Apache Geode Examples

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Apache Geode examples

This is the home of Apache Geode examples that are bundled with the project. Contributions[2] and corrections are welcome. Please talk to us about your suggestions at dev@geode.apache.org or submit a pull request.

Example requirements

All examples:

  • Need to be testable. Use unit tests, integration tests or whatever is applicable. Tests will run through the project's CI.
  • Should be Gradle projects or part of existing ones. There may be exceptions here, but the community should have a consensus to accept.
  • Have to follow code format & style from Apache Geode [1] guidelines.
  • Should contain a README.md file with step-by-step instruction on how to set up and run the example. Diagrams give you extra credit.
  • Donations need to be licensed through ASL 2.0 and contributors need to file an ICLA[3].


Installation and a Tutorial for Beginners

  • How to Install
  • Set a GEODE_HOME environment variable to point to the root directory of the installation; this directory contains bin/. For those that have built from source, it will be the geode-assembly/build/install/apache-geode directory.
  • If desired run the tutorial: Apache Geode in 15 minutes or Less



  • PDX & Serialization
  • Lucene Indexing
  • OQL Indexing
  • Functions
  • CacheLoader & CacheWriter
  • Listeners
  • Async Event Queues
  • Continuous Querying
  • Transactions
  • Eviction
  • Expiration
  • Overflow
  • Security
  • Off-heap


  • WAN Gateway
  • Durable subscriptions
  • Delta propagation
  • Network partition detection
  • D-lock
  • Compression
  • Resource manager
  • PDX Advanced

Use cases, integrations and external examples

This section has self-contained little projects that illustrate a use case or an integration with other projects.

  • SpringBoot Application
  • HTTP Session replication
  • Redis
  • Memcached
  • Spark Connector