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JavaMail Specification 1.4
These classes are based on the JavaMail Specification taken from J2EE 1.4 API
documentation and on the JavaMail 1.3 specification PDF.
The classes represent the JavaMail API and contain implementations of the
classes found in the javax.mail packages. In order to function correctly,
these classes require:
o The Java Activation Framework (JAF) in javax.activation
o Java 2 (Java 1.2 or later)
o Implementations of the JavaMail providers to deal with pop/imap/etc.
(You may use this with the geronimo-mail implementation or write your own)
This contains no JavaDoc: see
for more information on how to use JavaMail to send messages.
The JavaMail spec defines the following configuration files:
javamail.providers [Defines which classes are used to map to protocols] [Defines which message types (rfc822, news) map to protocols]
They need to be in the CLASSPATH (or in a Jar) in a directory /META-INF/
e.g. c:\mymail\META-INF\javamail.providers
Provides a protocol, along with its implementation and whether it is a store
or a transport (subclass of javax.mail.Store or javax.mail.Transport)
protocol=smtp;type=transport;;vendor=Me Inc;version=1.0
protocol=imap;type=store;;vendor=Me Inc;version=1.0
Address Map
Contains entries in 'name=value' format:
To ensure that other files can be extended at a later stage, the JavaMail
spec defines three locations for these files:
The files are located in that order and overwrite whatever the previous
version contained, so if 'smtp' is defined in and, it will use the one from