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+              <td><link xlink:href="">Synesty
+              Studio</link></td>
+              <td>[German language only.] Synesty Studio is a low-code
+              cloud-middleware that can be used to connect various APIs and
+              software systems via drag&amp;drop. A typical use-case in
+              e-commerce is the integration and transformation of product data
+              and order data between shop and ERP-systems or marketplaces.
+              FreeMarker can be used by users as a scripting language for data
+              manipulation and logic (<link
+              xlink:href=";mode=example">Live-Demo</link>).
+              Furhermore FreeMarker is used internally for rendering all web
+              pages of Synesty Studio itself.</td>
+            </tr>
+            <tr valign="top">