annotate snapshot tests. (Arpit Agarwal via suresh)
HDFS-4574. Move Diff to the util package. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4563. Update namespace/diskspace usage after deleting snapshots.
(Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4144. Create test for all snapshot-related metrics.
(Jing Zhao via suresh)
HDFS-4556. Add snapshotdiff and LsSnapshottableDir tools to hdfs script.
(Arpit Agarwal via szetszwo)
HDFS-4534. Add INodeReference in order to support rename with snapshots.
HDFS-4616. Update the FilesDeleted metric while deleting file/dir in the
current tree. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4627. Fix FSImageFormat#Loader NPE and synchronization issues.
(Jing Zhao via suresh)
HDFS-4612. Not to use INode.getParent() when generating snapshot diff
report. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4636. Update quota usage when deleting files/dirs that were created
after taking the latest snapshot. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4648. For snapshot deletion, when merging the diff from to-delete
snapshot to the prior snapshot, make sure files/directories created after
the prior snapshot get deleted. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4637. INodeDirectory#replaceSelf4Quota may incorrectly convert a newly
created directory to an INodeDirectoryWithSnapshot. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4611. Update FSImage for INodeReference. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4647. Rename should call setLocalName after an inode is removed from
snapshots. (Arpit Agarwal via szetszwo)
HDFS-4684. Use INode id for image serialization when writing INodeReference.
HDFS-4675. Fix rename across snapshottable directories. (Jing Zhao via
HDFS-4692. Use timestamp as default snapshot names. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4666. Define ".snapshot" as a reserved inode name so that users cannot
create a file/directory with ".snapshot" as the name. If ".snapshot" is
used in a previous version of HDFS, it must be renamed before upgrade;
otherwise, upgrade will fail. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4700. Fix the undo section of rename with snapshots. (Jing Zhao via
HDFS-4529. Disallow concat when one of the src files is in some snapshot.
HDFS-4550. Refactor INodeDirectory.INodesInPath to a standalone class.
HDFS-4707. Add snapshot methods to FilterFileSystem and fix findbugs
warnings. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4706. Do not replace root inode for disallowSnapshot. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4717. Change the path parameter type of the snapshot methods in
HdfsAdmin from String to Path. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4708. Add snapshot user documentation. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4726. Fix test failures after merging the INodeId-INode mapping
from trunk. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4727. Update inodeMap after deleting files/directories/snapshots.
(Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4719. Remove AbstractINodeDiff.Factory and move its methods to
AbstractINodeDiffList. (Arpit Agarwal via szetszwo)
HDFS-4735. DisallowSnapshot throws IllegalStateException for nested
snapshottable directories. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4738. Changes AbstractINodeDiff to implement Comparable<Integer>, and
fix javadoc and other warnings. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4686. Update quota computation for rename and INodeReference.
(Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4729. Fix OfflineImageViewer and permission checking for snapshot
operations. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4749. Use INodeId to identify the corresponding directory node in
FSImage saving/loading. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4742. Fix appending to a renamed file with snapshot. (Jing Zhao via
HDFS-4755. Fix AccessControlException message and moves "implements
LinkedElement" from INode to INodeWithAdditionalFields. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4650. Fix a bug in FSDirectory and add more unit tests for rename with
existence of snapshottable directories and snapshots. (Jing Zhao via
HDFS-4650. When passing two non-existing snapshot names to snapshotDiff, it
returns success if the names are the same. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4767. If a directory is snapshottable, do not replace it when clearing
quota. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4578. Restrict snapshot IDs to 24-bit wide. (Arpit Agarwal via
HDFS-4773. Fix bugs in quota usage computation and OfflineImageViewer.
(Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4760. Update inodeMap after node replacement. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4758. Disallow nested snapshottable directories and unwrap
RemoteException. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4781. Fix a NullPointerException when listing .snapshot under
a non-existing directory. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4791. Update and fix deletion of reference inode. (Jing Zhao via
HDFS-4798. Update computeContentSummary() for the reference nodes in
snapshots. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4800. Fix INodeDirectoryWithSnapshot#cleanDeletedINode. (Jing Zhao via
HDFS-4801. lsSnapshottableDir throws IllegalArgumentException when root is
snapshottable. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4802. Disallowing snapshot on / twice should throw SnapshotException
but not IllegalStateException. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4806. In INodeDirectoryWithSnapshot, use isInLatestSnapshot() to
determine if an added/removed child should be recorded in the snapshot diff.
(Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4809. When a QuotaExceededException is thrown during rename, the quota
usage should be subtracted back. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4842. Identify the correct prior snapshot when deleting a
snapshot under a renamed subtree. (jing9)
HDFS-4846. Clean up snapshot CLI commands output stacktrace for invalid
arguments. (Jing Zhao via brandonli)
HDFS-4857. Snapshot.Root and AbstractINodeDiff#snapshotINode should not be
put into INodeMap when loading FSImage. (jing9)
HDFS-4863. The root directory should be added to the snapshottable
directory list while loading fsimage. (jing9)
HDFS-4848. copyFromLocal and renaming a file to ".snapshot" should output
that ".snapshot" is a reserved name. (Jing Zhao via brandonli)
HDFS-4826. TestNestedSnapshots times out due to repeated slow edit log
flushes when running on virtualized disk. (Chris Nauroth via szetszwo)
HDFS-4876. Fix the javadoc of FileWithSnapshot and move FileDiffList to
FileWithSnapshot. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4850. Fix OfflineImageViewer to work on fsimages with empty files or
snapshots. (jing9)
HDFS-4877. Snapshot: fix the scenario where a directory is renamed under
its prior descendant. (jing9)
HDFS-4873. callGetBlockLocations returns incorrect number of blocks for
snapshotted files. (jing9)
HDFS-4819. Update Snapshot doc to clarify that nested snapshots are not
allowed. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4902. DFSClient.getSnapshotDiffReport should use string path rather
than o.a.h.fs.Path. (Binglin Chang via jing9)
HDFS-4875. Add a test for testing snapshot file length.
