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Giraph Change Log
Release 1.2.0 - unreleased
GIRAPH-1023: Adding out-of-core messages to previously implemented adaptive out-of-core
mechanism (heslami via aching)
GIRAPH-1022: Out-of-core mechanism for input superstep and graph data (heslami via aching)
GIRAPH-1021: Missing progress report for graph mutations. (heslami via aching)
GIRAPH-1020: TaskInfo equality condition. (heslami via aching)
GIRAPH-1019: Optimizing and debugging vertex mutation. (heslami via aching)
GIRAPH-1018: Improving PartitionStore API to better match its expected behaviour
(heslami via aching)
GIRAPH-1012: Remove giraph-hive (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-1009: Spammy 'lost reservation' messages from ZooKeeper in workers' log at the end of
the computation. (heslami via aching)
GIRAPH-1008: Create Computation per thread instead of per partition (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-1004: Allow changing hadoop output format (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-1002: Improve message changing through iters (ikabiljo via edunov)
GIRAPH-998: Close writers in parallel (majaakbiljo)
GIRAPH-999: Add support for Mapping multi-input formats (dlogothetis via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-997: Upgrade findbugs to 3.0.0 (dlogothetis via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-996: Large requests degrade performance. Print out warnings. (dlogothetis via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-990. Current trunk will build for hadoop 1.2.0 not 0.20.203 as stated by documentation
GIRAPH-992: Zookeeper logs have too many NodeExists (edunov)
GIRAPH-991: Update version of swift (edunov)
GIRAPH-987: Improve naming for ReduceOperation (ikabiljo via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-986: Add no-arg constructor to BasicSet (ikabiljo via edunov)
GIRAPH-985: Add more metrics (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-986: Add more stuff to TypeOps (ikabiljo via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-962: TextAggregatorWriter with frequency AT_THE_END writes in every superstep (mju via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-967: (Strongly Connected Components) bug fix (mhan via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-980 Way to disable checkpoints for particular job and on particular supersteps (edunov)
GIRAPH-983 Remove checkpoint related error messages from console (edunov)
GIRAPH-978 Giraph-Debugger Test Graphs not working (nishantgandhi99 via edunov)
GIRAPH-979: Add type of input to 'missing input' error message (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-975: In-proc ZooKeeper server with Master process (edunov)
GIRAPH-977: useMessageSizeEncoding is broken (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-976: More command line logging (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-972: Race condition in checkpointing (edunov)
GIRAPH-905: Giraph Debugger (netj via edunov)
GIRAPH-966: Add a way to ignore some thread exceptions (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-964: Remove quotes from output partition specification in hive-io (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-963: Aggregators may not be initialized properly (edunov via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-955: Allow vertex/edge/message value to be configurable (ikabiljo via majakabiljo)
Release 1.1.0 - 2014-11-19
GIRAPH-961: Internals of MasterLoggingAggregator have been incorrectly removed
GIRAPH-938: Allow fast working with primitives generically (ikabiljo via pavanka)
GIRAPH-945: Always use job Configuration to create Configuration (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-931: Provide a Strongly Connected Components algorithm (gianluca via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-933: Checkpointing improvements (edunov via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-943: Perf regression due to netty 4.0.21 (pavanka)
GIRAPH-935: Loosen modifiers when needed (ikabiljo via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-937 - Upgrade Hive I/O to 0.26. (aching)
GIRAPH-893: Implement preLoad & postSave on workerObservers (pavanka)
GIRAPH-936: AsyncMessageStoreWrapper threads are not daemonized (edunov via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-934: Allow having state in aggregators (ikabiljo via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-932: Adding .arcconfig to GIRAPH for Arcanist support (aching)
GIRAPH-927: Decouple netty server threads from message processing (edunov via pavanka)
GIRAPH-924: Fix checkpointing (edunov via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-921: Create ByteValueVertex to store vertex values as bytes without object instance (akyrola via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-929: setIfUnset for EnumConfOption (pavanka)
GIRAPH-912: Support succinct representation of messages in messagestores (pavanka)
GIRAPH-903: Detect crashes of Netty threads (edunov via pavanka)
GIRAPH-925: Unit tests should pass even if zookeeper port not available (edunov via pavanka)
GIRAPH-713: Provide an option to do request compression (pavanka)
GIRAPH-923: Upgrade Netty version to a latest stable one (pavanka)
GIRAPH-916: Wrong number of vertices stored reported to command line (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-919: Add worker to worker communication (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-922: SimpleEdgeStore has a bug causing NPE (pavanka)
GIRAPH-915: With BigDataIO some messages can get ignored (majakabiljo via pavanka)
GIRAPH-918: GIRAPH-908 has a small bug reg counting entries (pavanka)
GIRAPH-842: option to dump histogram of memory usage when heap is low on memory (pavanka)
GIRAPH-904: Giraph can hang when hostnames include uppercase letters (netj via pavanka)
GIRAPH-900: Remove timers for compute method (majakabiljo via pavanka)
GIRAPH-894: make giraphconfiguration available to workercontext (pavanka)
GIRAPH-910: removing unnecessary boxing in some places in giraph-core (pavanka)
GIRAPH-908: support for partitioned input in giraph (pavanka)
GIRAPH-907: refactor giraph code to support multiple implementations of vertexId data (pavanka)
GIRAPH-899: Remove hcatalog from hadoop_facebook profile (pavanka)
GIRAPH-873: Specialized edge stores (pavanka)
GIRAPH-898: Remove giraph-accumulo from Facebook profile (edunov via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-896: Fix memory leak in SuperstepMetricsRegistry (edunov via pavanka)
GIRAPH-897: Add an option to dump only live objects to JMap (edunov via pavanka)
GIRAPH-895: Trim the edges in Giraph (edunov via pavanka)
GIRAPH-889: Update Yourkit Profiler (yhdong via pavanka)
GIRAPH-891: Make MessageStoreFactory configurable (rohankarwa via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-825: Fix DiskBackedPartitionStore to work with current trunk (armax00 via claudio)
GIRAPH-864: 'mvn clean test' fails for rexster (armax00 via claudio)
GIRAPH-884: ByteArrayEdges.iterator() throws NPE when no edges are present
(cmuchinsky via claudio)
GIRAPH-872: Minor inconsistencies with netty handler logic after netty 4 upgrade
(cmuchinsky via claudio)
GIRAPH-871: Map task jvm never exits since netty 4 upgrade (cmuchinsky via claudio)
GIRAPH-869: Log Vertex/Edge Count for All Workers (yhdong via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-868: Fix race condition with WorkerProgress (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-867: Fix comments in PageRankComputation (ssc)
GIRAPH-866: Fix checkstyle error from GIRAPH-865 (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-865: Job client shouldn't crash when JobProgressTracker gets
exception (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-856: Log amount of free memory on the command line (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-860: Giraph jobs can hang forever if HDFS filestamps aren't
created (aching)
GIRAPH-858: tests fail for hadoop_facebook because of dependency issues
(pavanka via aching)
GIRAPH-814: Incorrect MapReduce application classpath processing (AlexJF via claudio)
GIRAPH-850: Improve internal zookeeper launching (AlexJF via claudio)
