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Apache Flex Squiggly is an ActionScript spell checking library.
This application is based on work donated by Adobe Systems Inc.
Initial Setup Required
The environment variable FLEX_HOME needs to be set to the absolute path of the Apache
Flex SDK. If you prefer you can set this in as env.FLEX_HOME.
The environment variable PLAYERGLOBAL_HOME needs to be set to the absolute path of the
<flex-sdk>\frameworks\libs\player directory (i.e. not including the version subdirectory).
The `playerglobal.version` option controls which PLAYERGLOBAL_HOME subdirectory is used.
You can also set this in as env.PLAYERGLOBAL_HOME.
How to build Squiggly using ant (no IDE is required)
1. On Linux or Mac un tar/gzip the source distribution:
tar -zxvf apache-flex-squiggly-1.1.tar.gz
Or if on windows unzip
2. In the base directory, run:
ant compile
3. The compiled swcs can be found in the main/libs directory
4. To optionally create a release source package, run:
ant package
5. To remove all of the compiled swcs:
ant clean
Some other useful ant targets
There are several other useful ant targets.
compile-swc compile squiggly swcs
package package up all source files
generate-docs generate asdocs
package-binary-tar tar up all source files and swcs
package-binary-zip zip up all source files and swcs
package-source-tar tar up all source files
package-source-zip zip up all source files
How to check the code out of Git
1. Check out the the code from the Apache Flex utilities project
git clone flex-utilities
cd flex-utilities
git checkout develop
2. Change directory to:
cd Squiggly
How to use the Squiggly SDK
Please read the ASDocs (found in docs directory) first to understand the
classes in Squiggly.
For Apache Flex projects if you are using the SpellChecker class directly, you need:
- ApacheFlexSpellingEngine.swc in [YourProject]/libs folder
- ApacheFlexSpellingFramwork.swc in [YourProject]/libs folder
- ApacheFlexLinguisticUtils.swc in [YourProject]/libs folder
- Dictionary files in [YourProject]/src folder
You can obtain en_US, en_CA and en_GB dictionaries under a BSD/MIT-like license
from SCOWL (and friends):
For your convenience the en_US and en_GB dictionaries have been included in the
source and binary releases.
You can obtain other dictionary files from:
But note that many of these dictionaries are under LPGL licenses.
If you are using the simple UI integration feature (SpellUI class), in addition
to what mentioned above, you also need:
- SpellingConfig.xml in [YourProject]/src
- ApacheFlexSpellingUI.swc (if you need mx support) in [YourProject]/libs
- ApacheFlexSpellingUIEx.swc (if you need spark support) in [YourProject]/libs
Note that you can only support spelling in mx or spark components not both at once.
You can download dictionaries and use those by editing SpellingConfig.xml.
(Note that the default name of the config file has changed from AdobeSpellingConfig.xml
to SpellingConfig.xml.)
Here's the typical content of SpellingConfig.xml. Each entry maps the languageCode
with the relative path for resource files.
<LanguageResource language="English" languageCode="en_US"
ruleFile="dict/en_US/en_US.aff" dictionaryFile="dict/en_US/en_US.dic"/>
So if you are adding Spanish, you just need to get the dictionary files es_ES.aff
and es_ES.dic and add one line to your config file.
<LanguageResource language="Spanish" languageCode="es_ES"
ruleFile="dict/es_ES/es_ES.aff" dictionaryFile="dict/es_ES/es_ES.dic"/>
Note that you can put the dictionaries in any location as long as you update
the config file, but the config file itself MUST be in [YourProject]/src folder.
Thanks for using Apache Flex. Enjoy!
The Apache Flex Project