(Arpit Agarwal via jing9)
HDFS-4841. FsShell commands using secure webhfds fail ClientFinalizer
shutdown hook. (rkanter via tucu)
HDFS-4951. FsShell commands using secure httpfs throw exceptions due
to missing TokenRenewer. (rknater via tucu)
HDFS-4969. WebhdfsFileSystem expects non-standard WEBHDFS Json element.
(rkanter via tucu)
HDFS-4797. BlockScanInfo does not override equals(..) and hashCode()
consistently. (szetszwo)
HDFS-4978. Make disallowSnapshot idempotent. (jing9)
HDFS-5005. Move SnapshotException and SnapshotAccessControlException
to o.a.h.hdfs.protocol. (jing9)
HDFS-4982. JournalNode should relogin from keytab before fetching logs
from other JNs (todd)
Release 2.0.6-alpha - 08/22/2013
Release 2.0.5-alpha - 06/06/2013
Release 2.0.4-alpha - 2013-04-25
Release 2.0.3-alpha - 2013-02-06
HDFS-4122. Cleanup HDFS logs and reduce the size of logged messages.
HDFS-4362. GetDelegationTokenResponseProto does not handle null token.
HDFS-4367. GetDataEncryptionKeyResponseProto does not handle null
response. (suresh)
HDFS-4364. GetLinkTargetResponseProto does not handle null path. (suresh)
HDFS-4369. GetBlockKeysResponseProto does not handle null response.
HDFS-4451. hdfs balancer command returns exit code 1 on success instead
of 0. (Joshua Blatt via suresh)
HDFS-4350. Make enabling of stale marking on read and write paths
independent. (Andrew Wang via suresh)
HDFS-2656. Add libwebhdfs, a pure C client based on WebHDFS.
(Jaimin D Jetly and Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-3912. Detect and avoid stale datanodes for writes.
(Jing Zhao via suresh)
HDFS-4059. Add number of stale DataNodes to metrics. (Jing Zhao via suresh)
HDFS-4155. libhdfs implementation of hsync API (Liang Xie via todd)
HDFS-4213. Add an API to hsync for updating the last block length at the
namenode. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-3077. Implement QuorumJournalManager, a distributed mechanism for
reliably storing HDFS edit logs. See dedicated section below for breakdown
of subtasks.
HDFS-3925. Prettify PipelineAck#toString() for printing to a log
(Andrew Wang via todd)
HDFS-3939. NN RPC address cleanup. (eli)
HDFS-3373. Change DFSClient input stream socket cache to global static and
add a thread to cleanup expired cache entries. (John George via szetszwo)
HDFS-3896. Add descriptions for dfs.namenode.rpc-address and
dfs.namenode.servicerpc-address to hdfs-default.xml. (Jeff Lord via atm)
HDFS-3996. Add debug log removed in HDFS-3873 back. (eli)
HDFS-3916. libwebhdfs (C client) code cleanups.
(Colin Patrick McCabe via eli)
HDFS-3813. Log error message if security and WebHDFS are enabled but
principal/keytab are not configured. (Stephen Chu via atm)
HDFS-3483. Better error message when hdfs fsck is run against a ViewFS
config. (Stephen Fritz via atm)
HDFS-3682. MiniDFSCluster#init should provide more info when it fails.
(todd via eli)
HDFS-4008. TestBalancerWithEncryptedTransfer needs a timeout. (eli)
HDFS-4007. Rehabilitate bit-rotted unit tests under
(Colin Patrick McCabe via todd)
HDFS-4041. Hadoop HDFS Maven protoc calls must not depend on external
sh script. (Chris Nauroth via suresh)
HADOOP-8911. CRLF characters in source and text files.
(Raja Aluri via suresh)
HDFS-4037. Rename the getReplication() method in BlockCollection to
getBlockReplication(). (szetszwo)
HDFS-4036. Remove "throws UnresolvedLinkException" from
FSDirectory.unprotectedAddFile(..). (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-2946. HA: Put a cap on the number of completed edits files retained
by the NN. (atm)
HDFS-4029. GenerationStamp should use an AtomicLong. (eli)
HDFS-4068. DatanodeID and DatanodeInfo member should be private. (eli)
HDFS-4073. Two minor improvements to FSDirectory. (Jing Zhao via szetszwo)
HDFS-4074. Remove the unused default constructor from INode. (Brandon Li
via szetszwo)
HDFS-4088. Remove "throws QuotaExceededException" from an