GIRAPH-855: RecordReaderWrapper swallows exceptions (aching)
GIRAPH-848: Allowing plain computation with types being configurable (ikabiljo via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-854: fix for test fail due to GIRAPH-840 (pavanka via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-853: Fix concurrency issue in GiraphMetrics (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-840: Upgrade to netty 4 (pavanka via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-816: ByteArrayPartition not combining vertex edges (cmuchins via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-844: TextInputFormat for SimpleShortestPaths (ssc)
GIRAPH-841: fix missing munge symbols error for non-munge-using profiles (Eugene Koontz via rvs)
GIRAPH-794: add support for generic hadoop1 and hadoop2 profiles (rvs)
GIRAPH-833: Upgrade to ZooKeeper 3.4.5 (aching)
GIRAPH-836: Delay hive preparation until after the arguments are parsed (this allows
functionality such as creating a table) (aching)
GIRAPH-843: remove rexter from hadoop_facebook profile (pavanka via aching)
GIRAPH-838: setup time & total time counter also include time spent waiting for machines
(pavanka via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-839: NettyWorkerAggregatorRequestProcessor tries to reuse request objects
(pavanka via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-835: org.apache.giraph.hive.input.CheckInputTest Fails because JobProgressTracker
doesn't check null (akila via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-834: Metrcis missing superstep time (armax00 via claudio)
GIRAPH-819: Number of Containers Required for a Job (Rafal Wojdyla via ereisman)
GIRAPH-832: Test don't finish after GIRAPH-792 (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-792: Print job progress to command line (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-831: waitUntilAllTasksDone waits forever (without debug information) (aching)
GIRAPH-830: directMemory used in netty message (pavanka via aching)
GIRAPH-829: Compilation error due to wrong rexster jar file (armax00 via claudio)
GIRAPH-803: Rexster I/O new complete API (armax00 via claudio)
GIRAPH-805: getZookeeperList can return null (armax00 via claudio)
GIRAPH-823: upgrade hiveio to version 0.21 from olderversion 0.20 (pavanka via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-724: UnsafeByteArrayOutputStream.writeUTF should call ensureSize (yhdong via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-821: proper handling of NegativeArraySizeException for all ByteArray backed
messagestores (pavanka via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-820: add a configuration option to skip creating source vertices present only
in edge input (pavanka via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-742: Worker task finishSuperstep status reporting the wrong superstep number
(cmuchins via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-810: Giraph should track aggregate statistics over lifetime of the computation
(rvesse via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-785: Improve GraphPartitionerFactory usage (ikabiljo via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-815: Exclude dependency and duplicate finder checks to profile we do not check (aching)
GIRAPH-798: Upgrade Giraph to Java7 and fix all dependencies (aching)
GIRAPH-797: If the vertex input data path is incorrect Giraph job hangs indefinitely
until killed by JobTracker for exceeding timeout (jaeyu via claudio)
GIRAPH-793: Create necessary documentation for Giraph-Gora integration
(renato2099 via claudio)
GIRAPH-760: Create EdgeOutputFormat to Apache Gora (renato2099 via claudio)
GIRAPH-759: Create EdgeInputFormat from Apache Gora (renato2099 via claudio)
GIRAPH-758: Create VertexOutputFormat to Apache Gora (renato2099 via claudio)
GIRAPH-757: Create VertexInputFormat from Apache Gora (renato2099 via claudio)
GIRAPH-442: FileNotFoundException: <baseDirectory>/_zkServer is checked before it is created
(miteshsjat via claudio)
GIRAPH-796: Site build error with maven 3.1 (armax00 via claudio)
GIRAPH-782: giraph script can't find GIRAPH_ENV_DIR when called via $PATH (rvs)
GIRAPH-783: giraph bin script should pick up giraph-core jar to pass to hadoop (rvs)
GIRAPH-781: binary tarball lacks /bin and /conf directories (rvs)
GIRAPH-749: Update documentation according to the new EdgeOutputFormat API
(armax00 via claudio)
GIRAPH-738: Fix typos in quick start guide (aladagemre via claudio)
GIRAPH-755: Make ZooKeeper port list available to input/output format (armax00 via claudio)
GIRAPH-737: Giraph Application Master: Move to new and stable YARN API (mislam via ereisman)
GIRAPH-791: HiveGiraphRunner picks -D options too late (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-790: Add a way to automatically retry a job (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-789: Upgrade hive-io to 0.20 - less metastore accesses (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-787: Use HiveIO 1.9 (gmalewicz via aching)
GIRAPH-786: XSparseVector create a lot of objects in add/write
(ikabiljo via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-773: Cannot use only EdgeOutputFormat (armax00 via claudio)
GIRAPH-779: Make it easier to reuse objects with hive-io input (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-778: Testing with TestGraph is broken (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-777: Fix bug from GIRAPH-775 (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-776: Update Giraph to use HiveIO 0.18 (gmalewicz via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-775: Vertex value combiner (aching)
GIRAPH-761: GiraphFileInputFormat ignores hidden file filter in
folders (Manuel Lagang via aching)
GIRAPH-771: Upgrade hive-io to 0.17 (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-756: Provide a way to halt running application (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-753: Efficient dense matrix aggregators (herald via apresta)
GIRAPH-752: Better support for supernodes (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-727: Support for Watts Strogatz VertexInputFormat (claudio)
GIRAPH-746: Track and log versions of dependencies (nitay)
GIRAPH-751: Build error: convertEdgeToLine in two different classes have the
same erasure, yet neither overrides the other (armax00 via claudio)
GIRAPH-732: EdgeOutputFormat (armax00 via claudio)
GIRAPH-512: JavaDoc warnings (tdn120 via nitay)
GIRAPH-736: Bring back FindBugs (nitay)
GIRAPH-735: DiskBackedPartitionStore throws NPE due to uninitialized OutEdges
GIRAPH-734: DiskBackedPartitionStore attempting to release a lock it doesn't own
(cmuchinsky via claudio)
GIRAPH-739: Discrepancy among numeric constants corresponding to frequency of
writing in TextAggregatorWriter (korlando via claudio)
GIRAPH-740: ArrayListWritable object is not cleared in readFields()
(korlando via claudio)
GIRAPH-692: Add Bracha Toueg Deadlock Detection in the examples
(aarmax00 via claudio)
GIRAPH-717: HiveJythonRunner with support for pure Jython value types (nitay)
GIRAPH-722: ProgressableUtils.waitForever is not calling progress (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-549: Tinkerpop/Blueprints/Rexter InputFormat (armax00 via claudio)
GIRAPH-701: Communication improvement using one-to-all message
sending (Bingjing via aching)
GIRAPH-721: Don't call progress on each edge/vertex loaded (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-720: Provide a way to change job name (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-718: Output all per-superstep metrics per superstep (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-716: Stop modifying Configuration since it's not thread-safe (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-715: Fix MessageValueFactory performance regression (nitay)
GIRAPH-709: More flexible Jython script loading (nitay)
GIRAPH-708: Factories for creation of all IVEM types (nitay)
GIRAPH-710: Define zookeeper version in a property to allow build time
override (apurtell via nitay)
GIRAPH-705: Type converters and giraph-hive cleanup (nitay)
GIRAPH-704: Specialized message stores (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-703: create an appropriate way to generate the options.html page using maven.
