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= Community
:jbake-date: 2018-07-26
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=== The Source Code
Source code is available on gitbox:
* link:[icon:database[] Config]
* link:[icon:exclamation-triangle[] Fault Tolerance (Safeguard)]
* link:[icon:shield[] JWT Auth]
* link:[icon:truck[] OpenTracing]
* link:[icon:medkit[] Health]
* link:[icon:balance-scale[] Metrics]
* link:[icon:briefcase[] OpenAPI]
* link:[icon:globe[] All In One]
=== Social Media: cause contributing is not only about coding
link:[icon:twitter[] Twitter]
link:[icon:terminal[] IRC]
=== Mailing lists
*[Subscribe] to
*[Unsubscribe] from
*[Post a message] on
Archives can be found on link:[Nabble].