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diff --git a/src/manual/en_US/book.xml b/src/manual/en_US/book.xml
index 8df0004..9190e2a 100644
--- a/src/manual/en_US/book.xml
+++ b/src/manual/en_US/book.xml
@@ -26557,7 +26557,7 @@
       <section xml:id="versions_2_3_25">
         <title>2.3.25 (incubating at Apache)</title>
-        <para>Release date: 2016-06-14 + voting process (around 2
+        <para>Release date: 2016-06-14 + voting process (usually around 2
         <para>This is a stable, final release. The <quote>incubating</quote>
@@ -26574,7 +26574,7 @@
               directive</link> to support listing hashes (such as
               <literal>Map</literal>-s), like <literal>&lt;#list map as k,
               v&gt;${k}: ${v}&lt;/#list&gt;</literal>, where
-              <literal>k</literal> and <literal>v</literal> is the key and
+              <literal>k</literal> and <literal>v</literal> are the key and
               value in the key-value pairs of the hash.</para>
@@ -26685,7 +26685,7 @@
               The column numbers calculated by the parser has assumed tab size
               1 since 2.3.25 (an unwanted side effect of updating JavaCC),
-              while before it has assume tab size 8. The default was restored
+              while before it has assumed tab size 8. The default was restored
               to 8. This bug has affected the column numbers in error
               messages. It also broke the output of some rarely used AIP-s,
               namely <literal>Template.getSource(beginCol, beginLine, endCol,
@@ -26725,6 +26725,11 @@
               project with Gradle: <quote>warning: Cannot find annotation
               method 'value()' in type 'SuppressFBWarnings'</quote></para>
+            <listitem>
+              <para>The Maven source artifact now contains the JavaCC
+              generated java files and <literal>FTL.jj</literal>.</para>
+            </listitem>