(armax00 via claudio)
GIRAPH-702: Fix multithreaded output (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-676: A short tutorial on getting started with Giraph (boshmaf via claudio)
GIRAPH-698: Expose Computation to a user (aching)
GIRAPH-311: Master halting in superstep 0 is ignored by workers (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-688: Make sure Giraph builds against all compatible YARN-enabled Hadoop versions,
warns if none set, works w/new 1.1.0 line (ereisman)
GIRAPH-693: Giraph-Hive check user code as soon as possible (nitay)
GIRAPH-697: Clean up message stores (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-696: Should be able to spill giraph metrics to a specified
directory on HDFS (claudio)
GIRAPH-695: Add getCombiner and getComputation methods for
MasterCompute (aching)
GIRAPH-623: Website Documentation: table of parameters (armax00 via nitay)
GIRAPH-694: Setting configuration in GiraphConfiguration causes
non thread safe copies (aching)
GIRAPH-683: Jython for Computation (nitay)
GIRAPH-673: Input superstep should support aggregators like any
other superstep (Bingjing via aching)
GIRAPH-686: DiskBackedPartitionStore does not saveVertex after edges
are loaded (claudio)
GIRAPH-681: Graphviz Output Format (nitay)
GIRAPH-468: Make Vertex an Interface (nitay)
GIRAPH-667: all workers suspended at 'saveVertices' when use
out of core (claudio)
GIRAPH-670: [easy] Example Max Computation (nitay)
GIRAPH-675: Mutable edge iterator gets corrupted by calling
vertex.getNumEdges() during iteration (apresta)
GIRAPH-512: JavaDoc warnings (emre.aladag via nitay)
GIRAPH-620: Website Documentation: How to use Hive I/O with Giraph (nitay)
GIRAPH-667: Decouple Vertex data and Computation, make Computation
and Combiner classes switchable (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-608: Spelling error in (Michael Aro via aching)
GIRAPH-666: Netty execs threads and metrics threads don't get
cleaned up properly (aching)
GIRAPH-665: Reduce ZooKeeper output in tests by changing log level from
INFO to ERROR (aching)
GIRAPH-664: Bump HiveIO dep - fixes tests with hadoop facebook
(nitayj via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-622: Website Documentation: Out-of-core (claudio)
GIRAPH-659: giraph-hive tests all fail (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-663: Fix HiveIO metastore host setting (nitay)
GIRAPH-661: Munge symbols helper (nitay)
GIRAPH-662: Incubator release should point to archived (aching)
GIRAPH-655: Fix Hive Build for Hadoop 2.0.0 (nitay)
GIRAPH-660: Move the snapshot to 1.1.0 and also add a releases page for
the 1.0 release (aching)
GIRAPH-560: Input filtering (nitay)
GIRAPH-621: Website Documentation: Basic Design Document (aching)
GIRAPH-658: Remove final modifier from SimpleHiveToEdge.initializeRecords
GIRAPH-656: Input from multiple tables doesn't work with multithreading
GIRAPH-657: Remove unused reuseIncomingEdgeObjects option (apresta)
GIRAPH-592: YourKit profiler (nitay)
GIRAPH-618: Website Documentation: Aggregators (and sharded aggregators)
GIRAPH-651: giraph-hive tests (nitay)
GIRAPH-639: Add support for multiple Vertex/Edge inputs (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-653: Hadoop_non_secure broken (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-650: Exception in GiraphConfiguration initialization (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-648: Allow IO formats to add parameters to Configuration (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-635: Website Documentation: Missing presentations (ssc)
GIRAPH-647: Update HiveIO to 0.8 (nitay)
GIRAPH-624: ByteArrayPartition reports 0 aggregate edges when used with
DiskBackedPartitionStore (claudio)
GIRAPH-636: Initialize compute OutEdges directly from input OutEdges
GIRAPH-645: Specify maven deploy plugin version (nitay)
GIRAPH-643: Maven Release settings more friendly to Git (nitay)
Release 1.0.0 - 2013-04-15
GIRAPH-633: Rename VertexEdges to OutEdges (apresta)
GIRAPH-634: InternalGiraphRunner with TestGraph is broken (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-617: Website Documentation: Vertex/Edge Input/Output (apresta)
GIRAPH-634: InternalGiraphRunner with TestGraph is broken (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-630: Convergence detection broken in
o.a.g.examples.PageRankVertex. (ssc via aching)
GIRAPH-627: YARN build profile is broken. (rvs via aching)
GIRAPH-628: Can't build Giraph without git due to mavanagaiata not
configured right (aching).
