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Apache Flex Code Coverage Tool - Java Server
This code coverage tool is designed to be used at the command line
to provide code coverage for nightly builds.
For detailed information about the Apache Flex Code Coverage Tool please visit
For detailed information about Apache Flex please visit
Getting the latest sources via Git
Getting the source code is the recommended way to get the Apache Flex Code Coverage Tool.
You can always checkout the latest source from Apache's source control repository
using the following commands:
git clone flex-utilities
cd flex-utilities
git checkout develop
cd CodeCoverage/JavaServer
Building Apache Flex Code Coverage Tool
The Apache Flex Code Coverage Tool requires some build tools
which must be installed prior to building it.
Some of these have different licenses. See the Software Dependencies section
for more information on the external software dependencies.
Install Prerequisites
Before building this tool you must install the following software
and set the corresponding environment variables using absolute file paths.
Relative file paths will result in build errors.
Java SDK 1.7 or greater (*1)(*2) JAVA_HOME
Ant 1.7.1 or greater (*1) ANT_HOME
(for Java 1.7 see note at (*2))
Apache Flex 'Falcon' Compiler (*2) FALCON_HOME
Apache Flex SDK or repository FLEX_HOME
*1) The bin directories for ANT_HOME and JAVA_HOME should be added to your
On Windows, set PATH to
On the Mac (bash), set PATH to
export PATH="$PATH:$ANT_HOME/bin:$JAVA_HOME/bin"
On Linux make sure you path include ANT_HOME and JAVA_HOME.
*2) If you are using Java SDK 1.7 or greater on a Mac you must use Ant 1.8
or greater. If you use Java 1.7 with Ant 1.7, ant reports the java
version as 1.6 so the JVM args for the data model (-d32/-d64) will not
be set correctly and you will get compile errors.
*3) Set FALCON_HOME to the root of its SDK. When using the flex-falcon
repository, set
Software Dependencies
The Apache Flex Code Coverage Tool requires compiler.jar from the
Apache Flex Falcon Compiler. The external dependences for compiler.jar are
(relative to compiler.jar):
* external/antlr.jar
* external/commons-cli.jar
* external/commons-io.jar
* external/flex-tool-api.jar
* external/guava.jar
* external/jburg.jar
* external/lzma-sdk.jar
The external jar have various licenses.
When the Code Coverage Tool is built the Falcon jars are copied from
FALCON_HOME to the Code Coverage Tool's lib directory. This step makes the tool ready to run.
Building the Source in the Source Distribution
When you have all the prerequisites in place and the environment variables set,
(see Install Prerequisites above), to build the Apache Flex Code Coverage
Tool use:
cd CodeCoverage/JavaServer
To clean the build use:
ant clean
Building the Source in the Eclispe and Flash Builder
The Java source comes with an Eclipse project in the JavaServer/java
directory. Before importing the Eclipse project first define a Java
Classpath variable. Under Eclipse Preferences,
* Go to Java - Build Path - Classpath Varables.
* Click on "New...".
* Enter "FALCON_HOME" in "Name" field.
* Enter the directory containing "lib/compiler.jar" in the "Path" field.
The Flex code comes with a Flash Builder project in the JavaServer/flex
directory. This project can be imported without any additional setup.
Thanks for using Apache Flex. Enjoy!
The Apache Flex Project