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#include "config.h"
#include <stdbool.h>
* Encodes the given Guacamole protocol dump as video. A read lock will be
* acquired on the input file to ensure that in-progress recordings are not
* encoded. This behavior can be overridden by specifying true for the force
* parameter.
* @param path
* The path to the file containing the raw Guacamole protocol dump.
* @param out_path
* The full path to the file in which encoded video should be written.
* @param codec
* The name of the codec to use for the video encoding, as defined by
* ffmpeg / libavcodec.
* @param width
* The width of the desired video, in pixels.
* @param height
* The height of the desired video, in pixels.
* @param bitrate
* The desired overall bitrate of the resulting encoded video, in bits per
* second.
* @param force
* Perform the encoding, even if the input file appears to be an
* in-progress recording (has an associated lock).
* @return
* Zero on success, non-zero if an error prevented successful encoding of
* the video.
int guacenc_encode(const char* path, const char* out_path, const char* codec,
int width, int height, int bitrate, bool force);