GIRAPH-595: should take GiraphConfiguration, not GiraphClasses
(nitay via apresta)
GIRAPH-364: Clean up directories created by test suite (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-614: SplitMasterWorker=false is broken (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-616: Decouple vertices and edges in DiskBackedPartitionStore and avoid writing
back edges when the algorithm does not change topology. (claudio)
GIRAPH-613: Remove Writable from the interfaces implemented by Vertex (claudio)
GIRAPH-543: Fix PageRankBenchmark and make WeightedPageRankBenchmark (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-615: Add support for multithreaded output (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-612: Improve website for upcoming release (aching)
GIRAPH-527: readVertexInputSplit is always reporting 0 vertices and 0 edges (nitay)
GIRAPH-611: Vertex/EdgeReaderWrapper should configure inner reader (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-609: More information on runtime exceptions for Callables (aching)
GIRAPH-607: Hive IO bump (nitay)
GIRAPH-564: Input/output formats and readers/writers should implement
ImmutableClassesGiraphConfigurable (aching)
GIRAPH-604: Clean up benchmarks (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-605: Worker crashes if its vertices have no edges when using edge input (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-603: AbstractVertexToHive doesn't need message type (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-589: Remove unnecessary generics from input formats (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-536: Clean up configuration options (apresta)
GIRAPH-551: Fix log message at the end of edge input (apresta)
GIRAPH-555: Fix log message on generated input splits (apresta)
GIRAPH-602: HiveGiraphRunner should allow disabling/choosing of input
formats at runtime (aching)
GIRAPH-13: Port Giraph to YARN (ereisman)
GIRAPH-600: Create an option to do output during computation (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-599: Hive IO dependency issues with some Hadoop profiles (nitay via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-577: Create a testing framework that doesn't require I/O formats (ves via apresta)
GIRAPH-593: Update Hive IO performance improvements (nitay)
GIRAPH-594: auto set reusing objects (nitay)
GIRAPH-597: Don't reuse vertex by default in SimpleHiveToVertex (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-588: More flexible Hive input (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-587: Refactor configuration options (nitay)
GIRAPH-581: More flexible Hive output (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-579: Make it possible to use different out-edges data structures
for input and computation (apresta)
GIRAPH-582: Create a generic option for determining the number of
supersteps that a job runs for (aching)
GIRAPH-586: Customizable default vertex value (apresta)
GIRAPH-580: NPE in HiveGiraphRunner when the vertex output format is
not defined (aching)
GIRAPH-510: Remove HBase Cruft (kelarini via nitay)
GIRAPH-566: Make option for aggregators to be configurable (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-575: update hive-io (nitay)
GIRAPH-576: BspServiceMaster.failureCleanup() shouldn't pass null in
observers' applicationFailed() method (jgarms via nitay)
GIRAPH-547: Allow in-place modification of edges (apresta)
GIRAPH-537: Fix log messages produced by aggregators (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-480: Add convergence detection to org.apache.giraph.examples.RandomWalkVertex (ssc)
GIRAPH-565: Make an easy way to gather some logs from workers on master (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-559: use hive-io-experimental release (nitay)
GIRAPH-562: Implement getConf/setConf in AbstractHive classes (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-561: Only print vertex/edge input classes if not null (aching)
GIRAPH-554: Set PartitionContext in InternalVertexRunner (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-559: Giraph build breaks (nitay)
GIRAPH-550: HiveVertexReader should call initialize, not users (nitay)
GIRAPH-523: MasterObserver should pass in superstep number (gaurav.menghani via nitay)
GIRAPH-556: Race condition in EdgeStore (apresta)
GIRAPH-528: Decouple vertex implementation from edge storage (apresta)
GIRAPH-553: Cleanup HCatalogVertexOutputFormat (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-545: Improve Facebook Hadoop dependency (nitay)
GIRAPH-541: Log before observers (nitay)
GIRAPH-535: Range-partitioning and edge locality benchmark (apresta)
GIRAPH-539: When having open requests log which workers are they sent to (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-530: GiraphInputFormat#getSplits() should be aware of multithreaded input (apresta)
GIRAPH-532: Give an explanation when trying to use unregistered aggregators (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-453: Pure Hive I/O (nitay)
GIRAPH-526: HiveGiraphRunner - bug with setting database name (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-518: Support Hadoop-2.0.3-alpha release on Giraph (ereisman)
GIRAPH-525: Add PartitionClass to the ConfigurationUtils (claudio)
GIRAPH-514: DiskBackedMessageStores should take advantage of machines with multiple disks (claudio)
GIRAPH-520: ReverseEdgeDuplicator (nitay)
GIRAPH-522: JMap Dumper (nitay)
GIRAPH-517: Use stable hcatalog 0.5.0-incubating (nitay)
GIRAPH-503: Refactor platform-independent CLI argument parsing in GiraphRunner into a separate class (ereisman)
GIRAPH-519: EdgeFactory (nitay)
GIRAPH-515: More efficient and flexible edge-based input (apresta)
GIRAPH-516: out-of-core messages dies for ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when
running out-of-core messages in UnsafeByteArrayOutputStream (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-513: OnDiskPartitionStore should take advantage of multiple disks (claudio)
GIRAPH-511: DNS interface and nameserver for multi-interface machines (claudio)
GIRAPH-470 (tavoaqp via nitay)
GIRAPH-504: Create PartitionContext (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-499: Giraph should not reserve minimum reduce slot memory 1024 since we never use it (ereisman)
GIRAPH-508: Increase the limit on the number of partitions (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-509: Factor out AggregatorUsage (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-505: Metrics Updates (nitay)
GIRAPH-506: Concurrency issue - response can arrive before request is added to the outstanding map (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-501: WorkerObserver (nitay)
GIRAPH-502: In PageRankBenchmark, remove unneeded handling of -t 2 (ekoontz)
GIRAPH-500: Refactor job launch code out of graph package and into job package (ereisman)
GIRAPH-493: Remove EdgeWithSource (nitay)
GIRAPH-429: Number of input split threads set to 1 less than necessary (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-498: We should check input splits status from zookeeeper once per worker,
not once per split thread (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-497: Limiting number of open requests doesn't work with multithreading (majakabiljo via ereisman)
GIRAPH-461: Convert static assignment of in-memory partitions with LRU cache (claudio)
GIRAPH-494: Make Edge an interface (nitay)
GIRAPH-492: Saving vertices has no status report, making it hard to
find DFS issues (aching)
GIRAPH-312: Giraph needs an admin script (ereisman)
GIRAPH-469: Refactor GraphMapper (ereisman)
GIRAPH-491: Observer for job lifecycle (nitay)
GIRAPH-490: Constants for GiraphStats / GiraphTimers (nitay)
GIRAPH-488: ArrayOutOfBoundsException in org.apache.giraph.worker.InputSplitPathOrganizer (ereisman)
GIRAPH-418: Create maven profile for CDH 4.1.2 (ekoontz)
GIRAPH-487: VertexInputPath in GiraphRunner refers to EdgeInputPath (taguan via apresta)
GIRAPH-481: mvn compile error when building jar file - Error with Accumulo (tavoaqp via nitay)
GIRAPH-472: Refactor MapFunctions enum to be more general (ereisman)
GIRAPH-254: Constant Variable name misspelled in (Gustavo Salazar Torres via ereisman)
