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Sample Name ---- Spark DateTimeFormatter
The DateTimeFormatter class provides locale-sensitve formatting for a Date object. This class is a wrapper class around the flash.globalization.DateTimeFormatter class. Therefore, the locale-specific formatting functionality and the month names, day names and the first day of the week are provided by the flash.globalization.DateTimeFormatter.
For more information about flash.globalization.DateTimeFormatter, please visit:
Usage of the sample code:
1. Select a Locale from the locale comboBox first. It will use en_US as the default choice.
2. Once locale is selected, the weekday names and month names will be shown at below.
3. Select dateTimePattern which represents the format of date string.
4. Select a date from the date field.
5. Click the 'Format Date' button to format date.
6. The formatted date string will be shown at the bottom.