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<title>How to build this site in maven</title>
<section name="Summary">
<p>We build this site with Maven using the fluido plugin. Due to difficulties with the maven site plugin and munge working together, we build the site using a profile that does not require munge.</p>
<li>Start at the parent directory and do <source>mvn -Phadoop_2 clean site -DskipTests</source></li>
<li>Then we need to stage this site since it has multiple modules with <source>mvn -Phadoop_2 site:stage -DskipTests</source></li>
<li>You can check the results of the site building and staging in <source>target/staging</source> and then deploy as necessary.</li>
<li>To deploy, check out the site from svn with <source>svn co</source>. Remove everything and then copy the staged site to the directory and then commit. All changes should be live immediately.</li>