GIRAPH-431: Support edge and vertex value input formats in GiraphRunner (apresta)
GIRAPH-477: Fetching locality info in InputSplitPathOrganizer causes jobs to hang (apresta via ereisman)
GIRAPH-459: Group Vertex Mutations by Partition ID (claudio)
GIRAPH-473: InputSplitPathOrganizer should be aware of multiple threads (apresta via ereisman)
GIRAPH-478: Bring back jar-with-deps for giraph-hcatalog (nitay)
GIRAPH-474: Add an oprtion not to use direct byte buffers. (majakabiljo via ereisman)
GIRAPH-476: SequenceFileVertexOutputFormat (nitay)
GIRAPH-409: Refactor / cleanups (nitay)
GIRAPH-465: MapFunctions cleanup (nitay)
GIRAPH-464: MasterObserver#applicationFailed callback (nitay)
GIRAPH-458: split formats module into accumulo,hbase,hcatalog (nitay)
GIRAPH-463: Create VertexResolver only once (apresta)
GIRAPH-457: update module names (nitay)
GIRAPH-455: Add meta information to built jars (nitay)
GIRAPH-456: Log where master is on every host (nitay)
GIRAPH-141: Multigraph support in Giraph (apresta)
GIRAPH-452: Fix hcatalog jar (nitay)
GIRAPH-450: post-review not working after switch to git (nitay)
GIRAPH-449: License header missing from (apresta)
GIRAPH-447: Clean up GiraphConfiguration related things (nitay)
GIRAPH-445: Max message request size in bytes, initialize buffers to
expected size (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-444: Cleanup VertexResolver (nitay)
GIRAPH-446: Add a proper timeout for waiting for workers to join a
superstep. (aching)
GIRAPH-443: Properly size netty buffers when encoding requests (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-395: No need to make HashWorkerPartitioner thread-safe. (aching)
GIRAPH-441: Keep track of connected channels in NettyServer (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-440: ProgressableUtils - TimeoutException from future.get shouldn't
be rethrown (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-438: When checkpointing is disable, fast fail (aching)
GIRAPH-437: Missing progress calls when stopping Netty server (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-439: Fix naming of input superstep counter (apresta)
GIRAPH-424: Fix hashCode modulo computation (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-396: HcatalogVertexInputFormat outputs a bit too often. (aching)
GIRAPH-435: Serialize server messages for memory and less GC. (aching)
GIRAPH-420: build formats in profiles where it works. (nitay)
GIRAPH-421: Aggregate metrics up to master. (nitay)
GIRAPH-434: Remove unused InputSplitPathOrganizer from BspServiceWorker (apresta via ereisman)
GIRAPH-405: Edge-based input from HCatalog (apresta)
GIRAPH-433: Vertex#initialize() shouldn't be called with null edges (apresta)
GIRAPH-416: MasterObserver for user post-application customization (nitay)
GIRAPH-427: Add committer information for Nitay Joffe to pom.xml (nitay)
GIRAPH-417: Serialize the graph/message cache into byte[] for
improving memory usage and compute speed. (aching)
GIRAPH-386: ClassCastException when giraph.SplitMasterWorker=false
GIRAPH-423: Allow overriding addEdge (apresta)
GIRAPH-422: Setting the log level of the root logger to the same level
can cause issues in Hadoop. (aching)
GIRAPH-415: Refactor / cleanup Hadoop Counters (nitay via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-413: Make building Facebook profile easier. (nitay via aching)
GIRAPH-407: Metrics Update (nitay via apresta)
GIRAPH-404: More SendMessageCache improvements (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-412: Checkstyle error from Giraph-403 (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-403: GraphMapper.notiftySentMessages need to be thread-safe
(nitay via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-397: We should have copies of aggregators per thread
to avoid synchronizing on aggregate() (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-406: Enforce partition ids in [0, n-1] (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-402: slf4j dependency bug (nitay via apresta)
GIRAPH-401: Metrics should be disabled by default (apresta)
GIRAPH-400: Refactoring broke
TestTextDoubleDoubleAdjacencyListVertexInputFormat (apresta)
GIRAPH-155: Allow creation of graph by adding edges that span
multiple workers (apresta)
GIRAPH-398: Missing a dependency (nitay via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-394: mapreduce.job.user.classpath.first hadoop option typo
(nitay via aching)
GIRAPH-232: Add metrics system into Giraph. (nitay via aching)
GIRAPH-393: Number of input split threads should always be >= 1
GIRAPH-388: Improve the way we keep outgoing messages (majakabiljo
via aching).
GIRAPH-389: Multithreading should intelligently allocate the thread
pools. (aching via ereisman)
GIRAPH-273: Aggregators shouldn't use Zookeeper (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-376: Facebook Hadoop profile broken. (nitay via aching)
GIRAPH-387: GiraphRunner's better handling of configuration property
arguments. (netj via aching)
GIRAPH-385: Script for running on all profiles. (nitay via aching)
GIRAPH-384: Remove duplicate BspCase in giraph-formats-contrib (and
fix GIRAPH-382 breaking the build). (aching)
GIRAPH-382: ZooKeeperExt should handle ConnectionLossException by
retrying. (aching)
GIRAPH-381: Ensure we get the original exception from
GraphMapper#run(). (aching)
GIRAPH-379: HiveGiraphRunner should have a skipOutput option for
testing (aching)
GIRAPH-380: Hadoop_non_secure is broken (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-372: Write worker addresses to Zookeeper;
move addresses and resolution to NettyClient (majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-373: RandomMessageBenchmark is broken (majakabiljo).
GIRAPH-374: Multithreading in input split loading and compute (aching).
GIRAPH-375: Cleaner MutableVertex API (apresta)
GIRAPH-371: Replace BspUtils in giraph-formats-contrib for
speed. (aching)
GIRAPH-369: bin/giraph broken (Nitay Joffe via ereisman)
GIRAPH-368: HBase Vertex I/O formats handle setConf() internally
(bfem via ereisman)
GIRAPH-367: Expose WorkerInfo to clients (Nitay Joffe via ereisman)
GIRAPH-370: AccumuloVertexOutputFormat public visibility for
TABLE_NAME. (bfem via aching)
GIRAPH-366: TestGraphPartitioner should use getTempPath() everywhere
GIRAPH-346: Top Level POM. (nitay via aching)
GIRAPH-200: Remove hadoop RPC and keep just netty. (apresta)
GIRAPH-363: Fix hadoop_0.23 profile broken by GIRAPH-211 (ekoontz)
GIRAPH-211: Add secure authentication to Netty IPC (ekoontz)
GIRAPH-361: Hive output partition parsing is broken (nitay via apresta)
GIRAPH-360: Keep track of the task id in ChannelRotater to send
requests without knowing the worker id upfront (aching via
GIRAPH-307: InputSplit list can be long with many workers
(and locality info) and should not be re-created every time a
worker calls reserveInputSplit() (ereisman via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-358: Rename package format->io in giraph-formats-contrib for
consistency with main package. (apresta via aching)
GIRAPH-350: HBaseVertex i/o formats are not being injected with
Configuration via Configurable interface. (bfem via aching)
GIRAPH-356: Improve ZooKeeper issues. (aching)
GIRAPH-342: Recursive ZooKeeper calls should call progress, dynamic
ZooKeeper can skip delete (aching via majakabiljo)
GIRAPH-351: Fail job early when there is no input (aching via ereisman)
GIRAPH-212: Security is busted since GIRAPH-168. (ekoontz via
GIRAPH-315: giraph-site.xml isn't read on time. (majakabiljo via
GIRAPH-325: One more progress call. (majakabiljo via aching)
GIRAPH-328: Outgoing messages from current superstep should be
grouped at the sender by owning worker, not by partition. (Eli
Reisman via aching)
GIRAPH-293: Should aggregators be checkpointed? (majakabiljo via
GIRAPH-355: Partition.readFields crashes. (maja via aching)
GIRAPH-354: Giraph Formats should use hcatalog-core. (nitayj via
GIRAPH-353: Received metrics are not thread-safe (aching via ereisman)
GIRAPH-326: Writing input splits to ZooKeeper in parallel (maja)
GIRAPH-335: Add committer information for Maja Kabiljo to pom.xml
GIRAPH-341: Improved log messages (timing) and upgraded junit to 4.8
for better tests. (aching)
GIRAPH-352: Loaded vertices don't have their configuration set.
GIRAPH-343: Use published hcatalog jars. (nitayj via aching)
GIRAPH-338: More Rat Ignores (Nitay Joffe via ereisman)
GIRAPH-347: GiraphConfiguration broke hcatalog build
(Nitay Joffe via ereisman)
GIRAPH-340: Added client/server ExecutionHandlers to Netty to avoid
and added WrappedAdaptiveReceiveBufferSizePredictorFactory to
debug/predict the size of the incoming messages. (aching)
GIRAPH-274: Jobs still failing due to tasks timeout during
INPUT_SUPERSTEP. (nitayj via aching)
GIRAPH-337: Make a specific Giraph configuration for Class caching
and specific Giraph configuration. (aching)
GIRAPH-334: Bugfix HCatalog Hive profile. (nitayj via aching)
GIRAPH-93: Hive input / output format. (nitayj via aching)
GIRAPH-277: Text Vertex Input/Output Format base classes overhaul.
(nitayj via aching)
GIRAPH-331: ReviewBoard post-review config. (nitayj via aching)
GIRAPH-332: Duplicate unnecessary info in giraph-formats-contrib
compile.xml. (nitay via aching)
GIRAPH-330: Ignores file for Git. (nitay via aching)
GIRAPH-327: Timesout values in BspServiceMaster.barrierOnWorkerList
(majakabiljo via ereisman)
GIRAPH-323: Check if requests are done before calling wait (majakabiljo
via ereisman)
GIRAPH-298: Reduce timeout for TestAutoCheckpoint. (majakabiljo via
GIRAPH-324: Add option to use messageCombiner in benchmarks. (apresta via
GIRAPH-191: Random walks on graphs (Gianmarco De Francisci Morales
via ereisman)
GIRAPH-320: Provide a runtime configuration for choosing the
log level (aching via ereisman)
GIRAPH-321: Divide by 0 exception. (ereisman via aching)
GIRAPH-316: Add for precommit test using Jenkins.
(hyunsik via ereisman)
GIRAPH-319: Receiving two responses for a request causes an
exception. (apresta via aching)
GIRAPH-291: PredicateLock should have a constructor to take in a
custom waiting time and additional testing (aching via ereisman)
GIRAPH-318: New Iterator in LocalityInfoSorter is not working.
(Eli Reisman via apresta)
GIRAPH-317: Add subpackages to comm (Maja Kabiljo via ereisman)
GIRAPH-301: InputSplit Reservations are clumping, leaving many workers
asleep while other process too many splits and get overloaded.
(Eli Reisman via apresta)
GIRAPH-313: Open Netty client and server on master. (majakabiljo via
GIRAPH-249: Move part of the graph out-of-core when memory is low
(apresta via aching).
GIRAPH-306: Netty requests should be reliable and implement exactly
once semantics. (aching)
GIRAPH-309: Message count is wrong. (aching via apresta)
GIRAPH-246: Periodic worker calls to context.progress() will prevent
timeout on some Hadoop clusters during barrier waits. (Eli Reisman
via aching)
GIRAPH-295: Additional Example Algorithm to compute Outdegree and
Indegree. (Sean Choi via aching)
GIRAPH-305: Adding an argument to GiraphRunner for Master Compute
classes. (Sean Choi via aching)
GIRAPH-302: Thread safety issue with sending partitions around.
(aching via apresta)
GIRAPH-303: Regression: cleanup phase happens earlier than it
should. (majakabiljo via apresta)
GIRAPH-278: Website still tries to load incubator logo (ekoontz)
GIRAPH-300) Improve netty reliability with retrying failed
connections, tracking requests, thread-safe hash partitioning
(aching via apresta).
GIRAPH-296: TotalNumVertices and TotalNumEdges are not saved in
checkpoint. (majakabiljo via apresta)
GIRAPH-297: Checkpointing on master is done one superstep later
(majakabiljo via aching).
GIRAPH-275: Restore data locality to workers reading InputSplits
where possible without querying NameNode, ZooKeeper. (Eli Reisman
via jghoman)
GIRAPH-258: Check type compatibility before submitting job.
(Eli Reisman via jghoman)
GIRAPH-218: Consolidate all I/O Format classes under one roof in
lib/ directory. (Eli Reisman via jghoman)
GIRAPH-259: TestBspBasic.testBspPageRank is broken (majakabiljo via
GIRAPH-256: Partitioning outgoing graph data during INPUT_SUPERSTEP
by # of vertices results in wide variance in RPC message sizes. (Eli
Reisman via jghoman)
GIRAPH-290: Add committer information for Alessandro Presta to pom.xml
GIRAPH-286. Remove DISCLAIMER from source tree. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-287: Add option to limit the number of open requests.
(Maja Kabiljo via jghoman)
GIRAPH-262: Netty optimization to handle requests locally whenever
possible. (aching)
GIRAPH-288: Bandwidth tracking - subset of GIRAPH-262. (aching)
GIRAPH-289: Add thread and channel pooling to NettyClient and
NettyServer. (ekoontz via aching)
GIRAPH-276: Fix broken tests in pseudo-distributed mode.
(Alessandro Presta via jghoman)
GIRAPH-281: Add options to control Netty's per-channel receive and
send buffer sizes (ekoontz via aching).
GIRAPH-228: SimpleTriangleClosingVertex should not use ArrayWritable
for a vertex value. (Eli Reisman via jghoman)
GIRAPH-209: Include munge version in artifact name.
(Eli Reisman via jghoman)
GIRAPH-280: Add IntelliJ-generated *.iml and *.ipr files to Apache
Rat's <exclude> list. (ekoontz via aching).
GIRAPH-45: Improve the way to keep outgoing messages (majakabiljo
via aching).
GIRAPH-271: Regression in imports in CommunicationsInterface (netj
via aching).
GIRAPH-267: Jobs can get killed for not reporting status during
INPUT SUPERSTEP (netj via aching).
GIRAPH-266: Average aggregators don't calculate real average
(majakabiljo via aching).
GIRAPH-244: Vertex API redesign (apresta via aching).
GIRAPH-236: Add FindBugs to maven build (Jan van der Lugt via
GIRAPH-224: Netty server-side messageCombiner (apresta via aching).
GIRAPH-251: Allow to access the distributed cache from Vertexes and
WorkerContext (Gianmarco De Francisci Morales via aching).
GIRAPH-261: Rename isQuiet variable. (Gianmarco De Francisci Morales
via jghoman).
GIRAPH-248: Generic IdentityVertex for IO testing (Sean Choi via
GIRAPH-222: GIRAPH-222 giraph-formats-contrib needs a README (bfem
via aching).
GIRAPH-257: TestBspBasic.testBspMasterCompute is broken (majakabiljo
via aching).
GIRAPH-81: Create annotations on provided algorithms for cli
(majakabiljo via aching).
GIRAPH-242: HashMapVertex stores neighbor ids twice.
(Alessandro Presta via hyunsik)
GIRAPH-241: Small typos in var names in
(Eli Reisman via hyunsik)
GIRAPH-239: IntIntNullIntVertex doesn't save halted state (apresta
via aching)
GIRAPH-238: BasicVertex should have default Writable implementation
(apresta via aching)
GIRAPH-233: Small errors found by FindBugs (Jan van der Lugt via hyunsik)
GIRAPH-216: NullWritable as VertexData, EdgeData or MessageData
should be allowed. (Jan van der Lugt via jghoman)
GIRAPH-221: Make iteration over edges more explicit (apresta via aching).
GIRAPH-225: Guava version in POM.XML is really old. Updated to version 12.0.
(Eli Reisman via hyunsik)
GIRAPH-223: Need to put Giraph jar on classpath, post-GIRAPH-205.
(Eli Reisman via jghoman)
GIRAPH-213: NettyClient.stop() could deadlock according to docs.
(Eli Reisman via jghoman)
GIRAPH-127: Extending the API with a master.compute() function.
(Jan van der Lugt via jghoman)
GIRAPH-220: Default implementation of BasicVertex#sendMsgToAllEdges().
(Alessandro Presta via jghoman)
GIRAPH-217: Add SimpleTriangleClosingVertex to Giraph examples.
(Eli Reisman via jghoman)
GIRAPH-219: pom in giraph-formats-contrib should have groupId
'org.apache.giraph'. (Brian Femiano via jghoman)
GIRAPH-215: Update site to use Giraph logo and remove 'incubator'
text (ekoontz)
GIRAPH-205: Move Giraph jar to root level of tar.gz.
(Roman Shaposhnik via jghoman)
GIRAPH-206: Break out SimpleShortestPathVertex. (Eli Reisman via jghoman)
GIRAPH-210: Hadoop 1.0 profile has no activation. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-192: Move aggregators to a separate sub-package.
(Jan van der Lugt via jghoman)
GIRAPH-208: LocalTestMode's zookeeper directory is not being cleaned up
after job runs (ekoontz)
GIRAPH-194: Fix up URLs in the pom. (omalley)
GIRAPH-153: HBase/Accumulo Input and Output formats. (bfem via aching)
GIRAPH-187: SequenceFileVertexInputFormat has WritableComparable<I>
as a bounded type for I. (roman4asf via aching)
GIRAPH-20: Move temporary test files from the project directory. (ssc)
GIRAPH-37: Implement Netty-backed IPC. (aching)
GIRAPH-184: Upgrade to junit4. (Devaraj K via jghoman)
GIRAPH-176: BasicRPCCommunications has unnecessary cast of Vertex.
(Devaraj K via jghoman)
GIRAPH-175: Replace manual array copy to utility method call.
(Devaraj K via jghoman)
GIRAPH-181: Add Hadoop 1.0 profile to pom.xml. (ekoontz via aching)
GIRAPH-183: Add Claudio's FOSDEM presentation (slides and video)
to the site. (claudio)
GIRAPH-179: BspServiceMaster's PathFilter can be simplified.
(Devaraj K via jghoman)
GIRAPH-177: SimplePageRankVertex has two redundant casts.
(Devaraj K via jghoman)
GIRAPH-168: Simplify munge directive usage with new munge flag
HADOOP_SECURE (rather than HADOOP_FACEBOOK) and remove usage of
HADOOP (ekoontz via aching).
GIRAPH-85: Simplify return expression in
RPCCommunications::getRPCProxy (Eli Reisman via jghoman)
GIRAPH-171: Total time in is calculated
incorrectly (ekoontz via aching).
GIRAPH-144: GiraphJob should not extend Job (users should not be
able to call Job methods like waitForCompletion or setMapper..etc)
GIRAPH-159: Case insensitive file/directory name matching will
produce errors on M/R jar unpack (bfem via aching).
GIRAPH-166: add '*.patch' to list of files that Apache Rat ignores
(ekoontz via aching).
GIRAPH-167: mvn -Phadoop_non_secure clean verify fails (ekoontz via
GIRAPH-163: bin/giraph script overwrites CLASSPATH if "dev
environment" detected (this also removes USER_JAR from CLASSPATH)
(metaman via aching).
GIRAPH-164: fix 5 "Line is longer than 80 characters" style errors
in GiraphRunner (ekoontz via aching).
GIRAPH-162: BspCase.setup() should catch FileNotFoundException
thrown from org.apache.hadoop.fs.FileSystem.listStatus() (ekoontz
via aching).
GIRAPH-161: Handling null messages and edges when initializing
IntIntNullIntVertex (dlogothetis via aching).
GIRAPH-156: Users should be able to set simple 'custom arguments'
via org.apache.giraph.GiraphRunner (ssc)
GIRAPH-154: Worker ports are not synched properly with its peers
(Zhiwei Gu via aching).
GIRAPH-87: Simplify boolean expression in
BspService::checkpointFrequencyMet (Eli Reisman via aching).
GIRAPH-150: PageRankBenchmark accesses wrong conf after GiraphJob is
created (aching).
GIRAPH-40: Added checkstyle for enforcement of code conventions.
All Giraph source files now pass checkstyle. (aching)
GIRAPH-148: giraph-site.xml needs Apache header. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-139: Change PageRankBenchmark to be accessible via bin/giraph.
GIRAPH-143: Add support for giraph to have a conf file. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-142: _hadoopBsp should be prefixable via configuration. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-145. Change partition request log level to debug rather than info.
GIRAPH-130: Fix Javadoc warnings. (Harsh J. Chouraria via jghoman)
GIRAPH-137: De-duplicate pagerank implementation in PageRankBenchmark.
(Harsh J. Chouraria via jghoman)
GIRAPH-133: Typo in JavaDoc in BspCase::remove().
(Harsh J. Chouraria via jghoman)
GIRAPH-136: Error message for bin/graph could be improved. (jghoman)
Release 0.1.0 - 2012-01-31
GIRAPH-120: Add Sebastian Schelter to site. (ssc)
GIRAPH-117: DefaultWorkerContext should preserve the method signatures
of WorkerContext. (ssc)
GIRAPH-135: Need DISCLAIMER for incubator. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-134: Fix NOTICE file for release. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-128: RPC port from BasicRPCCommunications should be only a
starting port, and retried. (aching)
GIRAPH-131: Enable creation of test-jars to simplify testing in
downstream projects. (André Kelpe via jghoman)
GIRAPH-129: Enable creation of javadoc and sources jars.
(André Kelpe via jghoman)
GIRAPH-124: Combiner should return Iterable<M> instead of M or
null. (claudio)
GIRAPH-125: Bug in LongDoubleFloatDoubleVertex.sendMsgToAllEdges().
(humming80 via aching)
GIRAPH-122: Roll version back to 0.1. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-118: Clarify messages behavior in BasicVertex. (claudio)
GIRAPH-119: VertexCombiner should work on Iterable<M> instead of
List<M>. (claudio)
GIRAPH-116: Make EdgeListVertex the default vertex implementation,
fix bugs related to EdgeListVertex. (aching)
GIRAPH-115: Port of the HCC algorithm for identifying all connected
components of a graph. (ssc via aching)
GIRAPH-112: Use elements() properly in LongDoubleFloatDoubleVertex.
GIRAPH-114: Inconsistent message map handling in
BasicRPCCommunications.LargeMessageFlushExecutor. (ssc via aching)
GIRAPH-109: GiraphRunner should provide support for combiners.
(ssc via claudio)
GIRAPH-113: Change cast to Vertex used in prepareSuperstep() to
BasicVertex. (humming80 via aching)
GIRAPH-110: Add guide to setup the enviroment for running the
unittests in a pseudo-distributed hadoop instance. (ssc via aching)
GIRAPH-73: A little refactoring. (ssc via aching)
GIRAPH-106: Change prepareSuperstep() to make
setMessages(Iterable<M> messages) package-private. (aching)
GIRAPH-105: BspServiceMaster.checkWorkers() should return empty
lists instead of null. (ssc via aching)
GIRAPH-80: Don't expose the list holding the messages in
BasicVertex. (ssc via aching)
GIRAPH-103: Added properties for commonly used package version to
pom.xml. (aching)
GIRAPH-57: Add new RPC call (putVertexIdMessagesList) to batch
putMsgList RPCs together. (aching)
GIRAPH-104: Save half of maximum memory used from messaging. (aching)
GIRAPH-10: Aggregators are not exported. (claudio)
GIRAPH-100: GIRAPH-100 - Data input sampling and testing
improvements. (aching)
GIRAPH-51: Provide unit testing tool for Giraph algorithms.
(Sebastian Schelter via jghoman)
GIRAPH-89: Simplify boolean expressions in BspRecordReader.
(shaunak via claudio)
GIRAPH-90: LongDoubleFloatDoubleVertex has possibily the iterator()
implementation broken (claudio)
GIRAPH-99: Make AdjacencyListVertexReader and its constructor public.
(Kohei Ozaki via jghoman)
GIRAPH-98: Add Claudio Martella to site. (claudio)
GIRAPH-97: and missing license header (claudio)
GIRAPH-92: Need outputformat for just vertex ID and value. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-86: Simplify boolean expressions in ZooKeeperExt::createExt.
(attilacsordas via jghoman)
GIRAPH-91: Large-memory improvements (Memory reduced vertex
implementation, fast failure, added settings). (aching)
GIRAPH-89: Remove debugging system.out from LongDoubleFloatDoubleVertex.
(shaunak via aching)
GIRAPH-88: Message count not updated properly after GIRAPH-11. (aching)
GIRAPH-70: Misspellings in PseudoRandomVertexInputFormat configuration
parameters. (attilacsordas via jghoman)
GIRAPH-58: Update site with Arun's id (asuresh)
GIRAPH-11: Improve the graph distribution of Giraph. (aching)
GIRAPH-64: Create VertexRunner to make it easier to run users'
computations. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-79: Change the menu layout of the site. (hyunsik via jghoman)
GIRAPH-75: Create sections on how to get involved and how
to generate patches on website. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-63: Typo in PageRankBenchmark. (shaunak via jghoman)
GIRAPH-47: Export Worker's Context/State to vertices through
pre/post/Application/Superstep. (cmartella via aching)
GIRAPH-71: SequenceFileVertexInputFormat missing license header;
rat fails. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-36: Ensure that subclassing BasicVertex is possible by user
apps. (jmannix via aching)
GIRAPH-50: Require Maven 3 in order to work with munging plugin.
GIRAPH-67: Provide AdjacencyList InputFormat for Ids of Strings and
double values. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-56: Create a CSV TextOutputFormat. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-66: Add presentations section to website. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-62: Provide input format for reading graphs stored as adjacency
lists. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-59: Missing some test if debug enabled before LOG.debug() and (guzhiwei via aching)
GIRAPH-48: numFlushThreads is 0 when doing a single worker
unittest. Changing the minimum to 1. (aching)
GIRAPH-44: Add documentation about counter limits in Hadoop 0.203+.
(mtiwari via jghoman)
GIRAPH-12: Investigate communication improvements. (hyunsik)
GIRAPH-46: Race condition on superstep 1 with RPC servers not
started by the time that requests are sent. (aching)
GIRAPH-21: Revise CODE_CONVENTIONS. (aching via jghoman)
GIRAPH-39: mvn rat doesn't like .git or .idea. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-32: Implement benchmarks to evaluate the performance of message
passing. (hyunsik)
GIRAPH-34: Failure of Vertex reflection for putVertexList from
GIRAPH-27. (aching)
GIRAPH-35: Modifying the site to indicate that Jake Mannix and
Dmitriy Ryaboy are now Giraph committers. (aching)
GIRAPH-33: Missing license header of (Claudio
Martella via hyunsik)
GIRAPH-31: Hide the SortedMap<I, Edge<I,E>> in Vertex from client
visibility (impl. detail), replace with appropriate accessor
methods. (jake.mannix via aching)
GIRAPH-30: NPE in ZooKeeperManager if base directory cannot be
created. apurtell via aching.
GIRAPH-27: Mutable static global state in should be
refactored. jake.mannix via aching.
GIRAPH-25: NPE in BspServiceMaster when failing a job. dvryaboy via
GIRAPH-24: Job-level statistics reports one superstep greater than
workers. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-18: Refactor BspServiceWorker::loadVertices(). (jghoman)
GIRAPH-14: Support for the Facebook Hadoop branch. (aching)
GIRAPH-16: Add Apache RAT to the verify build step. (omalley)
GIRAPH-17: Giraph doesn't give up properly after the maximum connect
attempts to ZooKeeper. (aching)
GIRAPH-2: Make the project homepage. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-9: Change Yahoo License Header to Apache License Header (hyunsik)
GIRAPH-6: Remove Yahoo-specific code from pom.xml. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-5: Remove Yahoo directories after svn import from Yahoo! (aching)
GIRAPH-3: Vertex:sentMsgToAllEdges should be sendMsg. (jghoman)